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    • The Flynn Pardon Is The Right Thing To Do + Mishandling Russia
      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Election Night 2010 Live-Blog

Last night the Giants and Rangers competed for the Major League Baseball World Championship. Today the Democrats and Republicans are competing for all the marbles.

Forget about DWTS – Grab some popcorn and a tasty beverage and join us for our Election Night 2010 Live-Blog starting at 8pm Eastern.

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  1. Here’s a good place to follow the Senate races:


    Here’s one for the House:


  2. And the yarn spinnin’ begins…

    Rand Paul wins in Kentucky, early exit polls show a pessimistic, dissatisfied electorate http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/governors/polls-begin-to-close-in-2010-e.html
    Paul, who defeated an establishment pick in the Republican primary this spring, has come to symbolize for many disaffected voters — in Kentucky and nationwide — the desire for radical change in the political status quo and his election heralds the continuing power of the tea party movement.

    • Wow, that was fast. When do they close the polls in Vermont?

      • When it’s time to milk the cows.

      • I think it’s based on strong exit polls. To follow results I have Google News aggregator up, and the Globe and I recently signed up for breaking news from WaPo. Was really surprised to see such early results.

        Here’s another one I just got… but the link isn’t working… saying the O’Donnel has lost in Delaware.

  3. I just ate a comfort food item that im sure is bad for my gallbladder.
    Any other dyspeptic news going on?
    The BFF said voting was busy in Nyack, NY this afternoon at 2:30pm. No lines but more people than usual.

    • ::::Waving to Nyack:::: (where I lived and voted for 15 years)

    • I’ve lived in this district for 23 years and this was the first time I’ve ever had to wait on line to vote. It took me 45 minutes from the time I walked in the door until I left

  4. Looks like Rubio in Florida and Coats in Indiana are gonna win. That’s a net gain of 1 for the GOPers in the Senate

  5. What media are y’all watching the election news on tonight?

    I have been avoiding MSM TV news for a couple of years… so I decided to watch C-SPAN and drink 18 y.o. bourbon.

    • Just checking the NYT in browser tabs and memeorandum. Tried CNN for a couple of minutes but listening to Brazile and Begala was killing too many brain cells.

      • yup… I knew I could not watch MSNBC, FOX or CNN… my head would surely explode and I much prefer to enjoy myself tonight. If I was back in Boston I would be watching NECN (New England Cable News) as they still do news reporting the old fashioned way. Not sure if there is BBC news on the cable I have here.

      • I tried CNN too, but Begala was sputtering and trying to justify how this is NOT a vote against Obama. “That’s too simplistic.”

        OK Paul. Whatever you say.

    • Just internets. At 11 I’ll turn on Comedy channel.

    • Couldn’t take MSNBC for long but the look on Olbermann’s face as they went to commercial was worth it.

  6. uh-oh! Rubio in!

    • I wonder why Florida Democrats are so unhappy with their party?

    • The Clinton was meddling in the Meeks story was still circulating today. Even Jon Stewart told a falsehood with his Clinton /Meeks joke, last night.
      I was kinda surprised and mad.
      I flipped the channel.

      I too am on C-span for tonight. Others have too much commentary and less analysis.

      I can’t find RI on that NYT map on elections.
      You know, Frank Caprio,

      LA Times story on Oct 31.
      “Frank Caprio does not tell former President Clinton to shove it. “

  7. This alone is worth the price of admission:

    ” Rep. Alan Grayson was trailing badly in early returns in his Orlando-area swing district,”

    • I’m not cheering the loss of so many Democratic seats. It’s like the parent who says, “this hurts ms more than it hurts you”.
      They just wouldn’t listen.

      • I know…it’s sickening. Nothing to celebrate.

      • Think of it as the loss of people who blindly voted with Obama on poorly constructed legislation.

      • We had a better and greater liberal opposition when there was a clear set of bad guy(s) in charge. ( Remember Bush and DeLay and all that hokey ?)
        Maybe we need to welcome a strong opposition to fight against.

        When the Dems gained Congress in 06, we should have seen change begin. That’s 4 years ago. They had the wind under their wings at that point.
        Well, this thing ain’t flying.

  8. Polls in CT closed at 8 but Bridgeport has been extended until 10 due to ballot shortage issues.

  9. I’m looking at the NYT sites and in both the House and Senate there is more red than a slasher movie.

  10. It looks like Virginia could go blood red. That makes the wave higher than I thought.

  11. OK, finally finished. 3 hours in line outdoors. Nightmare.

    I voted for no incumbents…no Republicans…period.

