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Tuesday Morning: Falling Chips

How to speak to the public without a teleprompter for 15 minutes:

Yes, dear World, we passed her up for this (skip to 1:51 to hear Hillary’s response):

It appears that Obama is following Hillary’s foreign policy.

Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, WaPo is reveling in the damage that Wikileaks has done to our foreign policy.  Instead of investigating how such a breach could have happened in the first place (I am with myiq and Anglachel on this one.  An army private shouldn’t have this much access.  It’s unnatural.), the post is {{GASP!}} appalled that such a thing has ruined, RUINED everything we have tried to accomplish in the past 230 years.  And it was on Hillary’s watch.  Yeah, the paper of Sally Quinn must just love that.  But Benjamin Netanyahu has what seems like a logical assessment of the situation:

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the WikiLeaks disclosures will make it harder for American diplomats to be honest in their assessments of political situations abroad and will inspire more caution among foreign leaders when they are dealing with U.S. officials.

“It’s clear this will happen,” he told the Association of Tel Aviv Journalists.

“Diplomacy is built on secrecy,” he added. “Journalism is built on revelations. And the result of what happened with WikiLeaks, in my view, is that it will be harder for you to do your work and it will be harder for us to do our work.”

That pretty much sums it up.  The leaked cables will make everyone more skittish that their every word will be reported.  Stuff will still need to be discussed, non-trivial tidbits passed on, intuition related, but now they’ll have to do it through Skype, where the encryption method has been only partially cracked.  Or they’ll be reduced to interpreting body language.  It’s not fatal and the countries that are “lamenting” the loudest are just taking advantage of an awkward situation.  The fallout reminds me of those days in middle school when one girl finds a note from another girl she thought was her friend and she now realizes that her “friend” has been talking trash about her to someone else and now everyone’s feelings are hurt. Oh, Please. Is this what countries around the world have been reduced to?  Petty sniping between adolescents?  Adolescents with nukes?   But diplomacy will go on, because it *has* to.

Moving on.  I take that back.  We must continue to observe that President Obama does not know what he is doing and that the Obots (who are even more clueless than Palinophiles) pushed him on us without thinking:

Obama Orders Pay Freeze for Federal Workers

Well, that ought to make all those surly clerks more user friendly.  Yes, stick it to virtually the only sector that has any kind of protection at all.  Do not try to impress on the public the consequences of this action, such as decreased spending during a recession, more unemployment and decreased tax revenue.  THERE!  That will show them nasty Republicans.  Obama will triangulate before it’s even necessary to triangulate AND he’ll pursue even more pointless and harmful policies that will add to the deficit and recession.  Take THAT, GOP!  You’re not going to push Barry around, nosiree.

Gawd, this is so depressing.

BTW, for an enlightening podcast on Barry’s childhood in Indonesia, check out this episode of Witness from BBC.  You’ll have to sit through a few painful moments of Barry reading from one of his bestsellers but the recollection of one of his Indonesian childhood friends is very interesting.  We should have seen this coming.

Merrill Goozner has a crack at the new liberal version of a deficit reduction plan.  He suggest that it may represent the “new silent majority”, that would be us, oh Best Beloveds, who no political party wants to be beholden to but who tend to vote anyway.  Here are the money quotes:

Some historical perspective: the debt-to-GDP ratio remained below 50 percent throughout the Great Depression; peaked near 120 percent after World War II; fell steadily to around 33 percent in 1980; but rose quickly after Ronald Reagan became president and continued except for a few years near the end of Bill Clinton’s term in office. It stood at 57 percent when George W. Bush became president and spiked to 93 percent as a result of the Great Recession that began late in his term.

The liberals want to stabilize near this higher number (no new additional debt, but no pay down, either) because they see a long-term role for public investment in rebuilding America. The Bowles-Simpson plan would use some of its new revenue (from eliminating tax expenditures like corporate tax loopholes and all middle-class tax expenditures like the home mortgage deduction) to both pay down debt and lower income tax rates across the board.

