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Voting is more fun in Spain

This is an open thread.

15 Responses

  1. Waters accuses ethics panel of having weak case after calling off her trial

    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) accused the ethics committee of having a weak case that is unraveling after the panel abruptly cancelled her public trial.

    “The committee’s decision to cancel the hearing and put it off indefinitely demonstrates that the committee does not have a strong case and would not be able to prove any violation has occurred,” she said in a lengthy statement Friday reacting to the announcement.

    She also said she was disappointed the committee once again postponed the hearing and said it showed “a complete disregard for due process and fairness.”

    “For over a year, I have cooperated with the investigation and I have consistently asked for a public hearing on this matter,” she said. “I remain eager to present my case and demonstrate to my constituents and all Americans that I have not violated any House rules.”

    • Didn’t both Waters and Rangel support Hillary during the primary?

      Rangel may well be a rascal but I still think it was punishment.

      • Add Paterson in the mix. Also black, also supported Hillary. Also investigated, forced to not seek re-election.

      • Ranel may be a rascal, but he’s also been a consistent good guy on supporting liberal policy. There’s far, far worse in Congress and in the White House. Compared to war crimes and election fraud, what he did was inconsequential.

    • Thttps://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/47954/#commentshey are calling off the dog hunt because many, including myself see that ONLY those that supported Hillary til the END, supporting her right to run were targeted, while BUSH etc all were given a Nancy Pelosi ‘Hail, that could be ME’ pass. So, did Nancy Pelosi KNOW about the torture? When did Nancy KNOW about the torture?

      Philip Zimbardo- The Lucifer Effect- Part 1 (April 28th, 2004)
      Abu Ghaib Photos of Torture
      *WARNING*- This video contains explicit images

  2. At NATO summit, Obama’s ride is talk of the town

    Whoops, President Obama must have missed the memo on this one.

    While the Portuguese prime minister and the Portuguese president of the European Union’s executive commission are tooling around the NATO summit here in no-emission electric vehicles, Mr. Obama is fouling the Lisbon skies with his no-efficiency “Beast,” the eight-ton, diesel-fueled behemoth of a limousine the president carts around the world with him.

    Obama is expected to discuss climate change and a common US-Europe approach to it when he takes part in a US-European Union (EU) summit after the NATO meeting on Saturday. But in the meantime, the Portuguese capital is being treated to a jarring dichotomy: the polluting “leader of the free world,” on one hand, lumbering across town in the Beast with a phalanx of black Secret Service vehicles and Portuguese police motorcycles in tow; and the Europeans zipping around in smart electric vehicles, on the other.

    This was supposed to be a “green” summit.

    Obama gives new meaning to “Ugly American.”

  3. I want what ever she’s voting for.

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