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It’s cuz he’s black

Ishmael Reed explains:

What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama

NOT all of my white teachers viewed me as a discipline problem. To the annoyance of my fellow students, one teacher selected me regularly to lead assembly programs. A high school teacher insisted that I learn about the theater. She was an America-firster who supplied me with right-wing pamphlets and magazines that I’d read at breakfast and she didn’t seem bothered by my returning them with some of the pages stuck together with syrup.

But most of them did see me as an annoyance, and gave me the grades to prove it.

I’ve been thinking recently of all those D’s for deportment on my report cards.


And I’ve thought about them as I’ve listened in the last week to progressives criticize President Obama for keeping his cool.

Progressives have been urging the president to “man up” in the face of the Republicans. Some want him to be like John Wayne. On horseback. Slapping people left and right.

One progressive commentator played an excerpt from a Harry Truman speech during which Truman screamed about the Republican Party to great applause. He recommended this style to Mr. Obama. If President Obama behaved that way, he’d be dismissed as an angry black militant with a deep hatred of white people. His grade would go from a B- to a D.

What the progressives forget is that black intellectuals have been called “paranoid,” “bitter,” “rowdy,” “angry,” “bullies,” and accused of tirades and diatribes for more than 100 years. Very few of them would have been given a grade above D from most of my teachers.

When these progressives refer to themselves as Mr. Obama’s base, all they see is themselves. They ignore polls showing steadfast support for the president among blacks and Latinos. And now they are whispering about a primary challenge against the president. Brilliant! The kind of suicidal gesture that destroyed Jimmy Carter — and a way to lose the black vote forever.

Unlike white progressives, blacks and Latinos are not used to getting it all. They know how it feels to be unemployed and unable to buy your children Christmas presents. They know when not to shout. The president, the coolest man in the room, who worked among the unemployed in Chicago, knows too.

According to his bio on Wikipedia:

Reed was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but grew up in Buffalo, New York, where he attended the University of Buffalo, a private university that became part of the state public university system after he left. The university awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1995. He moved to New York City in 1962 and co-founded with the late Walter Bowart the East Village Other, a well-known underground publication. He was also a member of the Umbra Writers Workshop, an organization that helped establish the Black Arts Movement and promoted a Black Aesthetic.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Mr. Reed had a close up view of the Civil Rights Movement. Not to belittle his point of view or take anything away from his life experiences, but what does any of that have to do with Barack Obama?

I can hear the Obots saying “He’s black too, you moron” now.

No, he’s not.

Obama is bi-racial. He was raised by white people in a life of privilege a long way from the segregated world that Mr. Reed was born and raised in.

As for his over-hyped experience as a “community organizer” isn’t it strange that a man who wrote two memoirs by his mid-40’s has never really provided a detailed account of what was allegedly one of the key formative periods of his life?

Not even the most wild-eyed DFH progressive expects Obama to behave like some stereotypical ghetto gangsta and start screaming profanities and slapping Republicans around. Nor is there a meaningful debate about what letter grade to assign him for his deportment.

The issue is Obama’s achievements or lack thereof. The people who supported Obama and the Democrats had reasonable expectations as to what they wanted from the past two years. These are the same kind of expectations any winning candidate for POTUS would face.

They are expected to govern competently. They are expected to do their best to advance the agenda they ran on – to keep their campaign promises. They are expected to be the kind of person they portrayed themselves to be.

Here at TC we’re not disappointed with Obama’s performance. We expected a massive FUBAR and he’s exceeded our worst nightmares. But his progressive supporters (however naive and/or gullible they may have been) have a legitimate complaint.

Not according to Ishmael Reed, though.

Welcome to post-racial America, where the only thing that really matters is race.

93 Responses

  1. BTD:

    What a bizarre piece. The issue is not about shouting. It is about policy. Some folks don’t like the policies the President is espousing. They really don’t care if he is the “coolest man in the room.” If being the coolest man in the room produced policies and results they agreed with, they would be cheering him. If yelling produced policies and results they disagreed with, they would be upset. If Mr. Reed has something to say in defense of the President’s POLICY choices, I would be interested in reading them. Nonsensical pop psychology is not interesting to me.

