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Both Ways Barracuda

From Sarah Barracuda’s book, as quoted by Politico:

Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous rant, when her husband was running for president, that she wasn’t, in her words, ‘some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette’? Hillary is someone I like and admire personally in many ways, but she came across then as someone frozen in an attitude of 1960s-era bra-burning militancy. … Well, Hillary (many of us wanted to say at the time), some of us like to bake cookies. … It surprises some people to hear that I consider myself a feminist. I believe both women and men have God-given rights that haven’t always been honored by our country’s politicians. … I also consider myself a grateful beneficiary of the movement for female equality, particularly Title IX … So I proudly call myself a conservative feminist.

Palin barely appears anywhere without commenting on the media taking unfair shots at her and twisting her words–yet Palin has been doing that to Hillary from the start, playing on media soundbytes and caricatures of Hillary and twisting Hillary’s words for no reason, when both Hillary and Bill have only ever been gracious and respectful of her voice having a place at the table, when asked to comment on Sarah Palin publicly.

Palin continues to try to have it both ways, acting as if what she is doing is anything different than what she had remarked about with her “perceived whine” commentary about Hillary. On the one hand, Palin acts as if she welcomes the scrutiny since she herself signed up for it. On the other hand, Palin spends considerable time whining about mentioning the kind of treatment she gets from what she and other conservatives call the “lamestream” media.

Palin seems to want to prove herself to be the tough Mama Grizzly who can handle the scrutiny in a way that avoids being perceived as whining–except she hasn’t really done that.

Palin resigned her governorship and has been playing social butterfly ever since, using facebook, twitter, TLC, and Fox News spots while eschewing the national media scrutiny that Hillary has not only taken on, head on, for every day of the last two decades essentially, but has come out all the stronger for doing so.

Why did Sarah Palin have to bring up the ancient history of the Tammy Wynette, tea, and cookies? Who ghostwrote Palin’s book? Dick Morris?

Worse, Palin furthered the inaccurate soundbyte distortion of what Hillary really said.

Hillary’s actual remarks in context were as follows:

I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life. I’m a big believer in women making the choices that are right for them. The work that I have done as a professional, as a public advocate, has been aimed at trying to assure that women can make the choices they should make.

–HRC, tea and cookie in its full glory

Hillary is a stateswoman who is out of domestic politics but continues to blaze trails. I have no doubt she will also continue to be classy and not waste one iota of energy over Sarah Palin. Much bigger fish to fry.

But, I’m not Hillary so I can say it for her.

The jury is still out on what Palin’s legacy will be. She could make a go for the GOP nomination in 2012 and make history — or she could just as easily become nothing more than a trivial pursuit question.

Either way– if Both-Ways Sarah Barracuda continues to swim with the Hillary-hating media fishes and legitimize false narratives about Hillary and her supporters, all to prove some tribalist garbage about conservative women being “less militant,” more “feminine,” yet “tougher,” then as far as I am concerned the Barracudas can fend for themselves without my help:

104 Responses

  1. I’m with you , Wonk. I have stood up for palin often,
    but will never do so again if she cannot be clear and honest about the Clintons.

    • I hear ya………..I know what Hillary has done for women all around the world. I can’t say the same about Palady.

      I will fight sexism against any woman, no matter if they are candidates or not.

      Once upon a time there was a beauty queen………..
      she finally burned her panties.

      • Referring to Palin’s participation in a beauty pageant is one of the things that I would call out as sexist treatment.

        • There she is Miss America or Miss Universe………….does that sound sexist to you too?

          I didn’t use sexism when I referred to her as a beauty queen, that is what she was in to, and part of her history. She should be proud. When she wants to tear Hillary apart, and hit her with a comment about sounding like a bra burning militant, then I am free to tell her to burn those panties!

          • It was sexist to raise the issue, imo. Relying on Palin’s beauty pageant days is not the was to criricize Palin’s political behavior.

