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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Wednesday News

I lifted this from the Black Agenda Report!!!

So apparently we had a little election yesterday. Let’s recap the story so far. We had this lovely hopeful Democratic party ready to put the Bush years behind them, roll up their sleeves, and get to work fixing the damage. Much the same way the Clinton’s did in the 90’s. But along the way, a complete unknown with no experience, and no real drive to do anything substantive, including bothering to vote for important policies, who had more funding than all of the well known candidates combined, from wall street, banks, and insurance companies funnily enough, made his way through the primaries, making a pathetic disaster of every debate by losing every one in the worst way, and got selected in a smoke filled back room, without even a roll call vote. Along the way, the base of the party who actually elected another candidate were told to suck it up or leave. Preferably leave. And of course, as most any candidate that wasn’t Bush would do, this guy became President. Then over the next two years he proceeded to do exactly the kinds of things he did in his previous career. Play golf, party, get others to do his work for him, and do pretty much what his backers wanted. Mostly he just golfed and really didn’t give a damn. Apparently, many of the “little people” expected a bit more out of him. Silly little people. And so, they got angry. They still hate the party of Bush, make no mistake about it, but now they hate this new group just as much, and yesterday they sent a little message.

For a good look at the races across the country, the NYT has great interactive maps. The main ones to look at are those for Senate, House, and Governor races. As you can see from those maps, especially the House map, we have a proverbial bloodbath. Especially important for 2012 is the Governor results. Notice that the important battleground states of PA, OH, and FL now have Republican governors. That will become more important for the next cycle because of get out the vote efforts, redistricting, among others.

CBS has an interesting article on why Democrats lost:

Core Democratic groups stayed away in droves Tuesday, costing Democratic House candidates dearly at the polls.

Hispanics, African Americans, union members and young people were among the many core Democratic groups that turned out in large numbers in the 2008 elections, propelling Mr. Obama and Democratic House candidates to sizable victories. In 2010, turnout among these groups dropped off substantially, even below their previous midterm levels.

Voters under the age of 30 comprised 18 percent of the electorate in 2008 and nearly 13 percent in 2006 but only made up 11 percent of the electorate in 2010. The share of voters from union households dropped from 23 percent in 2006 and 21 percent in 2008 to 17 percent in 2010. African Americans made up 13 percent of the electorate in 2008 but fell to 10 percent in 2010. Such apathy likely cost the Democrats House seats as voters in each of these groups cast ballots for Democratic House candidates by at least 15 point margins.


Mr. Obama proved to be a major liability in the 2010 election. Fifty-five percent of voters disapproved of the way the president is handling his job, including 58 percent of independents. Of those who disapproved of Obama, 86 percent voted for a Republican House candidate. Even more to the point, 37 percent of voters overall, as well as 37 percent of independents, claimed a reason for their House vote was to express opposition to Mr. Obama.

Voters were no happier with the Democratic-controlled Congress. A whopping 72 percent of voters disapproved of the way Congress is handling its job, including majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents. Of those who evaluated Congress negatively, 64 percent preferred a Republican House candidate to a Democratic House candidate in their local race.

It does go on to talk about the mixed message that the voters don’t really like Republican’s either.

After the resounding defeat, Obama gave a call to John Boehner, soon to be the new speaker of the House, to congratulate him:

He phoned the presumptive next House speaker, John Boehner, to offer congratulations. Boehner says the two agreed to work together, even though Republicans have vowed to turn back much of Obama’s agenda.

The Ohio Republican says they talked about working together on the priorities of the American people, and Boehner says he defined those priorities as cutting spending and creating jobs.

Hey, create jobs. Now there’s an idea. Too bad no one thought of that before.

Now brush yourself off, because today begins the Presidential campaign season for 2012.

We’ll keep this short since there is still a lot happening in a few last races, and we’ll update as we learn more, and as others do the inevitable blaming of the Clinton’s or pretending it’s not such a big deal after all. You know they will. Chime in with what you’re seeing outside of the election as well.

123 Responses

  1. Get plenty of popcorn in the lobby.

    • The Black Agenda Report Exit LEFT…NAILED IT! Thanks for showing it to us. Maybe now, Obama will see that when you have control you don’t sell working people out, now he will have to put his GOLF game on hold and go down the aisles and deal with his people, the Newly Elected Republicans.

