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Friday Morning Hangover

Watch the above video of Dylan Ratigan, Glenn Greenwald and Cenk Uygur discussing what went wrong with Obama and the Democrats. It is definitely honk-worthy.


Gag me with a spoon:

Letter to a whiny young Democrat

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Oh, now you’ve done it.

See? You see what happens when you young liberal voters get so disgruntled and disillusioned that you drop all your party’s newborn, hard-won ideas about Hope™ and Change™, without any patience, without really giving them sufficient time to mature, without understanding that hugely foreign, anti-American concept known as “the long view”?


So here’s what you need to know, right now: Barack Obama is, and will continue to be, a bit of goddamn miracle. He’s simply as good as we’re going get for an articulate, thoughtful, integrity-rich Democratic prez in your lifetime. Period. To hamstring his administration out of spite and laziness is childish and sad. Check the accomplishments. Understand the process. Deal with the messiness.

Mr. Moford is the same guy who wrote this back in June 2008:


Many spiritually advanced people I know (not coweringly religious, mind you, but deeply spiritual) identify Obama as a Lightworker, that rare kind of attuned being who has the ability to lead us not merely to new foreign policies or health care plans or whatnot, but who can actually help usher in a new way of being on the planet, of relating and connecting and engaging with this bizarre earthly experiment. These kinds of people actually help us evolve. They are philosophers and peacemakers of a very high order, and they speak not just to reason or emotion, but to the soul.

The unusual thing is, true Lightworkers almost never appear on such a brutal, spiritually demeaning stage as national politics. This is why Obama is so rare. And this why he is so often compared to Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., to those leaders in our culture whose stirring vibrations still resonate throughout our short history.

See kids? This is your brain on hopium.


Joke Line:


Blue Dogs Dumped

Normally, I don’t have much patience for the whining on the left about the Blue Dog democrats–who were sliced in half on Tuesday, losing at least 28 of their 54 seats. When they lose, the Democrats lose control of the Congress. This year, however, I do feel that there is an argument that, to an extent, the Dogs brought this on themselves by being penny-wise, dogpound-foolish. The argument goes like this: a larger stimulus package might have helped the economy recover at a faster clip, but the Dogs opposed it on fiscal responsibility grounds. A second argument: the public really has had it with Wall Street, but the Dogs helped water down the financial regulatory bill, gutting the too-big-to-fail provisions. There is real merit to both points.

Maybe next time we can get rid of the other half.


Queen of Denial:


ABC News Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi Seriously Considers Staying as Democratic Leader

Pelosi is methodically calling every Democratic House member who won on Tuesday, as well as many who lost, sources tell ABC News. In the process, she is weighing her options and gauging her support.

Some of Pelosi’s closest allies are encouraging her to stay and to lead the Democratic effort to win back their majority. Those encouraging her are arguing, in part, that she can unify the progressives in the caucus, and more importantly, that nobody in the House can raise money for the next campaign better than Pelosi.

If I was her I would be considering seppuku, but I’m old fashioned.


Nobody could have predicted this:


Exit Polling Shows Gay Voters Played Important Role in Republican Victories in the U.S. House

Exit polling reveals that gay and lesbian voters played a critical role in the Republican Party’s historic gains in the U.S. House on Tuesday night. According to CNN, 31% of self-identified gay voters supported Republican candidates for the U.S. House. This number is a dramatic increase from the 19% GOP House candidates won among gay voters in 2008.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Log Cabin Republicans are fighting for LGBT rights and the Obama administration is fighting the Log Cabin Republicans.


Here’s your daily dose of Anglachel:


The claim that we shouldn’t be ideologically forward is being used to avoid the need to be ideologically driven. “We can’t be too extreme!” doesn’t hold weight when the nation knows that you haven’t been extreme enough for their personal material benefit. If you can find money for the Merry Banksters, you can find it for Joe Six-Pack. Joe will cost you less and is more likely to keep voting for you, and thus is the better investment.

If you want electoral support, you have to offer one of two things, preferably both. You have to offer up something the voter can take to the bank or put on the table and/or you have to conjure up bogey monsters that the other guys want to take those things away from you. When neither side can offer material benefits, then the biggest bogey monster wins. And the hardest thing the Democratic party is going to have to do if it wants to have any relevancy and be something other than the impotent opposition, it must confront and dismiss its own bogey man of Bunker and the Bubba who won’t relinquish racism, as well as their contempt for the stupid trashy bitches who support them.

What else is happening this morning?




Clinton rules out a presidential run through 2016

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ruled out running for president in 2012 or 2016 on Friday, saying the United States should be ready for a woman president but it would not be her.

In interviews in New Zealand, the failed 2008 presidential candidate made clear she had no plans to run again despite talk — fueled partly by her fellow Democrats’ losses in Tuesday’s U.S. mid-term elections — she might embark on a new race.

182 Responses

  1. Ted Rall:

    It’s the day after the Republican sweep we all knew was coming. If Obama had any dignity, if he was honest with himself and with us, he would resign. It’s abundantly clear that he isn’t up to the job.

    We knew that two years ago.

    • Rall has been lucid about Obama throughout.

