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Thursday: What we’re up against because the “Creative Class” just *had* to have its way

Oh, how bittersweet to know what’s coming but unable to knock any sense at all into the children who got us into this mess.

I noticed yesterday that they seemed unusually quiet.  Well, except for the gits at the Big Cheeto who seem determined to blame all of this on the hicks in the sticks.

No, don’t blame it on an increase in the number of indies going Republican.  The problem is a good chunk of your own team didn’t bother to show up.  It’s that “party unity” thing you bludgeoned us with.  Remember when Nancy Pelosi brought down the gavel like she was late for a plane and the band struck up, “People all over the world, join hands, get on a LOVE train, LOVE train”.   That song is ruined for me. The party was being 1 part sincere and 45 parts mean spirited and contemptuous, rubbing salt in the wounds of everybody in Denver who was sent there to represent a middle class/working class constituency that was desperately looking for a return to peace and prosperity.  Instead, they were railroaded and stuffed in the closet while a small bunch of fanatics took over the party.

Based on the comments I saw on various blogs yesterday, the “creative class” intelligentsia still do. not. get. it.  They now seem receptive to the idea that Obama should be primaried, preferably from the left.  But they keep trying to ignore the only legitimate person in the room who has a shot of doing it.  Desperately, they grasp at names like Elizabeth Warren, who has never run for public office, and Russ Feingold, who just got tossed out of one for, I suspect, being a bit too much of a man of mystery.  Even Anglachel who was a Clintonista backs off from entertaining the possibility:

This is also why the various calls to do, um, something dramatic and bold and powerful and letting them know that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it! from the self-identified liberals and progressives and anti-Obama contingent will have little effect on electoral politics. The people capable of mounting a viable primary challenge to Obama (who number, at most, two in the entire Democratic party) absolutely will not agree to it because the true victims of that kind of party in-fighting are the constituents who need the party to represent them, even as the party in question is doing a piss-poor job of it at present.

Running a primary challenge is what the precursors of the Obamacan/Unity faction did to both Carter and Gore, when Teddy Kennedy and Bill Bradley respectively decided that they were far more deserving of the nomination than those tedious men, party faction be damned. They were Northeast Stevensonian Elites and, by that standard, the proper recipients of the crown.

I’m confident that my critical stance on The Precious is well known. I’m going to say now that trying to recruit a primary opponent is a stupid thing to do, and anyone who would take up that role does liberal politics no favors. It is simply a waste of energy and money. Take a page from Hillary’s book and get past revenge. As I talked about two years ago, parties are about power before anything else. Don’t waste time crippling the Democratic nominee worse than he’s doing on his own. You won’t win the nomination, and Obama will screw himself over six ways from Sunday when it comes to the general. His sole political purpose now is to encourage the Republican Preznit wanna-bes to butcher each other in the primaries, much as they did two years ago.

Here’s where Anglachel and I differ.  What would be stupid would be to do nothing.  The country can’t take another round of Obama, who at this point looks like a non-starter, or a Republican.  And we must remember that the primary challenge of Ted Kennedy in 1980 didn’t have the support of most of the country anyway.  By contrast, Hillary won almost every large state, 18,000,000 voters (and might have had more if not for the caucus fraud and the trashing of her reputation as a racist) and her last weeks of the primary season were remarkable.  In spite of all the rancor the media and her own party directed at her, she was even starting to gain the respect of Republicans who admired her tenacity and drive.

I’ll go one step further: If she doesn’t run in 2012, most of the electorate in 2016 will not remember what will look like the golden age of the 1990’s, the last gasp of the middle class.  For people my daughter’s age, who will be old enough to vote in 2016, life in the US is very different.  She started kindergarten the week of 9/11. The locks, television monitors and security state started in earnest at schools all across the nation.  She’s never been allowed to play unsupervised or choose her own friends.  Teachers, police, parents of other kids and even the neighbors have made sure of it.  Discipline in school is severe and swift, conformity and silence is rewarded, eccentricity strictly verboten.  Every responsible adult outside of school has taken it upon themselves to force religion down her throat and I have instructed her not to tell anyone that she’s an atheist (her own decision, not mine).  Her parents work during school vacations, unlike some of her friends who go to Utah to ski or the Carribean to swim.  Unless she gets scholarships, she will be burdened with substantial debt when she graduates.  If she does manage to graduate, there may not be work for her in this country. Like her older sister, she may never be able to afford to live in an apartment by herself or own her own home. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to talk to a 14 year old about how much better her employment and social safety net options will be in another country and that she really should consider emigrating while she’s young if she wants a better life.

This is what the so called “creative class” has decided for us, continue to decide for us.  In their delusional state, the working class will thank them for giving them, um, what exactly?  What was so great about the health care reform act for the working class?  And by working class, I mean anyone who gets a paycheck from someone else, regardless of education level.  What did the financial bailout do for the average Joe?  Did Lilly Ledbetter actually equalize the pay for women across the country?  The Democrats flogging Lilly Ledbetter was possibly the most insulting piece of pre-election propaganda I have ever heard.  I didn’t know if I was more offended by the Party trying to pass it off as a game-changing  win for women when it clearly wasn’t or whether they thought we were too stupid to read the damn act.

Yesterday, Joel Kotkin at Forbes wrote The Smackdown of the Creative Class and summed up why the Democrats lost big on Tuesday for catering to this tiny 5% of the US population and ignoring the largest chunk of their base:

In contrast, the traditional middle class has not fared well at all. This group consists of virtually everyone who earns the national household median income of $50,000 or somewhat above. They tend to be white, concentrated outside the coasts (except along the Gulf), suburban and politically independent. In 2008 they divided their votes, allowing Obama, with his huge urban, minority and youth base, to win easily.

Since Obama’s inauguration all the economic statistics vital to their lives–job creation, family income, housing prices–have been stagnant or negative. Not surprising then that suburbanites, small businesspeople and middle-income workers walked out on the Democrats last night. They did not do so because they loved the Republicans but because the majority either fears unemployment or already have lost their jobs. Many were employed in the industries such as manufacturing and construction hardest hit in the recession; it has not escaped their attention that Obama’s public-sector allies, paid with their taxes, have remained not only largely unscathed, but much better compensated.

