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Say it isn’t so!

Clinton to leave politics?

Hillary Rodham Clinton says her work as U.S. secretary of state will be her final public position.

She told an interviewer in the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain that she does not plan to run for president. And she appeared to rule out taking any other public role, saying that instead she expects to return to private life as an advocate for women and children around the globe.

She said she had enjoyed an interesting and rewarding public career and will be ready to get back to the advocacy work she did as a young lawyer.


“I think I’ll serve as secretary of state as my last public position and then probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on behalf of women and children, and particularly around the world because if you look at what is still happening to women in many parts of the world it is tragic and terrible,” she told a reporter at a town hall in Bahrain, after rejecting a now seemingly obligatory question about her 2012 presidential aspirations.

If it’s true, can you blame her? But thankfully if there is one thing a politician says that can’t be trusted, it’s that they aren’t planning on ever running again.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

68 Responses

  1. There was an email this morning about retiring her campaign debt. So she COULD mean it. Or, and this is me closing my eyes and wishing really hard, she could be setting herself up to set out of the limelight so she can be reluctantly called back to public service. I vote option two.

    • Whether she runs or not we need to start looking to the future.

      We can’t just sit and wait for someone to rescue us.

      • I totally agree, I just don’t know what to do. I mean, to increase the possibility of a primary challenge, we need to show an interest in that and a dissatisfaction with Obama. Done, although we could probably be more obvious about that if we tried hard.

        If we want to make a statement, we could gear up to vote third party, but I doubt that’d go anywhere, since we’re too heterogeneous.

        If we want to make the US system more available to third party options we need to push for campaign finance reform and electoral transparency.

        And in any case, we need to push for a better media. My pet idea on that one is to push for an opt-in professional organization for journalists wherein they promise to scale back the conjecture, sensationalism, opinion, blatant bias, and cronyism, and start just reporting the damn facts as they’re known. Then we vote with our dollar to show there’s a market for that until it catches on.

      • Truer words have never been spoken.

  2. Caesar refused the crown. Thrice?
    Draft Hillary dump Obama!

  3. Sounds right, and honestly this is what I hope she does. She’ll be happier. Nation does not deserve her, but maybe the world and the women and children in it do. She’s also signaling that she has no intention of having any kind of second term role under Obama, as VP or SoD or anything else, which is also good. The only way she would reconsider imo is if Obama does not run, and there is little chance of that given that his ego and self image elipses the well being of the nation. It’s like having the same American Idol for eight years. Blech.

    • And I blame the fauxgressive sexist schmuck boys on the left. They did this, more than the Republicans or anyone else. And kudos to them…they did this quite expertly in fact, like they’ve had practice, worthy of an analysis I’ve yet to see anywhere. Trojan horse is right. 🙂

  4. 😦

  5. I don’t blame her a bit. Hillary gave her all and then gave some more and the Democratic Party treated her like trash.
    The women around the world have always seen her as the strong, powerful woman that she is. They deserve her.

  6. Well, watching Bill’s enormously good work with the CGI and all the fun he has doing it (he obviously loves his job!) has probably made retiring from public life very attractive. After all the crap she’s put up with as a public figure, who could blame her?

    (Of course, I do hope it’s not true!)

  7. You know, I want Hill to be happy, and I want her to keep doing the good work. But I just don’t friggin’ buy it. I don’t care how many times she denies it. If she’s still tied to Obama, she’s still gagged.

    • In 2007 all her enemies had the knives out. Patience is very important in the business of politics. She’s wiser this time around. If she doesn’t run, I don’t see anyone in the Democratic Party that can win the white working class. If Hillary doesn’t run, I have to come to terms that we’ll have a GOP in 2012. I just hope it’s not Romney.

    • Agree. She’s gonna make them beg her. And I, too, want to see them on their frickin’ knees.

  8. My guess is she’s hoping to be “begged” back into the Presidential candidate spotlight. Hell, with the alliances she’s made, she could just as easily be asked to run as a Rethug! Can you imagine a Hillary/Impaling ticket? Bwwwaaaahhhhaa.

    Her continued service will definitely be better for the nation if she actually worked to help the unemployed/women/children/handicapped/etc., who have suffered since Bill’s last term.

    To be unkind in moments like this is never ideal, but I’ve never trusted her since she was a part of that bungled health care reform and after that Bill’s “ending welfare as we know it,” which just threw thousands of poor women and children off the rolls as the rich continued to get more tax breaks, etc.

    Also, who needs another Dim politician who wants to attack Iran? We have plenty of them already.

    We also have plenty of great candidates who actually want a progressive government in the USA.

