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Still not getting it

Paul Krugman:

Aha. I almost forgot to mention this, but one of the surprises of last night is that Harry Reid, supposedly a completely hopeless case, is still Senator.

How did that happen? Reid did something Democrats almost never do: instead of apologizing for his party, he ran against a person with a habit of making crazy statements by hitting hard, again and again, with ads calling her a crazy person. It was very rude and uncivil. And it worked.

Good thing for Dirty Harry his opponent was crazy. If Angle had been your garden-variety wingnut he’d be looking for work as a lobbyist right now.

Here’s a better strategery:

1. Accomplish something worthwhile for the country

2. Run on it.

My plan works no matter who your opponent is.

Just a thought.

155 Responses

  1. Who else doesn’t get it yet?

    • EricBoehlert just Tweeted, “Honestly, I wonder how many uninsured Americans voted Republican yesterday”

      So I’d say that he doesn’t get it.

      I’m guessing a lot of uninsured stayed home? Why would they bother voting for either party?

      • Maybe they were too sick to make it to the polls.

      • I wonder how many people lost their health insurance because the rates went up 50% in the last 2 years?

        • I don’t know, but I’m paying a small fortune for dental work this week, because I hit my newly-lowered yearly maximum for the first time ever. 😦

          It’s also pay in advance. Guess people who don’t have the money just die of dental infections or whatever.

    • From the get-go neo-Dems knew all they had was to go was negative. (Carville and Begale announced as much early on in the election season on CNN). Unfortunately for Angle, Rove et al did not support her, otherwise the neo-Cons would have preemptively struck Reid with the slimiest of mud. Angle should have known.

  2. I wonder how many uninsured Democrats would have gone to the polls if Dems had passed Medicare for Everyone?

  3. Yeah, Harry sure fights hard to keep his job. Jobs for the rest of America, not so much.

  4. Accomplish something worthwhile for the country

    I love it but it’s hopelessly old fashioned. Much too ’90s. 🙂

  5. Okay, Krugman gets it here:

    Nobody Cares About Process

    Urk. I just gave up on the presidential press conference. When Obama declared that Americans rejected Democrats in part because “We were in such a hurry to get things done that we didn’t change how things got done,” I checked out.

    Nobody cares about this stuff — they care about results. Nobody really cares about earmarks; they’re just code for spending less (less on somebody else, of course, not me). Nobody cares about civility and bipartisanship, which in practice are code for Democrats giving in to Republican demands. Nobody cares about parliamentary maneuvers: we can argue about the role of health reform in the election, but I bet not one voter in 50 knows or cares that it was passed using reconciliation (as were the sacred Bush tax cuts we must, must retain).

    If Obama had used fancy footwork and 2 AM sessions to pass a big public works program, and this program had brought unemployment down, Republicans would be screaming about the process — and Democrats would have comfortably held control of Congress. Remember the voter backlash against the way Medicare drug benefits were passed? Neither do I.

    Oh, by the way — nobody cares about the deficit, either.

    • I care about earmarks. Why should Nebraska pay $0 for Medicare forever just because their Senator is more obstinant than other Democrats?

      • Oh, that was so pitiful and wrong.

      • When Krugman says nobody cares about earmarks, he means he and his friends. Lots of other people care a great deal about outright waste.

        • I think he means, when you don’t have a job or are afraid of losing one, plus your house, retirement and kid’s college education, the deficit is the last thing on your mind.
          Of course, if you give voters a choice, they might prefer to stop the money pit wars to help the deficit. Or let the tax cuts expire on people making $250+K.
          But having been a member of a board of ed with a multimillion dollar budget, I can tell you that it is very difficult to cut what you may consider waste. There are percs, like courtesy busing that people shouldn’t ask their neighbors to pick up the tab for but other than that, it’s slim pickins.
          The ones who waste the most will be the last people asked to sacrifice and that’s what’s got to stop.

          • You are correct on all counts of what people would want to do. I have been unemployed in the past and don’t need anybody to tell me what to feel about it or what I worried about.

            As for your school board experience, frankly that hardly compares to the spending that goes on in the federal government. Lots of things can be made to sound reasonable which aren’t in the end. While now, in this recession, is no time to cut spending if we ever come back to semi-normal the books should be scrubbed. If you want a bike path in NJ, you should be willing to pay for it locally not with Fed dollars.