          • Another thing, I was out burning my bra when Hillary was at Yale. I don’t remember seeing her with posters about burning her bra.

            Palady’s comment was much harsher, than me bringing up the issue of her beauty queen days. You might not remember it was her PR camp that
            started making a big deal of her being a beauty.
            She went after that star power, and she is still riding
            on it, and frozen in time herself.

    • Women need to stand up for other women…no matter what.

      I will continue to defend Sarah and any other woman who stands up for other women, no matter what.

  2. I’m not a fan of taking a paragraph from a book & trying to make any claims about what it means. So I’m not going to judge what Palin wrote here until I can read it in context (of the rest of the book, or at least that chapter), because for all I know in the next paragraph she will further clarify her point (not, if I’m being completely honest, that I’m going to read her book, but still).
    Furthermore, I was alive & politically aware enough to remember when Hillary said that AND the fallout she got from it. Many people “heard” her say what Palin is saying she said, and Palin may very well be saying that is what she “heard” (not what Hillary said) (see my point about context above). And if that is what Palin is writing (ie, how the comment struck her at the time) than that is fair. It is HER book about HER perspective of things, not Hillary’s.
    And to be even more brutally honest, as much as I personally agree with what Hillary said, I think it was a faux pas by her. She could have made her point without sounding condescending to those women who do CHOOSE stay home & bake cookies. I know, I know, she didn’t MEAN it like that, but a lot of peple took it like that and she got a lot of flack for it. As smart as she is, she could have said it better.

    • I remember the flack that she and Bill took for that remark. It was definitely one of those things which reads well but sounded condescending at the time.

      • I was a single, working, woman professional and I thought that Hillary’s tone was condescending when she made that comment. It was not one of her finer moments. She obviously learned from it and has found her true voice-the one that matches her actions.
        That’s one reason why I’ve given Palin so much leeway in some of her more egregious comments. I figured that she had some political maturing to do. I think she still does but I don’t like hearing her do it on Hillary’s back, so to speak. She needs to develop some degree of graciousness. It’s one of her most glaring shortcomings, imo.

        • Hillary is a very skilled politician. Through the years on the national stage she has learned diplomacy and tact. She does have the best coach on the planet.

          RalphB is so right…it reads so much better than it sounded when she said those things. The heat she took at the time was deserved. She learned.

          • Hillary learned … how to function in a soundbyte media, but she still gets that treatment sometimes. See Hillary’s RFK comments or her comments to the student in the Congo. More nonissues that the press turned into Issues. All comments Hillary made off the cuff. Nothing very controversial about any of Hillary’s comments when you hear the appropriate context. To me that’s a lot different than a book where the ghostwriter and political team had plenty of opportunity beforehand to choose words very carefully on a topic that they had to have known would get the soundbyte treatment and generate buzz.

          • Yes, what Wonk says.

            Personally, I don’t think Hillary has ever condescended to women. She’s all over the world uniting her heart and hand with them. Women all over the world sense her empathy with them. Hillary has always been a feminist and never felt the need to trumpet or apologize about it.

            She is what she is, and she is great.

    • Hillary made an off the cuff comment and I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. She was being attacked for having a professional identity outside of her husband as usual and that was the context of what she was responding to. She wasn’t putting down women who choose to stay home and bake cookies as is clear by the sentence that she follows up with right after that about being a big believer in women making the choices that are right for them. The reason Hillary took flack for it is because the media twisted what she said and cut the rest of the context out and made it sound like a context-free shot at baking cookies and having teas.

      Palin all the time bemoans this type of thing being done to her so for her to even bring the topic up as “her perspective” on “how she heard” Hillary seems rather unnecessary and thoughtless to me, given that Sarah now knows what it’s like to be under that spotlight and have one’s words twisted.

