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Thursday: Stating the Obvious

I was flipping through channels last night, trying very carefully to avoid broadcast news, when my low battery powered remote got stuck on PBS during the NewsHour.  There was Judy Woodruff interviewing Pete Domenici and Alice Rivlin about their (yet another) budget deficit reduction plan.  This one is just another version of “stick it to the middle class” that has become the popular fad in Washington these days.  In this one, we get a sales tax!  Ooo, it’s like opening a new present every morning.

But what was funny about this interview was not their earnest but misguided assertion that if we, the naively childish middle class voters of America, would just understand what the problem is, we would thank them for bringing it to our attention before things got really bad.  It wasn’t the magical rearranging of the debt burden saddling us while the rich get away with murder with (yet another) income tax cut.  It’s not that these bipartisan groups to which no one WE know were invited to participate in keep coming up with new ways to screw us.  No, it was Domenici forgetting where he was.  Literally:

ALICE RIVLIN: We got a surplus. We both worked on that.

And we got the budget from a considerable deficit into surplus. And the way it was done was some tax increase and holding down spending. The caps on spending are the same idea that we had back in the ’90s. And it worked. It worked. Yes, it worked.

PETE DOMENICI: I want to say this one thing about this. And, as far as I’m concerned — tell me what I’m talking about, because I have forgotten.

JUDY WOODRUFF: About whether you believe that this will actually be solved, that the members of Congress will vote…

PETE DOMENICI: Oh. Yes. We were able to — we were able — we were able to do bipartisan work and get some big problems solved. [RD hides head in hands from embarrassment] This problem is many, many more times difficult for America. We’re going to be ruined as a nation and become a second-rate country if this debt is allowed to continue like it is.

So, we have a bigger, a more just reason to convince people. We convinced them then to work together. We ought to be able to now. It won’t be easy, but I believe leadership, including leadership from the president, is going to make this a war, a war on this debt. And, if we do that, we might win.

Well, I’m confident now.

(Ok, maybe I was too hasty.  Pete Domenici apparently suffers from a brain disorder that leads to Republicanism dementia.  My remarks might be misconstrued as a bit insensitive.  However, with that in mind, Domenici probably was not the best person to work on this committee or present it on TV.  It tends to make me not take this bipartisan task force very seriously)

By the way, Washington, the next time you want to set up (yet another) bipartisan group thingy to examine the deficit, I suggest you go through the formal route and have Congress do it so the people’s representatives, some of whom may be liberal Democrats (we’re not positive but some claim to lean that way) have some semblence of having the teeniest, tiniest input.  Otherwise, it doesn’t look legitimate to us and we will probably not “understand” and will be harder to “convince”.  JMHO

Paul Krugman weighs in on a national sales tax with some graphs to back it up but I’m with Atrios on this one.  (come to think of it, I’m in agreement with a lot of what Atrios wants like better urban planning and mass transit. If Obama hadn’t destroyed the left blogosphere, we might even be allies.  Go figure.)  The deficit hawks aren’t giving us any choices to reduce the deficit except on the backs of the middle class and I’m agin it until they do.

Accountability before Austerity

But I could think of at least one way to boost the nation’s economy in a big way that got taken down by Ben Nelson of Nebraska yesterday…

Join me below the fold…

The Paycheck Fairness Act went down in flames yesterday when Democrats were unable to break a Republican filibuster to bring it to the floor for a vote.  The cloture vote was 58-41 when Ben Nelson of Nebraska, which apparently doesn’t have any fiscal problems and where women are handsome and men are perpetually in charge, joined Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.  Of course, this may have always  been the Democrats’ plan.  There’s always one reliable defector in their caucus to give them cover.  I’m beginning to think they actively recruit Republicans to be the fall guys (like a parting gift from Rahm Emannuel).  But that would be just silly.