    • Nonsensical pop psychology is not interesting to me
      But neither are policy issues since there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference and pols will be pols. What does BTD care about? I thought cool (aka, media darling) was in fact everything to him.

      • BTD went for Obama because – as he said many, many times – he was the inevitable winner of the primary. He just wanted to be on the winning side.

        BTD is right in this instance, but he ‘his’ insight IS NO LONGER INTERESTING TO ME. (And, that goes for Jeralyn, too.)

        • Except that Hillary got more votes, so if it weren’t for the super delegates dragging Obama across the line, he wouldn’t have won the primary. Details, details. 🙂

          • Oh yeah, I know. BUT BTD was just promoting the Obama-machine meme that Obama had it in the bag. Also, Gweena, you are right, I think he really wanted Hillary to lose. He and Jeralyn never shed a tear when she was cheated and robbed – never lost a step getting on the Obama train.


        • BTD went for Obama because BTD has a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

        • So, using his logic, he is no longer interested in Obama as he seems to become a loser now, policy schmolicy.

          • Right, Edge. He just wants to be on the winning side – as long as the ‘winner’ is not a woman.

  2. A friend grew up in Hawaii and I just learned that the school Obama went to was private and very expensive. How expensive…no scholarships and the annual tuition was what it cost to go to college for a year.

    Yes, indeedy, Obama is one of us common “folks”. Now I understand why he’s always referring to us as “guys” and folks”. He’s one of us!

    • Yes, that’s true about his school. His grandmother who raised him was a bank executive.

    • You’re just learning this? The “small island in Washington State” his mother went to high school at is one of the richest areas you can find, too. Obama does NOT come from the disadvantaged world of a “single mom on food stamps.” His mom was rarely single, and food stamps were the norm for college students at the time. She was already a graduate and in school for her PhD when she opted to utilize the food stamp opportunity.

  3. This post is poetry myiq. Poetry.

    Hillary 2012

  4. Obama’s community organizing, just like everything else in his life, at least since he started college, wasn’t about organizing anything except the promotion of his electoral ambitions.

    It’s why he moved from Occidental to Columbia (and how did he engineer that, by the way?).

    It’s why he convinced his fellow Harvard Law School students to change the rules so that people with inferior grades could be elected to Law Review.

    It’s why he got involved in “community organizing”.

    It’s why he married Michelle.

    It’s why he joined Rev. Wright’s church.

    It’s why he joined the Boards of certain nonprofits whose only function was the doling out of funds who could help enhance his political career.

    It’s why he pushed aside his political mentor, Alice Palmer, in his first run for office.

    But HILLARY was the one who had been scheming all her life to become president, remember?

    Carolyn Kay

    • Carolyn Kay–Right on. I’d forgotten about that. There are so many ‘whoopsie’ Obama hypocracies and the bots missed them all.

      • The bots shouted down and banned anyone who tried to bring any of this up in 2008.

        They didn’t want to know the truth about him, and didn’t want anyone else to know.

        That’s what we call freedom of speech here in the good ol’ USA.

        Carolyn Kay

    • It’s why he got involved in “community organizing”.

      Go to the neighborhoods that Obama claims he “Organized” in and you will find that NO ONE can actually remember him ever being there.

    • Carolyn, how did he think marrying Michelle would help his career? I’ve never heard anything about that.

      • I’m not Carolyn, but, IMHO, marrying Michelle helped cement Obama’s claim of being a Black, of African American, man. Just like joining the most “Afro centric” church he could find, and spending a breif period “organizning” a Black community, marrying a Black, African American woman helped Obama’s self presentation as a Black, African American.

        I have read that African American women, in Q and A sessions with Obama when he was running for State Senate and Congress, would often ask about his wife. Specifically, they would ask about her race. Given Obama’s shaky (to put it mildly) claim of being African American, if he had a married a White women, or a woman of another race, or a woman of mixed race, at least some African Americans would see that as another factor against his claim. And Michelle is not only Black, but clearly, visibly so, unlike Obama himself.

        Also Michelle comes from a politically connnected family. Her parents were some of the biggest supporters of Reverend Wright. Her father held a patronage job from the Daly machine. And she worked for a connected law firm. Her being a Ivy League College/Harvard Law School graduate, like Obama, didn’t hurt either. Nor being a member of a family of “strivers.”

