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And we get?

Anglachel discusses the Catfood Commission’s “disingenuous calls for sacrifice.”

The general criticism of the class bias in how the commission weighted the sacrifices (most for the little people, few for the monied elite) has been done by other commenters, so I’d like to focus on the last, rather amazing sentence in the above quote. The work of the New Deal is delivering value and providing economic security almost a century after it was done. It is an investment that continues to pay out.

Consider that at least 30 of those 80 years have occurred while a political party explicitly opposed to the New Deal has been in power, and that it has been under fire from that same faction since the early 1960s, more than half its life. We’re talking some institutional resilience. When a program provides material benefits to large portions of the population with little overhead and minimal intrusiveness, it’s going to be a winner. This is deep strength of Social Security and Medicare – they deliver. [There’s also the incredible infrastructure investments of the WPA that continue to deliver, but those are less easy to identify as a personal benefit.]

This is why the attacks on them have failed thus far. Main Street can see the benefit these programs deliver. Main Street in this case is not just families, but also small business. Cost efficiencies for business is also a reason why these programs persist. How many small business owners can provide a retiree pension or medical insurance system with the cost efficiency as SS and Medicare, for example? People also see that these New Deal programs are about the only thing still delivering to them in the face of 35 years of continual and deliberate economic degradation

If you want to win over those “low-information” bitter clingy racist types that keep “voting against their interests,” try offering them concrete benefits, like universal health care. That means talking the talk AND walking the walk.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other”. – Matthew 6:24

The Democrats cannot simultaneously represent Joe Moneybags and Joe Bagodonuts. Those “low-information” bitter clingy racist types may not be as smart as the geniuses in the Creative Class, but they know shit from Shinola.

Good policy is good politics. So what have the Democrats done for us them lately?

64 Responses

  1. Remember Bush the Lesser’s plans for Social Security?
    The Democrat minority sat back and said,”Go ahead, but you will own it”.
    No republican wanted to take the heat alone so they backed off.
    Now it will be a bi-partisan effort to gut the safety nets of Social Security and Medicaid, thanks to Obunko.
    We are so boned.

    • Once again I will say what Nancy Pelosi didn’t say, when she was in power and capable of stopping the Cat Food Commission; Social Security and Medicare are NOT a welfare program, it is a Retirement (Social Security) and Medicare (Health Care) Programs ,that are paid by the EMPLOYEE and His/Her EMPLOYER! Anyone that is planning on taking money from the program AGAIN (they have robbed the account in the past) should OWN THEIR ROBBERY! Those that want to implement cuts, reduce benefits and even eliminate it as most Republicans (along with Obama) want to do, should be ready to face a Pitch Fork of Outraged workers and they should be kicked out of office.

      • That is why she should never be given a position of power again. The House Dems need a clean sweep of the leadership positions and all new faces installed.
        But they will continue to reward failure.

  2. “The Democrats and Republicans are like a bowl of shit looking at its reflection in the mirror.” – Lewis Black

  3. Off Topic: I just got attacked by a wild Yorkie.

  4. If you want to win over those “low-information” bitter clingy racist types that keep “voting against their interests,”…

    LOL, yes, but step one is to stop calling them names! I know this is hard for the current crop of Dems to understand, but when you call people stupid, racist, etc, they tend to not like you. If you make them feel like crap about themselves, they start organizing against you.

  5. Hey, I’ve come to your thread to check on your fragile emotional state. Did I hurt your feelings or make you feel like your point of view is not important? Maybe I should attend some sensitivity classes.

  6. I’m liberal and independent and I have a message for these new (Obama)Dems: Suck it.

  7. Great article by Jonathan Last in the Weekly Standard. Every now and again, they publish something true.

    American Narcissus

    The vanity of Obama

    Looking at this American Narcissus, it’s easy to be hammered into a stupor by the accumulated acts of vanity. Oh look, we think to ourselves, there’s our new president accepting his Nobel Peace Prize. There’s the president likening his election to the West’s victory in the Cold War. There’s the commander in chief bragging about his March Madness picks.

    Yet it’s important to remember that our presidents aren’t always this way. When he accepted command of the Revolutionary forces, George Washington said,

    I feel great distress, from a consciousness that my abilities and military experience may not be equal to the extensive and important Trust. .  .  . I beg it may be remembered, by every Gentleman in the room, that I, this day, declare with the utmost sincerity, I do not think myself equal to the Command I am honored with.

    Accepting the presidency, Washington was even more reticent. Being chosen to be president, he said, “could not but overwhelm with despondence one who, inheriting inferior endowments from nature and unpracticed in the duties of civil administration, ought to be peculiarly conscious of his own deficiencies.”

    In his biography of John Quincy Adams, Robert Remini noted that Adams was not an especially popular fellow. Yet on one of the rare occasions when he was met with adoring fans, “he told crowds that gathered to see and hear him to go home and attend to their private duties.”

    And Obama? In light of the present state of his presidency, let’s look back at his most famous oration:

    The journey will be difficult. The road will be long. I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my own limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of the American people. Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth. This was the moment—this was the time—when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves and our highest ideals.

