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TSA: Tough Sh!t Asshat; a Tuesday afternoon open thread

The TSA doesn’t get it at all. Yesterday they visited Capitol Hill demonstrating to 200 Democratic and Republican Congressional Staffers just how benign their search procedures really are:

TSA uproar moves to Capitol Hill

The comprehensive briefing of House staff, by a TSA deputy, covered everything – the threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, screening procedures, pat-downs (standard and enhanced) – “the whole works,” one House staffer who attended the briefing told POLITICO.

. . . .

“The dumbest part: they did two pat-down demonstrations – male on male, and female on female,” the House staffer said. And they used a young female TSA volunteer “and in front of a room of 200 people, they touched her breasts and her buttocks. People were averting their eyes. The TSA was trying to demonstrate ‘this is not so bad,’ but it made people so uncomfortable to watch, that people were averting their eyes.”

“They shot themselves in the foot,” the staffer continued.

It’s hard to say whether they’ve learned their lesson though.  I mean, how many videos of bungled seaches have to show up on YouTube before they get the idea that this stuff isn’t exactly happening in secret?

And as one staffer put it:

One staffer who attended the House briefing this morning asked the TSA officials, essentially, why are we doing all of these intelligence operations if we are going to treat the entire traveling American public like terrorists, the staffer relayed. “Why fund this huge intelligence operation if we are going to treat everyone like terrorists?”

27 Responses

  1. And for the lighter side of things, A reading from the Obama Scriptures – Touch the Vulva! by John W. Smart is pretty dang good.

  2. Another real question is “Why fly unless you absolutely have to fly?”. This might cut airline revenues to the point the govt. might need to take them over as a non-profit public utility.

    • good question….I’m really kicking myself for buying a plane ticket for my december trip

      • Get to the airport well ahead of flight time. The TSA agents that are comparing your ticket name to your ID take ten minutes per person. Only after they finish do you get to move ahead to the shooting and groping section. 🙂

    • Ha, I’m sure would-be terrorists are asking themselves the same question, on the ticket line at Amtrack.

  3. Watch numbers of people stop flying to avoid being TSA’ed. ( hey can I copywrite that term? Cause it’s gonna become a common one if this crap continues).
    Watch airlines lose money cause passengers drop off (no pun intended). Best of all watch airlines ask and receive federal funds (ain’t we got feelings just like them bankers you bailed out- they will whine, hat in hand). And so we will pay money to avoid being frisked. Oh yeah, that’s fair.

    • I believe the proper term is “gate rape”.
      I didn’t come up with that but I wish I had

  4. forget transportation; small potatoes; think of a mumbai type attack in any big box store on black friday; think that’d put a dent in holiday shopping?? really, the opportunities are endless, why bother with just a few hundred people on a plane?? i can show you 3 places at jfk where you can practically walk right up to the planes and kick them if you want. tsa is a security circus; except we’re the trained animals. baaaaa, baaaaa

    • How about chemical agents in a packed football stadium?

    • We are an extremely target rich environment. Securing it via traditional means, or virtually any other, is practically impossible. What we need is for our population to accept that chance of death by terrorist is somewhat less than being struck by lightning and live without an irrational fear of it.

      It’s a tactic and instilling fear is the goal. I would say they have largely succeeded, with the political class at least.

      • At this point the terraists don’t even have to be successful. All it takes is some half-assed attempt or plot and the feds freak out.

    • I think we have all come up with a zillion different plausible scenarios that would make airplane incidences look like small potatoes.
      It’s the stuff you’re not expecting that is going to turn the country inside out. But then, someone will eventually realize that safety is an illusion. We can minimize it but never escape it. Much better to learn to deal with it without compromising our quality of life.

    • Given all these government links to TSA security equipment contractors, seems this could also be part of a stimulus package.

