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PDS – Is there a cure?

Elizabeth Wurzel at Atlantic:

Sarah Palin, Riot Grrrl

To paraphrase Lillian Hellman, I don’t agree with a word that Sarah Palin says, including “and” and “the.” And as a liberal feminist, it drives me absolutely bonkers that Palin is the most visible working mother and female politician in America, that she is the best exemplar of a woman with an equal marriage, that she has put up with less crap from fewer men than those of us who have read The Second Sex and marched in pro-abortion rallies and pretty much been on the right side of all the issues that Palin is wrong about.

So I suppose I should confess: I like Sarah Palin. I like her because she is such a problem for all these political men, Republicans and Democrats alike, with their polls, and their Walter Dean Burnham theories of transformative elections, and their economy this and their values that–and here comes Palin, and logic just doesn’t apply. She speaks in spoonerisms, she raises wretched children, she’s a quitter, she’s a refudiater, she shoots moose and beats halibut, she has a dumb accent that doesn’t have the charm of Charleston or the Brahmin of Boston–really, she is just a lot of quirks.

But it doesn’t matter. It will never matter and I bet it never has mattered, because Sarah Palin is hot. She has sex appeal. That’s why people like her. That’s the whole story. Everyone has to stop trying to deconstruct and decode it, because there is no accounting for chemistry, and Sarah Palin has lots of it going on with her public. I don’t think anyone knows or cares what in particular she stands for, other than some general conservative cache of principles, because they are in love with her.

The Democrats are total morons for not finding their own hot mama before the Republicans did so first, or maybe I should have left off the qualifiers and called it straight: the Democrats are just plain morons, at least where women are concerned. The right wing, for whatever weird reason, has been much more receptive to outrageous and attractive female commentators who are varying degrees of insane or inane, but in any case are given a platform on Fox News and at their conservative confabs. Look at how great life has been for Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham and the assorted lesser lights. But there are no Democratic blondes, no riot grrrls on the progressive side of politics, no fun and fabulous women in the liberal scene who could pave the way for a Palin. Yes, there are women who are successful in the Democratic party, but none of them are successful because of their feminine wiles, none of them have played up their sex appeal the way Palin has. MSNBC’s female host is Rachel Maddow, who is completely good in all manner of ways that good can be good–but still I must ask: Where are the policy babes?

I know, I know: all of you are saying that it’s a good thing it’s like that, it’s a sign that liberals have integrity and blah blah blah. But I think you are kidding yourselves. It’s a sign of another thing: that liberal men are wimps who can’t handle the hot potato that is a combination of feminine sexuality and female political brilliance.

Anyone with a sense of humor, a sense of fun, and a sense that women should be taken on their own terms really ought to like Palin. I mean, of course, you should hate her at the same time, but you should hope she is the beginning of revolution, grrrl style.

At least she’s herself. Every damn day, if you tune in to any of the 24-hour news outlets, the same pundits retread through the same stuff–they all say the same thing. I spend a great deal of time trying to figure out how the whole DC opinion apparatus remains employed. If there were any justice, their ranks would swell the unemployment rate beyond 10 percent. And still, some moron known as a news executive who hasn’t registered a thought beyond mediocre in my lifetime approves of this, and Americans, educated to believe 2+2=5, will put up with anything.

Into this horror walks Sarah Palin, who is kind of a sexy librarian, kind of a MILF, kind of just crazy, and altogether does what she wants to do. This, actually, is normal behavior. But we are so used to watching other female politicians compromise in so many ways that there is not enough Vaseline in all of CVS to make the situation comfortable–so Sarah Palin seems completely strange.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin is not very bright, not very thoughtful and not very qualified to run a country. Or a state. But really, are any of the other idiots who want the job so much better?

WTF? Is she snarking or schizophrenic?

The first couple paragraphs are okay, but then she takes a hard left turn into Crazytown.

“I love her! I hate her! She’s a hottie! She’s a naughty librarian! She’s a dummy! Our side needs hot dumb librarians too!”

Seriously, WTF?

60 Responses

    • Isn’t Judith still on probation.

    • Judy is a piece of work. She’s the epitome of DC corruption. Of soulless, corporatist, propaganda pushing to the destruction of an entire nation, and possibly world. She’s evil incarnate.

      I wonder, can those around her still feel the heat when she rises up from hell to sit at the table? You’d think that would be dangerous.

      But other than that, I’m sure she’s great.

  1. MegMac:

    The way she is currently running for president is either sheer genius or ultimate insanity.

  2. Sarah Palin is hot. That’s probably the least of her innumerable political gifts. Here’s the overwhelming one that people keep missing: A complete lack of guile which reads an awful lot like integrity.