Of course, few on the progressive left–more expressive of a dictatorship of the professoriate than that of the proletariat–seem likely to confront these class realities. Many will ascribe last night’s disaster to the dunderheadness of the American people, or to the clever venality of the right. Certainly some tea party candidates, inexperienced and untested, did appear incapable of passing a high school civics test. But the results had less to do with Karl Rove’s money than the Democrats disconnect with the middle class.

That sums it up pretty well.  The working/middle class wanted real change in 2008 and elected what they thought was a Democrat after they were forced into it.  They were forced to go against their instincts for Clinton in order to satisfy some higher level of the pyramid of needs for some Whole Foods Market consumer.  In the process, the “creative class” has destroyed the Democratic party.  At this point, the damage to the party is much, much worse than anything Ted Kennedy ever did.  Because if the Democrats do not purge their ranks of these pseudoliberals, the real working class liberals will never support the party or vote for it again.  We’ll just sit home and figure out ways of getting our kids out of here.

Is a primary challenge from Hillary really worse than that reality?  If the most liberal president your party is going to get is Hillary Clinton, the creative class might just want to put down that CDS crack pipe it’s been smoking and get behind her.  Because the unity pony isn’t going to make it to 2016.  And holding out for a creative class utopia is going to result in misery for everyone else.

I don’t care how the party gets Obama not to run in 2012. They can persuade him to give it up voluntarily like LBJ did, or they can start secretly funding Hillary for a primary win.  But something has to be done to get him out of the White House and put a strong contender in his place.

The creative class will take us all down unless we strike back and tell them in no uncertain terms that we are not putting up with their $#@% anymore.  Tuesday was the first blow.  And we will continue to pound on them until they get the message.  No candidate that has their support will ever have mine unless he/she embraces the working class.  I don’t see that happening.  So, the party is at a stalemate.  The vast majority of us are held hostage by a tiny group of snobs who think very well of themselves and not of you.

So be it.  The Democrats will be the Washington Generals to the Republican Globe Trotters until a new team comes along.

130 Responses

  1. The Creative Class never makes mistakes because they are smarter than everyone else. Their mommies told them so, and they have fancy degrees from Ivy League colleges to prove it.

    You must be a racist.


  2. Ya know, I’ve got to get to work and you and myiq are writing great posts today. In light of what happened Tuesday, I think more Pat Caddell-type Democrats are going to come out of the closet and break the silence about the railroading of the middle class and the internal destruction of core liberal values. Keep on keepin’ on RD. And Go Hillary.

  3. Very true. All of it. The realization that the current WH occupant is unacceptable is going to take some time when a very loud and very invested tiny group have their entire self identity tied up in their delusion. What is going to help snap them out of it? Money! I am hearing through the grapevine (friends in low levels like me) that the money to Democrats is choking off. The money people (rich people, labor unions, corps, etc.) are balking and getting nasty with the failures. Last minute calls went out immediately before the election and they were told no. Losers can’t raise money. This is why Madame Speaker will quit, and eventually so will Obama. It takes lots of money to run crooked campaigns. And the media loves well funded frauds. Broke ass Democrats do not last long.

    • They didn’t get a penny from me this season. They’re lucky I voted for one of them. Unfortunately, there weren’t any third party candidates running in my district. Of course, I could have written someone in.
      But that’s besides the point. The Democrats really screwed themselves 12 ways to sunday in 2008. They completely ignored us. Now, maybe they’ll pay attention. If not, they’ll get the same treatment in 2012 until they get it.

      • And they do not seem to realize just how nasty the Republicans are going to be to Obama. He has treated the Congressional Republicans with contempt to their faces. Even if you hate their guts you have to be civil. He hasn’t and he isn’t. I watched a Youtube of Obama with Congressional Republicans in 2009 I think and he acted like a juvenile delinquent at a court hearing. I thought he cannot be a lawyer, or a former legislator. The insolence and contempt was beyond insulting. They are going to (figuratively) kick the shit out of him. He truly believes that there are no consequences to his behavior, action, policies or lack of them. He has truly never been held to account for anything in his life. At this advanced stage of his life I am not sure he can handle it.

        • Of course, he treated the Democratic members of the House and Senate in the same manner. He has treated the Democratic voters the same way. Come to think about that is how he treats everyone. The sooner the world realizes that HE is the only one that counts, the better for us all.

          • The problem is that he and his fan-followers treat everyone that way; the have (for all their sacred Ivy League degrees) conflated their nasty, bullying, condescending wilding behavior with the fact that they won in 2008. They think they won because treating those who they would like to vote for themlike sh*t was their winning strategy.

            This is because they rewrite history at every turn. Obama was (again, just like in the primaries) staggering toward the general election finish line when the economy crashed and every fool on earth with a D next to their name (including, to my great heartbreak, Bill) ran around talking about how Democrats are always better on the economy. That is the only reason Obama made it past the finish line.

            But like roosters who think they make the sun rise, they thought their putrid strategy won them the election. So now they know of no other strategy.

  4. The party will not get Obama not to run in 2012 for the same reason they went for him in 2008: selling us out.
    I remember the story an insider posted here at the end of primaries: Hillary was calling her delegates, she wanted to go on to the convention but they said “Forget it!” “But he will lose” “Even so, the money is too good”. So it’s all in the hands of Wall Street. Like it always was. If they decide to starve the party, maybe they’ll go for someone else.
    At least I can offer some schadenfreude fun with today’s tabloids

    • We need to get the message out that he didn’t WIN the election -the truth has to come out as to what happened in Denver because there are a lot of folks out there who believe he actually won the primaries.
      The full story has to come out – then if you thought this past election sweep was action, you’ll really see more than tea partiers out there.
      Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there and only know what those of you who were there passed on through TC.
      Who’s writing the book – the tell all – the expose?