        • Really? Everyone hates an earmark until it’s one that benefits them or their community. I don’t buy this argument at all. I think Krugman nails it. Scott Brown has vowed not to bring a penny back to MA in the next two years, lets see if that earns him even one vote.

          • I could care less about Scott Brown and his election chances. It would be nice if we didn’t have any Big Digs though. You’ve had your share of pork.

          • That’s the way McCain has operated his entire Senate career. He wins without question each and every time. He won’t do earmarks.

          • And, you think earmarks in how he wins? I don’t think so. Seriosuly, find any evidence from exit polls that shows voters vote on their representative not bringing in earmarks? It doesn’t exist.

          • There is just no evidence to support that voters actual vote for candidates based on their position on earmarks.

    • Agreed. This is one of the things I could not stand about Obama as a candidate. He was convinced what really got Americans upset was the process in Washington. It’s a phony posture. Noone cares about process, they want results.

      • I thought they did care about the process–the process by which legislators cant’s even write their own legislation so they let the corporate lobbyists write it and they can’t bring themselves to read it so they don’t so they pass laws that benefit those who bought them. That process.

  6. No, he definitely doesn’t get it. He’s a fecking idiot about this. Yes, Angle was a kook. But she lost not because of her general political philosophy, but because she just came across as a flaky personality who had no real underpinnings of logic to temper her beliefs – so they veered off into teh crazy.

    Marco Rubio, on the other hand, won a freaking landslide – while believing very similar conservative things, but articulating them better, in a more accessible way, with practicality tempering them.

    The attacks on Angle WOULD NOT have worked on Rubio, and similar attacks DID NOT. What’s your plan then, Paul?

    If the Dems are counting on the teaparty putting up more Angles in 2012, and are making attacking teh crazy their great hope, they are dreaming. Let’s review: the movement rose out of nowhere in 2009, and in one year they transformed the given-up-for-dead R party into a magnet for little-guy populism, and got a buttload of people elected. In their disorganized newborn way, they pushed a ton of candidates in a hurry without good vetting. Think that is going to happen again? Dream on.

    They are discussing this election now. Plans and course corrections are being made. More vetting. More Rubios, less Angles. They’ll adjust.

    Running as “default alternative to teh laughable crazy” is not going to work if they field a lot of Rubios in 2012, Paul. Especially since the Dems will be defending twice as many senate seats as the R’s in 2012 – did you remember that little factoid?

    myiq nailed it. DO something good. Then run on it. Point the finger and snicker is not a plan. It’s not even a good plan for keeping power, much less a plan for good governance – or have we forgotten that that was kinda supposed to be the whole fucking point to winning elections? Nyah nyah nyah we beat the Republicans is wearing pretty damn thin as a raison de etre for the Democratic Party.

    • great analysis, WMCB

    • Rachel Maddow, in the midst of spinning the election the other night, reminded everyone that Sue Lowden, Angle’s “sane” opponent, said that we should go back to paying doctors with chickens. Reid would have waged a negative campaign against anyone. Plus, he barely broke 50%. That’s a real resounding victory, especially when he loses his majority leader post in 2 months.

      • What did I miss? Ds are still majority in the Senate unless something changed. Why does Reid lose his majority leader post?

    • Perfect analysis, WMCB.

    • Superb analysis!

    • About vetting, damn I heard it over and over, that no other candidate in 2008 was more vetted than Obama.

      Great post WMCB

  7. I see the CDS gang on the Left has infested Corrente and Ian Welsh today. They are all over the place trying to push back on anyone who mentions the possibility of Hillary Clinton in 2012, 2016, EVER for President.

    A lot of these Nader types are also misogynists with no common sense to back up their claims that Hillary is a b-otch: http://correntewire.com/primary_obama#comment-182784

    I almost wish all of these assholes would form a third party so we could see them for exactly who they are and they wouldn’t have to f*ck up what used to be my party, the Democratic Party. These folks will NEVER get their preferred candidate into office because they are so batsh*t crazy that most of America would never agree to be on their side.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe looked like his avatar in real life.

    • Do they even have a candidate besides Nader that meets their high standards?

