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Go Vote!

Let’s not sit this one out, people.  Let yourselves be heard.

And Remember,

Friends don’t let Friends vote Republican.

Give your Tea Party or just plain disgusted friend an earful before they step into that voting booth.  If they don’t like Democrats, there are always other party candidates.  If you are living in NJ, here is a list of all of the candidates running in your districts: Rutgers University’s 2010New Jersey Candidates and Referendum.  As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to Republicans and Democrats including the American Renaissance Movement, American Labor Party,  Independents and Greens.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it up to someone else to determine the government you will have to live with for the next two years.  No matter how much you hate the way politicians have used us, go down to the precinct, get your ticket, go into the voting booth and make the best decision you can.  Sometimes, you have to stare at that row of buttons before you know what to do.  Just do it.  It’s that important.

Join us here at The Confluence for our Election Night 2010 Live-Blog starting at 8pm Eastern

Tell us in the comments what your voting strategy is. Here’s a recap of our voting strategies:

T-minus 72 Hours (or something like that) by Wonk the Vote

DT’s Voting Strategy by Dandy Tiger

My Voting Strategy- Hard Liquor by Myiq2xu

My Voting Strategy: How many times do we have to have this conversation? by littleisis

My voting strategy: Are you better off now than you were 40 years ago? by RD

Now, get out there and push their buttons!

Stop the Romans or we all get crucified.

297 Responses

  1. I just gave an earful – on line – to a former internet buddy who, after prodding me to vote was asking “how would I feel on Wednesday when these Neandethals get elected because people stay home?” (I had specifically said I will vote Green). The guilt/fear trip in one sentence! These people are some piece of work!
    meanwhile Tom Watson tweeted yesterday about hearing from 3 people that all the attempts to urge them to vote only make them decide to stay home.

    • “Tom Watson tweeted yesterday about hearing from 3 people that all the attempts to urge them to vote only make them decide to stay home.”

      What a bunch of spoiled nincompoops. This is really disgraceful. Untold numbers of our countrymen and women have fought and died for our right to vote and more than half of our stupid country doesn’t bother to use it. Anyone who doesn’t vote has absolutely no right to complain about anything to do with elected officials.

      • Matt, you must not live in a caucus state. many of us voted last time and our votes were ignored.

        • I live in TX, the only caucus/primary vote state. After experiencing first hand the massive cheating in my precinct and county conventions and learning of the same across the Lone Star State in 2008, I was perfectly happy to stand in line for an hour to push one button–straight Republican. This is your chance, GOP. Mess it up and We the People will be back to toss you outta office.

        • “Matt, you must not live in a caucus state. many of us voted last time and our votes were ignored.”

          Ah, I see, so your response is to abandon your entire enfranchisement based on a single screwed-up primary. I’ll say it again with a more global perspective: as a citizen of this country you have as a birthright something which a huge number of Iranians, for example, took to the streets for and were shot, beaten and generally humiliated in response. Or consider the populations of Myanmar or, even worse, North Korea, both forever under the thumbs of military dictatorships happy to blast with a gun anyone who crosses them. And you have the GALL to have the right to vote and sit on your ass and mope instead of using it. Please, spare me.

      • I agree and I also get annoyed at all the people who say “if I get one more call from you people I am going to vote for the other guy…or not vote”..etc…
        Please people, this is our one chance every couple of years to have a voice. The fact that we are drowned out by the media and big business is not an excuse not to take part. Some day people will get fed up enough to stage the revolution, until then don’t scream at the people who ARE trying to have a say.
        I went and voted just like last time for every woman on the ballot if she were running against a male and for the democrat in all other races. I felt a little guilty for punishing state rep candidates for the behavior of the national party, but hell, this is where women get in to the pipeline and shame on democrats if they can not beat the republicans at getting women to run for office.

      • Anyone who doesn’t vote has absolutely no right to complain about anything to do with elected officials.

        Sure they do – it say so in the First Amendment

        • I’m talking moral right, not absolute right. Of course you can bitch if you want to, but don’t expect to be taken seriously by anyone who bothered to vote.

  2. Almost forgot: Tweety turns on leg tingler. What really surprises me is actually that the reasons he gives are valid – he doesn’t use R talking points about spending and socialism like I expected him to.
    It’s a video

    • snort!! “turns on leg tingler” could mean so many different things.

    • Ruh-Roh, it sounds like Obama is going to get the blame for this catastrophe.

    • Tweety is still full of sh*t.

    • The tingle running down Tweetie’s leg is Obama’s warm piss! If Tweetie had only realized this in the beginning he would have saved himself a lot of grief. BTW, during the 90’s I thought he was a Republican due to his CDS. He and MSNBC built that cable channel on the backs of Bill and Hill.

    • A broken clock is right twice a day. He’s got this right though.

      • if tweety were not afflicted with rampant CDS, he would have seen Obama more clearly in 2007 and 2008.

  3. Join us here at The Confluence for our Election Night 2010 Live-Blog starting at 8pm Eastern

  4. Not voting this year. Don’t like the Republicans but can’t deny that I will have a smirk on my face when the Democrats get their asses handed to them tonight.

    Note from RD: Comments expressing non-voting intentions will be removed from this thread. You owe your fellow citizens more consideration than that. We are counting on you.

    • I simply can’t vote this year ~ there are no acceptable 3rd party choices for my area’s congressional seat. sitting this one out.

      • No, No, No! If your apathy results in the evil ones winning big, I will personally reach through the monitor and throttle you.
        Write someone in.

        • who????

          • figure it out. Go down to the precinct. Get your ticket. Go to the booth. Make the best decision you can. You owe your country that.
            Now, do it!

          • The evil ones won big two years ago. Or did you mean the other evil ones?

          • Do the best you can with the material you’ve got.

            But think of it this way: Do you REALLY want to put all your faith in Obama using his veto pen against a Republican juggernaut? Obama? You know that inexperienced weakling who thought John Roberts was an OK guy back when Obama was a senator?

            Didn’t think so.

            Find a Green or an Independent. Write in Snooki. I don’t care, just do something.

          • The evil ones are going to win here and win big….
            the DINO only won by 775 votes. In this race the die was cast as soon he voted for the HCRA and then ran around touting Obama. This has been one of the most acrimonious and vile election seasons I have ever seen.

            In theory a write-in vote would be a great idea…however in a small rural polling place (less than a 1000 votes) with the various personalities of the polling workers involved……
            it IS in my best interests to stay home. Sorry to disappoint but I have to do what is best for me (and my child who is with me today and would be dragged into the mess down there).

          • …and I don’t have a any faith that Obama would use that veto pen in my interests at all…. IMHO this republican sweep is by design and exactly what they would prefer. OR they really are the worst tone deaf politicians ever.

          • Absolutely. So, the question is, do you want the Republicans to give Democrats cover for being cowards or do you want to let the Democrats swing in the wind all by themselves?

            I know which thing I prefer.

            And if I could give an alternate third party candidate a real chance, I wouldn’t stay home today.

