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My Voting Strategy – Hard Liquor

Life was so much easier when I was a yellow-dog Democrat. I could just check off all the names with a “D” next to them and head on down to the ballot propositions.

But I’m not a yellow-dog anymore. To quote one of our commenters here at TC, “I rode that damn donkey for over twenty years and then the fucker turned around and bit me in the ass.”

I live in Big Smoggy where politics is a Franz Kafka novel adapted for the screen by Stanley Kubrick. We have four major cities and at least five regional identities (SoCal, SF Bay Area, Central Valley, Mojave, and NorCal.) Not to mention a bunch of laws that guarantee gridlock in Sacramento.

The governor’s job is too important to be used for a billionaire’s ego trip. I’m gonna have to hold my nose and vote for Jerry Brown, warts and all. Please don’t flame me. Believe me, I’m not happy about it either.

I can feel good about my next pick – Gavin Newsom for Lt. Governor. The same goes for Kamala Harris for the Attorney General job.

Is it just me or does “Carly Fiorina” look like “California” spelled by a dyslexic? Anyway, I’m not voting for her. I’m not voting for Barbara Boxer either. I may go Green or maybe I’ll write in my good friend Krusty. Still trying to decide which one.

As I’ve said before I have a Blue Dog DINOcrat as my Representative. I’m not voting for him or the real Republican who is running against him. I’m writing in Ronald McDonald again. If Ronald wins he owes me free french fries for life.

I’m going with Democrats Anna Caballero and Cathleen Galgiani for the state senate and state assembly. I’m voting HELL YES on Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization initiative.

That’s it for my votes. There’s some other stuff on the ballot but I’m not gonna go into it since most of you will be even less interested in it than I am right now.

As far as across the rest of the 56 states, it’s pretty much accepted that the Democrats are gonna lose on Tuesday, the only question is how bad. The House is gone, which means no more “Speaker Pelosi.”

I can’t say I’m sad to see her go. Nancy Pelosi is proof that women can be just as corrupt as men. She lost my support when she declared that “impeachment is off the table.”

I hope the Democrats hold on to the Senate. Not that it’s gonna make a big difference in the laws that get passed during the next two years, but I don’t want Obama and the Democrats to be able to say it was all the Republicans fault.

I’ll be rooting for Sharron Angle because Dirty Harry Reid has got to go. She’s the lesser of two evils. I want to see Christine O’Donnell pull out a victory just to watch all the misogynist fauxgressive heads explode.

I hope Sestak wins in Pennsylvania. He’s a good Joe, and he beat that party-hopping piece of shit Arlen Specter. I want to see Frank Caprio win in Rhode Island and anybody but Charlie Crist win in Florida. Fuck that double-dealing DINOcrat in the White House.

I want to see Joe Miller beat Lisa Murkowski out of principle. She lost fair and square in the primary and is just trying to hang on to power. It was wrong when Joe Lieberman did it too. But either way, the winner will be voting against us on everything that really counts.

I don’t buy this “ZOMG, we’re all gonna die if the Tea Party wins!” meme that’s going around. The nation survived George Bush, and it will survive this too.

I dare Obama and the DINOcrats to touch Social Security. It’s still the third rail of American politics. Maybe if they do that will finally trigger the voter uprising we need to clean out that cesspool on the Potomac.

Liberals are getting coal in their stockings this Christmas. In sports they would say we’re in a rebuilding phase. We need to regroup and start getting prepared for future elections. Barring a miracle 2012 is already lost for us. We need to focus on 2014 and 2016, when people will have again grown tired of the Republicans.

2008 should have been a sea change in American politics. Movement conservatism was on the ropes, politically discredited. We had our best chance since 1932 to move the country in a different direction. Instead we got more of same.

That is why I will not ever forget what happened two years ago. That’s why I won’t stop talking about it either.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

104 Responses

  1. I’ve seen all the poll results I want to see until the ones that count.

  2. If Ronald wins he owes me free french fries for life.

    I hate to be the big brown Los Angeles cloud on your little ray of sunshine, but I have to remind you…..Never believe promises a politician makes. Clown or no clown, Ronnie lies….