The Democrats passed up a big opportunity to spare the government any additional deficit spending when they failed to get this act passed.  The biggest beneficiaries would have been American families whose breadwinners would have gotten a much needed and deserved wage increase.  The measure was extremely popular with upwards of 80% of the country of all political parties and temperaments supporting it.  It would have cost businesses more, true, but with the extra money in everyone’s pocket, it would have meant more spending as well, which is what we need right now.  And spending money means more employment.  It was a win-win.

So, of course, Ben Nelson screwed it up for us once again.  Thanks, Ben!  Hey, weren’t you the guy who nixxed abortion coverage in womens’ insurance policies?  Yes, we can always rely on Nebraska to keep us firmly rooted in the 19th century.

For other points of view, see this post by The Eagle Forum.  (I didn’t say they were decent or logical points of view.)

And now a word from our apprentice President on how he got played on healthcare.  From Greg Sargent’s Plum Line at WaPo, we get this nugget from Richard Wolffe’s upcoming book on Obama:

“You have to give the Republicans credit, just from a pure political perspective, that they used every instrument available to them in the Senate to prolong the process in such a way that helped drive down support nationally, that gave everybody a sense that somehow Washington was broken,” he told me. “At a time when everybody was worrying about jobs, for us to have to spend six to nine months on this piece of legislation obviously was not helpful.

No, indeed, it was not helpful.  Not only were jobs more important but you gave us one highly inadequate healthcare insurance bill, complete with additional restrictions on abortion.  With Democrats like Obama, who needs Republicans?  As to Greg’s question, why is Obama admiting now that he was gamed by Republicans, “it is always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”.  In other words, it happened on purpose.

NakedCapitalism has been all over the HAMP-Mortgage Foreclosure crisis.  The latest jaw dropping stupidity comes from an affidavit of one of the executives at MERS, the mortgage title database company.  It’s like Vinny Barbarino meets Who’s on first?

Q. Is there anyone at MERS who verifies that the acts being undertaken in the name of MERS by its certifying officers are acts which are authorized by this corporate resolution?
A. There’s no one at MERS other than the officers who generally oversee the activities of the certifying officers. However, there are employees of the parent corporation MERSCORP that regularly audit the activities of our members to ensure that they are complying with our rules and procedures in our agreement with them.
Q. Who are those employees?
A. They are the people who work in the law department and the people who work in the products performance division — department.
Q. How many of those people are they?
A. I think there is, there are seven in the law department, and product performance department’s probably, and that — I don’t know off the top of my head because I haven’t looked at the org chart lately, but there’s probably seven or eight or nine people there.
Q. Well, let’s just go with the highest number. Seven in law and nine in product performance. So 16 people out of 47?
A. Give or take, yeah.
Q. And you say those 16 people are involved in auditing the thousands of transactions executed daily by the thousands of certifying officers of MERS?
A. I didn’t say that….
Q. Okay. How much time in a typical day do those 16 people spend auditing the activities of certifying officers?
A. I have no idea.
Q. You are in charge of the law department, aren’t you?
A. No.
Q. You are in charge of what department?
A. I’m in charge of the corporate group or the corporate division.
Q. Does that include the law department?
A. It does.
Q. Who’s in charge of the law department?
A. Sharon Horstkamp.
Q. Does Sharon Horstkamp report to you?
A. She does.
Q. Okay. Do you receive reports on the frequency of audits undertaken by her department?
A. I do not….

Third base!!

I have to track down where I heard that titles were not registered with counties so that the bankers could avoid paying a $35 dollar filing fee per mortgage.  That’s one of the reasons they stashed them at MERS.  $35 bucks.  It staggers the mind.

Meanwhile, the banks that underwrote the loans {{Snort!}}, are still insolvent, which is like saying “Franco is still dead”.

Speaking of insolvent banks, this next bit sounds like a Will Shortz puzzle.  “Take the name of a country, substitute one letter and you will come up with two countries that have been massively screwed over by the banking industry.  What are they?”  If you named Iceland and Ireland, you get a Morning Edition lapel pin and a chance to play against….

Oh, nevermind.

