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Et tu, Brute?

(Soros is the man seated next to the stairs)

The schadenfreude keeps on coming:

George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment

At a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, George Soros, a longtime supporter of progressive causes, voiced blunt criticism of the Obama administration, going so far as to suggest that Democratic donors direct their support somewhere other than the president.

The Hungarian-American financier was speaking to a small side gathering of donors who had convened in Washington D.C. for the annual gathering of the Democracy Alliance — a formal community of well-funded, progressive-minded individuals and activists.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of his remarks, Soros told those in attendance that he is “used to fighting losing battles but doesn’t like to lose without fighting.”

“We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line,” he said, according to several Democratic sources. “And if this president can’t do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else.”

Okay, everyone repeat after me:


I’m a beer drinker so I take my schadenfreude with a nice cold pilsner or a pale ale. But I was wondering if anyone knows the proper wine to serve while taking enjoyment from other people’s misery?

114 Responses

  1. Does Soros want his money back?

  2. Just saw Soros quote at TGW and came trotting over to tell ya all. Oh my oh my oh my.

    • I saddens me too, but I AGREE. It’s time to look else where, he is not a fighter and can’t negotiate deals, because he offers the farm before even putting any effort in the fight. When things are given to you, you don’t know the value.

      • Gee…let’s see…who was it who said she would be a FIGHTER??! Who showed with her tenacity and perseverance that she would NEVER give up? Hmm…

        WE TOLD YOU SO!!

  3. Still waiting on Oprah:

    • Her EGO is too big and she will never admit it.

      • She will never admit it because: 1) she is personal friends with the Obamas, 2) she will not criticize the first black president, 3) she will not admit that she was wrong to pick the black man over the white woman to her largely white female audience, many of whom probably voted for Hillary in the primaries, 4) Oprah is a billionaire who is thoroughly a part of the only social class that Obama has helped as president, 5) She is so far from reality that she has no personal reason to know or care about the suffering of millions because of Obama’s decisions, 6) Her empire is built on her giving advice and telling people how to live their lives. Why would she ruin her standing and reputation to admit that she made such a horrible choice that has deeply affected the country in a negative way?

        • not after James Frey.

        • She just doesn’t have enough time to apologize, peons, otherwise I just know she would.

          She’s looking to buy a 68 million dollar house, dontcha know. No typo, 68 million.

          Now do we all understand just how unimportant our little lives are?

  4. I don’t touch recreational drugs, including ethanol, so make mine Dr Pepper with real sugar, or iced Earl Grey tea with a packet of stevia, a packet of sucralose, and 1-2 packets of saccharin. [I’m told that mixing non-sugar sweeteners tends to cancel the off-tastes of each, and this mix works well for me. YMMV.] 🙂

  5. As an expert, I can tell you that any wine rises to the occasion as long as it is in a bottle with a cork (even a plastic cork) and is not in a box.

    • I usually buy wine in a bucket.

    • I disagree. I’ve had some pretty good wines from bottles with twist off caps. But I finished off the last glass of red last night and am drinking spiced cider from the produce department. Ahhh, it was a suberb fall appleage.

      • I will give you twist offs, but I draw a line on boxed wine.

        • Katiebird says she occasionally enjoys a fine boxed merlot.
          I guess it’s OK with merlot. After awhile, all merlots taste pretty much the same.

          Now, shiraz…

          • My company is in the wine country and I have talked to wine people who say that one movie actually hurt Merlot wine sales.

            A lot.

    • Since we are talking schadenfreude…how about a Gewurztraminer?

      I like Beringers…since it goes well with spicy food but I am by no means an expert.

      Just lucky to have celebrated that rite of passage with relatives on a winery tour with my etched wine glass as the ticket.

      My boyfriend ended the day hurling….and moaning something about mixing reds and whites.

      • I think we need to go for a Mosel wine:

        The Moselle Valley extends over 160 km or 100 miles from Germany’s oldest town, Trier, to the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine in Koblenz, named from a Roman settlement Confluentes.

      • Yeah, the movie SIDEWAYS slammed Merlot in an hilarious exchange between the two male characters:

        Jack: If they want to drink Merlot, we’re drinking Merlot.

        Miles Raymond: No, if anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!


        It’s obviously an inside joke for California wine aficionados: Basically, the Merlot has always been a favorite varietal for “unsophisticated” wine drinkers who choose this safe, mellow-tasting red varietal by default over other reds (especially, Cabernet Sauvignion). True it is safe and mellow, but it is also good. Unfortunately, it is also uncool, as the movie suggests.

        Actually, Miles’ fetishization of Pinot Noir is just as humorous (and snobbish!) because it is not a common red varietal. Sure, since the movie, Pinot has grown in popularity, but in the past it was mostly used as a supplementary mix in the making of other red wines. For the most part, the same can be said for the Petite Sirah varietal, although it does make for a much better wine.

  6. Any good merlot would do. Or, if you like your schadenfreude sweet, a nice Riesling.

    But to each their own.


