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Bernie Sanders says what the Big Dawg couldn’t

I missed most of the FiliBernie yesterday where Bernie Sanders took to a nearly empty Senate floor and spoke for 8 hours and 36 minutes.  Fortunately, I caught it on C-Span2 the second time around.

Bernie laid it all out.  The irresponsible tax breaks for millionaires, the distress of the unemployed, the immorality of the giant wealth transfer from the have-nots to the have-mores:

I checked the {{very limited}} coverage of what should be Bernie’s historic speech and the comments were overwhelmingly positive.  This is what most Americans think and what they want to hear their politicians saying:

“So Clinton appeared in the WH briefing room–who cares? Bernie was the best show of the day.”

“i loved it. truth. at long last, truth.”

“Thank you Senator Saunders. Thank you. Your speech gave me hope.”

“I was so moved by both the substance and the style of my fellow ex Nu Yawkuh in the well of the Senate that I called both my senators and my congressman. I actually broke down weeping while speaking to one of their staff people. God bless Bernie Sanders.”

“It’s no wonder people were listening. Senator Sanders was speaking for the vast majority of people who are sick and tired of seeing sham “compromises” that always favor the large corporations and the wealthiest segment of our society. Why don’t we see Bernie Sanders more often on mainstream media? Could it be because he tells the unvarnished truth?”

The positive comments go on and on and on.

By the way, there is something really disturbing about the NYTimes coverage of Bernie’s speech.  Last night, they had an article with hundreds and hundreds of comments in support of Bernie.  Readers were so grateful to Bernie for finally giving their anger and disappointment a voice.  But this morning?  Can’t find it on their site.  It appears that the Times deep sixed it.  Update: Here is the original article I saw last night.  Scroll down to see the comments.  I can only find an update about how Bernie is now a C-Span sensation and, once again, the comments are overwhelmingly positive.

Now, I understand why Bill Clinton is supporting this bill.  He made it pretty clear yesterday.  This was the best deal that Obama could get.  And it was the best deal Obama could get because he royally f^*#ed it up at the beginning of his term by lowballing the stimulus.  So, now, the country is teetering on the verge of another plunge and we are at risk of deflation once again.  And the only way Barry is going to get any stimulus money now is by cutting a very unfavorable deal for the taxpayers with the greedy, hard hearted, antisocial, callous, mean, murderous, careless, un-American Republicans.

But let’s not sugar coat this bill, Bill.  Bernie spelled it all out yesterday.  Republicans will never be satisfied with compromise.  They want it all and they won’t be happy until they have complete control of the money supply and can do whatever they want.  I don’t think it even occurs to Republicans that they are going to destroy their money machine when they’ve nailed the coffin shut on the middle class.  They don’t think that far in advance.  They don’t consider themselves to be beholden to the country.  The money they get from us in the form of bailouts and our 401k stashes they play with, well, that’s just like chips in a global casino.  The get it from a bank called the United States of America but keep the winnings and let the hard working citizens of this country go begging to the Chinese to pay for essentials.

It’s wrong, Bill.  You may see Obama as facing a pragmatic dilema, trying to cut a deal to keep us from falling further.  But the problem is fundamental.  And it can’t be covered up or deleted from media websites and explained away as being the best that can be arranged at this late date before the Republicans take power.  It must be addressed.  Is it moral to steal from working Americans and are you going to let them get away with it?

Bernie was out there yesterday, all by himself on the Senate floor, speaking about the immorality of greed and speaking up for the working class.  But he is not all alone in the country where people talk about this to their friends, families and neighbors every day.  A recent poll by Bloomberg shows:

Americans want Congress to bring down a federal budget deficit that many believe is “dangerously out of control,” only under two conditions: minimize the pain and make the rich pay.

The public wants Congress to keep its hands off entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, a Bloomberg National Poll shows. They oppose cuts in most other major domestic programs and defense. They want to maintain subsidies for farmers and tax breaks like the mortgage-interest deduction. And they’re against an increase in the gasoline tax.

That aversion to sacrifice is at odds with a spate of recent studies, including one by President Barack Obama’s debt panel, that say reductions in Medicare, Social Security, military and other spending are necessary to curb a deficit that totaled $1.29 trillion in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, or 9 percent of the gross domestic product.

