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Halloween Night Semi-Open Thread

Not Christine O'Donnell

I just returned from my oldest son’s house, and I can assure you that my grandkids are cuter than yours. (With or without their costumes)

So what are doing tonight? Are you dressing up? Going trick-or-treating? Passing out candy?

Hiding in the house with the lights off?

I’m planning on watching Game 4 of the World Series dressed as a drunken Giants fan.

This is a semi-open thread. You can talk about almost anything you want EXCEPT politics.

Let me repeat that:


Not tonight, not here, not in this thread. This is a politics-free zone.

We all need a little break; a chance to can relax and unwind. All that crap will still be there tomorrow.

So have fun tonight! (or else)

151 Responses

  1. Passing out candy. Until I pass out. Watching the parade in NY right now, will watch the WS as well.

  2. Can I say how incredibly offended I am that a gaggle of 12 year old girls are accompanied to my door by a parent? Seriously. I’m insulted.
    BFF says to tell them to “Come on in! We’re just about to sacrifice the goat!”

    Meanwhile, Brooke is out with her friends with two giant mechanical wings on her back and an emergency roll of duct tape. Last year, she went as the house from Up with a bouquet of helium balloons. (incredibly, she lost the most creative costume award at school to a pair of ninja turtles and a kid in a wheelchair dressed as Jason. True story. If you’re competing against a kid in a wheelchair, you haven’t got a chance, no matter what he’s wearing)

    Each year, the damn costume gets more expensive and requires weeks of project planning. Next year, she’s going as a hobo and that’s it.

    • Yea, I get the parents too. At least they stay down at the end of the driveway, usually, and the kids come to the door.

      Still, how different is this than when we were kids. I mean, I would scour the town and bring in a hell of a haul. And go back for more. Bags and bags. Jeez, kids today.

      • I shamed a parent tonight. I asked her what she was doing out supervising kids in a neighborhood where nothing happens?

        She looked embarrassed. The kids looked amused.

    • my sister spent hours making her son a Transformer costume (This was years ago) . When she put him in bed he told her he really wanted to be a ghost. Ya can’t win for losing.

  3. Can I say that there should be more options in the moderation window? Like “Like” or “Shut up” …. stuff like that would be useful.

    • That sounds worse than I meant it.

    • Snickers, Peanut M&M’s and Reeses Peanut Butter cups. Obviously, I’m trying to target the little buggers with peanut allergies. I’m probably on some Dietary Offenders list. {Do you really want to go that route? That’s how DailyKos started out and look at what happened to them.}Why do you ask?

      • I don’t — not really. It’s just been a long time since I’ve moderated comments and there ARE new options. I’m just poking around.

        I’d MUCH rather have a button dispersing M&Ms — that sounds good!

        • Yeah, if you could just have a candy dispenser. But there will always be greedy kids who would hit it multiple times like it was some kind of morphine pump. {{I’m kind of opposed any attempt to reward or censure commenters. I know moderation can be tricky but I don’t want anyone or any organization gaming the system}} I wasn’t talking polittics. Nope, not me.

          • I put out an empty bowl with a sign that says “Not home, please take just one piece”

            Everybody figures somebody before them took all the candy.

        • If you want your house egged, give out “healthy” snacks.

        • I meant in the moderation window …. M&Ms

      • Plus, I liked the structure of your, “Can I say” Opening….

        • Did I miss the joke? Sorry about that. It’s just that one of the parent vans just left the cul de sac to drive about half a block to the next street where the precious cargo could be molested.

          Gahh! A couple years ago, I was going through candy so fast that I always ran out. This year, I get the distinct impression that they won’t come to the door because their parents forgot to get a background check on me.

          • If they did a background check on me, they definitely wouldn’t come to the door.

          • You were probably more trustworthy when Brooke was younger. Now that she’s suspiciously adolescent rather than childlike, your whole family is suspect.

          • She’s trick or treating in a friend’s development tonight.
            Ooo, yeah, Brooke is sooooo scary. She’s just a cute skinny geek who likes kids. What do they think she’s going to do?
            Besides, the fact that she has actually made it to adolescence speaks highly in my favor. And all of the marks have healed.

          • Well, some people don’t need an excuse to be nuts so maybe it just comes naturally to your neighbors?

  4. Decorations, how overboard do people go? I like putting stuff up in some windows. And maybe a few things out front like pumpkins. So not too much. Some people really go nuts though. Which is fun, but I don’t see how they have the time or the damn storage space.

    • This year, I put out an electric pumpkin. So, sue me.
      (I just couldn’t find my pumpkin disembowlment tool and was too lazy to look for it.)

      • It helps if your house already looks haunted.

      • Oh I admit it, I’ve got some fake electric pumpkins for the inside (at windows). Then a pile of real ones for outside. Forget the carving, I don’t have the damn time.

        • I used to have a tombstone that thundered and shrieked when people walked past it. That got old fast. Then I had some spooky light up eyes that I draped around the bushes but there is no outside electrical outlet and that meant I had to drag this 50 ft bright orange extension cord outside. It sort of kills the atmosphere.
          Then I just figured that their parents made Halloween scary enough without me having to go through all the trouble of actually decorating.

