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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Election Night Liveblogging- deux

We tried to tell you.  We told you not to screw us over during the 2008 primaries.   We told you karma would get you for disenfranchising 18,000,000 of your own voters. We said it wasn’t a good idea to make fun of Tea Partiers even if you don’t like their positions.  (for the record, we aren’t and we don’t)   We begged you not to yield so much ground to the Republicans on healthcare reform, the stimulus package and the financial reform package.  We told you it was the economy and jobs and burdensome fees and taxes and stagnant wages.  You wouldn’t listen.

These next two years are going to be very painful for the rest of us.  So do us all a favor and STFU about how the Clintons sold all of us working class liberals down the river.  We don’t want to hear it.

Go sit in the corner until December 2012.  You’re in time out.

Carry on, Conflucians!

197 Responses

  1. PO IN 2012

    Primary Obama in 2012 – PLEASE!!

  2. Sigh.

    We are so screwed.

    There are going to be alot of social programs cut.

  3. LOL. I like that. Obots are in a time out. Independent Liberals have the floor. Carry on.

    And from downstairs, Pelosi doesn’t have the math to win. She should quit. She’s going to ruin this historic moment. /snark.


    • Some woman on CNN said the “Obots [AKA: youth vote] graduated and couldn’t find jobs” when asked what happened to the Dem voters who supported Obama with such enthusiasm just 2 years ago.

      The 60 and older Dem voters (AKA: the busunders) jumped to the opposition in double digit percentage numbers (like 39%) because of the health insurance bill.

      • Seriously. It’s the new “a conservative is a liberal who got mugged”/”a liberal is a conservative who got mugged by reality” meme. “An ex-Obot is a student who graduated and had to move back into mom’s house.”

  4. PA Governorship just went to the GOP.

  5. Dahlkemper lost. No surprise.

  6. A lot of these Governor races are going to the GOP and redistricting will be a major factor for the next decade.

    Wonderful. #%$!

  7. Who’s got the keys now.

  8. It’s not election news but, holy shit, in a bad economy this is not chump change

    I don’t want to be a cheapskate but I think he could skip the visit and do a teleconference.

    Mumbai: The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama’s visit to the city.

    “The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit,” a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

    About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

    We could make a payment on a drone for this much.

    • {{snort!}} The GOP doesn’t waste any time. That figure has got to be an exaggeration. Numbers like that typically are. But it’s a given that Presidents facing domestic problems tend to do a lot of foreign travel and this just might be a way for the Republicans to tie him down to the White House and prevent him from looking like an honored statesman somewhere else in the world.

      Gee, I wonder when Hillary is going to resign?

      • That’s a good question. Wonder if it will be as soon as January? Or maybe she’ll go all the way through to the summer.

      • Hillary is looking awfully good these days as she reaches out to those women in Thailand. She reached out and they reach back.

        Bill is now off duty trying to schlep these pathetic Dems over the line. Bill may have saved many a political career before this night is over.

        Starting now, both are free to try to save the world together.

        err.. i mean… globally secure one human attempt to actually make change for the betterment of others..

    • He could save some money by making it a one-way trip. It’d cut down his carbon footprint, too.

  9. A deliciously catty prediction from the horrible Bozell earlier today

    “Contrary to conventional wisdom, we will learn that the Botox-induced smile on Nancy Pelosi’s face isn’t permanently chiseled.”


  10. Tim Kaine discovers he losing his car keys

    RT @rickklein: ABC’s @AnnCompton reports that DNC chairman Kaine conceeds Republicans are taking the House

  11. Palin/Ferraro on Fox.

  12. Gerry & Sarah on together. That’s quite a sight. The only two VP women candidates in history.

    Gerry is spinning this as not as big a loss as it could have been. Always the loyal Dem. She has aged a lot since the last time I saw her 😦 I remember the day I saw her in NYC when she was first nominated. She’s paid her dues.

  13. Gerry & Sarah were very warm and gracious with each other. They expressed their differences in policy, talked about women in politics, and Sarah sincerely honored Gerry’s role in advancing women. No posturing.

  14. So we’re gonna go ahead and give the rich tax cuts even though the CBO said that was the least effective of all the stimulus. Crap. Have I mentioned yet how screwed we are?

