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Airing of Grievances Open Thread

I got a lot of problems with you people!

I started the observance of Festivus here at The Confluence back in 2008 because there’s a lot of stuff that pisses me off.

First of all, I hate people who have no sense of humor. They wander around looking like they just sucked on a lemon, pissing on other people’s fun. Lighten the fuck up.

Second, mind readers. They read a post and then decide they know what I REALLY meant. This group includes the Cinderella wannabes. (No, no! The shoe fits me, ME!) Buy a Magic 8-ball or call Miss Cleo, because you haven’t got a clue.

Then there’s the people who block the aisle in the supermarket. If there are two they’ll stop facing each other to chat. If there is a family they’ll spread out. If there is just one they’ll park their cart on one side and stand on the other, staring at the shelves and ignoring anyone trying to get past them. You should be allowed to ram them with your cart.

Last of all, people in the drive thru lane at fast-food restaurants during lunch hour who get up to the speaker AND THEN start thinking about what they want. Of course they have to ask questions and don’t want anything the regular way. (“Can I get those fries with no salt?“) Justifiable homicide. Seriously.

What pisses you off?

183 Responses

  1. I am aggrieved by people to whom the glass is ALWAYS half empty…whine whine whine….

    • I hate a half empty glass of whine

      • A full glass of whine is the worst to me.

        • It kinda depends on whose whine it is, doesn’t it?

          • Actually, not until I had heard all the whines in the book did I decide this: I am done listening; I am going to fill your ears with some whine from now on. I.e.; my old landlord who borrowed money from everyone based on selling his whine. I finally was done with listening to the new whines every year for twelve years. I brought out my medical records and read him surgical reports. Ha, ha, ha!!! He never knew those things or close. But I basically wanted him to get that he was a big baby, I knew it and was going to put it into his face until he stopped his b.s. Every time he dos it, I just pour whine all over him. I do it not for sympathy but to shut him up. My own mother did not even know the gory details until this past year. I really felt that talking about my health would weaken my ability to heal myself. In my case, I discovered that letting it out after all these years has allowed me to stop being a compulsive compassion addict. I have lost my compassion. I am tired of victim-vampires who suck people’s goodwill and offer nothing but more blackholes in the universe.

  2. Greasepaint …. really pisses me off.

  3. Assholes who have have a handicap placard and are clearly not physically impaired. It just pisses the hell out of me.

    • What about handicapped parking – at the gym?


      • In general. Today I saw a woman who was walking perfectly fine – she had parked in a handicap spot. She had the placard, but it was obvious she didn’t need it. It’s just a convenience for them.

        And I have seen a guy at my golf course park in the HC spot, only to get out and walk (push cart)to the first tee. Wanted to hit him with a 7 iron!

      • What really pisses me off is that I served my country and had a spinal injury along with a concussion 23 years ago but the VA Doctors only could see I was a buffed athletic woman. I had to wait all those years before Congress decided to give injured Veterans medical if you made under 20k. Then, I found out my cervical-lumbar spine was crumbiling like an 80 year old. That might have been prevented if the VA Medical system rehabbed me after rebuilding my shoulder and collarbone with my hip bone. And, now that I have that Handicap sticker I have to defend myself? Wonder why Veterans don’t get over PTSD? Need to keep fighting with all the people who have Freedom of Speech but no respect for those who fight for that right. I do not judge people because I cannot afford to be pissed off. It causes too much nerve pain.

        • I’ll bet, if you put a small VET pin or such clipped to the Handicap placard, you would get nice notes left on your windshield or folks would look out for you.
          You served and those of us who are scaredycats appreciate that service.
          Proudly display VET and most folks would salute.

        • Who do you have to defend yourself from? I am confused?

          • Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and other places where the Anti-Warriors live. I never talked about my service there. Finally, in 2004 during the Presidential Election, Two Veterans had a table with fliers. They gave some political info. After I listened to them and found out they were Vietnam Vets, I told them. They invited me to some Vets meetings. Not too many people showed. But just like me, they all were also hiding out from thw viscious comments of the local Anti-War Protest gang. I do mean gang as they all knew each other. Many were mh neighbors for a dozen years. Once they found out I was a Vet, theh began treating me like I had a mental disorder. Not only disrespect but like an enemy.

        • The VA pisses me off no end. How come we can ask our young people to put themselves at risk, but won’t take care of those of them who become disabled? And, in regard to healthy looking people parking in handicapped spots, disabilities are not always visible, so don’t be so judgemental.

