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You can’t make this stuff up

If you thought the progressive blogosphere lost its collective mind to Palin Derangement Syndrome two years ago, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

Insiders: If Bristol Palin Wins, ‘Dancing’ Is Ruined

At first, having Bristol Palin participate in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ seemed like a brilliant idea. Just like Kate Gosselin before her, casting an admittedly bad dancer who was shrouded in controversy has raked in big ratings and tons of press. But now the joke is on the show’s producers, as they fear Bristol is actually going to win this thing.

“This will be a disaster for the show if Bristol wins,” one TV insider tells me. “Any creditability the show had will be over. It will go from being a dancing competition to a popularity competition where whoever has the most rabid fan base will always win no matter how little talent they have.”

And while it’s true Bristol’s dancing has dramatically improved since the season began, no one with working eyes would put her in the same league as the other remaining stars, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey.

“Another problem the producers foresee is that after Bristol wins no one in Hollywood will ever want to be on the show again,” a well-placed ABC source tells me. “Why would a real star want to compete and lose against someone like [former U.S. Senate candidate] Christine O’Donnell or Levi Johnston. It’s humiliating. The producers know they are in big trouble for sure.”

And it’s not just future contestants and viewers that the show needs to worry about. A friend of one of the judges tells me Bristol has made a fool out of all of them. It’s now painfully obvious that the judge’s scores and opinions mean nothing.

Dancing with the Stars is a show that takes some retired athletes, singers, fashion models, washed up actors and actresses and other minor celebrities and matches them with professional dancers in a semi-rigged dance competition.

You see, some of the “stars” are ringers while others are plodders with multiple left feet. Jennifer Grey is one of this season’s ringers:

Born in New York City, Grey is the daughter of stage and screen actor Joel Grey and the former actress/singer Jo Wilder. Grey is the granddaughter of comedian and musician Mickey Katz. She is an alumna of the Dalton School, a private school in Manhattan, and studied both dance and acting.

Bristol Palin is a plodder with no previous dance experience. She was supposed to be eliminated no later than the middle rounds. But then a funny thing happened – she kept avoiding elimination due to fan voting.

This caused heads to explode. One of the first casualties was Jeralyn Merrit. Jeralyn has had a raging case of PDS since about five minutes after John McCain announced his choice of running mate back in 2008. She let her mind wander and it never came back.

A few weeks ago Jeralyn’s PDS mutated into BPDS. After last weeks DWTS semi-final round BPDS has become a pandemic.

At HuffPoop, we have Megan Carpentier (Associate Editor, Talking Points Memo) writing this:

But Sarah Palin’s vast and unending popularity — and her supporters’ fanaticism to defend everything in the Palinsphere — threw everyone for a curveball. Let us be clear: no one should begrudge a mother wanting her daughter to win, or using her popularity to help that. But Operation Bristol isn’t that, and it isn’t about conservatives watching (and enjoying) Dancing with the Stars and voting for their favorite candidate: it’s about supporting one dancer on a show many of them aren’t even watching for strictly political reasons.


The plan to hand Bristol the Mirror Ball next week despite the fact that there were three candidates who were much, much better than her might make Bristol happy — until Monday night’s unfortunate display of attitude, we would have expected that she would prefer to lose graciously rather than win this way, but now we don’t know — and it might make her mom happy, but her fan base is hurting the show and the public perception of the woman they admire and the daughter they claim to champion. Plus it means the audience that loves (even grudgingly) to watch people dance and improve won’t get to see the best people battle it out: instead, we’ll be stuck watching Mark and his guyliner dance around Bristol’s flaws while quietly bemoaning whomever isn’t on screen. And from the look on Mark’s face the last two weeks, he knows that’s bad for him and the show he loves.

I’m sure Megan is only concerned about artistic integrity and the credibility of ABC’s reality programming. Politics never entered her mind.