    • Thanks for the TYT video, I had missed it, and it makes some solid points. I am very upset to see that Hillary R. Clinton the best candidate for President will not be running EVER again. I can’t say I blame her given the horrid treatment by the Democratic Elite that thinks VOTERS VOTES don’t count!

      If we could only rid the party of those Party OVER LORDS than maybe we could get a Public Option as an Option instead of the Insurance companies who are all about profits.

      • oops I put party in twice…

        That was the Party’s Over Lords, who treat working people’s votes as toilet paper, by declaring them half a person or simply not counting the votes at all.

        Breaking News is that Nancy Pelosi wants to be Minority Leader, because she is the only person that can be in Leadership positions. (snark font)

        I think Pelosi is there to serve Pelosi, as she didn’t fight for the Public Option and shouldn’t be rewarded. She embraced Bush and the continuation of the wars and she never released the docs to show what she knew, when…
        She had her time, she chose the insurance companies and Wall Street and now she can go with them, we need someone brave and who people will trust to lead NOW!

  2. Democratic Base to Party Leaders: Take That You Smug Bastards!

    The Democrats were blown out of the water on Nov. 2.

    But it’s not because of the Tea Party, or because of a resurgent Republican majority.

    The Democrats deserved to lose because they have long since abandoned whatever principles they had, and more important, they’ve pissed on their most important supporters–the left, real liberals, African Americans, women, unionized workers, and workers in general. So I say hooray, all those groups have struck back!

  3. Mark “lightbringer” Morford is a very good example of why doing drugs is bad for the little grey cells.

    • He’s simply as good as we’re going get for an articulate, thoughtful, integrity-rich Democratic prez in your lifetime.


    • Let’s not forget the coordinated effort by the New Agers, as evidenced in Deepak Chopra, of running this meme about Obama being a “Lightworker.” And since most of them are concentrated in Chicago and get appearances (and publicity) on Oprah that people who I thought had integrity capitulated to the carrying on of this meme. It was partly because of them that ordinary folks just gave their ok to Obama dissing public financing funds.

      BTW, this meme is still being played today.

  4. Madame Speaker has received calls and emails from Dems who won and still love her to pieces. She is canvasing to see who will vote for her as minority leader. Has it occurred to her that the members who lost are not calling nor can they vote for her for prom queen after the end of this session? The ones that won by the skin of their teeth are not going to vote for her in all likelihood because a future opponent can run ads against HER. I wonder if she would tell us about the committee chairmen who lost their seats if they were drunk dialing her and what they thought of her run as minority leader.

    i sincerely hope for Madame Speaker’s sake that this is some weird DC ritual in which the totally humiliated goes through the motions of everything being just dandy before they run screaming from the room. Goodbye Nancy. All the best. Go screw up something else.

    • Jeebus, but the Dems are stupid if they do that. Every republican in the country is salivating at the prospect of 8% Pelosi remaining the face of the Dem Congress for 2 more years.

      You couldn’t give those R’s planning a 2012 run a greater gift than to keep Nancy front and center. Idiots.

      • LOL! I just checked a couple of the conservative blogs. They are all writing their Dem reps to “sincerely plead” with them to vote for Nancy for leader, and hustling over to sign Kos’ petition to that effect.

        Oh yeah, they’d just LURV for her to be leader.

      • More gag me with a spoon, make that a shovel: from Eugene Robinson this morning:

        ” But amid the wreckage of Tuesday’s GOP rampage, there’s one person for whom I feel awful: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She’s losing her job not because she does it poorly but because she does it so well. (sic)

        Pelosi would never ask for, or even accept, my sympathy—that’s not her style. Her place in history was secure the moment she became the first woman to take possession of the speaker’s gavel. Still, she squeezed every drop out of her four-year tenure. To string together a couple of sports cliches, she came to play and she left it all on the field.

        I regret that the nation has never come to know the actual Nancy Pelosi.

        That’s not the Nancy Pelosi known to anyone who has ever met her. While the term “San Francisco liberal” is accurate, it’s also true that she grew up—and learned the rough-and-tumble of politics—in gritty Baltimore. Her father, Tommy D’Alesandro, was a legendary “Charm City” mayor and political boss. Her education in how to count votes, and keep them counted, began at a young age. (sic)

        When she appears before the cameras, Pelosi often seems stiff and almost brittle. In person, she’s warm and engaging—also funny, earthy, and just plain good company. She tells a great story. She turns a mean phrase. Colleagues on Capitol Hill almost universally describe her as a good boss and simply a good person.

        And demonize her they did. In their midterm campaign, Republicans attacked Pelosi more often, and more brutally, than they attacked Obama. They made her the living embodiment of Evil Washington, or of limousine socialism, or of whatever alleged plagues that Democrats were supposedly visiting upon the body politic. (sic)

        The GOP was only able to make Pelosi an issue because she was so effective as speaker. Obama came to office with a long, ambitious agenda. Pelosi had a big majority to work with in the House, but it was ideologically diverse—Blue Dogs, progressives, everything in between. Somehow, she managed to deliver.(sic)

        Some of the votes she won looked impossible. (sic)

        Pelosi did what was right for the country, and what’s right isn’t always what’s popular. Democrats may decide they need a less-polarizing figure as minority leader; if they do, well, that’s politics. But I’d love to see her stay in the Democratic leadership—and I’m betting that eventually she’d find a way to take back the gavel that she pounds with such righteous authority.”