          • Depressed Darth on Twitter suggested himself

            DepressedDarth Darth Vader
            When you are voting tomorrow feel free to write me in for some obscure do-nothing job with a high salary, I wont let you down. #SithIn2010

          • RD, me and indigogrrl’s Dem choice is anti abortion, multi faith-based organization founder, dweeb. The Repub is worse. The third party guy is even more right that the Repub. In the end, write in is the best choice. I was going to go for the third party guy as a protest, but in the end Mickey Mouse won out. 🙂

          • go vote for women. If you are equally disgusted with both parties, vote for real change….women in office in preportion to their numbers in society. Just think, women are the ONLY group in this country who are and continue to be under represented in politics.

          • I’ve already voted (Colorado has an extended early voting period). At least in my neck of the woods, the D’s fielded some decent candidates.

            During the primary, I swore that I would not vote for Michael Bennet – not even for dogcatcher. Fortunately the Greens actually put up a Senate candidate.

      • I can only recommend voting for Democratic candidates that have Bill Clinton’s endorsement. Many of them were Hillary supporters and I’m glad that their loyalty is being rewarded when they need it the most.

    • ARRRGGG!!! I don’t want to hear this. Get your skinny ass down to the precinct and make your voice heard. if you don’t like the major party candidates, write someone in. Just do it.

    • It’s too bad that there is not a none of the above choice. That would send a clearer message to the current lot of unacceptables. I respect the right of someone though who is a conscientious objector to a list of candidates she/he cannot support and chooses not to vote for any of them.

  5. Anglachel has another post up. The Unwashed.
    It’s a bit unsettling.

    • The current hoopla over the Tea Party tries to make them into this kind of a group, and serves to fuel the heated rhetoric from both sides – that it is an unstoppable movement of righteous outrage (on the Right) and that it is a growing threat to civilization (on the Left). It is the Unwashed off-leash, run for your lives!

      Except that they aren’t. They are the side-show distraction. They, like the dirty fucking hippies before them, are the scapegoat to justify reaction. The cadre that needs to be watched is the Movement Conservatives who will parlay the coming electoral victory into some type of “mandate”, using the threat of voter dissatisfaction to claim greater authority and threaten more dire consequences if not given their way. Just read Krugman on this.

      I disagree somewhat. Movement Conservatives are pawns of the corporatists.

  6. Which ever way it goes here in Oklahoma we will have our first female Governor. The dem is way behind in polls but for some reason that doesn’t usually mean much here. I am going to gladly vote for Askjns the dem. She has done a good job as Lt. Gov. and has vast experience in other areas of Government. And the clincher is that past Sooner coach Barry Switzer is supporting her. 🙂

  7. Tabloids today make it all about Obama – and not in a flattering, inviting way either

  8. I am in Texas so I have to vote to get rid of some creep Republican judges. My idiot Republican congressman is unopposed so I will leave it blank. My local state rep is a really good guy and was treated like dirt because he was a Hillary supporter and the good news was they did not primary him as they threatened. I am voting Green against some Obama goons. It is raining cats and dogs and traffic lights are out so we will have traffic jams. Good Hair Perry will win but I will vote for Bill White who is OK. It is a fairly normal election here but turnout is expected to be huge.

    • NOW we’re talking! You done good for sorting that out with the material you had to work with.
      Thanks for voting today.

    • Hi Isolde,

      I voted against Republican judges and for Bill White, too. Large turnout in Houston, where he may get some dissatisfied Republicans who like him better than Perry, as well as a large Democratic vote.


    • I,
      When you come and pick me up in your long white limo to go vote for “Lobotomy” instead of “Horseface” please don’t forget the Taco Cabana and Jim Beam.


      ps Lamar Smith BLOWS

    • I voted in Texas for Bill White, anyone named Raggio plus a few others I recognized. All Dems. Teresa Hawthorne will be a
      good, if iconoclastic, judge, for those Texans who have yet to vote.
      the jerk who derailed our caucus in 2008 was sitting at the sign in table, so I stopped to let him know I was on a mission of his making.

  9. Matt Y:

    Doing My Part to Boost Voter Apathy

    Will Wilkinson says these midterms don’t matter very much, via a broader argument which says that elections in general don’t matter as much as people say. Ross Douthat says he doesn’t agree with all of it but that “it’s still a useful corrective to the vast effort currently underway to persuade you that this election (like the election before it, and the election before that) is a world-historical hinge moment, and that nothing in American life matters more than how many seats the Republicans gain or don’t gain next Tuesday.”

    I agree with both of them, but that still leaves open the question of how important is the election compared to other elections. The 2008 elections led, after all, to a very important piece of health care legislation that’s not going to be repealed during the 112th congress. In other words, even after the soon-to-come revival of conservative political fortunes the health policy status quo is going to settle well to the left of where it was before the election. And it seems overwhelmingly likely to me that had Kay Hagan and Al Franken not won their close elections in North Carolina and Minnesota that the Affordable Care Act never would have passed. So as far as elections go, that’s a pretty big deal.

    • Aravosis:

      Or the 2008 elections were the chance of a lifetime for Democrats and they blew it, on health care (where they might have gotten much more had they simply tried) and on everything else. Even the stimulus was botched (asking for half of what was needed, then giving away another 35% in near-useless tax cuts) – thus the 9.6% 9.2% unemployment rate that’s dooming Democratic control of Congress. And, if you’re gay, an enviro, an immigration advocate/Latino, a civil libertarian, an AIDS activist, or a union member, to name a few categories of the Democratic base, the results of the 2008 election weren’t nearly so laudable, since most of the big biggest promises made to you were broken, and now are toast.

      • Let’s see how long this comment lasts:

        Or the 2008 elections were the chance of a lifetime for Democrats and they blew it.

        We told you so. For being prematurely correct we got called racists and other bad things.

        Hillary 2012

      • Wasn’t Aravosis the guy who wrote:

        Go away you horrible human being by John Aravosis (DC) on 5/21/2008 06:45:00 PM (NOTE FROM JOHN: It seemed time for a reprint.) IT’S NOT CLOSE. YOU FREAKING LOST THE NOMINATION, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Good God. What is wrong with her? The Clintons and their campaign staff don’t give a damn that they are now hurting our electoral chances in the fall against McCain and against the Republicans in Congress. Their campaign isn’t happening in some vacuum, and they know it. Our candidates can’t fundraise because of her. Obama can’t focus on McCain because of her. Obama is wasting money on HER, rather than spending it on McCain, because of her. EMILY’s List, and AFSCME, and the American Federation of Teachers and others are wasting their members’ money on her now-failed race – money that they could be spending, should be spending, on other real races, races that haven’t already lost. She can’t win, the math says she lost the nomination, but she doesn’t give a damn. She’s going to stay in the race like some spoiled hateful egotistical brat. Why is the media even covering her? The only stories that should be written about Hillary Clinton is how much damage she’s causing our party. How she’s hurting fundraising at the DNC – they even admitted it, they’re not raising the money they need to fight John McCain because of this woman. Why don’t you write some stories about how she is hurting our candidates who can’t fundraise because of her? How she has forced EMILY’s List and AFSCME and the AFT to waste their money because of her. How she has caused a civil war in the Netroots. Five months ago we all felt that we had 3 great candidates. Now, far too many of us loathe Hillary Clinton, and she has done her racist best to ensure that her supporters can’t stand Barack Obama either. The Clintons don’t give a damn about our party. Their party, their church, is themselves. To hell with everyone else. I actually liked Hillary up until a few months ago. Other bloggers used to tell me that Joe and I were too nice to Hillary. People just assumed that we were endorsing her. Now I actually loathe her. She makes me yell at the TV like she’s George Bush, and no one other than George Bush makes me yell at the TV – until now. I actually can’t stand her or her husband any more. I defended her. I defended her husband. And now I’m actually wondering if the Republicans weren’t right about them. That’s how bad she has damaged her reputation. People who actually liked you, who actually helped you, who actually defended you, LOATHE you now. Call me a Clinton-hater all you like, but people like me were the ones who had your back. And we never will again.

