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Peek behind the curtain

There has been a whole lotta hoopla about this Wikileaks thingie and it’s founder. But you may have noticed that I haven’t said much about it. Besides being distracted by things in real life (I do have a life, honestly I do) I have been deeply skeptical about the whole kit and kaboodle.

IOW – I don’t think ANYBODY is telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Take this Julian Assange guy. Some people like Glenn Greenwald and Michael Moore seem to think he’s a heroic figure of epic proportions. In reality he’s an anarchist/socialist with delusions of grandeur and if those two young women in Sweden are to be believed he’s a rapist.

Some people think that he’s probably only facing criminal prosecution because of his political activities and that his accusers are just pissed because he was playing and laying them both one right after the other. But I tend to believe their story and while it wasn’t “rape-rape” the conduct they describe is still rape.

There is a reason the statue of Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold:

The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and blind impartiality.

While it’s true this kind of case doesn’t usually get prosecuted that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. And while the prosecution may be politically motivated that doesn’t mean Assange is innocent.

Assange decided to take on the United States government and you shouldn’t do something like that unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Or as my grandma would say, “Don’t go teasing the dog unless you want to get bit.”

But the real issue here isn’t Assange or whether he is guilty or innocent. The real issue is who is behind these leaks. Anglachel:

While the left has been captivated by the human drama of the great man, deprived of flunkies to fuck and threatened by the diabolical Swedish court system, obsessed about how it could be me next!, there’s something rather important coming up in January, namely a change of government in the US. While I know that I lose all my Left Blogistan credibility by saying this, there really is a difference between the behavior of the major political parties when in majority power. The Republicans have no interest in compromising on anything and regard all other sources of political power (however ineptly wielded) as not just the opposition, but as an enemy to be terminated.

They’ve already made clear that the next two years are not going to be used to advance specific pieces of legislation – indeed, why should they since Obama has kindly moved their agenda for them – but to take down the enemy, and I don’t think anyone on the Left really understands just how ruthless they will be. Their control of committee chair positions means that the agenda from January 2011 through December 2012 will be investigate everything that could possibly be turned to their advantage.

It’s key that these documents were released under a Democratic administration. The focus will not be on who released the files, but that there were releases at all, just as the focus on Plame was not that someone outed her, but that she was connected to Joe Wilson. The actual crime, which is the act of taking documents and handing them over, will be elided – unless there is someone at the State Department who has shown a bit too much knowledge of and interest in some specific piece of data and who happens to be of liberal political inclinations, and then we’re talking a show trial along the lines of the House Un-American Activities Committee. That is why the State Department is saying to its current and would-be staff – do not have contact with that now-tainted information, do not discuss it, do not show special knowledge.

The fact that the cables are now in the open allows the Neocon noise machine to safely reference them to beat the drum for war with Iran, secure in the knowledge that contrary information of comparable validity cannot be provided because of diplomatic concerns. How can contrary information be leaked and to whom without it blowing up in the face of whomever tries to engineer that release? The release of the documents into the wild means there is a “source” for “Oh, look what we just now found!” kinds of revelations. The partial release on the wikileaks site itself always ensures that more can be found when there is a need for a strategic leak. The cables that identify security interests – which are of concern to more than the US – turn into fodder to gin up more domestic fear about terrorism, and to request more money for that purpose.

There is no down-side for the right with the release of these documents.

Take a look at the video I posted up above. At just about six seconds in the words “The American Conservative” appear. That’s a magazine started by Pat Buchanan.


Ever seen a puppet show? While Punch and Judy might appear to be fighting and arguing with each other, if you peek behind the curtain you’ll see one puppeteer with a hand up each puppet’s ass.

I know a puppet show when I see one, and this whole Wikileaks affair is a big one with lots of puppets, bells and whistles. What I don’t know is the identity of the puppeteers and what their goals are.

Make no mistake, they DO have goals, even if it’s only to distract and entertain while pickpockets work the crowd.

So before you decide anything, take a peek behind the curtain.