      • I’m guessing some of them would vote for Kucinich. At least I don’t have the hatred for Kucinich or even Nader the way these guys hate the Clintons. But, Riverdaughter’s comment at Ian Welsh is correct for the most part:
        The Democratic Party needs a strong candidate who can win, really unite America by creating jobs and trying to close the economic gap between the rich and the poor, and work the system once they are in office. Kucinich, Nader, fill in Green candidate here – will probably never win the White House.
        There is no point in arguing with some of the misogynists and truly crazy people who often comment at Corrente. They will never be able to realize that Hillary is a separate person from Bill (since she’s his wife, she MUST do everything he does, right?) or understand how institutions work to get things done in Washington.

        • They make me sick.

          • You have been at it with them all day….you must be exhausted.

          • Yeah, it’s a lost cause, votermom. I see you over at Corrente a lot. I like the site but often do not like the comments because of people like Joe and this other CDS infested post: http://correntewire.com/comment_day_44

            Another thing. I wouldn’t mention “mama grizzly” over there if I were you.

          • But he Pavlovian response is so much fun. 🙂

          • Lambert will eventually get tired of them blowing up the comment threads and ban them.

          • I keep waiting… It really ruins the discussion of the topic at hand AND they are just so offensive to anyone who has a different opinion.

          • I think it is difficult for Lambert to reign in the Clinton haters without splitting Corrente into several factions. I understand why he won’t ban them because that risks having the Naderites and third party advocates on the site leave, and that is like half of the regulars who comment there.

            I wish a community could exist among the Left where the far left and those who support mainstream Democrats like the Clintons, Gore, Clark, etc. However,many of the people at Corrente are set on creating a third party powerful enough to challenge the Democrats and Republicans (never going to happen, IMO) and are attacking people who think electing a moderate Democrat like Hillary is the more reasonable solution to bring the Democratic Party to the center left.

            Look, I am pretty far left myself, but I’m also reasonable enough to understand that the country is and probably never will be liberal enough to vote for a Kucinich type or anyone who looks like Kucinich for that matter.

          • Oh, and I think if Hillary does ever run again, many of these sites will implode and split into two eventually. The Clintons didn’t destroy the party, the CDS over the last decade did the job. I would love to see heads explode and people go batsh*t insane at these sites as they attack and compare anyone who supports Hillary to the Obots and the Tea Partiers.

      • Well, they did. They elected him President and everything. But, it didn’t exactly work out.

    • I wish that Joe dude would just eat the glass and shut up. I really do not understand why all the CDS misogynist jerks seem to be coming out of the woodwork…

      • Fear does that to the losers. They are scared to death of Obama being beaten and themselves being shown up for what they are.

      • Because 1.) It is starting to dawn on them that Obama can’t win in 2012 and 2.) there is no other viable alternative than Clinton.
        Must suck to be them right now.

      • Because they believe that Hillary and Sarah are setting woman back 100 years, so they’ve said.

    • Ehh, so what? They can push back as much as they want. But they need to take the pacifiers out of their mouths and grow up if they ever expect to win another election.

  8. It’s very simple, really. If you are the party who supposedly believes that govt can do good things, then you have to at some point do good things to keep the people believing you. The R’s have no such burden.

    Given the choice between more govt that is not really benefiting them, and less govt, Americans will choose less govt every time. Every. Damn. Time.

    • Oh, and “You’re just too fecking stupid to realize and be appropriately grateful for all the good I have done for you, moron.” does not count as running on the good you’ve done.

  9. My DUdie, so far is a discussion where the creative wonder where.s the women at? Are they racist? right wing? Is it even true? No one has the slightest clue what could have possess women to leave the Ds.

    • It’s a mystery.

    • Hey, it looks like the repubs ran more women and more people of color–and got them elected, to boot. Does that make all the dems r@cist? I’m confused….

      • Am I the only one that’s still amazed by that? In this whole election season that’s been almost the only really good thing?

        • No, you’re not the only one. Notice how none of the lefty pundits are making comments on that. See, when it comes to Obama, they go silent on the oddest things. If the dems had done this, it would be tingle producing, but the repubs? Not so much.

  10. Ezra is clueless too:

    A foreign policy president

    I wouldn’t run the argument the same way Matt Yglesias does, but I definitely think you’ll see a more foreign-policy-focused White House over the next two years. In some ways, the domestic and economic focus that the financial crisis forced on the White House was a bit of a surprise, as Barack Obama’s candidacy was powered by his foreign-policy convictions, and that’s what he seemed most comfortable and enthusiastic about during the campaign.

    We already HAVE a foreign policy president and she’s doing a great job.