It’s distressing to see the home of my starved ancestors get rolled (yet again) by greedy bastards.  I guess you could say they were gullible or maybe they were just trying to put the past behind them.  Or maybe they were willing victims of laissez faire, which seems to be the only game in town.  Sad.

For more on Ireland’s close call with Death by Austerity, check out:

As the country’s insolvency problem worsens, other European countries start to get nervous and are ready to force Ireland to take a loan.  New Push for Ireland to Consent to Bailout.

Paul Krugman has a followup in Ireland’s Big Mistake.

But it’s not just Ireland, Europe or North America that is struggling with economic problems.  China is having problems keeping food prices down.  Its runaway growth rate and recent status as an importer of food has left its population hostage to hyperinflation on food stuffs.  Did you know that China imports soy from the US?

If you want to get in on the ground floor in the US auto market, now’s your chance. GM stock is going to be issued at the starting price of $33/share.  Of course, it would be nice if they followed that up with green technology and a reliable product that Americans actually want to buy but, hey, this is AMERICA!  We ain’t going to let the Japs and the Koreans tell us what to do, by golly!  We’ve got oil fields in Iraq that will pay for themselves.  Yee-haw!

And now for the Podcast of the Day:

I love my work but I sometimes find it difficult to explain it to people.  Fortunately, this is something the Naked Scientists do particularly well.  This week, they explain what Structural Biology is from the Diamond Light Source Synchrotron in England.  Check it out to discover how we use X-ray crystallography to reveal the beauty of nature.  You will be happy to know that Structural Biology is a branch of science that was pioneered by a woman, Dorothy Hodgkin.

69 Responses

  1. Great round-up — lot of links to check out.

    The MERS bill is a land grab. They are thieves that want the title to your land. It’s like the Wild Wild West Wall Street.

    As to the Paycheck Fairness act, I’m not surprised Anything with actual bipartisan VOTER support will never pass with these clowns; it’s only the stuff with bipartisan lobbyist support that will.

    By the way, back to the TSA goons — the deepest irony now is that right-wing talk radio is saying airports should opt out of the TSA and just use private security. Thank you very much, Dems, for letting the right wing look like the defenders of our civil rights while simultaneously letting them push the “govt bad, privatize good” meme.

    • The paycheck fairness thing is pretty stunning. How do you go back to your district and justify this? But it wouldn’t be the first time Congresscritters have gone against strong public opinion.

      • Well, obviously, cheap labor is a good thing and women should be happy if they have a job at all there are thousands of people who could use that job, missy.
        21st century, so like the 19th century.

  2. Once again, I have prepared a nice hot cup of coffee that I have forgotten to drink.

  3. Iraqi oil?
    Bush thought the people would roll over like congressional Democrats and he and dick Cheney could siphon Iraq’s resources into their GOP cronies wallets.

    Private security at airports?
    I got one better that saves money, abolish the FAA and the Ground Controllers, let the airline industry self regulate. That way market forces will decide winners and losers. When Crash&Burn Airlines’ planes fall out of the sky due to no maintenance Folks will stop flying on them.
    I mean, isn’t that the same way congress wants to regulate Wall Street?

    • If Wall Street was regulated like pharmaceutical companies, stepping out of line would have met with a swift and brutal response costing shareholders a whopping load of cash.

      • Guess Big Pharma didn’t pony up enough campaign cash and/or jobs for congress member’s idiot nephews/wife/nieces/spawn.
        Else they could enjoy the lax regulation ala Wall Street.
        Can’t be product safety because both parties have proven you can be dead and still vote.

  4. I was shocked to see Pete Domenici trotted out to talk about, well, anything. My guess is that he had nothing to do with any report, never went to a meeting, and needed a few hours of tutoring before going on camera.

    The man is very old and has been really sick for a really long time. I guess the folks behind the report thought he’d add some name recognition or credibility or something.

  5. Thanks, Riverdaughter — I’m sitting here following your links instead of cleaning my closet-room for my daughter’s visit next week.