  5. For what its worth, no need to demonize Punahou, the exclusive private school the One went to. Fully a third of the students are on scholarship and up to 2 children of staff, if accepted, go for free. The school is an expensive private school for sure, and the One had a great opportunity there, as do all the kids who go there. Not defending him, but the school shouldn’t be mischaracterized because he is what he is…

    • According to Obama’s first memoir the only other “black” kid at Punahou was a bi-racial (black/Asian) kid named Ray.

      On scholarship or not, most of the students at the school were white.

      • Hmmmm–just catching up and this is an interesting post. We lived for 4 years in Hawaii–my husband was in the Air Force there (what a hardship tour). Anyway, there were not many blacks there when we were (early 80s). The group that was on a lower eco. status and looked down on if anybody was–the ‘Moaks’. Samoans , or the original settlers of Hawaii. Generally, the rich and tourists lived on the lovely beach (windward) side of the island and the natives lived on the leeward side–not as lovely.

    • lanikai – in terms of that schools and its scholarships, as they may pertain to BO, it would be important to know if those statistics were true 40 years ago when he was there, and if he were one of the recipients. If a bank executive’s “kid” got a scholarship, then everyone there must have been really wealthy lol

    • This is a recollection from the 70’s, not today. It sounds to me as if things have changed since the Big ZerO attended.

      • I would be curious to know more about the scholarships – now and then.

        Who paid for them and who got them.

        Colleges used to give out scholarships to poor black kids who could barely read but who were good at football or basketball.

        Once they used up their eligibility they were “graduated” or dumped – usually still illiterate. If they didn’t make the pros (most didn’t) that was it.

        Now the NCAA has academic eligibility requirements for athletic scholarships.

        • According to my friend, race is not an easy thing to determine in Hawaii. She is second generation – but of Portuguese extraction, not dark, but light. Locals are native Hawaiians. And then there are all sorts of mixes..including black/Asian.

          Need to be clear on what we are talking about…and when.

          • Exactly. I grew up in Hawaii. Obama would have fit right in racially. He looks like so many of the kids I went to school with. It truly is a melting pot there. Outside of Punahou, whites are in the minority.

        • Yes they do and here in Florida, an aide goes to class with said jock==to verify attendance. However, except for a few players, most football players at UF (according to my daughters) took courses like–Rocks for Jocks, or The Meat we Eat.

  6. What’s really funny is the implication of that article. He says that if there’s a primary challenge, it will be like another Ted Kennedy. What he inadvertently sterrped into is that Obama is another Carter and that either he gets 8 years or a Republican gets the next 4.

  7. Because of course it is a given that Reed got “Ds” in deportment only because he was black and not because maybe he deserved them. Trust me — I used to teach high school boys — they all deserved Ds in deportment (if we had that system — we didn’t grade deportment/conduct — bad conduct was dealt with by detention — and I handed those out 20x a day to black & white boys).
    Furthermore, the AA support of Obama is no way the same thing as the Latino support of Obama, and Reed is a moron to try to threaten with the loss of both. Having grown up in a city where the majority (75%) of the population in AA, I can totally believe that the majority of the AA voting community will focus on identity politics & not vote for the Dem nominee if Obama is primaried. But I don’t believe the Latino vote will do the same — at all –and there is no reason to think so. For Reed to try to pretend there is just shows how stupid he is.
    Finally, as I wrote in the previous thread: a Dem nominee can win without the AA vote. That’s the stark truth. People don’t want to say that because it makes them sound r@cist, but I don’t mind saying it because the accusation of being r@cist lost all effect on me back in 2008. Call me r@cist if you want. It’s the truth. The AA community will not go to the GOP. If they sit out of the election in 2012 & the Dem candidate can garner more votes in the other demographics, the Dem candidate can win.

    • “Because of course it is a given that Reed got “Ds” in deportment only because he was black and not because maybe he deserved them” good point especially since America’s schools are by and large racially homogenous (I’m purposefully staying away from the charged word: segregrated), it is fair to surmise that the students who got an A in deportment were probably Black also; unless of course everyone got a D in deportment; or maybe the only two white guys in the school got it.

      • Reed grew up during segregation – it’s pretty likely he went to all-black k-12 schools.

