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Flashback – “Christmas, New Years and Hanukkah rolled into one”

It’s been almost two years since this notorious Ms. Magazine cover. So how’s it working out?

Who was right?

Who was wrong?


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  1. grrrrr ~ I did not need my blood pressure raised higher than it already is…. curse you klown.

  2. why does spammy hate me???!!!

    • Don’t curse at clowns.

      • lesson learned.

      • You have to bribe spammy and it gets upset about Klowns and clowns and a couple other trigger words to headquarters I imagine. 😆 RUNNING ….


        Oh, and don’t forget it is President Obama that put this commission here, and NO MENTION OF A WAR TAX and Obama is going to keep the TAX breaks for the 2% ULTRA RICHIE RICH (his real base).

    • Spammy has been very cranky lately. (shhhh…I didn’t say it).

  3. So, has Ms. ever done a mea culpa since then or admitted they were wrong or at least that they had jumped the gun? Did they ever discuss it or mention any feedback or blowback they might have received from their readers? I’m guessing not.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, myiq! I actually need my blood pressure raised!!

    And it seems that Obama gets others to do his “dirty work” again by having Gates and military officials campaign for the elimination of DADT. Obama himself won’t take a stand (i.e., sign an EO).

    Oh yeah, that reminds me what EO did Obama go out of his way to sign ??http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/03/21/90781/obamas-executive-order-on-abortion.html

  5. How’s it working out? It sucks, thank you very much.

    Actually the part that sucks the most is that I know a woman would never be put in a superman shirt on the cover of MS mag as an example of a perfect feminist because of course, no woman will ever be good enough. She can never score enough penis points. So it’s a sad state of affairs when you wish you could sue MS magazine for gender discrimination.

    • Wouldn’t that be something? Millions of women suing for damages and false advertising.

  6. Myiq, this is like a bad acid trip flash back!
    My eyes! It burns!!!!!!

  7. Spammy captured me, please let me out, let me out! (((EAAAK))) Banging on the door…let me OUT!

  8. Happy Holidays

    Feminist = Alan Alda

  9. Rewatched that video of Miss Flippy Hair. Ya know, although I agree with her on one point about George W. Bush using feminism to justify going into war in Afghanistan, a point must be made. He didn’t do it merely because as Flippy Hair claims “girls couldn’t go to school.” Women were being KILLED by the Taliban because they wouldn’t abide to the reversion to traditional ways of wearing the burka and forced from their professions to beg in the streets.

    Something that feminist orgs in the mid 90’s were unsuccessful at getting congress to act upon. So it was easy for the Shrub to manipulate women after 9/11.

    • Agreed. My feminism has effectively murdered my cultural relativism. And I’m okay with that.

  10. Kos, TPM, DU, & MSNBC all located along the banks of the Denial River, along withg the Ms rag editorial offices.

  11. NFW
    not the “rolled into one vid.
    how could you?

  12. Field of Dreams
    Why Obama won’t face a primary challenge.

    Sounds pretty dangerous for Obama, right? Well no. For a substantive primary challenge to occur, a coherent bloc of Democratic voters—whether liberal or moderate—would have to sour on Obama and coalesce behind another candidate in such a way that threatens the president’s hold over his base. There’s just no sign of that happening. For instance, the very same AP/KN poll shows that three-quarters of Democrats want to see the president re-elected; i.e., they’re not really discontented with Obama and they just like the idea of a primary that gives them options. Likewise, the McClatchy/Marist survey doesn’t show a single bloc fed up with Obama and preparing to bolt for a latter-day Howard Dean: Given a choice of hypothetical challenges, 39 percent of Democrats and leaners preferred a candidate from the left of the president, and 40 percent a candidate from the right.

    What’s more, Obama’s straight approval ratings among rank-and-file Democrats are very high. According to Gallup’s latest weekly tracking poll, 81 percent of self-identified Democrats give Obama a positive job approval rating. Among liberal Democrats, who are supposedly the most likely to rebel, the number rises to 85 percent.


    • it’s early yet…

      and The New Republic is just an arm of OFA.

    • Mr. Mike has a WTF?!? moment when reading the poll results. My former party is comprised of such brain dead losers that they still love His Plasticness?