The Bowles-Simpson plan also preserves some room for spending on infrastructure and research and development. But it is nowhere near the amounts called for in the liberal plan, which would use the money raised from higher taxes on corporations (they only remove so-called tax expenditures when they benefit high-income households) to invest in “quality child care, infrastructure, public transit, rural broadband connectivity, and research and development.”

The liberal alternative also steps up a number of income transfer programs like the earned income tax credit. The cash comes from eliminating corporate tax loopholes and a new carbon tax. “Despite having a higher-than-average statutory tax rate, because of preferences embodied in the tax code the United States collects just 2% of GDP in corporate tax revenue, compared with 2.5% across other developed nations,” the report says. “We suggest several changes that would broaden the tax base for corporations, including eliminating fossil fuel production tax credits, limiting the deductibility of financial corporate debt interest payments, closing the dividend loophole for foreign source income, and removing active financing tax deferral for financial firms.”

Translation: tax oil and coal companies, big banks, and the overseas operations of multinational firms while discouraging corporate debt. Instead of using all of that money for deficit reduction, transfer some to low-and-moderate income workers, whose increased consumption will stimulate the economy, and invest in infrastructure that promotes long-term growth.

The plan asserts that too much of the public debate to date has focused on Social Security, which plays only a minor role in the long-term deficits facing the country. Then there’s health care, whose skyrocketing costs will turn everybody’s deficit reduction plans into so much confetti unless brought under control.

I like this guy.  Check him out.

Anyway, I have to hit the shower, sports fans.  It’s off to work, for as long as it lasts.  Might as well enjoy it.

I leave you with this ditty from the coolest girl at the lunch table, Gwyneth Paltrow, who in addition to being a talented actress and easy on the eyes, turns out to be able to sing and play a guitar.  The song says it all: we will get through this.







134 Responses

  1. She’s so presidential.
    The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

    • Yeah, you gotta wonder why the Obots couldn’t see it. Beer goggles. maybe?

      • It’s quite simply sexism that blinded them.

        • Sexism and the fact that Hill’s ain’t black.

          The Democrats were drunk on the idea of black votes locked up for generations to come.

          The Dem’s also fell into a trap similar to the one the Repugs fell into in 2000.

          Bill Clinton made being President look so easy, that Republicnas thought anybody could do it.

          We ended up with W.

          Bush was so stupefyingly awful, that the Dem’s thought anybody will be an improvement.

          We ended up with W2.

          • Sexism and the fact that Hill’s ain’t black.

            Nay. It was/is 100 percent sexism.

          • If you don’t see that race absolutely mattered in 2008 then I don’t think you had your eyes open all the way.

            That isn’t an attack.

            But race had everything to do with, it was used at every turn.

            I say that as Black male and life long Democrat.

            The black male part is life long too, but I digress.

            Obama and his acolytes can not be let off the hook for that.

  2. I wonder how much the OBots are going to cringe when Obama goes on the trail in 2012 and brags about how he froze the wages of those poor SOBs working for the federal government. Truly, what a bastard.

    • I keep wondering if Obama would be willing to take a pay cut for himself? maybe Congress too?


      • Of course, with his new bestseller, he can afford it. But actually, I hate when government officials refuse pay, like they’re saints for doing so(Mitt Romney did that here in MA). I always figure you get what you pay for, you pay nothing, you get nothing.

      • Hillary had to take a pay cut when she became SoS. Her pay is lower than that of a senator. That’s wrong.

    • Funny, when it comes to DADT or helping people in any way, Obama can’t do a thing – it’s Congress’s fault.
      When it comes to screwing pople, the ability to issue EOs is finally rediscovered (see also Jane Crow)

    • He has lost pretty much all the votes from government employees. Most of them do not make very much. Democrats should say, “Goodbye 2012!”

      As for the Wikileaks debacle, all I can say is thank goodness we have SOS Clinton to help clean up the mess!


    • Good stuff. I feel for the poor kids who are going to get Obama’s childrens book from Santa. Kids NEVER like these books. It’s just a marketing gimmick. Oh well.

