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Dana Milbank: Cheat off the Smart Girl, Bro!

Cross-posted from The New Agenda

Some of you might remember the reprehensible sexism of the repulsive Dana Milbank from back when he suggested that Hillary Clinton should drink “Mad Bitch” beer. Or from when he defended Alan Simpson after he likened Social Security to a cow with 310 million tits. Or perhaps from his numerous previous hit pieces against Hillary Clinton, both as a zombie candidate who just won’t die, and as the Secretary of State who takes on the easy work and demands constant praise. Even if you don’t, what you need to know is that Milbank has a history of bashing women on sexist grounds, and Secretary of State Clinton is one of his favorite punching bags.

And that history was continued on November 7th, when Milbank vomited more of his typical sexism into the world with an article ostensibly about the merits of Hillary Clinton. The article was, in fact, a series of backhanded compliments reinforcing every inane and unfounded stereotype that Milbank helped to propagate during the 2008 primaries. Milbank questioned whether or not Americans would have been better off under a Hillary Clinton presidency. As well he might, given the polling data: a Rasmussen poll over the summer showed that more voters felt that Clinton was qualified to be President than the sitting President.

Of course, Milbank wasn’t actually Asking anything. The article was simply a disingenuous process of concluding that, although Secretary of State Clinton is boring, uncool, hawkish, and in bed with business interests,… Despite the fact that she’s too pragmatic and partisan and ran a bad campaign from which she just wouldn’t quit, not even when Tim Russert and Dana Milbank told her to (and who is she to second guess Them?)… Despite all that, she may in fact have Some skills. Of course, he appears to suggest that the skills she’d have had would have been giving up on healthcare reform, starting a war in Iran, making business feel better about the bailouts they were given, and her ability to appeal to those unsophisticated white voters who are now abandoning Obama en masse. Boy, you really know how to flatter a girl, Mr. Milbank.

And the conclusion that Milbank comes to after his masturbatory exercise in rehashing 2008’s anti-Hillary tropes, is not that we as a country would be better off under the leadership of a smart, strong, qualified woman who showed excellent judgment and genuine concern for ordinary Americans. Rather he concludes, after little to no criticism of Obama himself, that Obama needs to learn to crib off of the smart girl (I guess he didn’t watch the primary debates, or he’d know that Obama has already learned that one). No doubt this is how Milbank himself got through school. It certainly couldn’t have been his brains.

30 Responses

  1. ASSHAT.

    Hillary 2012

  2. Congressman Issa. Paging Congressman Issa. COngressman Issa, you have a phone call at the House Investigations and Oversight section. Paging Congressman Issa. Thank you.

    Hillary 2012


  3. That’s exactly it. Guys who cheat off women and then get the jobs or promotion or kudos … and then are the first ones to say that women aren’t any good at xxx profession.

  4. oh yeah….Hillary 2012.

  5. Dana is a stone cold loser.


    • Yes, and he’s a pathetic little wimp who licks his finger and puts it up to decide which way the wind is blowing.
      He’s probably cheated his entire life, cribbing off anyone who is more attuned, and Sandress’ conclusion is probably the way it happened – “No doubt this is how Milbank himself got through school. It certainly couldn’t have been his brains. ”

      Sad thing, there’s a whole lot of people who actually listen to these dilettantes and reinforce their self importance.

      • He was in Skull & Bones at Yale, like George W, where they basically train you in sexism and war.

  6. The funniest thing about that article is that it proves to Obots that they were/are wrong. When an Obot writes that Obumbles should do what Hillary would have done, it is an overt admission that they were wrong all along. This article will be one of my newest weapons against the Obot nation.


    Hillary 2012

  7. Excellent analysis!
    One of the things that infuriated me the most in 2008, was the consensus that “Hillary made Obama a better candidate”. Ya know, the sparring partner, the punching bag that a woman should be. This article is in the same vein.
    Before the sexism and Hillary, Millbank was the guy who said in 2000: Gore makes you feel he’s better than you, and he’s not, while W makes you feel you’re better than him – and you’re not.

    • Oh Christ. I saw that trope repeated by a DNC Obot hipster douche on French TV when the Socialists charged with organizing their primaries paid a visit to Dem HQ. BARF

  8. Milbank is a juvenile prick. He needs to go away.

    OT, Naomi Wolf is hosting a panel in New York tonight with a new generation of millenial feminists. Jessica Valenti is boycotting because there is a Palin supporter on the Panel. More schism.

  9. More good news. If you see any late middle aged people that voted for Obumbles, show then this article and ask them how they feel about that whole Hope and Change crap.


    Hillary 2012


  10. One of the conclusions that future (or alien) anthropological archeologists will draw about our era — when they scan through the bitstreams of the Web, the teebee and the woodpulp-decoration media — is that the radical democratization of publication channels was to adolescent male snark what shoot-em-up splatter video games were to adolescent male rage: an open bar. (And one that welcomed the adolescent in decidedly post-adolescents, of both gender preferences.)

    That is to say: The sheer narcissistic energy of talking-typing clowns like Milbank and all his tribe is quite impressive. They sure do love their own half wit.

  11. Thanks for this post but I felt the bile rising as I read some of the O stuff – then I remembered this and it calmed me immediately:


  12. Hey, hey Falstaff – watch what you say about clowns – we have a beloved clown amongst us here at TC – I would never include Milbank at the highly regarded status of our clown.

  13. You’re right. Apologies to Clarabelle, Bozo and all others I’ve unintentionally tarnished.

  14. Ooo, lordy, lordy don’t get Captain Spaulding on your case, then you’re really in trouble.

  15. I gave milbank a piece of my mind over that piece.
    Hillary is enjoying a bit if karma right now. The australians loved her. They must be very embarrassed for us.

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