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      Back in June 2019, the New Yorker wrote an article lambasting the Espionage Act. The George W. Bush Administration pursued several government insiders for leaking classified information, but it was the Obama Administration that normalized the use of the Espionage Act against journalists’ sources. Among its targets were Jeffrey Sterling, a former C.I.A. offic […]
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Monday Morning Palinpalooza

I am almost as sick of hearing about and seeing Sarah Palin as I am hearing about and seeing Barack Obama, but the news is awful, the weather is boo boo, and as a liberal fem I am apparently supposed to go into a screaming emotional PMS induced rant every time her name is even brought up. Why fight it?

I don’t plan on reading or buying her new book. Do any of you? I didn’t think so. But Historiann has the scoop.

Don’t miss Michelle Goldberg’s analysis of the feminist history in Sarah Palin’s new bookAmerica by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. Apparently, it gets worse after the diabetes-inducing title.  I agree with Goldberg that “[i]n some ways, it’s a good thing that Sarah Palin calls herself a feminist. It means that, even among conservatives, women’s equality has become a normative position, the starting point for debate. It means that feminism has gone from something that the right wants to destroy to something it wants to appropriate. That’s progress, of a sort.”  This is indeed a new development–Phyllis Schlafly’s days are over, for now, and it would be even too intellectually dishonest for Palin to pretend that feminism had nothing to do with shaping the possibilities of her political career.

As an optimist I am also pleased that a woman politician at least has to call herself a feminist to get anywhere, much less conservative woman. But this step forward is not to Bible Spice’s credit. A woman in politics has to call herself a feminist now because of the treatment a certain plucky Secretary of State received not just in 2008 but throughout her entire life in public service. Just sayin’. Let’s continue.

However, Palin is all wet when it comes to American history in general, and as Goldberg explains, feminist history in particular:  she claims Elizabeth Cady Stanton as a devout Christian–a woman who once said that “[y]ou may go over the world and you will find that every form of religion which has breathed upon this earth has degraded women,” and who wrote her own version of the Bible.  (Truly, this is more laughable than the people who try to re-claim Thomas Jefferson as a godbag.)  Palin repeats the flimsy lie that Susan B. Anthony was anti-abortion, and she repeats the distortions of Margaret Sanger’s work and career by claiming that she advocated “Nazi-style eugenics.”  (She cites the esteemed historian Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism on Sanger.)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and another fun fem, Amelia Earheart, also rejected the usefulness of remaining faithful to their husbands. Amelia even passed a petition about it around. Hillary wasn’t the first classy lady to question standing by her man. So far that’s Hillary: 2 Sarah: 0.

Sarah Palin is a huge disappointment.  She could have countered her detractors the right way and continued working for the people of her beloved Alaska, but instead she has allowed herself and her family to be turned into celebrity jokes. Marketing yourself as a pundit on Fox News and giving yourself a reality show on TLC is not the way to prove you’re Presidential material. So much for all that maverick talk about Middle America. She should have taken a leaf out of that crazy bra burning feminist Hillary Clinton’s book instead of Barack Obama’s. Now she and him are like the American Idol clones of Presidential Politics. If they are both running in 2012 we won’t even be able to take a break and watch an episode of House or Dexter without one of them guest starring. They and their brands will be EVERYWHERE. God help us all!

I still don’t believe you have to be liberal or pro choice to be a feminist, but Caribou Barbie stopped caring about standing up to the good old boys a long time ago. It was probably some time in between the grand finale of Dancing with the Stars or a deep philosophical connection with Dick Morris while he was ghostwriting her new book. At least now she is caught up to the President and has managed to write two autobiographies without actually accomplishing much of anything.

Either way, from now on she’s on her own.

72 Responses

  1. Agree completely, except I don’t think she is a marketing tool. I think she’s used the media to her advantage much as Obama did. It doesn’t appeal to me at all, but I wouldn’t underestimate her.

  2. Another SP post, granted I saw the Historiann piece and I’m glad to see it getting some attention, but there is so much going on right now….not just the wikileaks, there are other important issues as well…can we move on from Palin topic to something else? Just wondering….