    A few Dems where the only other choice was Republican.

    I will hate myself in the morning.

  12. Let the carnage begin!

    It’s the beginning of the end for Democrats after only two years under Obama. This is a torture sentence for our country and the millions who are already suffering. We will get through this, but it will take a long time for the Democrats to rebuild and heal these wounds. If only all of this could have been prevented by voting for a real Democrat in 2008.

    • It’s unfathomable that they have caused the Party to crash and burn in less than 2 years. I would love to know how many of the losers are kicking themselves for riding the Unity Pony now. Cost them their jobs.

      & still…at this late hour: Nancy is still smiling and saying “we are on track to hold the House.” She’s certifiable. (Well, she would be if we didn’t know she was just flat out lying.)

      • It’s historic

      • Unfathomable? I think it’s entirely predictable. The electorate is just pissed off beyond all recognition. So much for party unity.

        • Eleven more state polls closing in 4 minutes.

        • But do you think the guys and gals coming in this time around got the lesson – that they too can be voted out if they don’t pay attention to us???? :):

        • If I had a nickle for every time I said Obama would be the last Democratic President to be elected for decades, I would be rich today. It’s why the Republicans helped vote him in.

      • Not unfathomable. It was predicted here early and often.

      • Unfathomable in the sense that it even happened. Part of my brain still can’t believe any of this is real. I am still stuck in 2007, and cannot imagine that not only did enough of a majority fall under a mass hallucination, but that the idiotic Party leadership jumped on board and sealed their own destructive fate. Idiots.

      • Sadly, though, it also has cost many good dems who supported Hillary to the end their seats too.

  13. Lincoln just lost in Arkansas…

  14. CNN predicts Bozeman over Lincoln in Arkansas

    • That’s not a surprise. I think BC did not campaign or maybe did one campaign for her after the primaries. I think everybody knew she was toast. It’s a good thing too, imho.

    • I voted for the Green candidates for Senate and my House district in Arkansas. :mrgreen:

  15. Tom Periello just lost in VA. He was the ONE House member Obama campaigned for last week.

  16. Perriello lost. Obama campaigned for him.

  17. O’Donnell loses

  18. Manchin did win in WV. Of course, he cast himself as RED as he possibly could. He even promised not to vote for Reid for Senate Majority Leader if he wins.

  19. I think the senate remains in the D control with Manchin’s win.

  20. Manchin wins WV. One firewall held.

  21. Poll on CNBC: Where would you make budget cuts?
    20% Soc Sec
    10% Medicare
    60% Defense

    • That’s a no brainer isn’t it?

      • Im going to guess that not one penny of defense spending is cut. Say goodbye to your golden years.

        • Interesting because the military is the only jobs program we have going.

          • No the TSA is the biggest jobs program in US history IMO… and that can be gut and cut and the cash used for real security… like scanning plane cargo (says this ex-frequent flier)

        • 🙂 Either way, they’re gone but with 60% in favor it gives a person something to build on. Or you can bury your head under a pillow until the next election.

          That 60% is not a fluke, it’s been around for some time. It’s a big reason lots of people are pissed.

          • What’s the use of having a military far stronger than we need to defend our country if the expense of that war machine collapses the economy, so the country dies anyway?

            Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 😦

    • Figure the odds that the Republicans will touch defense. I mean other than to cut benefits for the soldiers and veterans.

      • Perhaps one of the purposes of the obstacles to abortion, contraception, and sex education is to ensure a steady supply of cheap cannon fodder–to be used when the natives of foreign countries take up arms against being chronically pirated by the U.S. and multinational corporations that own the U.S. government?

      • The odds are neither party will touch defense without the promise of a lost election staring in their face. Maybe the peace movements might wake up since the GOP will be in control of a chamber of Congress. They’ve been neutered puppies since Obama was elected.

    • But that’s an online vote. Not a good poll. But the website is very anti SS, so it’s significant in a way.

      • I don’t care who polls, if the question is asked straight up the answer will come back similar to that response. Probably fewer will be in favor of cutting social security.

    • Farm subsidies to corporation farms.


  22. Another IN House seat just went R. Baron Hill loses.

  23. It appears that the Elephascist Dominion and their Tea Party Jem’Hadar will mostly prevail over the Oborg Collective. 😈

    Off-topic: I wonder why the Trek team never gave us Borg vs. Dominion? 8)

  24. It’s looking like slaughter. I’d like to congratulate the Obots. It’s looking like even Boucher (whose been in the House forever)may not survive. It takes a special kind of dumb to take a purple state and paint it red.