96 Responses

  1. WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is granted bail, will leave jail for country mansion

    A London judge rules that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can remain free while fighting extradition to Sweden on sex-crimes allegations, which Assange says are politically motivated. After posting $312,000 bail, Assange will surrender his passport, wear an electronic tag, be under curfew and report to police daily.

    • I would like the good stuff to come out, even if Pat Buchanan and I are on the same side on the wikileak issue. There have been times when Ron Paul and I were on the same side too.

      • I am generally in favor of openness and opposed to secrecy. But selective leaking can be as dangerous as secrecy.

        “The best way to lie is to tell the truth, but not all of it.” – Robert A. Heinlein

      • If Drudge is any indication, the Repubs have been loving wikileaks. They are all over it. I can see some rabid wingnuts cherry picking some stuff to rationalize bom-bing targets in Iran next year…or to give FISA another boost.

        • Regardless of the content, the fact that the leaks occured is an argument that the America-hating Democrats are willing to put the nation in danger. Add in a gay, Lady Gaga-loving private who’s a traitor and now you’ve got the old “gays are a security risk” trope back.

    • Tiger Beatdown:

      In other words: Never, ever believe the women who are accusing Assange of rape. Never, ever believe the allegations that he forcibly held a woman down and raped her, never, ever believe that he raped a woman while she was unconscious. “Regardless of his guilt or innocence” — and it’s clear that Moore has chosen to believe in his “innocence,” despite the fact that Assange’s working to avoid being tried for the crime — help him. Don’t believe anything you hear about the charges, don’t believe the official story, despite the fact that Assange’s people have been caught lying — it turns out there is no such crime as “sex by surprise” in Sweden as Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens alleged, it is not worth a fine of $715 because it doesn’t exist, and there is also no Swedish law against having sex with a broken condom; what is against the law in Sweden, it turns out, is rape, which is what Assange has been charged with — and a reasonable person might assume that they are the ones it’s unsafe to believe. Don’t believe them. The allegations are “strange.” (They sure did seem that way, when they were being inaccurately reported all over the place, thanks in part to misinformation spread by Assange’s defense.) Believe Michael Moore.

      • Never, ever believe the women who are accusing Assange of rape. Never, ever believe the allegations that he forcibly held a woman down and raped her, never, ever believe that he raped a woman while she was unconscious

        No one has said what you say. What we know is what the women have charged, and those charges can be true, could be illegal in Sweden. We don’t know, but I too believe that the charges are suspicious under the circumstances. Those of us who are watching the fight, and because of the circumstances want to see the process against Assange to be also open. That’s not what has happened. All those credit cards had no legal reason to stop providing their services to Assange. The Swiss banking service had no legal reason to freeze Assange’s money. What we’re seeing is what happens when an individual becomes the target of a powerful government. At least that much is open.

        The founding fathers understood the power of the state can be fierce and put protections against that power. Assange is not a beneficiary of the U.S. constitution, but we can look at those rights to judge whether a man is guilty or innocent before our eyes, and until Assange has defended himself properly against the charges, and found otherwise, I’ll presume his innocence.

        • Btw, an accused has the right to fight extradition. There’s no reason to believe a person is guilty because the accused refuses to answer questions (taking the 5th) or doing everything to avoid a trial. Anyone accused of a crime has certain rights and he/she must avail himself/herself to to take every single right. It’s part of the justice system process and not an indication of guilt.

  2. Good points. I hadn’t really thought about the timing of the leaks.

    • Instead, look at the timing of the sex crimes allegations.

      • The timing of the sex crime allegations was based on when the alleged sex crimes occurred.

        It may have been fortuitous for the government but the women made their complaints to the Swedish cops right after Assange had sex with them.

        • Well, you sound as though you think it is a slam dunk deal and he is guilty. I noticed that all the US magazine are referring to Julian Assange as the ‘Hacker’, not the WikiLeaks Editor and are repeating ‘Rape Assaults’ and ‘Rape Attacks’ when both women stated there was no violence???

          I won’t say Assange is innocent as a babes but (haven’t seen the evidence), but I will wait until the Swedish Government presents their evidence, the women testify (albeit one left the country) and the case concludes or some other development happens.

