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Palinpalooza – DWTS Edition

This shit got old a looooong time ago.

Amanda Marcotte at Slate:

For anyone who has any doubts that the main engine of the vicousness of the American political landscape is a pure culture war, I give to you the case of Bristol Palin hanging in on Dancing With the Stars. Palin is making a career out of conservative America using her to demonstrate that what matters most to them is that you’re a member of their tribe. You can break their strict sexual rules, and they’ll embrace you. You can have no talent whatsoever, and they’ll promote you. Just so long as you’re in the tribe. It’s how George W. Bush got to be president, so this shouldn’t be so shocking. Especially when you consider that cheeseball fare like Dancing With The Stars draws more Republican viewers than Democratic ones.

Tribal/cultural war is the only explanation. If this was actually about politics, it would only be about politics. Who wins on Dancing With the Stars has exactly zero impact on policy decision-making in Washington. It has nothing to do with those things that we keep hearing motivate the Tea Party–tax rates, “fiscal conservatism,” the auto bailout. But it has everything to do with scoring points in the ongoing war of sticking it to those latte-drinking liberals, who sneeringly believe the spawn of the martyred Sarah Palin shouldn’t win because she’s not good enough. The nerve!

Consider that the folks who are organizing to keep Bristol Palin on the show are easy to set off on rants about the evils of affirmative action, and much of what defines the current political landscape will become all too clear.

There’s more from Amanda in the comments:

Apparently. I don’t see why she can’t be a celebrity. She’s far from the only woman whose main claim to fame is that she’s given birth.

Read the rest of the comments. I’m surprised nobody came right out and called Bristol Palin a slut or a fat cow.

But Amanda wasn’t the only progressive female to cover herself in glory on this. Here’s Sally Quinn-Lite at the Chickenshit Ranch:

It’s been clear to me for some time that most of American politics is tribal and this is a perfect example of the phenomenon. And frankly, I’m fairly sure that liberals would rally around Sasha or Malia the same way although liberals wouldn’t simultaneously rail against affirmative action and take huge amounts of pride in their rugged individualism and ability to make it without any communal support and it’s doubtful they would see it as a perfect rebuke to conservative conspiracy that’s ruining America (although they probably should.)Liberals would root for the girls because they like them.

The big difference is that the conservatives would be staging a monumental hissy fit saying the voting is rigged and that Dancing With The Stars is a socialist, Soros funded conspiracy to ruin the competitive spirit of American youth. They know how to translate these tribal events into angry politics and liberals don’t.

But yeah, it’s tribal. What else is new?

Digby KNOWS what they’re thinking. She KNOWS there’s a big conspiracy of angry racists over in Wingnuttia determined to freep the voting just to piss off liberals. Of course neither Digby nor Amanda provide any evidence of this conspiracy.

As far as I know there have only been two blogs that encouraged people to vote for Bristol Palin. One is Conservatives4Palin, so they’re sorta obligated to support Sarah’s daughter.

The other blog is The Confluence, and I was motivated by snarky obnoxiousness because of this post by Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft:

Margaret Cho went home tonight on DWTS. She and Louie were in the bottom two, along with Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas.

Bristol is wooden, has zero musicality and even less dance ability. The judges seem to be afraid of hurting her feelings. Unlike every other contestant, she has no pre-existing fan base of her own. She didn’t star in a reality show or any tv show, she’s not a comic, a singer, or a top athlete.

The politicization of the show this season, casting this unaccomplished, untalented, non-star with no resume of her own, only because her mother is famous and polarizing which will bring in viewers, has left a permanent sour taste.

Margaret was clearly better than Bristol. But viewers voted in sufficient numbers to keep Bristol, so she stayed and Margaret got the axe. It’s obviously fans of her mother who are voting for her.

The show is called “Dancing With the Stars” because we’re supposed to be watching contestants who have some celebrity in their own right and performing talent in a field other than professional dancing. Most are actors, singers, or top athletes. The few exceptions — those without performing backgrounds like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak former House Speaker Tom DeLay and astronaut Buzz Aldrin — were well known because of their own careers.