    • I admit to always being interested in Palin posts, but there is a lot of other stuff to discuss too.
      On my mind today:
      TSA cancer chamber vs s3xual assault — is there a Thanksgiving backlash or is it the new normal?
      Wikileaks dump — anyone read any of it yet?
      Is North Korea testing BO as Biden predicted?
      Theran b0mbing

    • I actually agree. I wanted to make this my very last post about SP and it was a kind of closure piece. I would have written about the wikileaks if I felt I knew more about the subject but I have been out of the loop because of the Holidays.

  3. Moving to other topic: from a fluff book, NY post gleans Obama’s obsession with himself

  4. And keeping to the topic- in discussing how Palin is like Reagan, WaPo releases some facts they never wrote about

    The fact is that Reagan has benefited tremendously from the years since his presidency, and people look back on him in a much favorable light than they did during his presidency.

    According to Gallup polling data, Reagan’s average approval rating during his presidency was 53 percent — lower than John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Dwight Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

    As for the operative word here — “divisiveness” — Reagan had a claim to it.

    So, Clinton had a higher approval than reagan – how many WaPO readers know that?
    And “being divisive” is good when you are Reagan (only bad when you’re Hillary)
    Twisted and as a side dish, the truth squeezes out.

  5. It may be a bit of wishful thinking that having a reality show excludes her from being “presidential material”. Obama is essentially the American Idol president (on several different levels), and Ron Reagan was a B-movie actor. Obama had less experience than Palin when he ran. Why wouldn’t Palin (or anyone) look at just those couple of instances and think they could run successfully?

    Also, I know the fact that Palin quit the governorship weighs heavily as a big negative in progblogger minds against her, but I’m not so sure most people will care.

    • Agree. Ever since they made deserter W a hero to decorated veteran Kerry a wuss, I realized that facts have nothing to do with the “narrative” that gets pushed in voters’ minds.
      Whichever candidate gets the blessings of the media owners will look good. Their opponents will look bad – and that’s all there is to it.
      In 2012, I am afraid the best narrative will go to…Jeb Bush.

      • I’m not defending Dubya, but Kerry IS a wuss.

        PS, LI did you really mean to call Palin “Caribou Barbie?” Maybe my snark brain cells aren’t functioning yet this morning?

        • Politically, he takes the cake in cowardice. But when it comes to “war hero vs deserter” I am still astounded at the newspeak.
          Some who knew Kerry back when, swear he was different in those times. I wouldn’t know or care.
          Rs were sporting purple band aids at their convention to mock his purple heart decoration and the media pretty much adopted the attitude. It was wrong and for me it stands for the extent the truth can be corrupted.
          Like Gore being vilified for the internet and wanting to protect Social Security.

    • Quite frankly, I think quitting the Governorship in Alaska was a good move for Palin. The Left wanted to put her in the corner with endless lawsuits and she refused to play that game (otherwise it would have been like the Clintons never-ending White Water scandal, etc). She outsmarted them by choosing to sit it out, IMHO. Even if Palin had remained Gov and won every single lawsuit, the damage to her reputation (since the accusations would have just stick) would have crippled her political ambitions far greater than staying on and fighting a losing battle. In any case, she may not have had the funds to properly defend herself and her family against such lawsuits. Overall, I think she has great political instincts.

      This said, I would like to see her become a bit of a wonk on issues, etc., especially if she decides to run in 2012. And I’d like to see her either work on her quirky elocution and/or play up her folksy idiosyncrasies (for example, like Jim Hightower from Texas).

      Furthermore, I don’t mind at all her claiming the feminist mantel. It’s certainly more honest than Obama’s claim! After 2008, the definition and meaning of feminism for the 21st century is up for grabs. Indeed, the feminist paradigms (i.e. 2nd & 3rd waves) have to be dismantled and completely rethought.

      Nevertheless, I hope Hillary challenges BO in 2012. I’d vote for her over Palin any day!

      • I’d like to see her master grammatically correct sentences.

        • I guess I don’t listen or read her enough because I don’t remember her using wrong grammar? I know she coins (intentionally or un) words like refudiate and that she has an accent.

