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    Beata on A Few Musical Musings
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The Democratic Party’s two halves: Is Detente Possible?

Ok, here’s my attempt.  Be gentle.  It’s my first time.

From Stirling Newberry’s blog post “The Truth, an Open Letter on why this American and This Left are Doomed” at Corrente:

A country is doomed when its opposition is so corrupt that it cannot be trusted to oppose. Let me name some names.

Let’s start with Jane Hamsher. She’s been called out to run for office by some of her zombies. But let me tell you some, though by no means more than an tiny fraction, of truth about Jane Hamsher. She’s sold the left out over and over again. Back in the early days of the Obama administration, many of her own writers wanted to oppose Obama, sensing, or in some cases have positive knowledge, that Obama was a marketing campaign wrapped around a messiah complex. She stopped it. Got people taken out.

Then she went into opposition, to collect the donation stream that keeps her afloat. Suddenly, in the abstract, unattached to anything, she looked like she was principled. But that lasts only as long as her interest does. Given a chance to have the mandate taken out of the health care bill, her young and stupid hatchet man Jon Walker is on the case, doing what is good for Jane and himself. Instead of taking the moment to say “single payor, nothing more, nothing less,” which would be the principled thing to do, she goes for getting the mandate with universal issue. Let me connect the dots for you. It is no secret that Jane Hamsher is a cancer survivor. She needs universal issue, out of all the things in the bill. Jon Walker is young, he would benefit by not paying the mandate. So does Jane, because FDL could not afford to pay the mandate, and making her own people eat the penalty would be one hypocrisy too far out of her legion of hypocrisies.

Will it stop the mainstream media from treating Jane and “chickenshit” Digby and their buddies like they are spokespersons for the left blogosphere?  No, probably not.  But at this point, anyone who is still bopping over to FDL with the idea that they’re going to get opinion reflecting what is good for the country, is probably chasing rainbows.  Stirling says Jane knew after the administration took office.  I contend that she knew when Obama was just a candidate for the nomination.  Digby admits to having serious doubts but didn’t want to piss off her commenters, some of whom, no doubt, were Obama operatives who inflicted themselves on many blogs at the time, including ours.

If you have a megaphone of any size and you do not exercise it to tell the truth to your readers, you’re no better than Fox.  To this day, Jane’s frontpagers continue to wale on the Clintons, reflexively, without a second thought as to whether a Hillary Clinton administration would be better for working class Americans than what we got.  If it even slowed down the rapidly accelerating descent of the middle class that we got with Obama, it would have been worth it.  But Jane and Digby and Markos did what was profitable than what was right.

How does that make them different than Hannity and Colmes?

We’ve tried detente.  They don’t want to join with us and push back.  They’d rather cling to their excuses for their crazy advocacy of Obama that lead to the ripping apart of the party and the destruction of their own political force.  They want to justify their tepid support of Obama using reasoning that made absolutely no sense at the time given the information at their disposal, let alone in retrospect.  And they want to continue to differentiate themselves from us by calling us names and racists as if whistling past the graveyard is going to somehow protect them from the taint of their working class status.

Whatever.  Just don’t come looking for support from us.  I used to think an apology wasn’t necessary.  But I’ve changed my mind about that.  They have insulted me in every possible manner.  Their actions have resulted in the worst recession in the past 70 years and one that is going to be longer and tougher than it had to be because Obama is president.

They owe all of us a big apology.

74 Responses

  1. Pyuma-Pyuma-Pyuma!

  2. You did this! Fantastic. Can’t wait until it goes viral on the inter tubes!

  3. This one came from Cheetoville of all places:

  4. “I contend that she knew when Obama was just a candidate for the nomination.”

    ” But Jane and Digby and Markos did what was profitable than what was right.”

    True true related

    Remember when she wailed that the expected financial benefits never materialized? (Or that is my memory of what she said)

    • expected financial benefits suggest a conflict of interest, does it not?

    • No. What she said was that once Obama elected and they started criticizing him, they dried the cash flowing to them. Like she didn’t know it was predicated on propaganda. That means, during the campaign, some of them made a profit.

      • I vaguely recall the whining starting during the campaigns, before the election, that Democrats weren’t holding up their end of the bargain to support (pay off) the cheerleading sites for their suppressive efforts on the left. So ironic that Jane was the one pushing the veal pen meme.

        • That is also my memory of it. After the nomination, during the general that whining started.

  5. Honk honk honk!

  6. I am Puma. I have cancer. Take both of those facts, add a quarter, and now you have a cup of coffee. I will never support O’Precious but I will support SOS Clinton– or any competent candidate willingly to fight for us working stiffs. Now, who is that candidate?