    The speech was given on June 3, 2008, and the epoch-making historical event to which “this moment” refers throughout is Barack Obama’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

    • Anybody who’s capable of saying “I face this challenge with profound humility”…. Anybody who believes anybody who’s capable of saying “I face this challenge with profound humility”…

      Just one of those things that, if it’s true, you don’t have to say.

      • Right.

        I can’t help but think about the gulf whenever I hear that bit about “the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal.”

        Someone here the other day dubbed him “Barack Hubris Obama.” It sure fits.

    • And that was just the beginning, it (he) got worse from there.

    • Duh. We figured this out a long time ago on The Confluence.

    • Care for the sick? Jobs for the jobless? Ending a war?

      Still waitin’.

  8. I bet Obumbles post-presidency memoirs will read the same….



  9. …this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal;


    • When Obama spoke about the oceans, that was the moment when the “Obamanometer” exceeded its limit and was rushed for a recalibration to accept higher limits.

      • I want to suggest a ‘When did you know?’ post. When did you know Obumbles was full of shit? Mine was after the race speech in Philly. He said a whole lot of stuff that had nothing to do with anyone but himself. It was then that my eyes really opened to the true asshatism of Obumbles.


        Hillary 2012

        • I never listened to his speeches. To this day, I’ve only caught segments when someone posts them from youtube. I knew when he was a türd. When Clyburn, Jackson and others pulled the race card so Obama could win the SC primary, I knew Obama was the lowest of the lowest when he allowed the twisting of the “fairy tale” as a racist remark.

        • Amen to that. I listened early on to try and see for myself where the party was going. Did we finally have a dynamic black politician that could overcome the black panther stereotype and appeal to both sides? The blatant mysogyny and lack of experience wasn’t evident for me til after that speech. After that, his voice took on a Bush quality. Just like Bush, I can’t stand listening to it.


          Hillary 2012

        • I knew he was full of sh!t when he told Hillary she was “likable enough” at that debate. Everything after that (including the great race speech of 2008) just reconfirmed it for me.

        • When he started praising Reagan. I mean, by that time, I already disliked him, but I might still have voted for him in GE (like I held my nose for Kerry in 2004). Reagan was the deal breaker. It informed me about everything he’s doing now – cat food commission, Romneycare, Jane Crow E.O. and other “shocking” developments (to some).

        • As to when I knew? One of these two months:

          Feb 2007:

          He blew off the first presidential candidate forum in Carson City for a fundraiser in L.A. He was literally flying over us while the forum was going on (returning to the east coast – so it’s not as though he couldn’t have made time for us…everyone else was there, including Hillary).


          March 2007.

          He showed up for the Health Care Forum in Las Vegas and had no plan at all, except to say that he would get a bunch of people together to “come to consensus.” He didn’t even have any framework for what he’d like to see in the plan.

        • The Donnie McClurkin concert.

  10. Image triumphs, economic failures for Obama in Asia

    YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama may have gone to Asia with hopes of putting his party’s mid-term election defeats behind him, but they dogged him all the way.
    Obama heads home on Sunday from his trip to India, Indonesia and economic summits in South Korea and Japan after public relations triumphs on his first stops, but disappointments on the economic issues that were the primary focus of the trip.
    “The president sought to send the message that he gets it — that trade is fundamental to a sustained and strong U.S. economic recovery and the creation of new American jobs,” said Ernest Bower, an Asian policy expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.
    “However, as his visit to Korea demonstrated, he is not yet in control on the trade front.”
    helped Democrats.

    • “Clearly, the trip was more difficult than Obama hoped for,” said Julian Zelizer, a historian and public policy expert at Princeton University in New Jersey.

      Obama, underestimated the task, and overestimated himself.
      The story repeats, again and again.

      • Has he had a successful trip yet? The first summit in England — bust. The Olympics trip — bust. India & Korea — bust.
        Why doesn’t he just stay the f*ck home — he can still get nothing done & not cost the taxpayers $$.

        • At least when he’s out of the country, he isn’t actively scewing up at home. I’m all fo sending him to Asia – it’s the return trip that I oppose.

  11. Cannonfire posted:

    Watch This Space!!!
    I will have forthcoming information about Joseph Cannon’s newest project in the very near future. Stay tuned.

    Ms. Vandal

    Okay, I’ll stay tuned.

  12. ‘Soul-searching’ Obama aides: Democrats’ midterm election losses a wake-up call

    After nearly two weeks of introspection, President Obama’s top advisers have concluded that the “shellacking” Democrats took on Election Day was caused in large part by their own failure to live up to expectations set during the 2008 campaign, not merely the typical political cycles and poor messaging they pointed to at first.

    More at the link, but below is a comment I lifted from the WP story:

    sandnsmith wrote:
    ugh! Listen to this dribble! I now believe president Obama is doomed. Reading this garbage it is apparrant the president needs to finally cut his aides and hire new ones. What a bunch of dopes!

    No, no, I am hispanic and no you will not pander to me. Know I could care less about immigration! Just dance with the ones who brung you! What matters to me is that you have a spine and hold to your principles. By the way, what are they??? I am not sure anymore.

    But to hear that we must listen to independents? right. Guess what? Those independents want a tough leader. One that doesn’t cave in things they care about, like jobs and public options and saying what you mean and not rolling over!

    Excuse me while I go barf!

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