    • I’d vote for Ronald if McDonald’s promised me free french fries for a year. Yes, I can be easily bought 😉

  3. NO Whitman or Fiorina, but thumbs up for Angle and McDonald? Just curious. In any case, Brown is a misogynist jerk and all around mean-spirited rat. In addition, he has a bad case of CDS. Casting my vote for him is like casting pearls to swine. My husband agrees. (We used to like the guy back in the day, but he’s gone down hill. Some of his ads against Whitman were just plain mean and disrespectful.)

    Back-stabber Boxer has got to go. A big “Yes!” for Gavin Newsom, and “No” for Bot Kamala Harris. And “Yes” to legalizing marijuana; it’ll bring in much needed tax revenue.

    • Casting my vote for him is like casting pearls to swine.

      I told you I wasn’t happy about it.

      • I’m not the least bit happy about it either but I’m voting for him too… the little sour-faced weasel…

        Whitman would be a nightmare and this state is in too much a mess to hire an amateur.

        Looking at the Green candidate myself for Senate… can’t stand Boxer. can’t stand Fiorina..


        • Where were you guys when reality was all around us? Politician were always politician. If the Potomac is cesspool then life is a cesspool; this is how every company, organization and school is on the inside.

          OK, Jerry said one thing women don’t like, but that is not a reason to vote for a Taliban. (He is disrespectful to Whitman; why should we respect such criminal?) I have no idea how Boxer rubbed you the wrong way, but she is still more liberal than most of the senate.

          You said same things about Bill Clinton; he did well by you although some of you still hate his guts. Above all, you all voted for the dysfunctional Obama in the primaries; at least, reassess you approach.

          Lenin said “the worst it is the better off we are.” You seem to adapt the same approach with a warm hug to the Hakani Taliban Angel.

          It’s actually very depressing.

          • Doesn’t wash:

            Brown did more than just say “one thing women don’t like”.

            Very few here voted for Obama in the primaries.

            Whitman/Brown (or anyone/anyone) is a false dichotomy, one which the current sorry pack of Democrats hope you’ll believe; you don’t have to vote for either of them. You can vote for no one, vote third party, if you have one available, or write-in whomever you want.

          • who are you talking to?

          • My question was directed to Jack Rip.

          • Amazingly, Jack, not just women didn’t like the wh0re comment. Even some men didn’t like it.

            (Yeah, shouldn’t feed ’em.)

          • Oh, goody another dude coming over here to mansplain’ that calling a woman a wh*re is just a minor little bitty thing that we wimmen shouldn’t get upset about and we are just being hysterical biddies who need to sit down, shut up and vote for the MAN like good little girls. And, really, it isn’t even that bad, ya know, because she is a wh*re anyways, so calling her one is just the truth, donchano.
            F*ck off, Jack.

      • Yeah, myiq2xu. Agreed. But I actually, I think Brown is more of an elitist than Whitman, since his father was Gov and he did go to private schools (i.e. Jesuits schools [which are not known for their love of women]) and is independently wealthy. Whitman, on the other hand, may be a billionaire now, but she is an accomplished and self-made woman, whether or not we like how she ran Ebay. As far as I know, her upbringing wasn’t as privileged as Brown’s, who drips in condescension and male superiority.
        Did I mention Brown is a total Bot?

        Whitman is pro-choice, her stance on immigration is moderate (the last time I checked), and although her agenda for education and the state budget is not great, I don’t think Whitman can win against the Teacher’s Unions, etc. anyway. (Arnie lost vis-a-vis these powerful public unions and she will too.) In terms of higher eduction, our public UC system has been functioning for years as a front for questionable investments and get-rich schemes for a few. Reform is needed here. (Only ten percent of the UC budget goes toward teaching; the rest goes to administration and investments! Moreover, admissions is now favoring international and out-of-state students over Californians because UC can charge more for tuition. Our once great public university system has lost it’s original mission — i.e. affordable, quality education for Californians.)

        I think Brown will try to overturn Prop 13 which will increase property taxes. I won’t be able to afford to own my own home if those taxes and others are increased. Whitman won’t let that increase happen.

        Ultimately, though my vote for her is a protest vote against the Neo-Dems, which have lit my ire to unimaginable heights. I hope the Neo-Dems lose big time!
        I’ve been pissed off since 2000, but now am royally pissed off as of 2008. I resent the bad mood the Neo-Dems have put me in due to their political thievery and hateful shenanigans.