Shame on ABC and shame on the judges for playing along and playing viewers.

That post by Jeralyn was just deranged. And let’s not forget when the proggers were giggling about how Sarah Palin got booed on the show (even though she didn’t.) So who started this?

Bristol Palin is a twenty year-old single mother with no dance experience. She was INVITED to be on the show and it took a lot of courage for her to put herself out there like that.

No, she doesn’t have a lot of talent. But she has worked hard and been a good sport. Give her a fucking break. It’s not her fault that her mother is the designated hate receptacle for all the progressives in the country.


Let’s give Bristol Palin the last word:

“Well, thanks for hating on me because that’s just going to [give] me more motivation,” Palin said of how the haters have inspired her to improve by leaps and bounds.

“I’m blessed to still be around and I’m thankful for our fans that keep voting us through,” she added.

Tune in to ABC tonight to see if Bristol and Mark will survive to dance for another week


94 Responses

  1. This crap is even worse than the reactions to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC

  2. Jeez, digby and Amanda act like paranoid egomaniacs.
    No one out there in america gives two F$&@s who digby, pandagon and talkleft are.
    But if they are really convinced that Bristol Palin is getting a backlash vote based on what they write, then if I were them, I’d stop Writing it. That, presumably, would keep Palin from advancing. Right?
    And they call the Palins stupid.

  3. ri-fucking-dick-u-lous…..

    as for tribalism…. they should know.



    No shit …. I save my celebrity hate for Charlie Sheen. He seems to be making a career of playing a guy who’s just as big a jerk as he is.

    Bristol? She’s just trying to learn to dance. What’s so wrong about that?

    • “Why are you here?”

      I just cannot get that scene out of my head for some reason.

      Uh, topic? Bristol’s got as much courage as her mom. I really admire women who just plow through all the crap and keep on going. That is the one thing I think SP and HRC have in common.

  5. Oh, and is “tribalism” the new “racism” ?

  6. Let’s see.

    Especially when you consider that cheeseball fare like Dancing With The Stars draws more Republican viewers than Democratic ones.

    The Hollywood Reporter had an article about the shows that had the most polarized audiences. Republicans do enjoy competition based reality shows like DWTS and The Amazing Race. However, the most polarized reality show of Democrats over Republicans is Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.

    • I DVR 6 shows on the Republican list & 6 on the Dem. list — good thing I changed my registration to Independant, because I guess deep down I always was one!
      Now, maybe the a$$holes in both parties will start to care about my vote.

  7. Let’s see some belly dancing……….get it on in that tribe.

  8. unless you’re in the ‘correct’ tribe. I have never seen DWTS–just not interested, but if people like it then who cares if they watch it, follow it, vote on it, whatever.

    I think ‘they protest too much.’

  9. If you replaced “Palin” and “George W. Bush” with “Obama” and “conservative” with “Whole Foods Nation” in Marcotte’s article, it would still make sense:

    “Palin is making a career out of conservative America using her to demonstrate that what matters most to them is that you’re a member of their tribe…You can have no talent whatsoever, and they’ll promote you. Just so long as you’re in the tribe. It’s how George W. Bush got to be president, so this shouldn’t be so shocking.”

    It’s sad that Marcotte isn’t smart enough to see that she and the members of her latte liberal tribe applied the same rules to their talentless, inexperienced candidate Barack Obama. Palin, Obama, Bush…these are all just celebrity puppets who appeal to the masses but have don’t really have any concrete ideas or desire to change the system. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become president – Obama and Bush have proven that stupidity and inexperience can still get you elected. All you need are rich people pulling the strings and buying votes while you read off a teleprompter.

  10. Consider that the folks who are organizing to keep Bristol Palin on the show are easy to set off on rants about the evils of affirmative action, and much of what defines the current political landscape will become all too clear.