      The saddest thing is that we lost Russ Feingold who was the voice of campaign finance reform, and who was a DEMOCRAT and who worked for the people day in and day out.

      Thank you Russ Feingold, you won’t be forgotten by many and many will learn of your work and your honor to serve the people without compromising their interests…ever. Good Speed and I hope we see you again soon.

  2. This map looks like the floor of an abattoir:

  3. Now brush yourself off, because today begins the Presidential campaign season for 2012.

    Woo Hoo!

  4. This is from October 2006:

  5. I saved that CBS article in its entirety. Those exit polls tend to be shoved down memory holes and replaced with more convenient memes (see December 2009 and the plain rejection of the healthcare reform)

  6. I think the statistic about union voters is misleading. I would think it merely shows how few union people there are. I think they voted normally, but there percentages are lower. That is scary in it’s own rite.

    • Re unions: An interesting tidbit I learned from C-Span morning show coupla weeks ago:

      SEIU rep said that 30% of SEIU’s members are actually registered Republicans.

      May not be relevant, but it was something I didn’t know before, thought I’d share.

    • So let’s shake hands and reach across those party lines
      You’ve got your friends just like I’ve got mine
      We might think a little differently
      But we got a lot in common you will see
      We’re just like you
      Only prettier

  7. “The election is over and the results are known
    The will of the people is clearly shown
    Let’s all get together and let bitterness pass
    I’ll hug your elephant
    when you kiss my ass.”

  8. Meanwhile Hillary keeps on keeping on:

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited a former Khmer Rouge torture house in Cambodia on Monday and urged the nation to proceed with trials of the former regime’s surviving leaders in order to “confront its past.”

    The commandant of that prison, Kaing Guek Eav, was sentenced to 19 years in prison last July in the first part of a United Nations-backed trial of leading figures of the Khmer Rouge regime, which was responsible for the deaths of 1.7 million people between 1975 and 1979.

    A second trial involving the four most senior surviving leaders has been expected to follow, after they were formally indicted in September. But Prime Minister Hun Sen, who once said that Cambodia should “dig a hole and bury the past,” has said that he would not allow any additional prosecutions beyond those four.

    Mrs. Clinton repeated an argument that has been used by proponents of the trials, saying that “a country that is able to confront its past is a country that can overcome it.”

    “Countries that are held prisoner to their past can never break those chains and build the kind of future that their children deserve,” she said. “Although I am well aware the work of the tribunal is painful, it is necessary to ensure a lasting peace.”

  9. Joan Walsh has a lucid moment:

    Democrats are cleaning up after a storm Tuesday night and trying to find silver linings in the clouds. Democrats lost the House by the biggest margin since Truman was president and made gains in the Senate. Exit polls showed up to 90 percent of voters said the scary economy drove their vote.

    It’s clear the party was doomed by coming to power in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Some Democrats are going to continue pointing back to the fact that President Obama and the 2009 Congress inherited that mess. But I think that’s a losing argument: They’ve had the levers of power for two years, and I don’t think it’s irrelevant that in so many polls people complained that Obama bailed out the banks and passed a stimulus that didn’t work. Strangely, I watched Democrats including MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell try to blame the blowout on whiny progressives. O’Donnell asked Rachel Maddow why Wisconsin stalwart Sen. Russ Feingold lost, if the diagnosis of many lefties was that less wimpy Democrats might have done better in this sad midterm, given that he was arguably the least wimpy Democrat in this cycle.

    My answer would have been: Russ Feingold and other progressives who lost weren’t really tested fairly. They weren’t able to run on the results of their own political priorities, like a robust stimulus that might have created more jobs, or more aggressive healthcare reform that might have solved more people’s real-life problems and reined in insurance company abuses before 2014. We never saw the practical or policy promise of the Democratic class of 2008, and the party will suffer for its inability to make a palpable difference for its constituencies despite the margins it had in the House and Seante.

    • Sorry. Joan Walsh NEVER has a lucid moment.

      She helped diss Hillary. Can’t get over it. Maybe someday……

      • She defended Hillary – up to a point. I remember because she was the only one on my teevee talking about sexism through most of the primary.
        Whatever she did later, she has a good point here: Feingold lost because Obama’s compromises, not his own (OK, he voted for HCR too, but mostly Obama’s)

    • What the Republicasn were able to do by filibuster was to make every Democrat in the Senate vote for every piece of the Obama agenda, wether they agreed or not, just to get it passed.