        Oh, yeah, the voice of sanity finally gets a clue. Asshat.

        • I would still like Mr. A to ‘fess up as to what he meant when he said they did the Obama campaign’s “dirty work.”

          • And they accuse uneducated low info voters of voting against their self interests. Aravosis has to live with his idiotic support for at least 2 more years. How did that work out for him?

            Ooo, Ooo! Hillary supports gay LBGT at the state department! Yep, full bennies for partners, diplomatic missions unencumbered by the bigotry against gay people. So refreshing. But she was a horrible human being for John.

            That’s got to be tough on the guy. Hillary would have overturned DADT by now.

        • how old is he, 14?
          Wel lhe is right about one thing, it wasn’t even close, lots more people voted for her. To bad their votes were thrown out.

      • How about women, Johnny?

        • Well, you know – women? they don’t really have anything to whine about because nothing having to do with women is very important anyway?

      • oh he forgot to mention women, what a surprise, or maybe he thinks that putting women in high level jobs is all that matters.

        Dear Mr A.
        Here is what women want: when a woman wins the nomination she should be the nominee…Period

    • I’m not sure the Healthcare reform act “success story” is going to get anyone to the polls willingly except for Tea Partiers.
      Mmmm, I’m thinking, don’t lead with this.

  10. No one noticed but only yesterday, the Federal Court made the suspension of the DADT injunction permanent. Obama’s DADT.
    My voting choices in NY:
    For Governor I am definitely not picking Obama’s “Governor in Waiting” Cuomo after what he did to Paterson. Nor can I vote for gay basher Paladino. I do have a good Green – Howard Hawkins – heard him in the debate and he is good.
    I have Greens in the senate races (against Schumer and Gillibrand – who are safe enough – NYT already projected Schumer the winner, days before the election – with 100% chances to win).
    Attorney General – Working Family fields their own candidate, a woman – so I vote for her.
    Congress – Carolyn Maloney – loved ya, but you had to vote Stupakistan – so I’ll leave that one blank as there are no alternatives.

    • Forgot important thing: 2 ballot proposals on the back on the ballot. One is on term limits – make sure to vote on it is you are in NY!

    • Gillibrand has been a really good defender of gay rights. She is supported by Bill and Hillary… I would give her my vote if I were in NY.

      I’m voting here in CA but Boxer will not be getting my vote. She is ineffectual and a great big giant obot…

      I’m going Green for Senate. It’s the best I can do.

      I’m perfectly sick over the DADT stay. Years… it will be years before it is repealed now.

    • Excellent! But I think Bill and Hill would like it if you voted for Gillibrand. Maybe she can return the favor someday…

      • I am proud to vote for Gillibrand. She is definitely one to watch nationally–she’s got legs (and I don’t mean that in a sexist sense). Even as a Freshman Senator, she was willing to step up and protest Stupak, she has openly and aggressively spearheaded the repeal of DADT. In the past, she was willing to defy Nancy on the original TARP, because it lacked adequate oversight–quite prescient indeed. She works non-stop, and as my former rep, I know she is the real deal. She traveled to every little town, holding open meetings so she could listen to the local farmers, and fought hard for them. She has a tender spot for the endangered small farmers.

  11. Healthy turnout at my precinct early. No one under 40 in sight. Voting was easy as pie.

    • Did you use the paper ballots for the first time? I will, as I didn’t have a primary due to party change.
      For non-NY-ers: we used to have a tamper proof lever machines in NY. Therefore they were changed and replaced with – what- optical scanners? I’ll find out and let you know.

  12. Can’t anybody play this game?

    Joe Miller race now a referendum on Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin has sprinkled her blessings this election on dozens of candidates from Utah to South Carolina to Massachusetts. But the one who may render the most telling verdict on her influence is right here in Alaska.

    By injecting herself into the state’s three way Senate race with aggressive support for Joe Miller just as Miller appears to be losing traction, Palin has risked embarrassment on her home turf even as she contemplates a possible presidential bid.

    So if Miller wins (like the latest polls say he will) then it’s a big thumbs up for Sarah?

    If Politico wants to torpedo Palin that ain’t how to do it.


  13. WTF?

    “I think that people are getting active, they’re getting involved on both sides. The challenge is not the Tea Party, per se,” the president said.

    “I think it’s good that conservatives are rallying to get involved. I just want to make sure that folks who are thinking about the future and who are progressives are activated, or more activated,” Obama added. “So I’m not worried about what the other side’s doing; I’m worried about what we’re doing.”

    More activated? Does he say “more hotter” too?

    • I say “mo’ hotter.”

      But then dialect is sort of a hobby of mine.

      • BO’s use of “folks” should be should be banned from political discourse!

        • I hate it when he says “notion.”

          • I hate it when he says… anything really.

          • “somehow the notion that blah blah blah…..”

            Yeah it makes me gag too.

          • That one irks me too.

            Someone on the blogs did a faux statement with all of his verbal tics that precede a lie rolled into one.

            It was comedy gold and the only time I’ve laughed at ‘this whole notion…’

          • That one irks me too.

            Someone on the blogs wrote up a faux statement with all of his verbal tics that precede a lie….rolled into one.

            It was the only time during the 2008 election that reading/hearing ‘this whole notion’ made me laugh.

    • “So I’m not worried about what the other side’s doing; I’m worried about what we’re doing.”

      I agree, I’m too am more worried about what you’re doing, Mr. President.

  14. I have this nugget from Slate…I am not sure, perhaps it is a joke? Talk about koolaid overdose….


    I Still Love Obama. Love. Love. Love.
    Am I the last person in America who still adores President Obama?
    By Curtis Sittenfeld

  15. Tea Party Sub Groups to consider when you go vote;

    Tea Pots – Grassroots conservatives who support the legalization of Mary Jane.

    Tea Spoons – Grassroots conservatives who support cuddling.

    Green Teas – Grassroots conservatives with a strong environmentalist agenda.

    Tea Leaves – Grassroots conservatives who believe government should be guided by clairvoyance and psychic phenomenon.

    Sweet Teas – See Tea Spoons.

    Tea For Two’s –Grass Roots conservatives who support very short term limits.

    Herbal Teas –See Tea Pots.

    Tea Leoni’s – I don’t really have one for this, but she is really pretty, isn’t she?