        Anyway, thanks for a great post. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s good to keep the debate going.

    • I agree with you down the line. Harris got her start thanks to boyfriend-at-the-time Willie Brown. Ugh. Only Gavin gets my vote. The powers that be wouldn’t let him run for governor though – too damn independent (and rational). So they dug up (literally) Brown. I dislike him intensely. Pro-life sexist creep. Despise Boxer. Fiorina is insane. Whitman? The best thing I can say about her is her last folksy commercial should have been her first – only one she comes across well. So it’s Green for me too. Don’t like paying taxes for weed, though I’ll vote yes. I just hope it isn’t going to be that inferior-grade medical-marijuana stuff.

      • it would just crack me up if the Green candidate for Senate won… what a statement that would make!

        a candidate with not a single tv commercial picks up the seat…

        that would make me very happy.

      • ” I just hope it isn’t going to be that inferior-grade medical-marijuana stuff.”


    • I’m with you, he’s fried.

    • Steve Cooley, Kamela Harris’ opponent, has vowed to fight the repeal of Prop 8 in court if he wins. If you believe in marriage equality, please vote for Kamela Harris.

  4. 2008 should have been a sea change in American politics.

    I was thinking about this yesterday. There was an unprecedented window, and we had the perfect person to step in and steer us into that new direction. Instead…things are even more of a mess now. Even if another Dem miraculously got in there in 2012, the moment has passed, and it would be impossible to replicate that momentum that was available to make huge changes. Thanks for nothing Bots, the media, and the corporate overlords who funded both.

    • I keep thinking of where we’d be if Sen.Clinton had been elected…

      • She would have had the republicans, the O-bots, and the media tearing her to shreds 24/7. And the Democrats in Washington would be stabbing her in the back at every chance.

        • And she still would have been better than OZero

        • … and she would’ve smiled all the way to making history.

          She never gave a damn about what the media or other politicians think or do – she just keeps working for the people.

  5. On a positive note: the Giants are lookin’ good! 🙂

  6. Well… I’m still yellar. But I’ve strayed. After that donkey kicked me in the teeth…

    Not buyin’ the ZOMG either.

  7. Here is your Drink Responsibly graphic:

  8. NY Fishwrapper:

    The two candidates could not be more ideologically different. But in these last frantic days of an extremely tight and unpleasant campaign, one with implications for the balance of power in Washington, they are united by the same problem: the voters of Nevada do not particularly like either of them.


  9. I don’t want Obama and the Democrats to be able to say it was all the Republicans fault.

    I don’t remember the left punditry blaming the Republicans when Bill Clinton compromised. I think that whatever happens to Obama it will be Bill Clinton’s fault.

  10. I’m voting HELL YES on Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization initiative.

    Have I told you lately that you’re my hero?

  11. Myiq, I think you peeked at my ballot. I had to distinguish between California vs. Washington. I wasn’t happy to vote for Kamala Harris, but the office of attorney general is very powerful, and I don’t want the GOP candidate to win. For the U.S. Senate, I voted Green Party.

    If Reid loses, I’m rooting for Durbin as Democratic leader in the senate.

  12. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Damn straight. For those who choose to forget the past are not “moving on”, they are setting up the next disaster. Democracy itself was subverted by the DNC in 2008 for all the wrong reasons and it should not be forgotton.

  13. “I don’t buy this “ZOMG, we’re all gonna die if the Tea Party wins!” meme that’s going around. The nation survived George Bush, and it will survive this too.”

    I am going to start my little story with a group of other people who didn’t really seem to care what the policy positions of their candidate were.

    In 2008 I was the same quasi wonkish person I am now. I was distressed to hear a candidate say that universal health care meant making poor people choose between rent and health care. I was told don’t worry about it. I was concerned when I learned that this candidate voted present on an abortion vote for political expediency with the blessing of a woman’s group. Again, I was told stop worrying it’s no big deal. When the candidate in question said his idea of a transformational President was Ronald Reagan and campaigned with a person who said that being gay was a sickness. I was assured that this was only an appeal to Reagan Democrats and evangelicals, purely a strategic general election ploy. On and on my litany of worries mounted and over and over I was told that the policy discrepancies didn’t matter because THEY WEREN’T THAT IMPORTANT and the President technically doesn’t even enact legislation I was told.
    Finally, I in good conscience said I can’t vote for this guy because what he believes matters. Others thought they knew better and elected him anyway. That candidate went on to enact the conscience clause and expound upon it, he fought for DOMA and DADT, and he gave away any sort of government solution to health care. A lot of people were baffled because they honestly and genuinely convinced themselves that policy didn’t matter . They were wrong. Tragically wrong. The country is indeed surviving. Barely. and it could have been doing better than survive if people had actually thought that policy positions did matter and realized that what a candidate says he believes matters.

