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No sh*t?


Palin book signing a tightly controlled operation

Members of the media and book-toting Sarah Palin supporters were asked to follow a surprisingly strict set of guidelines Friday as the former Alaska governor appeared in South Carolina on the final stop of a tour to promote her new book, “America By Heart.”

Palin has been met with long lines at each stop during the two-week book tour, but fans at a Books-A-Million in suburban Columbia actually had to line up at the store twice: Once on Wednesday to enter a lottery for one of 500 wristbands that would guarantee them entry into the event, and if they got lucky, again on Friday night to actually meet the former Alaska governor.

Once inside, customers were required to present receipts for their books as a proof of purchase. They waited patiently as country music wafted through the box store, and several customers told CNN they had trekked all the way from Georgia or North Carolina for a moment with Palin.

That was until a store employee told the reporter that press were not permitted to speak with customers inside the store, or leave the roped-off cafe area that had been designated for them.

“It’s a Sarah rule, not our rule,” the employee said, apologetically. Another store representative told reporters that the strict rules were handed down via Palin’s publishing house, HarperCollins.

Why is this even a story? Palin doesn’t want to let the unfriendly media ambush her so she keeps them at arm’s length. She also doesn’t want to get ambushed by some crazed Obot so she has started using a security detail.

They wouldn’t need all these rules for the media if the media wasn’t obsessively dogging every move she makes. Jeebus, people! She’s not even a candidate yet!

Which begs the question – if she can’t possibly win why do they care what she does?

70 Responses

  1. Despite what she says, many are thinking the same thing (though he must be a reformed Obot, because he calls Obama ‘terminally decent.’ A few of the commenters turned my stomach with their misogynistic CDS. I always forget how vile the commentary can be when a woman is involved. Some pig sitting on his couch feels he has the right to physically deconstruct a strong woman leader. Ugh.

    Hillary ’12: Democrats’ only hope
    By Reese Palley

    But we can’t depend on hope alone this time. In seeking a replacement for the terminally decent Obama, we must look for a candidate with more political savvy. And speaking of the tough hill that Democrats face climbing, who better than Hillary?

    As far as realistic politics are concerned, she either learned them from or taught them to a master, her husband. She would have no problem in terms of name recognition. And her own health-care debacle taught her not to push politically sluggardly Americans too far. Her campaign would be able to portray her as a policy expert capable of recasting Obamacare, robbing the Republicans of a potent issue.

    So let me be among the first to rally my fellow dystrophic Democrats around a winner from whom the presidency was snatched by an accidental, blind passion. Hillary for president: It sounds pretty good.

    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

    • Reese Palley can go suck on a stick!!! You can’t float Hillary’s name for 2012 in the same article where you call Obama “terminally decent”. His presidency wasn’t done in by “terminal decency”. He was incompetent, deceitful, indecisive, lazy, arrogant, inexperienced, politically naive, duplicitous etc. etc. Just cut the crap!

      “So let me be among the first to rally my fellow dystrophic Democrats around a winner from whom the presidency was snatched by an accidental, blind passion. Hillary for president” No dude, the presidency wasn’t snatched from HIllary by an accidental blind passion. SHE (WE) WAS ROBBED!!! How about some “terminal honesty” from the president’s supporters. Nothing short of that will unite this party!

      • YES!

      • Because reminding O-bots of their vile thuggish behaviors in 2008 wont win them over. At least the ones who realize they been bussed.

        When you see the DUies starting to question the Plastic Messiah you know some are wakening from their stupor, rubbing their faces in it would be counter productive.

        • I’m not trying to win them over any more than they felt they had to win me over in 2008. Many of us Hillary supporters had our faces rubbed in all kinds of crap in “08 and even later; especially those of us who happen to be Black females, like myself. Not just on the internet but in our real world lives.

          The alienation and hostility was an eye opener. I thought we were free and we could choose who we wanted to. But apparently not. So don’t look for me to play nice. Sometimes people who are kicked out of a club decide to burn the club house down.

          • I showed my appreciation of the treatment meted out to Hillary and her supporters by voting McCain/Palin in 2008. If Hillary isn’t the nominee in 2012, I’ll vote for Attila the Hun if he runs as a republican.
            Until then I’m for getting former ‘Bots on board.

