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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Pre-Black Friday Open Thread

Shop 'til you drop!

The remains of the turkey are in the fridge, the relatives have gone home, and now it’s time to get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year.

Harrah’s Sports Book puts tomorrow’s over/under at 5 dead* – trampled, crushed, shot by other bargain hunters or heart attacks caused by fighting over sales merchandise.

What will you be doing tomorrow? Will you be in the mosh pit fighting for great deals or will you sleep in? If you’re going shopping where are you going and what are you looking to buy?

This is an open thread.

(*Not really)

24 Responses

  1. I want to get a new TV tomorrow.

    Somebody shot my old one.

  2. Tomorrow – I never, ever shop on Black Friday. Hoping to spend the day at the hospital for the arrival of my second grandbaby (if nature cooperates with my daughter’s wishes). And, taking my son to the airport for his return to LA.

    Lazy day.

  3. I ‘m in Philly right now and tomorrow will be meeting a friend for lunch and a spin through the Franklin Insitute’s exhibit on Cleopatra. I’ll be taking the suburban local into Center City, something I did for almost 10 years when I lived and worked in the area, and then probably head down to the Reading Terminal for some yummy food–anything and everything you might want to eat. And all of it good. We’ll probably catch the Light Show in what was once John Wanamaker’s Department Store. And then head home along with the crush of shoppers.

    I’m predicting a good day! :0)

  4. I also would like to get a new TV this year though no one has shot my old one, yet.

    Donkey Turkeys

    So why did Republicans win big in the midterm elections? Occam’s razor suggests that voters were unhappy with Democrats for enacting massively unpopular and intrusive legislation while failing to deal effectively with real problems. But some people avoid Occam’s razor for fear of cutting themselves, so we end up with some very elaborate, if not downright crazy, explanations. They are also highly entertaining, which is something to be thankful for.

  5. Full employment in Germany soon.

    Germany’s economy minister Rainer Bruederle has given an upbeat assessment of his country’s recovery, including the assertion that “full employment will soon be possible”.

    He said that Germans were “doing well and spending again”, and that domestic consumption was strong.

    Data released this week showed German business confidence at a 20-year high.

    German optimism is in marked contrast with the gloom engulfing some European economies struggling with high debts.

  6. The only commercial establishment I plan to enter tomorrow –or fo the rest of the weekend–is my neighborhood Mexican restaurant, which serves the best chilaquiles on the planet. By a miracle, I got my week’s grocery shopping done yesterday morning, just before the shopping tsunami hit. I’m taking no more chances. I’ m making my Solstice gifts this year.

  7. Delurking and peeking in – just wanted to comment that I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all those that you love and who love you. Insofar as buying stuff, if you are intent on buying, spend your money on something meaningful that will pay interest. Bowing out.

    • Happy Thanksgiving, HT. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Toronto (that is where you are from, right?) but I went to Vancouver at the end of summer for the first time and loved it. Must visit Canada again soon.

      • Yes, I’m from outside TO. I have been to the states too many time to enumerate and would love to visit more – we both have magnificent countries that are so vast, however I’m at an age that I won’t put up with the border nonsense. Don’t make the mistake that I did, always thinking that I would get to it someday. In my case, someday never arrived. In any case, I hope you had a wonderful day, and have a wonderful weekend planned.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving y’all…My husband is working the 11pm to 10am shift over at Wallymart. He is the event coordinator, so he’s been busy making sure at least the customers at his store are safe. So that means we are lucky, I just gave him a list and he is picking the stuff up…no black friday for this Minxy.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, I didn’t see a single thing worth risking life or limb for. I’ll be one of the throngs sleeping in and working on digesting the leftovers.

    I may go out later in the day to get some pretty Christmas themed scrapbook paper to make a Christmas garland with Christmas activities for the kiddos. I’m working on keeping the spirit in which the season is intended despite the overzealous push the retailers have been making since before Halloween.

    Hope everyone stays safe.

  10. Anyone want to go hunting with the Cheneys for Thanksgiving 😉

  11. I go in Friday @ double time plus holiday pay 😉
    The joy of working in a union shop.
    As to sale shopping, I do mine on the internet.

  12. Anyone want to go hunting …
    Holiday fun is over, the hunters are back on the street. The GF just texted that she has gotten two stabbings, a gun shot and an MVA in last 10 min.

  13. I’m planning on working out in the yard tomorrow. Leaves, leaves, leaves, those evil leaves. And some random landscape cleanup before the fall ends. Then eat some leftovers. And then probably shop online. I do most of my shopping online it seems. Maybe go out to a store or two if the mood strikes me. Or maybe just hit myself with a hammer – same pain, just without the travel part.

  14. Two things I’ll do today – none of them involves shopping:
    I’ll go swimming for an hour – yes, our city pool is open today!
    I’ll go to our garden Leftover party today. We have some oyster mushroom to put on the grill, others will bring other stuff.
    And now my morning sneeze: Obama is rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic

  15. I’m home recooping from turkey day. Hubby and daughter never went to bed and started shopping at midnight! It’s 8:00 a.m. Calif time and they are still out and about. They got some great bargains though! Then they come home and sleep all day. Me? I’m working out today to help with the food overload. Happy Thanksgiving to All.

  16. Gym. Work. Bah, humbug! Anybody I care about is getting cash for Xmas. Walmart and Target don’t carry that on sale.

  17. Not shopping — still unemployed like 1/5 of our nation.

    Reading the superb Confluence instead!

    There are also some excellent topics on Ian Welsh’s site: on leadership, Gov. Perry wanting to send US troops into Mexico (I really hope he does not run for President) and including this discussion on business:


    And this one via Ian is amazing: I did not know where the phrase “the man” came from:

    And this, also via Ian, is about an amazing sheriff:


  18. A week ago, I walked into a Home Depot just as they announced to a few folks standing around the nursery area that they were giving away all flower bulbs for free because they got wet due to being out in an open area instead of inside store.
    ( we just has a slew of rain)
    So, we 4 or 5 crazy gardeners cleared the shelves in 5 minutes and I walked away with over 1200 bulbs.
    Tulips, daffodils, giant Allium, crocus, Hyacinth.
    What timing. If I went into store 10 minutes earlier or 10 minutes later, I would have missed the free for all.
    So, today, I am digging holes and planting bulbs…
    and I’ll prolly give everyone on my list some daffodil bulbs for C-mas!

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