      What’s with the OBits and their giant man-crush on Obama? Ohhh, he’s so tough on the basketball court! What is this, the fifth grade? Too bad he’s so weak in the oval office.

  3. State investigates the stability of foreign leaders?! Shocking! This crap is just bringing the CDS out of the woodwork. Much ado about nothing IMO.

    Clinton probed Argentine leader’s ‘nerves,’ ‘anxiety,’ ‘stress’


    Why the WikiLeaks Drama Is Overblown

    For better or worse, this is the world we now live in. But living in it is one thing; celebrating it is another. When journalists gather information that genuinely changes the way we see some aspect of American foreign policy, or exposes government folly or abuse, they should move heaven and earth to make sure it sees the light of day. But that’s a far cry from publishing documents that sabotage American foreign policy without adding much, if anything, to the public debate. The latest WikiLeaks dump is to American foreign policy what the Starr Report was to presidential politics—fun, in a voyeuristic sort of way, revealing, but not about important things, and ultimately, more trouble than it is worth.


  4. Spammy got me again. Hates me these days 😦

  5. Boy it’s hard to look at those tapes up top without getting angry all over again about 2008. Anyhow, Merrill Goozner sounds like a reasonable man, and the liberal fiscal strategy sounds like a worthy answer to all the deficit hawkish plans already out there. Not sure about making 6% unemployment a target for anything in the foreseeable future, and the closing of specific tax loopholes for multinationals is not aggressive enough imo, but on the whole looks like a plan that Krugman and definitely Reich would endorse, and Obama will likely use as his left margin for his faux negotiations with the Repubs.

    • As part of liberal plan I’ve seen there are ~$930 billion in defense cuts. I think that should be in the mix. I also believe this plan shouldn’t necessarily be the left margin. The left margin should be further over as a starting point.

      Agree that the multinational tax loopholes are not closed aggressively enough. An unemployment target of 6% is far too high. There is no reason to have a target less than statistically full employment.

    • Listening to that debate clip was a vivid reminder. Hillary’s answer was conventional wisdom for a reason, while Obama was a pandering nitwit. I had forgotten how Edwards answered, he pandered worse than anyone.

  6. OT: TSA joke. I actually saw my dr today and as part of the usual questions, since I hadn’t been there a while, dr asked if I had ever had a mammogram.

    I sad, “No, I’m waiting for them to offer it at the airport.”

    Dr looked blank for a minute then said, “oh, yeah, I figure they can crank up the power a bit there and offer virtual colonoscopies too.”


    • I’ll be sure to tell the doc tomorrow, no joke colonoscopy.

      I just about came unglued because the National cancer Association is calling for donations for screening because Obama’s plan doesn’t allow it.

  7. I strongly disagree on the wikileaks. At least 95% of government secrecy is about CYA and keeping the people, not other governments, uninformed. What has really happened here is governments have been embarrassed, to which I say, Good, it helps keep them in line.

    As for “Diplomacy is built on secrecy,” given the results of most diplomacy, that suggests a problem with diplomacy, not with whistleblowing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. If it must be done in secret, then maybe it shouldn’t be done. Let the sunshine in, we are a democracy damn it.

      • Well then, why don’t we release all medical records and there should be no attorney/client privilege or privacy with one’s therapist. Where is the line drawn? That’s libertarianism not democracy.

        • Get real!

          • Excuse me? Is that your substantive debate: “Get real?” Why don’t you answer the question.

          • Ralph, that’s my point. You are the one who is being “real.” Conducting all international diplomacy–every email or conversation–in the open? Informants will never speak out if that’s the case. This extremely naive position discounts human nature, history and the playing field that includes China, N. Korea, Iran et. al. I’d love to live in Utopia, but that doesn’t exist on this earthly plane. Oversight and safeguards yes, but complete transparency is a fantasy.

          • ie: “not” being real.