    • Guess what? @BarackObama tweets that he is “Deeply disappointed that Republican senators have prevented the Paycheck Fairness Act from being brought up for a debate and a vote.”

      Gee, you don’t think it might have something to do with 1.) pandering to the business community or 2.) giving the impression to lawmakers and the public that you don’t really care about women or 3.) reducing their access to abortion, making womens’ concerns look less important or 4.) not putting in the merest soupcon of effort into swinging Ben Nelson to allow the bill to come to the floor?

      Ohhhh! I get it. Ben Nelson is being used to save face for the Democrats. Well, never mind then. I’m sure your disappointment is sufficient compensation for the women of the country who will just have to live with the salary they have and not ask for anything more.

      • But, RD, it’s not like he could have taken Nelson on a ride on Air Force One to make him change his mind…

      • As I think about this – I am CERTAIN that they made a show and let this fail. obama didn’t name names becaue it was the plan.

        If we are ever going to get equal pay, it will have to come with immunity for back pay – the problem is so pervasive that once women get their 25+% increase, they will have proof they were paid less.

    • Meanwhile, Will Bunch is becoming a r@cyst:

      “Will_Bunch Will Bunch
      Then do something!! RT @BarackObama Deeply disappointed GOP senators prevented Paycheck Fairness Act from being brought up for debate, vote”

      Tut-tut, Will. Only r@cysts can make demands of the president. The Democratic intelligentsia must defer to whatever the fuck Obama wants.

  6. Krugman:
    (if) I can trade a somewhat regressive VAT for guarantees of decent retirement and universal health care, I’ll take it.

    And in the comments – my thoughts exactly:
    Chicago, IL
    November 18th, 2010
    5:41 am
    And if I could trade my Jason Giambi baseball card for two Mickey Mantles and a Nolan Ryan rookie card, I’d take that too. But I don’t think our political class is willing to make the trade.
    RecommendRecommended by 3 Readers
    Report as Inappropriate
    Corey Mutter
    Raleigh, NC
    November 18th, 2010
    5:41 am
    Unfortunately we’d get the worst of both worlds: a dismantled safety net and a VAT.


  7. I’m still fuming over the Paycheck Fairness Act. Seriously. My BP is thru the roof.

    My gut tells me the Dems only voted for it because they knew they didn’t have the votes. You know, one of those cheap trick ways to score points with the stoopid wimminz. There was no real effort to expose any Repubs for their 17th-century behavior. No pre-vote publicity at all.

    I don’t know who Obama hates more: the gays or the women.

    • Oh, women. No doubt about it.
      Actually, I don’t know if hate is the right word. I would say it’s more like contempt.
      And anyway, lawmakers don’t really have to pander to women as long as Roe is around.

      • Yes, definitely “contempt”. From the wiki definition:

        Contempt is an intense feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless—it is similar to scorn. It is also used when people are being sarcastic. Contempt is also defined as the state of being despised or dishonored; disgrace, and an open disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law or legislative body.[1] One example of contempt could be seen in the character Ebenezer Scrooge from the Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol, who was cold-hearted, hating Christmas and poor people. The word originated in 1393, from the Latin word contemptus meaning “scorn.” It is the past participle of contemnere and from com- intens. prefix + temnere “to slight, scorn.” The origin is uncertain. Contemptuous appeared in 1529.[2]
        Robert C. Solomon places contempt on the same continuum as resentment and anger, and he argues that the differences between the three emotions are that resentment is directed toward a higher status individual; anger is directed toward an equal status individual; and contempt is directed toward a lower status individual.[3] Contempt is often brought about by a combination of anger and disgust.[4]

        • For visuals, look at almost any mug shot of him when he isn’t grinning.

        • Oh, yes, contempt it is. You’re totally right. But now you’ve really pressed my buttons.

          It’s like the only way he can feel good about himself — abandoned by both parents, after all — is if he feels superior to others. No matter that his contempt has no basis in reality. None. Zero. Zip.