          • Ditto. The VA Doctors used to piss me off the most. Those little rich kid medical students who go do their internships at the VA make diagnostics off of templates. I found that out last weekend in VA ER. I called the Advice Nurse thinking I was having a gallstone or gallbladder flare
            He told me to go to ER to get my heart checked. He explained that Heart Attack symptoms for women are different. Got off the phone, called my aunt who had a heart attack and she thought I should get it checked to make sure. I was faint and dizzy but drove through a rainstorm. No one was in ER due to the weather maybe. I got a room and waited three hours. The VA Doctor, these ones are from foreign countries, tells me I a released. I asked him to to do a blood test that my aunt told me to ask. He shrugged it off and said I was fine. I said, “Do you have x-ray vision?” He said, I am a medically trained doctor. I said, “Oh, really?” Then I asked for the Patient Advocate. He proceeded to give me excuses about why the doctor did not see a need. Then he topped it off by telling me how lucky Veterans are to have Health Care and compared Health Care in America to the Philippines. I am part filipino ad he made sure he said he was 100% filipino. I said, “My grandfather was four times darker than you.” Because there is nothing that pisses me off more than a Racist pretending to not be Racist. Obama is one those types of Racists and it is interesting that he had a cracked lip in a photo. Makes me wonder who he pissed off. But it also put a smile on my face.

      • Diabled people go to the gym to exercise, too.
        Not all disabilities are visually apparent. Early stage ALS is a good example.
        People who aren’t disabled and use the placard will go to hell but it’s not for us to judge.
        No, I do not have a handicapped placard or license.

        • One of these days I’ll make a joke and nobody will get offended and I’ll die of shock.

        • What is this, the PC police? Yes, of course, I know disabled people go to the gym and golf and shop. I suffer from advanced spinal stenosis, so I know something about walking around in considerable pain. The people I am complaining about are inconsiderate, self centered assholes and they are not acting like they are in any pain or having trouble ambulating. They should be reported and called out. After all, they are taking parking spots from people who truly are NOT MOBILE.

          • My friend has ALS. He uses walking sticks and a wheelchair now but he had breathing problems during the early stages of his illness. He didn’t look or walk as if he were disabled but walking made him breathless. My point is that one can’t tell by just looking whether someone needs and deserves the placard or not.

        • BTW: The VA announced this year that a Veteran who has ALS is presumed Service Connected. It was discovered that Veterans have a proportionally high rate of ALS vs. the civilian population. You can read about it at the va.gov site. It seems that the neurons or nerve cells get damaged or something similar. There is some pattern of factors they found.

  4. The Christmas gift I despise: See’s Candy

    It’s the gift that says “I really don’t care about you”

  5. When I’m driving home on the freeway and move into the left lane because they’ve got a sign saying that they’re closing the right lane.

    And a bunch of other people do the same thing. Slowing the left lane way down.

    But, as our line creeps up to the merge it becomes obvious that there are people who don’t believe in lines.

    They zip right up to the merge, expecting people who’ve spent sometimes an HOUR IN LINE to let them in.

    And people always do!! What’s up with that?

    If no one let those losers in then they’d stop line jumping.

    It’s not only not fair — it’s not logical. The only reason that left row has to stop is to let the line jumpers in. (grits teeth)

    • No, no, no, NO!

      You merge AT THE END!!!!

    • Oh, man, I HATE that. I waited 30 minutes to go about 1/2 mile to the mall and at the last minute, some asshole lady speeds up and tries to merge in front of me. I leaned on the horn for about a minute to make sure she got the point. Then I pulled left into the ramp so no other assholes could try the same move. Who the fuck do these people think they are?

      • It’s all about them. All the time. I’ve seen people do it with kids in the car … spreading the virus as far as I’m concerned.

        I think the people who let the creeps in think they’re doing a good deed. But, they aren’t.

        It only encourages anti-social behavior.

        • I was once in a “battle” with a young woman who thought she could do that and she almost rammed my car…she yelled that she was gonna kick my a$$ if I didn’t let her in….I didn’t….and she didn’t…

        • I know. If you let one person in then you have 5 more trying to weasel their way in. At least that’s how it is down here in Atlanta.

      • They think they are more important than you and that their time is more valuable than yours. I hate those mofos.

    • Honk Honk !!

