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Support a single mom

Okay, I admit it. I’m having way too much fun. But some people are taking this shit waaaaaay too serious.

Tom Bergeron:

“I’m a liberal Democrat, and I state that proudly. But I have no patience with my friends who believe there is a conspiracy keeping Bristol on the show. They’ll say, ‘Oh, well! She’s still on the show! She’s obviously not the best dancer! She gets the lowest scores!’ I’ll say, ‘OK, right. So who did you vote for instead of Bristol?’ ‘Uh, well, I don’t vote!’ ‘Well, then, f**k you,’” he griped to Movieline.com. “I have no patience for that! If you don’t participate to create a different outcome — and this can be true in national politics or a TV reality show — then don’t piss and moan if you don’t like the way it’s playing out. I think Bristol is clearly not the best dancer here, but she’s a charming young woman who’s shown an incredible growth from week one to this week.”

Tonight’s the last night of competition on this season’s Dancing With the Stars. It’s gonna be craaaaayzeeeee!

The number to call or text (AT&T customers only) your vote for them is 800-868-3407. You can also vote online by going here. You get to vote several times, several different ways. Use all your options for Bristol. Voting begins when the show starts. You have until 30 minutes after DWTS ends to vote via phone and text. However, you may vote online until 11 a.m. Eastern the next day.

Tonight’s show airs at 8:00 PM eastern on ABC, with the results airing at 9:00 pm tomorrow.

Join the conspiracy to ruin DWTS!

(This is an open thread)

135 Responses

  1. Tuning in now. LOL.

  2. (crowd noise)

    Clothes-watcher report: Bristol’s outfit looks freaky weird! This is going to be fun.

  3. Ok: 5 votes for Bridget and Mark, on your behalf. 🙂

    That felt Sooooooo good ! 🙂

  4. I thought Bristol looked good.

    So far the judges gave both the dancers straight 9s

    Will they do the same with Jennifer?

  5. This is what I meant by “way too serious”

    Report: Death threats target Bristol Palin and ‘DWTS’ partner Mark Ballas

    Bristol Palin and her “Dancing With the Stars” partner Mark Ballas have received death threats, or so “sources connected with the show” tell TMZ.

    The sources claim that the threats began last week when Palin made the finals in the celebrity dance-off. Security will be heightened tonight, when Bristol goes toe-to-toe with remaining celebs Jennifer Grey (our pick from Day One) and Kyle Massey.

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say these threats didn’t come from a Tea Partier

    I’m just wondering if the threats came from some place in Denver?.

    • They can track that stuff down. If they’re not arresting people, …. well they should.

    • And, those threats are coming from people who call themselves democrats, I would guess. I’m sure JM would probably craft one if she thought she could get away with it.

      The internet voting area is so full, it’s slow as snails. I did read some of the boards, though, and it appears ABC may have stopped the unlimited voting with multiple email addresses from the same computer. Bristol won’t win if they fixed the problem.

      • You’re assuming that she only won due to freeping – maybe she really has lots of supporters.

        • Actually, I do think she has lots of fans. A whole crop of teenage girls from christian families think her abstinence message is worthy of admiration.

          But, ABC appears to have responded to the claims that tea partiers are voting for hours with fake email addresses.

    • My guess would be Boulder as a possibility 🙂


    Today was a day of vindication for me–bitter-sweet that it is. I posted earlier about the conversation I overheard in a coffee shop. Two older guys talking about what a disappointment Obama is, and that he is “out of his league, and too inexperienced. But you were all gung-ho. We should have elected Hillary.” It’s everywhere, I thought.

    But tonight…was the icing on the cake.

    I have an old friend from high school who was the epitome a “creative-type” Kool Aid chugger. She and her husband (a Yalie) are both in the entertainment industry in L.A. and she went as far as to have Organizing for America get-togethers at her house. Several times we got into very heated arguments about Obama, and there was risk of losing the friendship. She loved Hillary, but had that particular brand of Obot infatuation that made me apoplectic. They would not, or could not, see who he really was. She read his books, repeated Axelrod’s every talking point and refused to investigate new information. It was nauseating.

    She just called me, and I had to come here to share it with you all. She said she and her husband were watching the news this week, and she turned to him and said: “Frannie (me) was right about Obama.”

    Her husband muttered: “Frannie was right about Obama.”

