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Saturday is for Sisterhood

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton receives a Hongi (Maori Greeting) during a welcome ceremony at Parliament on November 4, 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand. (H/T to stacyx at secretaryclinton.wordpress.com)

Good morning, everyone. Wonk the Vote here, with my Saturday offerings. First up, some odds and ends from down under in New Zealand, where Secretary Clinton has been traveling the past few days. She fielded a couple questions yesterday about the chances of her running for president again. The following tidbit was from an interview on Friday, with Guyon Espiner of TV New Zealand (link goes to the Foggy Bottom transcript):

QUESTION: A final question: You’re in a country which has had two female prime ministers. You’re heading to a country —


QUESTION: — that has a female prime minister. Is your country ready for a female president?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I hope so. It should be and —

QUESTION: Could that be you?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, not me, but it will be someone. And it is nice coming to countries that have already proven that they can elect a woman to the highest governing positions that they have in their systems.

…and from another interview on Friday, this time with Duncan Garner of New Zealand’s TV3 (once again, the link goes to the State Department’s transcript):

QUESTION: Just looking long term, do you still rule out standing for top office, for president –


QUESTION: — even as going as far as 2016?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Oh yes, yes. I’m very pleased to be doing what I’m doing as Secretary of State.

Hey, don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

At any rate, it looks like it doesn’t matter whether Hillary ever runs for president again or not–she will forever be confused for one. From Thursday, via 3 News in NZ:

“So anyway, President Clinton…” Mr Key said before bowing his head with a broad smile on his face

Prime Minister John Key made a slight gaffe in closing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference this afternoon – referring to her as ‘President Clinton’.

“So anyway, President Clinton…” Mr Key said before bowing his head, a broad smile on his face and mumbled something inaudible.

“Secretary Clinton… close…” he continued before concluding the conference.

Ms Clinton saw the humour in Mr Key’s gaffe, covering her face with her hand and smiling along with Mr Key while those gathered laughed.

Oh, and this next story was the highlight of my Hillary reading this week — it was from Monday, not in New Zealand but at a townhall in Cambodia with the youth there. I love the way Hillary connects with the grassroots in every country she visits. Here was one of the questions posed to Madame Secretary (via state.gov’s transcript):

QUESTION: Wow, I’m so excited. Good morning, good afternoon. (Laughter.) I would love to hear your own experience since you (inaudible) how to become very successful and powerful like you, because you are my idol, actually. (Applause.)

Another… this one just made my day:

QUESTION: Good afternoon, Madam Secretary. I am (inaudible) I am from (inaudible). So I would like to ask you two questions, so I think there are a lot of challenges(inaudible) so I would like you to share about the techniques to (inaudible) and the technique to win the (inaudible) with the negotiations.

SECRETARY CLINTON: I didn’t understand the question.

MODERATOR: He would like to understand what is your skill in order to win the debate and also in negotiations.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Oh, oh, just in general? In general?

QUESTION: Your secret personally (inaudible). (Laughter.)

What a smart kid to ask Hillary that question. Hillary is a debate pro. Always focused like a laser. She connects policy to people and people to policy. She doesn’t waste time on word salads or empty burrito rhetoric.

If you want to know Hillary’s secrets to success and debating, go read the transcript!

And, in case you did not know, here is where Hillary is today (via state.gov):

Hillary and Julia on October 30, 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam at the 17th ASEAN Summit

On November 6, Secretary Clinton will travel to Australia to join U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, and Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith in Melbourne for the 25th anniversary of the annual Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) to discuss regional and global security issues. Secretary Clinton will also meet with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

I can’t wait to get news and photos of the latest meeting between Hillary and Julia.

Earlier in the week, the Australian had this to say about their meeting in Hanoi — Julia and Hillary get to know each other:

Julia Gillard is in Kuala Lumpur today to talk about her regional processing centre.Ahead of the meetings in Malaysia, the PM held a brief meeting with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton on her trip to Vietnam, a week before the bilateral AUSMIN meeting in Melbourne.