  5. My kids are in that generation you speak of RD. (Son is 13 and daughter is 12) What sort of future do these kids have…the outlook is so depressing. I have said this before, a couple of months ago my daughter had a classmate who was killed in a car accident. At the funeral I saw over 90 kids walking behind that coffin up the hill to the grave site. These kids were 12 to 14 years old, and seeing that mass of youth…with their heads down looking so sad and defeated, made me think about just how dire the future is for them.

    I wish that the “creative class” would get their heads out of their asses and realize what they have done to the working class. Yes, I would say the Dems really need to find a way to kick Obama out and bring in Hillary in 2012. But I honestly do not see that happening. To me 2016 is the next time she will have a real shot at running. (All those CDS assholes will be sure to do anything and everything to see that she is not supported by the Dem party in 2012.)

    And you are right, I do feel like I am being held hostage by the Elite that run the party. Damn it, I am so frustrated and I know that I am not the only one out there who feels this way. It is just so exhausting, I am tired of feeling this way. I was truly hoping that the party would get the picture after these mid-terms. The fact that the don’t really gives me the sense of drowning. I have to come to the realization that these snobs will never represent me or support the people who need and really are the Democratic Party.

    • I wish that the “creative class” would get their heads out of their asses and realize what they have done to the working class.

      Two problems – the CCs think they ARE the working class and they ain’t feeling no pain.


    • Wait a bit. Let the election sink in. I don’t think it has yet.
      But we must continue to tell them we won’t vote for them or help them win until they purge their ranks. That’s it. No mas.

      • And wait until Obama and congressional democrats join the republicans in gutting social security.

        “The party will not get Obama not to run in 2012 for the same reason they went for him in 2008..” Such authoritative statements are nonsense. A world of things can happen before 2012, including scandal and impeachment.

        • When Obama follows the recommendations of the Cat Food Commission, and works to implement the gutting and cutting of SocSec, the Dem Party is a gonner. Dead in the water.

          I don’t know what will come along, but something will (oh, I do so hope!).

          Obama cannot make meaningful cuts to SocSec and run in 2012. Unless he wants to out Austerian the Republicans. And Repubsonly want to be austere about the little people’s economic security.

          BTW, did anyone here get any polling calls? I didn’t this go-round. if you did, were there questions about cuts to SocSec or raising the age for full retirement from 66-67 to 70?

          If there were no such questions, I would wonder why.

          I kept asking the host of the AM talk show on WNYC public radio why he wasn’t asking eash candidate appearing on his show about his or her stand on SocSec issues. No reply of course. But, while the Cat Food Commission was mentioned is passing, little has been discussed in depth about what Obama and his appointees are doing on that abominable commission.

      • Honk!

  6. […] Oh, how bittersweet to know what's coming but unable to knock any sense at all into the children who got us into this mess. I noticed yesterday that they seemed unusually quiet.  Well, except for the gits at the Big Cheeto who seem determined to blame all of this on the hicks in the sticks. No, don't blame it on an increase in the number of indies going Republican.  The problem is a good chunk of your own team didn't bother to show up.  It's that … Read More […]

  7. take a good look at that video. Not everyone is cheering. There are pockets throughout that are not participating with the rest of the party. they don’t look like they;re out of their minds delirious with excitement. And the Michigan delegation doesn’t look like it’s partying at all.
    Betcha that was conveeeeeniently snipped out of the media coverage. But the amateur filmmaker caught it.

    • Michigan broke THE RULZ!

      {{slurps Kool-aid}}

      • And since those nice Reps in FL moved up their primary. It was only fair to flog fellow Dems.

        Clearly…..the RBC/DNC had to punish all those FL Democratic voters who had nothing to do with it…hey what flavor kool-aid is this?

      • That was the biggest mistake, because if a person’s vote isn’t going to count, they should advertise that at the election polls, that the parities can NULL AND VOID your VOTE or COUNT YOU AS HALF A PERSON.

        That was a very rude awakening and the biggest one, was that the Supreme Court allows them to do it and Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean (as the Chairman) allowed it and pushed for it, while saying they were ‘Democrats’.

  8. Anglachel is smart and she is a very devoted Clinton supporter, so I have to assume that there is a reason why she does not want to consider a primary challenge against Obama. I think the answer can be found in her post, and it is this: “Take a page from Hillary’s book and get past revenge.”

    She believes that there is a very small chance Hillary will want to challenge Obama in 2012. I think if there was any indication that Hillary would do so, Anglachel would be more than likely to support it. What Clinton supporter doesn’t want the Empty Suit sent back to Chicago?

    Additionally, Anglachel says in her post that she believes “the people capable of mounting a viable primary challenge to Obama (who number, at most, two in the entire Democratic party)”. If you believe that, then what is the point of having anyone other than Hillary (or the second person, I’m thinking Gore or Clark) challenge Obama and lose?

    I am guessing Anglachel wants Hillary to run in 2016. I understand RD’s point that a lot of the kids today might go for the next manufactured Democratic celebrity over Hillary, but chances are that she will still have a very good shot at winning in 2016.

    Believe me, I do NOT want to wait that long. I would love to see Hillary primary Obama in 2012. But realistically, I doubt it will happen. The country will have to suffer, but that is the cost we will all have to pay for the 2008 election.

    • Hillary won’t have to primary Obama; the Dems will ask him to stand down and BEG her to run. You heard it here first. There are no other credible alternatives. The race for 2012 has started and no other Dem can pull the support she can in the time given. She knows it; they do too.

      • Yep. This is true. This latest trip to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and other lux side trips with a zillion friends, hangers on, and security forces to look at the pretty buildings and eat and drink good stuff is going to drive his approval ratings even lower days after a massacre of an election. I do not think he will listen to anyone nor does he gives a rat at this point. He subconsciously knows he blew it and is going to go out with a bang.

      • Please–that would be the best. But, the ‘powers’ would have to shut up the media crap also. If they can instigate the CDS, they can call it off.

    • I still mourn the potential Clinton-Clark ticket of 2008. The kind of good they might have done… well, obviously, very few people agreed with me.

      Clark is in business and education these days – unless someone like the Clintons or Gore drags him back into politics, I’m not sure if he would seek it on his own. It gets tiring to keep getting thrown under the bus.