But wait! There’s more:

FBI Investigates White Powder Mailed to ‘DWTS’

First a guy shoots his TV over Bristol Palin’s fancy footwork. Now, another viewer is apparently taking America’s favorite ballroom-dance extravaganza way too seriously.

Emergency responders in Los Angeles were called to the offices of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ late Friday to investigate a white powder that was reportedly contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Sarah Palin’s daughter, the 20-year-old Alaskan who has remained in competition with ‘DWTS’ partner Mark Ballos despite poorly judged performances.

The FBI told TMZ, “The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder.”

If you google “bristol palin dancing with the stars” you will get 31 MILLION 700 THOUSAND hits. Seriously.

Now there is even a Facebook page called “Operation Vote Off Bristol.”


The winner of DWTS shouldn’t be the contestant who went from log to broom. It should be the best dancer. The show has already been damaged by allowing conservatives to gin the system and get Bristol to the semi-finals. If ABC doesn’t put voting checks in place for the finals, it deserves to go down.

The final two episodes of this seasons DWTS will be this Monday, November 22 at 8:00 PM and Tuesday, November 23 at 9:00 PM.

Make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

95 Responses

  1. Arthur Silber (via Vastleft):

    I just recently discussed yet again Obama’s claim that he has the “right” to murder anyone in the world for any reason whatsoever, whenever and wherever he chooses. As I observed, this is unquestionably absolute power. With not a single exception that I can recall, Obama’s claim of absolute power was never discussed during the recent election season. If even one candidate ever said a word about it (and I don’t know of one who did), it was so rare and regarded as so insignificant that almost everyone missed it entirely.

    It’s all Bristol Palin’s fault. If she wasn’t on DWTS the proggers would have time for trivial stuff like assassination.

  2. I have never watched these shows but how do I vote for BP. I want to see Obot wacko heads explode.

    • It’s really great entertainment. People are absolutely loony about this thing.

      • Let me clarify. I have never seen the shows but this BPDS is entertaining to see how far the nuts can go.

        • Is it too late to take up a collection to send Jeralyn to watch the final show?

          I would pay money to see her face if Bristol wins.

          • I would donate!

          • We all know that Jeralyn is so superior a human to anyone named Palin that she would not be able to breathe the same air by being in the room with them.

            But, Bristol’s efforts to dance in front of millions of people show greater strength of character than the embarrassing 61 year old woman bashing a young single mom for daring to enjoy her life.

            Personally, I think Bristol’s fan base comes from young (tweens) girls and boys who share her christian beliefs and are buying the abstinence thing….and, thousands of people who think she’s showing a great deal of improvement after the first couple of shows. But, Jeralyn, the obsessed jealous woman, is clearly not going to back down from her expert opinion that all those voting for BP are Tea Partiers. Sheesh.

    • It’s rather easy…you can vote via abc.com and/or you can call her 800 number right after the show and/or you can text it.

      • I watch but usually I do not vote because I like too many to choose …I may make an exception this time.

      • Yes you can vote on the abc website but there is a time window — voting starts once the show starts (so Monday 8 EST) to about 11 a.m. the next day.
        You have to register your email address with abc.com in order to vote on the website, but just “uncheck” the box to decline mailers from abc. I think you get 5 votes that you can use anyway you want.
        And yes, I voted for Bristol, because I want to see if her winning DWTS is going to end the world as Jeralyn seems to think. What the heck, I’ve got nothing else planned.

        • See my comment at 9:35 below

        • Noon Eastern time the day after is the online voting deadline. The number of votes per email address depends upon the number of remaining dancers. It will probably be 3 votes this week.

          The news this week from those who believe they are gaming the system is that the email address given doesn’t have to be a working email address 🙂

          Same thing by phone/text. A certain number of votes per telephone number. But telephone voting only goes 30 minutes or 1 hour (can’t quite remember) past the end of the broadcast in the time zone where the phone is located.