    • I seriously doubt this had a damn thing to do with whistle blowing. That’s as though someone let go the big secret that the diet industry hurts women. That’s not scary new NEWS, it’s the basis of the industry. Diplomacy IS built on secrecy, and for good damn reason: it is fundamentally about negotiation. You can’t negotiate when someone else has all of your information up front.

      We can all ride on our idealist high horses about transparency all we want, but the fact is that these leaks are NOT a good thing. Whistle-blowing videos showing the murder of civilians? Not even REMOTELY on the same level as leaking hundreds of foreign policy docs. Don’t kid yourself, this was a calculated political attack on Clinton by someone VERY short-sighted.

      Every nation engages in foreign policy on this level, it’s just that most of us are less obvious about it than the States. This whole thing is an international game of “Look who Farted”.

      • It might also be an attempt to start a war with Iran. “Look, they have nukes! “Look, they have long-range missiles!” “Look, they scare al our ME allies”

      • How do you get to this is an attack on Hillary Clinton? She is incidental to all this. Most secrecy is CYA bullshit to cover something embarassing or perhaps illegal.

        I don’t want unnecessary secrecy since it greatly enhances corruption. Call that a high horse if you will, more of us should ride it instead of wallowing in the mud!

        • You said the magic word: “UNNECESSARY”. I’d argue that a hell of a lot of secret diplomatic communication is NECESSARILY secret. I’m not talking about people meeting with lobbyists off the record here, I’m talking about the US State Department knowing that a major diplomat working in the states has ties to some secessionist organization or that the leader of some nation isn’t a morning person, or that the first lady of France hates the Prime Minister of Canada or WHATEVER. That’s not exactly the kind of crap that needs airing, and when the State Department does have heavy stuff in it’s back pocket, it is usually because it NEEDS to. Think for a second about what Diplomacy IS. It’s not shaking hands and eating brunch, it is about protecting international relations, often with Hostile nations. Not the kind of thing you want to print on a T-shirt.

          • Sorry, the argument that secrecy is necessary is exactly what is used to cover up follies and crimes. You may be willing to take the government’s word for these things-I’m not. I expect governments to try and keep info from the people, but I also expect others to try and bring that info to light, and when they do, I’m going to applaud them, whatever they find. And whether it hurts Hillary or not (though I don’t think this will).

          • That’s just poor logic. People use the excuse that my dog ate my homework or my alarm didn’t go off. That doesn’t mean that those things don’t actually happen. Secrecy is vital to functioning in any group or organization. Even moreso when people are trying to prevent nuclear war and mass hysteria. It is ridiculously simplistic to say that secrecy=bad and honesty=good. That kind of moral absolutism is something we all need to grow out of.

          • “secessionist organization”, “is not a morning person”, “first lady of France hates the Prime Minister of Canada”????? The US Government need to know that for official diplomatic negotiations? That’s all a bunch of damn gossip. Get outta here, you can’t be serious.

          • RalphB, I don’t know how much negotiating you do, but that kind of microfact stuff can swing a difficult discussion. Seriously.

          • Knowing where to draw the line between “TOP Secret” and “I’ve Got A Secret” takes a firm understanding of circumstances and intended outcomes. Anyone who has worked in a large company knows that “I’ve Got A Secret” only creates rumors and mistrust.

          • Well said Sandra. I would have much preferred Assange dump the video of the Garani massacre, which he claimed to have last year.


            I wonder if the Pentagon did get to Assange because the promised film was never released and instead, he dumps info that embarrasses our diplomats and, ultimately, buttresses the case for bombing Iran. But then again, he’s been threatening to dump the State Dept cables for over a year now, and by golly, he finally did. So I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because I think he will dump whatever he gets and maybe the film of the massacre will be released sometime next year. If only he could get his hands on the torture photos…

            On another note, there’s no way Hillary will resign over this. No one inside will call for it because she didn’t personally sign any of these cables. They were all stamped “CLINTON” and sent by underlings. I suspect the same ‘routine’ requests made under Condi were stamped “RICE”.