    • What an idiot. Yeah, middle class voters still looking for a job, to keep their home, a raise, a break on their insurance premiums, anything, are going to just rally around Obama if he goes on another world tour on their dime. That’s the ticket.

    • God, please don’t let him get all up in foreign affairs. Outlandishly expensive vacations, okay, but please, not foreign policy.

    • Looks like Ezra is an idiot.

    • Yes, and Obama saw this week the love our Hill is receiving in SE Asia and he wants some of that.

      So off he and 40 cargo planeloads of Presidential stuff go on a junket to India. That should change the conversation of his shellacking nicely.

      Wonder how good O’s Cricket game is. I hope it’s better than his bowling.

  11. Krugman misses the point that Angle was an absolute gift from the GOP. They gave up an easy pick up.

    • You mean the GOP respected the vote of the people in Nevada instead of them trying to backdoor her out like the current Admin?

      • I look at it that way.

      • Come on. Angle was an awful candidate. The GOP didn’t respect anything. The base voters turned out for Angle in the primary and it cost them an easy pick up.

        • The GOP didn’t try to overturn their own primary voters. They didn’t like the candidate but went with it anyway.

          What part of that is hard to understand?

          • Yeah, so? She was a terrible candidate. Not everything is about what happened in the Dem primary in ’08. The Republican establishment has disrespected their base voters plenty, or so says Sarah Palin. She still was a wingnut candidate who losta n easy pick up for the Republicans.

          • There’s this little thing called representative democracy. Which basically means that the people get to choose who they want, even if the Party, or you or I, think they suck on ice, and even if we are correct in that assessment.

            It’s the bedrock of our nation. On that rests the whole shebang. I don’t want it challenged and subverted, not even against candidates I despise.

            It matters.

          • The DNC thought Obama was a better candidate than Hillary.

  12. FDR once said that he was one of the two best actors, along with Orson Wells, in the country. Your president isn’t even in the top 100 million. You know, yesterday just felt bad.


    Hillary 2012


    • FDR understood the danger to a democracy when the gap between rich and poor gets too big. Democracy needs a middle class. And ultimately, the result is dangerous to those with money. It’s not ‘bleeding heart’ liberalism, although the moral component should be strong, but long term survival.

    • From the same article:

      Obama’s message wasn’t so different from George W. Bush’s in 2006, when the then-president went before reporters after Democrats took control of Congress and admitted his party had suffered a “thumpin’.” Like Bush, Obama echoed the opposing party’s call for “greater civility” and pledged to work together

  13. Lurch doesn’t get it:

    “Politico was wrong, Huffington Post was wrong, hell, all the pundits were wrong. Harry Reid isn’t just Dracula, he isn’t just Lazarus, he’s our Leader and our whole caucus is thrilled that he’s unbreakable and unbeatable.”

    Dirty Harry is a blood-sucking vampire?

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    • do they EVEr stop to think before they speak?

      … don’t bother to answer that.

    • Unbreakable and unbeatable? Yeah, against Angle. And it got a little too close for comfort, which it never should have. Not a stunning victory, Kerry.

  14. Not so Happy Meals:

    Fast food giant McDonald’s said Wednesday it was “extremely disappointed” at a ruling by San Francisco authorities banning high-calorie Happy Meals, which entice children to eat with free toys.

    The response came after the Californian city’s board of supervisors voted to forbid restaurants from giving gifts with meals that contain too much fat and sugar.

    • MacDonalds should put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. If you are opposed to the reulation, close your restaurants in SF.

      • That would be lovely. That food is poison.

      • They need to do this in areas where McDonald’s is not a special treat but part of a family’s diet. This isn’t to blame single parents working for minimum wage who take their kids to McDonald’s often because it’s fast and cheap. This is to hold McDonald’s accountable for being partly to blame for the high rates of obesity in this country.

    • Hmmm… Uh…. Ban the toy, but keep the fat and sugar flowing?
      I’m gonna have to read up on that one. Thanks for the info.

      • Well, read the story and it seems that the sups want fruits and vegetables with meals that have toys. mcdonalds French fries at one point were potatoes ( I think) and just pop in one of those hot as hell pseudo apple pies and regulations met, amirite? Besides, it ain’t the toy that the kids want… That crap’s addictive… I wanted some just reading about it.. And I know how nasty it is… Damn.

        • I don’t go to McDonald’s often, but when I do go, it’s usually because I’m craving their fries or hash browns. Yes, it is addictive.