  7. What did I hear from those of us that stopped paying attention to the MSM and actually did the due dilligence on Obumbles?

    TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hillary 2012

  8. Obama is done.

  9. Oo! Oo! Mr. Soros, send us money! We stood almost completely alone I. 2008 because we objected to the way the process shut half of us out on Obama’s behalf. We paid attention to what he said and did and didn’t let emotions cloud our judgement.
    We deserve some filthy lucre. We wouldn’t want you to get your hands dirty.

    • Not only did we stand almost completely alone,
      we were shoved on to an ice floe.

      • Nah, we were run over by a truck. They didn’t want us under the bus. They wanted us DEAD.
        Both parties.

        • Old Inuit women are set on ice floes to drift off and die. Never to be seen again.
          That’s how I felt when I was called typical white , bitter and clinging .

      • Like Rudolph.

        Why am I such a mis-fit?

        Tis the season 🙂

        • Oh gosh, whenever my mom heard us say something like that, she’d say, “well, honey, you may be a misfit, but you’re our misfit and we love you.”

          Thanks for the memory!

  10. Not being able to raise money might just keep Oprecious out of the 2012 race. Please …..

  11. Whatever it is–it should be cold.

    I’ve a strange feeling about this. Soros must have known the word would get out, so he meant for Obama to hear it. He’s used to losing but now without a fight. So, he thought Obama was a fighter?? Interesting–a billionaire who is a bad judge of character.

    • That’s a nice story. Soros misjudged Obama’s character? No way. Something else is going on.

      • Dario–that’s what I’m thinking. But I’m always looking for ulterior motives.

        • Soros didn’t get super rich by misjudging anyone or anything. My guess is that Soros invested lots of money to get a Democratic majority in congress, and I think, like everyone else, he saw how the Democrats didn’t do anything with their super majority. I read (no link) that Soros decided not to help the Democrats in the last election. Something is going on. Maybe it has to do with the I/P issue. I’ll have to put my tin foil hat overnight and think about it.

          • Dario–If you’re a billionaire, wouldn’t you check into someone before you handed over a pile of money to them? I can’t see Soros getting all soft and hopey-changey. You must be right – the D’s didn’t measure up. This is my tinfoil hat stuff also.

            We’re got to see if there is massive scurrying and bowing the next few days. Unless, the D’s have another billionaire up their sleeve, but I can’t think of any with that much money.

          • I had the same type of thoughts.

            Past articles showed both Soros and Buffett were receiving govt money for various projects they were tied to. So….where exactly did it go wrong?

            If it did…maybe this is more kabuki theater.

            But if true, Obama’s speeches just might get interesting since he takes bad reviews so well.

      • I had the same thought. There’s no way a billionaire gets to be so rich by misjudging people. But here’s Soros from 2008 saying he thought Obama would bring “radical change”. Maybe he meant in terms of civil rights.
        Or *maybe* he thought he would protect the hedge funds on Wall Street but bring in a new, more progressive approach to Main Street. It didn’t turn out that way and now, austerity fever is sweeping the globe with disastrous results.
        That and the banks are just as insolvent as they were before.
        I’m guessing it has something to do with the hedge funds. The Michael Lewis book, The Big Short, said that it was hedge funds run by liberal guys who predicted the implosion of the securitized mortgage market. Soooo, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that there’s something going on in the financial market that has Soros and friends nervous and now they feel Obama is not capable of dealing with it.
        Just a guess.

        • Actually I think they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. And then looked at the result and noticed the obvious. If we eliminate the middle class, i.e., the consumers, we all go down with the ship eventually.

          Either they knew Obama would do everything they wanted and they just didn’t think it through, or they assumed he’d push back a little on their agenda. Could be either.

      • that is because like a lot of other liberals he judged Obama by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. MLK must be spinng in his grave.

    • Maybe Treasury or the Fed did something without telling Soros first, or getting permission. His main business is still currency trading I think.

      • Maybe the Fed’s QE2 and the rest of the world’s rejection of same at the G-20, with G-20 moving away from listening to the Obama administration’s condemnation of China manipulation of currency while doing the same with our own—-maybe that has screwed up Soros’s plans to play currency games.

        Managing G-20 would matter to a guy like Soros.

  12. Another source in the room said the exchange was not entirely contentious as people were simply expressing frustration about the fact that “we just came out of an election where the right wing and the Republicans distorted what was going on.”

    Give me a break. The Republican theater had little to do with the Democratic voters staying home.


    • That’s just an indicator of who was in the room: Nobody thrown under the bus, and nobody representing them.

      “If only people had listened to career progressives,” HCR, cough.

  13. Maybe–he’s just trying to scare the crap out of Obama because he’s feeling dissed??

    • I can’t imagine Obama dissing a donor. Soros is not happy with the Democrats, not just Obama.

      • I can imagine it.

        • You might be right. Oprecious was having such a good time with his all expenses paid vacation he forgot to return phone calls and send invitations.