    • Waitaminutewtf.. his ratings are 85???? what happened to 47????????

    • It’s the New Republic.

      ..39 percent of Democrats and leaners preferred a candidate from the left of the president, and 40 percent a candidate from the right.

      Right of Obama would pretty much be the tea party.

    • National polls are almost irrelevant because we’re a federation and what matters is which states will vote R and which will vote D. He cannot win without FL, OH, and AI. Obama didn’t carry MO in 2008. Looking at the last election, I’d say Obama is toast in the general. If the Democrats want to send a loser, it’s fine by me. I’ll stay home.

  13. In Kazakhstan, Clinton Defends Openness, but Condemns Diplomatic Cable Leaks

    “This was a very irresponsible, thoughtless act that put at risk the lives of innocent people all over the world, without much regard for those who are most vulnerable, including journalists,” she said. It was Mrs. Clinton’s second reference to journalists in the context of the leaks. She noted that confidential communication was vital for both journalists and government officials.

    In the Internet age, Mrs. Clinton said, it was difficult to balance freedom and responsibility. Some governments, she said, were overreacting by throwing bloggers in jail. At the same time, spreading information online can be harmful, she said, citing the recent case of a young man in New Jersey who committed suicide after a fellow student posted video of him in a gay sexual encounter.


  14. Obama tells Republicans he should have worked more with them


    Now he doesn’t have to pretend he’s a Dem anymore—he can just straight-out create GOP policy and justify it as bipartisanship based on the mid-terms.

    • Cracks me up how they like to pretend they’re so far apart. The only thing they have to debate is who is going to take the blame for giving the rich their tax cuts.

  15. The Ms. Mag cover controversy makes me wonder will the most successful “woman” to break the glass ceilings in sports, business and politics have to be “not female at birth”?


  16. I always laugh when I see how …. um.. happy Obama makes Naomi. Does she still get that happy or does she have headaches now…..?

    • She’s been busy writing her new book on the Vagina. Think that’s what it’s called. No snark.

  17. Robert Caset Jr. is up for re-election to the Senate in 2012, I’m tempted to write in Rick Santorum as a means of telling the party what I think of them.

  18. Last I heard, Naomi W was orgasmic about burkas / chadors too. She thinks they’re sexy.

  19. I tried to capture Naomi Wolf’s main points:
    Obama’s policies are good for women and children and families such as:

    Raising minimum wage
    Shoring up social security because women are disproportionately impoverished
    Supporting laws against violence against women
    Ensuring women will have choice over their reproductive lives

    We are about to enter an outside the box era.


  20. Sick and Tired of Blogger Burnout Stories

    Let me guess, you worked the fields all day, so you don’t have the strength to push down on the keyboard with your bloodied, swollen fingers?

    What’s next, a co-blogger to ease the burden of cutting and pasting cut-and-pasted blog posts from other similarly exhausted bloggers?

    Haven’t you figured it out, there is only one original blog post which, like the source yeast at the Guinness brewery, has been kept alive for generations so that others may cut from and paste to it.

    • LOL! I get kind of frustrated with all the blogger burn out stories, too.

      I understand being on the internet for a few months and despairing because humankind has obviously failed to evolve at all, but in that case just say it!!!
      I hear you, there’s a shortage of intelligent life on this planet! Just don’t post a long rant about how hard you work and how exhausted you are from sacrificing yourself over your keyboard every day.

    • I find it refreshing when bloggers DON’T ask for money for cutting and pasting other blogger’s stories. Most of ’em want cash for it.

      • Further,

        So let’s get this straight. Narcissistic (not talking about people here but at other sites) blogger wants the world to read them, lavishing praise on them, AND send them cash? the amazing thing is that most get all this if they ask for it.

        • 🙂 It’s a nice gig if you can get it!

          • Okay, I’ll admit I’m jealous ;-). I’m also jealous that they have the audacity to ask for it. I don’t seem to have that in me.

        • I was kind of flattered when Lambert commented on my post yesterday to say he didn’t like it. But I’m easy to please.

          • Sandress, your post yesterday was great as were all your comments about singling out Hillary to attack. Good job!

