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Afternoon Musical Interlude: Revenge of the old, uneducated, working class, post menopausal people the Democratic party used to call its voters

Hey you Obots, you hippy punchers, you nasty, sexist, snooty, self described “creative class” Obama supporters who pushed us under the bus in 2008 because *you* didn’t need us anymore.  You’ve spent the last couple of years pushing the rest of the working class over to the Tea Party with your condescending ridicule of Sarah Palin and your accusations of racism.  How’s that strategy working for you?

There’s a pretty good chance you and your sycophantic Obama toesucking congresscritters are going to get their asses kicked on Tuesday by the rest of the country who you bullied into voting for Obama instead of the girl you picked on.  Some of us have been waiting two years for this and by golly, if you haven’t delivered the lamest, most feckless set of legislative actions in centuries to prove we were right about everything we thought about you.

Good luck on Tuesday because the working class, uneducated, menopausal, bitter, gun toting women and men you blew off and called racists are going to pick themselves up and toss you under the bus- in front of a speeding train.

Go, Big Dawg!

123 Responses

  1. “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up. You’ll be seeing them again on the way down.”

    • Honk..Honk..Honkitty Honk Honk


    • I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read this. Thanks RD for reminding me that I am not alone.

      Now….tell us how you really feel!!!

  2. I knew you’d like it, myiq. You’re a sucker for a pretty blond girl with a country twang.

  3. (humming along)

  4. NYT:

    The knock on the front door elicited the annoyed yapping of an unseen dog, followed by the appearance of a gray-haired man busily eating chips from a bag. His callers were two union workers, canvassing the neighborhood on behalf of Democrats, especially Senator Harry Reid.

    The man said that he knew Mr. Reid, and that Mr. Reid was an idiot. So was his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle. In fact, said the man, a retired steelworker named Mario Mari, he might very well choose a third option here in Nevada: the phantom candidate known as None of the Above.

    “This country is going down,” Mr. Mari said, before closing the door to a bleak Nevada landscape, where jobs are few and foreclosures many.

    This is the up-for-grabs Third Congressional District, the most populous in Nevada and the most contested in this state’s contentious Senate race, sprawling across the dry terrain to form a kind of martini glass around the olive of downtown Las Vegas. It is here, in this packed suburban stretch of terra cotta roofs and crushed-rock yards adorned with Halloween skulls and campaign signs, that the battle for the country’s direction is being waged.

    The two candidates could not be more ideologically different. But in these last frantic days of an extremely tight and unpleasant campaign, one with implications for the balance of power in Washington, they are united by the same problem: the voters of Nevada do not particularly like either of them.

    Good thing the voters hate the GOP. Their approval rating is only about 25%

    Imagine if it was at 50% right now.

    • If the Democrats were going to incur this much wrath, wouldn’t it have been great if it were because they did a bunch of scary and revolutionary changes, that in the end would have been good for the country? Instead they were just Republican-lites pushing more of the same corporatist polices. What a sad, pathetic waste.

    • i just saw on tv news show that they have 44% approval to 43% disapproval.

      • Democrats are so totally f%*#ed.
        They shouldn’t be left in rooms with sharp objects without supervision.

  5. I’m cooking up my voting strategy in my head right now and have found a pic that I’m going to post with it that some of you will find both amusing and interesting.

  6. don’t forget, it is up to the dems to lose this election. the responsibility lies on their shoulders to give us good candidates.

    on friday, our local union president stopped by my desk to ask if i had seen their endorsements and was i planning on voting. as a woman, i felt particularly targeted by the pointed comments. i just smiled and said i was no meg whitman, that i always vote and had filled out my absentee ballot already. he asked if i had any questions about their recommendations and i had a pretty mild conversation about the recreational mj proposition we have on the ballot. he wanted to let me know that the mj farmworkers in the big oakland warehouse growing facilities were already organized and were to be union workers. tuesday will be interesting, to say the least. then, let the spin begin.

  7. Yay, RD! Consequences.

    One of the reasons I am not particularly worried (as some are) that a huge R wave this year denotes some kind of permanent conservative realignment, is that I don’t believe it is.