Phillip Hudson writes that Ms Gillard and Ms Clinton will spend next Sunday together in Melbourne to discuss Afghanistan, regional security and, in their own words, have some fun.

“An enthusiastic US Secretary of State told the Herald Sun she was looking forward to her visit to Melbourne.

“I cannot wait to get there. I was just telling the Prime Minister how excited I am,” Ms Clinton said.
The two met at the weekend at the East Asia Summit in Hanoi, where Ms Gillard was the only female leader and Ms Clinton was attending as an observer.”

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for those talks on Sunday. Powerful women pow-wow!

Hanging in the balance is the fate of another powerful woman’s career. The Hill reports: Dems split over Pelosi bid for minority leader.” Here’s Politico’s coverage. I cannot help but find it surreal that we live in an era where the outgoing Speaker of the House announces she is running for Democratic leader in a tweet via her blackberry.

On a somber and regrettable note, some very sad news this morning… Jill Clayburgh Dies at 66; Starred in Feminist Roles (via the Gray Lady):

An Unmarried Woman (1978)

Jill Clayburgh, an Oscar-nominated actress known for portraying strong, independent women, died on Friday at her home in Lakeville, Conn. She was 66.

The cause was chronic leukemia, with which she had lived for 21 years, her husband, the playwright David Rabe, said.

Ms. Clayburgh, who began her career in films and on Broadway in the late 1960s, was among the first generation of young actresses — including Ellen Burstyn, Carrie Snodgress and Marsha Mason — who regularly portrayed characters sprung from the new feminist ethos: smart, capable and gritty, sometimes neurotic, but no less glamorous for all that.

“I guess people look at me and they think I’m a ladylike character,” Ms. Clayburgh told The New York Times in 1982. “But it’s not what I do best. I do best with characters who are coming apart at the seams.”

The NYT’s obit ends with a quote from Clayburgh herself:

Despite her acclaim, Ms. Clayburgh, by all appearances, had a healthy sense of herself. “People think about me, ‘This wonderful lucky woman, she’s got it all,’ ” she told The Times in 1982. “But gee, that’s how I feel about Meryl Streep.”

Jill made me cry, and she made me laugh. What higher praise can be said of an actor?

“Tonight, the ballet world was introduced… to a brilliant new talent…the long-awaited debut of Erica Benton.”

Dance on, and rest in peace, Jill.

Turning to the econ/finance newsbeat, here’s an FDL diary that caught my eye on Thursday. Why Did Tim Geithner Meet With Jon Stewart?“:

There’s also this, of course:

A bit grayer and world wearier, maybe, but there’s no mistaking the family resemblance between NYSE Chief Operating Office Larry Leibowitz and his kid brother Jon Stewart. Unlike the Daily Show host, Leibowitz mostly keeps a low profile, although he did find himself in the spotlight even before his appearance at the Reuters Global Exchanges and Trading Summit on Monday. The Wall Street Journal interviewed him in a story about the NYSE’s effort to turn some high frequency traders — who have been chipping away at the exchange’s business — into exchange floor traders.

Which, for those fascinated by timelines and disbelieving in coincidences, appeared on Reuters’ website four days before TIm’s meeting with Jon: the Monday before their Friday meeting, in fact. Had Geithner found himself a back-channel to the COO of the New York Stock Exchange that wouldn’t require disclosure by either party?

Or does Tim simply value Jon Stewart’s economic advice?

All I can say is leave it to Tim “Beavis” Geithner to take economic advice from a fake newsman on Comedy Central.

I saw this on memeorandum and it gave me a good chuckle. William Easterly makes mince meat out of David Brooks — David Brooks illustrates how clueless Easterners can be without local knowledge about My Midwest.” Oh, and from the comments section, the perfect Onion link to go along with, published in 2005 — ‘Midwest’ Discovered Between East And West Coasts:

“I long suspected something was there,” said Franklin Eldred, a Manhattan native and leader of the 200-man exploratory force. “I’d flown between New York and L.A. on business many times, and the unusually long duration of my flights seemed to indicate that some sort of large area was being traversed, an area of unknown composition.”

Ah, flyover country. Katie Couric’s investigative work has already been done for her.

