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Can’t he just eat his waffle?

You know things are running smooth in the Oval Orifice when you see this:

Axelrod says Obama will agree to extend tax cuts for wealthy

Axelrod Denies Obama Would Concede Tax Cuts

Axelrod is the ventriloquist with his hand up Obama’s ass, making his lips move and swiveling his head back and forth.

42 Responses

  1. Those two have a pretty good show together, along with the president’s voice, otherwise known as the teleprompter….


    Hillary 2012

  2. Yes, let him eat his waffle. Let him play basketball. Send him on a 2 year vacation to the resort of his choice, but please don’t let the news media near him. I’m tired to see his face on TV.

    • You know when Hillary is out of the country he’s telling his Secret Service guys “Go to Mickey D’s and get me a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a large french fries and a Triple Thick Chocolate Shake. And don’t tell Hillary or Chelsea!”

  3. Makes you wonder who’s hand is up Axelrod’s ass. And are they now just playing with him before they toss him and Obama under the bus.

  4. I secretly suspected that his trip was timed not only to get away from the electorate, but to also put his lame-duck session agenda in the public eye without him being around to defend himself.

    I do want to say one thing. If the Dems in the House pass draconian cuts to the nation’s safety net, it will completely kill the Democratic party, and if Obumbles plan is to make the GOP the dominant party in this country, this will do it. And that might be more than even my girl, and the only president I claim as my president, to fix…


    Hillary 2012

  5. Zombie lies never die. Alan “Caspar Milquetoast” Colmes:

    The Tea Party’s Biggest Victory: Keeping Bristol Palin On “Dancing With The Stars”

    The judges may not think Bristol Palin is worthy of making the finals on DWTS, but votes pouring in from tea partiers is trumping that. (h/t Political Wire). Palin tied for the worst score, yet stays alive.

    “There’s a strong popular movement behind Sarah Palin at the moment and she’s receiving a lot of support from the Tea Party,” Conrad Green, executive producer of the program, said in a Nov. 4 interview. “It’s entirely possible some of those people are behind Bristol for political reasons.”

    During the taping of the Nov. 8 show, the 20-year-old Palin wore a Tea Party t-shirt while rehearsing.

    The Tea Party may have lost Republicans the Senate, but they’re holding on to “Dancing with the Stars.”

    One problem – The GOPers never had a chance of winning the Senate this time anyway. Kinda funny how a big win is spun as a “loss.”

  6. One question – who’s on first? Is Obama the president, or is Axelrod the head of a stealth government with O as the figurehead? If Obama is in charge, why are these pronouncements coming from Axelscrewer while he is out of the country?

  7. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2716629926901825051#

    “September 18, 2008 C-SPAN Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Clinton: What we have seen over the course of the last eight years is an administration that refused to recognize the threats lurking in our economy. No matter what lurked just beneath the surface or what problems were facing middle-class families. Now, we know that many C.E.O.’s are paying lower tax rates than their receptionists. We know that President Bush and those who carry his mantle seek to lower those taxes even further. Middle-class families have seen their wages decline even as the cost of living has skyrocketed. This administration has the worst job creation record in 70 years. Millions of families were locked into ballooning and unaffordable adjustable-rate loads as this administration stood by denying there was a crisis. Regulators and regulations designed to keep pace with the markets have been steadily chipped away by Washington Republicans even as companies experimented to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars in ever more complex and risky financial instruments”

    Twenty three minutes of wisedom and WELL WORTH another listen. For YEARS she warned of these problems, offered solutions and was ignored. One proposal was to give the middle class and homeowners what Washington was proposing to give Wall Street instead. “Some C.E.O.’s are paying less than their receptionists” in taxes..

    .”We must be as vigilant on behalf of homeowners and middle class families as we have been on behalf of Wall Street”

  8. Just got back from the local hospital where my mom had a minor surgical procedure. I would LOVE to go one full year of my life without spending a day in a surgical waiting room!!

    • I hear you. I’ve been in there way too many times with family lately.

      • I guess that once it starts, it never stops.

        • I fear that’s the case. When things are out of whack like with the heart, blood sugars, etc., the maintenance becomes an every day thing. And problems quickly happen. And then there seem to be things found all the time requiring biopsies, issues with back, legs, knees, etc. It’s just fricking endless.

  9. Hope your mom is okay Katiebird! It’s exhausting and stressful dealing with a sick parent. My mom is constantly having something done to her these days…I expect more of that now that her insurance rates shot through the roof and she has decided she cannot afford two of her medications she’s been on for years in order to be able to afford the others.

    • Oh, Alice — that’s horrible for your mom! I’m so sorry.

      My mom is doing fine (My Dad & the rest of us are exhausted!) At least for now. She has a great history of recovering.

    • Tell your mom to try Canadain mail-order pharmacies. Their prices are on a par or lower than American co-pays.

  10. Well, I’m in the process of getting those meds for her. Can’t say exactly how since they made it more difficult for me to help her out from Canada. HOWEVER, I have my ways and she WILL get her meds.

    Glad to know your mom is doing fine!

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