        Even if he didn’t, it still begs the question how he behaved and how the other kids behaved and how their grades compared.

  8. “..paranoid,” “bitter,” “rowdy,” “angry,” “bullies,” and accused of tirades and diatribes…

    I wasn’t aware black male intellectuals had so much in common with those who didn’t vote for Obama.

  9. You know what?

    Criticism of Obama on this and other blogs is nothing but a high-tech lynching.

    h/t Clarence Thomas

  10. i’d just as soon leave race and gender out of it all. i’d love to vote for a candidate on merit, not anything else.

    • I did vote for a candidate on merit in the 2008 primaries – Hillary Clinton was the most intelligent, best qualified candidate for POTUS in my (long) lifetime. Even smarter and better than the Big Dawg.

      • Me too!!

      • And she won even. Too bad the super delegates had other ideas.

      • Just what I was thinking!! And I hope to do so again, too.

        Last night I threw a surprise party for my partner and we had a lot of 0 voters there who were talking about how disappointed they are in “their president.” I think one of them even said, he’s not MY president. I didn’t hear it all because I was busy getting food out, but what I heard made me do the happy dance in the kitchen.

        The tide is turning. If this group is changing their minds, the tide is definitely turning!

  11. *yawn* It’s a little sad when I just do not give a fuck anymore about race, or race issues. I’ve had it up to here with it.

    There may still be some legitimate issues out there, but I am less and less inclined to even want to hear the arguments. I’m being brutally honest, here. I just do not have the mental energy to devote to sorting out who has a real beef and who is just doing the old grandstanding race card make-em-guilt-up -some-support. The waters are too muddied by the crap complaints, and I don’t care to wade through it. Not anymore. I just don’t even fucking care anymore.

    Not saying it’s right or wrong – just being honest.

    • That crap overran my bandwidth for it last year.

      • Trying to oppose Obama and not get called racist is impossible.

        My favorite is the “whitey tape.”

        Anyone who believed that there might really be a tape of MO using the term “whitey” is a racist because . . .uh . . . believing a false accusation of racism is racism.

        The fact that the rumor lasted only a few days and nobody outside of a certain tabloid blog gave it much credence doesn’t affect anything either. The Obots still bring it up – ABG was in the spam filter screaming about it earlier.

        They never mention the “war room” or darkened skin” videos though.

        Oh yeah, and because Sugar (Sugar and Spice) called MO “Scoopmouth” and a few people repeated it in comments at some PUMA blogs, that was proof that PUMA was racist AND sexist. Because everybody knows that “Scoopmouth” is a common epithet uh . . . nowhere.

        All criticism of Barack Obama = racist

        All criticism of Michelle Obama = racist and sexist.

        The real racists are the ones calling everyone else racists. And the Obot “creative class” types are snotty elitists who despise working class whites.

        • It’s starting up again too, the race baiting. The words slave and slavery are making a big comeback on facebook progressive threads. The words get dropped in so totally out of context sometimes in the middle some unrelated tirade about the payroll tax cut or college football recruiting. Weird. Like those subliminal flash frame ads they used to drop into the middle of movies.

          • And the ones doing the word droppings are busy busy busy…you see the same faces show up to comment at journalists, academics, pundits, bloggers, activists. They are quite predictable.

          • They never mention that some white women in those household with slaves, got slapped upside down if they didn’t obey the master of the home, hence the census shows us they were not wives but domestics………..They never mention how many white women were called far worst. and never mention those that dared defy the men, ended up starved to death, or beaten dead.

            They never mention that many of the slaves who were freed who have starved to death if it wasn’t for the white woman of the house, who shared bread with them.

            What’s really strange is Reed says if he acted any other way he’d be seen as a militant. Seems like his friend Ayers was rewarded and most definitely respected to this very day. He was working right beside him, and in Obama home.

            So I don’t know what the flock he’s talking about.

    • Honk!

    • That’s the essence of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and what we’ve been saying. All the pretense and dishonesty around the issue has made legitimate claims less likely to be taken seriously due to identity fatigue.

  12. Nice metaphor for Obama’s chances in 2012…

  13. Interesting how both the Times and the Post have op-ed pieces today containing veiled (or not-so-veiled) threats to the progressive left to support Obama or else lose the AA vote.