        • Pelosi is the reason why dems didn’t show up at polls.
          It’s time for her to wake up to the reality that the dems
          deserved what they got this election.

          • I think people on both sides have been too critical of Nancy. She passed hundreds of bills, with no help from Obama, along to Harry in the Senate, but he was useless and ineffective. She had more cojones than the men, especially Obama. However, this does not excuse her from the 2008 primary shenanigans. I would rather choose a strong but imperfect woman over a weak and imperfect man. Men have done enough damage.

        • Ha, I’ve met NP on many occasions. She cannot hide her disdain and contempt for anyone but the rich and powerful in the room. She looks right through you then walks away like you don’t even exist.

          Buh bye Nancy.

          • I’ve only seen her once, at a small gathering, and she showed no visible interest when spending even 30 seconds face-to-face with any small $ voter. I didn’t bother to try to talk with her. (This was before her “impeachment is off the table” pronouncement.)

    • I just heard on Fox, that Pelosi has confirmed that she is running for Minority Leader. Of course she would, she is addicted to power, just like she is addicted to botox.

  5. Clinton rules out a presidential run through 2016

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ruled out running for president in 2012 or 2016 on Friday, saying the United States should be ready for a woman president but it would not be her.


    • I just added that to my post.

    • I hated reading that!

    • Yes, I always hate it when she is asked this question because she naturally always has to say no whether she really means it or not. If she says yes, then the focus won’t be on her work as SoS, but six years of endless discussion and criticism that could be detrimental to her campaign. And no one can say for sure where they will be in six years. Neither can Hillary. Saying no is the only answer we should expect from her. I doubt she will run in 2012, but I still have hope for 2016.

      • Oh, I have no doubt that 2016 is definitely out. She knows damn well that it’s a non starter. But I agree that she can’t be seen to be wanting to upset Obama.
        Give it a little time. Wait until the Democrats sift through the statistics from tuesday and find that all the people who deserted them were the very same people they shoved a sock into the mouths of back in 2008.

      • I still have hope for 2016 too, I think 2012 is out. But I did feel that her comment below was real classy:

        Clinton said she hoped the United States was ready for a female president, adding “it should be.”

        Asked if it might be her, she replied: “Well, not me. But it will be someone and it is nice coming to countries that have already proven that they can elect women to the highest governing positions that they have in their systems.”

        • I would not count her out no matter what she needs to say right now. But I agree that 2012 is looking less likely.

          However, the political landscape changes fast. Never say never.

          • Didn’t RFK deny he was going to run in 1968 practically up to the day he announced?

          • @katiebird

            Yes, he did. And yes, Hillary has to say she’s out because the instant she says anything else, she’ll have to resign as SOS and start running an active campaign. She can’t do that, yet. One of two things will have to happen for her to declare in the immediate future:

            1. Obama announces that he won’t run again in 2012; and/or

            2. The Party insiders inform him he’s toast and no longer has their backing, at the same time asking Hillary to step up.

            Otherwise, the call will have to come from people like us, and we’re going to have to make a lot of noise to be heard above the pearl-clutchers (Primary the first, historically historic black President, OHMYGOD!!), Obigots (Scary wimminzz parts!) and garden variety Obots (Leave Barack alone!).

          • I totally agree.

          • I’m not ruling out 2012. I think Obama is ripe for a primary challenge. I think it’ll come initially from someone comparatively unelectable (Dean, probably), and then Hillary will throw her hat into the ring and play responsible grown-up who feels obligated to run. In 2012 there are only two possibilities: Hillary wins the primary and runs (could go either way) or the Republicans win. Obama will not in a million years be re-elected.

        • A New Zealand friend of mine used to say she wanted to be the first woman Prime Minister of NZ. That was back when Gerry Ferraro was making history as the first woman VP nominee. I silently laughed at my friend’s wish, knowing that NZ would definitely not have a woman president anytime soon. Of course, having one here was out-of-the question. We’ll have a one-horned flying male purple-people eater first! Anything non-woman and Historic!

    • That is so d@mn depressing.

  6. David Brooks takes a crack at understanding the American heartland.

    It would take a Balzac to understand the perplexities and contradictions one finds in these neighborhoods. On the one hand, people are living with the daily grind of getting by on $40,000 a year, but they’re also living with Xboxes and smartphones. People in these places have traditional bourgeois values, but they live amid a decaying social fabric, with high divorce rates and skyrocketing single parenthood numbers.

    Many people in these neighborhoods distrust government but still look to it for help. They disdain Wall Street but admire capitalism. They are intensely patriotic but accustomed to globalization. If you talk to people on the coasts about The Sixties, they often think of Woodstock. If you ask people in this region about The Sixties, they might remember the last time there were plenty of good jobs instead.

    • Sounds like he’s talking about an alien species.

    • When the American Sans Coulotte finally get their shit together, people like Brooks will be the first guys on the trundle. It will be the first and last time he’ll ever been in the same breathing space as the people in those neighborhoods and will be brief.

      Oh, hey, David, thanks for stopping by.

