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    • Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023
      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   Altercation: Goodbye and Thanks Eric Alterman, January 27, 2023 [The American Prospect] The key question I want to leave people with is this: Given the lack of guardrails, how far are these people willing to go? Trump is as popular as he was before January 6th and has been invited back on […]
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Monday Morning News

Facebook is taking over the world. The latest news? They plan on coming out with a full email product!

At this point the unrolling of an e-mail product is pure speculation, however could fast become a reality if sources are spot on with their assessments. Popular technology blog, TechCrunch, seems to indicate the rumors about what has been referred to in the past as “Project Titan” are indeed true; the blog is well-known in the industry as a reliable source for breaking news in technology.

Is social networking changing our lives in a negative way? Email me your thoughts at littleisisisbada$$@facebook.com.

Having problems with hair loss, graying or just need to grow out your hair a little bit? Rosemary oil is the solution.

A study conducted in Scotland showed that rosemary can work for alopecia areata in helping to grow hair. Participants of the study rubbed a mixture of rosemary oil along with other essential oils such as cedar wood, thyme, and lavender onto their scalps. You can make your own rosemary hair tonic by purchasing these essential oils form your local health food store, and they can be directly applied to the scalp to prevent hair loss and graying. One such concoction calls for rosemary oil to be mixed with apple cider vinegar, and after shampooing, it can be used as a rinse to help strengthen your hair.

Some people do not wish to use prescription medications and chemicals which are now available for the treatment of hair loss, and this is a natural treatment. For those who are adverse to using drugs and are looking for a more holistic approach, the use of rosemary oil is worth a try. Pregnant women should avoid using rosemary oil as it can harm the fetus and possibly cause a miscarriage. Please consult with your doctor before using rosemary oil.

I’ve personally found that natural remedies tend to work better than drug store products. And since I look fantastic, I’d say I’m a reliable source. Rosemary is also excellent for relieving sinuses and headaches.

In more serious news, Haitians are currently being ravaged by cholera. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Up to 200,000 Haitians could contract cholera as the outbreak which has already killed 800 is set to spread across the battered Caribbean nation of nearly 10 million, the United Nations said on Friday.That would be double the 100,000 cases during a huge cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe between August 2008 and July 2009, which killed 4,287 people. The U.N. forecast of the number of cases in Haiti was based partly on the Zimbabwe toll.
In a strategy plan drawn up with Haiti’s government and aid agencies, the U.N. said Haiti needs $163.9 million in aid over the next year to combat the epidemic, the first cholera outbreak in the country in a century. Cholera could also spread to the neighbouring Dominican Republic, it said.

Unfortunately, we can’t even get our shit together at home. The brilliant leaders of the current Democratic Party have finally figured out why the voters didn’t show up at the polls for them.

After nearly two weeks of introspection, President Obama‘s top advisers have concluded that the “shellacking” Democrats took on Election Day was caused in large part by their own failure to live up to expectations set during the 2008 campaign, not merely the typical political cycles and poor messaging they pointed to at first.

The voters rejected them because in 2008 they voted for change and got more of the same? NO WAY!

I can’t get over these losers. And you know what? I quit. We should let robots take over instead.

Robots and other machines equipped with artificial intelligence shoot military targets, distribute cash (think: ATMs), drive cars and deliver medication to patients, to name a few. If people performed these duties, they would be expected to behave in a certain way and follow moral and ethical guidelines. But what about robots? They can’t yet think and act on their own accord, so should we expect them to behave morally?

Researchers working in the field of machine ethics say yes and are investigating ways to program machines to behave morally.

Philosopher Susan Anderson and her research partner and husband Michael Anderson, a computer scientist have programmed a robot to behave in an ethical manner.Based on certain facts and outcomes, the robot must weigh a decision and make choices about what to do. The situation is rooted in the medical field, where the robot’s duties involve reminding patients to take their medicine. A human would judge how often to remind a patient to take medicine and whether or not to inform the doctor if the patient refuses to take the medicine. But how do you program a robot to do that?

