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    • Refreshing Honesty About Bank Loans
      I actually appreciate this, from the HSBC AM Global Head of Responsible Investing, Stuart Kirk: “At a big bank like ours, what do people think the average loan length is?” he asked. “It is six years. What happens to the planet in year seven is actually irrelevant to our loan book. For coal, what happens in year seven is actually irrelevant.” That’s honesty. […]
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And the winner is . . . ABC!

Tonight’s the night. Will it be Jennifer, Kyle, or the Spawn of Evil? Will Jeralyn’s head explode? Will more innocent televisions have to die?

Tune in to ABC at 9 p.m. Eastern to find out.


Sarah Palin Wants Christine O’Donnell on Next ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sarah Palin was not only playing the role of proud mama grizzly last night when she sat in the front row cheering on daughter Bristol Palin in the finale of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ — she was also playing casting director, lobbying the show’s producers to consider signing up her Tea Party pal Christine O’Donnell for next season.

“Sarah is a genius at marketing herself and her message,” an insider tells me. “She doesn’t care about all the old rules about how political people are meant to behave and act. Sarah believes the best way is to go directly to the people — use Twitter, Facebook, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’ to get potential voters excited and leave ‘Meet The Press’ and those boring Sunday morning shows to the old-school politicians.”

And with the huge success of her own reality show, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska,’ and Bristol stunning everyone with the fact that she is still in the ‘Dancing’ competition, Sarah might be onto something. Plus, who else are the ‘Dancing’ producers going to get after Bristol?

“Christine is not a bad idea at all,” one ABC executive tells me. “After Kate Gosselin and Cloris Leachman, O’Donnell would fit right in. She certainly would be so controversial that the amount of press attention and buzz the show would get would be huge. Plus, you know they would make her dance in a witch’s hat with a broomstick.”

If Christine O’Donnell isn’t available, maybe they could get Carrie Prejean.

This is an open thread

What's the matter? Don't you like clowns?

99 Responses

  1. You don’t see the difference between Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean and Christine O’Donnell?


    • What would you say is the most significant difference between them, politically speaking. I’d like to be fascinated too.

    • Republican politics I mostly disagree with, favorite female punching bag for fauxgressives. I don’t see much difference.

    • I would say that Sarah Palin has an actual record in office. Ms. O’Donnell did not get elected and Ms. Prejean is not a politician. Of course, Ms. Prejean’s view on gays are similar to President Obama’s. (Sorry, I believe Ms. Prejean married but I don’t know her married name.)


  2. myiq have you been in Akron recently? I wouldn’t like no stinkin clown accosting me on the crapper.


  3. Well, I put most of my votes in last night and finished the rest this morning.

    I’m hoping Bristol wins and if she doesn’t, ABC or someone from DWTS gamed the system to her disadvantage. lol Everyone I know voted for her just to mess with people. It’s less about skill (although, she has improved) and more about pissing people off.

    On another note, I’m a TV and film junkie. There are always these reports that the national average of TV time is 8 hours or so. Well, I watch WAY more than that. It would be sad, if I weren’t so messed up in the head. lol

    • I’ve never watched the show, but I kept trying for three hours to get my votes in.

      • The web site was jammed with people trying to get their votes in last night. These two dances tonight are judges scored only and are all they need to “game” the system if ABC wants to pick the winner.

  4. I normally don’t pay a whit of attention to DWTS.

    But this Bristol Palin finale will be fun to read about tomorrow, especially if she wins. Will the left’s head explode? If she loses, will the right claim the left wing media manipulated the results? This is going to be juicy……

  5. This whole mess is unworthy of attention– reminds me of Michael Jackson’s trial.

  6. The 2004 cotton harvest in Turkmenistan was 3% greater than predicted.

    • I saw that. I don’t understand why people continue to think that it’s even remotely RELEVANT what a bunch of well-paid talking heads say about her. It clearly isn’t making a dent. PEOPLE LIKE HER. And apparently all the bloviating in the world isn’t changing it.

    • That woman’s voice gives me the chills…such cold, jealous, hatred in her tone, and words, of course. Who is she?


    Ah, don’t get your hopes up, I’m just practicing.

  8. What is the spoiler policy on this thread. Isn’t it going to be a couple of hours before people in California see it?

  9. Damn it, The Onion is turning to crap!!!! Aaaarrrggghh.
    Losing it’s wit. Plus.. Just read story about world leaders meeting to show each other their penises. Story was lousy and unclever and they had a photograph up close of a penis saying it was the pope’s I don’t care that they’re goofing on the pope- have at it.
    But classless and stupid to show such a photo.
    Onion- get back to being smart and funny.. Our country needs you.

  10. And you thought we were boring? Why should you have all the fun down there?

    It seems a politician went to a function in Quebec thrown in his honor, and somehow his coat was stolen. He wanted the local riding association to pay for it:

    OTTAWA—Some politicians will give the shirt off their back for the party, but the minister of natural resources draws the line at his coat.