          So, myiq2xu, has Palin called off the Julian Assange Fatwa and is she pressing for Bush hearings on those missing WMDS, the missing Billions, the Iraq missing money…etc..?

          • Hearings on Bush, mssing WMDs, missing billions, and missing Iraq money is the crazy talk of liberals…..

            Which is why Pelosi doesn’t mention those subjects either….lol

          • There are forms of rape that do not involve violence and I’m shocked that you would assume that violence must be an element of the crime.

          • I am simply saying what is being said, and what was reported. NOW, if you have links to the documents, from the Swedish Government where it mentions ‘attacks’ and ‘assaults’ I am all eyes and ears. As far as I understood from the Swedish lawyer and from Assange’s lawyer is that they didn’t have the charges, nor the statements, and that he did go in, offer to be interviewed and then was told he could leave Sweden. Assange also was willing to be interviewed on the allegations and that didn’t happen.

            So, please provide the links to what is being reported on the news this evening. So, until they provide that, I can’t say guilty or not…which by the way is what myiq2xu is saying in the post.

            Now, if you want to tar and feather the guy, for the leaks, then say so, but and once we have a KillSwitch in place, you and me won’t be arguing at all.

            Yup, crazy talk to want an investigation, when all Ken Star did during the Clinton Administration was look under every rock trying to find wrong doing, rather than clearing the matter up and amen. Yup, the rules are always different when it is Republicans and Pelosi shouldn’t have said she was concerned when she really wasn’t.

          • Yup….When Pelosi took impeachment off the table it was clear there would be no serious investigations into anything. And how can they possibly decide to repeal the Patriot Act, protect the Constitution, and roll back the executive branch into the checks and balances system, if they can’t investigate Bush, a bogus war, and trumped up terrorism procedures?

            It is a stack of cards, all built on a false foundation, which keeps the war machine going even if we manage to get out of the real wars.

          • Voter Woman, I didn’t say anything about Assange’s guilt or innocence. My comment was in response to your lack of information about the crime of rape. There are forms of rape such as intercourse with an unconscious person which does not involve violence. Those acts are accurately referred to as acts of sexual assault or sexual attacks.

          • Edit: “which do not involve”

          • Last year I read John Perkins book, Confession of economic hit man, and he mentions that he was set up by a woman. My point is that this could the situation, I don’t know the facts, and I don’t know the condon vs. rape attacks in Sweden.

            The more and more I hear and read, the more and more I am left wondering, its’ very confusing.

  3. You have valid points. The red flag is he isn’t being treated like an alleged rapist. He’s being treated … well, like something else.

  4. Somethin’ is rotten in Denmark… but who the players are IS certainly a mystery.

    My money is on neocons… I was so struck when this all broke with the thought, “someone wants a war with Iran”.

    • I, too, smell a rat.
      The Pentagon Papers exposed warmongers who, while executing a war (badly) were lying to the American people about the real costs, casualties, and motives.
      These cable leaks are targeting diplomats who are working their heads off to prevent warfare and so are escalating tensions around the world.
      In my mind, they are not analgous at all.

      • remember in the movie conspiracy theory, crazy mel was connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated news events? i am disturbed by the timing of holbrooke’s death, coincidental with all the wikileaks furor, and hints of afghanistan debacle/victory. cue the twilight zone music.

    • Yup. That’s my thought too. Iran.

      • Check out Tarpley’s analysis on Assange and Wikileaks. Interesting comments about Iran, Soros, etc.


    • Yup, something doesn’t smell right and my first thought was Iran also.

      But I have to admit this time around it seems like the dog and pony show is trying to work overtime for some pretty tame reveals. So the thought that Assange actually works for the US and this is all to build his cred keeps running through my head.

  5. I don’t agree that Greenwald and Moore are engaging in hero-worship.

    The hysteria on this issue is just amazing. Wikileaks is not a new organization; Assange, et. al., have been running it for a while. They publish leaked documents. This is known as freedom of the press.