          • Heck of a cute picture ya got there.
            I was able to fight off the mcdonalds craving by having a piece of cinnamon toast and a toasted cheese. Then I realized… Ha.. Fat and sugar!

          • McRib is back!

          • {{Drools while he looks for car keys}}

          • I had it when I found out their shakes had more salt than sugar (cheaper),
            but that was long ago, before gov. subsidized corn brought us abundant cheap corn syrup. A kid in the 19th century would be thrilled with a maple square for Christmas.

            If you are craving McDo’s, just mix high-fructose corn syrup, salt, and lard and try to get it up a syringe for mainlining. It’s probably snortable, too.

        • eh. charge a penny, get a toy.


  15. Screw them all–I think (maybe cynical) that most of these people with CDS come out when Obama feels threatened. And he does feel the heat now. Last I heard he still had 30 million in his coffers, so maybe he’s using it.

  16. Isn’t it amazing that all the pundits didn’t get this narrative when Scott Brown won in Mass. in Feb 2010?

    What did they think that meant?

  17. John Smart has a really good post up on the elections.

    Notes on Last Night

    The Democrats misread 2008 badly. Very badly. You can hoodwink working and middle class voters once. You cannot do it twice. The Democrats must return to being the party of Truman and reject being the party of David Geffen, Jesse Jackson, The Hamptons, Marin County, and dated, tired, overworked societal resentments. Or they are dead.

    What is DEAD forever – and Obama, by winning, killed it – is the era of racial nonsense as a power tactic from the Left. Hispanics won, women won, an Indian-American won…nearly all of them Republicans. The party of minorities had better look at that fact – and look closely. It turns out white Independents are perfectly happy to vote for minorities and women. They are not willing to support a party that shames and blames and calls it’s failures successes.

  18. I just got my Nancy Pelosi email. I keep thinking that I am over the Democratic Party and then I have these flashbacks. I must admit that the email made me sad. I was so happy and proud when she was elected speaker. I remember helping my young son do his ‘famous person’ report on her. What a missed opportunity for her and for America.

    • I think that’s why I’m so angry. I remember being so happy to see her with a gavel and all those kids, all the possibilities. The liberal woman from San Francisco. Then came the “impeachment off the table”, then the support for Obama and the backstabbing of Hillary, but what totally destroyed my view of her, was the TARP without strings for G.W., when she could have asked anything she wanted.

    • If she truly does rule by fear, she won’t be missed.

      Also, she was the prime gamer of the Convention non-vote to make sure her “gift from god” got installed as the candidate.

      I am glad she is gone as a “leader.” I hope she works on some good karma for a change and gives up the Botox.

  19. That John Smart piece was great–the D’ I think are missreading this one too. Although I pushed ‘anyone but Rubio’ to whoever would listen, I think the D’s are afraid of him. He’s a smooth politician and could draw off alot of Hispanic votes. Watch the smears began.

    • I see. The Democrats got Obama to take the AA votes from Hillary, and now the GOP will have Rubio to take all those Latino votes from the Democrats. Evil, but it’s the Democrat’s fault.

    • I watched part of Marco Rubio’s speech last night and he’s really good. To me, he is better than Obama. If he’s good at retail politics, the Dems have good reason to fear him.

      • And I understand he’s bilingual. Oh boy. I know of lots of R Latino people. Mexicans tilt D, but the other Latinos are much more conservative and can be tilted R with a good candidate.

        • Sure. I think the right GOP candidate could get a lot of Mexican-American votes. The media always does that really dumb thing where they talk of Latino/Hispanic as a monolith when it’s a lot of different cultures. Something tell me that Rubio is very aware of that. 😉

      • I think you’re right. Especially since Obama lowered the bar in terms of how much actual accomplishment a man needs to run for president.

      • I was surprised too. I first heard him in the debates here in Florida and he was really nimble at deflecting criticism. Of course, he’s anti-abortion and way too conservative (for me, anyway) but he really gave smooth non-answers to any questions about that.

  20. What President Obama really needs to do is to stop demonizing the opposition and to stop demoralizing his base. He needs to “lift American spirits.” People want to feel good about themselves, their country, and their government. If you make them feel bad, they’ll do everything in their power to vote you out.