Speaking of snobbish elites, a bit of juicy gossip — via Jake Tapper at ABC News — Murdoch: “Mayor Bloomberg Called President Obama the Most ‘Arrogant’ Man He Ever Met.” Heh. Between Murdoch, Bloomberg, and Obama, I’d say the ego quotient has been exceeded.

In lieu of including a postmortem on the midterms in my roundup, I am just going to link to my Morning After and Big Tent rants from earlier this week for anyone who is really that interested in my take. I am feeling rather zen about the entire thing this morning. Both parties reek at this point, and the first one to clean up the corporate stink is the one that is going to win the heart of the grassroots. It would be ideal if that party were the Democratic party, but if there is no shakeup in the Obama-Pelosi-Reid nexus, I do not expect anything about the Dem leadership to change any time soon.

Before I go, your trivia for the day.

On this day (November 6th) in history:

1860: Abraham Lincoln elected president (History Channel website)
1869: The First Intercollegiate Game (wikipedia) In New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers College defeats Princeton University (then known as the College of New Jersey), 6-4, in the first official intercollegiate American football game.
1913: Mohandas Gandhi is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa (wikimedia/wikipedia). Photo: Policeman confronting Gandhi as he led the striking Indian mineworkers from Newcastle to the Transvaal (in protest of the Immigration Act), November 6, 1913.

Jeannette Rankin

1916: Jeannette Rankin elected to the U.S. Congress (women’s history at about.com) — Rankin is the first woman elected to that position.
Bill and Hilary Clinton  1996: ‘Comeback Kid’ wins second term (link goes to BBC)
Democratic President Bill Clinton crushes Bob Dole but Republicans retain control of both Houses.

2007: “Astronomers discover 5-planet system orbiting star” (link goes to USA Today article from 11-06-07)

Today is also Sally Field’s birthday. Last week, USA Today had this headline — Sally Field: Agent told her she was ‘not pretty enough‘” — which centered on remarks Field made during a session on leadership at a Women’s conference in Long Beach, California:

“My agent said, ‘You’re not pretty enough and you’re good enough.’ My manager said, ‘You know what? Women don’t earn any money at all in film, even if you were going to be one of them, which you’re not.’ I fired them both.” And her husband, high school sweetheart Steven Craig? “He said, ‘How are we going to make it?’… I left him.”

Norma Rae (1979)

What a woman! I remember her sticking up for Hillary during the primaries, too.

In Sally’s honor, to the left, I’ve embedded that iconic clip of Norma Rae taking action, which is what we need more of these days — ordinary people taking action.

It’s chilly in Southeast Texas right now. We’ve hit the low 40s, and we’re so spoiled, that’s practically freezing temps over here. Brr! It’s supposed to be a gorgeous day as the afternoon warms up, though.

How is the late autumn weather treating you where you are? What are you reading this morning? What’s on your mind? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments, and have a lovely weekend!

78 Responses

  1. Is it true that the upcoming edition of Webster’s will have a group photo of Obama, Pelosi and Reid next to the definition of Failure?

  2. The weather in the Sacramento area has been glorious all week — in the 70s to 80s. I’ve been catching up on a lot of yard work, etc., but the rain is supposed hit on Sunday. It was 97 degrees in Southern California earlier this week!!

    • [i.e. supposed to hit …]

    • I’m in Folsom. Isn’t it delightful? I like the fallish weather coming up this week ….. 60’s with lots of sun. Like hiking by the river in this kind of weather.

  3. Great round-up, thanks Wonk.

    Absolutely LOVE that picture of HRC! She looks like she is really enjoying SOS, and I’m happy for that.

    Re: Jill Clayburgh: very sad. I didn’t even know she was ill. I have a personal story about that. I live only 25 min. from Lakeville in the tri-state area, and have a friend of a friend who was close to Jill. About 5 years ago, I met her at a book-signing at a local bookstore, and I was invited to her house (Jill’s) to make chicken pot pies from one of Martha Stewarts’ comfort food recipe books. The three of us had a great time, drinking wine, making these ridiculously complicated chicken pot pies, and then having dinner with her husband and daughter. She was just like her presence on screen–very down to earth, vivacious, funny and smart. Her husband obviously adored her. I am sad for the family. Gone too soon 😦

    • Oh wow! You made pot pies with Jill Clayburgh! Get out of here! That is such an incredible and heartwarming story — thank you for sharing.

