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Elizabeth Edwards Funeral live-blog

Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010

Elizabeth Edwards will be laid to rest today at 1 p.m. eastern in Raleigh, North Carolina. The funeral is open to the public and will be televised by CNN.

Westboro Bigotist church will be protesting.

You can express your thoughts and feelings here.

CNN is live-streaming here


48 Responses

  1. CBS:

    Protesters from a Kansas church group that regularly demonstrates at military funerals were seen near the church where Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral will be held this afternoon.

    Five protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka held signs about two blocks from the Edenton Street Methodist Church, where the public memorial will be held.

    The church, which condemns what it calls America’s permissive attitude towards homosexuality, stages demonstrations to bring attention to its anti-gay stance.

    Across the street, a larger contingent of counter-protesters waved pink signs reading “Hero.”

  2. John E will NOT be speaking.

    • To think that he would have been Vice President (with the emphasis on vice) had the media given Kerry a fair shake.

      • Actually, Kerry did win. The Bushes made him a deal like they did to Clinton: Let him have another term or you’ll never work in this town again. Clinton rejected it, but Kerry took it. That’s why he announced we are at war and therefore we can’t have our votes counted. but he was elected. Ohio and Florida were his for sure. maybe more too.

        • Yes, I was (and am) very angry about that. But it did not surprise me for Sen. Kerry to do this.

          I thought his campaign wa much worse than Gore’s.


    • Thank goodness for small favors, as this is about WHO she was, a Woman, Advocate, Lawyer, Author, Policy Advocate, Health Care Reformer, Cancer Advocate, Advocate of those in Poverty, A Friend, Sister, and a Devoted Mother to her children.

      Elizabeth Anania Edwards (1949-2010)

    • Good, I hope she raises her siblings as she is a fine young woman and made her mother happy with all her support and love.

    • I am probably one person who did not like EE much. I didn’t like the things she said about Hillary in 2007/08 or that her ambition for her husband seemed out of bounds given his capabilities and faults and the fact that she could die at any time during the election or first years in the whitehouse.

      But all of this makes me cry, she did not deserve what happened to her and I know she wanted to have grand children. I am so so sorry she died now. I wish her health could have held out another 10 years like she wanted.

      • Infedility causes great stress on person and more so when they are already ill. She didn’t deserve what was handed to her, nor the betrayal by staff, her husband and his mistress.

        Elizabeth was a good person and it saddened me to see her go through all the trails and challenges, but she had the love of her family and her children and in the end she charted her own path and that is the greatest lesson she left for me. Pick yourself up, dust your self off, and continue to live each day and love those around you…cherish each day and chart your own course, choose the path on your own terms, no matter how short the journey may be it will be yours…

  3. OT: Richard Holbrooke in critical condition

    The 69-year-old veteran U.S. diplomat, who brokered the 1995 accord that ended the Balkans war, has been a key player in Obama’s efforts to turn around the 9-year-old war in Afghanistan.

    Holbrooke fell ill at the State Department on Friday. The department issued a statement saying Holbrooke was admitted to nearby George Washington University hospital on Friday.

    “This morning, doctors completed surgery to repair a tear in his aorta,” the statement said. “He is in critical condition and has been joined by his family.”

    The aorta is the major artery carrying blood out of the heart to other parts of the body. Upon leaving the heart, the aorta moves up through the chest toward the head then bends and moves down through the chest and abdomen.

    With a meteoric career that included stints in Vietnam as well as serving as the top U.S. diplomat for East Asia, for Europe and at the United Nations, Holbrooke’s most notable achievement has been bringing all sides in the Bosnia conflict to the negotiating table at an air base in Dayton, Ohio. The resulting 1995 Dayton accords ended the conflict.

  4. Cate Edwards speaking now

  5. I have nothing to do with this church, nor do I believe they are right in their choice of protest times, but I do believe they have the right to protest within the law.

    Too many scream free speech when they want to spew their own vile beliefs and language (which are very offensive to others), then when a church exercises its right to voice its beliefs these same individuals call them loons, right-wing nuts, and other disgusting names. At least they aren’t sticking bombs in their underwear and trying to kill innocent men, women and children, then being read Miranda rights. Neither are they likely to be draining resources and jobs from our country after entering illegally, then carrying the flag of another country as they protest in OUR streets.

    Come on, people, you can’t have it both ways. Contrary to what some propound, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they are guilty of hate crimes, or that they are loons, idiots, or any other derogatory label. They may simply be passionate about and dedicated to what they believe.

    • No one said anything about their rights. But critics of this church group have the same free speech rights to disapprove, and state that disapproval, as they do to protest.

      You seem to be the one who wants it both ways. They have a right to disrupt funerals, but no one else has a right to reject their opinions?

      There’s a difference between what you have a right to do, and what is the right thing to do. And taking advantage of someone’s funeral to squawk out your hateful political message isn’t the right thing to do.

    • They have the right to free speech, but they can also be called fools and morons, and bigoted. And please note nobody is arresting them for their speech. If someone did (unrelated to their views), you’d be sure they’d be read their Miranda rights.

      If I showed up in front of your house, and called you names, people have every right to call me a jerk.

    • amazing how you protect their right to free speech and do not also see that those criticizing them are also excercizing free speech.