          I would love to take this guy on in a debate – any topic, off the cuff. Even at my age, I’d wipe the floor with him. Who the hell does he think he is?

          Off to the gym to work off my rage.

        • Of course any woman that does not support him has to be a raci$t lesbian anyway. No other woman could resist his charm.

      • As in:

        THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is “contempt”.
        Also note the use of dismissive body language from Obama to what he perceives to be a subordinate. No woman who values her self worth and dignity would EVER vote for him because there’s only one way to go with him and that’s shut out.

        • Amen!

        • She may have campaigned for him but I’ll bet she wrote her own name in on the ballot. There’s some things the party can’t force you to do.

        • His body language?

          Look at her body language and words! So endearing. It is almost like from a movie with script, rehearsals and all – but she does it so spontaneously.

          How she sweeps her head after “I will try to go on”.
          And when he says “likable enough”, she tilts her head beautifully like a pendulum with decreasing oscillations.

          Her reactions were so choreographic. She is such a natural.

          Thanks for the clip. I had forgotten about this.

          • Yes, I agree. She was funny and charming. She had a good sense of humor. How could anyone NOT like her?
            but then as she thanked him, she slipped up. It was her little head shake that made her brush the whole thing off as “not very serious”.
            She should have turned to him and said, “Well, thank you Senator. I was starting to think YOU were the one spreading that rumor around.” and then stared at him straight in the eyes (which he would probably not lift to meet) with a big wide smile. That would have framed his contempt more clearly.

        • Yes. This debate and that comment in particular really opened my eyes. I did not like the behavior of former Senator Edwards either.


  8. Senate Democrats back TSA ‘virtual strip searches’

    If it’s unpopular the Democrats are for it.

    • Gah!
      Don’t know if this is a repost

      “There has not been sufficient review of the intermediate and long-term effects of radiation exposure associated with airport scanners. There is good reason to believe that these scanners will increase the risk of cancer to children and other vulnerable populations.”
      Air travelers over 65 years old are especially susceptible to the “mutagenic effects of the X-rays,” they say, as are HIV and cancer patients, children and adolescents, pregnant women, and men (because the X-rays can penetrate skin and put the testicles “at risk for sperm mutagenesis”). Eyes could also be at risk because X-rays can penetrate the cornea.

      Disney should lobby against this.

      • My corneas are shot anyway and we could all use less sperm in the world. I say nuke’em.

      • Does it say anything about the dosage in relation to damage (ie: is one scan damaging, or does it require multiple exposures in a certain amount of time etc.)?

        • Silly American! Don’t you know that any exposure to xrays is dangerous? (true but we don’t need to get our knickers in a twist over it)
          I suspect the risk is higher for frequent flyers.
          Then again, my sister, the asthmatic had so many chest xrays when she was a kid that we’re all amazed that she doesn’t glow. I think you can survive an occasional xray body scan. But the point is, why should you have to?

        • We don’t know because it hasn’t been tested independently. We only have the word of the manufacturers.
          But take me. I’ve had basal cell skin cancer. The doctor wants me to have a yearly mole check because it shows I am susceptible to skin cancer and I am under orders to stay out of the sun. I never even went in teh sun before I got it. Will x-ray exposure affect me more then someone who’s never had it? Yes, because radiation exposure is cumulative regardless of the source.

          • I think that basal skin cancer is caused by UVA wavelengths. Xrays are much more powerful but I suspect these machines meet some safety standards. Do you get your teeth xrayed when you go to the dentist? If so, you probably don’t have a reason to avoid the machine on safety grounds. It’s more like unreasonable search and seizure grounds that you have a case. Besides. flying is already a pain in the ass with all of the security checks. Do we really need to add an xray to the mix?
            If you’re really concerned, maybe you can get a note from your doctor.

          • Yes, x-rays are much more powerful, so they would affect me more than UV, which already obviously affects me more than the average person. My family has a history of cancer (not just skin) so it is probably genetic.

            I get my teeth x-rayed but at least I get to wear a lead apron on the rest of me.