“The idea that we can solve our structural-deficit problems merely by asking more of the well-off is totally unrealistic,” said David Walker, who was U.S. comptroller general from 1998 to 2008 and now leads a group advocating against deficits. “The math simply doesn’t work.”

That’s right, David.  We want the expensive wars to stop and we want our jobs back so we can refill the coffers.

Do what Bernie asks you to do: call your congressman and senators, and tell them you do not support this tax bill.  Tell them the payroll tax relief is not what you expected of them because it will undermine Social Security.  Tell them to Soak the Rich for a change.  That’s it, send them a fax with the message “Soak the Rich”.  And then ask your family and friends to do the same.  Bernie wants you to speak out.  And remember to thank Bernie.  Send him an email or phone his office and thank him for sticking up for you.

Don’t give up without a fight.

120 Responses

  1. Let us not lay this disaster solely at the feet of O (although he is the chief disaster maker), the reality is the Sen. Dems crafted the trillion dollar stimulus bill when they controlled everything—completely—and what they came up with was a bill that failed utterly to address the fundamentals of job creation. The Dems in charge, including Bernie Sanders, spent their time and their power doing exactly what we will now probably see the Republicans doing—chasing their wet dream of what they think America should be. Our fatal flaw is thinking that either of these two parties is capable of making our lives better.

    • The Dems in charge, including Bernie Sanders, spent their time and their power doing exactly what we will now probably see the Republicans doing—

      Bernie is an Independent.

      As to what the congressional Dems did or didn’t do, Obama is the one with the Bully Pulpit, why didn’t he get out there and shame them into doing the right thing?

      • He caucuses with the Dems though.

        And it is true that Bernie was part of the problem with the stimulus bill & part of the problem by supporting Obama in the first place in 2008. But standing on his feet for 8.5 hours at 70 years? It isn’t exactly crawling to China, but I take that as an apology & I forgive him.

        • Ok, the president’s economic team goes against the recommendations of Christina Roemer and present Congress with a stimulus bill that is HALF the size it would have taken to pull us out of this thing. But the other option was deflation and depression.
          What was Bernie supposed to do? Not vote for it?
          This is the dilema that Bernie and all of the other Congresscritters are facing again. This tax bill is a stimulus package but it is one that is coming out of OUR hides. And he has stood up and said Enough!
          Give the guy some credit.

          • Well, since you ask — he could have done his filibuster against the inadequate stimulus back in 2009 when it mattered, now couldn’t he have?

            But as I said — he more than made up for his past f*ck ups.

        • He was also part of the problem with the health insurance giveaway act. He rolled when he got the right deal and peopleon the individual insurance market will pay dearly for it.

          I suspect they’re not giving him anything this time because they know they don’t need him. So he threatened to be a really big gadfly and he’s delivering on his threat.

          • Yep — it isn’t “too little, too late” it is more like “not that little, but still too late.”

          • Well, he is a very effective gadfly. His speech was brilliant and it resonated with just about everyone who saw it.
            As for his votes, we have to remember that there was a lot of pressure last year to save Obama’s ass because it was thought that if he lost any crucial bills, his presidency would be fatally threatened by the Republicans. That was the calculation they made and sold to everyone.
            I don’t happen to agree with it but I can understand why Obama’s team was given the benefit of a doubt. It didn’t pan out for the Democrats because they didn’t understand that voters were not personally in love with Obama. They just wanted a Democrat. It must suck to be in Congress right now if you’re a Sanders type. How depressing to know that you speak for the vast majority of Americans and yet your vote is taken for granted for things you do not support.
            He’s had enough. Good for him. It must be liberating to be able to speak his mind.
            I appreciate it.

          • How depressing to know that you speak for the vast majority

            See, this is where you lose me. Where do you get that Sanders speaks for the “vast majority?” People who actually watched him on C-Span are not, by any stretch of the imagination, the “vast majority.” And while I do think it is true that most people want the rich to pay their “fair share” what constitutes “fair share” probably varies drasticly among those very same people. I can tell you that as sure as my name is Angie, that when you start saying things like “SOAK the rich” and “tax the rich at 90%” — the vast majority who want the rich to pay their “fair share” will put on the brakes.