          • Her run-on sentences are truly cringe-worthy.
            As are mine, but I don’t aspire to be POTUS 🙂

          • Palin over uses gerunds (i.e. the “ing” verb form which functions as subject), often in one sentence after another, which makes it sound like she’s speaking in run-on sentences. Either this, or she’ll often construct very stilted or awkward sentences. Also, her intonation is a bit funny.

            But, hey, at least she speaks without a teleprompter!

        • I have to say, I really don’t care about her accent or grammar. I’m from Canada, and Chretien was a perfectly serviceable PM, even if he did talk like someone with a mouth full of walnuts and his lips sewn shut.

      • Agreed down to the punctuation.

  6. I hear ya on the disappointment although for entirely different reasons. In 2008 I actually saw Sarah as someone who governed as a compassionate conservative. Someone who increased funding for Headstart, someone willing to put someone on the bench she fundamentally disagreed with, someone who put her personal feelings aside and vetoed a bill due to constitutionality issues. Today I see Sarah as a typical egotistical pol who pals around with people who would dismantle an elderly persons safety net or would suggest that Democrats were unAmerican and their activities should be investigated. I see someone who uses hyperbole and vitriole to broaden that chasm between the ideologies. I see someone who was an active participant in government and possibly seeking office in government deriding government as wasteful and ineffective. In short, I see her as everything wrong with Republican ideology. She’s crafty but completely disingenuous. She’ll make a mistake and argue the press shouldn’t call her out on it but is the first to run her mouth when someone she doesn’t agree with makes a similar mistake.

    Nope, if she ran today she wouldn’t get my vote.

  7. Well, I have noticed the similarities with Palin and Obama. Both either want to or have played the “rock star” persona to a group of people. If Palin was sharp, she would avoid repeating that whole scenario but I guess it’s just too seductive to have a group of people worship at your feet.

    As far as the comparisons to Reagan, I think that’s silly. He had two terms as governor of California and Palin didn’t even finish one term as governor.

    Not surprised about the rewrite of history. That’s what all conservatives do. They just make up stuff to fit their ideology.

    • The only reason Palady is compared to Reagan is because of her use of the new media, tweet, etc,
      Whereas Reagan used tv media, as he was president of Actors Guide.

  8. Please, don’t use sexism to attack Palin.
    Please, please, please.
    “Caribou Barbie” is a sexist mockery.

    I haven’t read Anglachel’s post yet, but if she is implying that Palin used to pretend not to be a feminist, I would like to see proof of that.

    • Oops, I meant Historiann’s post. I need more coffee…

    • I read this Anglacael post
      Liked this

      The difference between the Palin’s political objectives and the desires of her base are not as far as the chasm between Obama’s performance and his giddy supporters of 2008.

      Goes well with this question

      As I asked two years ago, “why did Obama end up running for the presidency not against John McCain but against Sarah Palin?”

    • Agreed. The term “Caribou Barbie” does not belong at The Confluence. Nor does the deranged Palin syndrome. WikiLeaks and real issues please although I realize that’s harder to write compared to stringing together Palin ‘jokes.’

    • No shit! Palin must be looking more viable since people who were not worried about her before are now on the gentler attack. My favorite so far is that she’s a horrible person for attacking the Hillary cult via a 20 year old quote.

      Yes, I said Hillary cult because, while she is a fine one, she is a politician after all. Don’t fall in love with politicians should be a rule.

      • I’m in love with Hillary, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I can admit that my husband is a jackass sometimes and still love him.

        That said, what Palin said about Hillary’s cookie remark? Snoozefest. And I’m not worried about her, I’m rooting for her (unless she comes up against an actual credible liberal, but what are the chances of that?).

        • I’m in love with Hillary, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I can admit that my husband is a jackass sometimes and still love him.

          Amen, Hillary is my fake mom and I’m not ashamed of it! I love my real mom too, though she sometimes drives me nuts ;p

          Ralph, just because I called Sarah out does not mean my opinion about how dehumanizing her is wrong as is making her the focus of the fauxgressive attacks when guys like Romney and Huckabee are much worse is any different. I also still believe Obama is more conservative than her. Remember Sandress’s old post about how her governace was more socialist than Obama? I am not backpeddling on anything here, I stand by everything I have said about her in the past- how she is not qualified to be President but Obama isn;t and neither was Bush, ect. But I am saying right now that she is going in the wrong direction and while she continues to do so I will not defend her, and I stand by that so please don’t write a check you can’t cash, my friend.