    Docudump about the US occurs. US decides publishing leaked documents should be illegal and treasonous even for non-citizens. Hate-fest ensues. Suddenly, Assange is charged with – spin wheel – a sex crime in – spin again – Sweden. Everyone knows what sticklers the Swedes are about sex crimes! Not. Then the Swedes drop the charges; then they change what the allegation is and charges are reinstated.

    Followed by – Assange flees! No – he turns himself in to police in the UK and offers to talk to the Swedish.

    Let’s remember – he’s not guilty of anything yet and his accusers have changed their stories at least once. Also, there’s heavy pressure on Sweden to extradite Assange to the US if he’s sent there. I’ve yet to hear any reasonable explanation for that.

    Meanwhile, completely ignored, even here, is what’s been slowly (and carefully) leaking from Wikileaks.

    So – net out for me again how any of the above equates to anarchist gloryhound?

    • Being an anarchist gloryhound and leaking worthwhile information are not mutually exclusive. I care much less about the man than his product.

    • It’s my understanding that the original investigator refused to file charges – not that the accusers changed their stories. Knowing how often that happens in the US, I’m not surprised that it happened in Sweden.
      The accused then hired an attorney to press their case with officials. I only wish that every victim of sexual assault had the wherewithal to do so.

  6. Julian Assange = Lee Harvey Oswald.

    A patsy.

  7. Don’t agree.
    On this, both Greenwald and Moore see the blatant deprivation of human rights of someone. I happen to agree.
    But sorry if I can’t lose sleep over it as I am trying to figure how I am going to survive Obama cutting my social security – come SOTU

    • We rarely lose sleep over abuse of power when others are the victims of state abuse because we never believe we’ll be in a similar situation.

      I think the diplomatic cable dump eclipsed the more important disclosure of the two wars in the Middle East, and it’s too bad.

    • OK, it’s just the rule for voting – but if this doesn’t get voted, the tax cuts can’t come to a vote either.
      For some Ds this is the last vote of their career – they might not want to take a dive to “save Obama’s presidency”

      • Most of those who are out of congress are blue dogs, so, their leaning is to vote for the measure to prove that they can make good lobbyists. It might well be their ticket to a great paying job for doing nothing but licking boots, something they like to do.

        I think the liberal congressmen have difficulty running in 2012 and pretend that they are “for the people”. They can see the ads: “He/She voted to give the rich Wal-Mart family billions of $” from the GOP who wanted the bill.

  8. I had a first hand look at a sexual assault case yesterday, as a member of the jury. There was something “fishy” about the “States” case and the defendant had a idiot for an atty. Ended in “hung jury” and mis-trial. Interesting that it was the two woman and me who thought that something was not quite right with the case.

    • I think those kind of accusations are hard to prove and difficult for women who are raped, but not difficult for someone who uses the accusation for personal reasons. It’s a tough crime to deal with in the courts.

      Good job. I’m glad you looked at the evidence and if it wasn’t strong, you did the right thing. In rape cases it is often the word of one person against another. I would decide for the defense if it’s not clear enough. It’s the right thing to do, but sometimes, the criminals commit another crime, and one feels bad. One must accept the limitation of judging the evidence.

      • Fortunately, it wasn’t “rape” but alleged forced groping by 60+ yo State employee of a “client”. So unlikely, even if guilty, a dangerous predator wasn’t returned to the street.

        The “hard evidence” was e-mails that, as presented by the State, made a guilty verdict almost a sure thing. The e-mails, however, were not sequential and there were large gaps. The State had no police or forensics persons on the stand who could be questioned about the “missing” e-mails. etc. etc.

        It was also interesting the the prosecution didn’t remove the physician and lawyer from the jury at voir dire. (bad move)

        • I think that groping is an awful invasion into the body, but it should not be seen in the same light as what most of us see as rape. Most people don’t make a criminal case of being groped, and men do it less than women. That’s unfortunate because it’s abuse. If I want groping, I’ll pay for it: I’ll buy an airfare. 🙂

        • Again, I’m shocked at the attitude of a poster on this board. I expect people here to be more informed. The “groping” of a disabled person is a terrible invasion of one’s body and privacy.
          Sex offenders do tend to be serial actors and this person, if guilty, probably has done it before and will do it again.
          Jurors who watch too much CSI are the bane of the justice system. Few cases are slam dunks or involve experts which are very expensive.