          • Read it and weep, angie.
            Bernie is on the side of most Americans.
            Does it matter how much they put on the brakes if most voters want that?? Are you saying, Angie, that it is ok for the wealthy to play masters of the universe and stick the bill with the people who have the least amount of money? Is that the morality you would like to propagate? I wouldn’t promote a 90% tax on the wealthy but is it too much to ask that the wealthy who make over $250,000 go back to paying Clinton era tax rates? Well, is it, Angie? Because you would definitely be out of touch with mainstream America.

          • RD, if they had compromised at asking people making over 400k or 500k to give back the tax cuts it might have passed. Along with the majority not supporting tax cuts for the rich I think I saw a poll that showed they also support upping the amount of income that constitutes “rich”. I will try to find the poll.

          • That’s not true Theresa. They put out a bill with the cut off being $1 million dollars and the Republicans STILL didn’t go for it.

          • Bernie could not have filibustered the first stimulus since they had the votes. He could have filibustered the health insurance bill, but Vermont got a very good deal. Still Bernie’s stand yesterday was extraordinary and commendable. The Dems got themselves in between a rock and a hard place…really pathetic. The rich investor class keep winning every step of the way.

      • Because he didn’t think it was all that big a deal? Working class people are not in his social milieu. As far as he’s concerned, we’re all a bunch of whiners.
        And sanctimonious.

      • Show me Senator Obama’s hours long speech in defense of the working people against the Rich Greedos….OH, that is right there is NO SUCH SPEECH!

        All the speeches are like concerts, feel good (HOPE, CHANGE, WE ARE THE ONES. blah, blah, blah), but get nothing done.

    • Excuse me, Obama asked for a stimulus that was 45% tax cuts and under a trillion dollars. He got exactly the stimulus he asked for. The Senate Democrats are a total waste, but this man did not lead at all. He got the exact stimulus he proposed.

    • the democrats crafted the bill that Obama wanted. Their fault in all this is not learning soon enough to tell him to shove it.

  2. BTW it looks like the Republicans are pulling away from supporting this bill now. And Harry Reid is crafting a bill in the Senate loaded down with continuing pork—like ethanol subsidies. I think this thing may in fact not pass. With the Repubs in charge of the House and having virtual control in the Senate in the new year who knows what will happen. None of them get it.

    • Would Republicans punt this sucker into next year? Yes, I think they would. And they would probably get everything they want because when people are genuinely hurting, they will agree to just about anything including amputation.
      They are going to stare us down until someone blinks. We have to be steely and not budge.
      It can be done but it will be extremely painful.

    • Is Harry being crafty or doing business as usual loading it up with pork?

      Since the republicans are all anti-pork this time around, what will they do?

    • And ethanol subsidies?, the thing that’s one of the worst things you can do for the environment since it results in slashing and burning in the rain forests. Love that Harry.

    • They are all showing themselves to be corrupt and desperate. There is no leadership, period.

  3. Another great post. And, I really appreciate how you keep reminding readers that this all goes back to Obama lowballing the stimulus. What he did on the stimulus really can not be understated.

  4. Somewhere near Chicago a village is missing an .organizer.

  5. This was another one-two punch by the Republicans. First, Collins demanded the Stimulus be changed to get her vote, then the Republicans convinced people that the Stimulus didn’t work.

    Clinton would have vetoed the Stimulus and called out the Republicans, like the budget battle of 1995.

  6. For those who were waiting for an apology, here’s one in black and white. I don’t care, because the damage is done, but if the pressure builds, maybe he’ll find an excuse to bow out. A girl can dream…

    I’m sorry, Hillary. Please come back.
    by Timpanogus
    Mon Dec 06, 2010

    This is the last straw.

    I gave thousands to help get him elected because I believed, but I’m done giving to Obama. Now, I’m looking for a candidate.

    It started with health care reform (HCR). As various HCR bills languished in committee, I wondered when the white house was going to take charge. We waited and waited, and as we waited, the legislative branch looked more and more hapless. The approval ratings for Democratic legislators fell. In the end, HCR passed, and we all cheered. Yes, it was a BFD. The fallout was palpable, and we lost the house.

    Update To all of you who wish to insult me, please leave comments below. I’m off to bed!