    I disagree with your thought process myiq. The policy positions of the people we elect to represent us do matter. Alot. They are responsible for the trajectory our country takes and mean the difference between survive and prosper.

    I respect that for a lot of us there are no good choices. I also respect that many of us may pursue different strategies. It is my hope though that if nothing else was learned from 2008 that people learned that if a candidate says X,Y, and Z and does A, B, and C then perhaps it’s in your best interest to consider carefully those positions because once in power there is no takeback for 2-6 years depending on the office.

    I’ll be voting for 1 person in November. A Democrat. As I stated in other threads this candidate helped get a disabled neighbor reduced seizure meds and housing help. Additionally his opponent was stupid enough to believe that because he is rabidly pro life that everyone would be convinced to vote for him if he sent mailers saying that his opponent had a radical pro abortion agenda(as if people that are pro choice are shipping people down to planned parenthoods and forcing abortions onto people). It backfired with me. Oh and he didn’t vote for the health care travesty. So Rick Boucher will get my vote not because he has a D beside his name but in spite of it.

    I wish everyone luck with their strategies.

    • I disagree with your thought process myiq. The policy positions of the people we elect to represent us do matter. Alot. They are responsible for the trajectory our country takes and mean the difference between survive and prosper.

      Please don’t put words in my mouth. I never said that the policy positions of the people we elect to represent us don’t matter. But right now we have a bunch of people who say one thing and do another. They talk Democrat and vote Republican.

      But okay, let’s say you’re right. What do we do about it?

      The Democrats are about to take a well-deserved ass-whipping. We can’t stop it, even if we wanted to.

      I’m not voting for any Republicans. I’m not gonna apologize for wanting to see a bad Democrat lose, nor am I gonna feel guilty for wanting to see sexism and misogyny backfire.

      • Your statements were I’m not buying the ZOMG. I explained why some believe in the ZOMG. Believing that way isn’t some sort of irrational fear of some invisible boogeyman. It’s extremely rational to believe that the tea party candidates positions are extreme right and placing them in office will move the legislating paradigm rightward further and faster. If you want the conversation to be whether or not being a Muslim should disqualify someone for office then sure advancing the cause of the tea party is fine. Personally I find that kind of behavior just as distasteful as say behavior like sexism or misogyny. And make no mistake about it that IS the type of mailers being sent out by the Tea Party. That is the type of power you are giving when you give this particular party a platform and a seat at the political table.

        As for the sexism and misogyny of Ms. O Donnell I don’t know if you read what I wrote in your post but pretty much everyone in the progressive blogosphere condemned what happened to her. So basically the misogyny and sexism is coming from 2 people who as far as I could see based on their desire for Edwards sex tapes and posted photos of Krystal Ball, a Democrat, are equal opportunity scuzzballs. I’m not sure what made you qualify Gawker as progressive but the community itself disavowed their behavior.

        At this juncture there isn’t a thing we can do about any of the candidates. The die has been cast so to speak. The people who haven’t decided at this point are just as likely to use a quarter to decide as listen to any arguments made. As I stated in Wonk’s thread I’m not rooting for anyone because as far as I can see no matter who wins- we lose, and that includes the tea party candidates. We’ll have 2 years following these elections to figure it out though and I’m betting they are going to be 2 very, very long years.

  14. I want Christine O’Donnell to win, too. It’s time to send a message that the kind of crap that was flown at her bounces off the wall and hits you in the face.

    • You do realize that progressives actually condemned what happened to Christine O Donnell right?

      So what you are going to do is hope that the whole state of Delaware and the country gets the message that one guy can post crap, another can print it and that matters more than the sum of people condemning it and the policy positions of the actual candidate?