    People were utterly disgusted with Bush and his congress in 2006, and they expressed that anger at the polls. 2010 is going to be an even bigger expression of disgust with the Democrats.

    Whatever anyone says about “concern” that the public is merely “lashing out” and “aren’t thinking this through” is just so much noise. The public is indeed thinking. They are thinking that we can’t even DISCUSS policy direction until we yank our politicians up by the shorthairs enough that they get it through their thick entitled heads that it isn’t about them, or about parties, or which one gets the next turn to grab the keys and go joyriding with their lobbyist buddies. It’s about US.

    It’s a very simple message, actually. The message is “We can yank those keys out of your damn hand anytime we please. We can give them to a hairdresser, or a certified loon, or Sam the not-so-bright yard guy. And we will if you keep this shit up. So both parties need to STOP FUCKING WITH US.”

    In my conversations with people all across the political spectrum, once you cut through the static, most are viewing this election as a “Who’s in charge here – you or us?” to both parties. The various issues, whether left or right, do need to be discussed and debated. The differences are real. But it seems that the people want to have both sides of that debate come from US, not be shaped and molded and controlled by THEM.

    I can argue my liberal point of view with my conservative or moderate neighbor, as they can with me. There’s no arguing with a machine, whether it has a D or an R stamped on it. Yes, there are scary ideologues involved this year. But I think they are misjudging as much as the sell-out Dems are. This is in large part rage against the machine, and it ain’t over in 2010.

    • Winning in this economic climate is probably not in the best interests of the GOP. Chances are they’ll do squat or attempt to do counter productive squat and get kicked back out in ’12 anyway. That may take several cycles to get them out.

      • It’s worse than that. I think the WH hopes Republicans win so that they take the blame when the floor gives out. Also, Obama and his ilk want cover when they bring out the knives against social security.

        • It’s as if they planned it that way.

        • O is going to go full-bore corporate toady now. Watch.

        • If he doesn’t fight them, he’ll doom his own reelect chances. The GOP won’t take all the blame so long as he’s president. It’s dime store Machiavelli to think otherwise imho.

        • The Republicans may have done themselves a favor by losing the Senate. They can still claim they only had half of Congress. The 2007 Congressional class was still a rubber stamp for Bush most of the time and they managed to win again in 2008 by running against Bush.

    • WMCB, I sent you a msg. on facebook re: coffee!

    • Great post, RD and a particularly powerful comment, WMCB. I was feeling so distressed about this election (how different it could have all been with a different Democratic President), but now I feel more in a “pass the popcorn” mood. Thanks!


  8. Well, I *am* very worried about a GOP victory. Like Paul Krugman, I think it will be very, very bad. As far as I’m concerned NO ONE SHOULD VOTE REPUBLICAN ON TUESDAY!!!
    I know some nice Republicans. Some nice Republicans are friends of mine. Unfortunately, none of them are running for office on Tuesday.
    If anyone goes to the polls on Tuesday thinking that voting for more Republicans is going to make things better, they should disabuse themselves of that notion right now.
    There are other options on everybody’s ballot. I suggest they use them.

    • Oh, I’m worried about a GOP victory, personally. Slightly more than I am worried about a Dem victory. It’s going to be shitty.

      My point is that this isn’t a “big conservative realignment” in the public. Especially the swing voters. If the R’s think that it is, if they mistake all those votes for a blanket endorsement for them to go joyriding once again with their corporate buddies, they too will have a rude awakening. There is a churning out here in real-person-land, whether those persons are left of me or right of me. This isn’t over. It doesn’t fit the usual narrative of the electorate swinging right or left. There’s more running under the surface than that. A lot more.

      • (nodding) Well said.

      • The Republicans aren’t stupid enough to think the public actually likes their policies. They don’t care whether they’re popular. All they care about is winning and the Democrats are just handing it to them.

      • Kind of like how the Dems assumed the big swing in ’08 from Republicans and independents to their cause was because of them vs. just not being Bush.

      • WMCB, I agree. Dana Loesch who considers herself a tea party spokesperson said that anyone new who is elected is on probation. If they don;t do what they say they are going to do, upholidng Article I, Section 8 of the Consitution, they will be thrown out in two years, too. In her words, they will have a target on their back. Both sides are good and fed up.

