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Tuesday: Dash Away All!

Your American Dream, that is.

I’m running late so I’ll keep this short…

In the News:

Mike Bloomberg who is richer than Jesus, thinks he can buy his way to the presidency with his new schtick, No Labels.  As if we need yet another centrist group teaching us how to speak softly to Republicans.

A federal judge in Virginia thinks it is unconstitutional to force people to buy bad health insurance policies from private parasites insurance companies.  This may be the first and last time we may agree with a conservative Republican about anything.

The Senate voted for cloture on the tax bill that they’re going to stick us with while further undermining the social safety net.  Sanders, Leahy, Brown, Hagan, Voinovich, Lautenberg and Gillibrand were among those who voted No on cloture.  Reward good behavior.  Send them a note of thanks.

Bernie Sanders had this to say on the Obama-McConnell Deficit Increase and Social Safety Net Destruction Plan:

“It makes no sense to me to provide huge tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires while we drive up the national debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay. I further object strenuously to the lowering of rates on the estate tax, which only benefits the top 0.3 percent, the very, very wealthiest people in this country. I also am concerned about a significant precedent which diverts $112 billion in payroll taxes away from the Social Security trust fund. Our goal now must be to strengthen Social Security, not weaken it. Of course we must extend unemployment benefits and the tax breaks that the middle class desperately needs, but in my view we could have and should have negotiated a much stronger agreement.”

No, it doesn’t make any sense but they’re going to do it anyway.  Well, what did the Obamabots expect when they allowed 1800000 voters to be thrown under the bus by Obama and the DNC and they never raised a peep?

Richard Holbrooke, special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, died at the age of 69 yesterday after suffering a tear to his aorta.  He was a very well respected diplomat and an important part of Hillary’s team.  RIP.

If you are convinced that Liberals and Conservatives look at the world differently, it looks like you might be right.  In a new study from researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it has been shown that those identifying with the liberal side of the spectrum were more likely to track the eye movements of another person than conservatives.  The researchers postulate that conservatives are less persuadable by the feelings of others than liberals.  But this is Nebraska we’re talking about so you have to wonder what the researchers are planning to do with this information…

And now, guys en pointe.  I didn’t think the description of this would work but by golly it does.  This is the Waltz of the Flowers from a very updated version of The Nutcracker, A Hard Nut, now playing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  Who says guys can’t be beautiful snowflakes too?

53 Responses

  1. Dashed …Hope&Change … on the shores of Obamaland.
    Obama was marketed like a box of soap flakes and the O-bots ate it up with a swoon.
    Will 2012 have a choice of the lesser of two evils?
    I really can’t see how any republican could do worse than Obama when it comes to Liberal policy.

  2. Michelle Obama, after the new Food Bill passed and was signed by The One, speaking about the bill’s importance managing the food children eat:

    “We can’t just leave it to the parents.”


  3. Today is Howdie DUdie time – and they get better and better as the awakening gets ruder

  4. I’m not aware of one major vote Gillibrand has cast in the Senate that has diverged from Hillary’s view on issues. I’ll take this vote as an indication as well.

    • She’s one to watch.

    • Gillibrand was my District Rep and she is the real deal. She has voted against party lines before, based on shrewd intelligence and an actual backbone. She will only get better with seniority. She was raised at her grandmother’s knee, stuffing envelopes for political campaigns in Albany–it’s in her blood. She has HRC’s passion and work ethic. Definitely one to watch.

      Gillibrand Sets Separate Path

      Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Monday voted against a tax-cut package hammered out by President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans, and in doing so she broke not just from her party leader, but from New York’s senior senator, Charles Schumer.

      She said she opposed the deal because, “right now, we need to focus on the middle class, who are always left behind, not the people at the very top, who are doing just fine in this economy.”

      Monday’s test vote is not the final word on the package, but showed it is likely to pass later this week.

      “This kind of fiscal recklessness,” Ms. Gillibrand said in her statement, “is bad for our economy and bad for our future generations.”


    • Not sure what’s going on with my log in these days, but I get eaten by Spammy almost every single time I comment. Suggestions?