          • Joanie, I totally get this. I am a white lesbian, and I could not believe the misogyny and blind faith in 0 that my friends showed. Here was Hillary, someone who had pounded the pavement as a competent public servant, and who had supported and advocated for us FOR DECADES, and most of my so-called feminist friends couldn’t give her the time of day. She could not get their damn support, but once 0 showed up, they were delirious, oblivious, intoxicated.

            They bought all the myths–hook, line, and sinker. And the vibe that something was wrong with me (ie: r@cist) was so palpable. I could see them struggling not to accuse me, but only because we’ve been friends for years and they know the work I do. I can only imagine what the pressures were on you.

            Truly, I learned more about the status of women during that election than I had in my entire life. And what I learned was disgusting and enraging.

          • Progressive race-baiting on behalf of Obama has set back race relations in this country imho. As for sexism, we might as well be back to the 1960s in many ways. Progressive boyz and girlz have actually been regressive for liberal values, and that drives me up the wall because I know how hard generations have fought to get us into the 21st century. And today so many of the kids who inherited and benefited from these hard won values have gone and fucked it all up. Will they clean up the mess they’ve made…nooo, they’re too proud.

      • Honk honk.

      • Hear hear.

  2. The obsession is very strange… it never fails to delight me to remind my Obot brother that Palin is the invention of Obots.

  3. I’m going through a lot of popcorn on this race, and it hasn’t even started yet.

    • Good Morning, hope you are all doing well. Why would the repubos want her as president when they have the perfect sap now?

      ps. Salty popcorn? wish I knew a little better brand than redenbacker 🙂

      • I don’t think the Repub establishment wants anyone else but Obama to tell the truth. I think they’ll want to push a sure loser like Newt or magic underpants Mitt so Obama can have the rest of his turn. It’s a game both parties play.

        We should do a survey and tasting competition for popcorn. I think we’ll be having lots of it. 🙂

      • I like Paul Newman’s when I’m not popping my own. Not as salty as Redenbacher, and the profits go to charities I like. But making popcorn in a pot on the stove is actually pretty easy, doesn’t take very long, and you control the butter and the salt. Or the garlic. . .

    • bought some more stock….:lol:

  4. The OFB wil hate me for saying this (but they do already) but the Palin supporters are really fired up & ready to go, aren’t they?

  5. Charles Blow has yet another opinion piece on Palin today in the Times. The gist is like the Fight Club motto: the first rule of talking about Sarah Palin in the media is we don’t talk about Sarah Palin in the media. The Times editorial team sounds about one grade older than the TMZ network these days.

  6. Heh heh. I saw a story yesterday where a CNN news crew had an “unscripted moment with Sarah”. It consisted of them asking if she had decided to run for President and her saying no. They then asked for her response to something Mitt said on Tonight. She asked “what dd he say?”.

    That was the entire story and they played it up. Jeez.

  7. Mitt’s presidential aspirations are toast, all you need do is remind the Tea Party crowd that ABM care is Romney care writ large.

    • MM,
      Tea partiers won’t vote for Romney but a lot of desperate dems will. I predict. It’s nothing to do with centrism or bipartisanship. Weird

      It’s like if you could pick your poison

  8. For all of CNN’s self-aggrandizing, they basically created this story by breaking into a book signing line the other day. Then they report on “Sarah’s rules” which had to be enforced because CNN can’t stand the fact that Palin has absolutely no use for the 4th rated news network (behind their own Headline News).

    Palin greatly benefitted by polarization and Obotism. All things being equal, she would have stayed governor of Alaska to build up her credibility and done the occasional Fox interview. The Alaska legislature, where both Democrats and Murkowski Republicans both hate her, were filing ethics charges everytime she wasn’t doing state business by leaving the state.

    So, she decided not to play their game. Palin isn’t making Republicans or Democrats very happy now. The Romney contingent thinks that it’s his time and knows they can’t beat Sarah Palin among the base. The Democrats think Obama might be slick enough to beat her, but they know they can beat Romney. Plus, she won’t play the McCain “I think Obama would be a fine president” game. She’ll also have three years of Obama as a bad president to campaign on.

  9. If Sarah is the Repub nominee in 2012 I hope she gives BO another fat lip during the campaign. Even if she loses, it would be great to see her punch back — and reload — at every turn. He might need more than 12 stitches if he runs against her.