      I can’t even imagine that Harry Reid has a chance to be reelected majority leader in the Senate.

  10. Ian Welsh:

    The Democrats gained control of both Congress and the Presidency in 2008. They then pursued ineffective policies which didn’t fix the economy. They increased deportations of Hispanics. They restricted abortion rights for women. They spat on gays repeatedly. They betrayed unions. They gutted civil rights, going even further than George W. Bush (who never said he had the right to assassinate Americans.) They saved bankers who then rewarded themselves with record bonuses and salaries while average American wages actually declined.

    The base was demoralized, not because the Dems went too far left, but because they went too far right. The non-Democratic voters were angered because they elected Democrats to fix the goddamn economy and to not be George Bush, who they were sick of. Dems didn’t do what they were elected to do.

    That’s why Dems are losing – because they demoralized their own base in a base election year, because they didn’t fix the economy, and because they thought Americans wanted them to be George Bush, just a bit smarter.

    This isn’t a repudiation of liberalism or progressivism or socialism (Americans wouldn’t recognize a socialist if he gave them real universal healthcare) it is a repudiation of a Democratic party which failed to fix the economy and which became identified with bailouts for the rich.

    Anyone who doesn’t understand this, is, forgive me, a complete idiot.

    Honk, honk!

    • He is right of course, but will be drowned in the “not centrist enough” “too socialist” screams of the media.

    • And now heads should roll at the DNC.

    • The base was demoralized, not because the Dems went too far left, but because they went too far right

      It’s not even “just” ideology or grudge from insult. As a reputedly racist superstitious clingy bitter knitter, relocating to greener pastures was simply too risky — who’s going to risk having one’s nest egg obliterated to protect Teh One’s precious image? Not knowing where to go to satisfy residency, I chose to stay safely put. (Keeping my solid health insurance, perks from seniority and using as a safety net my early place in line for collecting monies owed to me.)

      I’m not even on Punditstan’s radar.

    • I think I”ll wear one of my Hillary shirts today.

    • In a nutshell! Absolutely!

    • I must say that reading the comment section of this Walsh post has me pissed off. I want to strangle all the posters who are so violent towards Hillary…still. WTF?

  11. My previous link is missing an “h” in front.
    Here are some of the headlines I picked from today’s tabloids

    • I fixt it for ya.

      • Myiq2xU,

        Any hoo, I have some house keeping to do with you. The Monday before last, I had a hard day. Someone asked me to see a someone I know, I was busy, but dropped every thing and went to see this person. When I arrived, the situation was dire, which I was aware of, and so I assisted by being there for support.

        Upon the Palliative care meeting wrapping up, I got a surprise, which I was not expecting, but did it. I was asked to inform the individual of a situation and then pray with them once they understood. So, I was feeling out of sorts and then dropped in and bantered with you about your Nekkidness…on-going joke, to blow off steam. I am sorry someone didn’t know it was an on going joke, just as your favorite ‘tacos’ (the recipe alone, makes me want to go into a complete vegetarian food plan). Any hoo, being that you are a clown I was clowning around with you, because I needed a laugh (a distraction to release the stress), maybe a good cry (more likely a cry, but laughter does wonders for healing the heart/mind).

        So, I apologize if perhaps you too, misunderstood my bantering around with you…I don’t think you did, but just in case, I do apologize.

  12. With a rejuvenated and undoubtedly hostile House it will a strong test of leadership for the President and his administration. Bill Clinton was able to turn it to his advantage in 1994 and secure a coveted second term. Obama and his supporters will be banking on the difficulties that face many new Republicans and Tea Party members now that they are part of the system they have so effectively rallied against. The potential for disarray within the Republican caucus could be exploited by the President and his party.

    • Yes, yes it could. But we are talking about Obama and the Dems who should never be left alone in a room with sharp objects.

    • “a strong test of leadership for the President”??

      Uh oh. What a downer for him.

  13. It occurs to me that Obama could have passed health care for all, made an adequate stimulus, repealed DADT… all of it – and if that was so displeasing to the American public, STILL lost the House in epic proportions…

    instead we gained nothing and lost much.