  25. The House goes to the Republicans. . .

    • NBC News now projecting GOP will gain 57 seats in the House…says the web. I will never watch that channel for politics.

  26. Fox News just teased that Sarah Palin and Geraldine Ferraro will be on set together for the first time. Might be interesting.

    • I’m burned out on the obligatory two women scenes. For once, I wish they were on the same side- mine.

      • Sarah Palin and Geraldine Ferraro have more in common than they have differences.

        Sarah may have a conservative bent but she governed by not pushing her POV.

        Her governing seemed more central on social and right on fiscal.

    • Oh man! (so to speak). Now there’s a duo worth seeing!

    • yup, I think it’ll be cool.

  27. Breaking news on NY times, no link yet…

    Cuomo Wins New York Governor’s Race, Defeating Paladino

  28. KTVA dumps two producers over ‘Phonegate’

    Local CBS affiliate KTVA announced Tuesday afternoon via press release (.doc) that two producers are no longer with the station as a result of an accidental voice recording which captured newsroom staff discussing coverage plans for Joe Miller rally last Thursday.

    “At no time did any of the elements associated with the recorded comments become part of any coverage or broadcast. The recorded conversation in question specifically involved how that evening’s Miller rally might be promoted and the ensuing dialogue went downhill from there. These particular comments were not in line with KTVA standards,” states KTVA General Manager Jerry Bever in the press release.

    I guess their denials are no longer operative

  29. Projecting gain of 60 seats and definite GOP majority in the House.

  30. Republicans took the house. They need 10 seats to win the senate.

  31. Bristol and Mark just made it thru on DWTS….

    somewhere an obot head just sploded.

    • I think that would be Jeralyn’s.

    • Bwahahaha! I haven’t watched a single episode of this season, but I get personal satisfaction knowing that this is driving Jeralyn insane.

      • and crap …they voted the black guy out.

        there’s gonna be hell to pay.

      • I can almost hear her furiously tap-tap-tapping an enraged little missive about it.
        “Go back to Alaska, you horrible, uneducated, teen aged mother! You can’t dance like Margaret Cho and she’s a Korean American comedian. Waaaaah!”

  32. @aterkel: Bush: Being called a racist by Kanye was the worst moment of my presidency. (via @samsteinhp) http://huff.to/aa2k3j

  33. Barney Frank keeps his seat… too bad… he’s been such a crook and big disappointment I was kinda hoping he’s lose…

    • He’s no crook. Honestly, if anyone did not deserve to lose their seat in Congress it was Barney Frank, and the idiot who ran against him was too scared to even debate the man.

  34. Ew, Diaper boy kept his seat in Louisiana.

  35. Barney Frank holds on, but Shea-Porter loses in NH.

  36. Marco Robio is like a Cuban Barack Obama, aside from the fact that he is actually self made and has actual experience. He talks just like Obama and shakes his finger and swings his head from side to side while he reads his TelePrompTer.

    • I caught that too–there’s a similarity in their rhythm. When will a politician come along who just speaks like a regular person–they all use the same empty platitudes as if they actually mean something.

      • Exactly, I admire Rubio’s life story but he should embrace it and talk to voters with his family by his side instead of by himself and at voters atop a high podium with glittering american flags behind him, suggesting messianic heroism. I am tired of politicians like Obama trying to turn themselves into Odysseus or Hercules, Americans don’t want that.

        • I agree but Marco Rubio is frankly better at it than Obama. He also has a life story 😉

  37. Pelosi, Van Hollen predict victory for Dems

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen are stating flat out that Democrats will hold onto the House, despite predictions of a GOP wipeout.

    “We’re on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives,” Pelosi just told reporters.


  38. He has even coined a phrase for himself: “The Son of Exiles.”

    • And it works. No wonder they wanted him beaten so badly, he’s gonna be dynamite. If he’s good at all off a podium, that dude is going places.

  39. Have been listening to parts of various winner’s speeches… for both parties these speeches are mostly remarkably bland, boring, predictable and full of their party’s key words and phrases spewed out in between some personally symbolically relevant anecdotes and personal stories.

    Silly civic sermons…. ugh…

  40. I’m gonna sleep off some tequila and wake up when the west coast returns start rolling in.

    Y’all play nice til I get back.

  41. Both western districts in CT bleeding red. Governor seat also leaning GOP. Wow.

  42. Chet Edwards goes DOWN in defeat in Texas! YAHOOO! Condescending scumbag.

  43. Damn, Sac Bee is predicting the lowest turnout of voters in many years…….55% turnout.

  44. I just put up a new liveblog post. Mosey on over at your convenience.

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