          • I see where you’re going LI, and I totally respect your perspective. I just think all of this hard-right posturing she’s doing is playing to her base. She’s just campaigning for the primary. Once she wins it she’ll tack back to center. I don’t doubt that for a second. And honestly, my support for Palin has NOTHING to do with policy anyway.

          • Oh yeah, I see what you’re saying too. My reasons for supporting her and sticking my neck out for her also had little to do with policy. (I have put my b*lls on the line for her many times which is why it irritates me when certain people, like the one above, insist on attacking me when I call her out) But I just can’t give her any attention while she does that and besides, she’s proven she can take care of herself. I just have to continue defending my fake mom at every corner because I want her to run in 2012 and because that’s what good fake daughters do ;p

  9. You had me until you called her “Caribou Barbie”.

    • The Caribou Barbie thing is meant to be satirical. I am sorry if it offended anyone. And it has little to do with her comment about Hillary, I have been feeling this way for a while and only just decided to mention it.

      • Thanks for clarifying, LI.

      • Thanks, Little Isis May an ex-English teacher make a suggestion? Quotes–“Cariboui Barbie”—would have made clear you were snarking and attributing the usage to others.

        • Was Bible Spice also meant to be satirical?

          • I admit it, I loved “Bible Spice”. Does that make me naughty? 😉

          • “Caribou Barbie” and “Bible Spice” are common prog blog nicknames for her and have been since 2008. Yes, “Bible Spice” is also my favorite, but I also did use both of them satirically, in reference to my opening line about how as a liberal feminist I am expected to go into a PMS induced rage every time her name is brought up- another satirical reference. Obviously as a feminist I would never say anything that sexist if it wasn’t in jest. Thanks for the suggestion OS! 🙂

    • Agreed. It was the snarky name-calling that got me.

  10. Sararh resigned in her second term not her first.

    • Pesky facts. 🙂

    • wrong. she resigned during her first term.

      • but who cares?

      • You’re right. I’m sorry. I should have checked.
        I just discount all of the slurs against her and
        apparently, even facts sometimes.
        She had me with her acceptance speech at the
        Republican convention and that’s never changed She was the first one to poke fun at Obama and I loved it.
        A former Democrat

  11. Patty Murray possible as DSCC head

    Washington Sen. Patty Murray has emerged as a leading candidate to take the pivotal job of running the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the 2011-12 cycle and will decide as early as next week, according to several Democratic insiders familiar with the talks.


  12. For some reason, everything I post now gets eaten by Spammy. Any clues about why?

  13. All Sarah needs is for the Nobel Committee to give her the Nobel Peace Prize! She and Barack, and their followers, fools to the end.

  14. “Nothing and no one brings out the worst in the

    Democratic Party, in the liberal media, entertainment and academic establishments, and in the left-wing blogosphere, as does Sarah Palin. Bringing out this worst may be the path to a lasting, generational conservative victory.

    Maybe this is the battle which needs to be joined, once and for all.


    • From the same post:

      But it has developed not because of who Palin is, but who the Palin haters are. Palin never did nothin’ to nobody, so to speak

      I agree. And one could replace “Palin” with “Hillary” and I would agree also.

  15. Ok, here’s my problem with “Palin is the same as Obama”. It is too much like “Gore is the same as W” back in 1999. Granted, from a certain perspective yes, it’s true, but that has to be from a really far far away perspective. Like maybe, the moon.

    Palin may be bad in her own way, but she is bad in a very different way from Obama.

    They may both be using the media, but BO was clearly being pushed by the mainstream corporate media which is always supports whoever is in the WH, while Palin is using the right-wing (currently oppositional) media which is consistently rightwing.

    I have no problem with Palin-bashing, as long as it is honest and fair.

  16. When you have nothing of substance to brag about, attack the other side.
    The O-bots have to build Barack up by tearing Sarah down.