      • Excuse me, I did NOT say that Hillary was puttting down women who stay home , so don’t lecture me on what she “meant.”
        I quite clearly said a lot of people took it that way. I also said that I didn’t think she said anything wrong, or that I disagreed with her. I said she could have SAID IT BETTER. And she could have — she should have left off the part about baking cookies and just said the rest of it, Same message, no chance of it being taken the wrong way.
        You might not like it, but the fact is that if the message is lost or misunderstood it is the problem with the person saying it (that is, it is incumbent on the person trying to express herself to make sure she says it clearly), not the person hearing it.

        • The way people “take” something is not necessarily the responsibility of the person who said the thing they “took” with umbrage.

      • It was a different era for women at the time, and what Hillary said was reasonably taken as harsh by many. I remember it well, along with the Tammy Wynette “stand by my man” comment. She was defensive about her own choices on several occasions. Things have changed since then, and she’s much more confident in her independence.

        I, for one, agree with everything angienc has said.

    • That’s how I remember it too. It sort of came across as dissing staying home and baking cookies — and the media replays (endless) weren’t the whole para., just the tea and cookies part. (plus, there’s something about the juxtaposition of the staying home and the baking of cookies — as if staying home is some sort of lightweight happyfest of cookies and teas!).

      Also, all this focus on one or two comments of Palin on Clinton — I’m not really sure they should be given all that much weight. I disagree with Palin’s take on what Clinton said, and it is certainly worthy of criticism. Esp. since it just perpetuates a purposely misinterpreted statement. We hardly need more of that. But are Palin’s (erroneous) criticisms of Clinton really a mainstay of her book, or her political stances?

      • Exactly. The statement was “purposely misinterpreted” by Palin’s ghostwriter, as it has been by many others.

    • No, I saw Hillary’s words to be mocking
      ( in a kind way) the Conservative thinking that a woman can’t do global things and still bake cookies.

      Sheesh, Hillary can diplomatically tame the world toward peace…
      and bake cookies. No sweat.
      That’s what Hillary was saying.

      • Conservative thinking about women? Don’t fool yourself — the Left thinks the same thing about women — look at what happens when one tries to run for President — cheating, vote stealing, busing in people for caucuses. If it helps you sleep at night that it only the Right who thinks like that, good for you.
        And you were the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who heard her “baking cookies” remark that way. It was said exactly the way Valhalla described it — as if staying home was all cookies and teas.

        • I sort of heard it the way insanely heard it, but rather than the conservative or liberal way of thinking of a woman, I’d just say she was mocking the traditional thinking that a woman can’t have a public professional identity beyond being her husband’s first lady.

          • Well, you are doing a WHRM — what Hillary really meant. I don’t like the WORMs & I don’t like the WHRMs. Although I know what she meant– I am, believe it or not, smart enough to understand her point — that is exactly why the way she said it was problematic. She should have said it in a way where there was no chance of it being taking in a condescending manner. Because it did sound condescending when she said it — not when we are reading it now 20 years later. When she said it. I remember her clearly saying it on my tv. Even my mother — who was trailblazing in the professional world at the same time that Hillary was, even though she was married and “didn’t have to work” — said at the time “She’s right, but she shouldn’t have said it like that.” It is never wise to alienate your audience & I guarantee you that the Hillary of today would never use that same phrasing.

          • Indeed. Bill Clinton was running for POTUS at the time of Hillary’s statement …that means Hill was being fitted for first lady…the pressure to suddenly become Mamie Eisenhower was and IS huge ( and don’t me wrong ,I liked Mamie! ) but the pressure to shut up get in the kitchen was and is great. Hillary was in my mind, resisting that intense pressure…which we still see very much in force today. Hilary Clinton would be about the last person to mock any woman’s choice..imo.

          • that means Hill was being fitted for first lady…the pressure to suddenly become Mamie Eisenhower was and IS huge ( and don’t me wrong ,I liked Mamie! ) but the pressure to shut up get in the kitchen was and is great. Hillary was in my mind, resisting that intense pressure…

            Exactly paperdoll. In fact, if you remember the scene of the diner where Hillary made that comment, it was a comment from her prompted by reporters badgering her to respond to Jerry Brown’s attacks on her work at the Rose Law Firm. She was very much standing up to exactly that kind of pressure.