    I can’t tell you what a watershed moment that was–both personally and nationally. If she feels that way, and is willing to speak it out loud, Obama has completely lost his core supporters. I think we should start a contest: “Who will be the last Obot standing? It could be a reality show. Will it be Oprah? Frank Rich? Spike Lee?

      • Among the non-celebrities I think an idiot Obot (yeah, I know it’s redundant) on the Doors’ board’s Politics and Current Events forum is going to rank pretty high.

        I’ve regularly posted links to TC and BAR but he simply dismisses every argument against Obama for lack of “objectivity” (!!) and of course his CDS is off the charts. I’m sooo not wasting any more time on him.

      • You mean “Gooberhead McFailbot”? 😛

    • Woot! That is GREAT!

    • Awesome fif. Of course you were right!

      • Love my Confluence tribe 🙂

        Not that it makes us happy to see the country sputtering for life, but there is a certain sweetess that comes from that kind of confirmation. They tried to intimidate us, harass us, humiliate and shame us, beat us down, & exile us, and now they cannot deny the truth.

        • That’s so great fif! I have some die hard obot friends, too. For the last several times they’ve come over, they mention Hillary. As in “you must be so happy about how Hillary is doing.” Or, “Hillary has the highest polling of anyone in the administration…”

          I just agree and rattle on a bit about her wonderful accomplishments and isn’t great how a prepared and committed person can function so beautifully on the international level. Haven’t had the heart to ask them how disappointed they are in 0. But I have a feeling they will be bringing it up any day now.

    • Oh, how fun. I know how you feel.

      My sister (an O fan) told me the other day that she wishes Dad (a Hillary guy) would back off … that she’s as unhappy with Obama as anyone.

      So in my family that’s 1 … and 4 to go.

    • Jeez, I love reading that!

  7. OMG That was the perfect freestyle song & dance for Bristol.
    Levi must be shaking in his flip-flops.

    • The judges gave her low scores — don’t they know that will make the TP vote more for her?

  8. Nice twirl with Jennifer!

  9. Okay, but i have to vote for jennifer number 1 cause i have loved her since ferris bueller and dirty dancing. I have been so excited to see this season cause this is like my dirty dancing two that never got made. I do have to say i have been happily surprised with bristol when she smiles. And jennifer just carried a watermelon:) yay!!!

  10. Well Bristol is very courageous, on many levels. Haven’t seen the show before so hard to take it seriously. But I hope Bristol does win. She probably had more fun in the beginning before all this political atmosphere.

    • I doubt she cares about the politics at all. She’s just trying to get by and doing a good job of it for someone of her age.

      • But dealing with the pressure from all that mocking and hate from the political media, the threats, news stories about people blowing up their TVs because of her. She hears about all that. Like she said in the show, she didn’t enter the contest because she was dying to win it all. She wanted to have fun, being herself. She’s obviously an honest good kid, and that says something about her parents.

  11. Bristol does have good footwork but i have enjoyed the routines where she is smiling more. For me this isn’t at all political, and i don’t like how some people have made it political. Vote for who you want to vote and i would hope politics could stay out of my entertainment. Like how all those entertainers were fawning over obama, that totally made me see them differently after that and i didn’t like how i saw them all googoo for obo…

  12. Sally Quinn:

    This could be a metaphor for things to come. Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with and if her supporters can influence a TV show of 23 million viewers they can have more serious influence on elections. And if they can mobilize the religious right then the Democrats better pay attention and start dancing as fast as they can.

  13. OK, 60 votes for Bristol. Man, ABC makes you work hard. Did I go over the top? I can never tell.

  14. For some reason this song seems oddly appropriate:

  15. The captain could open Koolaid for koolbots stands
    a la Jim Jones and kill off the little pests.

    Hell, I’d give the captain seed money this minute!

    • Shhhh!

      Some of them read this blog – we don’t want to warn them.

    • Obots were piling on a Jake Tapper’s thread just now with their latest favorite meme: “the majority of Americans are idiots.” I left this comment which seems to have shut them up.

      Idiocy, like koolaid delirium, is an entirely non-partisan affliction.

  16. Guess who?

    If Ms. Log to Broom wins tomorrow, there’s no explanation other than a campaign to game the system. Not only wsan’t Bristol Palin in the same league as her competition, she wasn’t in the ballpark.

    • Gaming the system? How about the 10s Jennifer Grey got for standing there & watching Derek dance for her freestyle?

      Jennifer Grey was totally overscored by the judges to ensure that Bristol doesn’t win & she still isn’t f*cking satisfied.