      • If Hillary runs, Repubs will paint her as a Liberal. She will paint herself as a Centrist. To pull off a win, she’ll have to have someone to the right of her on the ticker; that’s not Clark. That’s not Clark. I love the guy but the only way he gets on the ticket is if the wars are major news in early 2012.

        P.S. I think we need to look forward, not backwards. We’ve lamented what could have been for the 2 years now. It’s time to go forward with what we hope to achieve.

  9. Harry Reid looks rather depressed next to the tabloid headline, ‘Majority leader says focus will be on middle class”.

    • How can we hope that someone will primary Obama, when there isn’t even a Democratic senator with the guts to go after Reid. Reid couldn’t get anything done with 60 senators, it is crazy to think that he will be effective with 52 or whatever it will be. Where is the challenge to Reid’s leadership??

      • I think Dean the Scream will most likely primary BO. This will be his payback to BO for throwing him under the bus immediately after the GE election. A primary from Dean will be a big mistake, imo, since he’s responsible for the primary shenanigans in 2008, and also kept silent about the misogyny toward Hillary, conveniently protesting such treatment only after BO’s arse was dragged over the finish line. Hillary’s 18-million supporters have very long memories, Mr. Dean.

  10. Here’s a headline:
    Obama, Republicans prepare for joint assault on American workers

    It is notable that neither Obama nor his Republican opponents classify government spying, wiretapping, secret prisons or assassination orders—all the trappings of a police state—as “big government.” What the Republicans demonize is the slightest government restriction on the activities of giant corporations, banks and wealthy individuals to plunder and exploit working people.

    Obama pointed to the bipartisan deficit commission he appointed in March, which is to submit proposals next month for cuts in entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, as well as possible consumption taxes on the working class.


  11. Why is Obama giving the keys to the car to the Republicans? He immediately capitulates and seems non plussed about handing them the keys…all over again. It was the one argument Obama made while campaigning this election that made any sense. And now he, and his lack of principles, is going to do what he said we shouldn’t. What an ***!

    • The keys of the car were always held by the same people on Wall Street. They let us make believe Obama was driving and now they switched. Obama, like W is just a puppet.

    • I think that was his agenda all along. He wants to rule, not to govern. He wants people to like him. Most of all, he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

      That “change” meme he was spouting – I think he was honestly referring to “how” things got done – with “civility” and “who” did them – i.e. an African-American – but not “what” was done. He didn’t really know what he was going to do. His agenda was to get elected and make history, but he didn’t have a clear plan for what he was going to do once he got there.

      In other words, the electorate was had. Now, we all pay the price.

  12. And here’s the Election Day edition of the DUdies – before, during and after

  13. Reverse class envy?
    The creative class mostly were born out of working class families and despise their parents for being so “uncool”.
    Perhaps mom drove a Ford station wagon with the faux woodgrain flanks when all their peers’ parents had Volvos or Mercs.
    Unless Obama decides to step down this is a lose lose situation.
    He will lose in 2012 to any republican unless there is a significant turn around and any other Democrat will lose the O-bot vote needed to win.
    The C C’s have FUBARed the Democratic Party big time.

  14. I agree, RD. In fact, Ian Welsh had a piece yesterday using his own district as an example. There wasn’t a great flood of Republican/TP love out there on Tuesday. There were a lot of Dems who just stayed home.

    Why not? We can all recall the 2008 primary. We now have 2 miserable years of one disappointing moment after another, opportunities squandered, faux pride on display and compromises that make most traditional Dems gag. And oh, btw, jobs are still evaporating [457,000 new unemployment claims, week ending 10/30]. The 4-week average was 456,000.

    As for Clinton challenging in 2012? I just don’t see it happening unless Obama decides to step aside. And I don’t see that happening unless the man is threatened with something. On the other hand, I cannot imagine living through another 6 years of this rudderless Administration. Nor can I imagine the shrinking middle class or even the country surviving that long. It really worries me to read that the Fed is going for QE2, effectively devaluing the dollar, while commodity prices continue to rise and are predicted to spike in 2011.

    Less purchasing power, a huge jump in food and oil prices and continuing unemployment is not a good mix. What are these people thinking? A jump in the stock market means absolutely nothing to the man or woman who can’t find a job and sees his or her unemployment benefits running out.

    This will not end well.

    • When I go to the grocery it seems as though everyone is living on food stamps; except food is getting more and more expensive and I wonder how far those stamps take them. Devaluing the dollar is a particularly bad idea when most people are already having a hard time making ends meet. If this turns out to be a harsh winter, God help us all, people will have to choose between fuel and food.

  15. Democrats should take a page out of the conservative playbook, and show backbones.

    When the right saw the republicans as corrupt, they started a Tea Party movement. They were laughed at, were called hicks, racists, teabaggers, and all kinds of things, by the same liberals, whose motto until 2009 was, “dissent is patriotic“. But the conservatives didn`t give a sh*t and pushed on.

    The losers such as WKJM on TalkLeft talk about Tea Party not being a force, since they *only* won 35% of their races!!! Yeah, right! Dismal results for a new movement in an era when 80% of incombents are in safe districts. But, of course, what do you expect of empty heads who, via irrational hate, made Palin the force she is today?

    I have *serious* problem with primary scenario, especially from Hillary Clinton. How would it work? First of all, she is the Secretary of State, and in the middle of a lot of diplomatic work. She can`t campaign in her current job, and she can`t just leave in the middle of it. Granted, she can wait till the end of the year to announce, and it`s even better for her to start later, rather than sooner. Then, what do you do with African-Americans who get mad at her, because they are vested in Obama?

    The only way I see is kind of like an LBJ/Bobby Kennedy path. If Obama, by virtue of dismal approval ratings, and a challenge from the left, declines to run. Even then, low approval ratings mean that things haven`t improved, and that the population will associated his “liberal“ policies with the D brand and the dismal state of the country. Then the media and the elite, who ran screaming at the thought a Clinton “dynasty“ (whatever the sh*t they meant) will sell out Jeb Bush to America.