      • “Trundle”? I think you mean tumbril or tumbreltombereau in the original French. :mrgreen:

    • I despise people who use “bourgeoisie” as if it were a slur. Bourgeoisie is just the middle class. The small merchants. The shopkeepers. I’m all for the bourgeoisie. People who sneer at the bourgeoisie are one of two things:

      1) An actual communist who knows that you have to crush the middle class in order to bring about a revolution, since there’s no room for a middle class in their batshit utopian vision.

      2) An overeducated snob, who has absorbed contempt via osmosis, and likes to throw the word around sneeringly, to prove he’s part of the Beautiful People who by all rights ought to be in charge of running those Bubbas lives for them.

      • Brooks = #2

        • Definitely. It’s all about the admirable pants crease to him.

          That first encounter is still vivid in Brooks’s mind. “I remember distinctly an image of–we were sitting on his couches, and I was looking at his pant leg and his perfectly creased pant,” Brooks says, “and I’m thinking, a) he’s going to be president and b) he’ll be a very good president.”

          • I didn’t hear that, or did I just forget it because that comment is soooo utterly creepy! :<

          • Oh Lordie. That is gakkable. I guess we can do away with campaigns altogether now. Just look for the tell-tale elitist signs and they can give us the nod when someone passes muster.

          • Most of us have higher standards than that for a POTUS, Mr. Brooks.

      • Given the prevalence of debt and the lowering quality of living, I’d argue we don’t Have a Bourgeoisie anymore. We’re ALL proletariat except the elite.

  7. Her plans could change. AFAIK, there is no way in Hell that Obama will win a second term. He’s already a failed president. And Hillary is the only one that could pull it off for the Democrats.

    She knows this, we know this. Never say never.

    • 🙂 now I feel better after reading everyone’s analysis. I get bummed every time she denies it. I know it WILL happen one of these days–it’s inevitable, thanks in large part to her masochistic, pioneering run–but she is the one who earned it with a lifetime of dedicated public service, and more courage and vision than the boatload of them.

      She is the one who has earned the privilege.

    • I so hope so, and will work hard to get her drafted for 2012. Something I’ve been mulling over is a comment I saw in Ian Welch’s post a few days ago about the need to get a platform structured that would be counter to Obama’s. Unlike the commenter, I do think it matters who runs on it. But I thought the idea of working on just a platform and not a candidate might be the way to go. Of course, FDR’s rights list would be the aim. Thoughts???

      • If you want Hillary to get drafted, push for Dean to jump in first. It’ll smooth the way for Hillary to run.

        • Howard Dean Rules Out 2012 Bid

          But spokeswoman Karen Finney, responding to reports The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund and Politico’s Roger Simon hinting at a Dean groundswell, sought today to rule it out.

          “No way, no how, not happening,” Ms. Finney said.

          She said Mr. Dean was traveling on business in Canada and could not talk about it himself, but that she had spoken to him Thursday morning and he was adamant that the rumors should be dispelled.

          “He asked me to make it explicitly clear,” Ms. Finney said. “He supports President Obama and will support him in 2012.”


          & why would that be Howie—because he’s done such a bang-up job with health care?

    • Over on Driftglass, a rather silly old CDS case named Tanbark thinks the only way Obama could win is if the GOP nominates Palin.

      I reminded him that conventional wisdom considered Reagan unelectable through most of the 1970s. 😛

      • Hah! If it’s Palin running against Obama, and the economy and Obama continue as crappy as there are now, my bets are on Sarah.

  8. gee, I never realized us gays were such a powerful political force that we could swing an entire election…

    good for us!


    • We bitter knitters and the LBGT’ers should stick together.
      *high five!*

      • I’m both, so I can high-five myself!!

      • I agree with you and I want to add that we must continue to be loud and relentless in letting the Democrats know that we will no way, no how, vote Dem for president if Obama is on the ticket. Imagine an ideal situation where all the liberals, progressives, would hold this party accountable for a possible loss in 2012. The Dems cannot win without their base. They can tell the liberals to F*ck off but they can’t win without us. Tuesday’s losses proved that. We have to be repeating this non stop until 2012.

    • And we need to do it more often.

    • I am glad we are discussing this, because I don’t see the mainstream media doing so. What a great contribution gays continue to make in politics.

    • If and when Hillary runs again for POTUS, we have to keep drilling this statement from the US Ambassador to New Zealand into the LGBTs who went for Obama, and all the CDS-ers who keep drumming the “Bill Clinton created DADT and DOMA”:

      “under the Secretary, the State Department is no longer a place where our gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual colleagues are quietly tolerated. It’s a place where they are publicly embraced, they are made to feel welcome and valued, and are starting to be promoted for the professionalism that they bring to the table rather than held back for irrelevant circumstances. There’s a lot more that one could say, but enough is said by the warmth, the affection, and the energy that Secretary Clinton carries with her wherever she travels”


      • How can these idiot progbots NOT see how positive this really is? It’s beyond me. Hillary has the gift to say so much in so little words. While Obama drones on and on and one nods off in the process. The ability to be concise has the most power. Someone please explain to me how these educated creative types don’t get this!