  21. So much for the theory that progressives are smart.

  22. I think blogger burnout has a great deal to do with finding oneself in an endless mental tape loop. It becomes difficult to process information. And then of course there’s the question of commenter fallout. I never post ANYTHING about Palin, good or bad, despite the fact that I think she’s a joke.

  23. How’s it working out? Worse than I ever imagined. So much freakin’ worse than I ever imagined. And, ya know, I’ve got a pretty good imagination.

  24. Wikileaks Loses Website

    t will be interesting to see how the information is released. DVD discs can hold lots of data. It’s funny that politicians think information can be stifled.

  25. The Obama folks were right, of course.

    [deep breath]

    – Lily Ledbetter

    – Kagan to the Supreme Court

    – Sotomayor to the Supreme Court

    – 15 million more women will have access to OBGYN care

    – No right to abortion that existed prior to his administration has been infringed (I know that will set you off but it’s completely true)

    – The Stimulus bill put $200+ million towards programs expressly aimed at reducing violence against women

    – Called for the passage of the paycheck fairness act

    – Hate Crime Act

    – More women in his cabinet than any other POTUS

    – More high ranking women in his administration than any other POTUS

    That’s just off the top of my head.

    So yeah. That’s what a feminist looks like. I’ll go toe to toe, fact for fact, with anyone here if you aren’t scared of whittle old me.

    And let’s start with the healthcare bill. Why beat around the bush. I up for disproving the myth that it wasn’t a dramatic plus for women with authority.

    It’s easy to ask a question of yourself? Why ask if you won’t let an Obama supporter answer?

    Unless you know you are wrong.

    Which you are.

    • hey asswipe ~ you’re wrong


    • ABG — idiotic point about ACCESS to care. Access doesn’t mean crap if you can’t pay for it or its not covered by your health insurance co.

      That’s a myth that you Obots just can’t seem to get a reality grasp upon.

      As is “calling for the passage of” fill in the blank. Big hairy deal. You can call for something all you want its the action that means something. And any Dem worth their salt HAD to pass Ledbetter; its the companion bill the Fair Paycheck Act part that mattered.

      As for the others, ditto to what Indigogrrl said.

    • Read what NOW has said about the health care bill in terms of women. I will get you started with the title.

      “Health Care Reform Victory Comes with Tragic Setback for Women’s Rights”

      Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill


  26. I just noticed the awesomeness of this post:

    Myiq2xu asked the question and then referenced a bunch of Confluence posts and comments for the answer.

    That is some extra ganster epistimic closure working it’s magic. I have to applaud lack of perspective it takes to pull something like that off. Most people would at least reference some sort of neutral source, but myiq2xu is having no part of that weak sauce.

    I see you doing your thing myiq2xu. I see you.

  27. Brazil Clown Ruled Eligible to Take Seat in Congress (Update1)

    By Andre Soliani
    Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) — Brazilian clown Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, who goes by the stage name of Tiririca, can read and write enough Portuguese to take his seat in congress, the Sao Paulo electoral court said.
    Tiririca, whose 1.35 million votes led all candidates in the Oct. 3 congressional elections, was accused by a prosecutor of forging a document to prove he could read and write.
    Brazilian law bans illiterate people from public office.
    “A rudimentary reading and writing knowledge is enough,”
the electoral court said in a statement posted on its website today. Tiririca has “a minimal understanding of the content of the text, in spite of his difficulties in writing.”
    Tiririca won the lower house seat for the state of Sao Paulo after appearing as a clown in campaign ads and using the punch line “It can’t get any worse.”
    He will be among elected deputies who will be confirmed on Dec. 17, the electoral court said, citing the decision by Aloisio Sergio Rezende Silveira. Lawmakers take office Feb. 1.
    The public prosecutor can appeal the decision, a press officer at the court, who can’t be identified because of internal policy, said

    The rights of a clown will not be abridged.

  28. blah, blah, woof, woof.

  29. Naomi Wolf – you owe the women of this country an apology for selling us out. You also owe The New Agenda an apology for your assertion that we were some “right wing funded” group!

  30. The MS Magazine cover and the Nobel Peace Prize…wow, where was sanity during those moments????

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