    In short, I see a much MORE likelihood of Jeb Bush being the 45th President than Hillary Clinton. It`s cynical, but that`s how American has worked so far.

    • Except the “dynasty” thing works just as well, or perhaps even more so, against Jeb as against Hillary. Jeb, after all, has two former presidents in his lineage. As I said before, I think the Dems will ask BHO to stand down and get Hillary to run.

      As for African Americans, many are not as invested in BHO as you might think. I never was, but more and more I get silence and not vehement counter attacks when I say BHO is incompetent.

      Back in the day there was a saying in the Black community: “every brother ain’t a brother” When Blacks admit to themselves that BHO really didn’t do anything much to help our community, that saying (or the updated equivalent) will be used to describe him. Few will openly say that he was a disaster but many know it. Only the creative class members in the Black community will be in his corner in 2012.

      Hillary can get the support of the Black community provided BHO doesn’t run but unfortunately, it will require the assistance of that awful James Clyburn, Jesse Jackson, Sr., Al Sharpton and the like; these people still have “cred” in the Black community.

      • That has already started. In Chicago, there is already unrest in the black community about what he has, or hasn’t, done for them.

        Like you, I’m not getting that violent pushback at the barbershop anymore. The consistently high unemployment numbers are what I hear about the most. Actually using info from this site helps as well. You would be SO SO SO surprised to hear what people, especially black people, don’t know about him. And when you can show them where he said one thing and did exactly the opposite?


        Hillary 2012

        • I’m curious as to what Obama as a politician ever did for someone who did not grease his palms? I’ve tried to find out so I might vote for him holding my nose, but haven’t found one instance. An AA woman in Chicago who was once the campaign manager for a well-known politician in Chicago wrote me in response after he was installed as the Dem prez candidate “Obama was in a position to do good, but he did not.”

          If it is so hard to unearth any accomplishments for his constituents as a part-time lege (not counting the work of other Illinois Dem legs that Emile Jones passed on to him to have some fake accomplishments and whose
          district was rewarded mightily with our tax dollars), why are people surprised that he hasn’t come through with any of their fantasies generated by Axelrod’s Hope campaign? Heck, hand him a Nobel, and you get nothing. A figment of an ad campaign.

    • Jeb is probably the person most responsible for W’s getting into office in 2001. He oversaw the Florida voter suppression and fraud.

      Greg Palast reported on it well, but not enough people care. “Blackout in Florida” http://www.gregpalast.com/bush-family-finances-best-democracy-money-can-buy/

  16. Whatever Hillary decides to do with her political future, it’s obvious that for other foreign leaders, she has grown even more in stature. The Prime Minister of New Zealand made a freudian slip at such an opportune moment (i.e. mid-terms):

    “Prime Minister John Key made a slight gaffe in closing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s press conference this afternoon – referring to her as ‘President Clinton’.”


    From his lips to God’s ears.

  17. Those who call themselves the creative class are what I call the impractical class. They are obsessed with pretty words and beautiful theories. It’s like playing with neat toys to them, and batting around interesting ideas.

    It’s the same mindset that caused them to look at Obama’s gorgeous campaign machine and Ooooo and Ahhhhh that it made him fit to be president. WTF?

    Out here in the real world, practicality rules the day, because we cannot afford otherwise. We didn’t have the luxury the last two years of sitting back and clapping our hands delightedly at the party tricks, exclaiming over the devilishly clever Blue Govt Contraption being built. “Look at all those moving parts! Kewl!”

    Our question was always, “Yeah, but what does it DO? What’s its function? Is it useful?” That’s the old pragmatic Democrat – whether our collars be blue or white. I’m not interested in my country being a thought experiment for the intelligentsia to tinker with from on high. I want plain old boring prosaic nitty-gritty government that WORKS to the betterment of all. I want function.

    Nobody faints and swoons over function. It’s so pedestrian. But people have better lives because of it.

    • The problem with the “creative” class is that they aren’t actually creative. They’ve slapped the label on themselves because they’re taken by its kewlitude–rather as they’ve slapped the hopenchange labels on Obama for precisely the same reason–but haven’t actually produced anything in the way of innovation or original thought, much less original results. Again, very much like Obama himself.

    • “the impractical class“, you are too kind.

      The idiot class is a better choice, or as Pacific John (of Alegre`s Corner) says, the overeducated fools.

    • That explains HRC v. Obama too. They thought she was so booooring with all her facts and detailed solutions. Where were the swooning fans and Greek columns? It was always her pragmatism I loved most–you knew she would get sh*t done. This guy, it’s one long vacation from reality.

  18. Honk, honk.

    It’s still amazing that this group of the party were so stunningly stupid as to go with the fluff who admired Reagan the most, and who had no discernible experience.

    I’m trying really hard to see a difference between Obama and Bush. Really hard. But I can’t seem to see it. Maybe I just need a more powerful magnifying glass.

  19. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to talk to a 14 year old about how much better her employment and social safety net options will be in another country and that she really should consider emigrating while she’s young if she wants a better life.

    Where are these better prospects?

  20. When Obumbles reaches 35% approval rating, the DNC won’t have to tell him not to run. I am doing more than holding out hope that Bill and Hillary are plotting her return. Our role is to leave dormant the machine that would be her campaign until such time as she needs us. We just need to survive these next two years.

    Hillary 2012

    • I think the Wise People of the Dem Party (are there any left?) will indeed have to have The Talk with Obama. He will not believe he can’t create the magic one more time for himself, that the Repubs will be so hated he can squeak through.

      No, he will not “get it” on his own.

      • I am trying to imagine The Talk. The problem is, who’s left in the Democratic Party to give it to him, and with what could they possibly threaten him? He took over the entire Party apparatus and relentlessly grabbed all the money for himself (when he was raking in multimillions the summer of 08 the Party was all but bouncing checks).

        Of the Democratic leaders left in Congress and elsewhere, there aren’t 3 you could scrape up with the courage to have The Talk with him (Hillary and Bill obviously can’t be the ones). The Dems can’t cut off his money because most of it comes from Wall St. and other uber-wealthy parasiticals. Wall St. isn’t going to cut off his allowance; they’ll just give the Republicans more and consider it backing their bet both ways.

