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Oh goodie! More Potemkin townhalls and television appearances

I don’t make this stuff up. Honestly, I don’t:

Jarrett: Obama to spend more time outside of Washington in 2011

President Obama will spend more time outside of Washington, D.C., next year engaging with he public, according to a top White House adviser and close friend of the president.

One year before Obama faces reelection, he is expected to make a greater effort to connect with potential voters after facing charges being too aloof during his first two years in the Oval Office.

The president’s “biggest regret” was that because of economic turmoil, “He had to spend almost every waking hour in Washington working on solving that crisis,” senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “And what he missed sorely was engagement with the American people.


Obama was not completely fortified in D.C. during his first two years as president. He made campaign stops for Democrats in tough races around the country and held several economic events in key presidential election states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Every waking hour? This is the guy who has done less actual work than any POTUS since William Henry Harrison. He avoids press conferences and instead gives speeches and holds townhalls filled with carefully screened supporters.

He’s been on every television show except Dancing with the Stars. He spends more time shooting hoops than LeBron James and more time on the links than Tiger Woods.

Earlier this year he said his sole focus was plugging the hole. Then he went on vacation.

Who wrote this shit, Booman?


43 Responses

  1. Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir

    When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

    Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.

    I actually think this is a good thing, but leave it to Obama to forego trying to sell it and instead try to sneak it in.

    This should be good for lots of hysteria (“Obama wants to kill your grandma!”) and will surely help nail down the AARP vote.

    • Obama’s grandma was a surrogate mother to him, and he could have cared less about the grandma in HI. He visited his grandma once, in October 2008, before she died, while the great-grandchildren and MO stayed away. When his grandma died, Obama, MO and the great-grandchildren did not show up for any of the funeral services.

      It does not surprise me that he’d treat old people as if they are waste to be disposed asap, when he treated his own grandma like waste.

      • He said he was too busy campaigning to attend her funeral. As if taking off 2-3 days would have made a big difference.

        He had time to go on a European tour though.

      • this is a pretty low blow, even for a TC poster. do you have the inside line into obama’s thinking and somehow know his reasons for what he does or doesn’t do? I think not. and, for your information, he and his family did attend his grandmother’s memorial service – held after she had passed away.

        • don’t get the vapors, go back to dkos and let them know how bitter we are here.

          but listen up, Obama said his grandmother was a typical white women who said things that made him cringe. Obama threw his grandmother and “white women” under the bus. We know what Obama thought about his grandmother and about white women in general. Got it?

          • Your mind must be pretty shallow if you think his comment about his grandmother was throwing her under the bus. he was telling the truth – do you think she cared that he said that? he was using her as an example in the larger picture – anyone could see that and not find that statement shocking or negative,. anyone except the Obama haters, of course, who will see something in everything he says.

          • It’s so funny to hear people from the “movement of hate” itself, the Obots so full of hate towards most women, to talk about Obama haters. Just funny.

  2. Okay, the President is far from perfect. But I had to laugh at the DWTS line. You know who WAS on it, right?

  3. Tomorrow, tomorrow

    Obama will engage the little people tomorrow

    and tomorrow is just a new years day away.

  4. The president’s “biggest regret” was that because of economic turmoil, “He had to spend almost every waking hour in Washington working on solving that crisis,” senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. “And what he missed sorely was engagement with the American people.

    Do people believe this stuff anymore?


    Hillary 2012

    • That is priceless I must say. I think only those on Kool-aid iVs buy into that now.

      • I think it is a disease. The drug of choice if diagnosed is 10mg of valium on voting day before and after work..


        Hillary 2012

      • Wait, isn’t that his JOB?? You know, the one he wanted so badly that he had to fuck over half his party to get? Presumably, he and the party thought he had some special gift that made him better than Hillary Clinton. I don’t want him running around the country while my friends and myself are still in danger of being laid off. I want him back in Washington, locked in the Oval Office and don’t want him to come out until he’s got a handle on the problem.
        Is this for real? How could they be so politically tone deaf?

    • The same ones that can’t tell bus chassis grease from Shinola?

    • i think Refudiator might fall for that baloney

  5. let me see if I got this right: Obama didn’t have time to get out of his palace as he was working 24/7 to solve the crisis. now that he did (by giving my social security to the billionaires), he has finally the time to come out and press some flesh?

  6. When reading that Jarrett piece I had this urge to link to this:

  7. Endless war(s) & perpetual campaigning. Yes he can & will.

  8. One more thing: if Obama solved the crisis, may I have my COLA back into my Social Security? And no cuts please?

  9. If he’s coming to NJ, I want a heads up so I can take some vacation time. Traffic is bad enough as it is without Obama’s Vanity Tour clogging up the roads.

  10. what I want is less of him…,not more 👿

  11. @tavissmiley: A bold prediction – This will be the Tweet of the Day: We went from ‘Yes we can’ to ‘Yes he caved’ http://ow.ly/3uwlX

    • No doubt Obama will carry/continue to carry a grudge against these two for telling the truth again.

      From what I understand Obama hasn’t called Prof West since the election. Used and set aside the running theme in Obama’s career.

  12. Notice there was nothing about more press conferences and less teleprompter. He’s taken screened questions to a new low. His toughest complaint was from a woman who loved him so much she was tired of defending him.

    She has time to rest up for defence now. She was laid off.

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