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47 Years ago today – Lee Harvey Oswald murdered on live television

On November 24, 1963 the one man who could have answered many of the unsolved mysteries of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was permanently silenced by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Police Department. Lee Harvey Oswald was 24 years old.

Unlike the killing of JFK (the Zapruder film wasn’t released until years later) millions watched in horror as the murder of Oswald took place live on national television.

After almost five decades Oswald remains as much a mystery today as he was then. Here is a timeline of Oswald’s life, along with lots of interesting and informative links.

We know some things for sure. Oswald was a Marine, he defected to Russia, then returned to the United States with his Russian wife, Marina. He spent some time in New Orleans before moving to Dallas where he found a job working at the Texas Schoolbook Depository. He denied killing JFK as well as Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit, the man whose murder for which he was originally arrested.

Below are some excerpts from the 1993 PBS documentary, “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

Here is a collection of news footage of Oswald while he was in the custody of the Dallas Police:

23 Responses

  1. I think Oswald had CIA connections

  2. When it came to his wife and children he was a control freak, and he never allowed her to have an opinion on anything.

    The bottom line he got what he deserved right there
    on the black and white tv.

    • So all MCP’s should be murdered, preferably in public? That would reduce the population problem, for sure.

      I believe Oswald had only one child, a daughter, and if I remember correctly, she wasn’t of an age to have an opinion about much of anything in 1963 except her bottle and the condition of her diaper.

      • Marina gave birth to two daughters, Junie, and Rachel Oswald. I was not referring to the opinion of his baby daughters, of that of Marina, his wife.
        Oswald did not take his family into the view of the public eye. And Oswald did rough up his wife, and should he have lived he would likely rough up his daughters too. He used his wife to cover up for him, and threatened to send her back to Russia.
        He never allowed Marina to create a family life, never. He even had his wife washing and drying his feet.

        Oswald went as far as plans to hijack an airplane to Cuba, and rehearsed time and time again how he would do it.

        His life was one of self destruction. He knew it.

      • i disagree he got what he deserved

        • lets see at this point he was denied legal counsel probably got beat by the police a few times when the where integrating by the looks him in this vid
          then he was assassinated in cold blood .

          • what he im just a im just a patsy. you betcha .

          • He also disappeared before any truths were discovered about just what happened and who was really behind it. The knowledge that went with him was a real loss for this country.

          • Do you know how many people are sitting in jails and prisons across this country who have been denied legal counsel, they can’t afford it.

            Yes, he was killed in cold blood, as most lunatics are. Had he lived he would have had a seat in the electric chair.

  3. I was about 9-1/2 years old and saw it happen in real time. It was so shocking and unbelievable that when I ran into the kitchen saying, “Oswald was shot, Oswald was shot!” … my mother corrected me and said, “No honey, President Kennedy was shot” (exposing her opinion that I was an idiot)

    I didn’t realize until you told me on the 22nd that it was the only murder televised live on TV. But it makes sense…. I’ve always thought witnessing it was one of the stranger experiences of my life.

    Also, I think it’s weird that my parents – who never let us watch a cowboy or cop show with guns – were totally OK with it. It never occurred to them that it was a little too intense for a kid.

    Those were VERY strange days.

  4. It’s official — Obama will go on ANY tv show that will have him — I expect to see him on DWTS in time for the 2012 election.

  5. In April 1963, Oswald attempted to assassinate General Walker. That and his self-satisfied smirk convinced me he shot President Kennedy and Officer Tippit.

    That said, he deserved a fair trial.


  6. Marina knew about Oswald’s attempt to kill General Walker, but I question whether she knew about Kennedy. There are pieces of the puzzle that will never fit. I don’t think he would have gotten a fair trial, not Oswald.

  7. Where would this fair trial be held? Texas? Don’t think so. Who would have been his defense witnesses? We’ll never know.

  8. At what point do we “KNOW” THE FINAL ANSWER?
    Jack Ruby is a quntum particle.

  9. I don’t understand why every generation has to “prove” who killed JFK. All existing evidence demonstrates conclusively the assassination conspiracy originated with the Joint Chiefs – and was financed by a bunch of NASA and defense contractors and oil execs. This is what French intelligence concluded in 1965. And New Orleans DA Jim Garrison validated in his 1967 grand jury investigation – by interviewing all the witnesses that were still alive – including Manuel Gonzales, the sharpshooter who fired from the grassy knoll. And the House Committee on Assassination proved all over again in 1978 and Oliver Stone in his 1992 movie JFK.

    What makes me sick is that all this material is in the public domain – available from most public libraries. I write about this – and how my life changed totally after making the acquaintance of a JFK assassinaiton witness – in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (www.stuartbramhall.com). I currently live in exile in New Zealand.

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