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Learning the wrong lessons

Violet Socks:

There’s a remarkable piece in the Times this morning: Young Voters Say They Feel Abandoned. It’s about the enthusiasm gap heading into the mid-terms, which will likely see the formerly pro-Obama college crowd staying away from the polls in droves. The remarkable thing about the article is that the reporters cannot figure out why this might be happening. There is not a single reference to the Obama Administration’s stunning failure to deliver on its campaign promises (both implicit and explicit). Instead, the reporters chalk up the youngsters’ malaise to their feeling “left out” in some vague way. Probably just typical immaturity. Maybe if Obama had gone on The Daily Show more often, the kids would still be with him.

Oh, yeah, that’s it. If only he’d gone on The Daily Show more often.

The article is the soul-twin of another article that appeared in the Times 10 days ago: Democrats Try to Revive Female Voters’ Enthusiasm. The reporters (a different set, though obviously working from the same playbook) note that women seem to have lost their mojo for Obama and the Democratic Party. But the reason for this phenomenon is bafflingly mysterious. What could it be? Perhaps, the reporters say, it has something to do with the economy. Women seem depressed about the economy—yeah, that’s it!—and so they don’t feel like voting.

Next we have a CDS infected double-dip from Michael Medved:

No wonder news reports suggest that Bill Clinton, not Barack Obama, is the most popular campaigner for Democrats in this election cycle. Embattled candidates who want the current president to stay away because they fear close association with his unpopular record welcome President Clinton with enthusiasm and gratitude.

But those candidates fail to acknowledge that the turning point that saved Clinton’s presidency came in November 1994, with the Republican sweep of the midterm elections.

Newt Gingrich and the “Contract with America” GOP captured 53 Democratic House seats and eight Democratic seats in the Senate.

Almost immediately, Clinton reoriented his presidency toward a strategy of “triangulation”: positioning himself as the sensible centrist who stood midway between the aggressive conservatives who controlled Congress and his own stridently liberal Democratic allies on Capitol Hill. Abandoning the activism and sweeping goals that characterized the first two years of his presidency, Clinton rediscovered his identity as a New Democrat and governed successfully for the next six years as a pragmatic centrist.

I’ve said repeatedly that the mainstream media is a tool of corporatist propaganda. An oligarchy of big corporations and wealthy individuals own almost all of the newspapers, magazines and radio stations in this country. They own ALL the major television networks.

When the media isn’t busy trying to distract you with tabloid gossip they are running a scam designed to convince you that you are hearing both sides of the story.

On one side there is FOX News and all the other parts of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire presenting you with the conservative/Republican version of events. On the other side there is MSNBC and the New York Times presenting what is allegedly the progressive/Democrat version.

Both sides are lying to you.

The media will never “get it” because they don’t want to get it. They will say what their corporate masters tell them to say. The will do that because they want to keep their jobs.

Tomorrow and in the days that follow the right-wing media will solemnly declare that the Democrats lost because they were too liberal. Meanwhile the left-wing media will blame the Tea Partiers, the Chamber of Commerce, stupid voters and just about anything and everything except the failure of Obama and the Democrats to keep their promises to the voters.

The problem isn’t that Obama and the Democrats were too liberal. The problem is they weren’t liberal enough. And don’t buy that horseshit about “timid and weak” Democrats. They aren’t cowards and weaklings, they are corrupt crooks.

Failure was the plan.

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  1. Join us here at The Confluence for our Election Night 2010 Live-Blog starting at 8pm Eastern

  2. HONK!!!!

    • Great post myiq! And BTW – kudos to all Giants fans! SF pulled off an amazing run starting at the end of last season. Ryan will just have to wait a bit longer. 😀

  3. Best post I’ve read anywhere in a long time. You nailed it, especially with the closer:

    “And don’t buy that horseshit about “timid and weak” Democrats. They aren’t cowards and weaklings, they are corrupt crooks.

    Failure was the plan.”

  4. Crap, this is a GOOD post!

    The media will never “get it” because they don’t want to get it. They will say what their corporate masters tell them to say. The will do that because they want to keep their jobs.

    (nodding wildly)

    Am I supposed to “Honk” ??

  5. They aren’t cowards and weaklings, they are corrupt crooks.
    And stupid….They sold out for the promise of unlimited campaign dollars and political power for a generation. They just had to compromise a little for the hundreds of millions of Big Money and corporate dollars. It was a brilliant strategy by the corps. Buy a disinterested corporate stooge as President, then label his as a Socialist and finally fund the political backlash two years later.

    • That is totally what happened, isn’t it. The only way to rehabilitate Republicans was to elect a corrupt, incompetent nincumpoop to the presidential level.

      Then, the rebound effect would continue for a decade or two….

      Their plan is really working out, because my gawl, people like Bush more than Obama……didn’t think that could E.V.E.R. happen.

  6. The blogs must be busy…I just received a timed out error code that rejected my post and then posted it.

  7. HONK! The purpose of the media is to do the oligarchy’s dirty work… divide & conquer, entertain, disinform, confuse, and distract the enemy (that would be us) with their narratives.

    I think more and more people are figuring that out. The question is, how do you get other narratives out there to encourage things like truth and reality when illiusions are so much more enticing?