    Tease Party – Grassroots conservatives who never actually deliver on their promises.

    Teal Party – Grassroots conservatives who are obsessed with the proper classification of things, (i.e. This is not a ‘blue’ state, it’s aquamarine!”).

    Tea Cups – Grassroots conservatives who spin and spin, but never actually go anywhere.

    Not My Cup of Teas – Grassroots conservatives who join third parties but ultimately quit over some minor meaningless point that they just can’t quite agree with.

    Tea Shirts – Grassroots conservatives who are the opposite of the Tea Skins.

    Tea Totallers – Grassroots conservatives who advocate a return to prohibition.

    Texas Teas – Grassroots conservatives who advocate a total ban on foreign oil and support Jed Clampett as a write-in candidate.

    Long Island Iced Teas – Grassroots conservatives who say screw voting, lets all get drunk instead!

  16. The power is out at the polling station two blocks away. They just called wanting a generator. The significant other is out digging in the garage pulling one out. He said they have to buy their own damned gasoline.

    • Wow, that’s a new one. Is it stormy where you are?

      • It has been all night. Our house has power but it is spotty all over this part of town. These are big generators that are used at his farms as needed but we keep them here during hurricane season. There are some downed trees somewhere and there is no way to know how long to fix it. I guess they want people to be able to vote before work and the generator is literally two blocks away.

  17. I woke up this morning firmly committed to not voting.

    Then my girl riend went and voted.

    And now you people, the only people I trust by the way, are telling me I should vote.


    Ok, I am either going to go vote or I am going to go home and bash myself in the head with a hammer.

    I’m thinking, I’m thinking…

    • Bash yourself with the hammer and then go vote. It will add a bit of whimsy to the experience.

      • See, ‘Listen to the smart ones,” that’s what I always say! Thanks RD!

        • Yep, becoming the next omniscient political wunder goddess, that’s what I’m here for.

        • for some reason I read this remark and heard you speaking with a cockney accent, why is that? Have you been to London lately?

      • LOL! Nothing like a little Confluence for some satisfying sick wit.

      • I am one of those cracks that’s in the ceiling for Hillary
        but I still can’t vote for the republicans that started this mess and then there’s obama………………………I will have to vote for those that supported Hillary and showed some courage. Maybe a green party when I can’t do that. These last ten years have exhausted me and put a fear in me that the government the last ten years has been strictly for the wall street ,corporate thieves. That’s why Hillary ‘s bid for president was hijacked,she had her own mind and didn’t need the teleprompter to talk about her plans she just knew what need done, really you would think people would be more outraged that when a great woman, that had more of the popular vote and had the experience and knowledge would have been the one that the dems backed ,but that meant she had a mind of her own in our best interests. When did it become the thing to do to bash older voters,the most dependable voters out there . SOO ……..as an older women I am voting for who I can but I don’t think it will be ob’s choices.

    • You could Go and write in None of The Above — that way you tell them you hate em both.

  18. Election return party at SYD’s place:


    That is after I have my teeth drilled… and then vote… (seriously, dentist is on the way to the polling place.)

  19. Obam’s going to do an interview with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. I don’t know why he thinks going on these type of shows is going to somehow save the Democratic Party or the country’s problems. And the funny thing is that he’d rather go on Ryan Seacrest than work with political bloggers who helped him get elected.

  20. There is a Twitter who parodies Rahm.:


    MayorEmanuel Rahm Emanuel
    Just voted. Yep, that felt just as shitty as I thought it would. Ah, motherfucking democracy.

  21. Ok, peoples, I’m going to toddle off to the local Mother of Perpetual Responsibility church where my district votes and push that button with gusto for Ed Potasnak , the gay, liberal, chemistry teacher. What more could a Conflucian want?
    Wish me luck!

  22. I’ll be voting against republicans, not for Democrats here in PA.
    Joe Sestak will get my Senate vote.
    Not sure about gov.
    Ed Rendell was happy with politics as usual but Corbett shook thigs up as AG. I’m off as soon as I finish my morning coffee.
    I heard a sound byte from Rendell about the edge Democrats have over republicans in voter registration so he wasn’t too worried. It will be interesting to see how many of them show up at the polls.
    Weather here in the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster triangle is sunny and cold.

    • I like. Have fun voting!

    • Yeah, I’m going to vote for Sestak.
      I was undecided about Onorato but since I got a Bill Clinton robocall for him I decided I’ll vote for him for Big Dawg’s sake. (And hope that he pulls through on the gas drilling tax if he wins). I doubt my vote will help that much though; Corbett has a huge lead.
      I’m also voting for my state senator (Dem).
      The Congress race I’m doing a NOTA. Gerlach will sweep in anyway and I don’t really know about this Trivedi guy — I’m sick of shiny new pwogwessive candidates.
      Any other slots I’m doing NOTA or women.

    • Sestak is getting my vote!

    • I’m no longer a Pa resident, but if I was still living in-state, I’d definitely vote Sestak. I wouldn’t touch Toomey with a ten-foot pole, who is to the right of Rick Santorum. I hope the Dem GOTV is able to turn out the voters they need from Philly and suburbs.

      Good luck, Sestak!

  23. I implemented the 30% solution on my ballot. I voted only for female candidates. In all but one case that meant voting for a democrat – we’re just not seeing that alleged surge of female republican candidates down here.

    It felt good. Would have felt better if there had been at least one 3rd party candidate on my ballot, but oh well.

  24. Whoo hoo! Put me down in Potosnaks tally sheet!
    Voting is not packed but the parking lot is busy. Voting moving at a steady pace. It took about 1 minute from start to finish.
    Potosnak was first on the ballot. That’s good for him and gives him a bit of an edge. Lets hope it works. The poll workers were a sour looking bunch. They knew my name without even asking, which means they also know I’m a flaming liberal.

  25. And here are the expectations and spin proposals from THEM: the DUdies are here

    • When all is said and done, the real “REASON” for this awful election is the Health Care battle.

      But not for the reasons Republicans will think. Only a few are truly passionate about that one issue.

      When an accidental convergence of disappointed liberals and frightened conservatives opposed the Insurance Company Protection Act (for vastly different reasons obviously), and the Democrats, the President, the Congress and the Party, all said, “We don’t care what a majority of Americans want, you will TAKE what WE give you! We won the election damn it!”

      A “win” for Obama was deemed more important than “the will of the people.” The die was cast.

      I think “Aw, Hell No!” is somewhat hard wired into our American DNA. We will take a lot from our politicians but an unceremonious “GO TO HELL!” to our faces, will get a reaction.

      This election is a totally self inflicted wound.

      They blame PUMA’s out of habit or stupidity or both.

      And as long as I am still breathing, PUMA’s will not be extinct.

      Thanks. for the post, I something forget exactly why I loathe Obamatrons so much.

      • you know after the 2008 deal ,I thought PUMAS would have been the ones that would have started a movement for a third party. but then they would need alot of money and unlike the teaparty getting money from republicans and other sources,similar ,a puma party might lack funding,what do you think?

        • PUMA was overtaken by right wing BS.