    Poll: 72% support for HRC


  7. This man, a true (democratic) socialist is who tea partiers scorned with their signs wrongly calling Obama a socialist? Sanders is working strenuously for the working class in his opposition to Obama’s compromised tax bill. Like he asked, “How many homes can one own?”. Sanders is one of the few speaking out and speaking for the middle-, working-, and lower-classes.

    How long will conservative Republicans agree that the rich need not pay taxes and also need a tax break? When will they see that increased tax revenue will help us climb out of debt? that trickle-down economics doesn’t work?

    When will they understand the unfairness of republican tax cut policies?

    If they don’t understand whom Bernie Sanders is fighting for, then the answer is never.

  8. Bernie reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Imagine if Obama had done that, with the overwhelming public support he had in the beginning, with the stimulus? People are starved for someone of principle to stand up and fight for the truth–even if it’s not something you particularly agree with or understand. STAND FOR SOMETHING!

  9. Dear Spammy:

    Pleeeease release me, let me goooo.

  10. Does Orville Rickenbacher have a hotline? We are definitely going to need a ton of popcorn, pronto.

  11. Speaking of Bernies, and the rich:

    Bernie Madoff’s son, Mark, found dead

    Mark Madoff was “unalterably bitter” over his father’s deception, a spokesman told the Wall Street Journal recently.

    The two brothers were brokers in their father’s firm, and have said repeatedly they didn’t know of their father’s crimes.


  12. Democrat legislators stopped listening to us long already. Thomas “Tip” O’Neil thought he could blow off any concerns about the House Banking scandal and look what happened, Newt Gingrich and his Contract on American workers.
    In 1999(?) congressional Dems gave the republicans a veto proof majority on the repeal of Glass-Stegal despite Bill’s warnings.
    And so it goes. They couldn’t be bothered to expand CHIPs and Medicaid, let along go with a Public Option or Single Payer.
    This is not your father’s Democratic party.

  13. Soak.

    They want a payroll tax holiday? Fine – then remove the cap and exempt the first 20k of earnings.

    They want to extend the Bush/Obama tax cuts? Fine – then go to a 90% rate for any earnings over 350k…

    That’s what compromise looks like.

    • where do you think business will go with that “compromise” ? You sound like those deranged kids attacking prince charles’ car screaming “off with their heads”.

      • You and Rush Limbaugh forget that the Brits pay onerous tax rates to have things like single payer health care and low cost college tuition.

        While economics might justify an increase tripling tuition is a little much don’t you think?

        The end result of Tony (The Poodle) Blair going along with Bush the Lesser’s Iraq murder spree and UK banks acting like their American counterparts.

        Oh and BTW, how are you going to act when Obama cancels your Social Security and all the money you paid in over the years goes toward bonuses for his rich Wall Street cronies?

      • you are confused. Let me explain.

        Pretend I am President and CEO of Teresainpa inc which makes cookies, very good and somewhat expensive cookies. I sell them at grocery stores all over the country. I have recently because of a lag in sales, laid off 200 employees. I get a big tax break and put millions in the companies bank account. However I still have seen no increase in cookie sales. I am going to hoard that money from the tax break until people start buying my damn cookies. I am NOT going to buy new cookie sheets or ovens or properties and I am certainly NOT going to hire new bakers and cookie decorators or machine engineers. If I did expand production without demand for production I would be a moron.

        that is how business works

        • now you made me hungry.

          • cookies are gooooooood!!
            I like peanut butter and sugar cookies and oatmeal without raisans. I also love chocolate chip with macadamia or walnuts or pecans… or all of them together.

          • I agree. Don’t know what percentage of the 375,000 are small businesses, but a tax hike of 4% would potentially compel businesses to invest in people etc to write off against revenue. But if I get a tax break, I’m probably going to hold on to that extra after-tax earning. As for the wealthy individuals who are not small businesses, they are hoarding cash just like the banks…two trillion dollars worth. Either that or trading in the short term capital markets casino, or investing abroad.

            Raising taxes 4% on those making profits or with high incomes would be the right signal to send. Then start talking about raising top marginal rates and corporate taxes next year. Otherwise, rich individuals and companies will keep sitting on their growing mound of cash which they’re getting courtesy of the Treasury and Fed. But what the Congress is doing is creating more disparity in wealth.

            Bottom line. People in lower and middle income levels are spending/stimulating/investing in aggregate at three times the multiple of those in the top 3% percentile.