    • A Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House is apparently enough to send the Shrill One into therapy. However, other than gridlock, I’m not sure what people think will be so very, very bad.

      Unless we feel that Obama and the Senate will completely roll over and be lapdogs for an all powerful Boehner.

      • Why not? Last year they rolled over to be Lieberman’s lap dog.

        • Because being elected again depends on not rolling over this time. That is, if they would rather be elected than please their corporate overseers. That’s an open question for now.

          • LOL! Very open question. Sticky balancing act for them, carefully calibrating the weight of power and re-election vs. money.

            Of course, they could always just go for the money, secure in the knowledge that “those stupid Dem voters might be pissed, but they will vote for us anyway.”

          • Dem voters show every sign of wimping out and doing it again to a large extent. I blame it on watching too much cable new 😉

          • I have to admit that after months of watching the most outrageous Republican ads with the craziest of assertions… I’m on the verge of voting for a couple of Dems that I had no intention of voting for last month!

            I just can’t let my vote count for assumed support for those insane Republicans. (One of those Republicans is only 38 years old — if he wins, he’ll be around for a long, long time)

          • Age is definitely an issue to think about. As is possible supervillain level of evil. We should think carefully and strategize and think about not just your vote but liberals as a whole. Also the idea of more women regardless of party tends to be very positive from studies is very important to consider.

      • Oh, it’s going to be bad. Just you wait and see. But there’s nothing we can do about it except vote for the as many third party candidates as we can and hope that voters are thinking clearly enough to see where the real danger is.
        Don’t fool yourself. The damage will be severe. Get your affairs in order and get ready.

        • I’ve early voted and went 3rd party or no one in every race save two. I voted for Bill White for Governor and for a GOP woman doctor against my Dem rep who voted for HCR after taking FDL’s pledge and raising money on his vow not to vote for it. He’ll probably win anyway.

        • Oh and I got my affairs in order when Obama was elected.

    • I’m not voting for any Republicans nor am I urging anyone else to do so.

      But there are certain Democrats that need to go. Unfortunately, for that to happen a GOPer has to win.

      As long as we keep reelecting bad Democrats THEY WILL NEVER LEARN.

      Does anyone think that if Dirty Harry pulls out a narrow victory in Nevada he will change his ways because of the small margin of victory?

      • Yep. I hear ya’. Dems brought this on themselves.

      • I’m not urging anyone to vote R either. (Though I am voting for 2 R women here.) A lot of times my comments are more analysis of what I see happening than they are my own opinion, or what I’d like to see happen.

        Something is going on in the electorate. The whole thing is fascinating to a junkie political observer like myself. There’s a new gestalt emerging, for a lack of a better word. And yes, the R’s are capitalizing on it much better than the D’s are, but that doesn’t make it theirs to control. I think things could get very interesting. Frankenstein is aware, and learning, and who knows what ideas he might get, or who he might turn on?

        • Nope, not even for dogcatcher. Republicans are bad news. Period.

          • Well, the woman R running for DA is a very sensible sort, and is running against a Dem who is a real corrupt sleazeball perpetual party boy, running on daddy’s trust fund money, who has a FELONY CONVICTION FOR SELLING ECSTASY.

            Yeah, that’s my Dem choice here for DA. Don’t think so.

          • Oh, meant to add, his drug dealing took place at his favorite hangout – a local strip club.

            Sorry, but I will vote R to keep that slime out of the DA’s office. He has enough money and connections that he could conceivably pull it off. Not going to allow that.

          • So what do you have against him?

          • LOL! myiq, he is mostly known for spending his nights touring bars and strip clubs in the company of his best buddies, several of the Spurs NBA team.

            I’ve got nothing against strip clubs per se, and I like basketball. But this guy is a self-important playboy in heavy with the “upper class” moneyed drug scene (as opposed to the dirty hippy potheads). He’s got no business near the DA’s office.

          • That Jim Jeffords was a right wing tool all right 🙂

  9. thinking that voting for more Republicans is going to make things better, they should disabuse themselves of that notion right now.
    Unless you believe that laissez-faire capitalism, social Darwinism, religious fundamentalism, etc. are good for you and the Country.