    Christian Paradis says he wanted a Conservative riding association in Montreal to pay up after someone stole his coat at a cocktail party.

    Paradis was the guest of honour at a political fundraiser that Montreal construction boss Paul Sauve threw after his company got a big-money renovation contract on Parliament Hill.

    My absolute favorite part of the article (and no it’s not Onion, and it’s not satire):

    “So then we have another question now,” said Liberal MP Denis Coderre.

    “If it’s worth only 800 bucks, why the hell was the assistant asking for $5,400? Is that to cover up?”

    The Tories deflected those attacks by questioning Sauve’s credibility.

    “We’re not certain that this gentleman is providing us with the full accounting of the events that led up to his involvement,” Conservative MP Chris Warkentin said.

  11. Did spammy eat my comment??

  12. I’m pretty sure that DWTS figured Bristol Palin would end up like other conservative figures on the show, like Tucker Carlson and Tom Delay. Unlike them, Bristol actually wanted to try.

    I don’t think I would be surprised if Obama ended up on DWTS next year. If you know the movie American Dreamz, it doesn’t seem to far-fetched.

  13. Thanks Katie.

    A priceless question from You-Know-Who:

    (I still don’t know who won.)

    Last question: If Bristol wins the trophy tonight, will she have the decency to turn it down?(Of course not, but hopefully she will be humiliated and embarrassed by accepting an award she clearly knows she doesn’t deserve.)

    Of course. Right after Obama gives back his Nobel Peace Prize.

  14. Ugh, now they’re going to drag it out. This is why I only record these type of shows.

  15. Brooke just said “we’re going to miss you” …what for the next 8 minutes???

  16. Bristol has already won. She’s shown courage, integrity, and grace under fire. You know, all those qualities the left threw away back in 2008 when they lost the moral upper hand.

  17. Jennifer Grey won with her “ruptured disc” in her back.

  18. It’s over and the one with talent won… what an odd concept!!!

  19. I actually thought Kyl was the best and was rooting for him part of the way though the show. He was incredible. Jennifer was giving me the creeps I hate to day. Oh well.


  20. Next Tea Party Target: Corporate America

    Consumer boycotts by activists such as Jesse Jackson have a long record of success. But a Tea Party boycott could be bigger and impact the political world in Washington where corporations are generally viewed as supporting Republicans. “For too long, big business elites have leveraged their special interest group politics to profit from the size and growth of government. The poll demonstrates that the days of easy money through back room deals are over,” says Kibbe.

    They are primarily targeting corporations which supported Obama’s agenda but it should spread.

  21. Did Spammy eat my comment?

    And if yes, for Haruhi’s sake why?

  22. I can’t seem to post anything. What’s going on here?

  23. My favorite thing about DWTS is we actually saw elitism over a game show. Now isn’t that something.

    • I personally am deeply offended over how many retirees have the gall to try to get on The Price Is Right. They should get out of the way of those college students who totally need that cruise and can tell you to the dime the cost of that dining room set!

    • Elitism must be everywhere and it has gone unnoticed. Over a game show sheesh.

  24. Turbaconducken 😯

    Just in time for the winter season comes a recipe that is sure to bring bacon lovers some warm holiday cheer. Turbaconducken. That’s right — a chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in a turkey, all wrapped in bacon. Otherwise known as a bacon-wrapped turducken. Just how did we create this meaty madness? Read on.

    Thanksgiving Heart Attack…

  25. I guess Jeralyn lucked out.

    • Suppose so. I wonder, though, if she realizes what an @ss she makes of herself when she talks about Bristol in terms only a mean girl in middle school would use. The name calling is so unattractive, yet she states Bristol has no class.

  26. This past week has been high comedy reading comments on blogs of all sorts about a reality show.

    I read hear everyday and usually don’t have time to read the comments and have only posted a couple of times but gotta say myiq2xu you are funny!!!

    And I confess I loved reading how they bastardized katie couric’s name in every way possible to create email addresses to vote for Bristol.

    Wonder if there exists a journOlist out there who will have the courage to really examine this cultural phenom.

  27. I am a simple guy who likes simple pleasures and as such reading way way over the top responses about a dance show gave me a WTF chuckle.
    It’s freaking theater of the absurd. Obama I didn’t vote for the war–Hillary is a racist- Greek Pillars- Dave Matthews appearing for free on college campuses and sotero getting credit for the size of the crowd- MEchelle’s outfits- everyday American’s being groped by rent-a-cops and being out raged and the nightly news telling us over and over again that most American’s are okay with it- and on and on

    I for one wish DWTS was going on for a little while longer so I could then at least laugh at the state of journalism instead of simply shaking my head in despair.
    By the way love or hate Gov Palin her calling out reporters and members of the press is long over due.

  28. Bristol the Pistol went out with a bang and danced best at the last- keeping up with the routine and not being outperformed by her partner. Politics aside, she should have tied with Kyle because he had more experience working the crowd but she had better technique and the chemistry between her and Marc was amazing.

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