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A one-way ticket to Palookaville

Not too shabby (read the whole thing… it’s pretty cool):  Tom in Paine


It wasn’t the Republicans, Barrack It was you! You remember that night in on the senate floor you came down to the cloak room and said: ‘Kids, this ain’t your night. We’re going for the price on the insurance companies and bankers.’ You remember that? ‘This ain’t your night!’ Our night! We couldda passed a public option and real financial reform and taken the health insurance companies and bankers apart! So what happens? They get the billions and a ball park with their name on it – and whadda we get? A one-way ticket to Palookaville.

37 Responses

  1. Cool. But, just like the movie — depressing.

  2. Cool post. He;s right. Once on a lifetime chance for congress, sold away for lobby money.

  3. Tom nailed it. Good writing.

    Anybody catch Keith Oberman a couple days ago call out Obama? I think I saw spit fly. Too bad he didn’t see all that spinelessness 2 and a half years ago when we saw it.
    ( I know… that Keith)

    • No, but I saw 0 voting friends talk about how disappointed they are in “their president.” Finally.

      The thing that bums me out the most is that there is all this talk about challenging 0 in the primary, but the fact is he cheated last time, and he’ll cheat again.

      So to me, he just has to go. No second running. He has to be convinced to step aside and who is going to do that??

    • Catching Olberman will never happen again in my lifetime. Sexist slob.

      He couldn’t see Obama’s flaws because he was incapable of seeing reality through his blinding hatred for Hillary.

      Should I ever inadvertently hit the MSNBC channel while his face is on screen, I’ll scroll on by. Couldn’t care one bit that he has come to see the truth of Teh One.

      • Yes, his visage is sadder than Obama’s to encounter. Must have had bigger mommy and gf issues a than you know who.

  4. it ain’t so hot here in Palookaville:eek:

  5. Just read the Tom in Paine post, it’s great. He’s a very good writer. I felt like copying it and posting at my church (otherwise known as 0ville) and all over town. Thanks for linking to it.

    • Marc’s post before this one is really spot on also.

    • It was a great read. And so well written and so much truth. It was upsetting to see everything laid out so well. One knew the last election was our last chance. And all that could have been, given away for a few sticks of gum which will be chewed up and spit out before the sun goes down shortly. Shame on all who were complicit or stupid.

  6. Great read. Thanks for the pointer, KB. I really like that name and am thinking about changing my screen name to Sanctimonious Purist.

  7. Just trying it on…whaddya think?

  8. I hate to say it folks, but I think people will cave again. Remember how difficult during the last election to either not vote for a dem president? We are two years beyond that and we know how easy it was. The Obots will freak out and scare themselves silly with the ghost of George W, run around in circles, and one by one, mark my words, the Olbermans and Tweetys out there will similary cave and support Obama again. I doubt that there will be a serious Dem contender. There may be some interesting Independents (formerly known as dems) that might come forward. Seen the info on the people identifying as the “No Labels?”

    • Don’t forget that Tweety was thrilled as a teenager with JFK, but fell harder for Nixon. He was a big shrill for Shrub over Gore and even wore Bush II buttons.

      It was his wife who was the big Hill fan.

      I doubt it will take much for him to repatriate to his real party.

  9. Sorry, left some words out. Meant to say how hard it was originally it was not to vote for a dem for Pres, but two years later, how really easy it was in retrospect.

    • I voted for my first Repub in the primary, but voted for someone who at least had convictions and didn’t get in the primaries.

      • erratum–voted for my first Republican candidate in the “general.” Am now proudly “decline to state” and will never vote for O, even if he is running against Atilla the Hun. Won’t vote.

      • erratum 2: “who didn’t cheat in the primary”

  10. Je repete:

    Which public option? The academic proposal from Jacob Hacker (the bang, 40 million enrolles and Medicare-like?) or the PO that ended up covering 9 million (the whimper) and was unceremoniously dropped.

    There was no there there.

    The so-called public option was a successful bait and switch operation, run against single payer, by headline “progressives” that you wouldn’t ordinarily trust as far as you could throw a grand piano. We only defeat ourselves by reinforcing it.

    It’s really time for us to stop mourning the so-called public option. You can’t lose what you never had, but you also can’t lose what never was!

    • I noticed this

      And when he says the public option would have affected maybe 2 million people he is lying again.

      Because I think that actually WASN’T a lie.

      But, I still liked the post. We coulda done a lot better.

  11. OOps. I’ll shut up now about no labels. I just saw the previous thread. Sorry. Jumped the gun. 🙂

    • I actually don’t think Bloomberg or Palin will end up running. They are pace setters. What’s interesting though is that were Palin to run, one of the few scenarios where she might have a realistic shot is where an “Independent” like Bloomberg peels away electoral votes in some key coastal blue states.

  12. ATTENTION: not from ONION:

    On Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed an executive order establishing the White House Council for Community Solutions, and Bon Jovi appears as one of the individuals appointed to the group.

    “The Council will provide advice to the President on the best ways to mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and government to work more effectively together to solve specific community needs,” states the release.

    • That’s hysterical. BO is becoming a caricature of his own caricature. Bon Jovi is a nice guy and a pretty good actor in addition to his musical talents. He’s also one of those guys who’ll jump into any cause related promotion that comes along without blinking or caring about authenticity. So he’ll fit right in here.

      • What happens if JBJ becomes disillusioned with The Lightworker?

        A BAD NAME

  13. “. . . the new “best and brightest” of the Obama generation will unleash a new cycle of activism, reform and fresh thinking . . .”
    -Tom Hayden

    Tom Hayden: An Endorsement of the Movement Barack Obama Leads
    January 2008:
    . . . today I see across the generational divide the spirit, excitement, energy and creativity of a new generation bidding to displace the old ways. Obama’s moment is their moment, and I pray that they succeed without the sufferings and betrayals my generation went through. There really is no comparison between the Obama generation and those who would come to power with Hillary Clinton, and I suspect she knows it. The people she would take into her administration may have been reformers and idealists in their youth, but they seem to seek now a return to their establishment positions of power. They are the sorts of people young Hillary Clinton herself would have scorned at Wellesley. If history is any guide, the new “best and brightest” of the Obama generation will unleash a new cycle of activism, reform and fresh thinking before they follow pragmatism to its dead end. 
    -Tom Hayden
    Congratulations on being (to use Lambert’s phrase)

  14. Dang iPhone – prematurely correct
    The “historic candidate” is an epic failure. Once again the hubris of the “best and brightest” has led us to disaster.
    Once again they are smugly confident it’s not their fault.


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