    • That isn’t a paragraph, it’s Politico’s edited version of an entire chapter.

      Those are selected quotes from the chapter separated by ellipses (…)

      Depending on what they edited out her statements could have been taken way out of context. Or not.

      I’d like to see the whole thing before I pass judgment.

      I’m not buying the book so I’ll have to go down to B&N to read it.

      • Be sure to look in the wildlife section or wherever else creative employees put it.

        • I live in Tea Party country. I’ll bet there will be a whole table full of them right near the front door, and some displayed on the checkout counter too.

      • IMHO Palin’s remarks on Hillary are only getting worse the more context that is coming out:

        Today’s self-proclaimed feminists have (more than once) accused me of not being a “real woman” because I don’t share their leftist views. (The same sort of insults are hurled at black conservatives like Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell who don’t view themselves primarily as victims of racism.) But it’s actually the liberal women’s groups that have little in common with the majority of American women. Most women love their families and cherish motherhood. But all too often leaders of the modern feminist movement seem disdainful of traditional family life and the joys and fulfillment we find in motherhood.

        Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous rant, when her husband was running for president, that she wasn’t, in her words, “some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette?” Hillary is someone I like and admire personally in many ways, but she came across then as someone frozen in an attitude of 1960s-era bra-burning militancy. She told us in no uncertain terms that she “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas” but preferred to pursue a serious career. Well, Hillary (many of us wanted to say at the time), some of us like to baked cookies. Some of us also think we can do that and still have successful careers. And most of us don’t think we have run down stay-at-home moms in order to make ourselves feel good about our choices.

        The women’s groups and mainstream media have greeted the rise of conservative mama grizzlies in much the same way they treated the vice-presidential campaign in 2008…[snip]


  3. Why is Palin even bringing up something that old?
    Surely there are more important issues.
    She could have a good amount of support from Hill”s 18 million.

  4. When I heard this the other day, I thought: that was really stupid. She doesn’t realize that needlessly mocking Hillary will backfire among those of us who defend her against the sexism of the left.

    • You know what? I’m coming to the conclusion that Palin just isn’t that bright or she’s become so much like Obama and so enamored of this personality that she’s created for herself that she can’t even understand how the hubris plays out there in the real world.

  5. She may have just lost my support.

    • I will defend her and her children from all the personal and uncalled for attacks…especially the lies and name calling. But, politically, I cannot support her. I’ll simply never be Republican. I want a new party with a seriously solid leader put on the ballot, and the Tea Party isn’t it.

  6. You know what would be a great? A debate between Hillary and Sarah. On the issues. Not who is a better wife or mother or cookie baker. Rather, who has a better command of the issues (oh, like speaking of our ally, North Korea) and who has actual solutions to the problems facing us.

    Not silly little comments from Sarah speaking from both sides of her mouth (incoherently, and, of course, through a ghost writer) or age-old comments from Hillary about not wanting to limit herself to baking cookies. (Yes, that came off as insulting to stay-at-home moms.)

    I think Chelsea turned out well, as did Bristol. Both kids subjected to awful nasty mean-girl and mean-boy attacks. H and S both did well at parenting.


    A girl can dream.

    • I’d love to see that. Hillary would make mince meat of Palin in a debate.

    • No. A debate between Hillary and Palin would not be great. Hillary trying to make mincemeat of Palin would not be great. You know what would be great?? Hillary and Palin holding hands and joining forces. Everyone from Karl Rove to Keith Olbermann would piss their pants. This country would turn yellow from sea to shining sea. Heads would explode and the Powers that Be would be jumping off of window ledges.

      It will never happen, but a girl can dream.