The Andersons created a software program based on an approach to ethics developed in 1930 by Scottish philosopher David Ross. The so-called prima facie duty approach takes into account the different obligations a person must face — such as being just, doing good, not causing harm, keeping a promise — when deciding how to act in a moral way.

26 Responses

  1. Bush: Clinton and I are Buddies

    Despite their political differences, the Bush family has really taken to Bill Clinton. (Clinton has worked with both the 41st and 43rd presidents on humanitarian efforts.)

    And CNN’s Candy Crowley, during her Sunday interview with George W. Bush and his brother, Jeb, had a little fun with the relationship.

    “Your father, 41, has said that he looks at Bill Clinton like another son,” said Crowley. “So who’s been the better brother, Jeb or Bill?”

    “I knew that was coming,” said Jeb.

    “You did? Why didn’t you warn me, Jeb?” said George W. Bush.

    “We’re fond of Bill Clinton,” Jeb said. “He’s – I tell you, he’s been incredibly gracious to our dad. And if somebody is gracious to our father – he ingratiates himself to us. And we are grateful to Bill Clinton.”

    “Who’da thunk it?” said Crowley. “That’s a pretty bipartisan – I mean, would have going into – I mean, you know, you’re out there restoring honor to the White House and ? ”

    “Listen, Clinton and I are buddies,” the former president said. “First of all, we’re born one month apart. We’re now members of the former presidents club. We have done speaking engagements together. And I generally like him.”


  2. BREAKING NEWS: Obama to switch parties

    Michael Collins:

    President Barack Obama has confided his plans to become a registered Republican some time before the end of the lame-duck session of the 111th Congress. Speaking to his inner circle, he lamented failing to bring the two major parties together. One of his confidants reported Obama saying, “It’s really just one party anyway and clearly the Republicans have the confidence of the people. I can finish my original mission much easier within the GOP.” Sources wouldn’t elaborate on what that mission is.

    Obama clearly signaled his intentions through two recent tactical moves. He relented on ending the Bush-era tax breaks for the top 1% of income earners. The 3% reduction in the top rate accounts for over $1.0 trillion in lost revenues. Prior to the 2010 midterm elections, Obama hinted that he opposed a renewal of the tax breaks. It looked like the president might win this one with speculation that the tax breaks would likely die due to the post midterm atmosphere.


    In addition to these recent moves, the co-chairmen of the president’s hand picked Commission on Fiscal Responsibility just announced a proposal for “deep cuts” to Social Security benefits and increase payroll taxes. The co-chairmen were appointed by the president and their recommendations were no surprise to him. Started by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935, Social Security has been a pillar of the Democrat Party ever since. One analyst said, “It’s no surprise that Social Security was barely mentioned in the midterm campaigns. The Democrats knew the commission would attack the current program.”


    Obama had gone through a several month period of gloom and despondency starting shortly after the BP oil spill. He felt as though he was forced to attack the hapless, accident prone oil giant in public just to appease popular sentiment. He reportedly told a close adviser, “Don’t the people realize that big business is the engine of the world economy. The gulf will be OK, but will BP survive?”

    It was all too much and the president chose to make history, once again; this time as the first president ever to switch parties while in the White House.

    What Does this Mean for the United States?


    There will be more bailouts, specifically for the legally strapped mortgage giants who find they lack sufficient legal standing to foreclose on the homes they mortgaged. The Department of Justice is preparing a presidential memo that will argue that the centuries of contract law are antiquated. This will be followed by a national law that will retroactively make legal all the bad paper the banks now hold.


    One Washington insider summed it all up: “What do you expect when you elect a guy who praises Ronald Reagan and stops his campaign in early October 2008 to return to the Capitol to make sure the Wall Street bailout gets passed? Have you been paying attention?”

    Admit it, you thought this story was for real for a moment there, didn’t you?