  14. Remember the Obamacrats said Hillary couldn’t be President because she, like her husband, would destroy the Democratic Party? Their reference point was always the 54 House seats the Dems lost in the 1994 election cycle. Do you think they know they have egg on their faces this morning?

    What is truly sad is this could have been worse for the Democrats if Delaware and Nevada hadn’t gone with such loony tunes.

    Jeralyn is pushing the idea that somehow retaining the Senate is more important than losing the House. LOL, she really dones’t have a very deep understanding of Congress, does she?

    • What people who are trying to console themselves with a majority in the Senate forget (among many, many other things) is that Democrats refused to do jack when they had a much larger majority (plus the House). So who on earth could possibly think they’ll do anything now that they have less votes?

    • some people are idiots.

      I really want to yet again remind BTD of his stupid argument that Obama could get more done because “he is the media darling“, and “pols are pols“. Now today, he is fingerpointing at Evan Bayh. I really have so much rant about idiots like him.

  15. I kinda like that Brown won CA… he is surely the opposite of Obama… cranky, old, tons of experience, not charming in the least.

    that, in itself is a good kick in the nuts.

    • Misogynist Rat fink Brown won, and he will raise my property taxes! That sucks! I’ll won’t be able to live in my own how, if that is the case.

  16. Marc Rubin:

    Pelosi and Howard Dean for that matter were so needlessly and foolishly afraid that a contentious but honest and open Democratic national convention to choose a presidential nominee would somehow weaken the Democrats chances of winning the White House that for a period of time, they tried, hoped and applied pressure to get Hillary Clinton to take her name off the ballot at the convention, in spite of the fact that neither Clinton nor Obama had won the pre-requisite 2/3 majority of delegates needed to win the nomination. And the fact that Clinton had won the popular vote and had landslided Obama in 13 of the 15 biggest states in the country.

    Their disdain for the majority of Democratic voters, more than 18 million has now, thanks to Obama’s predictably dismal performance, come back to haunt them and has cost them the House of Representatives.

    There’s a bunch more and it’s all good.

    • Honkity honk honk honk!

    • We need to collect them. More vindication for us.

    • I’m trying to remember…. Did Marc Rubin say that during the summer of PUMA?



      Hillary 2012

    • This is really what All The Media should be discussing. Thoroughly. So many life-long Dems, all their skills, talents, energy, and resources were thrown under the bus. And DB said they didn’t need us! Well, my house district (5th VA) swung back to Repub without Us to help. A big rally by 0 didn’t help either.

      • I’m hoping DB is the first “advisor” fired from the DNC, given the damage she willfully did to the party.

    • I read it completely and you are right , it’s all good. Thanks for posting that.

    • I think Pelosi, Dean, and friends got a couple of advanced lessons in American civics and democracy – DON”T SCREW WITH OUR ELECTIONS! DON”T SCREW WITH THE MIDDLE CLASS!

      Lesson to Obots: Experience, demonstrated success and abillity to deliver an aggressive proven agenda is vital and absolutely crucial when rebuilding our economy. And we had the actual winning candidate who could have delivered. Watch this house of cards fall. THANKS.

    • I went and read it all. It’s a cogent and succinct summary of the whole disgusting 2008 betrayal and Obama “present” and his lack of any substantial ability but wearing Armani suits.

      So true.

  17. Update from NJ: Ed Potasnak lost in NJ-07 to incumbent Leonard Lance. The NJ Congressional delegation also continues its all male composition. Yep, not one female congresscritter from the progressive state of NJ.

    At the county level, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for Republicans. Several of the Republican county freeholders who expected to cruise to victory, didn’t.

    For the referendum issue, voters have decided that assessments on employees paychecks other than income taxes shall not be used for any other purpose than that for which they were collected. That is, if it was collected for unemployment insurance, the funds can ONLY be used to pay the unemployed. They can not be raided, to the tune of $4+ billion, for budget shortfalls elsewhere.

    Hey, maybe John Boehner can propose a law like that that will prevent looting of the social security trust fund! Maybe if propose it to him, he will see what a wise law that would make and how many brownie points he would score with the electorate.

    It happened in NJ. It could happen in Washington.

    • Correction on the county level: The incumbents who lost were Democrats.
      Oh, well.

      Did I mention that Hillary won the primary here by 10 points? And that unemployment has hit central NJ particularly hard?