          • I have read many places that the Obama’s are extremely rude to donors. They do not want to be around anyone but the Chicago clique. They have those velvet rope thingies at receptions and dinners to keep the donors physically away from them. It is very creepy. To me it seems like there are some real mental issues if people who give you gazillions of dollars for your campaigns cannot stand next to you, speak to you or shake your hand.

  14. Is it my imagination and poor eyesight…
    or does it appear as if Mr Soros’s hand grasps at a
    a puppet string?

    • To be clear, I was referring to that photo of Obama on the staircase with Mr Soros sitting beside the staircase.

      • It’s a clear thin nylon thread. Yup. I see it now.

        • It’s unfortunate that the clear thread didn’t trip ‘the one’ as he appeared to float down from the sky in that photo. I remember that picture from the primaries.

      • The dude with the beard looks like my supervisor. I *knew* he was an Obot!

  15. I’m drinking a very good merlot from California’s Alexander Valley. Mmmm.

  16. Is this an open bar? Rico, I’d like some of that fine boxed Merlot!!

  17. I’m sure that Obama is having a little whine right about now.

  18. That photo is frankly embarrassing. I would go dig a hole and crawl into it if I had been caught in that photo.

    And that 0 let it be used says volumes about him–god complex, anyone?

  19. Over at O-ville one answer to that

    4. The Clinton 2012 campaign has been launched! – nt

  20. Ok–I’m going full tinfoil now. It’s the booze.

    Soros has the kind of money that could trip or stutter a market, I think. Not that the banking/housing bubble wasn’t going to burst, but I always wondered if it wasn’t nudged just in time for the ’08 election. Too crazy?? I can take it. Maybe another drink first.

    • He did make his reputation by breaking the Bank of England.

      • Legislation Would Enable Tens of Thousands of Families in Danger of Foreclosure to Refinance their Mortgages
        January 30, 2008 — Washington, DC – In response to the escalating housing crisis that is devastating communities, shaking our economy, and putting the financial security of millions of families at risk, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced the Mortgage Refinancing Initiative of 2008 which would provide an opportunity for at-risk households to refinance unworkable mortgages. Newly released data shows that 1.3 million households received foreclosure notices last year. Mounting foreclosures are contributing to the weakness in house prices, and therefore even families who are not at risk of losing their homes are affected. The decline in home prices has already cost families an estimated $1.6 trillion.

    • By summer 2007, the bankers, private equity and hedge funds knew they would need a huge government bailout. They also knew Republicans hated bailouts, they knew Hillary liked the middle class, and they knew Obama could be bought. The rest is history…the massive fundraising, the enlisting of the media, the sequence of financial fail events.

  21. Yup and probably alot of stuff we’ll never know about. That’s just it–I do hate not knowing.

  22. That photo up top was taken at the home of hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones in Greenwich. Tudor Jones made big news today announcing his retirement. The money guys are all backing out together. Obama will be running on fumes in 2012, if he runs at all.

    • I hope you’re right. That would be sooo sweet.

      Speaking of Karma (one of our chums), I saw McCaskill son CNN yesterday ever so gently backing away from the bamster. Somebody asked her if she would be getting him to campaign for her in 2012 and she gave some long bs answer that was basically ‘no.’
      She makes me almost as sick as Donna B. does.

      • Yes, McCaskill and Brazile and two I would like to see fall.

        • Claire will lose because of her support of Oprecious.

          • She richly deserves it. Maybe I’m too bitter, but she always seems to have this smug smile. Sort of like the wicked witch of the east minus the bicycle.

          • Claire is not going to win in 2012. I’m convinced of that. I don’t know about Brazile, but I think her good fortune as media pundit are not going to be there if Obama’s presidency is seen as a failure.

          • I have family in Missouri….some moderates, some liberals.

            They are literally DROOLING at the opportunity of voting McKaskill out in 2012. True story.

  23. sorry–I saw McCaskill on CNN–not her son.

  24. Didn’t realize it was so late. Politics gets the adrenaline pumping–well, night all.

  25. OK, someone has to say the obvious snark here: This can only mean one thing, Soros is a racist. 🙂

  26. Off topic:

    They AIN’T talkin’ ’bout any soda pop. 😉

  27. I just ran across this one.

    Did you know the 4 Tops classic “Reach Out I’ll Be There” was covered en Francais?

    I think M. Francois actually sings it well, although of course if I could only hear one version, I’d choose the original. 🙂

  28. This is third story I have read that the big donors are backing off from Obama. One story said they wanted him to shit or get off the pot by January about running again since all of his flunkies enjoy saying he would rather be a good one term president. So they called his bluff and said make a commitment or we will back someone else. Another story said the Clinton donors were moving in on him for the kill (figuratively speaking) as he has no coattails for other candidates but rather a long string of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. And now Soros. This is playing out very, very quickly. If Soros has turned all of the paid Obots who work indirectly for him will also have to do so. There must be some really stinky stuff coming in the spring from the Republicans for them to be abandoning him this early and this publicly. They want to be well separated from him before the merde hits the fan.

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