      • They condemned this last piece of crap thrown at her. What about all the other shit?

        • Well considering you didn’t acknowledge in your post all the progressives who actually condemned the Gawker piece and blanketly lumped Gawker in as a progressive publication I guess I should consider it an improvement that you acknowledge that they condemned it.

          Let me get this clear- lumping all tea partiers into a one size fits all mold is wrong HOWEVER it’s perfectly fine to slam progressives for the behavior of some male engaging in a prepubescent display of penis waving and the idiot voyeur who publishes anyone’s bedroom escapade that he can get ahold of as you did in this AMs post? Do you see how some might see this behavior as biased against a particular side and see it as problematic?

          I like you clown and I get that you’re angry about 2008 . However I respectfully ask that you take a step back and look about whether or not the way you are directing your anger is constructive or destructive. Are you being as fair as you are asking others to be in their behavior?

          • If condemning misogyny is wrong I don’t want to be right.

          • Your blame was misplaced. Read your post and ask if it was fair to progressives that you lumped them in with 2 miscreants who they actually condemned for their actions.

            When someone is wrong I’m all for assigning blame. However, if all someone does is sneer whether or not you do the right or wrong thing then there is little incentive to actually do the right thing.

      • I agree with you, but it’s not like she would be president. If she doesn’t represent the people of DE well, she’ll be gone in 6 years. People don’t seem to know it, but have term limits.

        • Six years is more than enough time to do damage. Look at what Obama did with 2 years and he doesn’t technically even get to legislate.

          • Obama did no damage during his four years as a junior senator from Illinois.

            Actually, he did nothing of consequence, good or bad.

          • He didn’t? I remember a FISA vote and various in sundry items that all seemed pretty bad to me.

            Now mind you he didn’t do the damage alone just as he isn’t doing it alone these days.

            Our government is set up in a way that no single person has too much power but collectively they have alot of power and they often barter that power behind closed doors.

          • Presidents can do lots of damage. Junior senators, and house representatives, not much.

          • 14 senators are retiring. Close to 6 look ready to change hands. We’re looking at possibly 20 new Senators. Still think that with that number of new faces that none of them can do damage?

  15. Fucking Giants

  16. The only person I’m even considering voting for is my State Rep. He’s good on just about everything, and while he supported Obama, it was only after he got the nomination and he wasn’t drooling about it. But even with him, it’s still supporting the institution he’s a part of, and I’ve sooooo over the Democrats.

    My big quandry is a ballot initiative to roll the sales tax back to 3%. Sales tax in Mass. used to be 5%, then they upped it to 6.25% to make up the shortfall caused by the feds having to hand over large truckloads of tax money to save the bankers’ endangered uber-wealthy lifestyles NOW NOW NOW. Sales tax increases are one of the more regressive ways to make up for state revenue windfalls, so that ticks me off big time. But if the measure succeeds, and we’re down to 3%, then whoever’s our new governor will use that as an excuse to leave no social services/educational/infrastructure fund left alive, which I also don’t want to see.

    Any other Mass. voters have an opinion?

    • “When you come to a fork in the road, take it” — Yogi Berra

      When is the last time you had an opportunity to lower your taxes? The rich and the corporations push for lower taxes. If you’re concerned about social services, give the tax money that you save to your food bank or a deserving charity.

      • I believe social services should be supported by structural supports, rather than charities. Charities are too subject to trendiness and vastly differing concepts of ‘deservedness’. Plus while I could give away money I save to charities, that doesn’t mean everyone would so it doesn’t end up being a wash. Although I do take your point, I’d often rather control where my own money goes (because when I look around, it doesn’t seem as if the state gov is spending it on education, social services, or infrastructure, that’s for d*mn sure).

        It’s not taxes per se that bother me, it’s that it’s a sales tax.

        • Charities also enforce their private agenda for the money they dole (i.e -anti-choice, anti-gay, religious etc.) Another reason people shouldn’t be left at their mercy.

          • Yes, that’s what was so insidious about Bush (and now Obama’s) push to cut social services in favor of people contributing to “faith-based” programs.