            So the TSA will take a doctor’s note?

          • I don’t know. You could call them and see. Or simply opt out and let someone grope your exterior plumbing. Make sure you moan while they’re doing it.

          • The only way to get something done is for everybody to stop flying.
            When airline cash to Congress dries up they’ll do something about invasive security protocols.
            Americans are too soft to pull off a peaceful general strike let alone riot like our European neighbors.

          • I doubt you could even get people to do a “Work to the rule” form of strike.

          • Make sure you moan while they’re doing it.

            I’d rather eat a big burrito and let out a big stinky f@rt at the opportune moment.

    • Because the Republicans will scream “But you don’t care about safety and ANYTHING could happen on a plane!!”

      Yes, like passengers will take note of United 93 and the flight that the shoebomber was on and take appropriate action. Americans are strong and fearless. Virtual strip searches are violations of our bodily independence. (hmm, come to think of it, maybe we SHOULD let men get groped in line. Yeah, that’s the ticket. then they’ll see what it’s like)

      Democrats do not know how to play this game.

      • These Dems are pathetic. They pre-emptively out-right-wing the GOP so that the mean GOP doesn’t yell at them.

        They’ll be passing a law requiring colonoscopies at the airport next.

  9. Well, I like Banana Republic clothes, so I’m not worried…

    A Hedge Fund Republic?

    Emmanuel Saez, an economist at the University of California at Berkeley who is one of the world’s leading experts on inequality, notes that for most of American history, income distribution was significantly more equal than today. And other capitalist countries do not suffer disparities as great as ours.

    I’m appalled by our growing wealth gaps because in my travels I see what happens in dysfunctional countries where the rich just don’t care about those below the decks. The result is nations without a social fabric or sense of national unity. Huge concentrations of wealth corrode the soul of any nation.


  10. Just saw Lambert post that BO is going to award Warren Buffet the Medal of Freedom


    I’m sure it had nothing to do with money changing hands or anything. Take that, Soros!

  11. As to Greg’s question, why is Obama admiting now that he was gamed by Republicans, “it is always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”. In other words, it happened on purpose…
    These people are idiots..the only people gamed were the American people and especially Jane Hamsher….She was bought into the Kabuki of “it’s the Blue Dogs, Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln..blah..blan” the Health Care fraud deals were cut before Obama was in the WH.

    BAR has it right:
    “Psycho-Babbling Obama”

    For two years we watched Barack Obama undercut the left wing of his party at every turn, with a disdain so palpable his minions could not resist insulting leftists in the most juvenile terms. For two years we watched the First Black President facilitate the greatest transfer of wealth in human history – $12 to $14 trillion – to Wall Street, and we watched as he put the U.S. war machine back on the offensive in the world. For two years we heard Obama say over and over again that he had no intention of taking targeted action to help Black and brown communities that had been targeted for destruction by banks. After two years, one would think that folks on the Left would have gotten the idea that Obama is pro-Pentagon, pro-Wall Street, and doesn’t have a transformative bone in his body regarding either race or class. But, for many, the message, however obvious, has not sunk in. Rather than face the fact that Obama is not a friend of the people, leftish commentators insist on conducting a psychological analysis of the president. They seem to be trying to find some quirk in Obama’s personality that can by corrected in time for the Armageddon showdown with the Republicans.

    Take Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, for example. People on the Left quote him a lot, which I find strange, since Krugman can talk about the political meltdown of 2008 for 45 minutes and never say the word “corporation” – as if corporations had nothing to do with the meltdown. But anyway, the liberal Krugman insists that Obama’s problem is, he tried to transcend partisan divisions, not understanding that sometimes one has to fight. That’s a recurring theme with Obama apologists, that Obama won’t fight. But Obama showed plenty of fight during the health care debate. He fought the left wing of his own party every step of the way, exiling single-payer supporters to the margins while he kissed Republican boodie and empowered Blue Dogs and DLCers. He didn’t just fight progressives, he stomped their butts into the dirt.
    The psychological problem is not Obama’s. It’s the problem of much of the Left, who imagined an Obama that never existed. That’s why it was so easy for Obama and his corporate handlers to psyche-out the Left. If you think Obama is salvageable, then you’re the one with the psychological problem.