  3. They all should think of it the same as Obama’s preemptive Nobel Peace Prize.

    He won that…not for anything he has done, but for what he will maybe, possibly do in the future and

    Bristol may win DWTS for the dancer she may become at some point in the future.
    See. That was easy.

    • Absolutely! The haters are just making Bristol into a scapegoat. Every season, a “better” dancer almost always gets the boot. Why wasn’t there any outrage with the football player who won, beating out other more talented dancers. Also, why didn’t Brandy and Maks get the votes? Could it be that they both had sh&*!y attitudes and that the public was sick of them?

      • Yep, even on last Monday’s show when they talked about the dancers, listing their strengths and weakness, Brandy’s weakness was that she “sometimes” has an attitude like the award was already hers. Being too full of yourself likely is strongly disliked by the majority of DWTS viewers. You could tell by Brandy’s reaction that she was outraged that the prize she was certain was hers wouldn’t be. She really is stuck on herself that much.

        Not a regular viewer of DWTS but I watch it occasionally. I like dancing but I am kind of annoyed at DWTS turning women’s dancing costumes into something worn by strippers.

        Ballroom dancing costumes are supposed to reflect something less blatantly sexually objectifying of the female dancers- Bristol’s costumes have actually been much closer to what the costumes are supposed to be than the other women’s.

        This could be another reason Bristol is getting votes. Women ballroom dancers who dislike the stripper outfits and noticed her striving to improve- taking the dancing seriously- not as much for competition sake, but as an admirable art form- voting for her.

    • “Bristol may win DWTS for the dancer she may become at some point in the future. See. That was easy.”

      Perfect good reason! After all… that’s how they give out Nobel Peace Prizes these days….

    • That’s a terrific analogy.
      Not that I would vote for Sarah Palin, but ,still, that’s a good one.
      Bristol may win the aspirational disco ball.

    • I am BEGGING you — please go post this over at TL in the DWTS thread — PLEASE.

    • EYE SEE

    • That’s the really great thing about all the DWTS freak out from fauxgressives. Anything, simply anything they write about Bristol can have Obama’s name subbed in and it’s just as true. It’s like political Mad Libs.

    • I-Sane: HONKITY HONK HONK! :mrgreen:

  4. Bristol needs to win just so Jeralyn will actually implode. It will be worth it just for that.

    I wanted to watch for Jennifer and came to admire Bristol as nothing more than a kid doing her best. She is clearly untrained in the entertainment business and that is what’s so refreshing about her.
    The more people like Jeralyn obsess about her….the better her chances are to win.
    I can’t help but wonder why Jeralyn seems to hate women so much. Hillary, Sarah, now Briston….just asking.

    • Just popped over to TalkLeft to see Jeralyn’s freak out…and there it was, front page. And, she is jumping in to comment over and over…what a freak! Thought about commenting but decided it wouldn’t do any good as she is too far gone.

      She sold her soul a long time ago and there ain’t no gettin’ it back.

    • Jeralyn deserves the criticisms for her obsessive hatred of all things Palin, but she was a strong Hillary supporter until she had to get behind the annointed democrat. I’ve no recollection of her bashing Hillary.

      • Jeralyn has been a completely different person since she went to the Denver convention. She went from sane to full Obot at lightspeed.

        It was the day after the DNC convention that Palinpalooza started.

        • Fully agree. If her “blogging” of the convention was any indicator, she only went there to celebrity watch. Her blogging was as embarrassing as her jealous rages toward the females named Palin. She’s a major name-dropper on everything from people to labels and brands. I find this side of her more natural than the level-headed side of her that supported Hillary.

  5. I’m gobsmacked. I’ve watched DWTS since the beginning. This is not the first time that a dancer of lesser ability has been voted to return and a more experienced or better dancer has been left in the dust.

    However, this is the first time that it has threatened the peace and safety of the western world if liberals are to be believed. /snark

    • I keep seeing a repeat of the “Daisy” ad over this junk. 3…2…1… Boom!