      • I agree. Social programs should be supported by government. But being that sales taxes punish the poor the most, one must consider the benefits of a lower sales tax. I’ve always preferred income tax to sales tax. The ballot measure should have been made revenue neutral by increasing other taxes a little bit for the upper income, and maybe keeping the higher sales tax on luxury items. At any rate, a lower sales tax is good for consumption, and therefore good for the economy of MA.

        • I voted “Hell Yes” on the income tax on the rich here in my state. I also voted to keep the sales tax on bottled water and candy. Otherwise there is no sales tax on food.

          But sales tax is 9.something% on non-food items. I agree a sales tax is regressive, excepting sales tax on luxury-type items.

    • I know I will be skipping a couple on my ballot too because I don’t want to vote for either choice.

    • Valhalla,

      I’m a MA voter, and feel the same ambivalence about the sales tax measure. I totally agree that sales taxes are regressive, and if I thought for a second that a decrease in sales taxes would lead to an increase in property and/or income taxes, I’d vote for the measure in a heartbeat. But, the fact is, I don’t think that would happen, and we need the money for vital social services. So, in good conscience I can’t vote to lower the sales taxes.

      For me, frankly, the bigger quandry is who to vote for for governor. On policy, I am much more in synch with Jill Stein, the Green candidate. However, I actually think that Deval means well, and hasn’t done such a bad job given the fact that the position of governor of Massachusetts is a pretty powerless position (the legislature, which is overwhelmingly Democrat, controls everything since it can veto the governor’s actions pretty much anytime it wants). I know a lot of people compare him to Obama, but his policy positions have been more liberal regarding issues important to me, and unlike Obama he actually came in with quite a resume in the public and private sector. He’s a smart guy.

  17. Thanks for this post. I feel much better. You’re votes reflect mine pretty much down the line. I posted that I was voting for Brown on my blog and got lots of grief. But in the race he is the only choice that makes sense. And I’ll vote Green for Senate. Screw it. Boxer is unbearable. 6 more years would be awful. But can’t stomach Fiorina.
    For congress I am voting GOP just for the sport of it. (My district is 87% Dem, i don’t even know the name of the GOP candidate…but they did run someone.) Newsome is a no brainer. And so is the pot prop. Yes on that. Though I never go near the stuff.
    Tuesday’s senate races will be interesting. Otherwise it will be a GOP wipe out.

  18. CT-Gov tightens up
    from Public Policy Polling by Tom Jensen
    There’s been a huge movement in the Connecticut Governor’s race over the last month and the race is now a toss up, with Republican Tom Foley inching ahead of Democrat Dan Malloy by a 49-47 margin after trailing 50-40 in early October.

    The GOP has momentum.

    • Is this the same Foley of the juicy messaging?

      • Nope,
        Tom Foley is from CT
        Mark Foley who sent juicy messages to interns is from FL.

        But Tom Foley apparently was arrested or detained in the 1981. The why is unknown, but domestic violence might have been the reason.

        • Does that bode well for McMahon over Blumenthal? Strange times.

          • I don’t know what the numbers were for the Senate seat, but Blumenthal has a 54 to 43 lead with 3 percent undecided. There may be a GOP momentum, but it might not be enough to change the outcome of the senate race.

  19. We just got our voting ballots in the mail. It’s the text of the 2 ballot proposals. One of them – term limits for Mayor – which Bloomberg endorses for less ‘special” mayors following him.
    But what is missing – everywhere – is a complete list of candidates.
    The effort to make people believe there are only 2 choices – Rs or Ds are all encompassing. Nowhere is there a list of the parties being on the ballot – so people can search on line. Nor is there on line information for all candidates running.

  20. Righteous rant! (or is that lefteous rant?)

    That is why I will not ever forget what happened two years ago.

    “I’m no longer a Democrat since 5/31/08 and the Rules Board Committee ruling,” I cheerfully explained to the Circle-D guy who called me today. “Rules Board … what?” said the clueless guy. “Rules Board Committee decision on May 31, 2008. You really don’t know? Look it up. I’ve been Independent since then. Goodbye!”

    • I’m sure he’s thinking “but you’re on my list of Democrats. Geez, I couldn’t have goen to the Sanity rally instead of this.”

    • There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing the comprehension slowly dawn over them and the realization that no matter what they believed that we’d get over it, that we haven’t and they were wrong-oh so very wrong. It goes from bafflement and confusion to surprise and then comprehension.