    • Ewwww. But yep. What is wrong with those sorts of people anyway?

    • You mean no change from the present.

      • Pretty much the case. The major difference is that the Rethugs are honest about their agenda and the Dems aren’t. I got into a bit of a “discussion” with my sister when I said that the Dems are more corrupt than the Rethugs. My point was that the Rethugs take money from big corps to voie their beliefs and the Dems take the same money to vote against their alleged beliefs.

    • Since the GOP has only a 25% approval rating I’m guessing most people don’t expect them to make things better.

      What does it say about the Democrats when at least half the people voting for the Republicans don’t like them?

  10. When you have two parties who want to screw you, gridlock is the best you can hope for.

  11. […] Hey you Obots, you hippy punchers, you nasty, sexist, snooty, self described "creative class" Obama supporters who pushed us under the bus in 2008 because *you* didn't need us anymore.  You've spent the last couple of years pushing the rest of the working class over to the Tea Party with your condescending ridicule of Sarah Palin and your accusations of racism.  How's that strategy working for you? There's a pretty good chance you and your sycoph … Read More […]

  12. OT, but I’m curious: Apart from discussion of candidate voting, do any TCers have ballot initiatives in their area that they have an opinion on?

    We have two here in San Antonio. One is for additional protections for the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice it to say that the aquifer is our only water in this drought-prone area, and we need to make sure that development doesn’t destroy or divert the sources that feed it. You can’t undo that once it’s done. So I’ll be voting yes on that one.

    The other initiative is for an sales tax to create more parks. Any other time I’d likely vote yes, but this year I’m voting no. I’m all for more parks, but in this economic climate it seems a non-essential. Priorities. Maybe later.

    • I have two. See the link in my strategy post last night. They’re both about taxes. I’m still working through them. Opinions welcome.

    • Proposition 19 – if approved it will be 4:20 all the time.

    • We have an initiative to impose an income tax on people who earn over $200,000 per year or $400,000 for couples and in exchange there will be a property and B&O tax reduction.

      Currently we have no income tax in WA State. It is an extremely regressive tax system so I will vote for the income tax even with the risk that the floor will be extended someday to include me – the sales tax is so unfair to poor families who live paycheck to paycheck.

      There is another initiative to allow grocery stores to sell hard alcohol. This is probably way past due and I will vote for that as well.

    • Yep, there’s one here in NJ that seems like a no-brainer, which means it probably won’t pass. The question is whether assessments on wages other than income tax should be used exclusively for the purpose for which they are collected.
      That is, should the taxes from your paycheck for unemployment insurance and disability insurance, etc, be used ONLY for unemployment and disability compensation or should Chris Christie be allowed to raid that fund to plug the budget deficit.
      It was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and the NJ Chamber of Commerce.
      The League of Woman Voters has an explanatory text on the initiative including this interesting tidbit:

      The impetus behind this ballot question is past diversions of moneys from these worker benefit funds. From 1992–2007, the Legislature, with the approval of the Governor, has passed laws 22 times to divert a total of $5.4 billion from these funds. The majority was transferred to the Health Care Subsidy fund ($4.7 billion) and the remainder to the State’s general fund.

      So, although I support this initiative, I have to wonder who is going to pick up the tab for the Health Care Subsidy? Hiking the property taxes on middle class New Jerseyans is NOT the correct answer.
      Two possible solutions: 1.) Hike the income tax on New Jerseyans making $250,000+ and 2.) Fund preventive medicine instead of emergency medicine. That would mean birth control, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs, etc.

      • Oh yeah, there is another initiative to end the state run L&I insurance (workers comp) and allow employers to purchase the L&I coverage from private companies.

        That one sounds like a load of crap and I’m sure declawing the regulations that ensure L&I coverage is purchased will follow. Currently, if an employer qualified to “self insure” but then comes up short, the state steps in and covers the worker’s injury – this initiative would remove that too.

        I hope nobody votes FOR this, it really could screw people injured on the job where crappy 3rd party insurance denies claims or where business aren’t keeping up with staying covered.