      • The funniest part is that lots of the people who are voting for Bristol are openly admitting they are doing it just to piss off the haters but the haters can’t help themselves.

        Where else can you get entertainment like this?

        • Oh for gawds sake. OK! I’ll go over and vote for Bristol.

          I have no idea who any of these other dancers are, after all. But… I’ll admit, the exploding heads are entertaining.

          • So much fun.

            If they really think anything Palin is dumb, why are they spending so much time and attention on this? Methinks they protest too much.

  6. Creditability instead of credibility? They really SAID that? Publicly?

    God bless American education!!

  7. The irony of it all… BO ‘s ridiculous Peace Prize …. his primary and GE “wins” against more qualified candidates, and yet they can’t fathom Bristol beating out other competitors? Give me a break! What concerns me, however, is their derangement which looks like it is already leading to a dangerous situation for Bristol. I hope they have good security on the show (i.e. metal detectors, etc.).

    • They just don’t understand the “Rulz”

    • I always got a good lol after each debate when Hillary would have these amazing answers with policy ideas and a world view.

      Then , when the One got to answer, he would say:

      ” I have to agree with Hillary on that and… blah blah blah.”

      He cribbed her stuff. He had nothing deep or original at all.

      Then MSNBC and all would go on about Obama winning this one again. How fabulous he is crap.
      Ah, the good old days .

  8. DWTS producer comments on the controversy:

    “While some say the show’s credibility is in question after this year, Green says this isn’t the first time a less skilled dancer has made it to the finale.

    “Quite often it’s been the one who’s the most popular or someone who’s captured the public’s imagination because of their performance or who they were,” Green says. “You can argue whether or not she deserves to be there more than someone else who the judges have assigned to be a better dancer, but then make sure you vote for that person. It’s not rocket science.”

  9. for crying out loud, its a stupid reality show. If this is all anyone can focus on, we are royally screwed. I’m curious, has anyone asked BO what he thinks? He felt he had to comment on someone named snookie, and I don’t know who she is either. I only watch NCIS (I’m a Mark Harmon fanatic), and whatever is on Discovery and History. Dirty Jobs, and Deadliest Catch in particular. I really don’t care if BP wins. i’ve never watched it. don’t plan to start.

    • I have never watched a whole episode and didn’t even know that Bristol Palin was on the show until the first time Jeralyn started foaming at the mouth with BPDS

    • I watched Snooki on Jersey Shore to find out what all the fuss was about. OMG! ! That show is so bad I had to stop watching because I was ready to tell people to just do the world a favor and eat their young while their bones are still soft. Inane and insipid doesn’t begin to describe it..

  10. Well, if the Weblog awards taught us anything, Obots can play dirty. I’m not sure Bristol will make it past this week.

    My guess is that a lot of dancing fans will vote for Jennifer Grey, Disney fans and PDS nuts will vote for Kyle Massey and everyone else will vote for Bristol. If the judges give her a vote in the 20s and everyone else 30, it may be a lost cause.

  11. OMG… And let’s not forget about the possible race card played when the obviously better dancer Mario Lopez was beaten by Emmitt Smith. Seriously, who gives a shite. Best dancers don’t win, best singers don’t win (hello Adam lambert (sp?) and homophobia). As in the roolz state you get to call in and vote as much as you want… Problem is it was supposed to be one vote person in the primaries and all these other minor things like campaign contribution violations, unsunshine sunshine hearings etc. So the one competition that bugs me–Hillary Clinton (beaten by sexism, good ol cheatin, pure corruption).

    • Actually the lopez and lambert things pissed me off a bit too

      • I thought Rueben Studdard winning over Clay Aiken was silly. Aiken sold more singles and no one ever heard from Rueben again. That was rigged by people on the View and other shows telling people to vote.