  21. I think that BAR outlines the best that we can hope for:
    “Obama had his own plans to go down in history as the president that “reined in” so-called entitlements: Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. On his own initiative, he caused the creation of a deficit cutting commission whose recommendations are due, next month. The president planned for commission members to threaten entitlements, whereupon he would position himself as the Great Compromiser and Conciliator, further weakening the safety net while pretending to salvage portions of it. But that was before Tuesday’s Republican tidal wave. In the new relationship of forces, an Obama attempt at triangulation on entitlements would invite utter catastrophe. We can only hope that the Republicans are so consumed with destroy-Obama fervor that they reject his entreaties to bipartisan collaboration. The people’s interests would best be served with the GOP charging ahead with their own Neanderthal agenda, forcing Obama to respond with vetoes, if necessary. The people have no champion in the White House or the Congress. The best we can hope for is that the two evils cancel each other out. Let there be gridlock…


  22. I thought his press conference was just strange today.

  23. “1. Accomplish something worthwhile for the country

    2. Run on it.”

    What a concept! Now if we could only find some politicians to buy into that message.

    Michael Moore is on TV now stating what a “good guy” Barack Obama is. Good intentions with a gentle spirit. Does Moore know a different POTUS? A parallel Universe? Is this the same POTUS ready to skip the country and spend $200 million a day in India with a entourage fit for a King/Emperor?

    There must be a dual reality going on. And I’m not on the wavelength.

    • “The way to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

    • I’m sure Obama means well and loves his family and has impeccable table manners and everything. That’s not the problem. The problem is that he and nearly everyone else in D.C. is in denial about the fact that he’s actually a Republican.

      • Who were those republicans (in name only) who endorsed Obama.

        James Leach – Obama appointed him Chairman National Endowment for Humanties.

        Lincoln Chafee – the only republican (in name only)
        who voted against Iraq War and won this election
        over the democrat who told Obama to shove it
        because Obama wouldn’t endorse him.

        Then we had William Weld of Mass., Wayne Gilchrest
        backed Obama and crossed party lines.

        Richard Riodan, who said “Senator Obama is the kind of leader we need to get us through these tough economic times.” Oh, the obots loved him. Don’t ya
        remember the library event where a little girl 6 year old asked him is he knew what her name Isis meant? And
        his response was to say it means stupid, dirty girl, and
        laughed out loud. Can you remember them using him as an example of Republicans supporting Obama during the campaign?

        Oh, let’s not forget Linwood Holton’s endorsement of Obama, then his son in law Tim Kaine becomes DNC
        Chairman……As of today, for now Va. is a red state with
        three dems ousted.

        Then Jim Whitaker got on that Choo Choo train, saying
        Obama has the stronger “intellecual capacity” and this is the most important election of his entire life. He was honored by speaking at the DNC convention.

        I am sure there are others, the good republican
        boys joined in the Obama club to beat Hillary.

    • It’s amazing how much credibility Michael Moore has lost since Bush left office. He’s only good at criticizing anyone with a (R) after their name. He will support someone like Obama even if his policies are identical to Bush. I left his list in 2008 and never looked back. He’s just another fauxgressive who does what is cool even at the detriment of this country and made his millions off the back of Bush’s failures.

  24. Isn’t it funny how the Nevada senate race wan’t discussed until after the pundits called California?

  25. Heh:

    Thank you for participating on NYTimes.com. Your published submission can be found at this link:


    • I recommended that comment. You’re almost the only one who made a bit of sense in those comments.

  26. PubMed uses pseudo science to try and answer why women don’t vote for women. All I can say is Duh

    Contrary to the notion that people use deliberate, rational strategies when deciding whom to vote for in major political elections, research indicates that people use shallow decision heuristics, such as impressions of competence solely from a candidate’s facial appearance, when deciding whom to vote for.

    However, male candidates that appear more approachable and female candidates who appear more attractive are more likely to win votes. In particular, men are more likely to vote for attractive female candidates whereas women are more likely to vote for approachable male candidates.

    • I think the pseudo scientists forget that every failure any one woman experiences is extrapolated to all of us. Carly Fiorina…?

      I think that might be why some women are careful and have higher standards for a woman they will support or vote for than they expect of a man they will vote for.

  27. Honest question here. I’m afraid I tend to say general ‘Hispanic’ also.

    Rubio ‘s family came from Cuba. Which is correct–Latino or Hispanic??

  28. Maybe Dirty Harry’s win had something to do with the convenient power outage that occurred right as the polls closed. How often does THAT kind of coincidence happen.

    Okay, I’m taking my tinfoil hat off, now

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