    (h/t Not Your Sweetie)

    • OMG — that got me. At least, when I saw that it wasn’t from The Onion, I thought, “what?” did read read it.

      It’s very clever!

      • Chris Mathews, finally admits that Obama came in with a ‘One Party’ Chicago, political machine and that Obama relies too much on his Teleprompter 😯 …the thrill up Mathew’s leg has faded.

        • Did I hear that right? “He’s too elitist.”
          Oh but then Matthews wraps that up in Obama didn’t explain enough.

    • Yes, I did and if he would just do that it would be more honest then trying to take away programs that people paid for while making it sound like welfare.

      GOP/Republicans Social Security and Medicare are retirement and Health Programs that the Employee and His/Her Employer PAID for, it is not welfare! And baby Quayle can go take a jump in a lake!!!

      If they want to continue the TWO WARS then they need to pass a WAR TAX and also explain to those in service why they are cutting their health benefits and why the service men/women have to fight to get treatment for their injuries.

      PTSD is something the GOP/Republicans don’t want to address, yet they say they are patriots!?!

      OpenSecretsDC OpenSecrets.org
      Tea-Party fueled Sen-elect Mike Lee taps top Utah lobbyist to lead his staff, transition reports Salt Lake City Tribune http://bit.ly/cSXiW1

      The above quote makes it clear to me that the GOP/Republicans are running the Tea Party, make no mistake about it! Obama the protector of Wall Street and the Insurance companies should move over to his GOP party where he can look at a picture of Ronald Reagan to his delight.

    • Just because it is The Onion, doesn’t mean it is not true. Remember their article about how our long nightmare of peace and prosperity was over when GW Bush was declared President?


  3. About the “ethical robot”- This gives me the heebie jeebies. “I,Robot” anyone?

  4. I recorded Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night — gonatry to watch it today.

  5. Obama shopping for some new Obots in Japan.

    Fresh after a Midterm thrashing, Obama perhaps thought this weekend’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Japan might be a needed respite. Instead, he was greeted by a bunch of uncomfortable robots. Shrieking robo-seals! A creepy fembot! Some strange pod car!

    • Interesting article. Apparently even Tom Brokaw weighed in that Olbie was ruining MSNBC’s reputation, and Olbie’s own staff called his narcissistic behavior “slash and burn.” His staff is not allowed to actually speak to him by knocking on his office door; they have to slip notes to him, which he receives and chooses which one to ignore.

      What a damm buffoon!

  6. Here we go. After squandering both Houses of Congress, now the story will be, “we can’t, because of the GOP.” Lame is right.

    Democrats’ agenda for lame duck session shrinking quickly

    Just before they adjourned in October, Democratic lawmakers talked about returning to a “lame duck” session after the election with an ambitious to-do list.

    But after losing at least 60 seats in the House and six in the Senate, the Democrats’ lame duck ambitions appear to have fizzled.


  7. The Market Ticker has been removed from our blog roll. Pourquoi? Denninger writes a lot of good stuff!

  8. Facebook is going after Google and Twitter. And they seem to be making ground on both of them. None of them have particularly good records on preserving customers privacy, but Facebook seems to be quite a bit worse than those other two.

    Probably not the first to say it, but here’s the obligatory Simson’s reference: I for one welcome our new Facebook overlords.

  9. The resurfacing of Joseph Cannon


    Fat fingers and iPhones.

  10. Thanks for the tip on rosemary oil. I’ll have to find me some. I’ve been using apple cider vinegar on my hair for forever. It’s amazing because once I stopped using commercial shampoo my hair which would become oily after a day or two(I used baking soda for that initially) my hair found a natural balance and since is much healthier. I have found that my hair is a little more coarse and brittle though now that I’ve gotten older. Maybe the rosemary oil can help with that. I love using almond oil as a moisturizer for my face and hands. I wonder if I’ll start to smell like a thanksgiving meal if I use the rosemary oil? 😉

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