      • See, I voted for Emmitt Smith that year — I never, ever vote for the ringer (as Lopez was) and always vote for the person who improves the most. I kind of resent the ringers because I think the show should be composed of people with little to no dance experience. Before the whole Bristol brouhaha erupted I was voting for Kyle — because he’s adorable, has little formal dance background & he’s improving.
        And yes, I voted for Helio & Apolo in their respective years too. I did not, however, vote for Donny Osmond. Worse.Winner.Ever.

      • Lopez was robbed!!!!

    • Agree that Clay should have won over Ruben. But Ruben was awesome when he came back for this duet with Jordin Sparks.

  12. But those weren’t due to the corruption of the whole system

  13. Yahhh, Bristol is really gonna ruin DWTS. If she wins, people in the likes of Kate Goslin, the guy from Jersey Shore, the dusted up actors and singers, and the woman from “The Insider” aren’t going to stoops so low as to go on the highest rated show on TV outside of American Idol.

    Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ouch, I think just broke a rib.

    This week, I’m going to do something I’ve never done! I’m gonna vote on DWTS — for Bristol!

  14. Gawker loses round with Sarah Palin

    A federal judge on Saturday ordered the website Gawker to pull down unauthorized excerpts from Sarah Palin’s forthcoming book, “America By Heart,” until a hearing scheduled for Nov. 30.

  15. I have never watched the show, but I want to vote this time.
    Can I vote early and be done with?

    • Every phone you have nearby can be used to gin the voting (one vote per phone). And then you can use every email to create accounts with ABC to vote. Vote early, and vote often.

      It’s a dumb system.

      • Here at TC we DO NOT condone vote fraud.


        • The number to call or text (AT&T customers only) your vote for them is 800-868-3407. You can also vote online by going here. You get to vote several times, several different ways. Use all your options for Bristol. Voting begins when the show starts. You have until 30 minutes after DWTS ends to vote via phone and text. However, you may vote online until 11 a.m. Eastern the next day.

  16. This is the funniest craziness I’ve ever seen. Seriously, these people are totally nuts. It’s a silly TV show people. And the voters vote for who they want to see, not who they think is the best dancer. Period. Lighten up fauxnuts and hands off the kool-aid.

  17. The show has already been damaged by allowing conservatives to gin the system

    Season #3
    Here is Mario Lopez cha cha

    and Emmitt Smith cha cha

    Emmitt danced fine, and was the winner of Season 3, but it was the calls from his fans that tilted his win over Mario.

    DWTS is not about who is the best dancer, but who gets the most fan calls.

    • Thanks for the link, Dario! Again, Mario Lopez was robbed!! Emmitt was good, but Mario’s form and technique were close to perfection. He was one of the top male dancers on the show ever! Emmitt’s arms look clunky and his Cha Cha wasn’t as precise as Mario’s who looked like a dance pro. But, hey, Emmitt had a bigger fan base in the end and went home with the trophy.

      • Throughout the season Mario’s dance was incredible. He took chances, and that’s when minor mistakes happened, but there was no contest. Emmitt’s fans won it for him.

        I don’t watch DWTS, but people that I know watch it have told me that the best dancer doesn’t always make it because the fans screw up the voting.

        • I don’t recall anyone accusing Cowboys fans of conspiring to rig the vote though.

          • True. But it was understood that Mario lost because of Emmitt’s fan base.

            All I’m saying is that it’s not the first time that those with a fan base win over the good dancers.

          • Bristol has as many fans as Jeralyns out there. So the Jeralyns will scream “not fair”.

            Emmitt didn’t have people who hated him. Viewers understood people who loved Emmitt as a football player were giving him their support. That’s part of DWTS.

    • And if you think about it that is the point of the show. They are looking to generate fan interest thereby boosting ratings so they can sell more ads at an inflated price. They are putting on a TV show which isn’t the same thing as holding a real life dance contest. The fact that so many people are not recognizing this makes me even more perplexed about the intelligence and sanity of our fellow citizens. But yes, we should all go totally bat guano insane about this and not worry one iota about having a President who thinks he has absolute power. Planet of idiots I tell ya.