    Is it so fucking hard to understand why THAT might appeal to people and be so foreign to the Dem powers that be?

    • I just posted this comment at Anglachel’s Journal:

      There is an old saying that applies to Sarah Palin:

      “Dumb like a fox.”

    • They can’t see that, because they have no idea what “a lack of guile” even looks like. Authenticity? What the hell is that?!

      • I beg to differ on Hot in Democratic Party. My younger partner has sais may times, Hillary is hot. Hillary has been hot the whole time. She just was not visible as her own voice of reason. She was behind The Man. She was not Hot like Jacky O who is definately Hot. Jacky got to at least portray emotional eloquence which comes out through photos. Hillary has been emotionally controlled. Of course, that is her choice. But Women who wanted to be seen and heard had to choose, Be Dumb and Beautiful or Bright and Subdued. There was not much choice for women. I speak as a woman who has been in the gay and lesbian community. It was a big deal in the early nineties to accept lesbians who wanted to look feminine as open lesbians. They had to make their case in our community. A lot of of us tomboyish girls who hated wearing dresses in elementary school could not get it. My partner loves dress-up and she cannot understand that make-up feels like my skin is suffocating. From that vantage point, Hot women of the elder generations did their work so the Hot women of today can Just Be Herself, Hot which most women are when allowed to be a unique individual.

        • Another vote for Hillary the Hot.

          Her beauty starts inside, in that same core of genuinenes that Palin has.

  3. What a coincidence…just left an angry comment about this piece with Wurtzel on facebook. Think Elizabeth is basically a decent person and activist who got kidnapped by the Wonkette crowd. But she is hard to read sometimes.

  4. A comment at Just One Minute:

    is hot. She has sex appeal. That’s why people like her. That’s the whole story.

    That’s an interesting enough observation from the woman who chose to market her own book thusly:

    -but combine it with this:

    liberal men are wimps who can’t handle the hot potato that is a combination of feminine sexuality and female political brilliance.

    Oh, my.

    • Talk about a fauxfeminist.

    • It sounds like Elizabeth has issues.

      The entire piece just drips with the same old elitist self-righteousness. Could she be any more self-important? And she also says she has suffered so much more than Palin in dealing with men. Did she confront and overthrow a state government to become Governor–did I miss that part? Just like with Obama, it is completely selective perception–they ignore each history in favor of their own pre-packaged image of the person and pass that on as fact.

  5. Um, right off, that’s a total f ing miss on Lillian Hellman. Another author said of hellman that every word She Hellman said was a lie including “and” and “the”.

  6. DWTS: Jennifer Grey Wins, ABC Averts Disaster

    The National Guard and FEMA can stand down.

    • Yea, it definitely would have been the end of civilization as we know it. That was close.

    • Good grief……Jeralynn even had LIVE BLOG for the “event of the century.”

      I noticed very few of the regulars give a sh*t; neither did BTD.

      What an incredibly small-minded, b*tchy, irrelevant little woman Jeralynn has become.

      It’s embarassing watching or reading her.

      • Jeralyn is as petty as they get. What in the world makes a 61 year old woman trash a 20 year old who is doing what she can to raise a baby boy on her own? I wonder how JM would like a series of posts about TLKid….she’s the one who’s paraded him around in her posts for years. Of course, she is just soliciting compliments about his looks when she posts photos….so many assumptions could be drawn from the things she says, and the things she never says about him.

  7. You Crossed the Line, Sarah! The Shield is Up!

    I dare anyone to tell me I am unfair in calling Sarah Palin on this base and baseless shot at my Homegirl. She had no reason to talk about Hillary at all. Hillary does not talk about her.

    • I agree that it was a pointless shot to take, but I take issue with the article alleging that Palin called Hillary a whiner. She never did. She said that women are PERCEIVED as whining. Which they are.

      I’m glad Hillary is rising above. I can’t say that I’m too offended by the shot that was taken. It was small potatoes.

    • She didn’t like the “baking cookies” remark? Neither did a lot of others if I remember correctly. 😉

  8. I am sorry but what is a “pro-abortion” rally?

    “those of us who have read The Second Sex and marched in pro-abortion rallies and pretty much been on the right side of all the issues that Palin is wrong about.”

    I am a man and pro choice but I have never heard of a pro-abortion rally

    • I’m not pro-choice. I’m pro-abortion. I’ve never been to a rally that labeled itself as such, but then I don’t care if anyone uses the term pro-abortion rallies.

