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The Saturday After: Give Thanks for the Sisterhood

November 5, 2010, Wellington, New Zealand. Secretary Clinton places a rose on the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

Hey everyone, Wonk here, hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s the Saturday after, and my gratitude as always goes out to the Sisterhood out there that has grown around Hilllary and her work–toward a world where families and communities can thrive and individuals–man, woman, or child–have the opportunities to realize their God-given potential.

Here are my reads for this Saturday in Shero news, with an emphasis on Madame Secretary:

World leaders send their condolences… “United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined the Queen and other world leaders offering condolences over the loss of 29 lives at the Pike River coalmine. Clinton, who visited New Zealand earlier this month, said New Zealand had lost 29 brave and hard-working men who would be mourned around the world. ‘Earlier this month I visited New Zealand and I saw the famous Kiwi strength and spirit for myself,’ Clinton said. You have come through adversity before, and I know you will do so again. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with you.’

This next link was from the beginning of November– American Samoans give thanks for Hillary Clinton, which I find appropriate to look back on this weekend. A taste of Gov. Togiola remarks at Ava ceremony for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “We are very proud in seeing Hillary Clinton visiting foreign countries and the diplomacy that you take to them and bring back to us. We feel very much a part of you and the work that you do, and we pray for your safety and your wisdom and everything that it takes to do the job – the very difficult job that you do for all of us.”

Hillary op-ed in the Vancouver Sun, courtesy of the US Consulate General in Vancouver — “Hillary Clinton: Engage men and boys in eliminating violence against womenI often say that we need to empower women because no country can make economic progress if it leaves half the population behind. It’s just as true that no country can stop violence against women with the other half of the population sitting on the sidelines.

Hillary says Resolve, Resilience, and Respect are stronger than Guns and Bombs, in her remarks two years after the 11-26 attacks in Mumbai (via state.gov): “As the people of Mumbai gather in temples, mosques, churches, gurdwaras, and synagogues to honor those who perished on November 26, 2008, they send a message of resolve, resilience, and mutual respect that is far louder and more powerful than any terrorist’s guns and bombs.”

This is beautiful footage of a woman of strength and substance who LEADS — an hour long conversation between Hillary and the Australian grassroots (H/T to Stacyx aka SCB at sectetaryclinton.wordpress.com, for digging up this fantastic youtube).

H/T to Minkoff Minx on this one , an op-ed from the Buenos Aires Herald by Patricio Navia — Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi: The two most powerful women in the Democratic Party represent two divergent views on what strategy will optimize the party’s chances to stay in the White House after 2012.” ( I couldn’t disagree more with Navia’s designation of Pelosi as moving the party to the left, but it is an interesting read nonetheless.)

Ruh Roh, I have seen the following movie script and cast before and it doesn’t end well. This sequel has “straight to DVD” written all over it … from the blog pages of the US News & World Report: “A Facebook group called Hillary Clinton for 2012!! is organizing a meeting in Washington to talk about plans to coax her into the race. ‘Right now,’ says organizer and publicist Will Bower, ‘we are simply aiming to keep HRC’s strongest supporters united for if and when that day comes when Hillary either challenges in 2012 and/or makes a run in 2016. And, of course, to rally as many people as possible to strongly encourage and petition her to do so— preferably the 2012 option.

NowPublic asks a 64,000 dollar question: Will Hillary Clinton & Lawrence Cannon Be Named By Wikileaks?

This is from the week before — the State Department released it’s annual International Religious Freedom Report for 2010. State.gov youtube of Hillary’s remarks (about 40 minutes). In Hillary’s words: “This report reflects a broad understanding of religious freedom, one that begins with private beliefs and communal religious expression, but doesn’t end there. Religious freedom also includes the right to raise one’s children in one’s faith, to share one’s faith peacefully with others, to publish religious materials without censorship, to change one’s religion – by choice, not coercion, and to practice no religion at all. And it includes the rights of faith communities to come together in social service and public engagement in the broader society.

