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What I didn’t have with my pumpkin pie (Open Thread)

Well, DAMN — I missed the boat on the boozy coffee and now it looks like I might have missed my chance with this:

Alcoholic Whipped Cream Causes Buzz On Campus

The federal government ordered the makers of Four Loko to change its dangerous combination of caffeine and alcohol to something safer. However, it’s not just beverages getting the controversial boost, its whipped cream too.

It might look like a regular can of whipped cream, but if you take a closer look at the label, you’ll see why some university students are really buzzing about whipped lightning.

“I think it’s awesome, you can throw it on some Jell-O shots. It’d be fantastic,” UCF student Bo Frisby said.

The whipped treat comes in different flavors, and it’s infused with alcohol. The alcohol content is fairly high, 18 percent by volume, that’s more than three times the amount found in most beers.

Liquor stores around the UCF area said the new form of booze is flying off the shelves.

For what it’s worth, Cream Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream gets a good review from at least one website:

With this as background, my pretasting opinion of Cream was both very high (way to nail down a demographic and sell to it, dudes: The cans use a font that immediately calls to mind lube and/or a rave flier) and very low—once you’ve decided to sell alcoholic whipped cream to cretins for $10, you don’t really have to deliver on the flavor front.

And yet, shockingly, Cream delivers on the flavor front, at least in one variety. Of the three flavors sampled (chocolate, caramel, and cherry), chocolate seemed to make the most sense: The heavy cocoa bump it packed was a nice counterpart to the mild alcoholic burn. On top of ice cream, floating atop Kahlúa, with fruit, licked straight off a plate … this stuff is far better than you’d hope. It’s rich in flavor, fluffily creamy, neither soggy nor chemical as you might fear.

To me the packaging looks more like something I’d use to shave my legs …. it doesn’t look that appealing to me as a tasty treat.  But, what is the deal with hiding liquor in unrelated foods?  What’s next, bologna beer?

29 Responses

  1. Actually the whipped cream sounds kind of good as a dessert. But, why are they marketing this stuff to College Students?

  2. I have to say, I probably would have shot the whole can into my mouth on the spot if they had that stuff at Costco, where I went with 4 kids, 3 of them under 5, today. Wonder if they have it at the Dari Mart?

    • (snort) Not in Kansas ….

      Yeah, I was shocked at first but by the time I finished writing the post, I was ready to run off to a liquor store to see if they have it in stock.

  3. You can eat a ton of tequila lime chicken and not get a buzz.

    What a scam.

  4. Speaking of Pumpkin pie, That guy on tv who challenges restaurants to meal duels, I think he was the one who recently did an expose’ on pumpkins.

    Did you know that pumpkins have no taste! It’s only when cinnamon or nutmeg or whatever whatever is added that the pumpkin gets it flavor.

    Who knew! Pumpkin is bland until its pumped up with the flavor of the month.

  5. Bloomberg would probably win a handful of coastal states if he ran as an Independent. Definitely more helpful for Palin than Obama if that were the field. Howard Wolfson is his special advisor and deputy mayor. We should ask Howie what’s up. Could Bloomberg pressure Obama not to run.

    • I don’t think anyone can pressure Obama not to run. In the bubble he resides in, he’s the most popular successful president ever!

  6. Does it come in bacon flavored? I could see me putting it on crackers.

    • And on the wrong morning I could see myself using it as Mousse. Hello? Aquamarine is not the color of edible things.

  7. Why does this make me think of the old SNL ad: “It’s both a desert topping and a floor cleaner?”
    Anyway, morning is here and this woke me up with a start: Get Grandma!

  8. For anyone interested in learning more about my [and Big Dawg’s] strange little home state:


    • Were you a Clarkie?

      • Clark had already dropped out by the time Super Tuesday rolled around.

        I’ve never worked for ANY candidate, if that’s what you mean.

        I voted for Edwards, but I was still suffered from a mild case of Fashionable Left CDS at the time, due to all the Left magazines I was reading. Oh, I never thought either Clinton was a monster–which is why a said a mild case–but I thought them too Blue-Doggish. 😳

        Had I known then what I know now about both Edwards and HRC, I’d have voted for HRC.

        • Grrr…I meant “I still suffered”, not “I was still suffered”. 😡

          I can haz edit feechur, plz? :mrgreen:

          • I also meant “I said a”, not “a said a”. 😡

            Maybe I’ve stayed up too late. 🙄

  9. Sheila Bair has a surprisingly aggressive piece on the fiscal debate in WaPo. She says we have a treasury bubble, so the private sector should maybe think about productively investing its money instead of just sitting on it, and the public sector needs to tighten its belt…else the bubble will pop and create another credit crisis, according to Bair. Hope Krugman will have a clearer view on social security and medicare cuts. He’s been kind of squishy on the topic. Palin too…though she’s been clear no cuts to defense.

    • Bair’s piece bugged me because I’ve got a lot more respect for her than most of those wankers. One thing I won’t be convinced of by anyone is that cutting Social Security is not a default on the debt.

      I was very disappointed that, while she mentioned Defense, she did not mention the wars. To me that says she was not really serious.

  10. it’s early, but it’s Saturday… a shot of Jameson’s in my coffee please…

    all right, not really, but – never having tasted the caffeine laden alcohol – I’m not really sure what the problem is…

    why do I get the feeling that pretty soon the govt is going to order me onto a diet?

  11. Boozy whipped cream has been around a long time. My grandmother used bourbon in the whipped cream for pecan pie, sherry in trifle, and triple sec in ambrosia. We were a traditional Southern Baptist family. We did not drink alcohol. We ate it.

  12. caffeine + alcohol = a drunk who can’t fall asleep.
    The longer it goes on, the uglier it gets.

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