      • Amen to that yttik.
        A Hillary/Palin debate would be too uncomfortable for me to watch anyway because it would be so embarrassing for Palin.

        • Ayup! The reason the ‘cookie’ thing was taken out of context by the media menz was because even then, Hillary was seen as an intellectual threat to many menz.

          I have had the opportunity to meet some very bright people and gosh, it is amazing, especially watching them in a debate. When it’s a woman with a brilliant mind, the patriarchy just goes bunkers, rather than seeing what an amazing individual they are witnessing and taking it all in.

          Any hoo, my two cents on the matter.

      • I am with you, yttik! I think it would be even better if they could first meet away from the cameras and just have a chance to talk about things. They might have more in common than one would think.

        I understand Wonk the Vote’s concern, but I do not think Gov. Palin is twisting SOS Clinton’s words. First, I remember the reaction to Mrs. Clinton’s remarks. I do not think she meant to scorn full time housewives (she is a mother herself), but her tone was unfortunate and the remark was widely reported that way. I had to explain her remark to my sister. (I think the tone was a response to the condescension she experienced.)

        Second, Gov. Palin says “..she came across then…” Not what SOS Clinton is or even what she was. Gov. Palin is talking about how some people perceived her at the time the remarks were made. I think people’s perceptions of SOS Clinton have come a long way.

        Finally, if a woman says she is a feminist, I applaud her, even if there are areas where we disagree. Much better than those who say, “I am not a feminist, but…”

        Full disclosure: I happen to be a woman, a liberal, a professional and a feminist. I am not a mother but I do happily bake.


      • Well, the Clintons have always been very kind to Palin.

    • There will never be a stage where Hillary debates Sarah.
      They are in different leagues.

      Hillary is a stateswoman and Sarah is a spokesperson.
      Two different ball games.

      • Well, if Hillary were the Dem candidate and Sarah were the Repub candidate, then indeed there would be a debate. Of course, I agree that it’s unlikely.

        Yes, I think it would be uncomfortable, in that Sarah is not really up on the issues. But an important event.

        Also, I don’t want to see women joining together simply because they are women when their views are so in conflict. Cordial, yes.

  7. Good points.

    I don’t like much of her politics. I will defend her from insane attacks. But like most Republicans, I don’t bother to criticizes much because, well, I don’t really want to have any of them be in office. Sadly right now we have two Republican parties, one wimpy and right wing and one crazy and right wing. What a choice.

    I have to admit, it’s great theater to watch the New Dems go batshit about her.

  8. I see your point Wonk, but I don’t read it that way. First, I don’t see her protests about the media as whining–I think she rightly calls them out for the sexist hypocrites they are.

    Second, Palin is no Hillary. I defend her right to be a public figure and her willingness to take on the powermongers, but she is not in HRC’s league intellectually. She is trying to make a point about being domestic if she wants (ie: nurturing qualities) and enjoying women’s rights (ie: independence). I don’t think she really understands that that was/is the point of women’s liberation. Hillary’s lifetime of work fighting for women of all types speaks for itself. I don’t think Palin is subtle enough to get this. If she did, she’d be a liberal, not a conservative! 🙂

  9. Please rescue my comment. Spammy has been attacking me regularly lately–what gives?!

  10. Help! Spammy keeps eating my words.

  11. One thing women have to learn is how to hold hands and stick together. It’s tough, because we are taught from day one that there can be only one pretty princess. We are taught that the biggest threat we face in this life is from other women. And we are encouraged to draw lines in the sand and to cast out those who aren’t “good enough” to be in our tribe. Cat fights are all the rage. Attacking women is how we get kudos, pats on the head, and promotions.

    There are many, many women in the world that I don’t like, that I don’t agree with. Nancy Pelosi for example. She denied that sexism was a factor in Hillary’s run, she went so far as to say that women actually benefit from their gender. Truthfully, I can’t think of a more back stabbing, hurtful betrayer of women right now than Nancy Pelosi. But you know what? I know how the system works. I know what she had to do to get in good with The Won. I don’t hate Nancy at all, I completely understand. She did what she had to do with the hand we are all dealt.