Saw a fun Hillary tidbit in a Las Vegas Review Journal piece on Nevada pols and their messages at Thanksgiving time — the Clark County commissioner Chris Giunchigliani has bulldogs named Kennedy and Hillary (for Hillary Clinton). Oh, and on a sidetrack from shero news–apparently Harry Reid is thankful he has another 6 years to destroy the Democratic brand. Judging by Sharon Angle’s Thanksgiving tweet to her nonexistent fanbase (“I hope God blesses you all with a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. May it be filled with great moments, great food and great joy with those you love most!”), she’s hard at work trying to make some “great lemonade” out of her loss… or something.

From a conservative source — the National Interest: “Clinton and the Nuclear Scientist(Information on Hillary’s meeting with Siegfried Hecker seems to be scarce, so I linked to the one actual writeup I could find.)

This pulled up on one of my feeds, and I found it informative — West Virginia politics: “But What About the Women?” (via The Intelligencer and Wheeling News Register)“Interesting, isn’t it, that we know lots about the major male candidates – but the four strong women continue to fly under the radar?”

Since there’s no photos of Bill and Hill on this Thanksgiving, a couple of Clinton turkey day flashbacks — this is what public service looks like —

Thanksgiving 2009 — raw video of Hillary in Afghanistan, in that beautiful coat: Hillary to the troops: “At the top of my (Thanksgiving) list is all of you.”

Via Huffpo — Life magazine photo of President-elect Clinton (sorry, it’s Bill not Hillary) serving Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter for battered and homeless women in Arkansas.

On the Friends of Hillary lecture circuit…

Monday at Wellesley (via the Boston Globe): “Developing African economies are the topic for a lecture at Wellesley College by an advisor to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a release. Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way is the title of the lecture by Steven Radelet, who advises Clinton on foreign aid… Radelet will explain why a group of African nations are making a successful transition to sustainable economic growth and development.

While we’re at it, Tuesday in Greensboro, NC (via WRAL news): Bill Clinton will be giving a lecture at Guilford called “Embracing Our Common Humanity.”

I stumbled across this neat footage of Bill Clinton on youtube, from Hong Kong in 2005, responding to a question about UFOs. It’s about 7 minutes long and put a smile on my face.

Excellent piece via The Stir: “Sarah Palin vs. the 1990sThe thing is this — no woman likes to be judged on how she creates her own version of motherhood. And there are still plenty of Murphys and Hillarys just trying to raise their kids and put dinner on the table without someone else judging them. So Palin might want to tread lightly as she implements this new chapter in her quest for stardom, political and otherwise, because it’s got the word ‘backfire’ written all over it.” Agreed!

From the Economist:Bill Clinton: the opera‘Billy Blythe’ —the brainchild of two Arkansas natives, Bonnie Montgomery and Britt Barber—is set on a single day in the Southern life of a teenaged Clinton in the Arkansas town of Hot Springs, where he grew up. It highlights the tribulations that shaped the future occupant of the White House, living with an abusive and alcoholic stepfather and a decidedly colourful mother.”

I have to end this in a hurry–my dog had surgery this week and she needs her antibiotics and pain meds. Hope everything clicks to where it’s supposed to go! If any of the links are broken, please let me know, and as always, feel free to use the comments as an open thread to share what you’re reading and ruminating on this Saturday.

20 Responses

  1. Wonk, you have no idea how much I look forward to your Sat. post…now back to reading it.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless all here! I took a mini news vacation while I celebrated the holiday with family. But the grind has begun again and I am back to grind on.

    Wonk, GREAT POST! FYI, any post of Hillary’s work/accomplishments is the BEST way to start the day. I was looking for the story where SoS Clinton got a laceration on the hand from a tennis injury suffered while taking a break from politics. But since she has been working what feels like non-stop, I doubt she has had the time to cut herself.

    And the pic of President Clinton at a shelter on turkey day? The vision of a leader that can currently only be rivaled by his wife (who is just as good, if not better).

    I wonder how many days off, now that NK and SK are on the brink of war, Obumbles will take because working with stitches is so hard? Asshat.