    • Poll: Dems split over handing Obama ’12 nomination

      Among Democrats, 47 percent say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination and 51 percent say he should not be opposed. Those favoring a contest include most who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsuccessful faceoff against Obama for the 2008 nomination. The poll did not ask if Democrats would support particular challengers.


      The bitter knitters strike again

  21. Obama warns of policy rollback if Republicans win

    CHICAGO (Reuters) – President Barack Obama warned Saturday that Republicans could roll back his agenda if they prevail in Tuesday’s congressional elections as he sought to rally Democrats in a final campaign push.


    I think Obama is energizing independents and GOP voters that hate his agenda.

    • It shows how completely clueless he is as to how most people feel about his agenda.

      Republicans opposed it because- well because they are Republicans- it’s the whole opposition party thing

      And Democrats hate it because every single concession made was on their backs. He spent more time courting the opposition then shoring up his base. How’s that working out for him?

      Ready for another rousing rendition of kumbaya? (shaking my head at the utter cluelessness)

      • I don’t think he is clueless. It is a marketing thing to make it seem like maybe somebody would be upset.

        kumbaya, indeed!

    • Too funny – I hate his policies. It would have been nice if he would identify which ones he thinks they might roll back.

  22. I’m glad I don’t live in CA — I don’t think I could bring myself to vote for Brown. I’d probably have to vote 3rd party for Gov. & Senator.
    My state’s races are pretty dull — I already did “early voting” the Senate seat is the only race of national import and I did not vote for the Republican incumbent — I voted for the FEMALE Dem who is opposing him, but only because she’s a woman & he’s an incument — NOT because she is a Dem.
    Actually, in every race I voted for the woman candidate if there was a choice, regardless of party (for example, my state Rep. is a female and a Republican — I had no qualms voting for her — she’s actually doing a good job). So, that seems to be my voting strategy for the forseeable future — vote for the female candidate. If no female candidate, vote against the incumbent.

    • I will be doing that too. There is one race with a “votes with obama 100% of the time” who was also an obot in the primary – I think I’m going to skip that one since there isn’t a woman running against him.

  23. It is a difficult time for many Democrats in Exile. I understand the desire to shun Democrats (having done so myself to an extent last election), but after much thought, I am voting for at least three or four Democrats, as they are not incumbents where I live in Texas and because none of the ones I will vote for have CDS.

    One Democrat I am voting for is Bill White for Governor. (Gov. Perry has got to go or he’ll be running for the Presidency next, along with Jeb Bush and former VP Cheney.) To any Texan voters here who do not know him, Bill White was the best Mayor of Houston in many, many years. He actually tried things to make the city better. If a program he started seemed to have issues, he would work to improve it, often working directly with his critics. He was good at listening and building consensus. I liked the fact that he would ride his bike through the town and talk to the voters. He is a little bit of a geek, which I also like. He even took on refinery pollution (though more should be done — I have great hope for Mayor Parker).

    To those who do not know the story, he and the county judge (Eckles, who happened to be a Republican) made the Astrodome available after Katrina to take in folks who were stranded (for so long!) in the Superdome — and the city rallied to welcome them. I think there were as many as 150,000 people who needed help and got it in Houston. That was a massive undertaking. Then he did deals to get them into housing, such as apartments, fairly quickly, personally calling up apartment owners with vacancies, etc. He started jobs programs and got children who left due to Katrina into Houston schools. Many people who came after Katrina stayed as Houstonians. He did get the JFK Profile in Courage award for his post-Katrina work.

    I don’t think he had anything to do with the primary problems we had and has never given any indication of having CDS. (He worked in the Clinton administration, as US Deputy Sec. of Energy.) Nor does he seem to have a misogynistic streak. He does have an ex wife (as well as his long time current one) but the ex still likes him. (I read an interview of her.) Here is his Wiki entry:


    I understand the desire to sit this one out completely, but I don’t think you would regret voting for him. There are much worse Democrats and this is the best chance to dump Perry in a long time.


    • I too am voting for him..but almost sat this one out due to the horrid ads run on his behalf. It is so difficult to be even slightly informed on actual issues!

  24. New post up. My voting strategy.

  25. Hey thanks for this very good post. But I still do not get the second part though!

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