    • Palin did not *need* to make that comment about Hillary. If it benefits her, it’s with her Hillary-hating buddies. I have defended Palin against sexist attacks and I will probably continue to do so but less enthusiastically.

      • You’re a better person than I am. I am so done with this woman. This was uncalled for. When I think of all the opportunities Hillary had to trash her and didn’t, I truly understand the difference between class and trash. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

        Sarah Palin not only insulted Hllary but an entire generation of women who stood in the rain and snow so that people like Sarah could actually exist on the political stage for however long she lasts–and insult them like an ingrate.

        The woman is trashing the most Known and respected woman in the world and just can’t stand that the name is Hillary and not Sarah. That’s how it looks every time she pulls this stunt, as if her rights just dropped out of the sky because she’s special.

        I spent a lot of time defending Sarah against sexism– as IF she took 15 years of sexist crap like Hillary took from the very same patriarchy that will run Sarah over with their bulldozer. Then we’ll see how she feels about the boys in her Republican band when Rove and Newt get done skewering her. She’s going to wish we bra burners were still there with her.

        “When people attack you, you always have to remember that a lot of what others say about you has a lot more to do about them than you.”
        – Hillary Rodham Clinton

        Nuff Said.

        • Defending against sexism which happens to be aimed at Palin and defending Palin are totally separate things. Granted, a lot of people (usually the ones slinging sexism around) do not understand the distinction. But sexism aimed at Palin is really aimed at all of us (women), so going after the propagators really has nothing to do with Palin’s politics, or her comments on Clinton, or even her cynical or ungrateful use of feminism to her own ends.

          • l have nothing but disgust for the Andrew Sullivan-type attacks on Sarah Palin, but I think I’ll approach Sullivan’s spasms over Palin from a much more generalized feeling of “meh, tasteless media person saying tasteless things” from here on out. Palin is showing a pattern of using her power to (try to) walk through Hillary’s 18 million cracks while subtly (trying to) tear down the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit that put those cracks there. I don’t have any interest in helping anyone tear down Palin’s womanhood, but I also have no interest in helping Palin tear down the sisterhood.

        • Thanks for your closing quote, and yes, Hillary R. Clinton is a class act.

    • Personally I think a debate between the two would be civil (and I think Hillary would win).

      • That’s exactly what I meant above. Not a cat fight. A simple debate on the issues. Civil.

      • Hell yea Hillary would win. The thing is have you seen Palady in a debate in the last two years? She won’t do that, she selects who she talks with, and mostly she does her thing on Fox News.

        Rather than talking face to face, she tweets them.

      • a debate between Hillary and Palin would be an insult to Hillary’s intelligence

  12. Try again…Spammy keeps eating my posts.

  13. For real, no way will I support Nancy Pelosi. And I am not fascinated to hold hands with Palady either.

    You either have the ability or you don’t, regardless of your gender.

  14. I prefer to focus on this comment by Ms Palin.
    “Hillary is someone I like and admire personally in many ways…”

    For me, Hillary is miles above and beyond Sarah and Barack and all the rest of us, frankly.
    She is a stateswoman on the order of the greatest we have known, and she is only going to get better.

    But Sarah has that folksy Reagan way of sayin’ stuff.
    ( Just like Mr Obama sometimes gets that old time preacher cadence going.)

    Sarah, Barack….two sides of the same coin.

  15. lol!

  16. Hillary is indeed a brilliant stateswoman and the Secretary of State.

    The foreign policy of the US is in a horrid state. We were working with the world to deny Iran the potential for nuclear weapons and, oops, a brand new ultra modern enrichment facility just pops up out of nowhere. North and South Korea are near emergency status near the brink of war. China and Russia have dropped the dollar in favor of using their own currencies for bilateral trade, technically a treasury issue but ask James Baker if state isn’t involved.