    • Definitely gone too soon. What a lovely story. I always admired her on camera and it is always nice to hear that a person was just as nice in real life.

  4. It looks like the WH is countering the criticism of his opulent trip to India by framing it as an economic trip. Someone here who is wiser on econ can clarify if this is legit or b.s.

    Obama Heads for India With His Main Focus on Trying to Repair U.S. Economy

    “The primary purpose is to take a bunch of U.S. companies and open up markets so that we can sell in Asia, in some of the fastest-growing markets in the world,” Obama said Nov. 4 after meeting with his Cabinet at the White House. In an opinion piece published yesterday in the New York Times, he said companies will announce contracts worth “billions of dollars” in India.

    Obama said he wants to “show the connection between what we’re doing overseas and what happens here at home when it comes to job growth and economic growth.”

    The Indian government is helping the president make his case. “Our investment is creating, saving or supporting tens of thousands of jobs in the United States,” Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao told reporters in New Delhi Nov. 4.

    We need to find new customers in new markets for American-made goods,” Obama wrote in the New York Times. “Our government, together with American businesses and workers, must take steps to promote and sell our goods and services abroad — particularly in Asia.”


    Exporting Our Way to Stability

    AS the United States recovers from this recession, the biggest mistake we could make would be to rebuild our economy on the same pile of debt or the paper profits of financial speculation. We need to rebuild on a new, stronger foundation for economic growth. And part of that foundation involves doing what Americans have always done best: discovering, creating and building products that are sold all over the world.

    It is for this reason that I set a goal of doubling America’s exports in the next five years. To do that, we need to find new customers in new markets for American-made goods. And some of the fastest-growing markets in the world are in Asia, where I’m traveling this week.


    • I’m not an expert on the economics of this, but I can’t see Oprecious coming up with any strategy which will change the fact that jobs seem to be our biggest and fastest growing export to India, of all places.

      I think Obama is just homesick for the adoring crowds — certainly this last round of FAIL campaigning didn’t do it for him. Seeing how enormously popular Clinton is as she travels ’round the world, I imagine he thinks he can get some of the glamor back doing the same thing.

      • Yes, adoring crowds…sort of like this bit:

        “But to help him pronounce Hindi words correctly will be a teleprompter which the US president uses ever so often for his hypnotising speeches.”

        Ugh, no….help to pronounce Hindi words is not the reason for the teleprompter.

        But the reporter does get this in a bit down further:

        “We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact,” an official, who did not wish to be identified because of security restrictions, said.

        Obama is known to captivate audiences with his one-liners that sound like extempore and his deep gaze. But few in India know that the US president always carries the teleprompter with him wherever he speaks.”

    • Frankly, and I say this as an Indian American–I think O went to India to get his bruised ego stroked. Over there, they take the coconuts down lest they fall on him.

      • Take down the coconuts! Heheheheh!

      • OH, NOOOOO…Attack of the Indian Coconuts! How many coconut attacks happen there daily! Seems rather odd if you ask me as Prince Charles visits all the time and they don’t CARE about a coconut attacking him. 😯

        • Isn’t that the strangest story.? I am wondering if they had intel about a possible attack and therefore cut down the trees.

          I do think that spending millions every day in India will improve their economy for a week or so. But I doubt he has some brilliant plan, since he’s never coughed one up over here.

    • An economic trip?? What’s he going to do? Ask the Indians to give us back our jobs?

      • The idea is to bid on a contract for 12-13 Billion in defense aircraft (Billion in the pipeline) and 10 Billion on transit aircraft. The French and the Russians are biding too and the hope is that Obama puts his best diplomatic foot forward and the the US gets the deal.

        In total the trip is about a possible 30 Billion deal with India.