  18. Dems performed extremely well in MA, and frankly I am very happy for that, and I think they deserved the wins. Deval Patrick’s first two years were not spectacular but he has performed better in the latter part of his term and he doesn’t spit on the base. He’s definately to the Left of Obama, you can see he has prior full time job experience, and heis competent. Frank is my Congressman and he is one of the most responsive members of Congress. Everytime I contact him, he or one of his staff actually get back to me. The guy running against him refused to even debate him. We haven’t had a two term Governor since Dukakis, indeed none of the Republicans who sat in the gov office between Dukakis and Patrick even ran for re-election, so it’s interesting to have someone actually want to stick around. Patrick is clearly a huge Obama fan, and that’s more than discouraging, but I could not stomach having an insurance CEO Republican governor here.

    • Martha Coakley retained her position. My mother has never directly benefitted from an elected official until this year. Coakley won a huge settlement with Amex and my mother got a hefty check in the mail as a result. She was shocked. She didn’t think the check was real until it cleared.

    • Also, Patrick did have one major civil rights accomplishment in his first two years. He spent alot of political capital making sure marriage equality would never be subject to a popular vote and stayed the law of the land here. That’s progress.

    • The only thing I really dislike about Deval Patrick is his friendship with Obama. When I voted for Deval the first time I predicted it would take him about 2 years to learn the political ropes here (due to his lack of experience), but that he would be a good guv in the end. When I didn’t vote for Obama I predicted that he would never learn to be a good president because he didn’t have the right stuff to begin with, and I really disliked his pals too. 2 very different men despite their superficial similarities.

  19. It is logically impossible to make any progress by voting for the lesser of two evils.

    • Honkety, honk, honk, honk! Took me a few years to figure that out, but now I have a much better set of strategies to play with.

  20. This election has cleared the air. Perhaps some people now recognize that experience counts. And that it’s a good idea to pay attention to what a candidate does and doesn’t say and do.

    I think admitting that there was cheating and intimidation in the primaries is still too much for Obama supporters – even those who did it. That will be buried from consciousness as much as the gamed voting machines, voter intimidation and vote suppression in 2000.

    I’m so glad that we have all of the new laws concerning voting that will protect us from vote tampering via computers. (snark)

    • I talked to several party callers this election and I found that, even in California, the dem workers don’t argue with me anymore about the corruption of the primary, or about how B0 has failed us on so many levels.

      One guy said he was not happy with 0, but could I please remember that he was calling from the state party, not national.

      Another guy asked me about cheating by 0’s campaign that I encountered, calling it shenanigans. I said no, it was fraud, cheating and corruption. He said, yeah, I heard about that and said he would look up “We Will Not Be Silenced.”

      I don’t think Obama will get away with his scam forever.

  21. As promised, time to whip out that leaflet about Clinton’s losses Obama was handing in 2008

  22. the really bad news Ohio is now Red, really really talented Dems lost to and any R, very very sad very sad for our State… The good news, Women won, we now for the first time have a women leading the Supreme Court of Ohio and awomen as Lt. Governor.

    I’m hoping Rich Cordray runs for Governor next time but having that buffoon Kasich in office is just Embarrassing. Me I blame Strickland and the Ohio DNC Redfern for embracing Obama and running a very weak Senate Candidate.

    So can Schumer repalce Reid now? And if the 2012 race starts toda,y where and who is the Obama replacement.

    • Yes, Obama turned Ohio red. Good analysis.

      • Oh yes, that weak Senate candidate, Lee Fisher, was the DNC’s pick against Sec of State Jennifer Brunner in the primary. I think I recall that their argument was that she couldn’t beat the Republican and he could.

    • Kasich is going to run for President. Count on it.

  23. PA went from nearly all blue to nearly all red.
    I think it’s called bitter-cling red.

    Too bad about Sestak — it was close, though. I feel bad about my local state senator — looks like he’s going to lose to the GOP challenger. He just got dragged down by BO”s famous coattails.

  24. In the Senate, the Democrats benefitted by the large number of Republicans from the class of 2004 up for reelection.

    In the House, Republicans won 56% of all open races.

    In the Senate, Republicans have already won 62% of all of the 37 races this year with 3 in play.

    Counting the 40 seats (38+2) that Democrats control which are not up, they only managed to keep a maximum of 12 out of 19, 0 of which are pick ups.