  6. I hate it when the kid loses a visa check card and I have to go to the bank to track down the number and the balance and it takes a frickin’ hour and then the bank teller says ever so sweetly, “we can replace the card but it’s going to cost you $15.00”

    I hate it that I pay almost $7000 a year in property taxes on a measley 3 br townhouse and another association fee and I *still* can’t get the township dump people to pick up an old piece of furniture because my street is considered “private property”.

  7. I hate, hate, hate, hate VDOT for always plowing way past the edge of the road digging up my grass and plowing over my mailbox.

    • I hate the snowplowing service my association hires, because apparently, my property taxes do not cover snow plowing on a private road, who go counterclockwise on the cul de sac, dumping everyone elses snow at the foot of my driveway in Patagonianesque packed glacier chunks and then charge my association an extra $50,000 for the privilege of digging myself out or I can’t use the pool in the summer.
      Do I give the impression that living in NJ sucks?
      Well it does.

      • Your side of the cul-de-sac REALLY sucks.

        What is that $50,000 for?

        • Snow removal
          Don’t laugh. I can send you a copy of the bill.

          • To you? You are supposed to pay $50,000 for snow removal? OMG. You need a lawyer.

          • No, not all by myself. It was split between the people who own homes in the development. But still, they did a really bad job of it and I had to pay for it anyway.
            That’s NJ. Everyone has their hands out. You get nothing without paying some outrageous fee. Really, you’re poor on anything less than $100k


    The former Ivory Bill Woodpecker here. I’ve decided I want to use the name “Monster from the Id” here, like I do on the other political blogs on which I post.

    On comics & cartoons blogs, I’m “Kid Charlemagne”, except on a few I haven’t visited in quite a while. 🙂

    Having only one name is boring, kinda like having only one personality. 😉

  9. I hate it when people who I thought I could trust and to whom I was sending frantic messages during the current layoff, looking for comfort and support, turn on me, accusing me of lying about the employment situation in my industry and take their dishes to another site because they feel some phantom sense of aggreivement, leaving me to feel like they betrayed not just the blog but my personal friendship.
    Not that I’m naming names or anything.
    Did I go too far? Chardonnay will do that to me. BTW, Francis Forc Coppola makes great movies but Chard? Ehhhh, not so much.

  10. I can’t stand it when siblings unfriend me on Facebook, never say why and won’t talk to me at all.

  11. I hate no one. I am a friend to all person kind. I want us all to get along and care deeply about our fellow persons. I believe the glass is not half full or half empty but completely full of love and acceptance. Yes I am delusional. Yes I am insane. I am in my happy place.

    Ooops, never mind. I need to read the thread before I respond. I really hate that!

  12. I hate it when the MBAs who are laying everyone off have no fricking idea what really goes on in their industry because they’ve never had to do it themselves.
    I have shareholders who can’t think past three months.
    I hate, hate, hate 401Ks.
    And I hate it that senior citizens just don’t get it.

  13. Raging Obots.


    Hillary 2012

  14. You know what I hate?

    I really really hate it when it’s blatantly obvious who the superior candidate is but the Overlords decide [she] is not malleable enough, so they ram an unqualified, unprincipled hypocrite down our throats, and the mealy pseudo-Dem leaders think it’s a nifty idea and enable the manipulation and theft of 18 million votes.

    I really really hate THAT!

    But love the Confluence 🙂

    • I really hate feeling like there is nothing we can do and that the PTB are going to keep doing that to us.

    • Yeah, I hate it that the Democrats made the calculation that they could safely ignore women’s votes because they could always pretend that reproductive rights were more important to them than Republicans thought they were. I hate that they completely annihilated womens’ right to vote in 2008.
      And I hate it that stupid women like Naomi Wolf and other idiots on the left didn’t think it thru long enough to know they were being played.
      I hate it when women suck up to men in order to stick it to other women.

    • I think what happened there is: Hill was the obvious favorite for the Dem nomination going into 2008.

      [Yes, I’ve posted this before.] 🙄

      Meanwhile, the Malefactors Of Great Wealth realized they could not install another Elephascist (aka GOP) Preznit without rigging the election so blatantly that it could not be denied plausibly, so they decided to settle for a Vichy Democrat.

      The MOGW realized that this apparent misfortune actually contained a platinum opportunity: only a Vichy Dem Prez could gut Social Security.

      So, they went to Hillary first, offering her a sure path to the White House if she would establish a Catfood Commission.

      The MOGW had swallowed the CDS tripe that the Clintons were basically conservatives, even reactionaries, so they thought she’d jump on that like a duck on a junebug.