        US to bid for aircraft deal with India

        • From what I’ve seen, doubt it’ll be that high…and wish we had things to sell people besides armaments. They confirmed that $50 billion weapons deal with the Saudis last month.

    • *WHAT* American made goods? We don’t make anything here anymore. We don’t even think in America. We outsource that as well.
      That leaves us with, oh, yes, Financial services. Uh-huh, the rest of the world is beating down our doors to get their hands on our bankers. And you know what, I think we should give our bankers over to them.
      Yep, just put them all on a plane and send them over. Our greatest export.

      • We used to do our own manufacturing, but stopped, and then went with a company in the southern part of the state, trying to keep it (the work) in the country. It was interesting to learn recently how many companies and small businesses are buying direct from overseas for the most of basic office products. 😦

        It is really hard to compete, but the one thing that kept us even in the game was a 100% guarantee NO QUESTIONS asked, and that kept a loyal consumer base. You can’t get that type of guarantee from an outfit you ordered from overseas.

        Any hoo, it has been a tough time going and I imagine it will continue to be, since President Obama and his minions (advisers) plan on making small business the evil ones, rather than working on freeing up credit lines as some accounts are past their NET 30, and onto NET 60 – 90 is becoming the norm due to the economic down turn. We knew there was a problem when the refinance companies didn’t pay their accounts and went personally about three years ago and only found furniture and everyone was gone. Collections have become a joke, as it takes for ever to get your 2 cents on the dollar or what ever the deal is they approve.

    • He’s in Mumbai with 250 Chief Executives of US companies to do a $10 billion dollar deal ($5 billion of which is apparently for military aircraft). In the larger scheme of things, that is peanuts, and some of those deals will no doubt involve hiring locally in India. It may create a few thousand American jobs, but when we’ve got 15 million jobs to fill…

      After India, he covers Indonesia, Japan and South Korea, but not China. He’ll see the Chinese leadership at the G20 summit in Korea. The biggest thing BO can do is be aggressive on fair trade agreements and be very aggressive on stopping currency manipulations, especially China. Appreciation of Asian currencies is long overdue, and it will be a critical factor in boosting our export industries and decreasing our dependence on imports. Unfortunately the Asian nations aren’t very intimidated by BO or Geithner. The only person they really watch is Bernanke, and Hillary to some degree since these economic issues definitely involve security considerations too. Basically BO is doing it wrong imo. As usual, it’s mainly a PR trip for him.

  5. Centrist Dems rip ‘tone-deaf’ White House

    In the wake of the party’s worst election drubbing since 1994, the deep frustration felt by many centrist Democrats toward the White House and the national party is now out in the open. And it’s being aired in the battleground state that’s the biggest prize in presidential politics.

    But Sink’s pointed critique expressed the sentiments of other Florida Democrats after an election in which the party lost four U.S. House seats and every statewide contest Tuesday, not to mention statehouse losses that left Democrats facing GOP legislative supermajorities in one of the largest states in the nation.

    Multiple Democratic sources familiar with Sink’s campaign, however, said administration officials were more concerned about the candidate’s effort to separate herself from the White House than with helping her win.

    Still, when they weren’t protecting the president’s image, Obama aides were either totally unhelpful to the campaign or trying to big-foot the operation, according to sources familiar with the contest.

    In the spring, when Sink’s campaign was adrift and desperately in need of a shake-up, there was a meeting in Washington with a group of senior Democrats.

    Following the meeting, a mid-level White House political official sent out a one-page memo that operatives saw as so illustrative of the Obama team’s cluelessness about the race that they had it laminated and regularly mocked it.


    • I thought this was the worst since the 1920’s or something. I guess they are still trying to angle the Clinton comparison rather than own up to what happened.

      • Tuesday was the largest midterm gain for either party since 1938.

        • Yeah, so they go back to talking points that rewrite history to make it comparable to Clinton.

        • Pelosi would like to be rewarded for her 60 seat loss by becoming minority leader. 😯

          For me, if she couldn’t get the Public Option in with a Democratic (in name) President, a Democratic Congress and Senate, than she should let someone else that cares to fight for the working folks and get out of the way. All I got from her support of Obama is less care, for 80%+ more and that is NO LEADERSHIP MODEL to continue.