  8. Crash and Burn Day for Dems

    Jerome’s fearless predictions

    House: I was at 50 seats being lost for about a year, then at 57 last week, and now… 67 seats. That’s what the generic house poll says, or more. We’ll know a bit after 7 PM EST, when VA returns. If the 6D/5R Virginia delegation looks like its headed to a 2D/9R one, we are headed way up there.

    Senate: Still at 9 seats. I am going with Adams pulling off an upset win in AK for the Dems. But I am also predicting that the toss-ups, WA/IL/CO/NV/WV all go Republican. Its a 50-50 Senate, with Biden in control, but not for long. There are two fallouts–

    1) Palin is going to get thrashed and trashed inside the GOP. She’ll be skapegoated for the Republicans not winning the Senate– it will really all be about ’12 by Romney/Pawlenty… supporters.

    2) Lieberman, seeing CT go red, “in the interest of Connecticut (himself)” will caucus with the Republicans as an Independent, giving the GOP the Senate majority.

  9. As I recall, the right wing of the Repub party blamed the crashing failure of the Repubs not on their corruption or stupidity but on their failure to be “conservative” and stick to “conservative principles”. What both parties seem to fall on their faces about is that they promise a bunch of stuff that they can not deliver and the American people as a whole are not very ideological—they just want their government to work on solving the problems beyond the grasp and power of individuals and otherwise do not bother us.

  10. Here’s a good place to follow the Senate races:


    Here’s one for the House:


  11. Having fun with headlines…

    Results may shrink president’s penis agenda http://www.boston.com/news/politics/articles/2010/11/02/results_may_shrink_presidents_agenda/

    (here’s hoping I’ve correctly done the strikethrough html thingy)

  12. BDBlue at Corrente:

    Assuming the results come out as expected, tonight will mark yet another election where the voters reject the policies of endless war, bank bailouts and sucking up to the rich at the expense of everyone else.* Just as they did in 2008 and 2006.

    Sure, the GOP will not change these policies. They will continue them. Just as Obama didn’t change them when voters chose him over the GOP’s policies of endless war, bank bailouts and sucking up to the rich at the expense of everyone else.

    But I take at least some heart in knowing that my fellow Americans think the country is on the wrong track. And while a lot of Americans couldn’t define socialism if their life depended on it and are fed nothing but bullshit propaganda by the corporate media, they’re actually pretty sane on basic policy issues: they like Medicare and single payer, oppose the war in Afghanistan, hate the bank bailouts, and want to raise taxes on the rich. There will be a lot of “progressives” blaming the voters tomorrow, but it’s the elites who suck.

    • Yes, it’s the voters fault that Obama sat on his hands and farted when he had super majorities in the house and senate and an unprecedented historical mandate for change. They MADE him do it!

    • I have not been able to connect to Chris Floyd’s blog for a couple of days now, either via links in articles like the one above of directly from my ‘favorites’… is anyone else having this problem?

    • This election is a referendum on Obama. Whenever the country votes one party into power, then another party into power a few years later, it does not mean the country is swaying more to the left or more to the right. It means they are sending a message to the party in power to shape out or ship out! The country IS on the wrong track and the voters have every right to sit out this election or vote for another party to send Obama a message.

  13. 20 minutes until Election Night 2010 Live-Blog

  14. Hey, I know that picture! 😉
    It’s amazing how the perspective shifted on the role of the media. I used to think, it eas all paid by the Rs. Then 2008 came and I got confused.
    now we know that it was the same people (and not the parties) paying for it all along. In 2008 the R’s boat got leaky so TPTB shifted the money on the other side. What I also learned is that the distinctions between Murdoch’s stuff and say, NYT’s are as artificial as the ones between the Rs and the Ds.

  15. “Failure was in the plan.”

    You nailed it, myiq2xu.

    What we get is this spectacle between two corporate political parties and the drumbeat of a corporate-owned media. Notice how many Bush policies the Obamacrats have turned a blind eye to, only because Obama supported them and he’s their guy.

    Yet what do you hear on Fox? Obama’s a socialist/marxist. If anything he’s a champion of the status quo, but you wouldn’t know it if you only dialed in MSNBC, where he’s touted as a fierce fighter for the rights of working men and women–many of whom are unemployed, underemployed or flatout empty on any hope in getting their lives back.

    Kabuki Theater, while the country and the American public continue to twist in the wind.

  16. With all the moola $$$ in elections, no wonder we have so many.
    You’d think that that, alone, would keep the economy stimulated.

    That’s a lot of hot air =thatsa lotta moola.

    Meg created a bunch of jobs with her run. I am sure they were well paid, with lots of perks.
    Follow that money.
    Gee, think any of the journolists/journalists will run that story?

    And another thing, earlier, Myiq said that the Primary campaign begins tomorrow.
    Au contraire, O began his 2012 re-election race the day after he was elected .

  17. Honk, honk.

  18. “Failure was the plan!” Truer words &c &c, and graft on the requisite HONK! …

    The ObRahma plan simply to change drivers for that craptastic money machine was a dud cause it was already in the ditch.

    Whaaaa … ? The OFA don’t like to get dirty and push? I’ll have to block some time to give a damn once I attend to the bajillion details of sealing my alternate home/work space in Scenic Undisclosed for the winter.

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