  10. I met her on Monday.

    It’s an absolute lie that Palin/HarperCollins won’t allow the press to interview those waiting in line. I was interviewed by 3 members of the media (2 broadcast, 1 print) while waiting in line – the first time occurring after the wristband hand-out, the last occurring 15 minutes before she arrived. Others around me were talked to as well.

    I will say the employees of Barnes & Noble were laughably pathetic in their (lack of) knowledge of what was going on. Each employee told you something completely different about what was going on/the rules/etc. As well, the media was laughably pathetic in that they had absolutely no clue about the basics of the event or of Palin. Not a big surprise.

  11. There’s something odd about posting all these stories about Sarah Palin so you can call them non-stories. Does this poster speak for the Confluence as a whole? The voluminous Palin coverage here is hypocritical at best and outright far-right fanaticism at worst. Exposing misogyny is one thing. Overt apology and support for a homophobic, migrant-hating woman flies in the face of every liberal principle Hillary represents. Yes, people treat Palin despicably. But calling them out really doesn’t require this obsession with her as a victim.

    And “I told you so” doesn’t do much for me as a rallying cry for the betterment of the world.

    I remain an avid Hillary supporter looking for a community.

    • I didn’t know Palin was homophobic. Pretty sure that Obama is though. He is the one who actually campaigned with a well known gay hater. He is also the one who promoted blatant misogyny.

      • She’s not homophobic. Les is just blabbering.

        Sarah’s best friend is a lesbian and her first veto as Governor was used to block a bill that would’ve barred same-sex partners from receiving state employee benefits. The move, effectively, granted State of Alaska benefits to same-sex couples.

    • This poster speaks only for himself.

      I cover Sarah Palin because it amuses me to piss off the people who hate her.

      I like seeing their heads explode.

      • The post is about CNN blowing out of proportion the idea that Sarah Palin would dare to want an orderly event where hundreds of people are clamoring for a signature. The post is not about how Sarah Palin book signings are not news. If it were, there would be no reason for myiq to write it.

      • I love an open discussion.

      • Apparently for some, to enter a Palin post and comment is like being captured in the movie Hotel Hell. Enter at your own risk, you may be eaten.

  12. “Why is this a story?” So no one will talk about the 9 trillion additiona ldollars recently distributed to the Banksters!

    • Wow, I never even heard about that. That will require some looking around but it has to have been some Fed action behind the scenes.

  13. Riverdaughter,

    Yesterday I saw for 2 seconds an announcement on CNN that the Gov’t distrubuted another 9 trillion dollars to the banksters, before CNN went into a 20 minute diatribe about Sarah Palin’s book signing. Does anyone have any details about this?

  14. Rumblings of discontent on Palin

    This is one of the more realistic views I’ve seen on Palin and the GOP pros. The issue is they don’t think she can beat Obama.

    The most basic underpinning for this view is the notion that she can’t beat Obama, and I think this is a profoundly mistaken assumption. It is based on a too-abstract understanding of the qualifications for the presidency: It holds Palin up against an ideal presidential résumé, and finds her inadequate — which is true enough, but neither fair nor quite relevant. It’s important to remember that in a 2012 general election, she would be confronting not an ideal presidential profile, but an all-too-human flesh-and-blood opponent. The choice between Palin and Obama, phrased in the least flattering (to Palin) possible way, is a choice between a woman who may turn out to be seriously inadequate to the job and, therefore, become a failed president; and a man who has already convincingly demonstrated that he is seriously inadequate to the job and, therefore, already is a failed president. This rather changes the “electability” issue, doesn’t it?

    I think you can’t discount the potential that if she were to win, even the nomination, the consultant class grip on power might get dislodged. I believe that scares the beejesus out of them.

    • Remember all the pundits who said that Bill Clinton couldn’t be president because Arkansas was supposedly dead last in education or something? No one is qualified to be president until they become president. I’ll take a “half-term Governor” over a half-term Senator, though.

      • Yep and they ran against using that. Worked well didn’t it? 🙂

      • Palin may have the same common touch and appeal to the media that Clinton has but that’s where the similarities end.

        • I have no idea if that is true or not, and neither do you.

          • Yeah, I do. Bill Clinton had a long history as a governor, something like twelve years, to draw from as an executive. Although he was business-friendly, he was a dyed-in-the wool Democrat who’s policy positions are almost diametrically opposed to those promoted by Palin.