  9. I’m watching Glenn et al and I’ve got to stop right here at the 11 minute mark. Glenn bought the hopium that Obama had motivated this HUGE young and motivated activist base that would get behind Obama and move things forward.
    This is wrong.
    The people who voted for Obama in 2008 consisted of a bunch of kool-ade drinkers and the Clintonistas when the party held a gun to their heads. It was Obama or more Republican.
    The people who deserted Obama on Tuesday were the Clintonistas who didn’t like Obama in the first place. They were women, suburbanites, gays, the elderly. In other words, the massive wave of people who voted for Obama was only partly as massive as Glenn thinks it was. It just happened to be a very noisy, selfish, naive and immature part. All those people went back to school or to their Clinton Derangement Syndrome support groups after the election, leaving the rest of us to face the consequences of putting one of the least politically talented presidents in office.
    And he lived up to our expectations and exceeded them. He delivered nothing. That’s why Democrats lost. You can get plenty of money from Wall Street but there aren’t enough voters on Wall Street to win national elections.
    It’s a numbers game and someone in the party needs to learn how to count.

    • Where did he get the money for all that Kool-aid???

      Obama is an honest politician – he stays bought.

    • That was the “stupid” part of the clip all right. How otherwise intelligent people could have bought into that meme is beyond me. I’ll never get it and I guess am glad I won’t.

      • I know: aren’t they reading the same damn numbers we are? It really is like a hallucination they can’t shake.

      • I’m convinced BHO won in my neck of the woods (semi-rural outskirts of Atlanta) in 2008 because Republicans stayed home and young African-Americans voted in larger numbers, although on the whole AA’s get out and vote here in all elections.

        The huge groundswell of young voters is a myth fer shure. It was a modest bump.

        • The difference in the youth vote between 2006 and 2010 was only 2 to 3%. You have to compare apples to apples: i.e. midterms.

          Dispirited youth is not what lost the Dems this midterm. It contributed, but it wasn’t the biggest story.

        • Yes, we all know that getting youth to vote in the midterm elections is nearly impossible. When I was at Madison, I had to basically bribe (with coffee) my friends to vote in 1990.

          So what has supposedly changed now? The fact that the magic of Obama over the youth couldn’t turn them out? I ddidn’t see much incentive for them to vote in WI.

          • Youth voters are liberal and low-income and LGBT-friendly and need access to birth control and abortions and Obama broke his campaign promises to repeal DADT and close Gitmo and added repro health restrictions nobody asked for to HCR and didn’t even try for the public option and then told his base to STFU because they have nowhere else to go is what happened.

      • Yup, if his fundraising was about small donors then how come he thought he owed the banks and insurance companies?

        • It’s all public information–where his money came from–and it wasn’t those piddly donations for the little people. That myth has been relentlessly shoved down our throats, and it’s a blatant lie.

          • fif, I’d love to share that link if you have it. Cause I still run into the meme that all those poor people voted for him with their $200 donations. It’s the hardest myth to shake.

    • Hippies fought the establishment elite in the 60s and 70s. Today’s hipsters facilitated the establishment elite, and now they are lost.

    • By the way, who appointed Glenn and Cenk as our spokespeople? I don’t remember giving them the right to tell the country what I think. Where is the voice of the rest of us?

    • Wasn’t Cenk a BIG time kool ade slurper in 2008? Didn’t he get us into this mess?

    • In all fairness, there’s a percentage of Obama worshipers who also woke up. And then there was that new coalition, the young and brilliant people who simply thought voting was “so 2008”. Just like we said they would.

    • But Donna said: they don’t need us!

      Wha’ happened?

  10. Vastleft:

    On what basis does Prof. Krugman, who again trots out the “courage of his convictions” trope, assume that Obama’s economic philosophy is a liberal one?

    Obama, whose Treasury is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs?

    Obama, who said — on Fox News, no less — that Republicans had a better idea than Democrats on regulating business?


    What does this guy have to do to get (Chicago School) credit for his fiscal conservatism?

    • How about, being the main reason behind the biggest loss in congress for Dems in around 70 years. Maybe that’s a good enough clue for him and others. Sigh, no probably not, he and others will likely keep saying things like intelligence and convictions and the like, apologizing for a president who has no apology for what he has done.

  11. Adding my tabloids – you will enjoy the first one – I went back to my knitting after looking at it

  12. Wondering if, as Morford describes Obama as a “Lightworker”, …if Obama’s teleprompter is his direct connection to the “Light”????

  13. I am watching MSNBC at this very moment with Glenn Greenwald. Boy, he makes too much sense for these pundits. I guess he called some out by name and they really took offense. Laurence O’donnel wips out notecards to make his petty defensive points but Glenn rattles off his own as fast as he can because they refuse to let him finish a sentence. More Glenn please. I’ll even watch MSNBC.

  14. One other little tidbit. I heard a bit about the Slurpee summitt proposal from Obama to John Boehner. Is that because nobody should mention alcohol and Boehner’s name in the same sentence? Its been obvious to some of us that he has a problem. I’ve seen plenty of those crying jags from alcoholics.