      I was feeling bad about not voting for Kyle because he really is adorable, has improved week to week & is not a ringer (like Jennfier), so under normal circumstances I would be voting for him. But after reading that from Jeralyn, I’m very glad I gave all of my votes to Bristol, just so Jeralyn can cry herself to sleep over a cheesy DANCE SHOW.

    • Bristol was every bit as good as Kyle. Neither approached the standard set by Jennifer but she was taught to dance by Patrick Swayze, himself. Of course, she’s fabulous!

      • Patrick Swayze did teach her, but she was “taught” to dance by her professional dancer mother & at the school she attended to specifically study dance & acting.

    • FTW:

      If she wins she just had a better GOTV operation.

    • Kahhhh-Boooooom!

    • Jeralyn,Jeralyn, calm yourself girl. DWTS is supposed to be gamed. The score is one half from the judges and one half from the fans. Jeez.

      Yeah, the judges are doing their best to sink Palin’s fans.

  17. Joan Walsh retweet:

    I think Bristol would have been awesome on #TeenMom where she could beat Levi and date a convict from the Snow Prison.

  18. BTW, anywho feels the need to shoot their TV, please, please consider turning the gun on yourself to spare the rest of the world from your stupidity.

    Thank you.

  19. Gah! I can’t believe I went to some of the DWTS message boards — people are actually saying that Bristol hasn’t lost that much weight so she must not be working hard!!

    F*ck me.

  20. Dr. Grumpy:

    Why my staff hates me

    Annie: “Sandy Hormone just called. She said you found a tiny aneurysm on her MRA?”

    Dr. Grumpy: “Yeah, it’s too small to do anything about, so I’m just going to repeat the study in 6 months to see if it’s changed.”

    Annie: “She wants to know if it’s okay for her to have sex with the aneurysm?”

    Dr. Grumpy: “Only if it pays for dinner.”

  21. WTF??? ATT says voting is closed in my time zone. Can’t create an account at ABC because my e-mail addresses are already registered….again WTF???

  22. Kyle had the best performances tonight, but I voted for Bristol because of the over-the-top hate from some. She’s only 19 or 20 years old, for chrissake! I thought Jennifer’s selection of a Dirty Dancing was cheap and unnecessary. She danced very well, naturally, but not as great in the free dance. Bristol did fantastic in the free dance — better than her jive, which is a very difficult and grueling dance!

  23. Exactly — WTF? They are judging the poor girl on her weight — how totally unexpected. Bristol isn’t a typical Hollywood size 0 cannot be more than a size 8 and that really isn’t a lot.

    Bristol ain’t no skinny Minnie. She’s a big girl but I don’t mean she’s fat, I mean Amazon. She’s probably taller than half the boys she went to school with. Officially she’s only 5’5″ but if you look at family pictures she’s gotta be at least 5’8″ in her bare feet.

    But she’s still very pretty. She reminds me of the cheerleaders in this video:

  24. North Korea shells South Korean island

    (Reuters) – North Korea on Tuesday fired dozens of artillery shells at a South Korean island, setting buildings on fire and prompting a return of fire by the South, Seoul’s military and media reports said.

    • Nuclear North Korea: timing is everything

      There is never anything random about North Korean provocations, so the question that arises from the country’s decision to show off its long-hinted-at uranium-based nuclear technology is: Why now? A large part of the answer has to be that the regime sees an urgent need to build a foundation of putative achievements for “Comrade Youth Captain” Kim Jong Un — recently promoted to full general — to justify plans for the youngster to succeed his ailing father, Kim Jong Il, as supreme leader.

      • That’s interesting. I assumed it was a good time because the US is mired in wars all over the Middle East and has a weak president.

        I wonder how China will react. They are heavily invested in the US and many US trading partners are US allies. The potential for financial consequences for China are very high.

        • Don’t forget that this all started with Bush the Lesser.
          This republican resurgence is a testament to how poorly Obama, Pelosi and Reid have governed these past 4 years.

  25. Whoa, I was finally able to vote for Bristol this morning at 2 am PST!

    I have never watched this show and didn’t watch last night. But the visceral reaction to this young woman is over the top and scary.

    I thought the original idea of this show was to guage the “improvement” of the “amateur” performer over time.

    • My 13yo voted for Bristol (her idea). This morning she tells me, “I don’t think Bristol is losing. I had to call 30 times to vote 5 times for her.”

  26. Anyone who watches a program like this is in need of some serious self reflection. Seriously.

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