    If only we could figure out how to promote them within the rightwingnut (meaning all) media that is just about all that is available.

    The idea of reforming it is something that might have to be done before we actually get any though.

    Thanks for publishing this newsy item.


    • Wow, you sound just like those idiot commentors on the Salon article.
      How’s that Hopey Changey thing working for yu?

    • “We also have plenty of great candidates who actually want a progressive government in the USA.”

      NAME ONE.

      Also, if you’ve come HERE to talk about how the entire media is Fox News, you can officially bite me.

    • Sounds like the Green platform. Who do you have lined up. I’m actually curious.

    • Obviously a troll!!!!!!!

    • What a nut. That’s some deep thinking and tricky logic you got going there. Let me guess, this two years of a failed presidency and the destruction of the Dem party is all Hillary’s fault. Am I right….

    • You have come to the WRONG place if your intention is to trash HRC.

      • & yea, HRC really “bungled” that whole health care thing with a GOP Congress 15 years ago when no one had the balls to even approach it. She’s the one who put it on the radar and has fought for it ever since nitwit.

    • Your mind must be slipping, it was Hillary who went door to door to enroll the “HANDICAPPED” into our main stream educational system….don’t ever forget that.

    • I didn’t like “welfare reform”, either, but I understand that Bill had little choice in the matter, given the political realities created by at least two generations of well-funded wingnut hate propaganda against the poor, and the political reality of dealing with a wingnut-dominated Congress. As for Hillary, she held no political office at the time, so how can she be blamed?

      • She breathes. That’s all these asshats need to blame her.

      • More people were able to get the help they needed to get off welfare… and go to work. how do you think the Poverty level reached an all time low on Bill’s watch.

        WJC fought very hard and made congress rewrite that bill three times in order to get a decent bill.

        This idea that Welfare Reform was bad is a canard – having more people get the training and education (while still getting support) they needed to go to work and get off welfare – allowing them to feel better about themselves as members of society – and give their children the same boost in self-esteem was very worthwhile… Working gives people aspirations – welfare, not so much – but it should be there when you need it for sure.

        • I don’t think the Jeffs of the world recognize how the Malefactors Of Great Wealth use the work-ethic canards that he invoked in his post as an excuse to make sure that it’s not there when one needs it, or else that it’s the calculated bare minimum necessary to spare the MOGW from the fate of the French aristocracy of the late 18th century. 😈

          I don’ t think the Jeffs are Scrooges, but I do consider them to be dupes of the Scrooges.

          (I mean Scrooge before the ghosts visited him, of course.) :mrgreen:

          • Who in govt today has the right ideas about welfare, IBW. I’d like to learn more.

          • 3W–I don’t know, either. I just know the real welfare bums in the USA are our fat cats–our corporate welfare bums, not our down-and-out folks. 😡

  9. <<>>>

    Wow, can that be any more ignorant?

    Hillary put health care reform on the table 15 years before anyone else. Too bad dimwits in both parties and the Insurance and Pharma put their own greed before reform.
    And I think CDS was already the rage.
    They could not allow a Clinton to move the country forward.
    Where do you get your information?
    The Enquirer?

    • Suzan is the type of koolaid drinker who thought Obama was “The One”. Enough said.

    • My comment was to Suzan and the comment:

      “was a part of that bungled health care reform”

    • Just saw your comment, after I echoed it above. How ANYONE can ‘blame’ her for initiating the conversation years before anyone else is ludicrous. Tell us, what the hell have YOU done nationally to advance health care reform?

  10. Lot’s of Sec. of States leave before the end of the presidential term. My only hope at this point is that Hillary pulls away from this loser.

    • Jefferson was one. That was the route most politicians took to become president. The VP was not the office that led to the presidency.

    • That much constant traveling across time zones really takes a toll. I believe that’s one of the reasons most modern SoSs serve less than a term.

  11. I think she means it and she’ll do good work. Thanks boyz on the left. There will never be a woman POTUS in our life time who has been so strong and advocate raising the issues of violence around the world against women and girls. They’ll cheer and pat us all on the head saying “See you got a woman POTUS finally!” when a far right wing nut wins it. Then blindly go on calling themselves “liberal”

    But as long as they all get what they want even if it turns out to be terrible for the country it’s all good right? And besides “Hillary would have been the same” Yeah, except for women who for once in hundreds of years would have had someone who represents them. That’s if they were even right she “would have been the same” and I hardly think that’s a good argument. She would have been a LOT tougher on issues they say they care about…that’s one reason she had to be stopped all these years by the far right. If they couldn’t see that little tid bit they are blind, blind, blind.