    Myiq, I think this about you.
    LMAO 😆

  11. I admit, I’ve watched every season of DWTS — I love its tacky fun.
    You know what the worst part about all the Brisol-Bashing is? Dancing With the Stars has never had STARS on it other than sport’s stars (Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith) and the occasional “past-their prime star” (George Hamilton, Cloris Leachman). The vast majority of the people on there are not stars, they are moderately famous at best, but the name “Dancing With People You May Have Heard Of” isn’t as catchy.
    So, the whole b.s. that Bristol shouldn’t be on because she isn’t a “star” is just that — she’s be in the public eye/tabloids, etc. as much as Kate Gosselin, for the love of cheese!
    Second, every effing season there is some one who is just a so-so dancer who gets to the semi-finals or the finals based on fan-base (Marie Osmond, Jerry Rice, Donny Osmond — he sucked & he won it!). So what is the big deal here? Yep, she isn’t as good as the professionally danced trained Jennifer Grey, but who cares? That is how the show works. If we all HAD to vote for the best dancer we would have to vote for Jennifer Grey.
    These people obsessed with Bristol on dance show need to get a fucking life, for reals.

  12. myiq2xu~ I agree with you. I think Bristol Palin shows lots of moxie. Think of what she has been through in the last two years? She is a strong girl.

  13. I don’t want to let anyone down but, I’m sneaking off to knitting night at the library.

    Back in a couple of hours! Be good!

  14. In a world like ours it takes a lot of serious hard work to become famous. Not just anyone deserves the honor. Just think Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Barack Obama or Lindsay Lohan. What did Bristol do to enter such illustrious pantheon? /snark font

    • Bristol Palin was only seventeen when she became the most famous unwed mother since Murphy Brown.

      She deserves a medal just for holding her head high through everything that has been thrown at her.

      • Honk!

        • Only Nixon could go to China, and only a conservative could do so much for all those unwed teen mothers.

      • That’s for damn sure!

      • I agree….and from the couple of times I have seen this season. She seems very sweet.

        I don’t understand how anyone could wish her ill will or be upset at the opportunity to support her child. The ex certainly isn’t going to help on that front.

        Punishing unwed mothers is supposed to be the Dem argument against evil Reps. Did they not get the memo?

      • Agreed!


  15. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular primetime television shows by political party.

    • Oh dear, I don’t watch anything on the Dem list at all. But on the repub list I like Survivor, an occasional Amazing race, and a once in a blue moon American Idol. Ruh Roh, I may be in trouble.

      • Admit it. You’re a DINO.

      • I don’t either, Erica. And on the Republican list, I watch The Mentalist and a few of the V episodes. That’s it.

        Which list would Buffy (The Vampire Slayer) have been on? (Or The Avengers, The Prisoner, Monk, or even, for show still on, Psych, CSI …??)


      • Oh no I like both Modern Family and the Good Wife. No wonder I became an independent–decided to just pick the best from either party.

        • I love Modern Family and the Good Wife too. I was surprised more conservatives watch Modern Family which seems like a really progressive show that features gay and interracial relationships.

          • Yeah, well, the progressives are hanging their hat on Obama ending DADT, despite ALL evidence to the contrary, and it is the Log Cabin Republicans who are actually fighting it in court. So, goes to show you never can tell.

    • Wow! Except for Mad Men and Damages, they are all crap. On both lists! Yuck!

      • I’ve never seen those two. I watched Dexter for awhile several years back, but it was too creepy for me, even though the forensic element is usually enjoyable.

      • scuse me? Friday Night Lights and the Good Wife are definitely not crap….

        apparently from this list I am an independent since I like an equal number of shows on both lists

      • I’ve been known to watch Brothers and Sisters…

        I don’t really watch anything on either list. I’m even unaffiliated by my TV choice!

    • Classic quote: “We had a Roosevelt moment and responded like Hoover.” Ouch.

      The comments are merciless. Obama is in deep doodoo. And since he’s done nothing to get the American people out of the dog pile, there is a certain justice in that.

    • Ugh….He gets it….