          • TW. I think a good case can be made that higher tax rates spur investment while lower rates encourage profit taking now. Higher rates might well be better from an employment standpoint.

          • I agree. This is the one point Hillary made about the US economy a few months back, in the context of a conversation about Brazil I think.

    • My understanding of the provision for payroll tax reduction is that the reduction is from the worker’s share, not the employer’s share. Frankly, that reduction of 2% would be a boost in pay to anyone who has a job. It does have a time cap on it. So that benefit is not for the “rich” but for the worker bees.

      • It is NOT a benefit for the worker bees. That payroll tax cut was a cut in the amount of money that is supposed to go to Social Security. It gives the Republicans a reason to cut benefits to Social Security in the future when there’s a shortfall.
        What it is is short term relief for long term pain and I’m agin it.
        Let the rich give up their estate tax fixation and go back to the Clinton tax rates. That’s fair. Why penalize working people either now or in the future?

        • Obama and his republican pals are counting on people not realizing they are only hurting themselves with payroll tax cuts.
          Also there is a cap on payroll taxes but the rich will get that 2% discount up to it.

      • yeah, but the “worker bees” will have paid less money into their FICA accounts when they retire.

        The worker bees who don’t have other retirement
        savings are the ones who will get screwed by the so called “holiday.”

      • jeez, it is like an attack of republican apologists for Obama today.

        I am fine, as is everyone else, with a break for the worker bees. It is the break for the billionaire owners that makes us sick.

      • My understanding is that balanced against the rollback of the make-work-pay tax credit, the payroll tax cut in the end will be a net minus for the working class. Even Obots have been complaining about this today.

        This whole package the way it sits today is great for the wealthy, potentially okay for the middle class, sucky for the working class, and a temporary relief for some of the unemployed.

  14. The New York Times, WaPo, LA Times etc had no trace of Bernie on page one
    NY Times has a picture with Obama leaving Clinton’s presser. They have a story about Madoff’s lawyers, one about Nassau county’s finances. They have a story about Siberia and one about Sweden using peels and pig innards for heat. Oh, and some news from the War on Christmas.
    A filibuster in the senate on the main issue of the day – not fit to print.
    It was obvious that Clinton was brought in to take the spotlight off Sanders. Additional phone calls did the trick. What Sanders said for 9 hours (and I watched most of it) was subversive. He was representing us, the people. Can’t have that in the media.
    NY Times instead has an article by David Brooks about “Obama’s very Good Week” praising him for being a “network liberal” – which is better than Clinton or Truman did. And how popular the deal is – from polls pulled out of his ass.

    • It was there yesterday. I remember reading it. I should have instapapered that article because I’m sure it existed.
      Yeah, we can count on the Times to deliver only the news it wants you to see, not all that’s fit to print. I mean, really, who gives a flying fig about Siberia’s election problems?? We have to deal with that crap too.

      • Senator Joe Leiberman at work? Only what Senator Joe Leiberman anti-Free Speech wants you to read at work??? It is getting creepy.

        • Remember the NYT is one of the rags that made going into palatable to the American people. I think it was Judith Blumiller that was dick Cheney’s parrot.
          So why shouldn’t they carry water for the republican in the White House.

  15. It is fine to have all these great ideas of how to screw the rich and stick it to the Republicans. But that ignores the reality of the 2010 election. You can claim that the right hammered the Dems and Obama and got the average American to believe a pack of lies about the Dems and O—but then you are saying voters are stupid and don’t know what they are doing and the MSM love affair and support for Dems and O does not exist. These things are delusional. That is what I like so much about the Clintons. They are realists. They work with what is and not with what they want to be.

    I think it is great that we have people like Bernie Sanders who articulate a very different point of view but the majority of Americans are not really there. And to add to that reality we see the social democracies in Europe crumbling under the weight of their benevolent systems. These things make it very hard to sell the kinds of programs that help workers and ordinary people who do not live in the beltway.

    • What happened to the other Jangles?