    • We were screwed when the DNC stole the nomination from Hillary. This is just icing on the cake.

      • On the poison cake.

        Locally- Louisville, KY offices stayed Dem, including our Federal House Rep- Yarmouth, and one metro council seat that had been Republican changed to Democrat. But unsurprisingly Rand Paul won the statewide contest for Senator. Conway did a really poor job running against him, coming across as kind of arrogant, and parts of KY just seem to like to elect Republicans that aren’t just Republicans but odd ones- Bunning was a very strange man (but lately had become so strange that even those that had voted for him weren’t going to any longer, so he retired and the seat was open). So Rand Paul was right up their alley.

  15. Feingold is out.

  16. I just wanna say it’s good to be here tonight with all the other r@c!$ts, gun clingers, religious clingers, bitter knitters, Sino-Peruvian yuri girls, dry-Miss Kitty menopause cases, and basically the whole shrieking band of paranoid holdouts. :mrgreen:

  17. Sestak/Toomey tied

  18. My Internet connection is impossible. I give up. See you all in the morning!!


    • Good luck! Few other things are quite so frustrating to a Web junkie like me as a cranky connection.

    • Not sure if this applies to your connection issues. But after troubleshooting everything else it turns out the modem was the problem.

      A new modem from Best Buy and all was good again…and some $40 cheaper and more reliable than what my dsl offered.

  19. Nikki Haley just won SC Governor.

  20. “Have you heard the old Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold?”

    “It is very cold in space…” 😈

    Dammit, I miss Ricardo Montalban. Even as a half-mad villain, the man personified elegance. At least he’s in a better world now.

  21. Toomey in lead by couple thousands.

  22. Bye bye Bill Richardson, hello Susie!

    • Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. /snark

      • He was out because of term limits and not on the ballot.

        I see Adam Smith is winning in your district.

        • Yeah… I was hoping NOTA would win.

        • Term limits… well – works either way. I hope “Susie” is good.

          • Yes, but will your term limits law allow him to be resurrected next election cycle? Our term limits law apparently lets lifetime-pols just “sit one out” and then cycle right back into the same damn office. I don’t see the Oregon governor’s race called on CNN yet, but it’s pretty much a done deal that we are getting back a guy who term-limited out either 1 or 2 elections ago. (He’s a relatively inoffensive Dem running against a relatively inoffensive but woefully inexperienced Repub.)

          • Well, shiver me timbers, the Oregon governor’s race is actually too close to call and the results may not be known for several days. If the Repub wins he will be the first R gov in 25 years(!). Right now it is 50-48 in favor of the Repub, with only Eugene, Salem, and Portland voting in favor of the Dem and the R winning by healthy margins nearly everywhere else. (I.e., the more rural areas.) But Multnomah County (ie Portland) has only 58% of votes counted and the Dem is up 70-28 there.

            I am not that excited about EITHER of these guys. The only woman on my ballot (other than 3 state court judges running unopposed) was a Republican state house candidate. But if an R wins our governorship that would be a huge shift in our state political landscape.

            Also, looks like Wyden won re-election against that rarest of breeds, a Republican law school dean (a fairly inoffensive one–Oregon still has a few moderate Repubs left unlike much of the rest of the country). I should be happy about this but I have a relative who worked for him and I have heard too many horror stories about the way he treats his staff to get all that excited.

  23. @EmergentCulture: Regardless of who you vote for this is the cultural system you unwittingly support. http://twitpic.com/33acsk

    • That pic is completely wrong…..there is no one playing video games. /snark

      *Will definitely forward that around….thanks.

  24. I saw a great vid on youtube in 2008, Connie Francis’s wondrous singing of this song and a slideshow of D politicians/show folks (from Pelosi to Dean to Brazille to Kerry to Oprah to Kucinich to Edwards to others in the Democratic Party) who stabbed HRC in the back, displayed as the song played.

    Now the R’s are in firm control. More pain on the way.

    The Obama D’s bought an expensive flop with a horible pocket hand, in Hold ‘Em terms. Sadly, they didn’t fold wisely. 😦

  25. Gingrich just said this is the biggest takeover since 1932. True, or is that Newt bloviating?

  26. They may have to recount the IL and PA Senate races. Tied with 78% and 82% reporting respectively.

  27. Well said RD!!!

  28. Did they call NV yet?

  29. Projecting Boxer won in CA…

    geez, I was kinda hopin’ there would be a little more sweating the outcome!