  7. I hope Newberry has started a trend of ratting out the paid and self-interested bloggers. This shit has got to stop.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Ian Welsh also said something similar to this but was a lot less specific. It was something along the lines of there were some people at FDL who leaned slightly to Hillary’s side for reasons unspoken that probably had nothing to do with Hillary. I suspect these people had reservations but they joined the bandwagon any way.

      • makes me wonder about Christy (reddhead) – she left somewhere in there…

        • Yep, I noticed that too. Whatever happened to her? Didn’t she live in West Virginia? And didn’t Hillary win West Virginia by some ungodly margin? Is it possible that Christy got sick and tired of the Democrats shafting Appalachia?

          • Is it possible that Christy got sick…
            I was run off FDL before she left but IIRC she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune(?) arthritis that seemed to be significant and progressive.

          • she’s retired from political blogging… has a little personal blog… and yes, from WV….

            she’s got RA and doing, more or less, OK…

      • Go with the flow, go along to get along, he’s the media darling were all excuses for being lazy assed, not doing their homework, I’ll get paid,my children love him, or thinking it would not affect them. They are scum. And stupid. I stopped reading any of them in 2008 because I do not waste my time on non savvy or corrupt amateurs. Jane Hampsher is a media hound and wants a full time gig as a talking head. Those days are over.

        • I was a little suspicious with the previous media darling–Shrub Bush, esp. after reading Molly Ivin’s book about his short, less-than-brilliant, but sell-out career as a part-time gov. of Texas. Being a gov of Texas is about the least in terms of a governor’s role, as the Illinois statehouse is less than most state legislators in terms of significant power.)

          All of the crap that went down when Shrub was gov. (basically, a sell-out to special interests) was NEVER mentioned when the mainstream media went gaga over him v. Gore and v. Kerry.

          Even though I had figured out Obama before the media lovefest, I did wonder if the average person would notice the oil that the same snakes were selling.

        • GIANT HONK!!!!!

      • some of us left

  8. OT – the cloture vote for the repeal of DADT happened this morning and was successful. This is good but it sure isn’t over yet. Next comes the actual repeal vote (tomorrow, I assume).

    But then it gets sticky. And comes back to relying (HA!) on Obama. When they get to it, the repeal must be certified by Gates and Mullen and Obama – meaning they all say the military is ready to implement the repeal in 60 days. After that little bit o’ magic is accomplished, the Congress has 60 days to argue about it all over again.

    Not holding my breath.

    Who thinks that this will be a political football kicked into the 2012 election cycle? (raises own hand)

  9. Yaaaay! Hilarious. I especially liked the “Obamagasm,” and the melodic responses to the different proposed primary candidates. More! More!

  10. GREAT POST. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking for a long time.

  11. Honk! Honk!

  12. I would settle for their accepting responsibility. You know, that thing grownups do when they’ve messed up. In a way, that’s better than an apology. They must state exactly what they are accepting responsibility for.

    As for DADT, I have worried all along that Obama wants to divide the Dem base further – gay men versus women. And poor lesbians – they will be able to serve openly in the military but will not be paid the same as men in the non-military. Wonderful. So, while the DADT repeal will be a victory, it will also be a useful wedge for that creep in the WH. When we don’t all stand together, we lose power.

    A while back, I said I didn’t know who O hated more: gays or women. RD replied, “women.” I think that is correct.

    Far from being weak, O is doing exactly what he wants – and is forcing the “liberal” Dems to go along with him, most surely with Chicago-type threats. This vile tax bill is a case in point. Who ever heard of any self-respecting Dem voting for that piece of garbage? O has gotten every single thing that matters to him. And by him, I mean his ego, nothing to do with the country’s needs.

    I am sick. And I continue to maintain that Obama is insane. He still thinks passing garbage, total garbage, puts him on par, or excuse me, superior to, FDR. He believes it. Even as we slip into a Depression from which there will be no recovery.

    • I don’t know if he hates women. I think he has figured out that they don’t matter. So he treats them with contempt. That’s not the same as hate but politically it’s worse.
      BTW, “sino-peruvian lesbians” is a badge of honor even for those of us who are straight.

      • I’m sticking with hate. Contempt too, of course. Fear, for sure. Real primal fear. But hate it is for me. He is filled with hate. Goes back to those unresolved mommy-abandonment issues.

        I would love the opportunity to cross-examine this allegedly brilliant scholar – on any topic of his choice, even the NBA . You have no idea. He doesn’t know anything about anything – he’s too lazy to learn – and he doesn’t give a hoot. Look how he got where he is without any hard work at all. Look how he bribed and hoodwinked Jane and Kos, et al. And watch how Aravosis will be slobbering all over him again.