        • Also, I don’t think that Clinton is incidental to this. Not any more than I think Whitewater and the Lewinsky Scandal were actually about Bill Clinton’s morality. There are powerful people in this country who are extremely dedicated to the premise of keeping the Clintons out of power. It’d be a conspiracy theory if there weren’t a butt-load of factual evidence behind it.

          Between the timing and the recent history and the specific context? I’d say the whole damn thing was orchestrated to take Hillary out. It may have some other fringe benefits, but this is absolutely not about anarchy and whistle-blowing and freedom of information. Not unless Richard Stallman is suddenly running the Illuminati.

          • Then you have a problem. Fortunately most of us don’t think the Earth revolves around a Clinton.

          • Odd conclusion.

            No one is going to take Hillary out – her reputation is very solid at this point in time. I think you’re probably right that it isn’t about whistle-blowing, but Hillary poses no threat and doesn’t need to be silenced.

          • I disagree gweema. I think she poses a huge threat. She’s the only person who could successfully primary Obama, and Palin stands a pretty damn good chance of winning her primary. There’s a solid possibility that unless someone intervenes 2012 could be Hillary vs. Sarah. And the PTB don’t want that at all. They want another corporate tool (or the one they’ve got now). Discrediting Hillary is to the benefit of basically every major corporation and millionaire in the Western Hemisphere (and to many small dictatorships and theocracies, too). She’s a HUGE threat.

          • I don’t think the earth revolves around Hillary Ralph. I’ve just always had a weakness for highly competent and intelligent people. I think most of her supporters feel the same way. No need to yell. 🙂

        • It has not taken Time very long to lead with Assange’s attack on Hillary Clinton. He is calling on her to resign and Time is all over it. http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2033771,00.html CNN as well, but can’t link to their website front page.

        • Have you paid attention to how Assange spun it in an interview shown all over media today? He targeted Hillary and said she should resign, the fauxgressive (Politics Daily, CNN, MSNBC, Time, etc…) media are repeating this with glee ad nauseum.

          Unlike you, the real liberal people here knew this would be used by the fauxgressives to target Hillary, yet again. And we were proven correct.

      • Sandra you are acting like the sheep that the government wants you to be.All this huffing and puffing about Wikileaks is because they want you in the dark about the crimes they commit with your tax dollar.The reason for the Iraq war,murder of civilians,wastes of money etc.etc.all come from an attitude like yours.They Wikileaks shows the unholy union between the press and our government.That they are the ones exposing is a direct slap on our main stream media. Its not an attack on Clinton its an attack on an Imperialistic country that the USA has become in the thirty years.

        • A) Double-check your math. Thirty years? Try since the CIA was created.

          B) Yeah. I’m a big fat sheep for taking the wikileaks thing at face value and assuming that what people say it means is what it means. Except that OOPS, I’m not.

          C) Do I think that there’s a lot wrong with this country and that a lot of it is horrific corruption happening behind closed doors? Yes, obviously. Do I think that the mainstream media is a lapdog for the powers that be? Yes, obviously. Do I think there’s more to this wikileaks thing than just some good samaritan trying to boldly expose the truth? HELL YES. Whistle-blowing is one thing. This is NOT that. It is juvenile and short-sighted to think that transparency is the answer to everything. LOOK HARDER. As soon as anything in this country is shown to have any power, it is subverted for political use. It’s wikileaks’ turn.

          • Honk!

          • You resemble a sheep for conflating a bit in Slate and some other blog posts for Wikileaks itself. That leaks would be used to attack Hillary by some is a given. If Rice were still SOS, others would attack her.

            That says something about the attackers but nothing about Wikileaks itself.

          • I’m with Sandra on this one.
            Stop calling her a sheep. It pisseth me off greatly.

          • Amen, Riverdaughter! I agree that there is more to this than some private playing computer games.

  8. Weird day … mother in law is in hospital and I’m dragging around. I don’t want to go to the hospital to see her. I’m so sick of hospitals.

    • Sorry about whining.