    And so the race baiting/2012 edition begins. Do I detect a whiff of Obot desperation in the air?

    Can we take a page from Donna Brazile’s playbook and tell them all that the real Democratic party, the party of FDR, doesn’t need them?

    • And the saddest, most freakin’ pathetic part of this tactic is, honestly, it’s not the progressives that the Dems need. It’s the middle. It’s the Independents. And, I’m guessing, they have already been lost. The only reason that the Dems need the progressives is to save a little face and not make 2012 the complete blowout it is shaping up to be.

    • Sounds a lot like…

      Party Unity or Else!

      doesn’t it?

  14. I swear to God the Obots will not be happy until there is an actual guns-in-the-streeat r@ce war in this country.

    • “See, I told you white people are racists!”

    • Seems that way, doesn’t it. Like they’re just itching to get out there guns a blazing. Or they get off on making threats.

      • Erica:

        This “Race card” tactic is very common in Chicago politics. We have come to expect THE “Race Card” to be whipped out for everything from a bump to a stare.

        We Chicagoans are so desensitized to it that it wouldn’t surprise us if a dog accused a cat of racism. Actually….we would expect it!

  15. The tea party types in 2008 were threatened to vote for McCain. They didn’t. Now look where they are. Not exactly doomsday for that group.

    • Yeah, I keep telling the idiot left that there is a fine example of how to get your party to jump when you say jump staring them right in the face. (Hint: it won’t happen by getting scared of the evuhl opposition and running to vote for your party regardless of whether they represent you well or not.)

      But they wring their hands and moan and quiver that they CAN’T not vote for the Dem, it would be insane. Okay, then get used to being used like a cheap whore, then, because that’s all you will ever be to the party unless they know that you can and will walk away with your vote..

      The R’s don’t cater to the right because they like them, or even agree with them. The Repubs privately sneer at and bitch about the teaparty types, but <they dare not offend them too much. Because they know they will WALK if pushed too far, and they’ve proved it, not just threatened it. They cater to them because they fear the consequences if they don’t.

      Why can’t the left learn from that example? Politicians understand losing and winning, and nothing else. That’s it. If you’re not willing to make them lose, then you’re useless, and “putting pressure on them” is a JOKE if all you are talking about is whiny phone calls and letters and angry blog posts.

  16. The Democratic party is toast and the leaders know it else they wouldn’t be guilting us into supporting Obama.

    It goes against the simple fact that Obama was elected, something racists wouldn’t have done. Now that he has proved himself to be a dud, FDR Dems want nothing to do with him and it isn’t racism, let the O-bots and the O-poligists shout it from the roof tops but it won’t change the fact Obama failed us.

    The republicans will have it all come 2013 because most FDR Dems will sit the election out. The lesser of two evils card won’t work anymore because Obama. Pelosi and Reid have shown their willingness to sell us out.

  17. I knew the race card would eventually be used by Obama apologists. I just didn’t think it would be used so soon. Race is all they ever had or will have in the future when history judges Obama’s presidency. The Obamabots are scared sh*tless after the shellacking and the Bill Clinton press conference with Obama walking out to party. This is the only reason why we are starting to see more of these articles. It is 2008 all over again.

    Barack will remain the historically historic first black (really biracial but whatever) president. The rest of his bio will mention his failures and a brief account of 2008, but Obama must know that many biased historians like Colbert King and Ishmael Reed will only look at one thing and that is his skin color. Obama knows he has influential supporters like this who apologize for his poor performance constantly and will come to his defense if he is primaried or even justifiably criticized by anyone left or right. Maybe it is why he remains so arrogant and doesn’t care about what his constituents want.

    When influential people like Colbert and Reed write this kind of bullsh*t for the NYTimes and the Washington Post, the Obamas must read this and believe that Barack’s skin color alone will save him in 2012. Barack and Michelle live in a fairytale their deluded supporters have created for them, far from the lives of the majority of Americans including African Americans who suffer under his continuation of Bush policies.

