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She’s baaack!

Nancy Pelosi survives Democratic revolt

Bruised but not beaten, Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday locked up the votes needed to transition from speaker to minority leader in the new Congress, topping Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), 150-43, on a secret ballot in a private Wednesday meeting of House Democrats.

The 43 votes against her — and the 68 cast in a losing effort to delay her election — reveal that a caucus bloodied by the loss of at least 61 seats and control of the House no longer bends to her will the way it once did.

But Pelosi was defiant as ever in her post-election press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Asked why she should remain Democratic leader after the election wipeout, Pelosi said: “Because I’m an effective leader, because we got the job done on health care and Wall Street reform and consumer protection. Because they know that I’m the person that can attract the resources both intellectual and otherwise to take us to victory — because I’ve done it before.”

Since it’s that time of year I’ll use a football analogy. If any NFL coach led his team to such a disastrous season as the Democrats just had he would be fired even if the team owner had to eat a multi-million dollar contract.

Nobody is cheering this news harder than the Republican party. That alone tells you all you need to know.

Nancy Pelousy lost my support four years ago when she said “Impeachment is off the table.” I won’t even go into her involvement with what went wrong in 2008.

So after the worst mid-term beating in modern history Obama is still in the White House, Dirty Harry Reid is still Senate Majority Leader, and Nancy Pelosi is demoted but still has a job. No personnel changes, no new blood in the Democratic leadership, no change of direction.

The Democratic party must have a death wish.

80 Responses

  1. I thought Pelosi was a competent Speaker of the House, and I don’t see what on earth would have been gained by replacing her with someone more conservative, which is what would have happened if she went down. She passed a number of decent bills that died in the Senate. I really do not blame Pelosi for the incompetence of Obama and Harry Reid.

    • I blame her. She used her talent to pass shit bills. Bills that should have been read, discussed in hearings, and openly debated. She does have talent in herding her members and working the votes. But she used it to shovel shit.

      She is responsible in large part for the Dems losing the house. If she had used her talent to push good bills, esp. job creating bills, we’d be in a very different place.

      • If Nancy had done the right thing and stepped down the caucus could have elected a liberal as Minority Leader.

        It didn’t have to be a choice between her and Shuler.

        • Exactly. Nancy could have supported DeFazio. But she doesn’t care about the party, but her power.

        • Shuler admitted he didn’t have the votes.

          Nancy lost me when she:
          1. declared “impeachment is off the table
          2. shilled for Obama vs Hillary
          3. denied there was sexism in the campaign
          4. argued that if people wanted to know what was in the HCR bill, they had to pass it to find out.

          1-3 were bad enough, but 4 was the one that really topped it for me.

          • Of course she couldn’t tell the voters what was in the HCR bill because they would realize it was Romney care on a Federal level.

    • I kind of gave up on her right after she said “impeachment is off the table.” Ah, those were the days when everything would be better once W was out. *sob*

    • Honk.

      The Republicans cheering for Nancy’s staying in leadership is just whistling past the graveyard. They definitely do not want someone who is actually very very good at what she does in that position.

      I can’t think of anyone more liberal than Ms Pelosi. She did speak out for the Public Option. The accomplishments of the past 4 years are Nancy’s leadership, more so than Obama’s, but when O wouldn’t fight for any progressive ideals Nancy can only do so much on her own.

      I say Brava, Nancy.
      I don’t believe that Nancy was in her heart a gung ho Obama supporter. She had to go along to get along.
      That’s how politics work.
      I see it as the same as Hillary accepting the SOS. Many Hillary supporters admonished Hillary for going along to get along and for speaking out so convincingly for Obama after she conceded.
      It made her stronger and more beloved in the long run.All she ever wanted was to make the world a better place …and she sure is making a difference.

      • Oh my….if Pelosi was not a “gung ho Obama supporter,” then I don’t know who is/was! She was clearly ecstatic at the roll call in Denver when she crowned him. In fact, ecstatic is the perfect word. Remember “the kiss”?

        Barf bag, please.

        • The leader of the Congressional Dems job it to look ecstatic when they make the nomination.
          What would you have expected?

          Really. Just imagine a split in the party upon the nomination, as Nancy grumpily welcomed the Candidate, saying he was inexperienced and not ready for the job.
          ( We knew it. She knew it. I saw many times when she said the very least for O)

          Coming from the Bay Area, I know Nancy’s agenda is way left of Obama, but she is as they say…herding cats.
          That’s all. She doesn’t write the Legislation.

          A Speaker makes things happen.

          She has little control on what is being shoveled. Obama’s job was to lead with policy. He didn’t. He gave it all away first.

          Now as minority leader, I know we will see Nancy begin to push back against Obama. The whole dynamic is different.

        • Oh, but he was a gift from God… (((fell over))).

        • Pelosi used her PAC money to buy superdelegates for Obama, re: Dr. Lynette Long – http://senatorobamaisanopportunist.blogspot.com/2008/08/bought-and-paid-for-by-nancy-pelosi.html

          She publicly called on Hillary to withdraw from the race when Hillary was still winning primaries.

          As I recall, it was Pelosi’s office that wrote the inadequate stimulus bill which scheduled job-creating projects for the summer before the mid terms – “recovery summer”.

          To suggest she wasn’t enthusiastically working for Obama is nonsense.

      • “She had to go along to get along.
        That’s how politics work.”

        That’s not how Politics work, that’s how COMPLACENCY and selfishness work.