      • Ohhh, I’m so sorry kbird. You must be busy. And maybe conflicted.
        By the way, I see you left me an email but since I updated my iPhone os, my voicemail password doesn’t work. Soooo, don’t think I’m ignoring you.

    • That’s terrible! When my husband had cancer I sometimes just go so SICK of dealing with it. I’d just want a day off from the whole thing, you know?

      • I do know … two weeks ago it was my mom having a surgical procedure and now MIL … luckily her daughter lives in town…. And daughter doesn’t help my husband with the day-to-day stuff at all (MIL lives next door to us) … so I don’t feel too bad about not being there now. Still, I should probably make an appearance.

        Sandra, I should probably know but, How is your husband doing now?

    • Hospitals are so soul-sucking to be in. I don’t know how the nurses & doctors & employees deal with it.

      ((katiebird)) hope your mil gets better soon.

    • I totally understand. I’ve already told my family, if I get sick, don’t worry about me, take care of yourself. Do whatever you feel best doing. I hate hospitals, hate visiting people in hospitals. I wouldn’t want people to have to visit me in one.

      It’s like funerals. I hate funerals, so I don’t plan on subjecting my family to mine. I’ve already put in my will that I will be cremated and no funeral.

    • I hate hospitals. But best wishes for your mother-in-law! It will likely cheer her up to see you. If I were trying to get myself to go, I would reward myself with something later (hot bath, cup of hot chocolate, etc.).


    • (((Katiebird)))

      Sending good thoughts.

  9. re: the pay freeze

    This Republican GOLD. How do we make federal employees less efficient? By taking away their pay! And then we can talk endlessly about how inefficient the government is and how well the profit motive works! Never mind that people make less when employed by private companies! Thanks Obama, for doing their dirty work for them Once Again.

  10. They appear to be rolling over at record speed now.

    Dem compromise would extend 90% of Bush tax cuts; food-safety bill comes to vote; federal-pay freeze

    Perhaps more consequential at the moment are the Democrats’ intra-party negotiations over the Bush tax cuts. House leadership is still looking to hold a standalone vote on the tax cuts for income under $250,000. But some in the Senate — including Chuck Schumer, Bob Menendez, and Claire McCaskill — are pushing a compromise that would extend $400 billion of the $700 billion in tax cuts for income above $250,000 by extending them for everyone making less than $1,000,000. So those struggling members of the middle class making between $250,001 and $999,999 will get their tax cuts, too, and Democrats will have extended about $3.6 trillion of the $4 trillion in Bush tax cuts, or 90 percent of the total.

    It’s a feature not a bug with the fake “party of the people”.

  11. I can totally sympathize with you Katiebird…when my mom was dying it was so hard to go see her. She lived a year and it was sooo hard to watch her go down and I work at the hospital. It’s only hard working at one when you have one there really sick. Take care and take a day off, you deserve it and don’t feel guilty.

    • confloyd — Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

      But, my MIL isn’t dying…. she’s sick but, not dangerously sick.

      Of course, these days it’s dangerous just to walk in a hospital — those infections are a nightmare! — but that’s a whole different story.

      I really am just whining today.

  12. It is so disgusting the talking heads calling for Hillary to resign…this was a hitjob on Hillary…plain and simple!

    • People should really take a colder look at this. Wikileaks is not a hit job on Hillary. That some people would use it as such is a given. If Rice were still SOS, it would be used against her by others.

      Wikileaks is what it is, not some plot against the Clintons.

      • And what IS it RalphB? Seriously. Because it sounds like you think it’s some heroic attempt to show the world the truth with purely altruistic motivations. And i just don’t buy that.

        • I think this statement by Manning “Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning, and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format, to the public,” says something about his motivations, and probably about the motivations of the people behind him.

          And Assange seems to have a problem with women (I believe the rape charges).

          I agree with sandra. s. This is not whistle blowing or any kind of altruistic attempt to uncover wrongdoing. One of the most surprising things (to me at least) is the absense of any blatant wrongdoing uncovered in these leaks. Nothing but a bunch of embarrassing stuff about who said what about whom.