        Obama’s already bored, and getting testier by the day, now that the crowds are shrinking and the adoration is waning. I think his own lack of work ethic is the only realistic chance he’d fail to run in 2012.

  21. Axelrod’s greatest trick was convincing the hipster generation that BO was a real progressive. The actual creative class establishment was never fooled. Over half of these banking czars for instance call themselves Democrats. As the Black Agenda Report says, the President has accomplished more for the right so far than even Bush could have imagined, and that includes all the false spin on healthcare reform. Creative class Dems and the Republican leadership will have no issue with BO getting a second term. GOP will go through the show in 2012, but they really have their eyes on 2016. I know it’s easy to imagine Hillary being a clone of Bill if she were Potus. But given the times, her maturity at this stage in her life and career, and the fact that she is her own person, I for one believe she would be a powerful advocate and leader for the middle and working class, for the poor, for minorities, and of course for women. But like most commenting here, I don’t think she will primary BO. As they say in poker, the left is pot committed to Obama.

    • Not saying Bill isn’t all those things too. Just think Hillary would govern more effectively today left of the DLC. Or could have governed…whatever.

  22. California Democratic primary, 2008 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
    California was dubbed the “Big Enchilada” by the media because it offers the most delegates out of any other delegation.[1] Hillary Clinton won the primary.

    From Alegre’s Corner

    Here’s a Hillary State For You 
    by: Pacific John
    Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 21:49:35 PM EDT

    Jerry Brown (Dem) 53.6% 
    Meg Whitman (Rep) 41.3%
    Lt. Governor 
    Gavin Newsom (Dem) 50.0% 
    Abel Maldonado (Rep) 39.5%

    John Chiang (Dem) 54.9% 
    Tony Strickland (Rep) 36.5%

    Bill Lockyer (Dem) 56.4% 
    Mimi Walters (Rep) 36.5%

    Attorney General 
    Kamala D. Harris (Dem) 45.9% 
    Steve Cooley (Rep) 45.7%

    Insurance Commissioner 
    Dave Jones (Dem) 50.5% 
    Mike Villines (Rep) 37.8%

    US Senate 
    Barbara Boxer (Dem) 52.0% 
    Carly Fiorina (Rep) 42.6%

    And a final race I was worried about: 
    Loretta Sanchez (Dem) 51.0% 
    Van Tran (Rep) 42.1%

    We’re so deep blue in large part because the GOP attacked Mexican-Americans in 1994. It was bad, and even the state legislature went GOP. Bill and Hillary? They were here, standing by their friends in a time of need at high short-term political cost.

    This Californian is soooo ready to primary that milquetoast corporate puppet in the Oval Office, as I’m sure a lot of other real Dems in bright blue states are.

    A final observation – what the hell was that response of Obama’s? Nothing’s ever his fault. Maybe 2012 will be the end of the Bush era.


  23. May the next Democratic challenger utter the words of Truman:

    “I’ve seen it happen time after time. When the Democratic candidate allows himself to be put on the defensive and starts apologizing for the New Deal and the fair Deal, and says he really doesn’t believe in them, he is sure to lose. The people don’t want a phony Democrat. If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat, and I don’t want any phony Democratic candidates in this campaign.”

    Harry S Truman
    – Address at the National Convention Banquet of the Americans for Democratic Action (May 17, 1952)

  24. Great piece RD. Reading about B’s life post 9/11 makes me want to cry inside. Compared to our lives at her age. Effing tragic, and you must have been on eggshells.

    Hillary is the only safe bet? I’m glad Whitman was trounced out her. Miss Piggy. The part where you said no one will remember the golden age — how true.

    Democrats were for helping the poor. Our country has to fix that RIGHT NOW. Don’t let it get any worse.

    The way I see it? Romney vs Obama. Unless Hillary? Obama will not win again so there is no point even speculating about that in the mo. Also, those NAACP maps are very disturbing when you watch the country fracturing?

    The Democrats who just won? Get your asses in gear and stop partying.

    hugs Conf & Co.

    My blind allegiance to Dems is over — however i did vote Jerry and Boxer & I’m glad. California isn’t for sale. But that is the new way these politicians think they can operate around here. F that noise.

  25. Granted, I’m an idiot for voting for Obama … but an Iraq war cheerleader like Hillary Clinton? Who is STILL brandishing her “hawk” credentials to appear “serious” to the odious Villagers?

    • Raising Iraq as an issue is sooooo 2008

      How come the ONLY person in the Democratic party held responsible for the AUMF is Hillary?

    • Hardly a cheerleader. Her critical mistake was trusting W with a decision like that. “War as a last resort” passed by our aw shucks ex pres. I knew not to give that guy a blank check. But I was on to his delight in executing people back in the Gore/Bush debates.

      • Here is Hillary’s “cheerleading

        If we were to attack Iraq now, alone or with few allies, it would set a precedent that could come back to haunt us. In recent days, Russia has talked of an invasion of Georgia to attack Chechen rebels. India has mentioned the possibility of a pre-emptive strike on Pakistan. And what if China were to perceive a threat from Taiwan?

        So Mr. President, for all its appeal, a unilateral attack, while it cannot be ruled out, on the present facts is not a good option.

        • I bet the number of people who actually bothered to read what she said is in the single digits.

          I bet the number of people who followed up on Bill Clinton’s “Fairy Tale” remarks and what he said about Condoleezza Rice and Chuck Hagel are ZERO.

        • Thanks for posting this. The entirety of her comments was on her Senate website and I read it several times.

          Blizzard might want to remember that she spoke as the Senator from NY, after having walked across the smoldering rubble of the twin towers, in a gas mask no less.

          And in case he thinks Obama “voted against the war,” wrong! Obama never voted against AUMF because he was NOT a member of the Senate. And his vaunted speech had to be recorded in a studio during the primary because there was no record of it. Anywhere.

          Hillary Clinton? HELL YES. Because we want an authentic leader, not a fraudulent mirage of narcissism.

          Hillary Clinton is the real thing. World leaders know it, the American people know it, the repubs know it, Obama knows it, and any “villagers” with brain cells know it.