      • Agreed, except I do think Pelosi was an Obama lover. However, she has obviously learned. The arguments against Pelosi, “she’s toxic”, “Republicans are cheering”, etc., sound just like the arguments against Hillary. I think they are BS. Also, impeachment was a nonstarter because they were never, ever going to convict in the Senate. I don’t think Pelosi was protecting Bush, I think she knew there was little support to impeach.

        • They didn’t impeach Nixon either.

          Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The Democrats (led by Pelosi) could have conducted hearings on BushCo wrongdoing.

          They didn’t do shit.

          Nobody ever claimed that the Republicans were cheering for Hillary to win. She’s the one they feared most.

          • Lot’s of bots did. She was too toxic to win. Impeachment is a political exercise, and there frankly wasn’t alot of support for it.

          • Since when do we care what Obots say? The fact was the Republicans were cheering for Obama.

            There wasn’t any support for impeachment when the Watergate committee first started meeting. Nixon had just won the biggest electoral landslide ever in 1972.

            But as the facts came out, support for impeachment grew, even within his own party.

    • +1000. The roadblock is Harry Reid, not Pelosi.

      The worst news is that he’ll continue to to be steamrolled by majorities of 41 for the next 2 years.

  2. Well, I think what hurt her was trying to do what Obama wanted instead of fighting him for good policy. I don’t think that we should throw her out simply because the GOP is using her as a poster girl right now. Remember the GOP used Hillary as a fundraiser for years and how the Obots said that we shouldn’t nominate her simply because of that reason.

    • Well, I think what hurt her was trying to do what Obama wanted instead of fighting him for good policy.

      That’s a perfectly good reason to fire her ass.

  3. OT: Shilling my follow-up post to Sarah Palin’s Alaska on corrente.
    I posted it with much fear & trepidation; let the yelling begin.

    • I hope you weren’t too attached to Corrente cuz I got a feeling your days are numbered.

    • Good article, votermom.

      I didn’t watch it, but caught a few minutes of it. What is not to love about Alaska scenery ? I am in awe of anyone who can live and thrive there. It is for strong people.

      The GOP worships RR & Sarah has that same real person folksiness and, didn’t RR wink in a few of his speeches? Yes, Sarah has a clear agenda, she knows brand marketing just as well as brand Obama does .
      I’m posting that comment here cause I couldn’t figure out how to register at Corrente.

  4. The DNC is trying very hard to kill itself.


    Hillary 2012

    • That’s the part that I don’t understand! People just went to the mid terms to enthusiastically vote against Reid, Pelosi, and Obama. Did they not hear the voters? People are really unhappy with those three faces, from all sides of the political aisle. It’s political suicide to keep those three people in the public view as the face of the Dem party.

      • those three faces

        My eyes aren’t what they used to be. For a second I thought you said “those three feces.”

        It makes perfect sense that way too.

      • The DINOs lost in this past election, not the more left members.
        Aside from Feingold ( begins weeping) and Grayson and one other liberal, it was the blue dogs who lost power in the Dem party. The libs got re-elected.
        Nancy is as left as they come.

        The opposition narrative is to paint the loss on leadership. It wasn’t..

        This election was definitely against Obama and the fake Dems.

      • “Did they not hear the voters?”

        Simple answers to simple questions:


  5. Greg Sargent:

    Obama: GOP successfully outplayed us on health reform

    One last nugget from Richard Wolffe’s new book on the Obama White House. In an interview with Wolffe, the President seemed to acknowledge that in pursuing bipartisan support for health reform, he and Democrats got snookered by a previously-thought-out GOP strategy to delay the process for as long as possible in order to politically damage him and the Democratic Party.


      • All those Republicans in Washington would become Obamacans, and the lions would lay with the sheep, but there would be no hanky panky between them.

    • I thought the president was supposed to be the greatest politician since FDR? Haven’t they started carving his likeness alongside Wahington and Lincoln and Roosevelt? Isn’t he supposed to be smarter than all of us? More important, isn’t he supposed to be smarter than Hillary?


      Hillary 2012

  6. Bristol Palin Apologizes for Sister’s Homophobic Slurs

    The money quote:

    Willow has since deleted her Facebook account.

    Sounds like Mama Grizzly isn’t happy with one of her cubs.

  7. Okay, let’s get that third party rolling. I see the democrats won’t be giving us any competition.

  8. If Pelosi was genuine, she’d take a 20% pay cut in protest against the Senate failing to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.

    Instead, after 4 years of a Dem majority in both houses, they’ll simply blame one of those magical, mystical Republicans that always manage to completely cripple the Dem party.

    • But Pelosi did her part. She passed that legislation in January of ’09.

      • Are you trying to get the last word by posting a reply to every comment in this thread?

        • I haven’t done that at all. I responded to two people who responded to me, and this comment because it is factually inaccurate. What do you care what I respond to?

  9. Patrick McHenry (R-NC10) tweets:

    House GOP gives Pelosi’s reelection a standing ovation!

  10. New thread up

  11. They want the money Pelosi and Reed can raise, along with Obama. They seem to care about nothing else.

    Now I’ll go read the other comments.

  12. Amazing.

    According to Nate Silver at the NYT, Pelosi’s unfavorables are now worse than Dick Cheney’s.
    (Cheney average 54; Pelosi average 55)

    And yet, the Dem Party BRAGS that she deserves to be the leader again?

    Death wish, indeed. Ugh.

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