      • I agree. I think it’s an attack towards the administration more than the SoS.

      • When it comes to the Clintons I like to keep my tinfoil hat on, thank you very much. I think CDS – which often rises to conspiratorial heights — is almost always involved in one form or another, so Wiki Leaks also serves as a bit of a hit job on the very popular Hillary and her possible run for POTUS in the future. Time and time again, we’ve seen that anytime the Clintons get good publicity or their poll numbers go up, a article will appear coincidentallhy reminding us just how “evil” and “devious” they are. Clinton haters just love keeping that narrative going, especially to prop up and protect BO.

        BTW, Webster Tarpley has some interesting things to say about Assange and his Soros connection; about Wiki Leaks, the CIA, Pakistan, and Iran.

        • [i.e “an article…]”

        • There is no SOROS connection, GLENN ‘progressive hunter’ BECK yells Hitler and Soros like a second hand moving towards the hour on a clock.

        • Glenn Beck was even blaming Soros for helping commit genocide at age 3 or 5 years of age and was condemned for doing so by most Jewish groups, including the ADL.

          Glenn Beck has less than two college courses to his name and is no teacher/instructor and NOT A DOCTOR OR A PROFESSOR!

    • I’ve been listening to mostly Obama supporters calling for Hillary’s head. They’re just desperate for a scapegoat to cover up Obama’s failings. Most of the people familiar with government are aware this isn’t even under Hillary’s jurisdiction.

      • “(who are even more clueless than Palinophiles) ”

        A bit gratuitous….

        Whatever…I just love the way she needles BO at every turn!

        From Palin’s Facebook post:

        “The White House has now issued orders to federal departments and agencies asking them to take immediate steps to ensure that no more leaks like this happen again. It’s of course important that we do all we can to prevent similar massive document leaks in the future. But why did the White House not publish these orders after the first leak back in July? What explains this strange lack of urgency on their part?”

      • Don’t you know though? Obama is just a poetic intellectual who is always being tricked by people who are eeeeeeevil! Nothing is ever his fault or responsibility, even though he is in the highest office in the land!

      • Noticed we have heard from Susan Rice…….where be SHE.

  13. I’m sure Gwyneth Paltrow is a very nice person, but as a singer, I think she’s pretty meh. If she weren’t the daughter of the Paltrows I think the best she could do is open mike nights and maybe an indy record deal for a few hundred dollars.

    So MANY better singers out there.

    • I beg to differ. She sang this live without autotuning. I downloaded the single. It’s slightly different but she has some impressive vocal grace notes.
      Granted, her range isn’t broad on this song. But she has some nice vibrato and her breathing seems correct for belting the chorus. I would guess she’s taking lessons but she is an apt student. Can’t wait to hear what else she has up her sleeve in the singing department.
      Compare her to Taylor swift. Now, I like taylor. She’s an extremely talented songwriter. But her voice always sounds a bit thin and unfocussed. I’m not going to say she can’t sing because I’ve seen some nice live performances from her. But I’ve also seen some dreadful ones. Taylor should take some lessons. Now, is Gwyneth lucky? Yup, but she’s also got talent. I’m not going to be picky about that.

      • Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis – Cruisin’ (I think she sings spot on for certain songs that require the feel real notes… Go Gwyneth Go!)

      • Don’t you be dissing Taylor.

        She’s got the clown seal of approval.

      • She sounds pretty good, but the part for me that is hard to swallow is imagining Gwyneth as a country girl. Please–she grew up wealthy in NYC with her Uncle Steven (Spielberg) paving the way.

        • I wouldn’t believe it myself except that I recently took an inventory of my iTunes downloads and find that about 30% are country. It sneaks up on you.
          She even admitted that as a city girl, she originally had no affinity to country. But in the movie she did recently, she plays a country singer fresh out of rehab. That’s why she’s been learning the guitar and singing country. It’s never too late to learn something new.

      • I have to say, she was great on Glee and in Duets.