      [Thanks to the fact that CDS is found on the Left as well as the Right, including in the Leftist magazines to which I subscribed for years, I used to suffer from mild CDS myself. I say “mild” because I never thought Bill and Hill were evil, just that they were too conservative.]

      The MOGW were shocked when she told them to go directly to Hell, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200. 😈

      That, of course, is when Hillary The Inevitable became Hillary The Impossible.

      The MOGW found a soulless careerist to do their dirty work, and the rest is dismal history.

      • Mega Honk

      • The MOGW were shocked when she told them to go directly to Hell, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200.

        I prefer to think she told ’em to stick it where the sun don’t shine…


        • That wouldn’t work with the MOGW, since they think the sun does shine out of their @$$es. 😈

  15. Ok, I think I’m done.

  16. I hate it when you’re having fun on a thread and then everyone disappears.

    • It was a lot of fun. But, I’ve been struggling to knit and type at the same time. Maybe it’ll pick up again?

      • I think RD is drunk and snuck off with the clown….you’re bitterly knitting and DT is making a hot donut run to Krispy Kreme.

        (sigh) just like high school…like college much better when girls were into experimenting.

        • No, I’m soberer than you think. I just do drunk really well. You can’t get drunk on two glasses of wine. Well, *I* can’t anyway.

      • night y’all ~ I must go and be a good parent and get the youngun tucked in for the night …and then wrap presents. Happy Holidays!

  17. I hate the idea of high heels.

    Women who wear 4 inch heels are deliberately making themselves helpless.

    If Chinese foot binding was oppressive, then wearing those pointy narrow high heels is self oppressive.
    Women do not need that kind of press.
    I hate helpless women.

    • Yeah, 3 inches max

    • Why do women buy 4 inch heels? It’s foolish to ruin the feet.

      • I don’t often wear 4-inch heels, but when I do, it’s not like it’s for hours. Why? I buy them because I look damn good in them. No, I am not being subservient, nor am I oppressed, I LIKE the way they look, and I LIKE the reaction I get from my husband. I won’t apologize for that – there’s not a damn thing wrong with it.

        • If wearing making you happy, great.
          High heels tend to draw the eyes to the legs. I’ll admit that.

          I just want to say that the idea that very high heels make the legs look better is an idea planted in women, and I guess men too. I think beautiful legs will be beautiful barefoot or with shoes. Certain shoes are more more beautiful, and the heels are part of the design that makes them so. I don’t particularly like thick heels without shape. The straight round types. I think they look clunky. But that’s something about the shoe, not the legs.

          • I agree the thick heels without shape or rounded toe ones don’t work so well.

            There has been a run of ugly, clunky shoes for quite sometime. Both heels and flats.

          • Okay. Sorry if I sort of seemed snippy. Am up late and exhausted, but have to stay awake so I can get to the airport at 1am to pick up sis.

            I really ought not to comment when I’m this tired. I tend to misread signals. Bleh.

          • From my heart, I didn’t notice any snippy comment. I read your comment as being very happy about high heels and happy that hubby liked them. I thought that maybe I was being overbearing with my view about high heels. It’s because I see pain.

          • I didn’t read it as snippy either. I thought it was fun and playful and the hubby thing was cute.

  18. I hate taxation without representation. I hate corrupt governments that are beholden to the few rich, but tax the many.

  19. I despise Newt Gingrich, the GOP and the elephant they rode in on. I now despise the Democrats and the ass they rode in on.

  20. I hate to wash dishes

  21. I’m gonna go pass out in the driveway.

    I’ll talk to y’all later.

  22. I’m done with my grievances. I’m going for some Spanish brandy now, Gran Duque D’Alba. It’s right here by my side saying: drink me, drink me.
    I must not disappoint El Señor Duque.

  23. Lately, what is pissing me off are all these people who are crying “bullying” when they are not dealing with the kind of systematic attacks that are properly labled as “bullying.” A single insult is now decried as “bullying.” No wonder this Gen. Y blindly follows Obama — they are a bunch of coddled wimps who can’t deal with the least bit of disagreement or the knowledge that they are not not beautiful or unique snowflakes but the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

    • Is it impossible to be both?

      I accept that we are talking apes who eventually become decaying organic matter, but I like to think that we are also beautiful and unique individuals.