    She’s a freakin’ genius and it’s all Obama’s fault may be true but it’s becoming less important with the passing days. What we are doing now is not working.

  17. As far as the Tammy Wynette thing, Hillary did stand by her man. But I really cannot berate her for this. I stood by mine too. So like Hillary said, ” I’m a big believer in women making the choices that are right for them.” Whether you stay home or pursue your career, stay with your husband when he cheats, or leave him…it is all a personal choice that should not be standards that decide if a woman is a feminist or not. I think the thing that should be considered when you label someone a feminist is if these women stand up for themselves and other women. That a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her life. Strong powerful women should be proud of one another, and each others accomplishments. Whether you agree with them or not…

  18. Palin decided to go with the media narrative. From this moment forward I will not defend Palin.

    I remember. I think Hillary’s tone was of a person annoyed when she said “I suppose I….”, and because of her tone, those in the media took it to mean that Hillary didn’t honor women who stayed home.

    When I heard Hillary’s comment I thought she was pushing back to those who believe a woman’s role is defined as a wife, especially if she became First Lady. Hillary would have none of it.

  19. Palin is not going to run a general election campaign. She’s going to run hard for the nomination, probably get it, and play to the conservatives to bring up turnout. Nothing does that better than some Hillary bashing.

    That makes her smart rather than dumb. John McCain ran an inclusive campaign, but Obama was better at talking bipartisan while his OFA oafs ran the partisan attacks.

    I don’t think a Palin run for president is going to be heavy on Hillary bashing just because Clinton isn’t running. I do suspect there will be a significant amount of Bill Clinton sexual innuendos if he campaigns heavily for Democrats in 2012.

    This has been Palin’s pattern in state office. She may govern more moderately, but her campaigning is all red meat, which makes me think her new book is the start of her presidential run.

  20. Hillary Clinton’s “rant”? Fuck you, Sarah Palin. You wouldn’t even be on the goddamn political stage if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton, you fool. Why do you think McCain chose you? Bra burning, my ass.
    Why don’t YOU go home and bake some cookies? What’s the matter? Think you might get a challenge from Hillary in 2012? Doubt it. The Boys won’t allow it. Put on your proper white gloves and start brewing the tea for Huckabee or Romney or who-the-hell-ever. How can I continue to defend her against sexism when she’s sexist herself? Nope. She just dug her own grave.

    Thanks for an outstanding post, WTV. I would call it a great “rant”, but apparently rant is not what I thought it was.. per Sarah Palin.

  21. Another thing. Poor Tammy Wynette who was put on the spot after Hillary’s comment about “Stand By Your Man” had the perfect reply. The song says “After all, he’s JUST a man.” Dime a dozen.

  22. There is no honor stance in politics. It’s always about winning and being more powerful and I think all players including Palin and Clinton have sacrificed honor in the name of politics.

    I don’t defend what Palin says about Clinton. However, as I see it when people severely trash women at high levels of politics, they’re trashing all of us, and I have to defend all of us by defending them. Turning your back completely on defending Palin against disgusting monsters on the left because of her statement is cherry picking and self-defeating. IMHO.

    And the truth as I see it is that Sarah Palin IS doing at least as much toward breaking the glass ceiling as Hillary did. Once Obama took the nomination, Hillary sat down and shut up to maintain her position in the party, just like all women seem to do. The idolization of Hillary after that is just a little too much for me. Had she not done that, she may have made a successful 3rd party run for president. Now, she’s at the Democratic party’s mercy for her “position”.

    Sarah has yet to just sit down and shut up, even though much of her party has turned against her. Maybe she’s actually a greater fighter than Clinton.

    Just how I feel. I’m not asking anyone to think it’s right.

    • Sarah has yet to just sit down and shut up

      I might think more highly of her if she had taken a little time to think through the direction she has pursued. Palin also had a chance to be an independent voice for all women. She has chosen another route.

