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They won't let me do it!

Gates: Senate ‘don’t ask’ vote leaves military ‘at mercy of courts’

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Friday that the military would be placed “at the mercy of the courts” by the Senate’s failure to overturn the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law and warned that chaos could result if pending legal challenges are successful.

As he flew back to Washington from a week-long trip to Afghanistan and the Middle East, Gates said he was “disappointed” by the Senate’s defeat of a measure that would have enabled gays and lesbians to serve openly in uniform. He said he hoped Congress would change its mind before it adjourns in the coming days.

“If they are unable to do that,” he told reporters traveling with him, “my greatest worry will be that then we’re at the mercy of the courts and all of the lack of predictability that that entails.”

The Defense Department faces several lawsuits that are working their way through the federal courts and threaten to toss out don’t ask, don’t tell – regardless of whether Congress acts. The Obama administration has been placed in the awkward position of arguing to uphold the law in court, even as Obama lobbies Congress to change it.

Uh, no.

Obama doesn’t have to defend DADT on appeal. Let me repeat that:


What you see is kabuki – Obama and the Democrats don’t really want to repeal DADT, but they want to make it look like it’s the Republicans fault. In boxing it’s called “taking a dive.”

If you don’t believe me then prove me wrong.

Watch closely – his lips are moving:

10 Responses

  1. I have been LMAO all day at the fallout from loving followers of Teh Precious over this failure. It seems to have caught them off-gaurd (although we, of course, expected it). On of Teh Precious’s biggest cheerleaders posted this on her FB status today:

    President Obama has been tweeting all day about how we need to tell Washington to repeal DADT. I support the president, and I’m glad we have a president who is social-media-savvy, but frankly, being TWEETED at on the topic by the one person IN THE WORLD who can suspend all homosexual conduct discharges by executive order kind of pisses me off.
    This makes me laugh for several reasons. First, and foremost, she isn’t shocked & disgusted that the POTUS is actually tweeting, but that he is tweeting about this. Second, she actually follows the tweets from this twit. Third, you can see she’s still in love with him & doesn’t want to admit he is using her so that creates utter confusion. It doesn’t matter what he does, how mad she gets, she will vote for him again & again & again.

    • Ha! Here is her follow up comment:

      I mean, I know he’s said he wants it to go through Congress. I know he made discharge much more difficult by changing who could do it. I guess it’s good we have a president who opposes DADT at all. But I am still very, very angry about yesterday, and having lame generalities tweeted at me, as if I’M the one who’s supposed to be getting the job done here, just makes me furious in a knee-jerk way that I don’t know is entirely fair but don’t think is entirely wrong.


      I want to tell her not to expect any support from the other Obots on her friend list, and, in fact, I am eagerly awaiting someone of them to call her a r@cist so she can see what her blind devotion to Obama for the last 2 years has wrought, but I’m staying out of it. This is something she’s going to have to learn on her own.

      • All I have to say is go back in the archives and see WHO went on the Gay bashing tour with the wacko preacho…

        I feel for them, but those of us that SAW, were attacked for SEEING! Ay Caramba!

        Pobrecitos is spot on…

    • Seems Obama is looking for a distraction from his recent betrayal. Also, creating a paper trail with the tweets – the way a lawyer would teach a client to do – to “prove intent”.
      It’s all CYA with this guy.

    • You mean someone uses Facebook to communicate higher thoughts that pictures of their cat? Amazing.

      Pretty danged funny though, she’s FB’ing her complaints about his tweets.

  2. So far, Obama attacked the court order ending DADT 3 times (once the main order, 2 times the injunction requiring immediate effect)
    And in the same vein, on the tax cuts for billionaires, Obama gave Rs more than they even wanted

  3. […] more here: Pobrecitos! Posted by admin | Categories: Uncategorized | Tagged: barack-obama, dadt, dadt-on-appeal, […]

  4. From my Facebook on OBAMA/DADT:

    “A few weeks ago Obama could have ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” [DADT] just by sitting on his ass and not appealing Federal Judge Virginia Phillips ruling in favor of Gay Republicans. But no, Obama claimed a pristine, uncontaminated victory was required when it came to gays. Obama’s had his DoJ appeal, claiming repeal… of DADT “would irreparably harm the US Military” even though the top brass said they could live with it. More in comments:

    So let’s see how history would work out if Obama were in Lincoln’s shoes. With apologies to “Peabody’s Improbable History”…


    Mr. Peabody: “Sherman, let’s set the WAYBAC machine to summer of 1862 with President Lincoln meeting with Fre…drick Douglas”:



    Fredrick Douglas: “but Sir, surely you are joking, you have it within your power…the war powers act allows…

    Obama, as President Lincoln: “look Fredrick, let’s not rush to judgment here, we all need to make sacrifices, we need a uncontaminated victory here, slavery will just have to stand until we can get a post partisan compromise through congress…

    Fredrick Douglas: “but Sir, to pass civil rights protection through congress will take over one hundred years…think of all the lives that will be ruined because you do not use the weapon you have in your hand…

    Obama, as President Lincoln: “look Fredrick” with rhetoric soaring “the lives of the men and women who pass through this crucible of pain will have their suffering sanctified by the knowledge that theirs was a victory that glorified the precepts of purity and prudence”

    Fredrick Douglas: “President Lincoln with all due respect…”



    Mr. Peabody: “Well…let’s leave the conversation there Sherman…I hope you learned something here.”

    Sherman: “So Mr. Peabody, did slavery end with congressional action?”

    Mr. Peabody: “No Sherman, Lincoln, while a flawed man, always had moral doubts about slavery and when an opportunity presented itself, he pushed through a very unpopular proclamation disguised as a military strategy…nobody was fooled, it was an obvious maneuver and his popularity suffered greatly, but it began the long march towards racial equality in the United States and the promise of the declaration “that all men are created equal.”

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