    • In Missouri (across the state line from me) there is an initiative to sunset the Earnings Tax… This is a tax the cities of Kansas City & St. Louis have on people who work in the city but live someplace else.

      If it passes those cities could go bankrupt. They get a huge portion of their budgets from those taxes.

    • We also have Prop 25 which says that the legislature permanently forfeits their pay for every day they fail to pass a budget on time.

      It also says only a simple majority needed to pass a budget rather than 2/3

      That should ease some of the gridlock in Sacto

      • I didn’t know about this one. Is it likely to pass? It sounds good.

      • Yeah, I voted for that one. It seemed like a good one.

        I also wrote in my brother-in-law for some of the city positions – he’s a Republican but an even-handed one. I think he has received one vote every single time I have voted in California ……..the alternatives to him are dismaying at times.

    • We had six pages of propositions, most of them having to do with amending the City Charter. I voted early, and when friends asked me how it went, my best advice was to go to the loo first.

  13. Whoosh! That rant just about says it all. Produced a great big smile, too.

    Those chickens roosted a lot sooner than I thought they would. But that’s what happens when you insist on putting a turkey in the WH, and replacing your base of working people with the cocktail crowd. I hope Donna Brazilla is happy. She and the other Obamacrats managed to destroy the Democratic Party. Tuesday they get their comeuppance. I wish I could be happier about it, but you can’t say they don’t deserve what they get.

    Oh, happy days!

  14. Spammy ate my post. I didn’t swear . . . I swear :0).

  15. Hear Hear RD, this is exactly how I feel.

    “You’ve spent the last couple of years pushing the rest of the working class over to the Tea Party with your condescending ridicule of Sarah Palin and your accusations of racism. ”

    I have this theory about the Tea Party popularity…
    Squirrels get this thing around this time of year, they go nuts and start burying them all over the place. It is a compulsive thing, they have to do it. It is as if the current situation has become so dire, that people (the average ones…of which I speak, not the elitist types) are like the squirrels. They agonize and try desperately to bury what little nuts they can find before the winter hits, and are not truly paying attention to where they are burying them. I think that the political atmosphere is feeding this squirrel like behavior, the panic is palpable.

    I know that I am feeling disenchanted with all the political options that are out there. NOTA (none of the above) is looking more like a practical choice. I guess that puts me in the group of women that are choosing not to cast their vote this coming Tuesday. I am truly disgusted.

    But then I think more about it…and I realize I can do something. So to those Dems that threw me under the bus in 2008…I have one thing to say, in the manner of the Wicked Witch of the West:

    “Screw you, and your little dog too!”

  16. (grrrr) I’d go for a walk but, I’m waiting for a phone call and I have to be at my computer when it comes…..

    (taps foot)

  17. Here is a typical comment on Facebook from a Stanford professor…believe he is a friend of Dukakis.

    When exactly in our country did intelligence and facts become suspect and bad? When did the Average Joe decide that it’s better to remain racist and ignorant and let the likes of billionaire Koch brothers and Richard Mellon Scaife have their way with public opinion?

    • When the jerks “we” voted for forgot who they work for.

    • (*mmmf mmmmfff mmmmmmmf*)

      That’s me, trying to hold my tongue and be appropriately gagged as a liberal.

      Because we all know that trying hard to save liberals’ asses by shouting “STOP DOING THIS SHIT, you morons!” is the exact same thing agreeing wholeheartedly with Newt effing Gingrich.

      So while I would like point out the cold hard fact that the GOP likely just picked up a few more votes from that little tirade, I won’t. Real pure liberals know that pissing off half the country doesn’t matter when you are, after all, right. Votes get crapped out of unicorns’ behinds and delivered on fairy wings. Winning elections has nothing to do with appealing to actual smellyvoters.

  18. After Christie and Brown won last year, the democrats and morons at msnbc and co. kept repeating over and over and OVER that quote by tip oneil, all politics are local…..this wasn’t a referencdum on the current administration….Well, can’t say they weren’t forewarned,

    • WHAT does it TAKE to get THRU to these guys???
      We smack them upside the head- twice- but they just don’t get it.
      Unless they don’t want to get it and they are actively trying to lose. Although, my stuffed email box suggests otherwise…

      You gives’em books and gives’em books but all they does is chew on the covers.