    • Earlier this month, I didn’t vote for a governor in California. I had all intentions of voting for Jerry Brown, until the W word was not properly address by his camp. Again, it was a “WOMAN”, who severly trashed the other WOMAN, and California
      Chapter of NOW that supported the use of the W word. The trashing doesn’t just come from the monsters on the left, it comes from the right too.
      As a matter of fact it comes from all sides, including the tea party, and 3rd parties.

      What I would like to know is why you think Hillary sat down and shut up? I didn’t see that, because she was out there telling us to support the party,
      support Obama. It seems to me, that many women like myself didn’t just sit down and shut up. Got Puma? And here I am still, today, just can’t shut my goddamn mouth up.

      I’m thankful today, we have Hillary, and she’s in a position that fights for human rights.

  23. See how this reads… pretend we’re somewhere in between 2004 and 2008…

    From Michelle Obama’s new book:

    Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous rant, when her husband was running for president, that she wasn’t, in her words, ‘some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette’? Hillary is someone I like and admire personally in many ways, but she came across then as someone frozen in an attitude of 1960s-era bra-burning militancy. … Well, Hillary (many of us wanted to say at the time), some of us like to bake cookies. …

    • I’m holding Sarah to the same standard I would have held Michelle to.

      • Honestly, I’m not fazed one way or other by this passage in her book. I’ve been thinking more about whether she mis-spoke about North Korea or she really was mixed up about the North and South. Given the irritating gotcha antics of fauxgressives, I want to give her the benefit of doubt. But this is on the order of mixing up Tokyo and Beijing, or worse, unless she mis-spoke.

        • Yes, you have hit on a real question. This Hillary idolatry is just nothingness, but love for a politician always turns out that way.

          • Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ralph. I don’t think Palin’s gaffe on North Korea is that big a deal frankly, though she is a foreign policy lightweight so any mistake she makes turns into a Bush/Obama type gaffe with people unwilling to give her the benefit of a doubt. It’s much more plausible to me that she accidentally said North when she meant South, though, than it is that she didn’t know what kind of calculated shot she was taking not just at Hillary, but Hillary’s 18 million. It’s not Hillary idolatry but a question of solidarity when it comes to women and standing up for them. Not just for “mama Grizzlies” or “liberal women” but all women.

          • Idolatry? No. You and I may differ on some foreign policy views…I don’t know, we don’t talk about it much here. Maybe we should get back into it. But in general, I would trust Hillary on foreign affairs and global diplomacy over Palin…everyday of the week.

            Do you know Palin’s views on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, the Middle East, Central Africa and other current hot spots around the world. Is she an Isolationist. Do you know Palin’s views on the confrontational issues these days relating to global economic competition. I sure don’t.

            Apologies if I misunderstood you.

          • TW, you did misunderstand me. I don’t know nearly enough about Palin’s FP views to support them at all. I mean the thread of an “attack” on Hillary and her voters in Palin’s book is what I see as silly.

            I’ve looked further into Palin’s gaffe and find that she simply misspoke. She correctly spoke about North Korea literally 8 seconds before the gaffe. The fauxgressives struck again.

  24. Palin is not and never will be on Hillary’s leage.Hillary is ultra smart and a super educated woman, Palin is an ignorant woman. She couldn’t find anything from the last 15 years to date to attack Hillary, she had to go before than that .All what she does is complain about everything because she’s not in power. Why she didn’t stay in Alaska governing and we could see what she was up to, instead she chose the spotlight and sold all her kids and family to the media to later complain that they critized them? Look at Hillary’s family, the Hollywood stars, the ex-presidents, all of them protect their families from the media, Palin don’t, she received millions to sell them? Is that a conservative woman? I doubt it. Hillary is a class act, this woman is a gold digger!
    HILLARY 2012!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Wonk!

  26. Sometimes it is better to watch the person say something than reading it.

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