  5. So what I’m getting from that Nebraska eye movement study is that Conservatives are more autonomous, at least as far as eye movements are concerned, and Liberals are more responsive and influenced by others.

    • And more empathetic.
      Liberals are people with a lot of empathy.
      Conservatives are people with much less empathy
      The biggest oxymoron of all: compassionate conservative.

      • Nah. Sorry, but there is just no evidence that liberals are more compassionate than conservatives.

        Don’t mistake what they think the proper role of govt should be, with what they think individuals should do. Conservatives actually give about 30% more to charity and donate more blood than liberals, among other things. And I’ve not personally found them less empathetic at all.

    • I enjoyed all of the side bar articles about other studies showing innate attributes that affect political positions. Although one did mention birth order:

      Conservatives: Are more likely to be a first-born, who identify more with their parents, predisposing them to a greater investment in authority and a preference for conservatism.


      I’m so liberal I have found myself trying to find out where my cat is gazing. When I don’t see anything, I look at him to see if there’s any hint of “made you look.” No, he truly has no sense of humor.

  6. Dear Three Wickets,

    Did you see President Clinton’s email from last Friday? You can enter to have a chance to spend a day with President Clinton in New York. If you win, we’ll fly you and a friend to the Big Apple.

    Click here to contribute today and be automatically entered to win.

    Hillary’s debt is almost paid off, and I wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity to go to New York and see President Clinton, so enter today! Good luck!

    Hillary Clinton for President

    What’s up with that sign off.

  7. richer than Jesus… 🙂 you made me laugh…

  8. In other news…..

    Yahoo is set to layoff 700+ employees.

    Whatever will these members of the “creative class” do now that they will be in the unemployment lines?

    Will they continue to shout ” we are the ones we have been waiting for!”. I have my doubts, now that the new tax bill doesn’t include an extension of Cobra and cuts 2.2 billion from food stamps. Does anyone know of a soup kitchen giving out arugala?

    • Cobra is the most expensive option for those who can obtain other insurance (i.e., those whose premiums are pure profit). Those who are “laid off” should shop around.

      • I agree. My response is just general snark directed ast these specific “creative class” types who said it was going to be Skittles and Unicorns with Obama. As, you reference Cobra expense, the fantasy and the reality are two different things

  9. Assange makes 250 £ bail, but maybe not for long:

    BBCWorld BBC Global News
    by YoshidaSuzuka
    #WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to remain in jail for at least 48 hours after prosecutors filed appeal against his release on bail

  10. ITN News| US diplomat Richard Holbrooke dies (Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton offers her condolence on his passing and praised his work.)

  11. Guys en pointe dancing like snowflakes – just bad. There’s no reason to call something good just because it’s non-traditional. This is not innovative, interesting or beautiful. It’s clumsy, derivative, and constrained. If that’s what the choreographer intended, then good job. But I don’t think that’s what was intended. It just doesn’t work. Bad art is bad art.

    • Tend to agree. I respect the Brooklyn Academy of Music for trying to pushing the envelope, but they usually like doing it by reinterpreting traditional art forms. Sometimes they go a bit further and reinvent, which is what is going on with this Nutcracker imo. They rarely if ever reject and define something completely new and original, at least that I’ve seen. I say if you’re interested in creating something original, go all the way and be radical about it, start from scratch.

      • Was it intended as humor? If so, that has been done before, the Ballet Trocadero w/guys doing, among other things, the Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake.

        It was a hoot.

        • Maybe light humor. Guess I should see the entire performance. If it was done in part to challenge the traditional gender roles portrayed in classical ballet, I’d find that more interesting I guess. 🙂

    • They dance well. But wouldn’t it have been more innovative to have the male dancers as snowflakes, but dancing in traditional male style and costume? The snowflakes could even have been leaping, swirling — more like a snowstorm than a gentle snow fall.

      It is bad enough that women ballerinas have to dance en pointe — very hard on the body. With the men’s extra weight, it must be brutal.


    • Bad art is bad art.