      Here is an example of my right to free speech:

      The members of Mr Phelps church are all hateful lunatics who are lucky no one has killed them yet, they are that disgusting. God, should you believe in her is about love and forgiveness for all people. What do they think Jesus died on the cross for?
      I would much rather have people come here illegally and carry the flag of any nation they want while asking for protection under the law, than for the Godless Phelps freaks to continue to have a forum for their ignorance and hate. Using the bible to deny people civil rights is one of the the things that makes minority groups like GLBT and feminists and nonchristians dislike the religion. (except for those of us who are feminist and christian or gay and christian etc…)

      • ps… I would like to extend them an invitation to protest at my funeral as I would take it as high praise that they think God hates me and killed me for my belief in gay rights and reproductive choice. Whatever it is they think God believes or does, I want to make sure everyone knows I believe the opposite.

    • The church is lying about Elizabeth, just who are they to say she’s going to hell. She’s isn’t, she has been a wonderful and loving daughter, wife and mother. For them sit in judgement just fries my ass.

      • They can’t be very christian or they would have heard, “vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord” and they’d understand it is not their place to judge.

        Wonder how many of their members have had their funerals disrupted with such angry protesting.

    • These Westboro lunatics must be a plant for someone’s political agenda. Their utterly hateful bigotry is almost too perfect, and they get all kinds of media coverage. Who are you with “Cindy.”

      • Well, Phelps himself is a Democrat. Ran for office as a Dem several times.

        I don’t think they are anyone’s political patsy. They are just offensive nuts, despised by left and right.

    • shouldn’t a church “voice their beliefs” inside the church? Are their first amendment rights extending into other people private lives?
      Write a letter to the editor if you are dying to be heard. Don’t use someone’s funeral as your own pulpit. It is not.

    • Who said to curtail their free speech? Not us. No, the govt cannot shut them down. It would be unconstitutional.

      But I have free speech as well – and I’ll use it to say that group is a bunch of insensitive hateful assholes. That’s MY free speech right. Oh and saying that someone ought not to say/do something is not the same thing as saying they ought to be legally prevented from saying/doing something. One is govt/legal action, the other is me expressing my opinion on the social appropriateness of their speech/actions.

      I went round and round with people over this re: the ground zero area mosque. Saying “That’s a sucky thing to do” is NOT the same as saying “have the govt deny them their rights”. Not the same thing at all.

    • Cindy, I fully support their rights to speech. I just think there can be (as courts have held) reasonable restrictions on time and a place, Disrupting funerals, imo, should be off limits for any speech (other than eulogies, etc.).


    • So as long as they’re not “vile M—-ms’ or “dirty Mexkins,” you’re fine with them.


  6. May Elizabeth rest in peace, but the funeral should not be televised.

    • Normally I would say yes, but she went on her book tour and she knew that people loved her and her life’s work and in many ways she knew she touched people deeply and she wanted to be recognized and remembered for her life, and her work. It was some thing that she so wanted people to know, that her life and her life’s work was more than the wretched affair…her life was much more than that.


    • May she rest in peace. I will always remember her courage. The funeral should not be televised.

    • I agree. And I would never watch a funeral on TV. Of course, I dislike funerals, pretty much refuse to attend them unless it’s for a very, very close family member, and don’t plan on having one myself.

      I have a friend who will attend the funerals of friends of friends of friends. That is not something I understand at all. And I definitely don’t understand watching the funeral on TV of someone whom you never even knew personally. There’s enough to cry about in this world.

      Nothing against people who would watch, but I just don’t understand it.

      And I liked Eliz Edwards. She was not worse than any other politician I know. They all seek power. And she definitely showed that she had a kind, gentle side.

    • That’s your opinion, and you have a right to it. It’s the opinion of the millions of people who watched this, as they have watched many other high-profile funerals (JFK, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Ted Kennedy etc.) in the past, that it should be televised since they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to hear the tributes to a person they thought well of. Freedoms are great, aren’t they?

  7. I watched the funeral, it was done in very good taste.
    When her daughter spoke, I cried, not just for them but for all women and mothers.

  8. The Phelps jerks recently picketed at a military funeral in my hometown (Missouri). It’s hard to defend them on free speech when they come insulting a 20 year old young man who gave his life for even that foul bunch. It makes you really feel invaded; many hundreds showed up and had them run off in half an hour. Funerals should be given more respect and I think disturbance of peace also counts in the case of funerals. I beleive they should be required to be at least a mile away to insure peace for the mourners. i think that would work because only the phelps jerks are obnoxious enough to do that; noone else would dare scream and rant outside strangers’ funerals. It falls under disturbance of peace but it must be said if they can be that close, counter protesters certainly also have a right to disagree and protest funerals of the phelps in the future, fair is fair. RIP Elizabeth Edwards.

  9. ABC reports that John Edwards will move back to the house and care for the two small children. So, I guess, him being there was to make it easier for the children and wow, I am amazed at her giving even in the end, for her children’s welfare and well being.


    • I don’t think she “gave in.” Who else would raise the kids besides their father? Why should they have to find a new place to live? Was the divorce final?

      • She didn’t say “giving in,” she said “giving even in the end” – meaning, EE was a very giving person.

  10. RIP Elizabeth

  11. Was John boy at the funeral services?

    I used to be very against attending funerals; they made me very uncomfortable. But a dear friend of mine noted to me—it is not about you, your feelings or beliefs. A funeral is about them and being there for family. I think that is true. So now I go and look at it in a very different way and find there is love and peace in being there for others.

    As for the Phelps crowd, I like it very much when we use our right of free speech to drowned out and disown those who use it for hatefulness. Fair comment, is fair comment.

  12. That is a lovely picture of EE. Thank you for choosing it.

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