    • BTW, I voted for Daggett for Governor in NJ. I am not responsible for Chris Christie.

  19. We have three ballot initiatives here in MA. The first is to repeal the additional sales tax that was recently added to liquor. It adds about a dollar to the cost of every box of fine wine that I buy. Not enough to send me to NH to buy it, but then I live miles from the border. The second initiative concerns building permits for low income housing. Nothing but truly junk land left to build on in the tiny mill town I live in so I have no real horse in that race. The third is to slash our state sales tax by more than 50%. I might just vote yes on that one. I know our state legislators would have to raise taxes somewhere else, but maybe they would choose a less regressive tax to raise and do it in the daylight instead of in the dead of night when they think no one is watching.

    • I commented on this one a bit last night. I’m in a quandry; if they lose 50% of the sales tax, education and social services will undoubtedly be the areas which will suffer (plus infrastructure), and I don’t want that. On the other hand, I’m pretty ticked at Patrick and the legislators who put the sales tax hike in, since it’s the most regressive choice they could have made. I’m already voting Green for governor, but I would like to send a message they should cut this out. Unfortunately, I don’t think the message they’ll get is “raise taxes fairly, not off the backs of the poor” but more of this faux fiscal converservatism which means further gutting social safety nets.

  20. Perfect pumpkin and great rant!!

    I think all the pundit pukes are missing it–the country mind melded and decided that we are sick and tired of our representatives only representing ‘big money.’
    Yes, it’s the economy–but that goes back to ‘big lobbyist and big money.’

  21. I’ve been so mad at the Dems I was going to vote straight Republican, even though I’ve been a registered Dem for 47 years.

    In the last few weeks, however, after seeing how truly insane and vile the Repubs are, I’ve come to my senses. No can do.

    Except for Gavin, I’m voting the lesser of two evils: Green.

  22. […] the comments section of this post at The Confluence: Whatever anyone says about “concern” that the public […]

  23. Obama Times:

    In the Boston-area home of a wealthy hospital executive one Saturday evening this month, President Obama departed from his usual campaign stump speech and offered an explanation as to why Democrats were seemingly doing so poorly this election season. Voters, he said, just aren’t thinking straight.

    “Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” he told a roomful of doctors who chipped in at least $15,200 each to Democratic coffers. “And the country is scared, and they have good reason to be.”

    The notion that voters would reject Democrats only because they don’t understand the facts prompted a round of recriminations — “Obama the snob,” read the headline on a Washington Post column by Michael Gerson, the former speechwriter for President George W. Bush — and fueled the underlying argument of the campaign that ends Tuesday. For all the discussion of health care and spending and jobs, at the core of the nation’s debate this fall has been the battle of elitism.

    Mr. Obama’s remark that autumn evening played into a perception promoted by his critics that he is a Harvard-educated millionaire elitist who is sure that he knows best and thinks that those who disagree just aren’t in their right minds. Never mind that Mr. Obama was raised in less exalted circumstances by a single mother who he said once needed food stamps. Or that although he went to private school, he took years to pay off his college loans. Something about Mr. Obama’s cerebral confidence has made him into a symbol of something he never used to be.

    I think it is really inspiring how Obama paid his way through that fancy private prep school with food stamps.

  24. I wish so much that I could vote for an alternative candidate. But the top-two primary system in my state leaves me unable to vote for anyTHING except a Republican or Democrat veggie.

    Thus, contrary to the instructions on my ballot NOT to vote for “frivolous” write-ins, I’m voting “none of the above” for both the Senate and the House candidates.

    Getting rid of the multi-party system in this state was the frivolous thing. My write-in, on the contrary, is NOT frivolous. If they want to prevent me from writing in my own candidates, they’ll get rid of the top-two primary system.