      • I still don’t get it, what does it mean? If you are pro-abortion does that mean you think every pregnancy should be terminated? Doesn’t pro-abortion go against pro-choice?

        • Pro-choice is, to my mind, a way of dancing around the big scary “A word”. If we’re for it as an option, we shouldn’t be avoiding the term, which is after all, simply the name of a medical procedure. Similarly, people who are pro-life, aren’t pro-life. They’re almost universally anti-abortion. That’s what they’re fighting against. Sometimes they’re full-on anti-sex.

          I’m pro-abortion for anyone who thinks they might want or need an abortion. Honestly, I have seen situations where women would have been better off aborting and they ultimately chose not to. I just wish that women felt freer to make the choices that are right for them. Because a lot of women don’t get abortions because of the successful scare and shaming tactics coming at them.

          • Thank you for the honest and direct response. Like I said I am a man and a gay man at that and when I read pro-abortion it was a term completely unfamiliar to me. I do not know of a single woman who made her right to choose lightly and from my perspective I just found the term to sound a bit callous.

          • As a man also, I don’t like getting deep into these semantic debates. This is a women’s issue, mainly. I will say that I’m ardently pro-choice which to me means a woman’s right to choose…to choose abortion or to choose life.

          • I disagree. Pro-choice is a much better description than pro-abortion. I’m against abortion. I would talk to any woman out of having an abortion, but I’m pro-choice. In the end, a woman must make her own decision, and I would never take that away what she thinks is best for her. I feel the same about many issues, including smoking and owning a gun. I don’t want the government to interfere with my right to make my choice, even though I’m anti-smoking and anti-gun.

          • There are people who are actually pro-life. I respect Catholics who adhere to the “seamless garment” teaching: anti-abortion, yes, but also anti-death penalty, anti-war, pro-social justice. For those who want to preserve fetuses but have no problem with destroying life post-birth, anti-abortion is a better descriptor.

            I think pro-choice best describes what I support, which is a woman’s right and freedom to exercise moral and physical agency over her own body, whether her choice is to abort or to carry a pregnancy. Some of that freedom of choice seems to be elided by “pro-abortion.”

  9. Wonder why my screen name changed from mothy to timothy2010?

  10. In a few months, everyone will still remember Bristol was in the final, but didn’t win. Wonder how many will remember who won?

  11. “wretched children”? Why do people slam her kids? Why slam anyone’s kids?
    Once I read nasty stuff like that I immediately discount whatever else the writer is babbling on about.

  12. If someone put a webcam on SP 24/7 the web traffic would bring down the internet and visits to psychiatrist couches and psychiatric hospitals would overload to the point of national emergency.

  13. what she said was what I thought since Palin became a house hold name. If she wasn’t such a pretty woman would she still be around?
    On the other hand isn’t that same shallow attitude that gave us Obama? remember what senator Reed said about him when they are trying to sell him to the american people all shallow stuff his skin tone, nice voice ….. and it worked, most of those who followed him know squat about him beyond what they see and hear. So I say what good for the geese is good for Palin

  14. Sounds like Elizabeth would like for Palady to go home and make dinner. Oh to think how Palady is something other than her husband’s wife. What’s matter he can’t man up and control Palady?

    I certainly agree ownaa………….you have to admit they sold Obama, castle and all.

  15. On the pro-abortion thing, I’m with sandress. I have always identified myself as pro-abortion and have always responded tartly when someone mealy-mouths that “of course, nobody likes abortion…” with a loud and rapid “I DO.” Yeah. I do. I like the fact that a woman can end an unwanted pregnancy–one of the most horrible, life-altering situations she can be in–through a safe, simple, relatively inexpensive procedure. Yeah. I am PRO THAT. I am ALL for it. As to “encouraging” people to have abortions, I am pro that too. Sorry, but any viewing of “teen mothers” or “pregnant at 16” (which seems specifically meant as a big fat warning to girls–and this I also approve of) would say we have too few abortions going on, not too many. Yeah, I said it and I’ll say it again.

    Oh, and re Jeralyn, her obsession with Bristol and DWTS is truly becoming unseemly. She bragged twice about having to rewind the tape of Bristol’s remarks four times–claiming it was because of Bristol’s horrible enunciation–who watches a reality show contestant’s closing lines four times? Who on earth does that??? It’s really becoming ugly to watch, and deeply unsettling.

    And I say this as someone who watched all three seasons of Rock of Love…I’m not proud of it and I would be deeply embarrassed of myself if I spent hours blogging about it and obsessively monitoring the utterances of one of its contestants. Doesn’t she have, like, clients to worry about? A family? A life? Good grief, woman.

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