    • Me too, I wanted Boxer and Brown to sweat bullets.

      • I haven’t seen them call for Brown yet… have you?

        • No, but Fannie posted it below. It’s really hard to imagine him losing in Calif, but I hope it is close so we don’t have to listen to a bunch of “I have a mandate” cr@p.

          Ugh. The only good thing I see in Brown being gov is that hopefully he gets that he owes Bill Clinton a major debt and he works to get Hillary in whenever she runs.

  30. Looks like Boxer is in.

  31. Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana Indiana… Now why did that tune come to mind? Snark/

  32. Rick Perry retains his seat as governor of Texas. We suck….

  33. Projecting Jerry is in.

  34. Rory Reid lost his bid for governor in Nevada.

    Sestak lost, 51 to 49, in Penn.

  35. sounds like the same ole same ole

  36. Another big story for 2012 are the governor races, since they have a lot to do with getting out the vote and running elections. And for that, notice that the most important battleground states have all gone red: PA, OH, FL.

  37. Ouch. Karl Rove is on Fox and just said that every candidate Obama worked for has lost. Called it a rebuke.

    Gonna see what MSNBC has to say, after Toomey finishes his acceptance speech there.

  38. I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but the Republican took Obama’s old seat.

    Ahhh, that is funny!

    • And wouldn’t it be something if carol mosely Braun beat out Rahm for mayor of Chicago?!!! Sweet!!!

      • that would be delicious!

      • That would be sooo good!

      • Keep us posted, that would be fantastic!

      • Is she running? I lurrrved her back in the day when i lived in chicago. When my mom told me she wanted to vote for CMB, but she had no chance to beat Alan Dixon, I gave her the old “if enough people put aside that attitude, she CAN win” speech and it actually worked! I deliberately avoided any info about her activities vis a vis the Democratic primary last time around because, well, I’ve been disappointed enough in my life. So if she was nasty to/about HRC, I probably don’t wanna know.

    • Blago not on the job?

  39. ABC just called it for Reid.

  40. Prop 19 failed.

    Heinous, dude.

  41. Incidentally, supporting Ian Welsh’s argument that not only must the left defeat Obama, they must be SEEN to be doing so, here’s an interesting stat:

    Mr. Obama won the presidency with 53 percent of the vote. Tonight, just 46 percent of those who voted said they cast a ballot for Mr. Obama in 2008.

    Gee, I wonder who stayed home, and why?

    • Good question. I’m sure some of that are the people that hardly ever vote but voted for Obama, and are back to hardly ever voting. And some of that are the people disillusioned to the point of not voting. The interesting numbers would be the ones that voted for him, but voted in a different direction today, e.g. 3rd party or Republican or write-in. Yay Mickey Mouse.

    • Noticed that turnout for King County, Washington (Seattle area) was only about 34%. Hmmm. Used to be Obot Central here.

    • Revealing comment from urban hipster on facebook responding to GOTV appeal: “been there, done that.” He wasn’t talking about today.

  42. Hey ya’ll. Just here in spirit with you in good ol’ blue NY. I voted Brumberg to get Maloney out, but oh well, win some/lose some. I’m so happy the Dems finally got the lesson: Hillary had it right….working class voters/FDR coalition is what wins. I hope Dirty Donna and her “New Democratic Party” are all wetting their pants. I’m gay and 24 and have tons of student loans, but I have faith the wrongs will be righted after the Dems realize the diaster Oblamo caused tonight. It’s a new day baby, and the Dems can kiss their pretty little majority BYE BYE. Clinton 2012.

  43. 10:05 PM

    Not so fast …… Looks like Fioria is ahead for now.

    Fiorina 48%
    Boxer 47%

    • Nope, those numbers are from 20 some % reporting. But projections from exit polling, etc. show she wins. I think they’re right. Boxer will win that one. Also not surprising how it’s been polling there recently.

    • I am so pissed, the media knows better!

  44. Looks pretty final from what I’m seeing, Repubs will have 47 seats in the Senate. That’s pretty embarrassing for Obama and the new coalition.

