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Insomniac Open Thread

The worst part about the middle of the night is that unless you’re interested in penis enlargement and/or get rich quick schemes there is NOTHING worth watching on any television channel.

What are you doing up at this hour?

22 Responses

  1. Via Lambert:

    Investigator Finds No Evidence That BP Took Shortcuts to Save Money

    The lead investigator for the presidential panel delving into the BP oil spill said on Monday that he had found no evidence that anyone involved in drilling the doomed well had taken safety shortcuts to save money.

    Fred H. Bartlit Jr., a prominent trial lawyer hired to lead the panel’s inquiry, disputed the findings of other investigators, including plaintiffs’ lawyers and members of Congress, who have charged that BP and its main partners, Transocean and Halliburton, had cut corners to speed completion of the well, which cost $1.5 million a day to drill.

    “To date we have not seen a single instance where a human being made a conscious decision to favor dollars over safety,” Mr. Bartlit said on Monday as he opened a detailed presentation on the causes of the April 20 disaster on a drilling rig off the Louisiana coast, which killed 11 workers and led to the biggest offshore oil spill in American history. “They want to be efficient, they don’t want to waste money, but they also don’t want to get their buddies killed.”

    Mr. Bartlit noted that a number of critical questions about the accident remained in dispute, including the cause of the failure of the cement at the bottom of the well, why BP and its partners went ahead with trying to close in the well after it failed an important pressure test and why crew members failed for too long to recognize that oil and gas were gushing up the well bore.

    He indicated that a number of the contributing causes of the explosion might remain a mystery, because the evidence sank with the drilling rig or because the causes arose from decisions made by men who were killed or badly injured in the blowout.

    Well that settles that. Oh, wait:

    Mr. Bartlit also said he had been handicapped by Congress’s refusal to grant the commission subpoena power. He said he had no reason to believe that any of the company officials he interviewed had lied or withheld relevant data, but he said that his months of investigation had left a number of disputes among the responsible parties unresolved. He said he could not settle those matters without deposing workers and executives under oath.


  2. Jeralyn on the 60 Minutes interview:

    The interview was conducted negatively, all questions seemed designed to put Obama on the defensive. There was too much emphasis on the Tea Party, as if it will be some major permanent force. Why not give Obama a chance to outline his policies and why they are better? There are still a lot of people, me included, who vastly prefer the Democrats’ agenda. And I’ll bet they turn out in 2012.

    How much does she care to bet?

    Poor Barack, he never gets a chance to outline his policies and tell us why they are better. I guess he was too busy the past three years to do that.

    Steve Kroft should have just fluffed Obama’s pillow.

    • I know why the TP is a little illogical. It’s the Obots. They are driving us insane. Myiq, I need to borrow your “Stress Reduction Kit”.

      • Sanity is overrated. I was insane long before I heard of Obummer. 😈

        • I finally watched the 60 Minutes. Obama does not give confidence. My sense is that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s not unexpected, but very disturbing to see it.

  3. What am I doing? Waiting for a computer procedure to finish at work.

    Even though I’m not a member of the Armed Forces, my job is often “hurry up and wait”. 😛

  4. As for “enlargement”, complete the following sentence:

    A ____ and his money are soon parted.

    “His” definitely being the appropriate pronoun here. 😛

  5. For the sheer fun of rubbing the mysoginist Obots’ noses into the pig sty, let me share some more Hillary news:

    1) Hillary gave a funny interview to “popular Australian radio hosts Hamis and Andy”

    The transcript is here — http://secretaryclinton.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/secretary-clinton-wraps-up-her-trip-other-news/

    while Journolister Ben Smith has the audio —

    2) One more proof of Hillary-love sweeping Australia —

    “American asset: Clinton’s hidden talent” (http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/40874.html)

    The whole piece is worth the read, especially in the light of Obots and pseudo-foreign policy experts who keep putting Hillary down for “not having a signature issue,” for “not being a Henry Kissinger or James Baker,” for being “hawkish and a war-mongerer, after all she voted for the Iraq war” etc.

    Some key paragraphs:

    “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has brought wonderful and woefully-needed leadership administrative competence to the US State Department.