        Yeah. I want a full acknowledgment of this nightmare they’ve inflicted on the workers of this country. And it better be quick, cuz we’re about to have an enormous cut in social programs and education (as if they haven’t already been cut past the bone).

        This tax bill has made me even sicker that I was.

  13. Great job!
    You know, the other one posted here – with the Obama supporters was made by someone booted out from DU.
    Someone posted it there where it lived shortly – and was paned – among other things – for the color of the bears (will be in my Tuesday DUDies)
    But you are right. The sad truth is that after the Great Bamboozling of 2008, the rift in the D base will never be repaired. It started being exploited in 2004 with Dean, pushed to the extremes in 2008 and it’s really the end of the party as political power.
    As Politico puts it, “Dems resent the unity of Obama with the GOP”. A whole different “Pyuma – which you’d think would get the Ds together.
    But it won’t, because of those “creatives” who don’t want working class cooties.

  14. Don’t hold your breath waiting for apologies from any of them.
    From Tweety and Olberman to the bottom of the sewer, Markos, Marshall, and Hampshire they all thought that the Obama wagon was their ticket up the ladder.
    I expect them to continue to polish the turd.

    I don’t know about you guys but to get me back they have to end caucuses, superdelegates, and admit to the Theft of May. Then maybe.

    Since this is Obama and the Democravens, I’ll believe they want gays to serve openly when I see a DI wearing lipstick.

    • Thank you, Mike. I have felt the same for a long time….and I suspect my posts got more and more “bitter and clingy” with time.

      It isn’t just the arrogant Obot bloggers (Digby, Jeralynn, Jane, Kos, etc).

      It was also the MSM: Tweety, Olbie, Rachel (yes, indeed–to start with; now she’s faux angry at the same prez she covered for before), Mika, NYTimes, etc etc.

      Obama is part of their own “Village,” sneering at The Others within their own party.

      Pure marketing, to appeal to their own “better than” arrogance.

      It makes me very angry to think about what they’ve done to the Democratic Party. I don’t think get it, even now.

  15. There is a three-way fracture, imho, rather than “two-halves” division as portrayed by the above avatar skit — Progs, Obots, and Pumas. Nevertheless, the point about the unyielding Obots is the same.

    On another note, looks like the Obama’s will not get an invitation to the royal wedding.

    • Well, actually the progs/Obots division- is just a matter of nuance. Some wake up faster than others. Plus there are a small number of operatives that will always polish the turd as it’s their (paying) job. But they don’t really matter in the larger picture as their number is symbolic.

      • The Turd Polishers can drive the narrative and influence the vote. Or muddy the results of the voting enough that the outcome can be gamed (stolen). They get the lemmings over the precipice.

    • We’ve retired puma. We are Independent or working class liberals or FDR Democrats, not pumas. A lot of former pumas gravitated to the tea party movement or birthed contingent. We don’t want to be even remotely identified with either group. That’s not how we hang.

      • I wish we could steal it back. I like it (in the original SM sense). I remember the first time I heard PUMA and it resonated: Party Unity My Ass! It pisses me off that others co-opted and bastardized it.

        And even though we lost the word/acronym, there will be no party unity from me with people who have CDS or former Libertarians remaking the Democratic party into Republican lites.

        On a related note, I am excited that my retire-the-debt Hillary DVD arrived today!

        • It’s time to move on from PUMA. it served its purpose at the time. But you can’t build on not doing something. Besides, it was corrupted, probably from both sides. Let it gooooooo…

    • [i.e. the Obama]

    • trixta:

      On the three way fracture, see this post from Stirling (Sorry for linking to this twice, but I missed this comment first time through.)

      And guess where all the creative thinking and work is being done? At the “third pole,” in places like this one.


  16. Good job, RD!

    Did you know that in TextAloud you can alter the pitch of the voices, so the two can be distinct from each other?

    Anyway, GREAT summary of the 2008 primary season and of where we are now.

  17. The tax cut for the rich made it clear to me that the problem is not Obama. He’s the face of the problem.

    Let’s not forget that Obama was brought to us by the Democratic Party and the party has rubber stamped everything Obama wanted. It’s inescapable that both parties are working towards the same goal which does not serve the working class.

    I want no part of the current Democratic Party.

    • There’s no point in the voter divisions when Democratic Party is corrupt through and through.

      • There’s no point in discussing the voter divisions when…

      • You said it, Dario! However one “hangs” or whatever PC term is used now, the Dem Party is rotten to the core. It’s hardly worth saving as it stands. As some have argued, the sooner it self-destructs with BO at the helm the better.

  18. Riverdaughter:

    I bow to your awesomeness!!!!!


  19. As they currently stand, the two legacy parties aren’t exactly locked into a mortal struggle over philosophical issues or social ideals. They’re both tools of the corporatocracy, and there’s hardly a hair’s breadth separating them now.