    • Fairytale? That’s r@cist! /snark

    • Here’s a sure sign for me that fauxgressives will fail. They appear to have zero ability or interest in attracting newly undecideds…except by using the race card. You see it over and over again. They just end up alienating. Even the politics as usual bashing of Repubs on the other side is clumsy and not exactly inviting. These polls that say BO has 40% approval rating…I don’t see it. Not in this economy, with this little leadership. I think he has closer to 30% which includes aggressive, loud and well funded activists in the general and guerrilla media. And as pedestrian as it sounds, the best barometer imo of their success will be MSNBC.

      • The fauxgressives as a movement will be done when MSNBC is done, regardless of the web…at least the MSNBC primetime of Olbermann and Maddow. That may or may not happen. They’re hanging in right now at about 35% of Fox ratings mainly because CNN in primetime has turned into a giant hole in the ground. News everywhere and anywhere right now is a big jumbled mess.

  18. This is all so insane. What does his skin color have to do with anything? Am I now supposed to to defend every jerk of a white politician?

  19. Ishmael Reed is a sexist narcissistic idiot. I know. I slept with him once. Turned me a lesbian. Not that you couldn’t tell from his Scarlett O’Hara comment.

  20. Can we carve the image of Barack Obama eating his waffle into Mount Rushmore now, and just call it a day?

    The stimulus could help pay for it. That’s one job I would call shovel-ready.

    Put Obama’s profile next to Abraham Lincoln’s, and lure him away from the White House with the offer of a vice-presidency at Goldman-Sachs.

  21. Foxx, got me a smile and a smirk, turning him the cold shoulder.

    • Just when we thought journalism had reached it’s nadir…

      • What da ya mean, they are just doing BREAKING NEWS with what we all knew and were talking about in 2008!

        I think it is a good thing. so long as they don’t notice all the misspellings. 😆

        • AP and Reuters at least still have a network of reporters overseas. Most news operations have shut down their foreign bureaus. As for bloggers, it’s not like Arianna or Drudge or anyone else has paid news staff in places like Thailand or Sudan or Portugal. I’ve been curious about the TBD.com experiment in the DC district, but lately it seems they’ve also decided to rely more on aggregation than original writing and reporting. Everyone’s sharing, very few are getting paid for originating. There will be a flight to quality soon.

  22. Oh dear, Mr Reed. You had better thank goodness Obama was not involved with the civil rights movement. He’d be insisting on a bi-partisan approach. “I know,” he’d say, “Let’s pass a law that says if someone paints their face white, they must be treated like a white person. That’ll do it!”

  23. Facebook just recommended that I friend Patty Solis Doyle. Must be getting close.

  24. My Morning Sneeze had to be on the same topic – I didn’t see it until I woke up:
    Homey don’t play that!

  25. I have read your article. It is very interesting. Thanks.

  26. If this stuff is being ordered by the WH THIS early the polling internals must be about on a par with Madame Speaker’s. He must be in the low thirties or even high twenties approval if they are breaking out the racial stuff and threats before the next Congress even reports for duty. I expected this crap next summer when decisions on who had drawn the short straw and had to threaten to primary him to get him out of there were being made. When inside-ry political press is writing stories about Democratic congress,men saying “fuck the President” and “no one can trust him” , Obama has lost the plot. When President Clinton is trying to salvage something, anything and tells him “go see Michelle” it is basically over. The threat of block voting by specific groups is like a nuclear bomb and can only be used extremely sparingly. It got him the nomination he did not earn but it will not get him any success the rest of this term nor a second term. He seems to be bargaining with Republicans because he is one and that’s all he’s got but they do not seem to want him either.

    • Boy, I hope you’re right, I really hope you’re right, because this racism stuff is driving me crazy. As far as I can see, Obama has never ever stood up for blacks (while I, just a lowly old white broad, was fighting for years as a public defender in NYC – and I do mean fighting). It makes my blood boil.

      Of course, the Republicans don’t want him. He’s too weak for them. Also, he’s not a true believer – though he does seem to follow the Republican agenda in disliking women, the LGBT community, the old, the infirm, and the poor and feeling free to kill people all over the world.