    • Er…… I think we may have gone a wee bit overboard this year. 😀

  5. Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood boogieman actually scratch the friendly part I’m just plain evil tonight

  6. I am currently unable to hand out candy because I am on the floor laughing at some of the comments on this thread! HAHA! Ya’ll are cracking me up!

  7. I just turn the lights on. Our neighborhood only gets a few kids–the local religous thinks Halloween is demonic. Not kidding.

    My kids used to love Halloween. One year my oldest daughter went with her roller skates on and ran into telephone poles like crazy but she wouldn’t take them off.

  8. We live out in the country. In 18 years we. Have. Not. Had. One. Trick or Treater. Yet hope springs eternal and I always buy a bag of candy …. I do it for the kids, not for me to eat later,oh no…hehehehehe.

  9. My son gifted me a DVD of the original Rollerball.

    As soon as the game is over I’m watching it.

    (Or whenever I sober up)

  10. Last night, the neighbor kids 3 doors down festooned the neighborhood with toilet paper like they always do. You know, good clean fun. Sure enough, just as I was turning in last night, I saw three police cruisers in front of their house. Some busy body neighbor called the cops on them.

    • I really hate that. How can people forget what is like to be a kid? Or maybe they never were.

      • I was just reading this thread from last night and had to put this in. A few years ago my daughter was put on probation for putting spray whipped cream on another student’s car. The volleyball team had decorated the soccer teams’ cars, so my daughter and her friends retaliated, but they got caught. The whole thing cost us over $1000 and we had to spend a good deal of time going to meetings with the probation officer, attending court, and even paying $100 to go to seminar on the evils of prison. All for decorating a car with whipped cream!

  11. If I’d known this thread was coming, I’d have waited until this one to post “Monster Mash”. 🙄

    Here’s another one: Oingo Boingo, “No One Lives Forever” 😈

  12. I love Brooke’s costume idea. Very creative.

    One of mine went as a group costume a few years ago (to a party–too old for door to door). And it was something about cudzu taking over, so they took turns running into the bathroom and pinning cudzu from their bag on their suits. I liked that one–being from the South.

    Heard about the ‘One Night Stand” costume??

    • Some kid came to my door tonight dressed as a taco. He bought it, so it doesn’t count.

  13. Bought costumes are never as good–to me anyway.

  14. How many parents would deny their kids the joys of Halloween if they knew that they are acting just like a Kingdom Hall full of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  15. Dickey Lee, “Laurie” 😮

  16. If you want to see a wild Halloween you need to visit the Castro District of SF on October 31st.

    But don’t bring your kids.

  17. My (adult) kids are throwing a Halloween party. We have a huge zombie lit by a strobe light on the front door, holding a sign directing them to the back for candy.

    You come in the side gate and the side yard weaves through a a graveyard with tombstones and various skeletal parts, lit with orange and purple christmas lights, a blacklight with glow-in-the-dark spider webs strung in the oak trees, and big spiders. We have a ghost who rises up and sways and moans with glowing red eyes, and another creepy that swoops at you on a zipline. AND there’s a fog machine making it all suitably creepy. Woot!

    In back we have tiki torches, the music booming, the bar set up, coolers of beer, and shrimp and sandwiches and chips and cheese and various munchies. And a huge bowl of the GOOD candy for the kiddos, not that off-brand crap.


  18. I really wish they would quit showing the Georges.

  19. Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear The Reaper”

    Clips from video game Final Fantasy 7.

  20. Saw a woman today (not a child) dressed as a pregnant farm girl. Over-alls, with the legs rolled up a couple of folds, barefoot, checkered flannel shirt, BIG pillow stuffed down the overalls,(at least I think it was a pillow), hair in braids tied with twine, straw hat that looked like it had been run over several times by a truck, a couple of teeth blacked out with eyeliner and -the absolute MUST accessory- a really long hay stem with tassle top hanging out her mouth. The only thing missing was the moonshine jug. I could put that costume together for less than 10 bucks at Goodwill. I have a perfect piece of pottery for a moonshine jug, except it’s really heavy. Gotta remember that for the next Halloween party.

  21. Myiq,

    You have kids?
    You have grandkids?


  22. OMG! I was just cleaning my room and found my “Hillary for President” T-Shirt.
    I can go trick or treating as a Hillary Die-Hard!

  23. that would be fun– With knitting needles and some cling wrap.

  24. No trick-or-treaters here yet. All I have is junk candy (that is, what’s left after I did some sampling last night). That’s how I see Halloween. Costumes and candy.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to watch the Giants game, but all I’m seeing behind every stinking batter is the lovely foursome of George and Barbara and George and Laura. Unbearable, absolutely unbearable – and I love baseball.

    I’ve already had one shot of vodka. Many more to come, I can assure you. Of those four, I honestly cannot say who I dislike the most. Gotta go, vodka’s running low.