        • But we do not lack for ideas and experience but…maybe a little.

          But what about candidates? Is there anyone out there who has the smarts, the guts and the charisma to lead a movement?

          Hey what is Hillary Clinton doing these days?

  26. OK — you convinced me.

    Since I didn’t get a post up, I’ll announce it here.

      * I’m not voting for any Republican
      * I’m voting for people who have had horrible-crazy ads run against them (Stephanie Moore wants to cut Medicare to support Obama’s * Government run Health Care. Really)
      * I’m voting against anyone who says that people on Social Security are “Pigs at a Trough”
      * And I’m voting based on age. A couple of these Republican-Nut-Jobs are really young … And if they win they could stick around for * the rest of my life. I’d rather hold my nose for an older Dem who might retire when the climate is better.
  27. I just voted about an hour ago. I was satisfied enough with my incumbent Democratic Governor Beebe to vote for him, but Mike Fornicating Blue Dog Ross and Blanche Fornicating Blue Dog Lincoln will have to win without me. I voted Green in the Federal races, and some state races as well.

    Ross probably WILL win without me, but Lincoln is iffier. 😈

  28. One of my earliest memories is me walking with my parents to vote. It must have been the 1958 election but, maybe it was ’56 …. I was really young.

    The polling place was in someone’s garage and it was just like the one in that picture.

    It was so exciting. I could feel the power of the ritual even then.

    • the first time I voted was for Carter and my polling place was a church basement. I left there with a big goofy grin on my face, 19 years old and I was hooked on democracy.

  29. RD – I finally remembered to go back and check if you ever revealed which kid was you in your school photo.

    You so totally look like a cute little elf! Very appropriate I think.

  30. My Voting Strategy – WA State edition!

    Top 2 suddenly sucks. No Greens, a couple independents and the rest are dems fighting to stay employed with republican challengers promising the worst of GOP talking points.

    Here’s how I’m rolling:
    1. Patty Murray for Senate- she was a Hillary supporter and advocate to the end. She is also a senior senator and that can help our state with $$ & jobs.
    2. NOTA for Representative – Adam Smith was an obot shill. There’s more – but ‘nuf said there.

    On state races, I am voting for women (luckily in my region, there aren’t any GOP or Teaparty women running, so I am off the hook for having to make that choice)

    yes to booze at the grocery,
    yes to income tax on rich,
    no to privatizing L&I insurance,
    yes to keeping the candy tax (I’m afraid the money offset will come through gas tax or somehing),
    yes to get voter approval or 2/3 majority for fee/tax increases – they need to justify and not just secretly add taxes.

    • Really, yes to booze at the grocery? That will lose our state a ton of money that we’ll have to make up in taxes elsewhere. Maybe more sales tax which impacts the poor

      Yes to income tax on the rich? Do you realize that in two years the state government has the power to extend that to the rest of us….. And they will. You know they will. This is a big wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Ugh, I hope you’ll reconsider on those two if you haven’t already mailed your ballot.

      • I know the risk of the income tax is to extend it – but I think it would be more fair to have an income tax because the poor spend all their money, often don’t get to itemize so they are stuck paying the (just shy of) 10% sales tax on most of what they make. I think this is one case where I am not voting in my own interest, but I think if income taxes are spread to more people, the sales tax can be reduced by initiative.

        Booze at the store? I know our state makes a ton of invisible tax on booze – I don’t drink hard alcohol, so again, I am probably voting to increase my own taxes – but I am voting against the invisible taxes 😉

  31. Have to get a ride to the polls later, but called my three BFFs from high school to see what they’re doing – Hillary Dems swiched to Independents last year, and all three of them are voting straight Republican. That was my original intent, as well, felt weird saying it, but it’s my one little voice of protest against the party that has taken over my former party, and I am comfortable with it. Stay safe out there.

  32. Media reading tea leaves about about HRC’s schedule. Always “calculating, periodically when she feels down.” Meanwhile, if you read the article, look where her attention is:

    US mid-term elections 2010: Hillary Clinton stays away from mid-term elections

    Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, will be several thousand miles away from American shores on election day in a move some are interpreting as a deliberate way of literally distancing herself from the result.

    In Siem Reap in Cambodia yesterday, Mrs Clinton met a group of about 50 victims of human trafficking at an American-funded facility and promised continued American support.

    “I am so proud of you,” she told the young women, former prostitutes who were mostly aged between 17 and 23. At the facility, they receive an education and vocational training including weaving and sewing lessons.

    Mrs Clinton listened as one young woman, Vann Sina, recounted her story of being abducted at 13 and forced to have sex with 20 to 30 men a day for more than two years before being rescued from a brothel. “You motivate me,” she said.


  33. HRC: always the diplomat ☺

    Obama may face “Goldilocks” voters

    “A new president gets elected, he usually does an enormous amount his first two years, and then everybody in America says ‘well that’s not enough’ or ‘that’s too much,'” she said.

    “It’s like Goldilocks … It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s not right,” she added. “So they send a message to the new president by voting out members of Congress of his party.”

    During more than an hour of questions about everything from her role as a mother-in-law to the rise of China, one man joked that if Clinton had won the 2008 election she would have visited Malaysia as president.

    “If I had become the president, I would not be here because we have an election tomorrow,” Clinton joked back, saying she had spoken to Obama during the middle of the night “and I think he was a little envious that I’m here.”


  34. The thrill is gone. That’s the thing about hype–impossible to sustain.

    Young Voters Say They Feel Abandoned

    Meetings of the College Democrats that attracted 200 people in 2008 now pull in a dozen. New voter registration is way down, too, and free posters of President Obama — once “the Michael Jordan” of politics, as one freshman put it — are now refused by students.

    “It’s not the fad anymore,” said Jessica Kirsner, 21, a junior from Houston and vice president of the College Democrats. “It’s not the fad to be politically knowledgeable and active.”

    Younger voters said older ones seemed to become the priority. “He made young people feel important, then he got into office and there was no one talking to us,” Ms. Kirsner said.

    “If you don’t have that creative assertive energy out there, it’s reflective of the level of the engagement that people have over all,” Mr. Moore said. He described the mood among former Obama activists as disappointment and despair: “Disappointment that more didn’t happen, and despair that even if you have a large majority in Congress, there’s tons of stuff you can’t get done and the stuff you can get done may not be what you want.”

    “People were infatuated in 2008,” said Maddy Joseph, 20, a member of the group. “The reality has set in, and that’s frustrating for a lot of people.”


    • oh, noes! If the young urban creative coalition is bored, who’s left? low information bitter knitters?

      • That really says a lot about some of the young that voted for obama, they care nothing about older people , or anyone else other than them! they should really get out there and vote for someone anyway and still be involved in getting someone knows what they are doing with this country.

    • College kids who were the big fan club are graduating to move in with parents because jobs are still a problem. It would piss me off too if I were young and idealistic enough to believe obama was “the one”.

  35. Don’t read this on a full stomach…I couldn’t get into the comments section, lucky for him. At least O still has one vote out there. “O-B-A-M-A!” This level of Kool Aid intoxication is pathological.