    The house of course is a bloodbath. Stunning.

    And probably the most important thing for the pres election in 2012 is what’s happening in the gov. races, it’s also a stunning defeat of Dems.

    • With McCain back in the Senate, all it will take is a gang of six to even stop simple majorities.

    • It’s not just the 9 governorships (so far). It’s the THIRTEEN state legislatures the R’s picked up (so far).


      I’m not unhappy tonight. They deserved it. My country will survive or it won’t, but it wasn’t going to survive in any case without a wake-up call, and maybe this is it.

      • How about the Illinois Senate seat going Republican? Alex G was Obama’s buddy. The Chicago machine and all. And they still couldn’t pull it off in a blue state. Obama’s old seat going Repub. That is really shocking.

    • Hmmmm. republicans gain 56 seats in house (so far) and 6 seats in the Senate-hardly a bloodbath. In fact, the last time a Democratic congress lost seats was under Bill Clinton, with 54 republican gains in the house and 8 seats in the Senate. not much difference, and the economy back in ’94 was not nearly as bad as it is now.
      how about all those ‘winners’ Bill campaigned for? not much better batting average than the evil ‘O’ now is it?

      • And twenty of those House Rep gains were from incumbent Dems retiring from the seat before the election.

        Get back to me on how many incumbent House Dems retired their seat and lost it to the Reps on Obama’s watch and then we can really compare.


      • Kool-aid’s a hellofa drug. Never let facts get in the way.

        Notice how you don’t mention how the congressional losses under Clinton had nothing to do with Clinton but were mostly about the banking scandal. But under Obama, there’s one and only one reason for the loss, Obama. Just a small detail you’re leaving out.

      • Of course Bill Clinton only won 43% of the votes in 1992 while Obama got 53% in 2008.

        And the election of 1994 didn’t reverse the trend of two previous elections where the Democrats picked up seats.

        2006 – Democrats win the majority in both houses of Congress.

        2008 – Democrats win a super-majority in both houses of Congress.

        2010 – Democrats lose the House and almost lose the Senate.

        • What’s sad is, with this tragedy, who the fuck cares how it compares to Clinton? I mean, we’ve got a catastrophe here. You’d think some of the Obots would look at the losses and think oh wait, that’s not good. But no, somehow it’s no big deal or something.

          Kool-aid is a hellofa drug.

      • The other funny thing, no matter how it compares to one or two presidents in the past, it’s still a stunning bloodbath. Almost historical in fact. Especially with no other big controversies that added to the issues. Historical. But you just can’t handle it. What else is it going to take? Because the trend will continue in two years if something doesn’t change.

  45. what % of votes in?

  46. Arnie has congratulated Brown, although Whitman hasn’t conceded. Former Gov Wilson is getting into the action, disagreeing with Arnie’s congrats.

    Now Boxer is 48%; Fiorina 47%

  47. Weed lost


  48. Can somebody check to see if Donna Brazile-Nut is still on CNN?

    I don’t want to throw-up again.

  49. OMG, the funniest thing just happened. When my partner worked at the YMCA, one day she got totally chewed out -unreasonably-by Kamala Harris, who is running for attorney general. My partner had many interactions with her, none positive, and really doesn’t want her to win.

    So we’re watching the election returns and it gets to Harris vs. Cooley and the screen says Harris 0% and Cooley 100%. I said look honey, they’ve put your fantasy results up on TV. I’m sure they’ll fix it later, but we had a good laugh.

  50. Barbara Boxer Dem. 1,539,609 47.4% Incumbent
    Carly Fiorina Rep. 1,520,260 46.8%

    24% of the vote in.

  51. Waiting for Dist 11, McNerney (D) and Harmer (R)……..

  52. IL gov. race seems to have shifted back to the Dems. Very close at 99% reporting, but the Dems may keep it.

  53. Looks like 58 seats gained by Repubs in the house. So far. Man, that’s smack upside the head if I’ve ever seen one. And the vast majority of the voters can’t stand the Repubs either. That should tell you something.

  54. Someone told Alaskans they couldn’t do a write in, so they did. Looks like Murkowski may just do it. Funny.

  55. There is a new post up

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