  26. Well, it looks like my trick or treaters are done. I was a super scary vampire — fangs, blood dripping from my mouth — the works! I scared a couple of the smaller kids with my hissing. The older ones laughed and all the parents thought I looked great. And, I had just the right amount of candy — just a few left over Reese’s peanut butter cups for me! 😉

    Now, I’m going to watch “Let the Right One In” and scare myself!!

    Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

  27. The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy For The Devil”

  28. Go Giants! The Giants are making great defense plays.

  29. The WS announcers just muffed Shakespeare.

    It is NOT “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him well.”

    First Clown:
    A pestilence on him for a mad rogue! ‘a pour’d a flagon
    of Rhenish on my head once. This same skull, sir, was, sir,
    Yorick’s skull, the King’s jester.

    This? [Takes the skull]

    First Clown:
    E’en that.

    Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite
    jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a
    thousand times, and now how abhorr’d in my imagination it is!
    My gorge rises at it.

    I may not be a Shakespeare expert but I know my clowns.

  30. The significant other buys the candy and I pass it out because he does not want to answer the door 278 times. He buys two types of candy. Halloween candy and the good stuff. I am to pass out Halloween candy first and dip into the good stuff when all of the Halloween candy is gone. Then he gets to eat what is left of the good stuff. We are well into the good stuff and he is getting very anxious that he is not going to have enough good stuff to gorge upon tomorrow. I should not laugh at this but I cannot help it.

    • If no good stuff is left, I would buy good stuff tomorrow for the other.

    • I bought 5 zillion bags if candy but the parents kept their kids from my door. I have half a bowl of candy left that I dont want to eat.

      • I’ve had one large group come to the door. Every year I get fewer kids trick or treating. I think parents are playing it safer every year.

  31. Couldn’t stay long in the garden – started getting cold. I am the one in purple of course


    Buster Posey goes deep

  33. I’m going to put on Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000. It stars Gerard Butler, new king of dumb romcoms, as the title character. I’m not big on slasher Halloween fare.

    • Dracula 2000 wasn’t too gory if I remember correctly. It was actually a pretty cool concept and a completely unique view of vampires. It isn’t often that you get find out Drac is related to a Bible charecter.

  34. bottom of the 9th and its giants 4 to zip. let’s go giants. 75% of the way there.

  35. Giants win it!

    • They weren’t even supposed to make the playoffs this year.

      • This was published on the 27th:

        The Rangers are definitely the team to back in the 2010 World Series.

        The 2010 World Series will be starting shortly as the Texas Rangers are in San Francisco in preparation for tonight’s game. The National League representative in the World Series, the San Francisco Giants, have the home field advantage as the NL won the All Star game several months ago over the American League.

        However any notion of a home field ‘advantage’ against the Texas Rangers is questionable. Texas faced a road series to open the 2010 playoffs against the Tampa Bay Rays and all Texas did was win every one of their road games in Florida.

        Texas had a home series in the ALCS but in the road games they played they still went 2 of 3 from the Bronx and the only game they lost to New York was when C.C. Sabathia was pitching in game 5 – an excuseable loss perhaps.

        Truthfully I’m not convinced that San Francisco would beat ANY team of the 4 post-season qualifers from the American League in a 7 game series. Even if the Giants were up against Minnesota that would just be a coin toss and Texas have already eliminated 2 teams from the post-season that are of higher calibre than the Giants.

        San Francisco are best viewed as a Cinderella team that lady-luck has smiled down upon in the post-season but luck only goes so far and when game 1 starts on October 27th at 7:30pm ET, in so many words the clock might as well be striking midnight for the Giants.

        Tim Lincecum is over-rated heading into this series and the reason for that is that he will be opposed to Cliff Lee. You can’t look at Lincecum and judge him in terms of his historical Cy Young Awards and conclude that he’s going to dominate the Rangers.

        The best way to look at Lincecum in the 2010 World Series is simply in terms of the fact that he’s not pitching as well as Cliff Lee – and that’s that. Lincecum, by his standards, actually had an off year in 2010 as his WHIP and ERA were nowhere near his Cy Young years and neither was his adjusted ERA, the most important stat to look at.

        Don’t expect him to out-pitch Lee, a pitcher with a good chance of taking down the World Series MVP, and the pitcher who is the best in the game right now as evidenced by his league leading 1.003 WHIP from the regular season.

        Don’t expect much from Cody Ross of the Giants either. He deserved the NLCS MVP but he is nothing more than a “man of the moment” and his production will change with the color of leaves as the Fall Classic starts.

        The Rangers are what Major League Baseball is all about this season and Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz are going to come up big for Texas while Ian Kinsler and Vladimir Guerrero can’t be ignored either.

        The great news about Texas is that there is still time to jump on the bandwagon as their odds to win the World Series are not so short that a winning bet on them isn’t meaningful in terms of providing a bankroll jolt.

      • I’ve not followed the Giants for years. I’m glad to see them win. It’s time.

  36. There is a new thread up – re-post your comment there.

  37. sorry. it’s not important.

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