          • I’m not shocked by the atitude. Why should a disabled person be off limits to a groper? A serial groper doesn’t care.
            On the other hand, are disabled persons asexual? Let’s say the groper looked like Matt Damon ( the Invictus version, not The Informant!) version. Suppose he was polite and friendly all night and reciprocated drink buying activities all night? Should he pass on a grope because the gropee is disabled?
            Just sayin’. Not all gropes are unwanted and not all disabled people are nuns.
            What makes me question the veracity of the accusations is the timing. They popped up out of nowhere the week that assange released the war leaks. I’m not sticking up for assange. If what he did is a crime in Sweden, then he should be tried by a jury and let the truth come out. But I’m not going to automatically assume that he is guilty of anything, serial groping or not, until the case has been proven and can be shown to not be motivated by the desire to discredit him.
            He’s no more or less than any other accused.
            Although, I would caution people to not jump to conclusions. I remember the daycare sex scandals of the late 80s that ruined people’s lives. False accusations, especially when coerced are just as bad as the deed itself. It’s your name, it’s the only one you have, you cannot have another.

      • Huh? I’m gonna guess you’re a man Dario. 🙂

  9. Julian Assange is no Alexander Litvinenko.

    • I would hope not.

      • With his affinity for the press, he’s more like Vladimir Putin.

        • Then the state will have a heck of a time trying to frame him. That’s good. Any accusation should be clear and valid.

        • Let’s be clear, the state is using every non-legal recourse against Assange, including the shutting down of his financial/economic participation in the system, as well as the media. It’s a good thing he can use the media to his advantage too. It sort of evens it out. In cases when a state fights an individual, the resources are stacked against the accused, hence every accused should be given every right to defend himself.

  10. Great post! I don’t understand the rush to canonize this guy. Further, obviously I don’t argue against someone leaking an important story, but in this case we have an information dump, which consist mostly of gossip between diplomats. I don’t think that’s a good thing. I think it will lead to diplomats sanitizing what they say to each other.

  11. I think it will lead to diplomats sanitizing what they say to each other.

    I doubt it. I think the government will redouble its secrecy to ensure nothing leaks, except their own leaks, like the Plame affair. Also, the leaks were not just diplomatic cables. Before those leaks were done, there was a huge dump regarding the two Middle East wars.

    Support for someone is very far from “canonizing”. What I read, and I certainly echo that view, is that the U.S. government has used every non-legal recourse to make Assange a villain and a criminal. That’s not how the system is supposed to work. If there’s a crime, then by all means, use all the resources of the justice system to bring Assange to face the charges. Cutting someone off from the economic system, such as using credit cards and freezing assets without even filing a complaint is abuse of powers. It’s a good thing that Assange is able to use the U.K. system to defend himself.

    • Senator Joe Lieberman and Congressman Allen West will install a KillSwitch for the Internet and censor the press all to PROTECT US.

      Some of our children, don’t know a time when we weren’t in WAR(s) and that is the saddest part of this whole mess. No one is talking about the loss of life, the lack of progress and that we are going broke and cutting ALL SOCIAL PROGRAMS to fund the WARS.

      If they want to continue the WARS than pass a WAR TAX and tax the RICH DOUBLE.

    • How much of this was voluntary leaking, how much was facilitated leaking and hacking. Either way, government is going to clam up, transparency will get worse not better. The Assange following reminds me a bit of Obamania and the Nadar following. It has a cultish quality which makes be more skeptical than I might be normally.

      On Greenwald and Moore, if they care so much about civil or human rights of individuals like Assange and Manning, maybe they could care a little more about Sudan (near where I grew up) where a million plus Mus-lims continued to be slaughtered. More are dying faster there than anywhere in the world.

      Or how about the inhumane treatment of women in so many regions of the world. Isn’t that a human rights issue too. What motivates Greenwald or Moore to cherry pick their particular causes. Is it personal or professional.