    • I heard she learned to play guitar in two months, during which she cried because her fingers bled.

  14. Obama Has Always Been At War With Eastasia

    The organization formerly known as Obama for America is asking supporters to write letters in support of a federal pay freeze.

    Krugman never loses his sense of humor.

    • Yea, I mean WHY TAKE from the Wall Street Rich via their BUSH II TAX CUTS, get the clerks, secretaries and the government assistants!
      S/N font
      GOT HOPE???

  15. Clinton begins damage control in wake of WikiLeaks ‘attack’

  16. Daily Caller:

    A hot mic left on during a Senate vote Tuesday morning on the Food Safety Act caught a senator complaining that process of setting the agenda during the lame-duck session is “rigged.”

    “It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.”

    The remark was picked up live on C-SPAN 2, although microphones are usually turned down during voting times. An aide quickly realized the mistake, jumped up and had the sound cut off.

  17. I’m sick of this. these morons don’t care about our country or people at all.

    They always pick on the girl who is working her butt off and give ‘poor Obie’ a break. What the hell is going on?? Never mind, I know.

  18. James Salsman
    @jsalsman James Salsman
    RT @senatorsanders: Last year Exxon made $19 BILLION in profit. Guess what? They paid zero in taxes & got $156 mill. refund from the IRS.

    Gee, and the Cat Commission wants to take our Social Security Money and & Medicare Money we paid in to fund the WARS and the RICH’s BUSH TAX CUTS and CORPORATE WELFARE!

  19. This is getting ridiculous:

    WikiLeaks Fallout: Should Hillary Clinton Resign?
    David Corn

    No matter what sort of noises Clinton makes about how the disclosures are “an attack on America” and “the international community,” as she did today, she’s become the issue. She’ll never be an effective negotiator with diplomats who refuse to forgive her exuberances, and even foreign diplomats who do forgive her will still regard her as the symbol of an overreaching United States. Diplomacy is about face, and the only way for other nations to save face will be to give them Clinton’s scalp. . . .

    There is no way that the new WikiLeaks leaks don’t leave Hillary Clinton holding the smoking gun. The time for her departure may come next week or next month, but sooner or later, the weakened and humiliated secretary of state will have to pay.


    • Politics Daily…the AOL of the political news business. Come to think of it, it actually is an AOL outlet, hee. Melinda Henneberger, the editor of PD and a very nice person, was thrilled today that this David Corn piece got headlined at Drudge. Melinda is a huge Nancy Pelosi fan, they hang out. The left and the right, piling on Hillary, just like old times. We are predictable, lol. Sorry to see Melinda drink the wikileaks koolaid straight from the bowl. Thought she had better instincts than that.

      So, what’s the biggest baddest wikileak of today that will end the wars in the middle east, as per the wiki-kids. I’m just catching up. Some on the left are now speculating that Assange was a neocon plant sent to build up the global narrative for war in Iran. Truthers will be happy to hear that.

    • And (via John Smart) the National Journal explains what SOS Clinton did not do:
      “As to the allegation itself: Did Hillary Clinton order diplomats to spy?

      “The easy answer is — no, she didn’t.

      “But — wait. The cable was issued in her name. So isn’t she responsible?”

      The explanation is long, but again the answer is no.


  20. Hello? Anyone there? Something seems to have happened lately, and every comment I post gets eaten by Spammy. I love to comment here, obviously, but it gets discouraging trying to post links and comments and having them repeatedly disappear into the abyss. Is there anything I can do on my end to correct this? I know most of the trigger words, and have not been using those, so something else must be off with my connection or something. Help!

    • I can’t figure it out.

      Just be patient and we’ll free you from Spammy’s basement as soon as we can.

    • I checked your IP address to see if any part of it is in our spam filter and it’s not that. I’ve been watching the filters more and I pulled you out earlier this evening.

      As myiq said, we really are working on this.

      Could you send me an email at katiebird@gmail.com when you get caught? I know it’s a drag but I’ve almost always got my email open and I might spot it faster that way>

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