      The reason Europe is crumbling is because they got into bed with American bankers and Wall Street. That’s reality.
      I don’t think voters are stupid. I think they’re confused. There’s a ton of news sources out there and I can’t think of one of them that will reliably report the news without an agenda.
      I saw the comments in the article on Bernie Sanders in the NYTimes yesterday and he was getting praise and support for what he did. That’s reality. But you’ll never hear about it. Even the most fervent Fox News lover, and my mom is one of them, has a soft spot for the most liberal programs like Social Security and medicare. If you take the time to talk to them, you find this out very easily. Obama could have reached these people if he’d wanted to. The Democrats did not have to lose Congress to the Republicans. But they are misreading the American people if they think that Republicanism is what Americans want. It is not.
      Personally, if I weren’t so worried about plunging us all off the cliff, I’d give it to them. Let Americans see what it is the Republicans have in mind. I think it would do a world of good.

    • Well, the voters don’t seem to be with Obama on this deal:


      Also, the year following the Democrats losing Congress under Bill Clinton, Bill allowed Gingrich to shut down the federal government rather than cut Medicare, so I think it is highly debatable to say with certainty that either Clinton would have proposed extending the Bush cuts. Finally, Europe is NOT crumbling under the weight of their social safety net. That’s just not the case. They are crumbling under the weight of the Euro and the world wide recession.

      As an aside, as one who is related to one of the super wealthy, they don’t get “screwed” by Clinton-era taxation, and the rich have been out of recession for over a year. They are living fabulously and laughing all the way to the bank.

      • During this recession, my boss, who makes more than ten times what I do, bought a weekend home in Lake Tahoe, and another house for one of his sons. But he can’t afford the extra 4%? I doubt it.

    • Here’s some more “reality” for you: Iceland is recovering after a devastating insolvency but Ireland is sinking deeper into recession for doing exactly what the Republicans and Obama would force on us- austerity before accountability.
      Iceland forced the banks to suffer their losses. Ireland capitulated to them. Which people are better off?

      Don’t offer me multiple bad choices and tell me it’s reality. Tell me the truth and let me figure it out. That’s democracy.

      • In the words of John Lennon, “Just Gimme Some Truth.”

      • Iceland did accountability and austerity. The US should have never bailed out the banks.

        • But then the bank wouldn’t have been so generous next election cycle.
          All the Obamatic charisma in the would won’t get you elected if you can’t pay to get it on TV.

        • Yes, but their austerity is going to be much shorter. Ours and the rest of the world’s is going to drag on for decades.
          By the way, Iceland is run by a bunch of women. Don’t know if that has anything to do with the approach they took but I suspect the dick wagging of the finance guys didn’t work very well in Iceland.

        • Germany is doing pretty well, so long as they aren’t drug under trying to keep the rest of Europe afloat. But the Gernan government and the Bundesbank never bought into the US style crony capitalism.

        • Iceland had to choose austerity because they don’t print their own money and most of their creditors were non Icelandic. Same problem many of the Euro nations are facing now. We do print our own money, and that allowed the Fed to engage in what is amounting to a 6 trillion dollar bailout of the economy. That is freaking out our government right now and accounting for so much of the austerity panic. What we need urgently is for the companies and people who got much of that 6 trillion to invest in our people and in our future. Part of this will mean we’ll see the rich spending more lavishly, it will not be pretty, but that is still better for the economy that hoarding cash. As far as tax policy goes however, we should have definitely skewed the stimulus more to the working class, and if we are going to deficit spend anyway to revive the economy for everyone, the government should be investing in long term infrastructure projects in energy, high tech, physical infrastructure etc, and get people working again. Obama is not leading.

    • ummm jangles, what happened in the election of 2010 is that people saw that Obama did not have a clue about how to run the country and even those who thought the healthcare bill should have had a public option (including many republicans) and that the stimulis was not bad because it cost too much but because it was INEFFECTIVE, TOO SMALL AND HAD THE WRONG FOCUS, (yes, including many republicans) voted against the democrats because American people do not like weakness and stupidty.
      The fact is that no one but a few cranks would have cared how big the stimulus was and how liberal the healthcare bill was if those too things were EFFECTIVE.

      Again, Americans do not like weak stupid leaders who only focus on their next election.
      In addition, republicans went to the polls and democrats did not. Plain and simple. That does not dismiss Obama and the Ds from acting like democrats. Those who are left in office, including the President, were elected in the first place to act like democrats.
      Why do people like you alway take the wrong message from an election?