  25. This is the only site I can come to, for reliable, fair information.

    Thanks RD.

    • tfogg can kiss my ass.

    • One in my DUdie collection is a discussion about “How Gore alienated his base”. Right before THIS election. Only one in a long line of posters remembered that Gore won.
      What was Ashcroft’s reprimand? “Fantoms of freedoms past?”
      Funny, I was rabid against Nader in 2000. I don’t like him much more now (he took R money then), but I started sounding a bit like him.

    • See, this is exactly why they lost last night.

      Their attitude is, “Shut up and do what we tell you because you’re stupid, and if you don’t like it you’re stupid.”

    • Nice……

    • The requiste CDS is buried in the second to last paragraph, but if the author is to be believed, things are looking grim at the WH. Good.


      Hillary 2012

      • I don’t know, I think there was a whiff of CDS throughout. They always try to make the Clintons motives seem sinister or illegitimate.

    • Thanks, Not Your Sweetie. Here is an interesting snippit, which I think is right on the mark:

      “And from Obama’s left, former presidential candidate Howard Dean, who has been more vocally critical of the president than most Democrats, might see an opening. There is a small band of delusional lefties who think the reason Obama is doing so poorly is that he didn’t tack hard enough to the left. Dean is surely one of them.”

      From labove link to “Is It Time For Democrats To Dump Obama?”

    • Past time.

    • Yes!
      This has been another episode of simple answers to simple questions.

  26. I was chatting with a lady last night who is a poll watcher. She said they got more people than they expected, but a lot of new faces she’s never seen before.
    So BO did manage to inspire a lot of new people to vote — against his admin.

  27. I found this comment from John Smart SPOT ON:

    “What is DEAD forever-and Obama, by winning, killed it—is ther of racial nonsense as power tactic from the Left.

    Hispanics won, women won, an Indian-American won…..nearly all of them Republicans.

    The party of minorities had better look at that fact—and look closely.

    It turns out that white Independents are perfectly happy to vote for minorities and women. They are not willing to support a party that shames and blames and calls its failures “successes.”

    Somebody tell Eugene Robinson and Ed Schultz that their constant playing of the race card actually HARMED the Democratic Party.

  28. I found this comment from John Smart SPOT ON:

    “What is DEAD forever-and Obama, by winning, killed it—is the era of racial nonsense as power tactic from the Left.

    Hispanics won, women won, an Indian-American won…..nearly all of them Republicans.

    The party of minorities had better look at that fact—and look closely.

    It turns out that white Independents are perfectly happy to vote for minorities and women. They are not willing to support a party that shames and blames and calls its failures “successes.”

    Somebody tell Eugene Robinson and Ed Schultz that their constant playing of the race card actually HARMED the Democratic Party.

  29. I am I the only one who thought that Boehner was drunk when he gave his speech last night?

    • Well, that would be an explanation. I could not figure out why he seemed to be choked up through much of his speech, which was a decent speech (as R victory speeches go), but did not strike me as tear-worthy.

  30. I think Ian is right: The left must be SEEN to repudiate Obama, and they must be seen to take him down.

    So when the career “progressives” and the Opologists say “You lost the midterms for Obama,” just say: “Yep. That makes me a power broker, right?”

    • I think he is right too.

      The only way to save the party is to keep painting a big Bush III bow around Obama’s neck so that even the most disinterested voter understands that he isn’t a genuine liberal or Democrat for that matter.

  31. Sink Concedes in Florida Governor’s Race

    MIAMI — Alex Sink, Florida’s Democratic candidate for governor, conceded defeat this morning after a marathon vote count that gave Republican Rick Scott a razor-thin victory.

    Count me out on ever voting for Sarah Palin Leader of the Tea Party if bringing in Rick Scott to power is what the Tea Party considers a win and the tag of ‘Taking Back Our Country’. Why not just say they are using the working folks to elect Millionaires while denying them HEALTH CARE!

  32. […] Wednesday News « The Confluence. […]

  33. Congressional Midterm Elections Over, 2012 Presidential Race Next

    • Well, they didn’t even say thank you to Sarah for all the campaigning and the GOP said NO! They have their menz folk all ready and waiting.

      Oh, and they are counting on all the Democrats that are in the Tea Party movement to help out…YOU BETCHA!

      I say Hillary R. Clinton 2012

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