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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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This post is quite possibly the best thing Anglachel has ever written:

The course for the next generation was set back in 2008, when the Stevensonian elite subverted their own party’s electoral process (Be a Democrat for a Day!) so that they could feel morally superior voting for a black man. Obama himself has said quite clearly that no one would bother to vote for him if he was white. This says much of his political calculation, but even more of his supporters. They were truly the Joshua Generation, unwilling to do more than their political predecessors and envious that they could not be cultural heroes like the economic giants of FDR’s era or the moral giants of MLK’s. And, having aimed so low and compromised so much so they could pretend to stand up to the “racists”, they now get to live with that legacy. Unfortunately, so do the rest of us.

That was a world historic moment, one of the “Moments of Madness” in which a political sea change can occur, and it was thrown away on an empty gesture. The electoral season of today was determined by the outcomes of 2008. The sight today of the puerile Tea Party name-calling the infantile Obamacans over an election that, regardless of the winner, will not alter the socio-economic conditions of our new Gilded Age, is, for me, grimly amusing. You would think, given the hysteria and hoohaw, the marches on Washington (all mocking shadows of marches past), that something monumental was being decided today. The contest today is bubbles on the horse piss.

While the media keeps trying to distract us (Look over there! It’s Sarah Palin!) the Malefactors of Great Wealth are engaged in a orgy of loot and pillage.

Neither political party seems to have the slightest interest in stopping them. Some Democrats and Republicans talk a good game about cleaning up our political process, but when push comes to shove they are paper tigers.

The blogosphere once had the potential to be a place where non-elites could evade the media filters and engage in grassroots organizing, but now the loudest voices have been co-opted by the MOGW.

Real change will not come to this country because of a political messiah, regardless of whether that person is Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, or some new leader of a cult of personality. The elites aren’t gonna give it to us either.

This is a democracy, goddammit. Change will come when “we the people” get our shit together and make it happen. As long as the rest of us keep fighting amongst ourselves the rich will just keep getting richer at our expense.

We sure as hell ain’t gonna get nowhere voting for the lesser of two evils.

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  1. The last sentence in Anglachel’s post:

    I wonder how Josh Marshall will take watching Obama, with all appropriate cool detachment and gravitas, privatize Social Security, handing over yet another piece of the people’s wealth to his backers on Wall Street.

  2. Yes, I agree with both of you. I’ve already sent the post around to a few people whose brains might still be salvageable. 🙂

  3. I liked this part:

    The cultural Stevensonians continue to play Charlie Brown to the Movement Conservative’s Lucy, rushing again and again at the football of “racism” and ending up sprawled in the mud when the prize is yanked away. It is a fantasy they must relinquish, that they alone can do battle against this historic evil, refusing to see that it is their single minded obsession with whiteness to the exclusion of coherent economic policy (let alone justice) that keeps it politically viable.

  4. Good find. What a fucking mess we’re in.

  5. Ha, Washington and Colorado keep flipping back and forth from pink to light blue. Both are close.

  6. House now up to 59. They may just make it to 60 before it’s all done. Oh goody.

    Let’s see, passport in order. Check….

  7. This is actually the best clip from Network:

  8. Pelosi is responsible for her demise and her party.

  9. I count 5 more seats that may go GOP. That would make the total 64 seats the flipped to the GOP. 1 seat under the tossup column, 3 under Democrats expected to win narrowly, and 1 under Democrats expected to win easily

    • The NYT says GOP + 60 with 13 still undecided.

      • Yes, but only a few are blinking red. When I counted 5, the Minn 8 was blinking red under the expected safe D, and when it flipped it brought the number to 60. The other possible are CA 11, WA 2, TX 27 and IL 8. The other undecided are blinking blue. Any of those 13 can turn, but right now that’s how the board is looking.

  10. I recall hearing Carville say Howard Dean would destroy the Dem party. It looks like he was right. I wonder what he knew back then.

  11. Kirk (R) won in Illinois. I don’t know anything about him but I’ve been dying to use this clip:

  12. 60 seats have flipped to the GOP

  13. I’m noticing that the Green Party received more votes than usual. In IL the Green Party candidate for governor received 3.2 percent. I think those votes may be Ds that didn’t want to vote for GOP

  14. CNN:

    The thing about Delaware is: it’s no Kentucky.

    The Tea Party’s first Senate loss of the night may be no big surprise – the only question heading into tonight’s been how big a victory margin Chris Coons would capture over Christine O’Donnell. But the exit polls lay out the political and demographic roadblocks facing any Tea Party favorite here.

    Nearly half the state’s voters describe themselves as moderate. Nearly another 1 in 4 call themselves liberal. This is Biden country: 58 percent of Delaware voters say they approve of President Obama’s job performance. And 36 percent say they strongly oppose the Tea Party.

    If GOP voters are feeling any buyer’s remorse, they may take some solace in one surprising stat: despite pre-election polls that showed longtime Republican Rep. Mike Castle handily beating Coons in a hypothetical matchup, the voters who turned out today said they would still probably have sent Coons to Washington over Castle, backing him 44-43 percent.

    Even if O’Donnell had won the GOP wouldn’t have taken control of the Senate. They needed ten and Delaware would have made a net gain of seven.

    • That’s all theoretical. Without all that mud slinging, it’s difficult to know how things might have turned out. Patty Murray is having a very tight race, and WA is fairly blue.

      • good night

      • There is a huge number of King County votes yet to be counted, and they are sure Patty’s numbers there are 50% higher than Rossi – I predict she will win with a big enough margin to avoid recount. WA news personalities are fixated on making themselves more significant than they are….I’m thinking they are releasing results in a fashion that keeps national eyes on them.

  15. “Blue” California. The district circled in black is CA18 where I live. My Rep is a blue dog and was easily reelected.

  16. There is more red here than in a slasher movie:

    • The Democrats need Hillary to win back the working folks that think the GOP is going to do some thing to benefit them. The GOP isn’t going to do it, they will only increase the profits for Wall Street and continue the WARS, those WARS no one talked about during this election cycle.

      Then there is the problem of when we run out of reserves (some have served 3 and 4 tours) to continue to fight these WARS, and when the DRAFT will be put into place. When will the wars be over? The WARS George W BUSH started and left going and going. When do the diplomatic talks begin and when does President Obama go and work on the TWO WARS (what is the plan) and on finding a solution.

      Since Obama accepted a Nobel Peace Prize (I guess for his future work or because everyone assumed he was going to end the wars) he should be practicing his PEACE SKILLS and not his GOLF SKILLS!

      Hillary R. Clinton in 2012

      Oh, and people don’t forget to thank Big Dawg, as it could have been worse if the man with his big heart went and worked the campaigns like no one else. Big Dawg knows hard work and he works despite those that complain (Donna Brazile).

  17. News post up.

  18. Well, it sure was ugly but Obama should thank his lucky stars for the tea party because it would have been worse without creepy candidates like Sharon Angle.

    • No doubt! I am surprised the GOP ran her in Nevada. Reid was pretty weak and a more centrist and sane GOP would have easily kicked him out of the way.

      I really wish there was somebody else leading the Senate.

      • Maybe the GOP wants Reid as head Dem Senator because he’s a weak Blue Dog type?

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