  15. A. I really don’t need to watch anymore TV clowns attempting to explain what happened on Tuesday. Hmm, there was an election, people voted, they counted the votes. IMHO, the Democrats did it to themselves.
    B. Moford calling Obama a “Lightworker” (thank you for that new mumbo jumbo “spiritual” terminology, by the way) truly clarifies why we didn’t need to legalize marijuana here in California.
    C. Pelosi posturing about whether or not to run for Minority Leader? Oh please! I second the vote for her to commit seppuku.
    D. Hillary ruling out running in 2012? I say draft her! Who are the Dems going to nominate besides “The Lightworker”?

  16. Maybe if he just went on more TV shows, made more speeches
    Obama admits failure on message

    • He is the APA’s billboard for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Seriously.

    • Actually, if he HAD done that when he started his term AND had been promoting his “let me be clear folks” progressive agenda, he would be in a better place now.

      He needed to use that bully pulpit to force the blue dogs to get with the program on healthcare, go after BP right away and keep it front and center, initiate actual investigations into the bankers, use the media to promote DOMA and DADT. Oh and this would also have been a good way to avoid Stupak signing ceremonies…

      Everyone knows this is how the president can force Congress to do what the president wants – so it looks like the president really didn’t want it.

      He will have earned his place as a cautionary tale in history books.

  17. Robert Reich tweets some perspective on the October job report

    RBReich Robert Reich
    Private sector 139K new jobs in Oct. But 125K needed just to keep up w/ expanding labor supply, and we’re 22 million behind overall.

  18. Obama is going to Asia to get us more work. Get your Passport in order.

  19. Looks like the Obama supporters are sorting into two groups.

    1)Those who are slowly de-toxing from the koolaid, and

    2Those who are frantically sprinkling glue and glitter on that tired old ratty corporate mule, re-strapping that sparkly swizzle stick to its forehead, and bemoaning that we don’t recognize it for the shiny unicorn it is. It Is! It IS!

    • Those in the #2 are extra special, aren’t they. And sadly many in the #1 camp take a loooong time to detox. I’m hearing all sorts of strange things from my Obot friends. They sort of sound like those old scifi movie robots that are short circuiting after they stumble upon logical contradictions. But he’s the…, oh Im disappointed, but I’m not a racist, but he’s… but I’m… what… Sad and funny at the same time.

    • I’m hearing just how horrible he’s been picked on since 2008………like he’s taken more attacks than any other president, and look, we started it calling him a Muslim, and have been trashing him from day one.

      Deny, deny……..that’s the game here out.

  20. Somehow I remember Rilke’s Letters To a Yound Poet being somewhat more inspiring than that awful dribble.

  21. Well of course, it’s only the Obites in denial now;

    …Forty of 63 House turnovers to GOP were in states Obama lost to Hillary in 2008 primaries…


    ahh Craig, Obama visiting over the next two years will only piss us off further, but for the DNC fraud that disenfranchised our votes, our State would still be BLUE instead of Scarlet Red come Jan. Add that according to the Dispatch (yes a repug rag but the only local paper) 57 percent of Dems registered to vote did not show up on Tuesday the lowest amount since the 70’s r 80’s I forget!! And And Chris Redfern Ohio DNC pooh bah like Obama still has a job after a reported 20 M get out the vote campaign…..

    • And maybe those House turnovers to the GOP in states Teh One lost to Hillary in the primaries wouldn’t have turned over if Hillary was Prez. Ya think?

  22. 60 mins: Obama insists “we stopped paying attention to the fact that leadership isn’t just legislation,” says he failed to make “an argument that people can understand.”

    Read more: http://thepage.time.com/2010/11/03/obama-back-to-60/#ixzz14Q0DQevw

    …yeah yeah yeah it’s those dumb rubes again incapable of understanding the majesty that is the One. Either Obama is hopelessly crippled by his narcissism, a real probable possibility, or he dose not have the smarts journalist and pundits project or dream he has, also a real probable possibility if performance is a measure.

    • we heard his message and we called bullshit on it. TC saw it for what it was 2 years ago.

      i think he IS hopelessly crippled by his narcissism. the man has no clue.

      • It’s stunning to watch, isn’t it? No matter how much evidence is shoved in his face, he refuses to take ANY responsibility. It’s never him.

        • That because he said he was a strong man, a man who listens to all sides before making a decision.

          People believed him, until they saw that he had no spine, and needed to grow a new one.

    • This is how a real president responds when the people slap him upside the head in a midterm election.

      This. THIS:


      And I’m sure there is a lot of stuff in there that gives the professional CDS left the vapors, because it sounds “too republican”. But ya know what? Bill knew how to talk to the ENTIRE country about making govt WORK for us all. He knew how to make govt the friend, not the boogeyman. He knew how to not laugh off the concerns of the people, and assure them he wasn’t building some statist monstrosity, but rather making govt the servant to help their daily lives.

      And he remains my standard for how to fucking DO this. He understood TRUST. He understood the govt has to earn it, not demand it.

    • The problem was that he only went on 75% of the available media to try to educate us morons as to his awesomeness and our ungratefulness.

      The correction for that is obviously to hit 100% next time – all Obama on our teevees, all the time.

      • Again, amazingly tone deaf. Hasn’t he heard all the people saying how sick they are of seeing his mug on every conceivable program? No…more speeches, appearances, blah blah blah. Can’t talk yourself out of this one Barack–even with your breathtaking “gift.”