  16. “Republicans willl never be satisfied with this compromise. ..they want it all and they won’t be happy until they get it”. Truth RD, that’s the truth and I am grateful to you for speaking it. Say it again, and again..and again…until every Obama apologist hears it….”the Repubs want it all and they won’t be happy until they get it…”

  17. I’m disappointed that Bill Clinton is supporting Obama in this Obama Republican tax bill shite..

    • Bill isn’t supporting Obama, he is supporting the Democrat brand, unfortunately for us that brand is represented by the Plastic Messiah.

    • You mean, your sorry that Clinton has to go save Obama’s bacon once more?

      Wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall when they met yesterday?

      BC: Whooo-weeee! You really fucked up. Fucked up good.
      BO: {{rolling eyes}} So, can you help me sell this thing? And listen, I don’t have a lot of time, Michelle’s got some girl scout christmas party or something.
      BC: Yessiree, that stimulus package was a *dawg*. What did Christina Roemer tell you?
      BO: Do we really need to go over this? It’s in the past and I just want to move…
      BC: {{louder and sterner}} What did Christina Roemer tell you?
      BO: $1.2 trillion but…
      BC: $1.2 trillion. And you had majorities in the Senate and the House. A *filibuster* proof majority in the senate. I never had that.
      BO: It wasn’t that easy. Ben Nelson and Joe Lie…
      BC: Know what? Excuses are like assholes; everyone’s got’em.
      BO: {{silently fuming}}
      BC: I don’t know Barry. I spent the fall workin’ my tail off for you and the Democrats but I’ma tellin’ you. People out there are ticked off.
      BO: Yes and…
      BC: And now you’re going to have to deal with Republicans in Congress. Shit, Barry, you can’t handle this job when you’ve got everything going for you. Whatcha going to do when they’re probin’ your underwear drawer? You think Michelle’s got PMS now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until your first congressional hearing.
      BO: Can we just get on with it? We haven’t got time.
      BC: Oh, I have all the time in the world. You’re the one with the ticking clock. We’re going to do this MY way from now on, got that?
      BO: {{nods}}
      BC: You do exactly what I tell you. Because you’re forcing me to go out there and defend this piece of shit. From now on, when I say “jump!”, you say, “how high?” Got that?
      BO: {{nods and rolls eyes}}
      BC: Don’t you look at me in that tone of voice. I’ll just get up and leave you here. I’ve got people in Africa who need me more than you do.
      BO: {{Grinds teeth}} Ok. What do you want me to do?
      BC: Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and write this down…

    • Bill Clinton is taking some of the heat off Obama because Obama fucked up the negotiation with the Republicans after the midterms. Bill Clinton as Potus would not have let himself and the American people get into this position…notwithstanding all the over simplified generalizing about his love for triangulation. The Republicans hold the cards now and come January, they could bring a wave of austerity that would be truly horrible. Bill Clinton came in to stem the bleeding, and Obama left the kitchen because it was getting too hot. He should have thanked Bill Clinton.

  18. Oh, lord. I just spent an hour arguing with some idiots at the big orange about NAFTA. They are sure it’s what killed the economy completing ignoring the fact that the multinationals have been leaving the country for decades in search of cheap labor.

    • NAFTA. Yeah, because there are just sooooo many Mexican chemists out there just waiting to *snatch our jobs*.
      Look, can we just agree that anyone who uses NAFTA as an excuse to diss the Clintons is a nitwit who doesn’t understand what’s really going on?

      • Thanks. That’s what I’ve come to believe too.

      • Nah! Those chemists are too busy making the big bucks working for the Mexican drug lords to consider the peanuts Big Pharma would pay until they get set up in China.

    • Your first mistake was going to the Big Cheeze Snak the second was engaging the kossholes in debate.

    • NAFTA is peanuts. Those orange people are funny.

  19. Great post, especially about Izvestia deep-sixing its community.

    As AA says, “principles before personalities.” What Bernie says is right because it is right. It isn’t right because Bernie says it.

    • Yeah, the NYTimes thingy was downright creepy. I’ve looked all over the website and can’t find it. there were hundreds of comments, a lot of them positive. In fact, I recommended some of them. So, what gives?
      Someone really doesn’t want working class people to have a voice. That’s disturbing.