          • Did you get my comment about the new meme… ‘The May be Free Reproductive Care’, never mind we had it before Obama’s Stupak Presidential Executive Order AKA Jane Crow Laws (h/t Dak), took them away, even though WE PAID FOR THEM!

            Pelosi didn’t block THE President Obama Stupak Executive Order, and she thinks we wimminz folk are too STUPID to know she did nothing to block it, and now wants to be Minority Leader…PLEAZE give us a break, that is basically saying all women don’t know what is best for them. She was in a position to block it and did NOTHING!

          • ooops that was ‘there May be…

            Don’t type when mad.

          • #NancyPelosi didn’t stop President #Obama’s #STUPAK Executive Order & #NOW this: http://tiny.cc/bdbzh #MinorityLeader #PublicOption #Women


            Thank you for the link Wonk The Vote…you rock!

          • “Pelosi would like to be rewarded for her 60 seat loss by becoming minority leader.”

            She publicly called on Hillary to drop out before the primaries were over, for the good of the party. Now she should take her own advice. But won’t.

        • Peg, good comment. In the Dem party we like to punish accomplishment and reward failure. It’s how we roll.

    • Wow. Damning article. They were more interested in protecting Obama’s image than helping Sink win. They called her on the carpet for her criticism of Obama’s response to the oil spill.

      I feel bad for candidates like Sink. Many of us said from the beginning of the 2010 cycle that his campaign stops, where money was spent, etc. were all about shoring up 2012 for HIM, not helping the Dem congress critters.

      • That race came down to the wire. One can clearly say Obama lost it for her.Just he lost it for Thompson in the NYC mayoral race by abstaining to campaign (in 2009, in NYC it would have still helped – but he loved Blooberg more)

  6. All I have to say is that Hillary left a huge hole that no one

  7. Sorry, the cat stepped on the keyboard. All i have to say is that Hillary left a huge void in politics that no one has been able to fill yet. I think that’s why the questions linger.

    • I think it lingers because so many people voted for her and were told their votes didn’t count because the party had cut a deal with Obama in a back room.
      Then, we got stuck with the mother of all recessions, which many of us knew was coming. We also knew Obama wasn’t up to the task. As a result, we had democrats caving when they should have been pushing back forcefully.
      So, voters are thinking, we could have had Hillary but the party screwed us over.
      They’re going to continue to lose until they fix what they broke in 2008. I keep saying it but the party just won’t listen.

      • I say it to every dem worker who calls me for contributions. And they are not pushing back like they used to. I used to be a lunatic bitter knitter to them and now they are starting to agree. We’ve got to keep the faith, keep talking about it, and hang in there. “The party” may not be listening yet, but the rank and file are starting to.

        • The D party won’t “listen.” They will only ‘understand’/respond to strength, resolve, and ‘audacity’ of ordinary people to say Enough is Enough. Perhaps the current Ds are so far gone they are even beyond responding to that. Time will tell.

      • I think it goes beyond that into Hillary’s policies. No one is promising an HOLC are they to help the people who are losing their houses are they? There is no one speaking for the millions of unemployed. The millions of people who have just flat given up, the people that are broken.

        For the people who follow politics what happened in 2008 is a big deal. For many people they don’t think about that so much as the fact that no one is speaking to them. Like bill Clinton said Hillary would be a President for people who need a President and there’s no one that I see out there filling that void.

  8. Great round up as usual, Wonk.
    I’m in Cleveland (eastern suburb) and it’s been snowing steadily since last night.
    No more outdoor chores except for feeding the birds.

  9. Our SOS looks, acts, and speaks with such warmth, intelligence, graciousness, and strength. That’s Presidential. {{{sob}}}

  10. I guess the Democrats will just have to be content to lose the White House in 2012.
    I’m wracking my brains to think of someone who measures up to Hillary that the majority of voters would vote for and I got nuthin’.

    That Love Train spectacle in 2008 looks pretty stupid now, doesn’t it?