  23. Call me contrarian, but I actually like that Hillary said that. Basically she’s saying I’m not here to save your ass. I’ll work hard at this job, and then move on to the private sector and get great things done, like Bill. But I offered myself up at 2008 and you said no, I think we’re done with that path.

    It forces all the Dems to have to dig deep and look inward for what happened, and what needs to happen. They have to save themselves, she’s not going to ride in and save them.

    It actually puts exactly the right pressure on the Dem members to have to come up with their own solution.

    • And besides, she likely won in 2008, why on earth would she go through that again. Fool me once…

      • It would be especially hard to run against B0, given the cheating and fraud that occurred. No reason to think his team hasn’t refined their methods based on 2008.

    • we actually said yes.. but I do agree I also am glad she has made her position clear I consider her response a flip off ..

    • Totally agree.

    • I understand your point, but it’s still such a huge loss. She was the real “One” for that moment in time–and as I said above, she earned the right to go into the history books as the first woman president. She (and we) was robbed.

      • Maybe there should be “Draft Hillary” movement coming from outside the party establishment. Right now former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo is hinting that if his newly elected son does well, he should certainly run for higher office; talks are rife about Dean or Feingold challenging Obama, and some want a “Draft Joe Sestak for President.”

        I think, given all the dirt thrown at Hillary, the DNC will have to crawl on all fours and give fool-proof guarantees for her to entrust her political future to them. It breaks my heart, but I won’t blame her if she decides to walk away after her stint as SoS.

    • Agree too. Still, sad.

  24. CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ruled out running for president in 2012 or 2016 on Friday, saying the United States should be ready for a woman president but it would not be her.

    :((((( now I’m starting the day sad.

  25. Obama and his clueless idea that his failure is about his “image” or his “message” The message came across loud and clear sir. You were always a corporate tool meant to actually stop as much “change” as your masters could manage to stop. It’s just going to anger more people the more he says the problem is the image or the message. The poor and working class are invisible to you and they know it. THAT is the problem.

    • Image and message is all he’s got. That’s all he’s ever offered, and he’s perplexed, because it’s always worked for him in his life. He has no other tools in his kit.

    • Just like W who was obsessing about packaging the war. They even hired a Madison Ave firm (the San Francisco Rice authors) to come up with new catchy names for it. If onnly Obama could have found catchy names for HIS disasters!

  26. Hilary NOT running for President again?

    Y’know what? I’m going to wait until November 06, 2012 before I believe that. And even then, I’m STILL writing her name in.

  27. Now progressives are whining overseas.

    There are some remarks that are so stupid that to be even vaguely aware of them is the intellectual equivalent of living nextdoor to Chernobyl. This is what it’s been like to live in the United States for the last year or two: it’s the moronic influenza, as the irate among us find increasingly convoluted ways to say decreasingly less (as I just did).

    Hard to say precisely what it is that people – “folks”, as President Obama likes to call them – are so darn exercised about, but they say things that show that their command of any words with more than two syllables is completely questionable, like: “The president is a socialist”, or “healthcare reform is unconstitutional”. Of course, what they want to say, and what they should say, is something to the effect that they hate this man that those people elected president and they want to kill him – but only people like me, elitists with Ivy League degrees – people who actually have read Das Kapital and who have studied constitutional law – talk trash like that.

    If you don’t know better, apparently, you demand to see the president’s birth certificate – suddenly, every American is on border patrol – and you start claiming that there is nothing about separation of church and state in the first amendment, even though the supreme court has ruled on the point more than 25 times since 1878.

    • Being looked down on from afar … priceless!

    • Did anyone else notice how Miz Snootybritches dismissed actual manufacturing of useful products as “dumb stuff”?

      The bipartisan professional-managerial-“creative” class speaks. 😛

    • In the first place, it’s not “healthcare reform.”

      In the second place, it’s the command to give our money to scumbag private “health” insurance companies.

      Just a couple of the things we uneducated rabble don’t like.

      • *begin snark*

        C’mon, Luna, it’s the best His Infallibility the Lightworker could do, given that he had to deal with us dismally backward rabble.

        If you were totally smart and kewl like Miz Wurtzel, you’d understand that.

        You keep talking like that, you’ll be banished to the geek table. 😉

        *end snark*

    • If I were a GOP strategist, I would save this screed for future use.

      The Stevensonian progs just can’t help sneering, any more than Dr. Strangelove could stop that right arm from flying up at inopportune moments. 😛

      • Although maybe she thought no USAmericans outside of her clique would read this, since it was published in a foreign periodical.

  28. Torchwood, they keep asking her that and of course she’s going to deny she’ll ever run again. i don’t think it will be 2012 but, probably 2016 and like you I will write her name in. I’m not voting for anymore men for POTUS or republicans…maybe I’ll vote third party if they run a woman who is liberal…other than that I’m done voting for people who couldn’t care less about women’s issues or anything else I care about just because they might be two percent less “evil” Hold on though…many have denied they are ever going to run for POTUS and really she HAS to say that. She cannot be seen in her position as S.O.S. to be challenging the party right now. If they were smart they’d draft her and let the air out of the republicans.