    I Still Love Obama. Love. Love. Love.
    Am I the last person in America who still adores President Obama?
    By Curtis Sittenfeld

    But my own feelings haven’t changed at all. Two years after voting for him, I’m just as exhilarated as Oprah Winfrey was in Grant Park on Nov. 4, 2008. You might say, to borrow the accusation frequently leveled at the 2008 media, that I’ve remained in the tank for Obama. The only problem is that, currently, I seem to be in the tank by myself. Earlier this fall, when even NPR hosts were making jokes that could have been borrowed from Rush Limbaugh—the teaser for a recent episode of Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! imagined that one of the “inspiring” quotations in the new Oval Office carpet was, “At least your daughters still like you … probably”—I felt the unmistakable loneliness of being the last one left at a formerly hopping party.


    • Why she likes Obama: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_Sittenfeld

      Her father was an investment banker and attended a boarding school in MA. She thinks Obama is great because her father probably got a huge bailout and she has never had to struggle in her entire life so she can’t possibly imagine what the unemployed and uninsured are going through. She is the perfect example of a Whole Foods Nation Obot.

  36. Obama’s Next Worry: A Restive Left Flank
    Every president who lost re-election in the last half-century has first been weakened by a primary fight.

    In the aftermath of a disappointing 2010 midterm election, some liberals may follow the path of the tea party. Tom Streeter, the co-author of “Net Effect,” a book on the lessons of Mr. Dean’s Internet-driven 2004 presidential campaign, says tea party supporters “share with the Deaniacs a sense of being ignored by the powers that be, and an enthusiasm and energy in the feeling that they are striking back.”

    Progressives are still rankled by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s attack in August on “the professional left” for not supporting Mr. Obama sufficiently. David Sirota, a prominent blogger, says that liberals feel “one hundred percent” taken for granted by the White House.

    Most liberals I spoke to don’t support a primary challenge. Jane Hamsher, founder of Firedoglake.com, a leading liberal blog, is less categorical. She blames Mr. Obama for “appropriating the progressive message, and then not governing as one.” She has always backed “a diversity of voices in the primary process as a sign of a healthy democracy.”


  37. from way over here it looks like the obama democrats were right…you can do whatever you like…sit through a torrent of bitch’n an moaning…but hey..they’ll vote for ya in the end….they always do…they’re good like that….

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t vote for any incumbents and there were no third party candidates running for congress in my district. Should I vote against the guy who shares my values?
      There’s no way in hell I was going to vote for a Republican. I have no illusions about what Republicans are up to.
      Potasnak would be a very different kind of Democrat and he had no baggage. . I hope he wins.

  38. Well that’s a job done.
    There were no Democrats or third party candidates so I left the ballot blank for two positions. I thought about writing in Darth Vader but the election people would probably have given those votes to the republican candidates figuring that was my intent.

  39. Voted. No money came out when I pulled the lever though, contrary to what I was told. I was robbed.

  40. The best photos I see at election time are the parents that take the little ones into the voting booth, it brings back memories of when I took my children with me to vote.

  41. I early voted last week–found many unaffiliateds way down ticket. I only voted for 1 D–Alex Sink for governor. The rest are disgusting.

  42. We won’t be going to the polls until later today. Son is working since it’s a no school day. I’ve got my little bloc though(includes a couple neighbors). If Boucher were to lose it won’t be because of us. Will celebrate voting and democracy with stuffed mushrooms and jalapenos, deviled eggs, boneless buffalo wings, lil smokies wrapped in biscuits, election day holiday bark…..the kids get carbonated juice, adults liquor.

  43. The nineth district in Virginia is weird this year. We have a guy running against our incumbent Dem, Rick Boucher who doesn’t even live in our district, and can’t even LEGALLY vote for himself. There is a Republican already in his own district’s seat, so they are running him in ours. Why people would vote for a man who doesn’t even live in our district amazes me, but they are. The latest polls in Rasmussen had him up on Boucher by 1 point. My husband swore he would never vote in another election after 2008, but he changed his mind to vote for Boucher, not to mention there is a constitutional amendment on the ballot to grant real estate tax relief to 100% service connected disabled veterans and their surviving spouse. My husband is 100% disabled service connected so that will help us out tremendously. At least we wouldn’t have to worry when they raise our taxes again or reassess us for much more than the property is really worth.. Boucher voted against the health care bill but voted for cap and trade. My momma said once you can’t always get what you want in one package, but if you can get 98% of what you want, let go of the other 2% and pick that fight another day. That is what we did here in our house.

    • If I remember correctly Boucher is adamantly pro-choice and since he did vote against the HCRA (both are deal breakers for me) I would cast my vote for him…no such luck here in the 5th though.

      However, my friend just voted for me as a write -in….yippee!
      It certainly pays better than my current gig.

    • Ol’ Morgan throws a good spread though. Every year the Salem Fair has free entrance thanks to Morgan Griffith. However his mailers were positively sleazy and Boucher, whether I like him on issues or not, is a responsive House member. He always lets us know what he’s doing in the district(managed to get a few more VA clinics opened.) Plus he managed to help my disabled neighbor so he got mega points for that from me.

  44. Journolista Numero Uno:

    The question is not whether Republicans want to repeal the health-care overhaul. They do. “We offer a plan to repeal and replace the government takeover of health care,” reads the 2010 Republican Agenda.

    The question is whether they’ll succeed.

    There, the crystal ball gets cloudier. It would be very difficult for them to win a repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Even in the most optimistic of election scenarios – a world in which Republicans take both the House and the Senate – they almost certainly wouldn’t have the votes to overwhelm a Democratic filibuster, much less overturn a presidential veto. The law, most likely, is here to stay.

    GOPers try to repeal a unpopular bad law – Democrats filibuster or Obama vetoes – GOPers run in 2012 on a platform promising to repeal unpopular bad law – GOPers retake White House and Senate.

    Obamacare – the gift that keeps on giving

  45. I think we should demand half a day off from work if we vote. In order to get it, we have show proof that we voted. I bet the number of people voting would increase dramatically.

    • Instead of spending millions telling people they should vote, they should just give every eligible person who votes a free lotto ticket.

      • Excellent idea. Would that be considered a bribe?

        • Nope – because it wouldn’t matter how people voted, just as long as they did.

          • I remember Starbucks getting cold feet on that one last election. At first, they were going to give voters a free coffee and then they changed their minds and gave everyone a free coffee on election day so that they would not be seen as bribing people to vote.

            Call me a purist, but I think people should vote because we are lucky enough to live in a democracy where we can vote.

  46. One son and daughter went and voted. Mom goes tonite and other son has no interest. Two more D votes.

  47. I really applaud your hammering the message to get out and vote. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I still can’t go with your strategy…I’m still evaluating everyone individually. Over the past 2 years, I have emailed my reps many, many times. The ones who gave me the standard “whatever Obama wants” replies are not getting my vote. The ones who voted against some of his initiatives are getting my vote. Basically, I don’t care what the initial after the name is…I’m voting strictly on their records and any kind of feeling I can get about their integrity. Of course, that last factor pretty much rules out everybody!