    • The DNC Caucus rules are still the same. More corporate money will be in the pot, especially I think, from coal interests. Something will be manufactured to distract us. Fear and herding – that’s what I see.

  11. I really enjoyed your post and all the news on Hillary. The funniest part was that little “President Clinton” error. Maybe it was wishful thinking on his part.

  12. thanks for a great newsy, interesting post. I was surprised about Jill Clayburgh; that is a nice remembrance that you gave her. I have been diagnosed with this same leukemia. So, I was pretty surprised to hear of her battle with it. It’s long and chronic with few symptoms. She lived a long time with it. She was a wonderful actress!

  13. Hillary Clinton will appear in “Inside the State Department”, airing Monday, Nov. 8th, on the National Geographic Channel, from 9-10 pm.

    “The National Geographic Channel followed Secretary Clinton for 20,000 miles as she traveled around the world, from New York to Pakistan, and places in between such as Morocco and Jerusalem.”

    For more info, and access to a wonderful site:


    • Oh, boy, the White House probably isn’t going to like that one little bit.

      • It’ll be okay, the Comedy Channel with pump out a “Inside the White House” miniseries right away.

  14. I just LOVE that top photo!

  15. I think Hillary needs to keep hearing the “will you run again” question, and the “gaffes” that maybe aren’t really slips after all. It tells her just how many people both in the US and abroad want her to be President.

    The contrast between her substantive meetings with foreign leaers and BO’s royal progresses–Cut down the coconuts! Constipate the birds!–is striking.

  16. Damn, they got some big coconuts knives to whack them down.

  17. Not sure if this link has been posted. The article is dated for Sunday…but anyway.

    Would we be better off under a President Hillary Clinton?


    • Funny – he was part of the problem and a regular with KO. Glad he sees now, too bad for us it is so late.

    • Another thing… with the foreclosure mess – I personally would rather have “a few irresponsible people” benefit from programs that would help a whole bunch who were illegally tricked and robbed by the mortgage “crisis” or have lost jobs in the wake of the bank bailouts.

      Hillary saw it back in 2007 (probably even before that) and Dana Millback now says it was just so boring when she said it… what an ass.

    • I just have to point out that Milbank’s still repeating zombie lies from the primaries:

      Back then, Clinton’s populist appeal to low-income white voters, union members and workers of the Rust Belt was not enough to overcome Obama’s energized youth vote.

      Au contraire, mon ami. Hillary won the popular vote, swept all the big primaries (versus caucuses) except Illinois and all the big states, and got stronger as she went along. Obama gamed the little red state caucuses and then still only won the pledged delegates by the RBC stealing delegates from Clinton and giving them to him and strong-arming the non-pledged delegates. Plus the outright caucus fraud. In other words, he only won by cheating and because a whole slew of people (including Pelosi, which is why I hope they dump her as Speaker if for no other reason) dragged and cheated him over the finishing line. *sshat.

      then, it sounded boring

      To you bloggerboyz idiots, perhaps, but not to those of us who work for a living, thanks.

    • Yes, to this recent Milbank article I can just say…ugh…

  18. I don’ t think Hillary is going to run in 2012. Even if half of Democrats want a primary challenger, Kool-aid is powerful stuff. Even if she got the nomination, Obama in his petulence will be sure to do everything he can to torpedo her general election. Being SOS gives her a lot of influence and power to do the kinds of things she and Bill had been doing with the Clinton Global Initiative.

  19. Honk, honk. Great post!

  20. Greta post Wonk!

    Hillary 2012. Draft her if we hafta!

  21. Wonderful post, Wonk!!

    Love the pic of Jeanette Rankin, who was the subject of my college dissertation. She was elected to the house before national sufferage, because women had the vote in her state of Montana. So there she was, voting in Congress when most women in the country were being told to leave dirty politics to the men.

    Her first vote was against US entry into WWI. Later, she served a second term, and again voted against US entry into a war, WWII, thus becoming the only person to vote against both those wars. (((note to Obama, this is a true story, not a fairy tale)))

    She was a real pacifist, a great speaker, and did well for Montana.

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