    • I know everyone is saying she “has to say that,” but if she were really keeping the door open, she’d say, “I am really focused on my job right now, and that’s where my attention is going to stay” or something like that. Then again, that would just detonate CDS so…

      who the heck knows.

  29. Oh jeez–what I wouldn’t give for Hillary in 2012.
    I saw the Greenwale-O’Donnell argument this morning and Greenwald won. period.

    Hey–have ya’ll seen the Haka that greeted Hillary in New Zealand yesterday. I think it was a traditional Maori ceremony (she looked fantastic, btw). I just kept thinking that she must think she’s running into bots again. It’s on youtube under Traditional Welcome for Hillary Clinton at Parliament (I’m link stupid).

  30. Almost fell over laughing at this one. Got email from big orange, here’s the first part (put down that cup before or you’ll do a spit take):

    Democrats suffered serious losses on Tuesday, but no one was hit harder than the corporatist Blue Dogs. Over half their members are gone. Apparently, being the GOP’s best friends on issue after issue wasn’t the political winner they claimed it was.

    But getting drubbed hasn’t made the Blue Dogs humble. Now, they have Nancy Pelosi in their sights, demanding she step down as Democratic leader in the House. The Blue Dogs want to replace her with one of their own, so they can deliver our entire party to Wall Street.

    That is the funniest and saddest thing I’ve seen in a while because of course the biggest blue dog is the president himself, and the groups that pushed him in like big orange.

    • so they can deliver our entire party to Wall Street
      No big orange, you already did that in 2008. What a bunch of idiots.

    • By the way, this is a signature drive to show they’ve got Pelosi’s back, and that they want her to keep her position. See more:

      Pelosi will decide whether to run for House Minority Leader within the next week, so she needs to hear from her supporters ASAP. At Daily Kos, we will deliver your signatures to her personally, so she knows you’ve got her back.

      They want to keep her there just like Republican’s are praying Dems will keep her there. Pretty good evidence that the people behind big orange are Republicans.

      • She tweeted that she’s running. I was wondering how many Republicans had signed Bowers’ petition.

      • Pelosi’s running….announced today.

        Repubs and Repub-lites (Markos, Arianna) celebrating.

        If she wins, you can kiss 2012 goodbye.

      • People from HotAir are laughing their asses off, and running over to sign that petition. They are writing their Dem reps as “concerned Democrats” urging them to vote Pelosi.

        The bubble-world mindset is strong in these Cheetos…

  31. Wow. Keith Olbermann has been suspended.

    MSNBC has suspended star anchor Keith Olbermann following the news that he had donated to three Democratic candidates this election cycle.

    “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a statement.

    • I find myself in the strange position of defending Olby.

      He is a citizen and has the right to support candidates just like everyone else.

      • They are saying it’s a contract violation – the contract forbids it.

        Much as I despise Olbie, I think it’s a bit of a Juan Williams moment – they were looking for a reason, so found one.

      • I’ve got no love for Olby, but that suspension is partisan political BS. NBC’s parent company, General Electric, has donated millions to Republican candidates.

    • Oh, noes! He donated money? Now my illusion KO was an objective journalist is shattered!

      • Next they’re going to tell us that Sean Hannity votes Republican. To the fainting couch!

  32. Someone just sent me a funny bumper sticker picture:

    Does this ASS make my car look big.

    & there’s the HOPE picture of O 🙂

  33. New post up

  34. I don’t know much about this website, but they have a petition to draft Hillary for 2012. Hell, I’ll sign any petition I can find.


  35. I have to get ready to go to work now (for new readers, I work Mon.-Fri. nights, except vacations and holidays), but before I go:

    I want to say again that it’s been a fun week to hang out here with my fellow r@c!$ts, gun clingers, religious clingers, bitter knitters, dry-Miss Kitty menopause cases, Wicca practitioners, Sino-Peruvian yuri girls, and just plain stupid hicks.

    Oh, and clowns. I mustn’t forget the clowns. :mrgreen:

    Brazille Nut told us the Democratic Party didn’t need us any longer, and we took her at her word.

    How’s that working out for ya, Donna? 😛

    “Have you heard the Klingon proverb that states that revenge is a dish best eaten when cold?

    It is very cold in space…” 😈

  36. A weak and fragmented Democratic party was never going to be a match. With “main street” America frustrated with the slow progress and perceived failed government measures to revive the economy and get American’s back to work. The promise of “YES WE CAN” in real terms was never going to be able to match the hype given the challenges faced and the vehemence of those opposed to challenge him.


  37. Can they really tell who sat out the election? I think what happened was more LGBT people didn’t vote, or voted third party, not that they turned out for Republicans. Same with women. I’d never vote Republican (no offense to any Pubs here, it’s just how I roll), but I also wasn’t inclined to vote for a party that assumed they had me in the bag and could use my rights as bartering chips and call me a “retard” for protesting because they assumed I had nowhere else to go.
    I voted Green though. I’d be really interested to know if there’s been an uptick in votes for liberal third parties like the Greens. The media tends to lump us disillusioned hippies in with the “swing voter” Libertarians.

    Outis – change.org is pretty good, actually.

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