      That is, when I’m not being a cranky misanthrope. 😛

      • Nope. Impossible to be both. Haven’t you seen Fight Club? LOL

        • No, and I never intend to see Fight Club. I don’t like violent movies. It’s bad enough I must exist in a real world that contains nonsense like that. Must I tolerate it in my entertainment? 😦

          We need a “disgusted look” smiley.

          • You don’t know what you’re missing. Fight Club is one of my favorite movies. It kicks ass!

          • Oh, and I hate when people don’t like things they’ve never tried. Like:

            –“ooh, yuck, frog legs.”
            – “have you ever tried frog legs?”
            — “no.”

            WTF? At least try the darn things before you say you don’t like them.

            Same goes with movies — Fight Club isn’t about “fighting” per se — it is a very, very interesting movie with a lot of wit. And Ed Norton is awesome in it.

          • First rule about Fight Club….

          • “Ooh, yuck, sticking your hand in molten lead.”

            “Have you ever tried sticking your hand in molten lead?”

            “No”. 😛

          • When it comes to stuff like that I’m a follower of Hugo Furst.

          • LOL Id (btw, I liked your Ivory handle better, just so you know).

            But OBVIOUSLY I meant things that people do actually do/eat/see that don’t kill you.

            It is a total pet peeve of mine — because I at least try things first before declaring an opinion on them.

  24. I hate it when I get back from watching a movie and all the fun has happened and everyone left the room.

  25. I just discovered I hate Internet Explorer because the damn program keeps locking up on me tonite.

    See ya later.

    • Try Opera….

      It loads faster and seems to not get as hung up on various things as easily.

      Lately, IE has been one problem after the next for me as well. YouTube would barely play without buffering every few seconds and pages would stall loading.


    • You could also try:

    • You *just* discovered you hate IE??
      I’ve been forced to use IE6 at work. Do you know there was a time when browsers didn’t have tabs?? I have software vendors that have to rewrite their apps to meet our antiquated corporate standard. There are some critical web apps that my group can’t use at all because they don’t work with IE6. But complaining about the IT department’s refusal to upgrade is pointless. As far as I can tell, they’re the only division that NEVER lays off.
      It’s like extortion or something is going on.

      But I digress.

      The best browser is Chrome.

  26. Someone smack me and keep me awake! I have another hour before I have to drive to the airport to pick up my sister, and my BRAIN IS FRIED.

  27. I hate parents who drive big ass cars down the middle of the road while talking on their cell phone and dropping of kids. Pick a lane people, any lane, and stop trying to take your half out of the middle.

  28. People who were apparently never potty trained sufficiently enough to pee into the toilet bowl and don’t even have the decency to clean up the mess they’ve made. Leaving feces and toilet paper on the seat of a public toilet grosses me out. Also not washing your hands with soap after using the bathroom.

    • Many Don’t Wash Hands After Using the Bathroom

      Women, the study found, were more diligent than men: 90 percent washed their hands, compared with only 75 percent of the men.

      I guess we should assume that shaking hands with men can be harmful to one’s health.

      • I was using a restroom on a Marine base near Barstow when I was in the Army. I started to walk out and this jarhead says “Hey! In the Corps they teach us to wash our hands after taking a piss.

        I told him, “In the Army they teach us not to piss on our hands.”

  29. I can’t stand Oregon and their shakedown operation which views businesses and travelers through their state as ATMs… rule of law be damned. Bogus charges expected.

    Creepy little state.

    • That’s good to know.

      • Years ago they gave my dad a ticket for going 56 in a 55 zone down the highest mountain in state. While in the slow lane being passed by other cars. I suspect we were the only ones with CA plates.

        But that is minor annoyance compared what they pulled on the hubby.

        • Yup, out of state plates are more likely to get tickets because it’s unlikely people will return to fight the tickets. It’s best to rent a car in the state one is touring.

          • Oh yeah we were on their forced vacation plan as we had to fight the ticket our business depended on it. One of the jurors actually gasped during the opening statement at what they were trying to pull. And our lawyer hadn’t even shared the worst of it.

    • Oregon is full of draft-dodgers who ran out of gas on the way to Canada.

      • That explains a lot…lol.

        And I don’t know why but McMinnville, OR sounds like a faux movie town where Jason Voorhees might live.

  30. Reminds me of debates with Obots before the election.

  31. Both views presented in the video are tilted to show a point of view that is wrong. For example, women make less than men within the same job description.


  32. can’t say that I hate anything..some minor annoyances.
    But love the Confluence 🙂

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