    I ADVOCATE voting Republican, if the Republican candidate is worthy. No policy in the history of my life has ever harmed me so greatly and so permanently as this health insurance bill has (I am an individual insuree). Nothing the Republicans have ever done has taken money out of my pocket so greatly, while diminishing my care and my rights as a human being to make choices about corporate buying and participation so greatly. I will NEVER vote Democrat again. I may vote for a Republican, though.

    • Which state do you live in? Here in NJ we can get on the ballot by petition. Alternate party candidates are plentiful but they don’t get the 1-2 slots so you have to hunt for them on the ballot.
      In my district, NJ-07, there are no alternate candidates. I guess no one had the energy. However, there is a decent Democrat who is not an incumbant. I like his positions so he will get my vote on Tuesday. If he had been an incumbant from either party, I wouldn’t have voted for him.

  25. WaPo:

    Stewart asked all the right questions and managed to get the president to answer most of them. Should he have called the president “dude”? As a matter of decorum, the short answer is no. But in the context of the moment, who could resist?

    Stewart had just asked Obama how he could square his campaign mantra of “change” with hiring economic advisers such as Larry Summers, who looks the same as those who had served in previous administrations. In response, Obama said that Summers had done a “heck of a job.”

    Whereupon, Stewart said, “You don’t want to use that phrase, dude.”

    Everyone got the joke. George W. Bush used the same words to commend Michael “Brownie” Brown after his disastrous performance as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency following Hurricane Katrina. Translation: You’re fired.

    Everyone got the joke, that is, except for Obama. He got it eventually, after seeing the “oops” expression on Stewart’s face, but he couldn’t take the joke. There’s a world of difference.

    Instead of laughing at himself, he turned to the audience – a beat too late – and said, “Pun intended.”

    No, it wasn’t. Anyone watching could see that. He slipped. Obama is a nice guy; he was trying to say something nice about Summers, and “heck of a job” just tumbled out. No big deal. We get it. Stuff happens. But Obama couldn’t roll with the gut punch.

    A narcissist who can laugh at himself? That’s as rare as a unicorn that farts skittles.

    • I’m so sorry I didn’t see this. What a moment!

    • It goes on.

      No, what Obama revealed was that he has no sense of humor about himself. This is utterly huge.

      It is entirely appropriate that the president take his job seriously. And no one would urge Obama (or anyone else) to try to be funny with Jon Stewart. He’s the funny guy, and producers doubtless remind guests of that fact. A good guest on “The Daily Show” is expected to be the straight man so that the comedian has some place to go with the material. I’m sure there’s a Rolodex of “bad guests” who tried to out-funny the comedian.

      But it is imperative that leaders not take themselves too seriously. What should Obama have done instead? How about saying: “I can’t believe I just said that”? Or, “Oy!”? Whatever. Anything to signal to the audience that, “Oh, well, I’m human.”

      But Obama isn’t very good at human. His smile is a beam of light, but too often it seems to turn on and off with a switch. Missing is the spontaneous response that says, dare I say it, “I’m you.” (Pun intended.) More often, Obama comes across as a body snatcher. Good choice of pods, but we might need to add a little juice to the “emotion” grid.

      Gee, if only our media (including YOU, WaPo) had noticed his thin-skinned narcissism and phony revival preacher flip-a-switch charisma 2 years ago, because it was on display for anyone paying attention back then as well. I’m pretty sick of the moaning in the media that “he is not what he seemed”, when he never was. The ones who MADE him what he “seemed” were YOU guys.

  26. The worry is that the media and powers that be state that this election’s results are because of America’s love for the conservatives and their family values. That will be the meme that gets spread anyway. Hope we can remind them of all those voters who turned out for Obama in 2008 and the fact that plenty of them stayed home instead of voting for more giveaways to Wall Street. I saw no campaigns from any party that mentioned those. Thats my fear. That no matter who is in the Congress or White House the money triangle between ‘Congress – Wall Street – politicians’ will continue. And don’t tell me that its another coincidence that we witness terror and bombs days before an election. Nobody better touch that CIA/Military/FBI/Blackwater gravytrain or we might explode.

  27. Tuesday I’ll be looking at the choo-choo, and can hardly wait to see them get kicked off the damn tracks.

  28. Riverdaughter…Thank you for your “revenge” post. You have a way with words!

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