  18. Yep, love to see Bristol win the DWTS and see and feel the hate seethe thru the liberals..

    • Sorry dude, but you need to check the label.

      We ARE liberals.

      The people hating on Bristol are fauxgressive DINOcrat supporters of George Bush III

      • Maybe we need a bigger sign on the door: Real liberals inside. People who worship Bush, Reagan, or the new version, Ronnie Bush Obama, may be eaten.

    • Who are you? Oh, nobody, f*ck off.

    • Oh, and P.S. — it is people like you (and those raging against a girl on a DANCE SHOW) who voted for an empty suit for POTUS that pissed off the real liberals.

  19. I watch from the sidelines, and I am enjoying the liberal outrage over Bristol Palin on DWTS.

    I do not watch the show, and have never watched the show and am convinced that the show DOES NOT MATTER.

    This is something to get worked up over?

    How about getting worked up over the cat-food commission, DADT, the wars….but this show?

    Are ya kiddin me?

  20. so – I think I’ll be banned from TL today…


    Thank heavens we’re not talking about (none / 0) (#74)
    by jeffhas on Sun Nov 21, 2010 at 12:17:40 PM EST
    a real election where one persons vote is worth more than another persons (like proportional balloting)… in this case – the system is currently set-up so that one person can vote as many times as they like.

    What a mockery that people would vote for the most popular person over the most qualified competitor… poor Jennifer Grey.

    Again I say, thank heavens we’re just talking about some mindless TV show… If this happened in real life, imagine the ‘winner’ we might get.

    We really should take the case to the DWTS Rulz committee and see if they can negate the votes of just a couple of States so the ‘judges’ who ‘know better’ than the voting public can overrule the actual individual votes of the people….

    The time to take a firm stand is long overdue.

    JM seems to have a short fuse…. I mostly lurk there too (since the ‘Pols are Pols’ primary)…. but I enjoy the legal threads, there is amazing work in there. I just don’t get the petty-TV-PDS-BPDS-*BS* that’s there these days…. it is beyond weird.

    • Well, you might be banned at TL, but I ❤ you!

    • Your comment is mild compared to many others. Are they still banning people for their opinion? I thought they restricted it to those who go in to start fights.

      • Oh you’re allowed to have an opinion – so long as it conforms to JM…. this is especially true about the topic of SP – when you disagree it’s basically ‘starting a fight’.

        Oh well – love to see the responses… and can’t wait for voting night.

        I haven’t watched an episode EVER – but I will this week! Popcorn’s popped, drinks are on ice and wet vac is warmed up to suck-up all the spattered parts from the exploding heads.

  21. American Idol has been more of a popularity contest than a talent competition for a long time.

    Carolyn Kay

    • It was even in season 1, thankfully Kelly had more people voting for her- that Justin guy who came in second was hideous- like the lounge singer from hell, yet Simon fawned all over him. Heck, Lee Hung sang better than that Justin dude and was more appealing personality wise to boot.

  22. So, DWTS puts in former and current athletes, reality TV personalities, semi-retired actors, young TV Disney-type actors, newspeople (Tucker Carson), politicians (Tom DeLay), Olympic champions (Apolo, Kristi, Shawn, obviously trained dancers (Jennifer, Mario, Brandy), cowboys (Ty Murray), with ringers aplenty (Jennifer, Brandy, Kristi) and creates the maudlin elimination drama week after week–all for ratings. If this show didn’t have an audience, it wouldn’t have advertisers and it would be off the air. It is SHOW BUSINESS–give ’em a show to keep their business.

    Typical Lefto nuts–it they don’t like who’s winning, they holler to change the Rulz. I say put Brazile, Sharpton, Jackson, Olbermann, Matthews, Schumer, Kerry, Maddow, Behar, Pelosi, Dean, Reid, any Kennedy and bho the fraud on. Bet they wouldn’t live through the first week’s rehearsal.

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