    • The problem is not corporations.
      The problem is that corporations are not disciplined or held accountable for their actions.
      We need corporations. It’s hard to conduct business as individual entities. But we need them to play by the rules, which they have spent the last 30 years dismantling.

  12. Yesterday, I was engaged in a bit of a brawl in another blog with an Obot/faux liberal who kept harping back to Hillary’s “Iraq war vote” and how she talks up women and children while supporting wars that kill women and children, etc. You sure can tell that 2012 is around, but it really made my blood boil and couldn’t help “bitch-slapping” the a–hole.

    2008 was a battle of narratives, and whether or not Hillary runs again in 2012, we have to come out smoking and beat the crap out of the misogynists from the left, the right, the corporate media and the post-feminist (ack!) women:

    “On Behalf of Women in Politics”
    by Anita Finlay (“Ani”)


    A woman’s appearance can be used against her via demeaning images in novelty stores, airports, greeting cards, television ads and magazines. There is no escape: Hillary nutcrackers, Hillary’s head sticking out of a toilet. Hillary as dominatrix dolls. Hillary toilet paper. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews displayed a photo of Hillary with horns coming out of her head on his show. Imagine the backlash had he made President Obama the target of such treatment.

    To complement David Letterman’s references to Sarah Palin’s “slutty flight attendant look,” there were Sarah Palin orifice-accessible blow up dolls and ‘naughty Sarah’ action figures. Photographs were manipulated on the internet. The naked Sarah Palin and the naked VP Dick Cheney having sex, her legs up over his shoulders, was the nadir.

    Ridicule. A woman’s sexuality is abused as a weapon to demean and humiliate. It would appear the thinking is, “If I can screw it, I can own it.”

    One of the worst weapons is laughter. We are encouraged to listen to an endless litany of put downs with good humor and complain about none of it. Yet over time, it must have an effect on the way society sees women and the way women see themselves.

    “They fined CBS a million dollars for Janet Jackson’s nipple. Just think what they could get for Hillary Clinton’s c_nt.”

    –Bill Maher, HBO, “Real Time with Bill Maher”

    We will never forget.

    • Anyone who voted for BO in 2008 should voluntarily take a voting sabbatical for the next two election cycles.

      Anyone who voted for W and then voted for BO should voluntarily turn in their voter registration cards for all time. And maybe enter a religious order that enforces a vow of silence.

  13. “If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two.” — Carville

    I wish Carville had not said that. Leave Hillary out of Obama’s stupid governing style.

  14. As if on cue, Hillary speaks at a dinner honoring her friend, Special Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer, recites what they have done at the State Department, and says:

    As I constantly remind my colleagues, and not only in other governments but our own, supporting women and girls worldwide is in the national security interest of the United States and we have to remember that.

    So what we hope is to institutionalize this work, to make it clear that it doesn’t depend upon who the Secretary of State is or even who the President is, but the United States of America stands for women’s rights – (applause) – and that we know that that is unfinished business. (Applause.)


  15. Not to be too self-aggrandizing, but the following story will explain all you need to know about Ben Nelson:

    He went on safari in Africa where among the other beautiful creatures he stalked from the comfort of his safari-mobile was (wait for it, wait for it) a giraffe. Yes, a giraffe. Quick thinking Ben promptly dispatched the tree grazing animal before it attacked any other unwitting, unsuspecting vegetation.

    Yes, Ben Nelson killed a giraffe, singlehandedly, with a gun slightly larger than Afghan rebels used to bring down Soviet Hind helicopters. When asked about killing the equivalent to a long-necked cow, Nelson replied, “If it had gotten old it would have most likely gotten sick and been attacked by something so I saved it from an eventual death.”

    This is the man who is the number one shill for insurance companies in D.C. — feel better?

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