      “”We never did enough in terms of that area for us to have the kind of success we would have,” he said on MSNBC. “We had a Roosevelt moment and responded like Hoover.”

      and then rolls out that same line of thinking. It is not problem with the quality of the bills THEY passed. But a perception/communication problem with the masses.

      “The issue is the economy and jobs … I think we got a lot done but we didn’t get done enough in the voters’ minds.”

  16. Going back a couple threads:

    • I’ve been molested by so many agents, I’ve lost all sensitivity. But it’s much harder for a woman, and children.

  17. On taxes, tea party republican Col Allen West says we need to cut Defense spending.

  18. People still watch TV?

  19. This is as real and important as it gets! Recall, the same shriekers voted for an American Idol President.

  20. Here’s Megan Carpentier on Bristol. Formerly of Wonkette, Megan ran Jezebel during the 2008 election, now at TPM.

    But Sarah Palin’s vast and unending popularity — and her supporters fanaticism to defend everything in the Palinsphere — threw everyone for a curveball. Let us be clear: no one should begrudge a mother wanting her daughter to win, or using her popularity to help that. But Operation Bristol isn’t that, and it isn’t about conservatives watching (and enjoying) Dancing with the Stars and voting for their favorite candidate: it’s about supporting one dancer on a show many of them aren’t even watching for strictly political reasons.

    • We must maintain the sanctity of ABC reality programming!

      Also, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a liberal plot to create sympathy for underwater mortgage payers.

  21. People really have no business complaining about DWTS. Some of us are voting for a girl on a TV dancing show. Most of them went and voted for a fake president.

  22. Holy crapola!

    Heads they gonna splode!!!!

    Mark & Bristol in the finals

  23. “But it has everything to do with scoring points in the ongoing war of sticking it to those latte-drinking liberals, who sneeringly believe the spawn of the martyred Sarah Palin shouldn’t win because she’s not good enough.”

    Amanda is completely correct. Since 2008 this country’s goal has been to stick it to latte liberals. It’s becoming a rather enjoyable national past time.

  24. this cat must have some puma in him

  25. You ever notice that there’s not a lot of hating going on directed at Todd Palin? Gosh, I wonder why that might be?

  26. Wow. Look in the mirror.

  27. I’m gonna watch it! DWTS, first time ever! Annie Lennox, woohoo!

  28. There’s democracy for ya. It’s the people’s choice. Voting…it’s a bummer. Just when you think the smartest, coolest, most experienced person should win an election, you get Obama instead of Hillary for president. I hear the sound of a million “creative class” heads exploding at the thought of Tea Party loyalists voting for Bristol. The same snobs who voted for Obama just can’t stand it that *anyone* loves, or says *anything* positive about the Palins. Bristol, you go girl!

  29. And another thing: The only reason Jeralyn can say with a straight face that Cho was better than Bristol is because her hatred for Bristol (and Sarah Palin) have caused her to lose touch with reality. I love Margret Cho & Louis is def. the best male dancer but Cho sucked a$$. Bristol was way, way, way better than her. Yes Bristol is wooden & she looked scared in the beginning of the show (understandable, imo), but her footwork was very good. Margret was a sloppy mess.

  30. I much prefer voting for a sweet, drama-free non-dancer, non-performer who learns everything from the ground up with grace than for a drama queen or two with extensive performing and/or dance experience and IMO, a touch or more of entitlement.

  31. I heard the Sarah Palin’s Alaska pulled in some impressive numbers.
    I can imagine the heads exploding if the show continues to do well in the ratings.

  32. Go, Bristol and Mark! What fun! A couple of young kids working hard to teach/learn dancing! I think the DWTS voters appreciate the guts Bristol shows in going for it amidst all the nonsense. It’s a dancing show with the public voting for whom they like. I like Bristol. I’m voting for Bristol. She’s worked to earn her place, unlike a certain puppet squatting in OUR WH and spending OUR money on extravagant travel.


    That was my impression of Jeralyn’s head….just go look!

    YESSSS! What a great night!

  34. New DWTS thread up!

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