  48. What are the US mid-term elections?

  49. Here’s my voting story – not quite everything went as originally planned
    Some discussions on this very thread contributed to a change of mind.

  50. the choice between voting for a ceo of an insurance company vs voting for deval leaves me with no choice but to vote for jill stein, female, physician, pro single payer. and that is what i intend to do, even though friends have said the old “she can’t win”, so it is actually a vote for charlie baker. no way am i voluntarily giving my vote to charlie baker, so jill it is, unwinnable or not.

    • She can win if enough people quit with the “she can’t win” crap.

      I get so tired of hearing the word “can’t” in politics. How do you know what you CAN do if you aren’t even willing to try?

      • “yes we can”

        • Little did his supporters know there was an addendum

          “yes we can……unless the Republicans or Blue Dogs threaten to hold their breath then in which case we could but we won’t because otherwise they might call us names and make us cry”

          I guess all that would have been difficult to fit on a bumper sticker so it had to be whittled down.

          But yes, I’m a strong believer in at least trying before uttering about the inevitability of “can’t.”

  51. and look where that got us. hehe

    • Look at what got us?


      Yeah we’ve had to deal with a sucky decade but voting also got us things like a minumum wage, parks, safe drinking water, electricity just about everywhere, federal holidays, and every other good thing Americans have going for them.

      The alternative is to throw up your hands and declare that there is “nothing you can do” because it’s just “too hard”

      I leave the whining to Congress.

  52. Hugs Conf & Co.

    RD. Is it just because we are this age that suddenly politics is totally shitty or was it just the least effing four years.

    My strategy: no fat pigs that think they can buy CA.

    So far, only dems are Brown/Boxer otherwise f it.


    back later to see and great oiece RD “strategy” ps? My editor? Worked on Kerry/Edwards so i has big media connex in the now!



  53. RD HE is Media director for …… things like political campaigns, no kidding.

  54. The headline:

    Sarah Palin: GOP establishment ‘sleazy’

    The first line:

    Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin says “sleazy” establishment Republicans are out to get her.

    The two sentences are not the same.

    • “Some within the establishment don’t like the fact that I won’t back down to a good-old-boys club,” Palin said. “A lot of this has to do with control, power, money.”

      Palin had to fight her own party in AK. The sweet deals the GOP had made with the oil companies had to be reworked and she extracted more money from the oil companies that went to the people of AK

      There are many policies I don’t like about her, but she is a populist in her own right.

      • ITA. The GOP will be a cleaner party if she gets her way. Maybe more right-wing, but cleaner.

    • Picky, picky, picky, you expect Politico to have integrity?

  55. Oh shitski:

    Americans’ enthusiasm about voting exceeds the recent midterm election high set four years ago, with 50% of Americans and 53% of registered voters saying they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting in 2010.


    The record level of overall enthusiasm is primarily the result of Republicans’ heightened excitement — 63% of Republicans (including Republican-leaning independents) say they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting. That not only greatly exceeds Democrats’ expressed enthusiasm this year, but also is substantially higher than what Gallup has measured for either party’s supporters on the eve of a midterm election.


    The high level of Republican enthusiasm has led to the largest gap in enthusiasm by party of any recent midterm elections, 19 percentage points. The prior highs were nine points in favor of the Democrats in 2006, and nine points in favor of the Republicans in 1994.

    Can you say sue-nah-me?

    • The Ds made their bed straw by straw. The Ds lost important elections. Did they listen? NO
      The TP and the left told them to kill the bill and work on jobs. Did they listen? NO
      The public was angry that the fraudsters were given a pass with our money. Did the Ds make an attempt to jail the fraudsters? NO

      Fück the Ds.

  56. Well, I guess I have gone to what is considered the dark side on this blog because after 44 years or so of voting straight democrat tickets, after seeing what the democratic party was capable of in the primaries leading up to the 2008 presidential election and after witnessing a whole bunch of other surprising stuff, I had no problem whatsoever voting for some of the republicans on the ballot this go around. And guess what, I realized that although I may not have voted for him in prior elections, I really like my existing NJ republican congressman who will be remaining in Congress after today. As a matter of fact I also happen to like my fairly new republican governor. Not everything he does or believes in, but I like him, I trust him and I believe he will be, for the most part, good for the state. Time will tell of course.
    Most of all, I like seeing the power of the vote in action.

  57. Oh look. Salon finally figured it out.

    Why center-left parties are collapsing

    Democrats sacrificed the working class to woo bankers and professionals — and now they’re paying a steep price

    • The greatest assault on traditional social democracy in the last generation has come from “Third Way” leaders of center-left parties like Tony Blair, and their continental European counterparts. Like the Clinton Democrats, these “modernizing” social democrats embraced free markets with a convert’s zeal, celebrating globalization and deregulating finance, while seeking to privatize or dismantle parts of the older welfare state. The politicians of the Third Way were far more libertarian than the voters in their own parties and their actions helped to make possible the global economic crisis.

      It’s all Clinton’s fault. He was only in office for 8 of the last 30 years, but he managed to single-handedly ruin our country.

  58. Did early voting in Maryland. Voted for the incumbent Dem governor and the current sitting judges for re-election. The rest of my ballot was all Green and Libertarian; we are lucky to have decent third-party representation on the ballot. I did vote for one Republican, a protest vote against my backstabbing Dem county councilman. Also voted on some local propositions, including one very important one.

    The only races I care about are the gubernatorial, the judges, and the local proposition, Question A. My Dem council dude will probably win but I refuse to help him do it. Ditto my Congressional representatives. They can do it without me, and probably will, but I am very satisfied with how I voted.

  59. Pretty sure the “I voted” badge all over Facebook is going to lift turnout a bit. After seeing dozens and dozens in your stream, how could you not vote.

  60. Okay, I done votered.

    Is it 4:20 yet?

  61. I voted by mail weeks ago. Straight Democratic ticket.
    My gov, Stickland, is a good guy who was strong for Hillary for a long time. The Repub who’s running is a tired, Newt approved, Contract for America, old re-tread.
    And, two or three percent less evil is still less evil.

  62. I voted in Indiana today for Brad Ellsworth, I know he is a blue dog but he supported Hillary and I can’t stand Dan Coats, also voted for the Dem for Congress. The big race here, though, is for our state representative. I voted for the Dem who is a woman. Both candidates did a lot of disgusting negative campaign flyers but the Republican candidate set up a squatter website which seemed really nasty. I voted independent for two local races and against making the property tax caps a constitutional amendment.

  63. Suppose for a moment that the Dems had taken a look at the Tea Party and said:

    ” Your issues seem to be Unemployment, Spending, Taxes and Health Care, here’s how we intend to improve our performance in each of these areas,” and stuck to that, taking care of course not to call anyone a racist low-brow nutjob.

    O’Donnell, Angle, Miller and Paladino would still have embarassed themselves but the Dem’s would not have alienated half the country.


    I just wanted to say, TP is for @ss-wipes!