      You know, the blacks who voted for Obama don’t defend Clarence Thomas or Michael Steele, so I do think it comes down to ego, the same problem the blogger boyz have: they don’t want to admit they were wrong. That’s why I harp on the fact that he is half white, was raised white, and knows nothing of the ghetto experience. Don’t be fooled by the color of his skin. He’s simply passing himself off as black. (Clinton really does know more of the ghetto experience than Obama.) Even Reed, that tool, admits as much by saying Obama knows of the trials of the unemployed because he knew some unemployed folk in Chicago. What an incredibly weak argument.

  27. The Os are restless – some screenshots of the “greatest” discussions

  28. Obama is not black?

    Nothing like a white guy telling obama what he is to start your day.

    you have zero understanding of race issues.

  29. Tweeter just threw my account out as I was trying to post the latest entry. Luckily, so far – I still got it on my ipad. That’s 2 down, one left (They closed Not your Sweetie long time ago)

  30. “When these progressives refer to themselves as Mr. Obama’s base, all they see is themselves. They ignore polls showing steadfast support for the president among blacks and Latinos. And now they are whispering about a primary challenge against the president. Brilliant! The kind of suicidal gesture that destroyed Jimmy Carter — and a way to lose the black vote forever.”

    Folks like this would make me laugh, if they weren’t so insidious. Who is this clown, that he gets to speak for all Black folks, and predict with such certainty, down to the uttermost generation, what they will do if someone dares to launch a primary challenge against Obama?

    Most Black folks are still loyal to Obama. The percentage has slipped a little, but not much. Still, the idea that if anyone, anywhere has the temerity to challenge him in the primaries (and, notice that, the premise is a mere primary challenge, not a successful one), all Black folks, and all their descendants, are going to, en masse and forever, denounce and abandon the Democratic party!

    Yep. That’s how it works. Not!

    Liberals are often told that they have “nowhere else to go” besides the Democratic party. Is that any less true for African Americans? Are they all going to become Republicans? Are they going to become Green party members? Or, perhaps, are they going to form a Black party, and thereby consign themselves to political oblivion in any election for anything larger than a minority-majority House seat or mayoralty?

    There is a reason that most Black folks are Democrats, and that reason came into being decades before Obama and, hopefully, will still be there decades after he’s gone. Democrats, since at least the 1960’s, have fought for the civil rights of all Americans, including oppressed minorities, starting with and including African Americans. Democrats have fought for social and economic justice. Their main opponents, the Republicans, not so much.

    If there is any way that the Democrats are going to lose the African American vote it will be because of their failure to adhere to these principles. Not because some left leaning US Representative, or similar such person, dares to challenge Obama in the primaries. African Americans are much, much smarter than that. Much more politically savvy. And, in general, most African Americans also believe in the notion that no one is too big to be questioned, to be called to account. And that anyone has the right to run for President, if he or she wants to. After all, Obama was a bit of a long shot himself when he entered the primaries in 2008.

    African American Democratic voters are not like a bunch of petulant children, who have to be coddled. They know how much rides on each election. They are the most loyal of all the Democratic constituencis. They aren’t about to throw all that away over something that is really no big deal and that nobody in the party has any control of.

    Oh, and finally, Jimmy Carter lost because he was weak and unpopular, not because he was primaried. He was primaried for the same reasons, weakness and unpopularity. Cart, horse and all that.

  31. I am trying to get in contact with the author of this post.


    Please. Pretty please.

  32. Wow that is insulting as heck.

    Americans of mixed heritage almost always identify as the race that is most discriminated against because that is how society sees them and that’s the life they are living. Simple as that. I grew up in an all white high school and the fact that I was the only black person there didn’t suddenly mean i wasn’t black. It had nothing to do with it. It is a complex set of factors that every person of mixed heritage has to make and society has to accept.

    It is no different than a transgerndered person telling the world how he/she defines himself/herself. Our job is to respect the decision.

    And it’s primarily because of people like myiq2xu that make these gross generalizations that this study shows the trend is towards those of mixed race choosing to identify themselves as black:


    If you aren’t hanging around black people, at least read a book folks. It prevents you from making conservative, rush limbaugh-like points such as “Obama went to a private school so therefor he’s not black”.

    Hello, I went to a goodschool too. I didn’t realize that going to an expensive school washed the black off you. If it did, the racist kids at the school didn’t get the message.

    Nothing more amusing than watching a group of white people tell us all what it means to be black AND not letting the black guy comment.

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