          • Since Palin hasn’t promoted any policies yet, out of the context of an election race, you don’t know jack about what they might wind up.

          • RalphB, if you haven’t picked up on any of Palin’s “policies”, you haven’t been paying attention. Palin, just a few days ago, ripped into the new school lunch program in more than one interview. To be perfectly clear about it, I support feeding school children healthy food. Palin says that it should be up to the parents to provided their children with healthy food. That is a fundamental policy difference that I have with Palin (and probably with every other GOP hopeful) but it’s certainly enough to indicate that Palin is promoting her views/policies constantly.

  15. There’s no Democratic candidate that can win in 2012. I’m getting ready to accept a Republican president in 2012.

  16. Oh, not only can she win but she is going to win! For better or worse I think she is going to be the next President. That is, if she runs. It is hers for the taking.

    • I don’t think that Palin could win against Obama even if the economy is still in the tank. She’s gone too far to the right to ever reclaim the label of a moderate Republican.

      • Palin never had the media label of a moderate. People who have looked at her record of governance can see politically moderate actions. Being a moderate isn’t really going to hurt her chances in an election, though. The last 3 Republican presidents ran as conservative. When Bush 1 came off as too liberal because of tax cuts, it hurt him with his base in 1992.

        • While the media may not have seen Palin as a moderate, those who looked at her record saw one in her thin resume. Now, looking at her record, in particular, her Tea Party endorsements and tendency to shoot from the hip, Palin has shown herself to be more like GWBush than even Obama has been.
          I fear for the survival of our country if the best we have to choose from in 2012 is Obama or Palin.

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by puma, mbfromhb. mbfromhb said: https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/no-sht/ […]

  18. I’ll defend Palin and her family against sexist attacks. Any opportunity to call out and slap back at the prog boys, I’m game. But I won’t pay attention to Palin beyond that until she has specific proposals for the economy and foreign policy. I realize she has potential as a populist leader, but populism does not equal anarchy for me, because what is the point of anarchy…I’m all ears. I want to know what I’m protesting for, not just against. What laws, what policies, what solutions, what results, what outcomes for people. I have little sense of that from Palin so far.

    • No one has heard enough, beyond some rhetoric, to know what her policy positions would be. I’m with you in that I only know one person I absolutely could not vote for and that’s Obama, based on the record.

      I kind of like Palin’s record as governor. It seemed down the middle and people oriented to me. At least what I found that wasn’t pure BS from one side or the other.

      • Supporting candidates like Sharron Angle, Joe Miller and Christine O’Donnell is an open window into the kinds of policies Palin would support.

        I liked Palin’s record as a governor, too, but she’s gone batshit to the right since then. I don’t know if she was always that way or if, like John McCain, she’s just appealing to her base but I find her scary as a presidential candidate in a way that I never did when she was a vice-presidential candidate.

  19. There’s conservative and there’s batshit conservative. I might vote for some kind of a conservative. I refused to vote for Obama when he was the batshit candidate. I can do no less for Palin.

    • I’m not voting for any kind of conservative. The very idea creeps me out.

    • Batshit conservatives are the ones who really believe the things they say.

      The other kind of conservatives are kinda like Democrats – they say whatever they have to to get elected and then do whatever their corporate masters tell them to do.

      When it comes to congressional voting all Republicans vote alike. Moderate – conservative – batshit conservative – no difference.

      • Palin may actually be the kind of batship Republican who can get stuff done. I want my meat inspected. I want kids to have good lunches at school. I want a powerful EPA and FDA. Those things are all anathema to Palin If there’s a Republican out there who’s visiting from outerspace, I may make the change for this election.

    • Sarah Palin is never going to be a liberal’s kind of candidate. John McCain did just about all he could to reach out to PUMAs. Either there weren’t that many or too many Republicans sat out in 2008. Either way, Sarah Palin has zero chance to win as a moderate. She’s not a moderate. Even McCain used to say he’s not conservative and not a moderate.

      • We had what we thought would be the very powerful control of both houses of Congress. We no longer have that and, imo, it wouldn’t make much difference if we did. Palin would run roughshod over Harry and Nancy. She knows what she wants and she figures out a way to get it. Obama should be so disciplined.

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