    • Uhm, no. You’re an idiot for not noticing that Obama has actually ramped up tjhe war om Cemtral Asia, expanding it to Pakistan while cozying uip to Halliburton, Xe and other mercenaries; issued assassination orders on American citizens; and continued to use tactics that maximize civiliian casualties..

      • I’m acutely aware of that. Who’s his Secretary of State again?

        • Hillary Clinton is SofS.

          What’s the only part of the Obama administration that is doing well?

        • I thought you all said that Obama is “the Decider”? And he was so clever for putting Hillary under his thumb? Isn’t that what the Obots have been saying — she’s been marginalized by Obama, and as Woodward said, Obama doesn’t listen to Hillary on foreign policy? So now you’re saying that he’s nothing but a puppet of Hillary’s for acting like Bush III? Make up your mind, dude.

        • BlizzardOfOz,

          I hate to break this constitutional news to you, SoS doesn’t advocate for wars or peace. That’s the job of congress, the CiC’s and the Pentagon. The SoS is there to clean up the resulting diplomatic mess.

        • *activates bullhorn*


        • His Secretary of Defense, which is an office rather different from Secretary of State and which is the pertiinent one for war policy, is a Bush holdover. I take it you did as poorly in Government 101 as you did in logic and epistemology. Legacy student, were you?

    • Now if you could only get over your CDS, BlizzardofOzz … that would be something! What made you fall for BO, in the first place? All of his petulance, incompetence, and narcissistic traits were visible during the 2008 primary. Plus, he admires Reagan!!!!!! Nothing has changed; he’s still the same insufferable guy. How could you have missed all that? Just curious.

      • Isn’t it interesting that Blizzard just pops in the day after the midterm slaughter trying to denigrate Clinton?

        2012 must start today for Obama’s legions.

    • Blizzard–what utter bs. We’re still in Iraq. Leveraging one ‘supposed’ speech against all those ‘present’ votes?? Grow the hell up.

      • It’s all they’ve got. Otherwise, what can they use to dismiss her with? Oh yea–she should have left Bill. That’s another one they like to pull out. They are utterly predictable and monotonous with their ancient and easily refutable talking points.

    • It absolutely amazes me when people who admit they made a gross misjudgment about Obama continue to believe their judgment of Clinton is right on target. If you were stupid enough to believe Obama was some sort of liberal, why on Earth should anyone listen to your opinions on any political subject ever again?

      • Honk!

        Yea, they were utterly gullible when it came to his complete lack of experience, endless lies, and questionable background (ie: NO real protest against the war), but forgive HRC for being human and not having an impeccable record?


  26. Sorta OT, Bill Clinton’s editorial in NY Times on Itzak Rabin

  27. Remember last week when I posted that link to a list of obama’s “accomplishments”?

    It’s now been turned into a website by some “creative class” hipster youth.


    Going viral on facebook and twitter. Even got celebs retweeting it around. (?uestlove from the Roots is a major Obama stan)

    The obama stans are now going to go full steam until 2012.

    It is, too late. They’ve learning nothing. Their tribalism has hardened. Their is no “reasoning” with them.

    • My grammar is terrible I see.


      Holy Crap.

    • I went there, briefly. Kool-Aid is a helluva drug. 😛

      • $$–not just Kool-Aid. I will go down believing that at least half of this trolling is paid for. It’s no coincidence that it ramps up now that ‘His Majesty’ is threatened.

    • I think that list could be easily countered by another one enumerating all of the Bush policies BO’s kept alive and even ramped up.

      -perpetual wars
      -rendition and torture
      -domestic surveillance and spying
      -TARP and corporate welfare
      -more corporate welfare
      -his paralytic response to BP disaster
      -collusion with BP and its oil-spill cover-up
      -his reversal on campaign finance
      -his acceptance of international campaign funds

      -Then there’s the Obamacare corporate giveaways to the pharmaceutical and insurance companies

      -the assault on Medicare

      -plans to dismantle Social Security

      -Cap and Trade

    • I like Hugh’s list of Obama’s scandals (including greatly disappointing flipflops). At Corrente. .

      Up to 200 so far.

  28. Pelosi’s machine has the cards. She shoved Hillary and her supporters to clear Obama’s path. In the same manner, she can get the support needed to primary Obama. Pelosi knows it. We need to watch her moves. If she goes for the leadership of the Democrats in the house, she’ll want to primary Obama to come back with a stronger candidate that wrests the power away from the GOP. If she leaves, Obama is on his own and she’s walking away, but not pulling her support from Oprecious.

  29. Exit poll: Nearly a third of gays voted for GOP

    Exit polling commissioned by the major cable news networks has found that 31 percent of people who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual voted for Republicans on Election Day. That represents a big uptick from the 24 percent of gays who voted for the GOP in 2006 and from only 19 percent who did so in 2008. The trend appears to bear out pre-Election Day predictions from gay rights organizers that gay voters were angry and disenchanted with Democrats for not delivering on promises to the community.

    The Upshot

    • Frankly, I am thinking the other 2/3rds were not so bright.
      But people do catch on – see also the gender gap disappearing – which makes 50% of women who voted not so bright

    • Good for them! They have been treated horribly by this admin.

    • I voted for Gavin Newsom. And I voted for some repubs, some green. I didn’t vote for a single high level dem. I’d rather have an enemy I know is an enemy, than an enemy that I think is my friend.

  30. Joy Behar dinging Clinton for NATFA and deregulation in defense of Obama…

    it’s WHAT THEY DO.

    “Friends of Obama” are going to ride or die with him til the END.

  31. Obama is the stooge; picked to be the President because he is corrupt, apolitical and amoral. I think that the major deals that were cut with Wall Street, the Banksters, Health, Inc., etc were in the works long before Obama was the nominee. Nearly a billion dollars of campaign funds weren’t raised by flim-flam Obama or his small fish Chicago political hacks. That kind of money is committed to known pols and insiders with long track records. The people who picked Obama to be President, subverted the nomination process and then set the legislative agenda are the ones that need to be removed from the Dem leadership.