      Not liking certain art doesn’t make it “bad art”. Art must be judged over many years. There are two scenarios: In the first scenario, the art doesn’t endure, hence it’s gone. In the second, it endures, then it’s good because it touches certain people. I’m not fond of Baroque, but because it touches and is liked by many, it’s good art.

      • Kant on aesthetics talks about the “subjective universal”…that it’s a matter of taste whether something is sublime or beautiful, but that such taste results from one’s overall capacity for physical and sensory experience and even for moral transcendence…suggesting a shared and universal standard which is ultimately objective. You either get it or you don’t. On the other hand, if one is simply observing that a piece of music or work of art is nice or pleasant or fun, that’s closer to what Kant would describe as purely subjective judgement based on agreeable-ness…a question of casual preference or inclination. Personal, but not necessarily deep.

        That said, most art that was considered sublime in Kant’s time was probably religious and/or commissioned by the creative class of his day.

    • Ahem. When I was an adolescent, I spent my babysitting money on tickets to Saratoga Performing Arts Center to watch the NYCB train for the upcoming season. I’ve seen every Ballanchine-Robbins ballet every choreographed including The Nutcracker.
      Does this version meet the Ballanchine standards? Um, no. The footwork of a Ballanchine ballet is unsurpassed in technical bravado. Is this choreography as forceful and edgy as Robbins Slaughter on 10th Avenue? No. The Hard Nut is a quirky version of The Nutcracker. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. I was surprised to see men en pointe. But they aren’t doing anything really demanding. it’s just *interesting*.
      As for the choreography, I kinda like it. It doesn’t have the precision of the typical Waltz of the Snowflakes but that’s OK. Snowflakes don’t fall in formation. I like the slight irregularity and imperfections in this performance. It’s fun to watch.

  12. Love your description of No Limits…you really have to wonder about the elite these days. Thay are so out of touch with the rest of us.

  13. Great round up, RD!

    Our only hope on the tax cut giveway to the rich is to contact your House members. This is actually a place where we could make common cause with Teaparty members. (I know, but we need allies on this — how can we gain their attention and support? The ordinary members know there have been too many giveaways to the rich and powerful)

    Tell your House members that it is time for the well-off and particularly the rich in this country to shoulder a very modest increase in the tax burden for the good of the nation. If House members vote for this debacle, assure them that the country will be in much worse shape in 2012 and that if they vote for this, it will be like the healthcare vote: they will be tossed out in a “throw the bums out” sweep.

    It is time to stand up for ordinary Americans. Finally.


  14. RT: Firedoglake |Reid Urging Lieberman to Run in 2012 http://fdl.me/eNUOnB

    Maybe Reid needs to declare he is in Joe Lieberman’s party, because they will do anything to keep these WARS going and going and making the country go broke, while killing the Public Option.

    Maybe Obama can be his VP.

    • Reid should be Lieberman’s VP.

    • oh, good grief!

      How OLD is Lieberman?

      And what are those guys drinkin’ up on the Hill?

      • It’s unlikely to happen. He’s not popular enough to win the Democratic nomination and it’s unlikely he could run as an independent. Bloomberg could. He could be the first Jewish president. I wouldn’t like it much but it could happen. And it Bloomberg ran, he’s sew up the centrist bloc, leaving Lieberman, what, exactly? Would Bloomberg want Lieberman as his running mate? On a personal level, I think they get along just fine. But on a practical level, that would be two Jewish top executives from the New York Metropolitan area. Nah Gah Happen.
        So, despite Lieberman’s megalomania, which far surpasses his personal charm or abilities, I think he will finish his days as a Senator.
        My condolences to Connecticut.

        • Connecticut votes for him.

          Kos had a lot of passion over Ned Lamont, but it doesn’t seem like they had much of a plan of action back in 2006. With such a weak Republican voting base, they chose Lieberman over the Democratic nominee.

          If he can pull off passing the DADT repeal, he might get the Democratic nomination.

        • He’ll run as an Independent in 2012 and win another term. No way he’s running for Potus.

  15. I am still wondering what is up with the marine top brass that they think gay marines “are a distraction”. If women were an actual distraction then gays should not be a distraction at all unless the top brass in the marine corp are just a bunch of perverts.

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