  12. I thought Congressman Conyers was very insightful in pointing out the function that Whistleblowers serve, without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  13. Dodgy rape accusations have been used as a political weapon before.


  14. In the BIG picture, I figure that if Governments can eavesdrop w/o warrant and can search body and property with the mere purchase of an airplane ticket, then turn about is fair play.
    Level the playing field.
    It’s only fair that the internet works both ways.
    If they can spy, they can be spied upon.

    More openness and truth is a good thing.

    We could use more investigative journalism, not less.

  15. I find it amusing that the people defending Assange’s rape accusations and incarceration are Obots and sexist Clinton hating Naderites a la the ones that you often find trolling at Correntewire.

    I am also disappointed in Arthur Silber for defending this asswipe after writing extensively on feminism and violence against women. I guess even for progressive men like Silber and Greenwald, there are men who are allowed to rape women and get away with it as long as they are leaking government documents.

    • He’s been accused, so he must be guilty, eh?

      Burn the witch! (er, warlock) 🙄

      • Woody, due process must mean, some good wood and matches…never mind the trial. I saw a tweet that Rivera called him a pedophile, but I couldn’t find a story about it.

        Odd thing is no one is talking about the 15,000 deaths that were counted but not reported. I personally think I can’t support these endless WARS, with no questioning about what it is that we are trying to accomplish there. Is there a plan? Why are we in WARS, yet no one talks about them?

  16. Going out on a limb here: FWIW, I do think is genuine. He’s an idealist with a mission. He’s not afraid to be unpopular. I doubt that he has a conservative bone in his body. But he’s also a useful idiot. Maybe he knows he’s being used and he doesn’t care. Maybe he’s trying to start a fire.
    But it’s going to keep getting blown out unless he does something really radical like hack into all MERS computers and change all of the notes so that I own all the mortgages in the country.
    He’s got to make it personal.
    As for the sex charges, I don’t really know what to think. I don’t know if I’d call it rape but there depose seem to be an element of coercion. Still, I find the timing of the charges to be hinky. It’s just too conveeeeeenient.

    • Assange isn’t a hacker, he’s an aggregator. And if he told that private what to get from government computers he’s guilty of espionage.

      Assange is nothing special. Anyone with a server can do the same thing.

    • Exactly. The timing really stinks to me.

      I am disappointed in how many otherwise sensible people seem to be regarding mere accusation as proof of guilt here.

      If the sexual assault charges against Assange prove to be spurious–and my admittedly uneducated guess is that they will prove spurious–then it will show that the hired manipulators working for the Malefactors Of Great Wealth knew exactly what crime to accuse Assange of in order to split the Left, and turn a portion of it against him.

      Really, when did some of you people start trusting our misruling class and its lackeys so much? 🙄

      • Amen.

      • for pity’s sake, who is trusting the misruling class? Assange is accused of sexual assault, and all Leftblogistan leaps to his defense, gives credibility to the serial spin of his freakin’ defense lawyers, writes screeds attacking the accusers, dismisses sexual assault as consequential, and all that while concern-trolling about the low conviction rates for sexual assault in Sweden.

        As any of them have had the least thought about the seriousness of sexual assault ever. It already doesn’t matter what happens in Swedish court, because “progressives” have already proclaimed him hero. Rape to them is only a serious crime in abstract. There’s always a hero whose work is far too important to be sullied by women.

        This whole thing reminds me way more of the reaction to Polanski than it does the Pentagon Papers.

        • “Assange is accused of sexual assault…”

          Exactly. Accused. NOT convicted.

          Again, Big Dawg was accused of that, too.

          Shall we consider accusation to be proof of guilt?

    • This whole discussion has left me nervous. I believe the abuse that women suffer. I also support the concept of what Wikileaks is doing.

      Isn’t that what the “plan” might be? I mean, The Big Dawg was s t u p i d and it was hard to “defend” him. On the other hand, the timing of all of the charges against him was just a little too convenient.

      This is a moral quandary in my mind. And I don’t know which side to side with.

      Classic divide and conquer

      • Amen to THAT, Marsha.