    They’ll love her on the left when she doesn’t want to be POTUS. That was just unacceptable but, being an advocate and staying in the proper box will be okay for them…gee they’re not misogynists or anything.

  12. I don’t think we should keep our fingers crossed. I think we should support Hillary in her work with women and girls Being president is not like a trophy, it’s not the highest platform in the world to accomplish what you want. It’s actually a position that hinders people, that prevents them from pursuing their interests because you are trapped meeting the needs of being a public servant.

    Seriously, Hillary is now over qualified to be President. She’s out there being a world leader for women and girls and it sounds like she’d like to expand that position even more.

    • POTUS is a puppet position these days, boxing one in to serve the oligarchs, who by the way are overwhelmingly men.

      • Great point, KendallJ.

        I don’t blame Hillary. The first woman to win the presidency will be saddled with a mess that will be all but impossible to fix. We all know there will be no free passes or excuses for any woman who cannot miraculously fix the mess left by the boyz.

        She will be blamed for everything and no one will remember it was the patriarchy who got us in this horrendous mess.

    • Good point.

  13. I’m still finishing my posts with Hillary 2012. Keep hope alive….

    Hillary 2012

    • Yes please. And the “Asshat” too in your regular signature, if possible. 🙂

  14. I can’t even think about Hillary not running right now. What a frikkin’ terrible mess we are in these days.

    But, I sure can’t blame her for that decision.

  15. Once again, she left the door open. Never say never.

  16. Unfortunatelly I see the writing on the wall for 2012: Jebbie runs to the rescue to save the GOP from the indignity of having a woman nominee, just like Obama did it for the Ds in 2008.
    The Ds, the media will all help as the deal is already made and the voters are there just for giggles.
    So, it’t probably better if Hillary is spared another salvo ov vitriol in the process.

    • I just threw up a little thinking of Jebbie

    • I don’t think it’ll be Jeb unless the Repub’s throw their own primary.

      Oh, and I just watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and I have to say it was a good move for her. It really humanizes her. It’s going to strengthen her position with moderates and the working class in a big way.

      • Jeb’s gotta give it up. He should have run in 2000 instead of W if he wanted to be president. I doubt he would even get the Republican nomination in 2012

    • Jeb’s mom was on Larry K, dismissing SPalin, then, Jeb came to justify her as a nice lady that he cannot contradict in public, but DID not say anything wrong about Sarah.
      My bet is with you, Jeb and maybe Sarah as VP for the GOP on 2012. The VP would be a concession to the Tea Party crowd. He’s been in the wings waiting and it would fullfill the dreams of the elder B.

      Hillary 2012!

      • I guess the media will keep silent about Jeb’s supposedly womanizing? His wife does always look so sad in the background.

    • If Hillary ran again, I would work for her and even travel to work for her, but, honestly, I don’t think I could take another heart wrenching season of
      ” Pillory Hillary.”
      She could take it… not sure I could .
      I am happy to hear her say no thanks to anymore political runs.
      She can do so much more not being a politician now. She is one of the most powerful women in the world. Maybe most powerful.
      She is above the Presidency.

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by puma, mbfromhb. mbfromhb said: Say it isn’t so! « The Confluence http://goo.gl/snebX […]

  18. seriously what else can she say right now??

  19. Hillary said exactly what she should say when asked such a pointed question.

    After “shudder” eight years of Obama, what contribution can we expect? Another book about himself and more “soaring” speeches?

  20. Well, I don’t know if she will end up running or not. I rather hope she will in 2016 but you never know. The problem is really larger though. There’s no one else with the following to pull off a win. Obama’s probably going down in 2012 unless the GOP completely implodes so that at least gives people time to start forward to candidates in the future.

    • I still think the GOP leadership think they already have a Republican in the WH today, and they are focusing their energy on 2016 instead. That would give them a shot at a 24 year dynasty. Obama is the first Democrat in the WH since Wilson who doesn’t concern himself with the poor, with minorities, the working class. He’s more Republican than Reagan in many ways.

  21. I’ve been out all day, and just came to post it…

    :(((((((( an immeasurable loss, but she has earned the

    right to be happy. She will continue to do great work. Sucks for the US, but I hope all those of you that contributed to this missed opportunity understand and make more mature and enlightened choices in the future.

  22. I can understand her not wanting to run. She has been a wonderful leader, a fantastic SOS and a many have noted, has a right to some happiness.

    But if President Obama decides not to run, the country is over an abyss, and no other leader steps forward to pull the country back in the right direction, a girl also has a right to change her mind.


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