    • I figure the Malefactors Of Great Wealth offered Hillary the deal before they offered it to Obummer, and Hillary told them to go directly to Hell, do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200.

      That’s when Hillary the Inevitable became Hillary the Impossible. 😡

  32. “In 2012, could Dean beat Obama?”
    (Roger Simon)


    • bwahahahaha. No way, Dean’s moment in the sun is way past. Plus, he was simply the prototype version (Obama .5) for the the slavish adoration of the “creative class” for Obama; they’re both from the same mold. He’s part of the Stevensonian elite Anglachel writes about that keeps alienating working class/middle class voters with their airy fantasy thought-experiments approach to politics.

      Plus Dean was a primary mover of the RBC vote-stealing bullsh*t, and was self-inducedly blind to the rampant misogynistic cr&p Obama and his bully followers were hurling at Clinton (and most females of this world).

  33. There is no way that O and company got the message of this election. I refuse to vote for any Dem again until they start acting like a real, genuine Dem. Harry Truman style. Bill and Hillary may apply.

    As for the CA election, the Dem sweep here is not in my view a cause for celebration. Excuse me please but these were and are the very Dems who threw HR Clinton under the bus and trashed Bill. Dems have run this state for the last 20 some years. We have outrageous taxes, one of the highest unemployment rates, an out-of-control illegal problem from Mexico that no one wants to confront and we owe 138 billion. We are a failed state becoming a narco state. That Dem slate elected here is not likely to change any of it and it is likely to get worse.

    • I agree, I’m not jumping for joy about the results here.

    • Gavin Newson was a big Hillary supporter as was Feinstein. Not sure about Brown. Boxer was part of the Reid/Schumer (the senior Senator from NY upstaged by the junior one) senate team that pumped up Obama as a contender. I voted for Boxer only because Carly would have been worse.

    • I couldn’t vote for Harris for several reasons but it started with her run against Hallinan in SF.

      And my opinion has gone down from there with almost every mention of her in the news. A hard task for a Dem to do in CA.

      • Kamala Harris once reamed out my spouse in a very unreasonable fashion. She also made comments during the Rodney King riots that convinced me she should not hold any public office, ever.

  34. Sorry, the Dems will never abandon Obama, for the same reason he got the nomination in the first place- he is the historically historic first black President.. Waiting till 2016 sucks, but unless Obama takes himself out of the race, that is what we are stuck with.

  35. The people who own the country (i.e., Wall Street bankers and “multinational” corporations) have made it abundantly clear that the rest of us are going to have a severely curtailed standard of living from now on. They chose Obama to deliver the news, and Obama is doing the job they expect him to do. And we will never have another president who does not embody that message and work for that reality. Welcome to your future.

  36. Rock on, RD. 😉

    Who would have thought that we’d be advocating class warfare within the Democratic Party? But, I’m sure that is what its going to take to get the hopium addicts to acquiesce to the much needed change in direction. Can you imagine them being insulted at being called bourgeoise elitists? And we aren’t even advocating a guillotine. Just trying to get them to stand back is enough of an effort.

  37. And a big part of the problem is that those snobs run the media, so they have a bullhorn to brainwash many other people who will reflexively repeat their talking points and vote for anyone with a “D” after their name.

    I have a friend who is blindly progressive–God love him–and we had a debate in October about this. “Just give us a chance!” he wailed. “If someone like Kucinich could be President, THEN they would see how much better it is!”

    I calmly explained that he was living in a fantasy land if he ever thought Kucinich would win the nomination, let alone get elected in this country. As much as I would prefer that kind of progressive utopia–get real. It’s not going to happen, so pick a solid Dem with a backbone.

    And her name begins with an “H.”

  38. I am really tired of people like Blizzard there calling Hillary a hawk like she is some war monger. People like AL FRANKEN were for going to Iraq too but, they don’t ever mention that. They don’t talk about her dressing down GWB over her vote and saying it was “with reservation.

    I guess it’s okay when liberal MALE senators do this stuff. They also never mention her stellar efforts to help raped, beaten, burned, and savaged women and girls all over the world. Her cred is as good as Howard Deans or any other liberal MALE and I am really, really tired of dude liberal nation holding Hillary Clinton to ten times the standards they hold the dude senators and congresscritters to.

    The democrats continue to beat back strong female candidates for POTUS and in every other manner they can do when they get too far above any position the dudes think they should have.

    Every excuse in the world is made for male candidates they happen to “like” but, any mistake made at ALL EVER no matter how good of a job done over the years by a scary powerful female is used as an EXCUSE why they could never, ever vote for someone like Hillary! Oh the horror!

    And they wonder why they have lost the majority of women this term. I’ll keep voting third party unless Hillary runs from now on.

    It’s astounding how none of these people who are so concerned with Hillary’s war vote ever go back and see what she said but, defend men who did less than she has done FOR people. It’s astounding how they are so over wrought about atrocity all over the world but, never once mention the gendercide that goes on in the very places Hillary Clinton has been trying to make a difference including here at home. It’s astounding how they so completely miss that when women go to D.C. they are horribly under represented even though they are fifty one percent of the population.

    When I hear someone from Dude nation really caring about those issues then I’ll listen to their faux outrage about people like Hillary Clinton.

  39. Yes, Biden did and so did the rest of them but, shhhhhhh, they are supposed to get a pass for it! Didn’t you get the memo!

  40. Oh, Myiq – I love you and your wonderful way of putting things.

    I’ve finally gotten through this great post and all the comments and have come to the conclusion that during the primaries the boyz kept knocking Hill because she “didn’t have any international experience” – I know, I know she had more than any of them but that’s what they said.
    So given the option of doing nothing until the next go round – Hill said she’d not make a big stink if she could have her pick of seats at the table – SOS gives her more international experience than any of those bozoz can imagine.
    No she’ll not look for revenge because I don’t believe she’s spiteful – but she will be looking to take care of the country – she is indeed a “mama grizzly” as Sarah might put it – she deeply cares for our country and will come back with a vengence to support and nurture America back to health if at all possible. And I wouldn’t give up on it being in 2012

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