        I can’t remember his name, but IIRC, some guy who was blowing the whistle on the Chimperialists’ false case against Iraq back in the Chimperial Administration got accused of possessing child pr0n or something like that, but he was never actually prosecuted.

        This smells like that case to me.

        If the misruling class can put Assange behind bars, they’ll call that a nice bonus, but I think the misrulers’ real goal is simply to discredit him.

      • It is quite possible that Assange could be doing an heroic thing in one area of his life and still be a sexual predator.

        • I’m going to need better proof than I’ve seen so far before I accept him as a predator.

          • Don’t count on physical evidence. It’s an “he-said/she-said” case and you’re not going to get a teevee-style resolution.
            For the record, I did not say that Asssange was a predator. I was responding to a poster who implied that someone can’t be honorable in one area of his life and a slime in another.

  17. Something tells me WikiL is just getting started.
    Earlier leaks were the Climate Change emails, which Assange said were badly misinterpreted for convenience. ( To try to discredit the scientists). Then came the war leaks. We already knew most of this stuff, they all said.
    Now the diplomatic cables and a bit more embarrassment.
    Anonymous hacking PayPal, Amazon and all was a low level hacking . Next retaliation just might be more sophisticated.
    I think we are seeing a Shakespearean drama unfold and we are in the early part of act one.
    I am enthralled.

  18. I’m not joining the wikilynchmob. I don’t buy the argument the objectives are to discredit Hillary, Obama, or whoever. Those kinds of leaks tend to be very focused and specific, whereas this is a broad barrage that leaves nobody unscathed. Too much collateral damage.

    In the meantime, the Obama Admin is testing out some interesting legal theories to go after Assange. If that works, nobody will be safe. And as soon as this blog annoys someone influential, they’ll come for you too. Say hello to Bradley Manning for me when they do.

  19. I still say that it was Crapware Cyber-Security program that some republican congress member had a stake in that was foisted on the DOD and the State Department during the Bush years.

  20. I’m not shocked by the atitude.
    My attitude?? If so, I reject the idea that accusation is equivalent to guilt. I went into the jury room with the presumption that the accused was innocent until the State proved otherwise beyond reasonable doubt. ( reasonable not any doubt) I and the two women who didn’t vote for conviction felt that the State did not meet this standard. In addition we felt that evidence that may have favored the defense, might have been with-held.

    • In addition we felt that evidence that may have favored the defense, might have been with-
      It’s your legal obligation to make your decision based on the evidence presented and only on that evidence.

      Additionally, I don’t believe that anyone stated that accusation equals guilt. What I was saying was that all accusations should be given the same weight as a presumption of innocence for the accused until the case is adjudicated.

      • I thought “presumption of innocence” meant the prosecution had to prove guilt, not that the jury should put the prosecution on an equal footing with the defense. Equal footing would mean “presuming neither guilt nor innocence”, or so I would think.

        • The presumption of innocence in a trial does not equate to the presumption that the accuser is a liar.

  21. Here’s the best attempt to explain the sex accusations against Assange & how shady all of this is. And it’s from Glenn F’ing Beck, of all people.


  22. Here’s what we do:

    We get a large pair of scales, put Assange on one pan, and the AFLAC duck on the other pan. If Assange prove to weigh no more than the duck,
    then he is a r@pi$t, and so we may burn him. 😈

    • Jokes about rape are not amusing.

      • I was joking about railroading whistleblowers with spurious rape charges, not about rape.

        Again, the psy-ops pros who serve The Owners knew exactly what button to push.

        • So, without evidence, you’ve decided that the charges are spurious.
          I’ll know to disregard your “liberal” opinions in the future.

          • I’ll know to disregard all of your opinions in the future. 😈

            The psy-ops pros who serve The Owners caught you hook, line, and sinker. Enjoy flopping and gasping in the boat. 😛

          • Oh, and I wasn’t aware that my credentials as a “liberal” depended on my willingness to join politically correct lynch mobs. I kinda thought lynch mobs of any sort were illiberal by definition.

          • An open mind is a prerequisite for being a liberal. I’m proud to have one.

            I hope that you’re never in a position of having to offer support to a woman or girl who has been sexually assaulted.

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