    What we have instead is a brand war–one make of over-sweetened caffeine vs. another make of over-sweetened caffeine. Both are exploiting their fringe– the “creatives” among the Dems and the religious wackjobs among the Republicans– even as they screw them over. Neither party, as presently constituted, has the capability or the will to get us out of the mess they’ve created.

    On the border, we call this type of rule patronismo. That doesn’t translate well into English, but “bossism” is a reasonable approximation. While vestiges remain, the patron system was broken in the 1970’s only when courageous individuals came forward to tell the truth and federal prosecutions followed. “Pyuma” has been telling the truth for three years, now. The only way to obtain federal legal intervention through normal channels, though, is to play both ends against the middle. This may not be feasible. It’s time for FDR/New Deal 2.0 to go public and make noise. Lots of it.

    • Honk!

    • Neither party, as presently constituted, has the capability or the will to get us out of the mess they’ve created.

      It’s a mess for the working class, but it’s what the super rich wanted and made sure the political parties created. The mess is what the Reagan revolution began with the sole purpose of bankrupting the federal government.

    • I can’t help but wonder if the people will ever take to the streets in real protest? I’m beginning to believe that is what it may take, other than action at the local level which will only go so far.

    • “Bossism…”

      I think my word for that is Mr. Bigs.

      Big Oil, Big Food, Big Media, Big Money… and all run by the Mr. Bigs of this world. (I don’t think the political bosses are nearly so important; they’re just front men.)

      • That’s a good approximation if you think of corporations’ attempts to present themselves as approachable and benevolent–“What’s good for M&M Enterprises is good for the nation.” There’s a lot of that mentality in Reaganomics.

  20. The tax deal burns my hide, but my pulse rate really elevates when I figured out that many of the same rich people who crashed our country’s economy and then got the trillions $$ in handouts ( via Wall St & Banks) are exactly the same $$ demographic that now benefits most from Obama’s cheating tax deal.
    And no doubt we are adding to the number who will soon fall into that rarefied spot that benefit from the revamped Estate tax.
    The rich get richer. We working class schlubs get …what? More hope?


  21. Hysterical! I love the laugh track with the Howard Dean mention.

  22. ‘Hillary started the war!’

    Hahaha! Is there anything [bad] for which Hillary Clinton is “not” blamed?

    I read at FDL and have even posted a few times. But I have noticed even now that when HRC is mentioned the long knives come out. So, the toon speaks to that effectively as well as the definition of the “working class,” that everyone [Dems] seemed to understand and respond to positively before 2008 and the Night of the Obamacrat Zombies.

    I don’t know. I hate to be a conspiracy freak but this all seems deliberately perpetrated. I said [maybe whispered] that the 2008 primary/election was a coup d’etat. I was told I was overreacting [along with a lot of other things]. But I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what happened.

    While the country slept, the Republic was lost. Three elections in a row, highly suspect and compromised. Three strikes you’re out.

    It’s going to take a huge push to turn things around. And Howard Dean’s not one of them :0).

    • Yes — a rolling coup: 2000, 2004, 2008. We were on to them by 2004, so in 2008 they used (1) the Democratic Party and (2) the primaries with their (3) bought-off “superdelegates.” Now we’re on to them again, so it’s GropeGate and Cat Food and Ruby Ridge for us.

    • Yes, I’m coming to the same conclusion. I think it began in 1993. Bill Clinton was not supposed to win. It was Ross Perot that screwed that all up. Maybe he was serious about mysterious people showing up at his daughter’s wedding. But yeah, something’s going on. Al Gore’s election was bizarre but we probably all thought it was a one off. Then there was Kerry, who wasn’t exactly scintillating but still, a biologist would have pulled the trigger. Chemists wait for a third point for a correlation and I think Obama is it. That’s three times in a row now that the person most likely to do something positive for the working class was done in by one of the parties.
      Usually I attribute it to stupidity. But the 2008 primary fraud was so blatant that they didn’t even try to hide the malice any more.
      I’d like to think that we can reverse it with one good, gigantic landslide. But there are a bajillion electronic voting machines out there and it only takes a few strategically placed precincts to carry a state in some cases.
      Our biggest mistake was not insisting on paper ballots for anyone who asks for one.

  23. Puma was a great ad hoc construction for something that was needed quickly, and I think it had a great deal of leverage in Denver and elsewhere. Fortunately, I think, it splintered and part of it entered the Republican party.

    Personally, I would prefer to work within the Democratic party. Too bad the Democrats still haven’t gotten the message and have not embraced the woman-positive values of the progressive former-Pumas. I guess they don’t need the votes.

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