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What happened to the anti-war movement?

One of the largest anti-war protests in recent years took place last week. If you blinked you may have missed it. Even if you didn’t blink you had to know where to look.

There was a black-out and a white-out Thursday and Friday as over a hundred US veterans opposed to US wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, and their civilian supporters, chained and tied themselves to the White House fence during an early snowstorm to say enough is enough.

Washington Police arrested 135 of the protesters, in what is being called the largest mass detention in recent years. Among those arrested were Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who used to provide the president’s daily briefings, Daniel Ellsberg, who released the government’s Pentagon Papers during the Nixon administration, and Chris Hedges, former war correspondent for the New York Times.

No major US news media reported on the demonstration or the arrests. It was blacked out of the New York Times, blacked out of the Philadelphia Inquirer, blacked out in the Los Angeles Times, blacked out of the Wall Street Journal, and even blacked out of the capital’s local daily, the Washington Post, which apparently didn’t even think it was a local story worth publishing.

John Halle has more over at Corrente:

First, one was a rally held at the Lincoln Memorial some distance from the White House while the other centered around civil disobedience at the White House fence.

Secondly, more significantly, the Veterans directly and passionately criticized the Obama administration and its policies. In contrast, at the One Nation rally, according to Patrick Martin of the World Socialist website:

“Nearly every speaker combined warnings of the consequences of a Republican victory in the November 2 election with appeals to those attending the rally to spend the next month in all-out campaigning for a Democratic Party victory. There was no examination of the actual policies of the Democrats, still less of the relatively insignificant differences between the two big business parties.
There was no criticism of the Obama administration by name, even by speakers who criticized some of the policies for which the Democratic president is responsible.”

These two protests clearly display an unmistakeable and unbridgeable difference in perspective-between support (including highly critical support), on the one side and active dissent and militant opposition on the other.

This distinction, which has immediate practical consequences for how, or whether, a protest movement will develop and flourish, admits of an explanation: in the opinion of many, much of the left leadership played a role in fomenting unrealistic expectations with respect to the Obama presidency. Their investment in the Obama brand prevents them from endorsing and playing a role in organizing protests of sufficient vehemence and intensity as these would necessarily shine a light on their failure of judgement and lack of credibility.

Whatever happened to Code Pink? Last time I heard about them they were trying to place Karl Rove under citizen’s arrest at a book signing. Now much as I’d like to see Turdblossom getting perp walked to prison, he no longer has anything to do with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Remember the good old days when progressive bloggers thought that Hillary’s vote on the Iraq War Resolution was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER? (That was right before they were promising to hold Obama’s “feet to the fire”)

How come they don’t care about the wars anymore? Why don’t they care about Obama’s Drone War in Pakistan?

In the words of Bob Dole, “Where’s the outrage?”

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  1. HONK!! Nice one, myiq!

    Remember the good old days when progressive bloggers thought that Hillary’s vote on the Iraq War Resolution was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER? (That was right before they were promising to hold Obama’s “feet to the fire”)

    It was convenient for them to use her as the scapegoat. It took John Stewart to gin up the outrage that Shep over at Fox (to his credit) followed up on in regards to the 911 first responders. Where has the MSM been?

    I’m sorry. That was a stupid question. They have been where they always were – protecting Obumbles.


    Hillary 2012

  2. It’s the same old same old – pick yer jersey, blue team or red team.

    The anti-war movement disappeared for the same reason that fiscally sane and libertarian-minded republicans STFU about GW’s spending and power grabs. If “their side” is doing it, they might grumble, but not loudly. They still think it’s wrong, mind you, but speaking out too loudly might undermine the “good guys” and give ammunition to the “bad guys”.

    It’s all political calculation about the next election, not principle. On both sides.

  3. Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂

    anti-war protests… whaz that?

    the silent majority (oprah fans)

  4. maybe it,s just to cold.or as in Cal..too danged wet 😆

  5. To really be against the wars and to protest them would of course imply you’re against Obama’s policies (which of course are about the same as dubya’s). That apparently is a hard thing for many to come to grips with.

    The other thing that is worth pondering is, have those main vocal groups, that were the nosiest against the war under dubya, been taken over by Obots and so are purposely kept from those activities. Or, and this requires a tinfoil hat, were some of them just instruments of early corporatist/Obama take over — esp. ones that put a lot of effort in painting Hillary as a warmonger. That is, are they just really stupid or have they accomplished their real mission?

  6. It would also require you to be against the policies of pretty much every president we’ve had in the past 30 years and almost every member of Congress and the administration. Yikes!

    I do remember more liberals protesting Bill Clinton’s foreign policy though–and even protesting at his inauguration (and even though he hadn’t dragged us into an unecessary and illegal war in the ME). Say what you will, at least people were expressing themselves.

    And we all remember the receptions that liberals gave Bush and Reagan. Obama was, I have read, the only president whose inauguration was NOT “ruined” by protests. I remember thinking WTF ?? as I read that.

    People were really brainwashed by The One–and they still are.

  7. Perhaps it is easier to understand when one remembers that brave dissenters like Chris Hedges are despised by the cool and savvy.

  8. Isn’t it startling how the anti-war movement just disappeared? Oh, there’s still a few brave souls around, but the vast majority of people just kind of faded away.

  9. Medea Benjamin and Code Pink were at both events:

  10. The revolution will not be televised.

  11. The Anti-war movement is not dead here.
    Cindy Sheehan is relentless. She and folks who agree do march and have rallies. She organized a rally in DC a month or so ago. She was arrested.
    Yes, no coverage.

    Cindy has a news letter called the Soapbox. You all need to subscribe and support her.

    She was the first one that I remember who stuck her thumb right in GW’s eye and called his bluff on the war. She changed the whole conversation about W’s war.


    My peacenic obot relatives are ignoring the war, the drone bombing, the deterioration of our civil rights and all the other betrayals coming from Obama. They just pretend it’s not there.

    • If there were a draft, you would hear howling in the streets on a daily basis.

      That’s why there is not a draft.

      Instead, we just keep sending the same poor people, many of them kids, out to be killed, on tour after tour after tour.


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