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      I first read Limits To Growth sometime around 1968. Limits used computer models to predict possible futures of resource use, pollution and population over-shoot. At the time I thought it was right, and everything since then has come in about as it said. I found this chart from it, with a couple of added date lines in an excellent post on the retrospective bo […]
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Open Bar; Open Thread


The drinks are on me.

56 Responses

  1. Tommy’s eyes were starting to freak me out. So here’s a new thread for the evening.

    • Too bad there’s no Democrat in Washington that can give the Republicans the heebee jeebees.

  2. I’d like something that warms me up. I’ll have a good Spanish cognac, Gran Duque d’Alba

  3. Here’s a funny story

  4. $%#*, I’ve discovered Netflicks on the iPad. This is amazing. Ok, there are still a lot of films I can’t stream but at $7.99 a month, this is a bahgain.
    I will never leave the basement.
    Just send some food and wine down occasionally.

    • How does that work? Do you just sit on the couch and watch movies on your lap?

      • yup. flip open the laptop, plug the earbuds in, tap on netflix.
        it’s that easy. That’s what makes it so scary. I hadn’t really taken advantage of it until today. I thought, “I’ll get around to it eventually. No hurry. It’s not going anywhere.”
        but then I tried it today. I streamed Gosford Park. OMG. It was great.

        • Then it was Ondine. I’m going to watch the secret of kells in a moment,
          For $7.99/month. can you believe it??
          If I still want DVD’s,. I can just use my old account level and add $2. I wanted A Funny Thing happened on the Way to the Forum but it’s not streamable. So I have to order it.
          One thing I worry about is whether they are going to start making certain movies unavailable. Like foreign language films, for instance. When I first got Dish, I could find all kinds of subtitled films to rent. No mas. I don’t know where they all went but I suspect that the marketing majors had something to do with it.

          • We’re tied to Cable because MIL (who lives with us) couldn’t possibly handle streaming or DVDs but, I’m tempted to get Netflix just to be in on the fun.

          • $7.99/monty for unlimited movies! Rhapsody charges $15/month for unlimited music. I don’t know why, but for some reason I expected movies to cost more than music. Great deal there.

          • Netflix is great. And if the foreign movies go away, it’s an opportunity for someone else to offer such things and make a new business.

          • Do you have to make a commitment to a long term subscription. Rights to those newer releases and popular dramas are getting expensive for Netflix. They are already yanking some films and offering more tv shows. I loved Gosford Park.

          • Movies are made for big screens.

          • Agree. That’s why I have a big screen.

          • I just watched 2 foreign films. They were great. “Nowhere in Africa” and ” mid August Lunch”. Can’t beat NetFlix! I can stream directly to the big tv or can watch on iPad. The foreign films are a treasure trove. You could watch a movie while waiting for an appointment. I have been a member since they first started.

          • Jeez, this is turning into an ad for Netflix.
            Go check out the website at Netflix.
            I stream on my iPad. I have a wii that will stream directly to my tv but as I understand it, the wii is not optimized for 1080p. So, I’ll probably end up getting an apple tv or roku box. Dirt cheap. In fact, if I didn’t love my hbo, Showtime, cable, id get rid of it altogether.

    • RD
      since you are the geek around here I have question. My internet connection with comcast and they give you like 250 gig/ month. I always get in trouble with them for going over that. Now I am thinking of getting Netflix how bad would that aggrivate the situation for me, mind you I don’t want to go back to mail netflix

  5. The plot thickens
    Assange: If something happens to me.

    With Julian Assange’s arrest now seen by many to be a matter of days if not hours, it seems that the Wikileaks founder has taken some modest retaliation precautions, primarily along the lines of the infamous “letter in the mail should something happen to me.”
    from MSNBC:
    An “insurance” file has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks site by tens of thousand of supporters, the newspaper reported, meant to trigger a deluge of national and commercial secrets if Assange’s activites are curtailed.

Computer experts interviewed by the newspaper said it was unlikely that the U.S. could defeat the encryption in the files. The Sunday Times reported that the U.S. Defense Department said it was aware of the insurance file, which has been available for download since July.

The insurance file seems meant as a threat to governments that would attempt to stop Assange from releasing even more documents — or at least to ensure that the material could be released in the event that WikiLeaks is driven offline or Assange is arrested.

  6. Speaking of movies, don’t know what to say about this one…

  7. What happened to Murphy? Her site doesn’t come up – since yesterday.
    Also, the Morning Sneeze – a little conversation for ya

  8. It seems like half a dozen websites I visit are down. Are you all in the bar ignoring your blogs??

    Just a heads up for people who may be tempted to kick their computers. It’s not you, several sites seem to be experiencing technical difficulties.

  9. From Corrente, Harry Reid accidentally tells the truth.

    “[REID] It’s time Republicans realize, like Charlie Brown and Lucy, that we’re on the same team.”

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