    “The same skills that she employs in managing her bureaucracy served her well in her Asian excursion. Her ability to use diplomatic tools, as opposed to the US navy, as a mechanism to further American policy is easy to recognise but difficult to describe.


    “While the secretary’s current visit was planned long before the mid-term election results, the success and smoothness of her visit cannot be entirely separated from the mauling the Obama administration took at the polls last week. Not only did the Democrats lose 60 House Seats and come perilously close to losing control of the Senate where only 33 per cent of the seats were in contention, the Democrats in many cases struggled to retain otherwise safe seats.

    “In other words, under Obama, safe Democratic seats became marginals. In contrast to such a dismal domestic political environment, the style and effectiveness of Hillary Clinton is a very distinct bright spot for the administration. This is not to say that her visit to Asia was all style without substance designed to play well on the US nightly news. The style was coupled with incredible diplomatic effectiveness.


    “. . .[It] is really quite wonderful to see how she operates. She has all the ease of a politician working a crowd and is not cowed by academics or experts because she knows that she is every bit as bright as anyone else. In short, she understands people and power even in the elevated world of foreign ministers. . . .”

    More at the link above.

    • It’s depressing after watching Obama explain his decisions for the umpteenth in 60 Minutes, to be reminded what could have been.

    • She’s impressing the Australians.

      The article ends with (my emphasis):

      Make no mistake about it, she is pushing an American agenda but she achieves it by making American policy Japanese policy or Filipino policy or even Australian policy.

      Even at the height of their influence the Soviets could never master this craft and for so many reasons, I believe that the Chinese simply cannot. Watch her closely – it is like watching a grand master playing bridge or chess. The technique is as exciting as the results.

      • The real chess player is the SoS Hillary Clinton.

      • An Australian commenter on facebook had a local term for the clueless young urban progressive hipster poseurs we commonly refer to here as Obots…he called them fucktwits.

      • “She’s impressing the Australians.”

        Indeed, Dario. And it’s obvious that a lot of them see the same things that we all saw back in 2008. Just look at some of the comments in the article:

        Doug Quixote :

        09 Nov 2010 5:35:26pm

        Hidden talent? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Hillary who said that the White House and the USA was getting “two for the price of one” in about 1992, as Bill Clinton’s First Lady? (probably not really the first but that’s neither here nor there 🙂 )

        She is immensely talented and committed to “making a difference” as the saying goes. It was a joy to see how she handled the thorny questions at the ABC forum recently.

        US national interest does not change but there are ways to conduct diplomacy without bluster. Theodore Roosevelt said to “speak softly and carry a big stick”. If the speaker is also attractive and personable, even better.

        * * * *

        Danny :

        09 Nov 2010 4:56:41pm

        I must say also after watching Hilary being interviewed by Leigh Sales in the Q & A forum she was very much at ease, confident without being high-handed yet presented her argument with certainty. Where Obama appears at times too professorial & aloof, Hilary does not. I still sometimes wonder whether the Democratic party made the wrong decision as Obama is still growing into the role & is yet to fully sieze the role he has as President. (underscoring mine)

        * * *

        samantha :

        09 Nov 2010 6:55:15pm

        Agree with Danny’s sentiments. I still think that the Democrats should have chosen Hilary Clinton as their candidate, instead of Obama. I have always thought that she was “the one”, while Obama, like Kevin Rudd was the media’s choice. Sadly for him he may go the way of Rudd.

  6. Greg Sargent:

    Minority leader Nancy Pelosi would play rough with GOP

    Gee Greg, what flavor of Kool-aid are they serving at the Oborg meetings this week?

  7. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2010/11/08/state/n210601S62.DTL&tsp=1:

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says no one cares if you smoke a joint.

    The Hollywood actor-turned-governor signed a law five weeks ago that made possession of up to an ounce of marijuana the equivalent of a traffic ticket. It carries a penalty of no more than a $100 fine and no arrest or criminal record.

    Actually, traffic tickets have higher fines, stay on your record for three years and can make your insurance go up.

  8. The National Geographic Channel program on Hillary and the State Dept. last night was pure pleasure to watch.

    Hillary makes Obama look small. She makes people like Howard Dean sound like a mouse in a packed auditorium. She even shrinks the Michael Moores of the world.

    She is a national treasure, and the American public knows it.

    Queue the drumbeat.

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