    • Obama’s force field protects him against GOP attacks

      “They just had so much faith in the president’s ability to navigate all this and that no matter what the right threw at him, the president would have this force field of trust that would protect him,” a House strategist said. “On the Hill, there’s this sense that there are three [political] parties, the president, Democrats in Congress and Republicans in Congress.”world.

      • I’ve heard of BO functioning as a kind of force field, keeping people at a distance. Perhaps that is hwat they mean???

        • I think you’re right. Apparently Pelosi and other D leaders decided that the “force field” wasn’t working.

          After Mr. Axelrod began his message meetings last September, House Democratic leaders began their own competing strategy conference calls about a month and a half ago, concluding Mr. Axelrod’s pitch was missing the nuts-and-bolts discussions of the congressional election landscape. So far there have been about a half dozen sessions organized by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.), Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D, Md.) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D, Conn.)

  64. Voted at noon – East Bay, CA – I was the 40th voter. Can’t you just feel the Joe- I mean mo – mentum? It was like a morgue (probably the same one they resurrected Jerry Brown from).

    Pete Stark, my rep, had only a Repub running against him and there was no “approved” write-in, so I left it blank. He is a nasty old man (is that redundant?).

    Only Dems I voted for were Gavin Newsom (non-incumbent, really) and Debra Bowen (incumbent sec’y of state). Rest were Green and one American Independent (because there was no Green candidate). Don’t know what AI is, but it’s my right to vote for someone I know nothing about, goddam it.

    • Ah yes, Stark….YouTube really brought him to life. In a way that makes me embarrassed to say I voted for him in the past.

      Firing up the opposition….in an area that has given him no opposition….seems awfully shortsighted. Imagine if he just said that he understood their concerns and debated the subjects?

      Of course, when you consider the committees he is on, maybe he knows what an impossible task that would be. Even in such a liberal part of CA.

    • Gavin Newsom supported Hillary wholeheartedly. SF voted for Obama, and Pelosi was like the puppet master pushing Obama, so you know the pressure to support Obama was great, but he never wavered. Newsom also put his political career on the line when he married the gays in 2004.

      • He got my vote too. He stood strong for the experienced leader and he helped to give the gay rights movement across the country a big push forward.

        Frankly, I don’t understand how people sitting at the foot of a stranger’s bed can decide gay people don’t deserve the same constitutional rights they have.

        It is creepy on all kinds of levels….

  65. I walked into my polling place at 11:30 and was greeted by cries — “She’s here!! She’s here!!” (me looking around)

    It turns out they decided to give the 100th voter a cookie — and that was me!! The first thing I’ve ever won and I forgot to get it….

    Voting went OK. I voted for two Dem women, one Dem Man and a couple of reform candidates. I left one office blank.

    I didn’t feel as bad walking out of the booth as I did in 2008 but, it wasn’t a great experience either.

    • I’d go back and get my cookie. That may be the only good thing you get out of this election cycle. 🙂

    • There was a lady from one of the campaigns offering ginger snaps and apple cider. I took two snaps even though I didn’t vote for that candidate. I am shameless.

  66. PPP polling … Obama a big drag

    If this election is a referendum on Barack Obama then o boy are Democrats in trouble. In our final round of 18 polls we found the President with a positive approval rating among likely voters in only 1 state- Connecticut. Even there only 46% of voters expressed support for the job he’s doing. He’s slightly under water in some of the bluest states out there- California, Washington, even his home state of Illinois.

    • My polling place is quiet. I live in a deep blue area. The voters are sending a message in their own way.

      • My precinct is also blue….I went at lunch hour, usually a busy time, two other voters were there. The poll workers looked bored and rather glum. voted Green and Dem for the local offices…..any Rethugs running for local office is likely to be a fundie wacko.

  67. The Three stages of Democratic Grief

    Dee Dee Myers in Vanity Fair

    The first stage is the recriminations story. Forget about what this all means for the real lives of real people, whether it will help them get jobs or keep their homes. That’s of little concern to those of us here in the nation’s capital. What really matters is: Who’s to blame?

  68. […] US Senator : Kristen Gillibrand on the Working Families slate. This was a last minute change of mind – I decided that her gay rights stands make up for her Healthcare vote – reconsidered after this discussion […]

  69. Voted in MA last week absentee ballot. As I write this I am in coastal NC… toughing out the election at the beach.

    My basic strategy these days… have fun voting! Now that I no longer participate in the one dimensional reality of L-C-R (socially liberal but generally political “atheist”/political-unbeliever on the party level) I am experimenting with a new set of criteria.

    First off looking for knowledgable people that care about good governance, you know… policy wonks! Second looking for some personally held values (other than $) that are pro-people, and third some spine or spunk… a willingness to go against party leadership based on values. If no candidates have any of those then I look for a female candidate or vote strictly based on amusement and whim, and that includes voting Republican. My hubby and I like the vote-the-incumbents-out strategy too.

    Voted for Deval Patrick because he’s a policy wonk, has values and spine (for a politican, that is). I know enough about him to know that he is very different from Obama under the skin. The 2 men do not share much except pigmentation politics. However, if Charlie Baker wins I will be fine with that as he is socially liberal. I read up on him and he will probably be somewhat like Weld (who was a progressive Republican when they still existed).

    Held my nose and voted for Markey as there are things I like about him and his Republican challenger was a total idiot with no redeeming qualities that I could find. Hubby was very disappointed with this, as that messed up the vote-out-incumbant idea (another pissed off ex-Indy Dem). He’s going to vote this evening so may vote None of the Above on that instead as he refuses to vote for Markey

    Rest of races were minor local politics so here I voted for all the non-Dems… an unaffilliated, a Green, a Libertarian, and a Repulican woman for treasurer of something or another.

    This is the first election that I feel completely unconcerned about which team wins. I’ve been reading LOTS of history the past 6 years and whatever happens today… this too shall pass and we will survive it and go on with the business of attending to our own lives the best we can.

  70. Here in MA we have already had the Scott Brown debacle, so there were mostly only state offices to vote for.

    I voted Green party for Governor…will not give the Axelrove created Deval Patrick, who has decimated social services here, a vote. Had to take a deep breath to force myself to vote Dem for congresscritter, becasue he’s not the greatest on women’s issues…but as RD says, this is no time to mess around.

    The rest of my local slate was not too bad…centrist Dems…there are still a lot of Clinton dems around here. Had to vote for one repub for a lower state office because I know the Dem candidate is outright crooked…

    I would not be surprised if Massachusetts went Repub for governor tonight.

  71. Funny story from Delaware
    Check the name of the commissioner of election complaining of outlandish things from O’Donnell campaign – seems after demonizing that woman, not enough Ds are showing up to vote

  72. In line now. 2 hour wait. Damn you democracy. Damn you all to hell!

    • It just took me 5 minutes to vote.

      • I had to wait a few minutes after I voted so I could ask some guy who came in after me where he got his SF Giants hat with a “World Series Champs” emblem on the side.

        Lucky fucker bought it at AT&T Park before Game Two

  73. I just realized this is my Knitting Group night so I’ll be gone from 7-ish – 9-ish. But, I’ll be back.

    I think I’m past the point of having to spend election night throwing up. I hope I am.

    ‘Cause nothings really changed.

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