      • NYT did this earlier in the week when they made a wildly inaccurate prediction about a sporting event. I think the claim is that they frequently update their online stories. I’m not sure why updatuing means scrubbing the old story and replacing it with a watered-down version.

      • last week the folks at morning joe were all creeped out because a comment by some NYTs pundit about the Jets/whosits game where the jets got hosed, but the pundit said they were going to win, was disapeared down the memory hole. I was amazed that they didn’t realize shit was being sent down the memory hole ever since bush took office.
        Now the papers are protecting us from Bernie? Bet Joe and gang won’t talk about that.

      • A similar thing happened after the Clinton Ohio win. That’s when I began to fathom the unfathomable at NYT. I’m still so naive at some things.

  20. About Walker’s comment: “The math simply doesn’t work.” Yes it does. Tony Wikrent calculated how much the parasitical financial sector sucks out of the real economy:

    Today, the trading of all the stocks, bonds, futures, foreign exchange, and other financial instruments amounts to over fifty times U.S. GDP, or around three trillion dollars a day in the U.S. …

    How much does it cost our economy to move around this much financial paper each and every day? Let us assume that the fees, commissions, and so on paid to the financial system for all this frenetic activity amount to one percent. (An October 2003 study conducted by John P. Hussman, President of Hussman Investment Trust, found that the costs to the funds he manages actually amounted to approximately 1.87%; scroll down to the bottom.)

    So, one percent of three trillion a day is $30 billion in commissions / fees / bonuses, etc., paid to the financial system for all that paper being shoved around. $30 billion a day going to the financial system in fees and commissions? Couldn’t that be used instead to pay 600,000 (six hundred thousand) jobs paying $50,000 a year?

    Taken ten days of trading away from the financial markets, and we can pay for six million jobs. Six. Million. Jobs.

    The numbers totally work. Kill the financial parasites that infest the real economy, and the numbers totally work. We could start by putting the bankster CEOs and orange jumpsuits, and having them do the perp walk on national teebee. That would restore confidence!

  21. […] Riverdaughter It’s wrong, Bill.  You may see Obama as facing a pragmatic dilema, trying to cut a deal to keep us from falling further.  But the problem is fundamental.  And it can’t be covered up or deleted from media websites and explained away as being the best that can be arranged at this late date before the Republicans take power.  It must be addressed.  Is it moral to steal from working Americans and are you going to let them get away with it? […]

  22. Well, I learned most about Bernies’ speech at the Guardian! They have an article on, not just what he said, but the significance of his doing it at all.

    p.s. I took Bill Clinton’s words literally – that this was the best deal OBama could get. This does not mean it was the best deal to be had.

  23. Bernie was on the Money!!!!! The big Dawg was displaying his corporate leanings. I like Bill Clinton, but he disappointed me when he came out for Obama’s tax deal with the rethugs. I wonder what Hillary thinks?

    • It was late in the game. Big Dawg thinks about the economy for all Americans before he thinks about Corporations. He put a chunk of his reputation and legacy on the line by standing at that podium yesterday. Most of the progressive left thinks he was selling out to the wealth class and to his foundation. Most of the progressive left who blog are idiots, especially about the economy imho. They are much smarter about anti war politics.

      • Bill Clinton knows how to spin, and that’s what he did. Those who understand that, will dismiss the spin and know that BC is just playing politics for the Democratic Party that chose Obama. Those with CDS won’t be moved. The koolaid drinkers who believe O did the best, will nod and say thank you to BC for helping their Oprecious. The Wall Street plutocrats give the Clinton Foundation a few millions from their billion tax cut.
        Everybody wins, except the poor working class.

        I can’t blame Bil. There’s lots to lose, and nothing to be gain by playing it like Bernie Sanders.

        • 😳 nothing to be gained by playing it like Bernie Sanders.

        • If Bill were Potus, he would not have let things get to the point where the Repubs were holding the UI hostage while demanding tax cuts for the wealthy. The cards were already played by Obama (willfully or not). Repubs had him trumped, and they would have come in with their majority in January and threatened the UI and possibly more. At this late stage, Bill was only there to take some of the heat off Obama, and Obama showed his gratitude by ditching him in the middle of a press conference. That way at least the angry Progs and Dems can vent their anger at Clinton re the tax cuts to the wealthy.

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