  17. Happy Monday Isis. Good to see you. Bit OT, but I’ve had it with progressive bloggers who are anti-children. I’m not talking about being strongly pro-choice or fighting hard for abortion rights or pressing men and all parent partners to take equal responsibility for raising kids. I’m talking about people who are anti-babies, anti-women who have kids, just anti-kids in general. Used to think it was just Andrew Sullivan, but it’s more pervasive than that. Being a feminist should not mean being anti-children, and having children should not preclude anyone from being a feminist. Seems simple enough, but the character and substance of the squawking from the fauxgressive blogosphere continues to amaze and bewilder. Think it would be healthy for everyone if most of the fauxgressive male bloggers just stfu and went away for a while…or if they locked themselves in a quiet room with their wingnut counterparts.

    • Preferably with big giant chainsaws.

    • I have noticed this also. They really hate women with multiple children it seems sometimes. It is viewed by them as irresponsible and trashy. Are they all only children or something? Or I suspect they view children as taking something away from them like resources. Little narcissists writing crap.

    • I certainly hope they’ve done their part by having vasectomies.

    • I’m not sure that I understand what you mean here. Can I get a for instance? Because I’m hugely pro-choice and intermittently anti-child. Mostly I’m against the way children are used to rationalize controlling people and the environment. I’m just trying to get a feel for the argument.

  18. Also OT, a Second Morning Sneeze – at this odd reation to the wikileaks revelations

  19. You lost me at “Caribou Barbie.”

    Leave that kind of anti-feminist crap to the progs.

  20. Indeed, I’ve had enough myself of Obama and Palady in the news. It’s plain wrong when she goes after other women, and their history. Her wording is all wrong, and I wonder if she like Obama reads from a script.

    If I am reading her right, she needs to reverse herself in dealing with women and their history, and get pushy with the men in politics, and get to those facts.

    Things will change when she is on the stage in debate two years later. Right now she isn’t soul
    satisfying to me.

  21. The ‘kitty HALP’ photo is priceless.

  22. I used to follow Melissa Harris on twitter. She is smart…smarter about electoral politics in the age of Obama than most mainstream bloggers on the left imo. Her piece here is thought provoking without being provocative. It’s early yet. I’m convinced the Obama left either wants Palin to run in 2012 and/or wants to use the Palin phenomenon today to deter Obama from veering too far to the right.

    • They’re dumb if they want Palin to run in 2012. I mean, she WILL, but it’s a dumb thing to hope for. It’ll get the young fauxgressives out in droves, but they’ll lose a lot of moderate working-class dems to her.

  23. Melissa Harris Lacewell (now remarried, I don’t know her new name but she is using another last name and has dropped “Lacewell) is not someone I can ever trust.
    I remember her attack on Gloria Steinem and screaming about White feminists on Democracy Now and, as a Black woman, I thought, “Who is this nutty woman?” I also thought, “Gloria’s a little older than Ann Dunham. Would she be screaming at Ann if Ann was still alive?” It was this vile hatred of White women. And then, we learn this year, Melissa’s mother’s White. Suddenly her insisting Barack Obama was Black and not bi-racial makes a lot more sense.
    But it’s all over online about how before she attacked Gloria Steinem, Melissa was also on Democracy Now the week before as an ‘independent’ expert weighing in on the candidates and she ‘forgot’ (as did Amy Goodman) to reveal that she was working for the Obama campaign and had been since 2007.
    She pulled the same stunt on The Charlie Rose Show a month or two later and she also attacked the only White woman on the panel implying the woman was racist. The woman was a reporter for some regional paper (where ever they were having primaries then probably) and she hadn’t said anything I found to be racist. (And I’m Black — both my parents are Black.) But that’s the card she plays over and over.
    It was also on that Charlie Rose show that Melissa declared if Obama didn’t get the nomination there would be rioting in the streets.
    Search Melissa and “lieface” and you’ll probably find these articles, I can’t remember where I read them in part because they’re all over the net.

    • She is very smooth. Watched her play the game very effectively with Joan Walsh…on twitter of all places. Or they were tag teaming. Heady stuff.

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