  5. At least we don’t live in an anime world; if we did, the TSA might hire the Naughty Tentacle Monsters to do the groping more quickly and efficiently. 😮 😈

    I gotta get ready to go to work, so ciao for nao. :mrgreen:

  6. The engines of struggle: working class elites like us!
    Can we regroup now?

    Democratic elite theory faults Marx’s emphasis on class because classes are allegedly too large and amorphous to act; their boundaries unclear; revolutionary class struggle is a myth (classes as such cannot act); and the real historical actors are elites and sub elites. Elites may represent the interest of those at the bottom of society as well as those at the top, but it is elites who count (Etzioni Halevy, 1993, pp. 3549). ‘Bringing elites and sub elites back into class theory, not as supporting actors for classes but as star actors in their own right, positioning them at centre stage, not instead of but in conjunction with classes, and exploring the relationships between the two, is thus a legitimate and a much needed endeavor,’ Etzioni Halevy writes (1993, pp. 49 50).
    ‘Who Can We Shoot?’ Democratic Elitism, Marxism and American Progressivism ::: International Endowment for Democracy

    Know the opposition:
    . . .union members were “men of muscle rather than men of intelligence”, that they were mere puppets who must depend upon the “brains of others for guidance.”

    National Association of Manufacturers

    In April 1903, David M. Parry spoke to the annual convention of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)[11]. He delivered a speech critical of organized labor, asserting that trade unionism and socialism differ only in method, with both aiming to deny “individual and property rights”. Parry asserted the natural laws which governed the nation’s economy, and he decried any interference with those laws, whether by legislative or other means. Parry asserted that the goals of the unions would inevitably lead to “despotism, tyranny, and slavery”, and the “ruin of civilization.”[12]
    Parry declared that union members were “men of muscle rather than men of intelligence”, that they were mere puppets who must depend upon the “brains of others for guidance.” He stated that the AFL was a breeding place for “boycotters, picketers, and socialists”, and that unions denied individual workers the right to sell their labor as they saw fit. Union leaders preached “hatred of wealth and ability”, he claimed. In his opinion, organized labor knows but “one law, and that is the law of physical force—the law of the Huns and the Vandals, the law of the savage.”[13]
    To control this threat to the status quo, Parry advised that the NAM begin organizing employers and manufacturers’ associations into a great national anti-union federation. The NAM convention agreed to the recommendation, and created an employers’ organizing committee with Parry in charge. Parry began the organizing effort at once.[14]

  7. ‘We hate obese passengers and people with personal hygiene issues:’ Now ‘abused’ TSA staff vent their anger at patdown searches

    Furious security staff today hit back at pat down searches in airports across America, claiming that they hated dealing with obese travellers and those with personal hygiene problems.

    As millions of people prepared to travel for Thanksgiving, passenger backlash was growing against the measures introduced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    But after being contacted by a travel blog, 17 security staff came forward to express their disgust at the policy put in place last month.

    They said that they hated having to carry out body searches, with one claiming that it was worse for him than the passenger.

    ‘It is not comfortable to come to work knowing full well that my hands will be feeling another man’s private parts, their butt, their inner thigh,’ one told the BoardingArea blog.

    ‘Even worse is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers and we seem to get a lot of obese passengers!’

    Feeling up nubile young hotties is so much more fun.

  8. Ha! The cartoon Os lifted from my blog is Nr one on DU
    (and it’s topical too)

  9. ZOMG!

    Paula Deen is on Rachel Ray!

    It’s a fantasy come true

  10. Obama is willing to use his power against regular Americans. No problem there, but when it comes to using his power from the power grab of Republicans, he backs down. The Democrats have superior numbers in congress until January, when the Republicans take over the house. The Democrats will end up with more power because they will control the senate and the WH after January. With that scenario, one would expect the Republicans would be eager to negotiate and hope for crumbs, not Obama. He is eager to get crumbs from the GOP. WTF!

    Obama: eager to extend middle-class tax cuts

  11. I still need to catch up on my reader, but I saw this and wanted to send it to the clown…I do not know if anyone has posted this link yet.

    Watch as Judith Miller and Liz Trotta attack Sarah Palin – off mike – they think.

    • That is really creepy. I don’t even know who Liz Trotta is!! The restraint by the men is surprisingly admirable.

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