    Hillary 2012

    • Welcome back, Rock!

      I tried to imagine our Energizer Secretary taking time off to play tennis, but I drew a blank, Lol. I can’t believe her schedule. She is so disciplined.

      And the pic of President Clinton at a shelter on turkey day? The vision of a leader that can currently only be rivaled by his wife (who is just as good, if not better).

      Yep, and while Bill isn’t too shabby 😉 I agree with what Chelsea said when she was asked on the campaign trail who is better. (Hillary of course.)

  3. Go Will Bower GO!

    (((Hi, will)))!

    • I guess it’s just me, but I’d prefer if he stopped and let someone else be the face of a Draft Hillary 2016 campaign. 2012, imho, isn’t happening so he can do what he wants with that election cycle I guess. However 2016 is a bit different. I’m not even convinced Hillary wants to run again–but IF she were to do so in 2016, I’d want her to have every chance out of the gate.

      I am not commenting on Bower or his intentions, just saying pragmatically his being the face of it doesn’t work after what happened in 2008. Let the Team Hillary Clinton and Ann Lewis/No Limits crowd be the face.

      • Wonderful post, Wonk the Vote! I wish Hillary Clinton were our President, but since she is not, I am glad she is our SOS. She is doing an incredible job, with elegance and sincerity. I can barely believe the energy she brings to the work.

        I wish she would run in 2012, but I doubt she would unless President Obama decides not to run. I agree with you that 2016 is more likely — but I don’t know what shape the country will be in by then.


  4. NowPublic asks a 64,000 dollar question: “Will Hillary Clinton & Lawrence Cannon Be Named By Wikileaks?“

    😯 If Hillary is mentioned I suspect it will be for the press release mentioned prior and for meeting/calling to warn governments of the impending release as Nobel Peace Prize President Obama is too busy playing basket ball to deal with those Peace thingies…

  5. Very nice post. Much appreciated.

  6. absolutely beautiful..but then how could it be otherwise..it,s about our favorite people.
    the Clinton’s!!!!!

  7. Great post, WTV. Love reading about Hillary.
    Hope your dog feels better soon.

    Well, Thankscooking is over and so is Thankseating, but still Thanskcleaning around here. Sugar burned on the bottom of the oven … ugh.

  8. Great post and collection!

  9. Hope your dog is doing well! Went through oral surgery …meds, etc. last year with my darling Slicky!

  10. Thanks for putting this together, WTV, especially with your pooch recovering from surgery.

  11. I choke up just a bit when I see all Hillary’s doing.

    • The youtube of Hillary’s townhall in Australia left me feeling that way. Just when I think the politics and issues are getting overwhelming and it’s all so bleak, there’s Hillary doing something to get me reinvested again.

  12. Thanks, WTV. Good to read all our inspiring SOS is doing, and the people associated with her. Best wishes for your 4-legged friend’s recovery.

  13. Several things ‘ bout Nancy Pelosi and at times I do feel bad for her position. I remember that Pelosi said that the public option was non-negotiable while Obama had already bartered that away behind her back in his closed session negotiations with the the Health Care Insurance Lobby. This publicly embarrassed Nancy Pelosi. I don’t believe she got any support in corralling Bart Stupak because Obama really didn’t care about women’s health care issues. I wouldn’t doubt that Obama let Stupak run wild with his assertions publicly to get an even more conservative health care insurance reform bill passed that Obama wanted in the first place.

    Nancy Pelosi made two big mistakes. Taking impeachment off of the table and supporting Obama. I personally don’t believe that Pelosi is any more liberal than Clinton. In my opinion, they are both victims of the good old boy network with insufficient support from their whimpy party to allow the MSM and the Republicans to paint them as the most “divisive women” in our political system. Whatever conflict has ever happened between Pelosi and Clinton on a personal/professional level, I do believe that men fear them. The fact that she chose not to recognize Obama’s dismissive attitudes towards women led to the downfall of the entire elections cycle.

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